Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wednesday 09/06/2010 - Carps AC - Bullocks Farm

By the time I got to Bullocks Farm I was really feeling sorry for myself. It was nothing to do with the fishing - I was driving up Queen Charlton Road in Keynsham I had a small white van right up close behind me. Then at the mini roundabout it drop right back and reduced it’s speed to I guess 25 mph. I started to wonder why. Then I saw it, a Mobil Police camera parked up in the left hand lay-by. Quick look at my speed and I reckon I was travelling at 36 mph. Although I quickly reduced my speed to 33 mph my feeling was that it was far too late. These cameras are accurate up to 2,000 metres! I reckon it’s 50/50 whether or not I get a ticket, lets hope they caught lots more going faster. I will know by the 24 th as they have 14 days to contact you. What on earth is a mobile camera doing out at 07-15 on a Wednesday morning, obviously after the average working man.

Back to the fishing. Phil is apparently is a big follower of my blog and asked me to write something nice about him for a change – so here goes - BRSITOL ROVERS (apparently Phil’s dyslectic)!!

I never worry about which peg I draw on Match Lake as they are all good on their day. I pulled out peg 10 and wasn’t disappointed. I set up two rigs, 1 - 4x12 Jolly for the Silvers and Crucians to fish at 1 o clock with pellet at 9 metres and to fish maggot/caster at 10 o clock at the same distance. The depth was about the same so only a slight adjustment required when switching. The other was a 0.3 gram paste float which suited both margins – Left and Right. I fed both Silvers swims and started on the 3 mm expander pellet whilst lightly hand feeding both margins with 4 mm wetted pellet. I was anticipating a bite immediately, but it didn’t happen. Not a sign of a fish – no fiss – nothing. So on to the caster and nothing, back on the pellet and I had a 2lb Carp. I could see Paul Faiers on peg 15 also struggling but getting a few Crucians. I switched to maggot over the caster line, in conjunction with kindering some maggot. I had a run of Crucians and a couple of tiny Skimmers. Likewise on the pellet line I had another few Crucians, but it was too slow. With a hour gone I decide to it was to be a Carp day for any coin, albeit it being a too early to plunder Margins. But that's what I did. I had already decided that the RH margin would produce the most Carp and all though I had indications that fish were there, I only had one Carp in the net, losing two – one broke my the other snagged me in tree roots to show for two hours of fishing. I switched to the LH margin with the paste and it was much more prodictive, landing 10 Carp up to the whistle. My Silvers weighed in at 10lb 2oz and the Carp 32lb for a total of 42lb 2oz. and third overall. Paul Faiers ouncing me out of second, which he reminded me of at least 5 times!! I think that if I had fished the margins differently I might have won the match. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I blame the Speed Camera for the lapse in my focus.

The match and the Silvers was won by Shaun Kitteridge (pictured right) with 50lb 9oz which included 45lb 2oz of quality Crucians. Shaun caught at 11 metres on 3mm expander pellet over loose fed micro. Shaun caught 17 Crucians in the last 2 hours.

It appeared that the Crucians were all at this end of the lake with the top three Silvers weight coming from pegs 17, 19 and 21

Full Result:

1. Shaun Kitteridge 50-09-0 peg 17
2. Paul Faiers 42-12-0 peg 15
3. Mike Nicholls 42-02-0 peg 10
4. Dave Wride 41-12-0 peg 25
5. Mike Owens 37-10-0 peg 26
6. Colin Golding 36-11-0 peg 19

Top Silvers:

1. Shaun Kitteridge 45-02-0 peg 17
2. Colin Golding 30-10-0 peg 19
3. Steve Dawson 30-03-0 peg 22

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tony rixon,s days out said...

if you get a result like that again i can see carps wednesday matches becoming over 55,s and disableb aswell lol