Monday, 5 December 2022

Sunday 04/12/2022 - Westerleigh Winter League - Round One - Taylors Pool and Shipp's Canal

Cold damp weather greeted us for the first round of the Westerleigh winter league, feared that my usual winter attire would not keep the cold out from the NE wind, so put on the heated body warmer.

Eight league matches, rotated, so four on each pool. Ten on each pool with one missing today (Bela elsewhere). All the better draws would mean facing the NE wind. Into the car boot selected the nearest disc which was peg 2 on Shipp's canal. Very happy with this and probably best peg on this pool. For company had Scaffolder Ricky on peg 1 and Tony peg 3. The colour had significantly dropped out during the week.

Gold fish now count as silvers. I explained that Goldfish are also brown - but these wont count - they must be gold in colour - all over? So had to put a brown gold fish in with my carp!!

Set up was simple - a 4x12 Roob for down to the margin bush which looked like Ricky would share. The waggler was set up, but didn't fancy it much but would be tried if it was really hard. Finally the 4 x13 MR to fish top set and up to three barrels.

Bait tray micro, 4 and 6 mm Baitec expanders, semi-conscious red maggot,Pinkies and GB.

Started by feeding GB laced with maggot at one barrel and some micro with 4 mm expander down to the bush. Started with single red on the hook and after 10 minutes had a 1 oz Ronnie, after a couple more re-fed and went down to the bush. Had a 2 lb Mirror carp first try. Persevered with this line trying allsorts of hook baits -  went back to maggot and started to feed the same through the Kinder pot, but was foul hooking small F1's landed two 10 oz and one 1 1/2 lb. Ricky had a few down to his side(or mine) of the bush but also foul hooking. I think the water was too clear, got frustrated with the bush and gave it up tried the waggler over to the aerator had 4 Ronnie's and one small F1. Had been feeding the short line and kept trying it but it wasn't happening, so opened a line with the MR at three barrels towards the aerator which is the deepest part of the peg. No indications here, but to be fair didn't give it long. With two hours to go and the pole tip now shivering I switched on the heated body warmer. With an hour and half to go the carp woke up. I had four consecutive 4 lb Common carp all on the drop on either single red or double red Pinkie. The float was dotted right down and because of the clear water it was hard to see the bites. Steady remainder on the match catching  3 to 4 lb carp plus one about 7 lb. Last put-in had another 4 lb Common just as I was netting it the hook pinged out which hit the pole and trashed the rig (pictured - caught a few fish on this one - wonder if its still under warranty - Martin Rayet)? However, did manage to scoop the carp which was just enough to beat Johnny C.

My silvers weigh in at 11 oz and with my carp 35 lb 1 oz for the lake win. So a good start to the league, as did Glenn who also won his lake. All the the lake winners pictured - makes me feel cold just looking at the picture.

Back to the New Inn with a few suspects missing - football, cars breaking down the main cause.


Taylor's Pool:

1. Mike Nicholls 35-01-0 peg 2

2. Johnny Clark 32-14-0 peg 6 (expanders)

Silvers: Bill Ferries 3-14-0 peg 8 (maggot and GB - fished short)

Taylors Pool:

1. Glenn Bailey 36-08-0 peg 22 (maggot fished long)

2. Lee Waller 36-04-0 peg 20

Silvers: Mark Taylor 2-13-0 peg 14 (maggot long)

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 2 December 2022

Thursday 01/12/2022 - Tony Rixon's Silvers Only - Plantation - Main Lake

Well it didn't take long for Kev Winstone to get "pillared" again adding his familiar white go faster stripe down his new van. Paint the post black?

Glenn back from 30 degree heat and as expected felt the cold of the first day of winter.

Usual 19 fishing. Had a walk around with Shay Gillman the water looked clear and thought is was going to be a lot harder today, especially with it flat calm. Been told by my surgeon that the hernia repair may take up to 2 years to "remodel" so have to be careful what I do and lift. I was hoping for a draw with a platform - not a lot to ask for
from a "commercial" fishery. In to the draw landing net and out comes peg 5. Umm, no platform with addition of tripping holes - pictured. Luckily Tony Rixon arrived on peg 4 and helped me set up the box - thanks matey. RJ Float Guru was on distant peg 7.

The left margin looked like Perch haven, with a reasonable depth, but it was clear. So set up a rig for that. A rig to fish to hand and another to fish top set plus three barrels. The upshot of fishing all these lines was after an hour or so was about 2 lb of bits. I could see Ryan fishing 13 metres and because he was on a point was fishing about 20 metres out from me and catching well. Tony was also struggling fishing short. So out of respect for my hernia didn't get any more barrels out instead elected to fish the waggler. Tony went to 14.5 metres. What I should of done was get 13 metres out and feed with it and fish the waggler over it, but couldn't be assed instead tried to use the catapult which isn't designed for GB and small balls were going everywhere to Tony's amusement. So I balled it, to Glenn's amusement😁. The upshot was I had  couple of decent Skimmers and two stamp Roach, but mostly small Ronnie's. Balled again which was one too many and during the last 30 minutes hooked three carp.

My silvers weighed in at 9 lb 14 oz and was well off being last! A awful drive home in the fog, well done Glenn rather you than me. Aircraft diverted from Bristol Airport.

The match was won once again by Dave Willmott (pictured with his catch) with 28 lb 4 oz from peg 11. Dave caught at various lengths to keep the fish coming to his favourite caster approach. Well done matey certainly got this venue sorted.

Close frame today.


1. Dave Willmott 28-04-0 peg 11
2. Neil Mercer 27-01-0 peg 8
3. Tony Rixon 26-06-0 peg 4
4. Mark Broomsgrove 24-05-0 peg 31
5. Ryan Jordan 23-14-0 peg 7
6. Matt Tomes 20-15-0n peg 28

Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 28 November 2022

Sunday 27/11/2022 - Westerleigh Winter League - Practice Match - Taylor's and Shipp's Canal

Been looking forward to this league starting. However, the fishing is going to be a bit harder this year due ti having 20 fishing, 10 on each pool. So Brian has re-pegged it to accommodate this number, and is very different on Shipp's. Mark Taylor has also given the fishery a right haircut, very nice too - my view of Shipp's from my unlucky peg 13.

Apparently only 15 needing practice.

Nice to meet up with the lads again, don't see many of them all year. Hoping to draw any peg in the 20's on Taylors or any single number of Shipp's. Into the Audi boot and picked disc 13. Very surprised to see this in my hand, but as stated above Shipps been re-pegged. I wasn't happy thinking peg 12 would also would be in - it wasn't. Got to the peg and found it very comfortable, but full of leaves, wind been blowing down here then. Told I might catch down the edge but due to the bankside vegetation couldn't see that far along the bank. Plumbed up with a RJ 0.3 gram Slim at top set plus two and found it to be two foot deep and full of leaves and more rig line wasted. Choose to set up the long Ronnie rig which would be a challenge trying to avoid the leave plus the waggler same again but less leaves further out and a 4x13 MR to fish at various lengths to search around the peg as it's the first time I've fished it.

Started on the Ronnie rig over GB laced with Pinkie with single DR on the hook and had an immediate response from 1 oz Ronnie's. I kept them coming in between catching leaves and twigs on the bottom - a tad frustrating. After two hours it finally died so tried the waggler around the peg and over to the island picking off the odd Ronnie with no sign of carp, again the leaves were an issue. Tried the margin where I had been loose feeding micro and LR's and had a couple of Perch and Ronnie's, no sign of carp. Had chosen to fish MR at top set plus three barrels where I had been feeding micro since the start and with an hour to go and with no hope of a pick up fished over this line for carp with double fluoro Pinkie and had two decent Carp losing two foul hookers.

My silvers weighed 4 lb 14 oz falling short on the Pool but was third over the two Pools. Total weigh was 14 lb 12 oz, however, the peg was worth more, thinking 25 lb and is  better than peg 12. Don't expect the small carp or F1's here, looks like to me where the bigger carp hang out. Glad I fished the peg as I have learn a bit if drawn again. Brain has certainly done the best he can with the pegging for the league.

Back to the Inn with the usual suspects and a good laugh with a pint of Dooombar. Brian Shanks is still using his Trabbuco carp pole which makes it 22 years old, is this the oldest pole still catching?



Martin McMahon 99-08-0 peg 25 - 6 mm hard pellet over pinged 4's over to the island.

Silvers: Bill Ferris 11-14-0 peg 17 - maggot over GB, maggot, cater and hemp at top set plus one and two barrels - most difficult angler to photograph.

Shipp's Canal:

Vince Shipp 63-12-0 peg 2 - 6 mm expander over micro down the left to the bush.

Silvers: Steve Rogers 6-02-0 peg 1 Pinkie over loose fed Pinkie long over a couple of lines.

Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 25 November 2022

Thursday 24/11/2022 - Bathampton Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool

Only 15 fishing today not surprising with the weather conditions forecasted, some injuries and holidays also contributing. With only 14 the pegging could have been so most were out of the wind. However, that didn't happen even though both Tony and me recommended that pegs 7 to 10 be left out in favour of the far side pegs.

Into the draw bag and out comes peg 11 a peg you would normally run to and a peg I have been waiting to draw to fish the waggler over to the island. Even though I set it up it wasn't an early option because of the wind blowing in at me at 11 o clock. It didn't get used. Whilst setting up the wind started to pick up blowing my trolley around so put some stones as chocs under the wheels. Tony  arrived on peg 8 and Andy Gard on peg 10 - both unhappy with their weather limiting draws.

The water was quite clear due to the rain we have been having. The umbrella wasn't going to be permanently up due to weather conditions, only used a couple of times during the heaviest rain, but needed hanging on to.

Decided to fish down to the right putting my back to the wind with the long Ronnie rig and a 4 14 Winter Titan to fish top set plus one barrel out in front once the wind permitted.

Feed some GB with Pinkie on both lines. started on the Ronnie rig with single LR and caught small Ronnie's straight away. Kept them coming by topping up regularly with small balls of laced GB. Had two F1's before it went quiet.

Andy Gard shouted out to me that my trolley, rod case, roller bag and net bag had blown in the lake. The wind had swung round. Thanks to Andy we were able to retrieve all. Impressed with the Mossell bags as even though the roller bag had two roller in it it still floated! Not sure it done my peg any good though.

Switched to the in front line and had a run of small Ronnie's and three more F1's and a welcome 1 1/2 lb Skimmer. By topping up and switching between the two lines (hurricanes permitting) kept a few Ronnie's coming but it was really difficult conditions to say the least. The wind came round to the South West and was a few degrees colder, glad to hear the all out.

How many times does the wind drop once the scales arrive - again today now a mill pond. My F1's weighed in at 6 lb 5 oz and my silvers 9 lb 3 oz for a par total of 15 lb 8 oz and a silvers section pick up.

Chris Ollis (pictured with his catch of F1's) "STORMED" the match from peg 4. Chris fished 11.5 metres down the far shelf using small pieces of worm hook bait over kindered chopped worm with a few casters. Chris caught steady through out the match. Well done matey excellent weight on the day especially from peg 4.

Silvers was won by Dave Wride (pictured with the match winner) from sheltered peg 34. Dave caught long using maggot hook bait over maggot and GB. Well done matey.

It's now confirmed that the silvers league starting on the 05/01/2023 will be fished on Withy Pool. Carp will not count this year which are to be returned.

Back to the Compton for a beer and a warm!


1. Chris Ollis 30-05-0 peg 4

2. Paul Barnfield 28-04-0 peg 19

3. Dave Wride 23-07-0 peg 34

4. Tony Rixon 22-14-0 peg 8


1. Dave Wride 12-12-0 peg 34

2. Paul Barnfield 12-04-0 peg 19

3. Tony Rixon 10-0-0 peg 8

4. Mike Nicholls 9-03-0 peg 10

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 18 November 2022

Thursday 17/11/2022 - Tony Rixon's - Silvers Only - Plantation - Main Lake

Never seen Tony so nervous of getting the draw wrong again, eighteen fishing but he kept counting 19, confused by Scott Puddy injured and not fishing. Counted the draw cards  at least 5 times. Obviously concerned that the growing nick name "Redraw Rixon" might stick.

Draw time - will I pull 38 again - slight greater odds than last time as one angler short. In to the landing net and peg 11 it would be. Got to the peg and found no platform, just a sloping muddy bank. Not too much of a problem setting up the box this time. However, wasn't too happy to find a cold Westerly blowing right in at me. Willy Willmott took the picture showing the wind blowing in at me. Plus two rainbows on top of my bait bag containing my wallet!!😁 Talk of crock of gold more like "old crock" these days.

To the left of the peg is a weed bed which will surely hold some of the lakes big Perch just in reach of the short Ronnie rig, but informed that it also holds plenty of carp. 

Set up the short and long Ronnie rigs and a 4x13 MR to fish over the Long Ronnie line if the wind became too difficult, but as it worked out didn't get used. Fed the Long line with GB laced with a few Pinkies and caster, loose fed the edge of the weed bed with caster for the Perch, finding loose feeding a but wayward due to the wind. Started on the long line with single DR and started to catch small Ronnie's to 2 oz before I had a 1 lb Perch and a couple of 1 lb skimmers. Refed a small amount of GB again and as you need to leave the line until it settles (love to know whats  happening to the fish to stop feeding during this time). On to the short line with caster and had a carp first put in which did me in the reeds, saving the rig though, realising I had been feeding quite heavy causing too much noise attraction for the carp, so switched to lightly feeding LR's. Back over the GB with maggot and a few more skimmers but was pestered by small fish. I knew there were bigger fish there but the blighters were getting to the bait first. So put 6 inches on the bottom to hoping it would reduce this. The wind was blowing the rig into me and up the inside shelf making presentation pretty good. As usual mid match was slow so focussed on the short line for Perch and after fighting a few carp caught another pounder. Managed another three but the ratio of Perch to Carp was against me. I only landed one which was a PB F1 which was nearing 5 lb, (heard someone call them "Funny Ones" which amused me). I was expecting a good last hour on the Skimmers but the small Ronnie's had a different idea.

Glad to hear the all out in the dusk, as the wind and rain we had was bloody cold, been spoiled this year with the warm weather. I weighed 15 lb 8 oz, but did learn a bit more about the feeding.

The boys to beat at this venue:


1. Dave Willmott 37-04-0 peg 28

2. Kev Winstone 30-04-0 peg 27

3. Tony Rixon 26-04-0 peg 31

Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 11 November 2022

Thursday 10/11/2022 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool

Due to the fishery having suffered fish deaths for most of the year new net dip tanks have been installed around the fishery. Some a tad too close to the lake I thought, but need one in Bridge car park. Bridge Pool fish deaths; members still haven't been told the reason - rumoured to be Black Spot. Withy Pool was confirmed as Koi herpesvirus (KHV) which makes all three pools having had it now. Personally I don't believe that anglers nets were in any way responsible, simply because anglers visit many and varied venues around the South West, it appears that Hunstrete has suffered badly in comparison. Need to consider the stress put on fish through too much netting, continued application of Siltex, weather condition, etc...

Couldn't remember if I dipped my landing net so dipped again on the way to my peg.

A few members were unaware of the matches restarting so numbers down to 18 making peg selection more difficult. Very few anglers have fished the pool so far, so very little information, the feeling was it was going to be difficult. 

It was no good thinking of what peg I would like because had the feeling as per usual would be down the far end section. Hate being right peg 31 for me. Good company with Paul Barnfield on next peg 30. 

For some reason the F1's don't inhabit my opposite island tending to be around the other two. However, set up the waggler to fish towards the island for the Ronnie's, the long Ronnie rig and a 4x14 to fish anywhere to search for bites. Light hook lengths and a 5 elastic as didn't expect ant decent carp as very few left. Bait tray consisted of Pinkies, and semi-conscious red maggots and GB - simple.

The hydraulics of this pool can be strange as it was today with the wind predominately from the SE driving the water from right to left and left to right quite hard on the waggler and the opposite directions close in!!

Fed a few Maggots to the island and a ball of GB laced with Pinkie on the Ronnie rig line. With single maggot on the hook and for the first hour caught Ronnie's from 1/2 oz to 6 oz and a 1 lb Skimmer before it slowed and the culprit a F1 was soon in the net. It picked up again until another F1 was in the net. Refed and tried the waggler, could get a bite a chuck but the fish were small and was missing loads of bites, finding it too slow. So back on the Ronnie rig and although slower did manage a few more ounces. Decided to try the 4 x 14 at top set plus one barrel out in front again over GB laced with Pinkie and had a few more Ronnie and a couple of small Perch (did expect to catch more of these initially) then hooked a decent fish which snagged me, looking at the now bunched up shot it looks as if it was them that got snagged. Next put in had a 5 lb carp one of the only two caught today, surprising how strong the 5 elastic is. This line died so spent the last 30 minutes on the waggler picking off the odd small Ronnie.

My Silvers weighed 11 lb 4 oz and carp 9 lb 12 oz for the silvers win and 4th overall. I must say it was very enjoyable. However, the weather conditions were perfect for Roach fishing, dread to think what would be caught if they don't feed as there is very few other silvers to fish for. Desperate need for Skimmers.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured with the silvers winner) with 36 lb 11 oz from peg 10. Dave caught in the water on the pole - more details today though - fished at 11.5 metres with expander over micro, catching F1's steady throughout. Well done matey. 


1. Dave Wride 36-11-0 peg 10

2. Shay Gillman 23-0-0 peg 34

3. Phil Morgan 26-14-0 peg 8

4. Mike Nicholls 21-0-0 peg 31

5. Paul Barnfield 20-11-0 peg 30

6. Pete Greenslade 20-02-0 peg 16


1. Mike Nicholls 11-04-0 peg 31

2. Andy Greenham 9-02-0 peg 24

3. Chris Rolfe 8-0-0 peg 21

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 4 November 2022

Thursday 03/11/2022 - Tony Rixon's Silvers Only Match - Plantation - Main Lake

Today the weather was mainly about rain. It has taken me 50 years to master a fishing umbrella, mainly due to the the invention of umbrella attachments to the box. Umbrella goes with me everywhere now.

Even though there was lots of traffic (where are these people going, I asked) Glenn and me arrived in the puddled car park in plenty of time for the draw and the rain to abate whilst we unloaded the tackle.

First into the draw net and out comes peg 18 - at last a decent peg - off I ran. When I arrived at the peg heard the dreaded cry of "Re-Draw" - bugger. In two minds to stay where I was, but succumbed to a dreary walk back. Relegated to nearly last to the draw net and out comes peg 39 - bugger. Tony said I could fish the never pegged bay if I wanted, so chose to sulk in bay peg 35.

Set up a short and long Ronnie rig both for caster over caster and a 4x12 Titan to fish four barrels out in front with 4 mm expanders over micro. No worms would be tormented today.

Started on the long line with the expander over kindered micro whilst loose feeding caster on the long Ronnie line. Usually expect an immediate response to the micro, however, nothing no blows or indications. To be fair didn't give it long because as itching to go on the caster. On to the Ronnie rig and had a couple of just swingable Ronnie's and then a 1 1/2 lb Perch. Couple more swingable's before it died. Been feeding caster down the edge for the short Ronnie rig so fed a bit a GB laced with caster on the long Ronnie rig and a pot of micro long before picking it up. With single caster on the hook had a 2 lb perch on the drop, Added another five between 1 1/2 lb and 2 lb only losing one in the brambles. Very enjoyable. It slowed so tried the long Ronnie rig with caster and had a couple of 6 oz Hybrids before the small Ronnie's arrived so missing bites meant switching to maggot. Didn't stay on this long as they weren't adding any weight. I decided to spend the rest of the match on the short rig down the edge and had a 2 1/2 Skimmer and a couple of small ones and two foul hooked carp which luckily didn't take the hook. Added a couple more Perch and with half hour to go the Hybrids arrived which were a bugger to catch as they would only take the caster on the drop. Added about 4 to 6 oz before the all out. Really enjoyed this spell and didn't want the match to end and not because it was raining hard.

My silvers weighed 22 lb 13 oz for a very enjoyable days fishing in an unfancied area. Fish there any day and think I could increase my weight next time. Told it was the best weight from the bay by owner James.

The match was won by Kev Winstone (pictured with the runner up Scott Puddy - camera lens kept fogging over due to the damp conditions.) with 35 lb 9 oz from peg 26. Kev caught long using small amounts of GB and chopped worm with worm hook bait. I looks like the neat worm is becoming the favorite feed at the moment. Well done matey.

Excellent silver fishing especially with the weather we have been having.

Now time to dry out the kit.

Result: (only 4 lb between the top 6!)

1. Kev Winstone 35-09-0 peg 26

2. Scott Puddy 33-14-0 peg 2

3. Ryan Jordan 33-02-0 peg 18

4. Tony Rixon 32-13-0 peg 5

5. Glenn Bailey 31-04-0 peg 19

6. Steve Kedge 31-0-0 peg 32

Weigh Sheets: