Friday, 26 November 2021

Thursday 25/11/2021 - Ray's Rip Off - Windmill Fishery - Match Lake

Bright sunny day, with little to no wind, albeit a bit nippy. Put the heated body warmer on today first outing of the winter, which only got switched on once near the end.

Down to twelve fishing today. Into the draw bag and out comes peg 18. No emotion, but fancied being up in the low twenties. Company today was the affable John Osborne on peg 19.

Arrived at the peg and set up the box and noticed a horrid smell which was dog poo on my boots transferred to my foot plate and box. Back to the car to get a cloth and hand sanitiser. Not a good start with the smell staying with me for most of the match. Dirty dog owners.

The last match on peg 10 the thought was I fished it wrong by fishing the waggler at distance with the unavoidable spreading of the feed whereas I should have kept it tight on the long pole. So made the decision to not set up the waggler today, which proved costly. However, I set up allsorts for the silvers hoping they would feed.

The upshot was having fished four different rigs over the first three hours for silvers I didn't have a bite! John Osborne had landed one foul hooked carp losing a few fishing at 16 metres and said he thought he was getting nibbles from silvers. I thought of setting up the waggler so tried feeding over testing the LR grouping, which was OK, so set up the waggler whilst John played and lost another foul hooker in my peg.

First cast I had an indication - the first of the day. I soon hooked a fouler which I pulled out of at the net. More indications which definitely weren't silvers as I foul hooked another two losing both. With half hour to go I fairly hooked a small carp next cast another was landed. I had two more indications before the all out. 

My two carp weighed 7 lb 6 oz for fifth. Johns one fouler weighed 7 lb 15 oz! I didn't have any silvers and I suspects the flying predators sat on the pylons behind me didn't either. I think the silvers have wised up to them being aware of the dangers and only come out of the reeds to feed at night.

The match was won by Jeff Grant (pictured above before the "all in" patiently waiting like a coiled spring) with 53 lb from peg 9. Jeff caught on the tip using a 12 gram olivet free running lead with punched bread fished over to the island on various lines.

The silvers was won by Tony Ponting (pictured with the match winner) with 2 lb from peg 22. Tony caught at 7 and 13 metres using maggot over potted maggot. Not one big skimmer but all small fish to 4 oz. Well done to both.

It was back to the "Ringer" with over half of todays field for a welcome pint and a warm and a right laugh, a good end to a hard day but enjoyable day out.

Another match Sunday - Book in with Gerry Walsh by texting only to 07766103846.


1. Jeff Grant 53-0-0 peg 9

2. Tony Ponting 22-10-0 peg 22

3. John Osborne 7-15-0 peg 19


1. Tony Ponting 2-0-0 peg 22

2. Dave Poole 0-15-0 peg 4 

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 22 November 2021

Sunday 21/11/2021 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

The temperature has certainly dropped, it felt colder than the thermometer due to a bitterly cold NNE wind. I thought I had dressed accordingly but was still feeling it a bit nearing the end of the match.

Only eleven fishing. Into the draw bag and out comes red milk bottle top 10. With the wind now blowing the other way towards the car park it would be flat calm down the LH side where carp are usually caught. The bright sun light was going to be a hindrance.

Decided to initially give the silvers a go so set up the long Ronnie rig and a 4 x 14 Winter Titan to fish top-set plus three barrels. The waggler was set up for the carp to fish long down the edge into the deep water at about 5 foot and a 0.3 gram RJ slim to fish top-set plus three barrels down the edge to the second shelf at about 3 foot.

One if the problems with todays pegging was that I could only see one angler which was John Osbourne on peg 8 so wouldn't get a balanced impression on how it was fishing. I fed the silvers lines with a nugget of GB laced with LP's, the margin with a big pot of micro, GB and DR's and pulted MLM's down on the waggler line. Starting on the Ronnie rig and didn't take long to realise it was going to be hard - very hard. After 10 minutes and no bites my inpatients got the better of me picking up the waggler. Second cast I had a missed bite, second cast I hooked and landed a 3 lb carp. Next cast I foul hooked a better carp which broke me. This lead me up the garden path sticking with the waggler instead of giving the silvers a proper go. I spent three hours trying to catch another carp before switching around all the other lines I had fed. The margin produced nothing I had two small Ronnie's on the long line and a about 15 small fish in the Ronnie rig, mostly small Perch. Instead of sticking with the silvers I spent the last hour on the waggler whilst I packed away the other rigs. The expectation was to catch a few carp late but caught nowt.

My one carp weighed 3 lb 15 oz and my silvers 1 lb 4 oz for a total of 5 lb 3 oz. Looking at the weigh sheet I should have concentrated on the silvers.

The match was won by John Osbourne (pictured right with his catch) with 36 lb 7 oz from peg 8. John fished 14.5 metres towards the island catching on double maggot over potted maggot. John did land a few foul hooked carp including a 2 lb skimmer which helped him to double bubble also taking the silvers with 2 lb 14 oz.

Leighton Palmer took the silvers by default with one 2 lb 13 oz skimmer.

Back to the "Ringer" with the usual suspects for a warm.


1. John Osbourne 36-07-0 peg 8

2. Dave Willmott 22-03-0 peg 18

3. Bob Warren 21-06-0 peg 1


1. John Osbourne 2-14-0 peg 8

2. Leyton Palmer 2-13-0 peg 20 

Weigh Sheet:


Friday, 19 November 2021

Thursday 18/11/2021 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool

BAA netted the Main yesterday to remove some of the silvers. Apparently about 1,000 lb of small silvers were transferred to Bridge Pool. The silvers were from 1/2 to 4 oz, not sure where the better slivers went! We didn't expect the stocking to impact todays fishing.

No time for a walk around just a quick look over the bridge, the Pool looked clear.

Twenty three fishing which leads to head scratching for the last best two pegs to put in. Think the stocking may help the bottom pegs.

Into the draw bag and out comes peg 10. Not particularly happy with this, but does has some advantage of being able to unload directly behind the peg. Arrived at the peg and found myself next to ex Bailiff John Fry peg 11.

The peg looked perfect for the waggler and F1's, but was a long chuck, wasn't sure with the light wind whether I could feed LM's far enough. I choose a 11" bodied Drake for a lazy lob cast. Both short and long Ronnie rigs were set up and roosted. The Long Ronnie rig was just OK in 8 foot of water. In case I set up a 4x16 Winter Titan to fish top-set plus three barrels. Having now plumbed around the bottom started off at 8 foot at top-set with a gradual reducing depth up to a very shallow at the island. I put the keep nets in which really showed how clear the water was.

Fed the long line with a smidgen of wetted 2mm micro (it seems the 1mm is becoming popular). The Long Ronnie with a nugget of GB laced with LP's and the short Ronnie with loose fed LR's round to my RH margin. Fired out some LR's on the waggler line and was delighted to find I could reach the island albeit sore knuckles. Started on the long Ronnie rig and started to get indications from small fish, landing a few Ronnie's of about 1 oz. Refed and went out on the waggler and had two F1's in two casts - good day coming up then. Added a few better Ronnie's and Skimmers' . With in half hour the wind had got up making feeding and fishing the waggler difficult even though I was now laying line on the bottom and still going with wind. So tried the Titan over the micro with double mixed Live's and had a 6 oz skimmer and one Ronnie - the light got difficult due to the water shimmering due to brightness. Tried the short Rig to no avail. Back on the waggler at three quarters over at full depth again with double hook bait over loose fed LM's and had a run of decent Ronnie's and a F1. I'm not sure what happened but it suddenly died - did I over feed it? Back on the long Ronnie and switched to very light feeding - three maggot's at a time and had a 1 lb skimmer and a few Ronnie's and a 4 lb Carp. Stayed with this for the rest of the match catching the odd silver. Glad to hear the all out as I started to get cold from the SW wind.

My Carp weighed 9 lb 12 oz and my silvers 11 lb 3 oz for the silvers section win - but it was a close call.

The match was won by Paul Haines (pictured with the overall silvers runner up) with 32 lb 11 oz of F1's from peg 8. Paul caught on the method to the point of the island on banded pellet. He caught both tight and off the island. I must say his casting was very accurate which is the primary skill needed with this type of fishing. Again a very tight frame. Well done matey pleasure to watch.

The silvers was won by Paul Barnfield with 17 lb from peg 28 with mainly skimmers caught at 13 metres with various hook baits including Pinkie over GB laced with dead Pinkies. Well done matey.

Back to the Compton with the usual suspects and a warm from the log fire.


Section A:

1. Phil Morgan 12-0-0 peg 31 (all Silvers - Rudd)

Silvers: Paul Clayton 7-0-0 peg 33

Section B:

1. Paul Haines 32-11-0 peg 8

Silvers: Mike Nicholls 11-03-0 peg 10

Section C:

1. Kev Winstone 31-02-0 peg 16

Silvers: Dave "The Whip" Poole 13-12-0 peg 21

Section D:

1. Jeff Grant 32-08-0 peg 24

Silvers: Paul Barnfield 17-0-0 peg 28

Weigh Sheets:

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Tuesday 16-11-2021 - Acorn - Cost Cutter - Paddocks

Wanted to go fishing today and last night decided on the Silvers match at Bitterwell. Looked on their FB page to see the draw for todays match had already been done. Might have got in but wouldn't' be the same. So Acorn it was.

Steady drive down with plenty of time for the walk around. Pegs 6 to 12 would be my choice.

I was called peg 34 - bloody bridge peg. For company I had Paul Faiers (always have trouble spelling this) on the other side of the bridge peg 33. Paul and I go back some way and happy to draw next to him, BTW Paul won the silvers here the day before on peg 1 with 24 lb.

Set up a 0.3 gram RJ slim to fish down to empty platform peg 35 . Firstly I had to trim the bankside rushes' back to enable to see the float. As it happened I only went down there twice for 60 seconds each time with triple maggot over micro and maggot - no indications.

Set up the short Ronnie rig to fish down to the left in 3 foot of water over lose fed maggot and only had two Ronnie's - however, one was nearly 12 oz!

I set up a MR 4x13 to fish top-set plus one barrel to fish over the long Ronnie rig. Only tried this once. It didn't feel right so it was roosted.

Set up the long Ronnie rig which was the main stay today. Caught some silvers early on it - todays quarry. I had two lucky Tench that went just over 4 lb and a few Skimmers. My feed was nugget's of GB jam packed with live Pinkies (LP's) with some Pinkie loose feed over the top. The loose feed got the carp interested and had seven near accidentals losing two under the platform - bugger - and lost three foul hookers. The silvers just didn't want to feed today with both the Skimmers and Roach conspicuous by their absence.

My silvers weighed 13 lb 5 oz for the silvers win and my carp of 39 lb 11 oz for a fifth overall total of 53 lb.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured right with the silvers winner) from peg 10 (peg 11 not pegged) with 111 lb 11 oz double everyone else's weight! Dave caught initially down the track with maggot over micro, later switching to his LH margin to add some big carp, again with maggot over micro.

Other than Dave the frame was very close with only one or two fish separating it.


1. Dave Wride 111-11-0 peg 10

2. Bob Smith 59-02-0 peg 6

3. Ray Cooper 56-03-0 peg 18

4. Lewis Walker 56-0-0 peg 2

5. Lee Waller 54-0-0 peg 7

6 Mike Nicholls 53-0-0 peg 34


1. Mike Nicholls 13-05-0 peg 34

2. Mike Chapman 12-15-0 peg 12

3. Paul Faiers 11-02-0 peg 33

Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Sunday 14/11/2021 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

BLIMEY Rocky Road is no more - now nearly smooth - well done to those that worked on it, lets hope it lasts through he winter.

Walked around and once again the lake looked dower with loads of colour. Steve Salter was walking round and caught up with him. Found out he's Mandy's Brother.

I was hoping for a peg I could fish the waggler and the draw bag gave me one with peg 17 in the gap. For company I had Dave Poole and his long whips. Every time I have fished the waggler and maggot in the gap I have caught carp. So it was the first to be erected. The short and long Ronnie rigs were also set up and roosted.

All the lines were fed - the Ronnie lines with GB laced with LP's and the waggler line with live mixed coloured maggots (LMCM's).

Started on the long rig with single live white and second cast had a 2 lb Skimmer- good start. Had a couple of Perch and Ronnie's before the wind made the presentation too quick and difficult, so tried the short rig and nothing - no indications. This rig was retired to the roost. I was itching to try the waggler, which was a mistake as it turned out. I thrashed the wag and mag for hours expecting to catch some carp, in stead caught a few Ronnie's and Perch, not what I was expecting. The anglers opposite were also struggling. With an hour to go and no carp thought I should try and pick up in the silvers, so set up a 4x14 Winter Titan to fish top set plus two barrels and fed some GB laced with Pinkie. I got frustrated with this as I got an indication every put in - either bumping tiny fish or loosing them due to their size to elastic ratio. So changed the top set to a 6 elastic and found exactly the same problem. I did have a couple of small skimmers. With the wind dropping and 15 minutes to go I switched back to the long Ronnie rig over loose fed LMCM's and had a run of Ronnie's.

Not a sign of a carp but weighed 6 lb 10 oz of silvers for a second pick up. For some reason this side of the lake is fishing extremely hard.

The match was won by "Any Peg" Palmer (pictured with the silvers winner) with 45 lb 4 oz from end peg 10. Leighton initially caught at 16 metres slapping 8mm pellet down his edge putting 5 carp in his net. He had 2 on the method and late on he added two more on the meat at 7 metes. Well done Matey.

The silvers was won by Dave Haines from the same peg he won the silvers from on Thursday, but his time 1 once less, weighing 14 lb 13 oz from peg 8. Well done Matey. 


1. Leighton Palmer 45-04-0 peg 10

2. Bob Warren 30-09-0 peg 22

3. Steve Upton 21-11-0 peg 4


1. Dave Haines 14-13-0 peg 8

2. Mike Nicholls 6-10-0 peg 17

Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 12 November 2021

Thursday 11/11/2021 - Ray's Rip Off - Windmill Fishery - Match Lake

Very warm morning which is nothing to do with CO2 but the Sun giving off two large CME's (Corona Mass Ejection's) a couple of weeks ago. This affected our local electricity supply for a about 1 second setting off house alarms and closing some petrol stations. Following this the Sun went worrying very quiet for three days or so. So we can expect some colder weather next week for a while. Mentioned this because although warm weather is good for anglers well being it's not helping the fishing. Suspect once we have some colder dry weather fishing will improve.

Had my usual walk around and noted how coloured the water was, not surprising considering the warm weather. Fancied pegs 17 or 7 in the gap as  fancied a day on the waggler and maggot.

Into the draw bag and out comes peg 14 - Ah, can use the waggler here too, which was soon set up and trialled in 6 foot of water well away from the island. The picture on the right is for the benefit of John Smith and "Three Gulps" Gillard - they know! Half heartily set up a 0.3 gram RJ slim for the RH margin at two barrels in 4 foot of water. Started to feel very lonely as I couldn't see anyone and wouldn't know how it was fishing.

Fed the margin with DR's and micros and started to feed the waggler line regularly with LR's with double DR's on the hook. The bottom was all over the place - sometime I was off bottom and then laying on. Didn't mind this as it gave options. A steady start catching the odd Skimmer and Ronnie. I was getting indications which I thought was Carp. I did scale a carp and foul hooked two which broke my 0.14 hook length, landing two fairly hooked six pounders . I did try the margin, a slow count to 60 and if no indications went back on the waggler. Only tried on the two hour and one hour to go marks before abandoning the margin. Really enjoy fishing the waggler especially working out the feeding which was difficult today as the carp really didn't want to play. Luckily kept a few silvers coming steady throughout.

My two carp weighed 12 lb 14 oz and my silvers 7 lb 15 oz for a total of 20 lb 12 oz for second in silvers pickup and 5th overall. Wag and Mag gives options for catching everything.

The match was won by John Osbourne (pictured with the silvers winner) with 40 lb 11 oz from peg 5. John caught long at about 1/2 metre off the island in 30 inches of water. Initially John caught 3 carp on meat, he feeding about one tin, then switched to maggot fished over kindered maggot to add two more carp. Well done matey.

The silvers was won by Dave Haines with 14 lb 14 oz from peg 8. Dave caught on both caster and maggot short over GB and loose fed hook baits. Well done matey.

Back to the "Ringer" with the usual suspects and because of finishing at 3 pm I was home by just after 5 pm. - perfect.


1. John Osbourne 40-11-0 peg 5

2. Lionel Legg 36-14-0 peg 10

3. Ray Bazeley 30-0-0 peg 1


1. Dave Haines 14-14-0 peg 8

2. Mike Nicholls 7-15-0n peg 14

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 5 November 2021

Thursday 04/11/2021 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks

Due to the electronic gates not opening until 08:00 and the draw being at 08:30 there was no time for the usual walk around. However, with a light frost for the past three days we were prepared for a difficult day. The frost didn't put anyone off with twenty two fishing. Second into the draw bag and out comes peg 17. I haven't fished this peg for some years, in fact the last time I fished it was on the day of Chris Ollis's first visit who drew peg 18, he's been a regular every since with mate Paul Barnfield. The peg has changed and changed again since then with a tree growing and recently being removed. For company I had Pete Greenslade on peg 16 and Dave Wride on peg 18. I will be able confirm in fact if Dave Wride does catch “on the pole in the water”! 

The first thing I noticed about my peg was the Sun’s reflection on the water. A bit disappointed that this would restrict me, not being able to fish anywhere from 11 0 clock around to my right. Although the peg is not a noted silvers peg I had planned to target them for first half the match and F1’s and carp for the remainder. However, with bright Sun and clear water the F1’s may not want to venture into the shallower marginal waters.

Three rigs, short and long Ronnie rigs and a 0.3 gram RJ slim for down the LH margin at two and half barrels set at 3 foot plumbed to the second shelf. Due to the Sun I didn’t bother setting up the 4x16 Winter Titan which was to prove a be a big mistake. 

I fed all lines, the two silvers lines with GB laced with LP’s and the margin with a mix of semi-conscious reds (S-CR’s). Started on the long rig with double Pinkie and after an expected waited caught a small Perch. Even though I was fishing in 7 foot of water I started to loose feed Pinkies and started to catch Ronnie’s on the drop. If I left the bait on the bottom it would result in a Perch. I did have three 4 oz Skimmers leaving it for a while but most of the time I was busy laying the rig in for the drop catches. I fed some more laced up GB and tried the short rig, but didn’t have a sniff so it was retired blanking. Everyone was struggling; however, Pete next door was catching the odd decent Skimmer which I put down to his peg being in the shade. I tried the margin fishing double LR’s over kinder S-CR’s, missed a bite straight away and sure it was an F1, it was, I had one next drop in. The problem with these fish in clear water is they dart off very fast taking any fish nearby away with them, so it’s a bit of wait to get them back, so in the meantime I went back on the Ronnie rig which by now was very hard only adding one or two silvers before going back down on the F1’s. With 90 minutes to go I had six F1’s in the net and was playing another when it got caught on something. I could see the fish hook in its’ mouth lying on the top of the water trapped in what looked like string. I got up to rescue the fish but by the time I got to it, it was gone. My hook was left stuck in the string. So I managed to get hold of it and pulled it all out, including lots of hooks, lines and sinkers. In fact it looked very much like the straw netting (pictured right) to contain hay bales for anti-Algae measures. Surely this should be removed once it’s finished its usefulness? This lead to a poor last knockings due to foul hooked fish. I lost six in this period and I don’t know why. The light was bad with the sun now reflecting off the trees. The Sun had now moved on from the right so I thought of setting up a Winter Titan to fish to the right, tried one of my rigs to test visibility with again poor visibility, so didn't bother.  Dave Wride had done well on the F1’s but not from his margins, catching mostly out long in the deep water with maggot – on the pole in the water.

My silvers weighed 5 lb 9 oz and my carp 9 lb 14 oz for 15 lb 7 oz and no pick up today with those pesky foul hookers costing me a section. I really got it wrong today by not setting up the long rig to fish at full depth to my left.

The match was won by Jeff Grant (pictured top right wallowing in his glory back at the pub) with  25 lb 2 0z from peg 29. Geoff caught on the method with maggot hook baits. Well done Matey.

The silvers was won by Tony Ponting (pictured) with 11 lb 12 oz from peg 30, also on the method and maggot hook baits. Well done. This area produced some of the best weights today to the feeder.

Back early to the pub with the usual suspects, the only advantage of winter fishing times.


Section A:

1. Harry Muir 16-07-0 peg 4

Silvers: John Smith 5-12-0 peg 33

Section B:

1. John Fry 16-07-0 peg 6

Silvers: Kevin Winstone 8-03-0 peg 10

Section C:

1. Dave Wride 23-12-0 peg 18

Silvers: Pete Greenslade 9-07-0 peg 16

Section D:

1. Geoff Grant 25-02-0 peg 29

Silvers: Tony Ponting 11-12-0 peg 30

Weigh Sheets: