Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunday 29/09/2013 - Colin Ball Open - Landsend Fishery - Match and Specimen

With Rip Off away on holiday Colin Ball (Triggers “Real” name in Only Fools and Horses) stood in for him as match organiser (pictured right studying his form book). I over heard Trigger sorting out the match peg fees with Nick Duckett and Trigger worked out that 15 x £6 peg fees would cost him £75. Next year Trigger we will be millionaires! That said things ran fairly smoothly.
In to the draw tin and out comes peg 11. Perfect for me as I was all geared up for a days Silver fishing with GB and this peg has delivers a few of these species over the years. I don’t do pleasure fishing nor do I practice but I do like to try new approaches which has to be done during matches, the best place I think.
The plan was to fish GB on the hook over GB and various hook baits. After all fish eat GB don’t they. So I set up a 4x14 jolly set up for various baits and a 0.5 gram paste and corn float for the GB all to be fished at 10 metres at 1-o-clock. I decided to lash out £7 on a 900 gram bag of GB – Marukyu EFG 130 to be used on the hook fished over my usual Skimmer mix. The way I attach the GB to the hook is by taking a small piece of fish meal paste and roll it in the GB a bit like bread crumbing food. On the whistle I fed one ball of GB (careful start). I was expecting some nibbling first put in but nothing happened. I increased the GB feed and at last a bite, alas not, but a foul hooked Bream which came off. I had another three foul hooked Bream. I looked at the watch and I had spent 1 ½ hours playing around with the GB and nothing in the net. So time for the Jolly and with a 3mm expander on the hook I started to catch Ronnie’s, which wasn’t the plan as I was after the big Skimmers. I tried everything on the hook with maggot again catching Ronnie’s and one foul hooked Bream which did get in the keep net. Corn produced one F1 (a proper F1). With half the match gone I had 5lb 7oz in Silvers. I had given it long enough.
I will be trying this out again next week down Viaduct on the Thursday cost cutter.
Listening to the talk going around I was on average 10 Carp behind so was well behind, but I decided to set up a margin paste rig to be fished down to empty pallet on peg 12 again at a comfortable 10 metres. I started by catching some small Carp 1 to 3lb, but with a hour to go I had five consecutive 10lb Common Carp with the fish really starting to feed with my last fish being foul hooked which I lost somewhere near gimps peg 13. I ended the match with six Carp in each of my three nets for a total of 96lb 9oz. Adding my meagre Silvers catch I managed to total 102lb recovering some dignity. YES if I had fished for Carp all day I would have finished higher in the match!!
 After the match Leon Hubbard told me Beany had been in my peg on the Saturday match and had filled in the swim with micro pellet using his huge conical comical cup which wouldn’t look out of place on his head with a big D on it!
The match was won by Craig Edmonds (pictured right with the default Silvers winner) with 155lb 12oz from Specimen Lake peg 25. Craig caught out in front using banded pellet over loose fed hard 4’s which accounted for most of his Silvers and later up the end margin using 8mm meat catching 60 lb of big Carp in the last hour.
The Silvers default winner caught mainly F1’s fishing expander pellet over micro pellet at 13 metres.
Full Result:
  1. Craig Edmonds 155-12-0 peg 25
  2. Paul Elmes 131-03-0 peg 17
  3. Scott Puddy 116-14-0 peg 1
  4. Mike Nicholls 102-0-0 peg 11
  5. Simon Rayall 87-07-0 peg 19
  6. Gordon Cannings 85-03-0 peg 5
Top Silvers:
  1. Craig Edmonds 21-07-0 peg 25
  2. Clint Wojtyle 18-12-0 peg 29
  3. John Bradford 18-07-0 peg 13
Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thursday 26/09/2013 - Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Withy Pool

Arriving at Withy Pool I was surprised to see how low the water level it was, at least 26 inches down, now that’s a lot of missing water on a lake this size. At least there is plenty of water left and plenty of space in front of most platforms to get close to the water.
Mike Jones had his normal dilemma as to which pegs to put in as we had another good turn out of 25.
In to the draw bag and out comes peg 62. I was happy with this as I have won from it previously, both Silvers and Carp, but both during the winter. However, I thought I might catch a few big Skimmers and Carp using the same bait - paste.
So I set up a 0.5 gram paste float and for back up in case, I set up a 4x14 Jolly (I usually fish a 4x16 but because of the reduced depth managed to get away with a lighter version). I was able set the seat box up in the water and was very comfortable being that much closer to the water surface. For company I had Ray “Radio Leicester” Bazeley on peg 61.
O on the whistle I pot a pot of a mix of hard 4’s and wetted micro. Out went the paste at 10 metres and second put in I had a 10 lb Mirror Carp. Next put in I foul hooked one which I pulled out of. After re-feeding I could get a bite so tries the Jolly with maggot over caster and micro and had a very, very short blast of small Skimmers 1lb 7oz to be precise!
There was certainly a lack of Silvers which told me to fish for the Carp. The up shot was that I landed four more Carp which arrived in pairs. I re-fed after every fish. My five Carp weighed 57lb 14oz giving a second combined overall weight of 59lb 5oz.
The match was won by Alan Jones (pictured right with some of his Carp catch) with 86lb 4oz from peg 73. Alan caught on bunches of worm fished over coarsely chopped worm and caster feed.
The Silvers was won by organiser Mike Jones (pictured right working out the results and the only angler to break double figures) with 10lb 12oz of small fish from peg 35. Mike caught on caster over caster using his preferred whip method.
Full Result:
  1. Alan Jones 86-04-0 peg 73
  2. Mike Nicholls 59-05-0 peg 63
  3. Ray Bazeley 50-10-0 peg 62
  4. Charlie Barnes 38-06-0 peg 69
  5. Bob Price 37-0-0 peg 52
  6. Martin Alexander 33-0-0 peg 49 
Top Silvers:
  1. Mike Jones 10-12-0 peg 35
  2. Andy Shields 9-04-0 peg 67
  3. Mike Keys 8-13-0 peg 47
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wednesday 18/09/2013 - Amalgamation Summer League - Round Six - Pawlett Ponds

One of the advantages of fishing Pawlett Ponds is that it is just over the road from the Hill Top café so there were a few of us in there is morning all acknowledging that the fishing was going to be hard. For me I do like a change and can do hard from time to time and gets me away from the Carp racing.
Pawlett ponds is certainly a nice place to spend a day fishing, although it does needs some renovation and some stocking. Lake Four looks to me as one of the better stocked lakes but suffers from dilapidated platforms that cannot be fished due to safety concerns limiting it to 2 pegs. Andy Smith tells me that the Amalgamation is planning to refurbish the platforms and stock some 1,000 Skimmers. Hopefully in time for next years series.
After picking some Blackberries which there are abundance for the “Special one” to do a Mary Berry pie it was in to the draw bag and out comes peg 16 which is in the far corner on the venue on Lake Three.
Arriving at the peg it can only be described as a Mr Crabtree peg. A fallen Hawthorn to my right margin and Sedges infest end bank. Bound to catch a carp or two here you think. For company I had the back of Mike Jones (pictured right with Andy Smiths umbrella in the far distance on Lake One - is this not a great place to fish) who had drawn the corner peg of Lake Two.
I initially only set up a paste rig which would do for any swim I choose as it was all 5 foot deep even up to the sedges. Because of the wind blowing the sedges I couldn’t get as close as I would have liked. Mike Jones then reminded me that the league pays out both silvers and overall with no default so you can win both. So up went the Ronnie rig and a 4x 16 Jolly.
Believe it or not I could not get an indication on the paste nor were their any signs of Carp throughout the match. So no more narrative on the Carp and paste, except I did spend far too much time trying to catch what wasn’t there! So lucky I set up the Silvers rigs.
I fed a ball of GB laced with a few maggots at 7 metres at 1 o clock and had a few Ronnie’s on maggot on the jolly and by switching between this and the Ronnie rig kept a few Rudd coming that was until the bloody Motherless Minnows arrived in their droves. I tried feeding loosing GB down the side to try and attract them away but alas there were just too many. So I put plan C in to action which was to fish for Eels. So in went a pot of CW&M with big piece of worm on the hook. Nevertheless the bloody Minnows still had a go at it until it reached dead bottom. I soon had a 8oz Eel in the landing net and after some arm to arm combat ended up in the keep net. I was worried about the hook length as it had roughed up a bit and should have changed it, but I didn’t and next Eel regretted not doing so, as I broke on the next Eel – lesson learnt – doubt it. I went on to catch a couple more. I like catching Eels I especially like watching their bites develop.
With no Carp I weighed 6lb 10oz of Silvers for 6th in the match and 3rd Silvers pick up – one decent carp would have produced a double pick up, so might have bee right spending time after one – who knows!
The match was won by “Three Wheeler” Dyer (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 28lb 10oz from Forth Lake peg 7. Colin caught all his Carp on maggot from his margin over maggot. Apparently Colin lost a good few.
The Silvers was won by “Pole Fixer” Fitchew with 9lb 1oz from peg 10 on the Second Lake. Barry caught three Bream and a few smaller fish on dead maggot over an initial bombardment of ten balls of GB. I think this approach is probably spot on as it is a shit or bust type of venue.
Full Result:
  1. Colin Dyer 28-10-0 peg 7 – 4th Lake
  2. Dave Poole 20-08-0 peg 12 peg 12 – 3rd Lake
  3. John Osborne 10-03-0 peg 3 – 1st Lake
  4. Barry Fitchew 9-01-0 peg 10 – 2nd Lake
  5. Mike Jones 8-15-0 peg 15 – 2nd Lake
  6. Mike Nicholls 6-10-0 peg 16 – 3rd Lake
 Top Silvers:
  1. Barry Fitchew 9-01-0 peg 10 - 2nd Lake
  2. Mike Jones 8-15-0 peg 15 – 2nd Lake
  3. Mike Nicholls 6-10-0 peg 16 – 3rd Lake
 Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sunday 15/09/2013 - Avon Angling Open - Chiltern Trinity - Woodlands

There was some sad news last week when Gordon Bracey passed away. I fished with Gordon on many occasion in the various winter leagues and nationals. Those that knew him will remember him as a real gentleman always sporting a collar and tie, even when fishing. Gordon was hard to beat on the crow quill and had made is own version which had a smaller body with a thick wire stem which took a lot less shot than Toppers – Avon stick float. Gordon gave me a couple and they really worked well especially in the shallower pacey swims. I still have a couple of them in my float collection. I will never forget that time you drove the Fry’s team through the night to the National on the Witham. Rest in peace matey.
After an excellent breakfast at the Hill Tops café we were off for a walk f round the fishery and is was a nice surprise to see that John the fishery owner had given Ash Lake a short back and sides (pictured right). Apparently the Lake is now fishing much better, I assume this is because the fish have less hiding places. Very neat, tidy and picturesque.
During the walk around the venue the first peg on Woodlands is directly opposite the access bridge over Ash Lake which I said to Bela would do me today and would like to draw it as it was going to be sheltered from the forecasted high winds and rain (which luckily wasn’t as bad as anticipated). Bela was well “confused” when I pulled peg 30. Lucky for me.
I was sure I could frame in the Silvers from this peg with Ronnie’s. So I set up the Ronnie rig, a 4x16 Jolly for meat at six metres and a LH margin paste rig in case. I started by feeding half a dozen pieces of 8mm meat on the 6 metre line then started after the Ronnie’s with caster. I started well with the Ronnie’s well up for being caught. Second put in I hooked and quickly landed a 4 lb Carp, which didn’t seem to up the Ronnie’s. Over the next hour or so I put 7lb of them in the net, when it slowed but not enough to reduce my target of 20 to 30lb. I decided to give it a short rest whilst I tried the meat line which first out in resulted in a foul joked Carp and not the Skimmers I was hoping for, so this rig spent the rest of the day on the bank getting wet and blown around. What I did notice over the Ronnie line was a Carps tail waving at me. So I thought I would fish it out with the paste rig before retuning to the Ronnie’s. It took seven Carp before that tail stopped waving at me. I now had to make a decision as to whether I should continue with the Carp or switch back to the original plan of Silvers. John Bradford on the next peg had been catching small Skimmers and had about the same weight as me. So I went back after the Ronnie’s only to hook another Carp which broke me. So decision made, Carp it was then. By feeding caster close to the bank whilst playing a Carp and feeding hard 4’s over the paste fished in three foot of margin whilst fishing kept the Carp coming. It did go quiet near the end but that was because two 10 pounders were munching in the swim, which was a mistake as they both ended up in the keep net.
My nineteen Carp weighed 116lb 10oz and my Silvers 7lb 4oz for a match winning weight of 123lb 12oz.
The Silvers was won by that very pleasant lad Scott Puddy (pictured right with the match winner) with 17lb 4oz from peg 28. Scott caught Skimmers short using corn hook bait over 6mm pellet laced with a few grains of corn.
Two things I like about this venue is firstly the results are nearly always close with one fish in it and secondly the weights are sensible with a low ton being enough to win. The matches where 200 – 300lb is winning are losing their popularity with me and others I know.
Full Result:
  1. Mike Nicholls 123-12-0 peg 30
  2. Tony Rixon 120-0-0 peg 24
  3. Shaun Townsend 117-07-0 peg 27
  4. Martyn McMahon 90-09-0 peg 9
  5. Anton Page 86-01-0 peg 6
  6. Tom Mangnall 79-05-0 peg 7
 Top Silvers:
  1. Scott Puddy 17-04-0 peg 28
  2. John Bradford 16-05-0 peg 31
 Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thursday 12/09/2013 - Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Bridge Pool

With autumn now with us it was good to still have high temperatures with today being over cast and a muggy 19 degrees, let’s hope it continues.
In to the draw bag and out comes peg 33, which was the end peg on the far bank. It has thrown up some Ronnie weights. And because the aerator had been running 24/7 which was at my end on the Lake I was anticipating a good day on the Ronnie’s.
I set up the Ronnie rig, a 4x16 Jolly for the CW&C and a paste rig for the LH margin for later with the paste – if indeed necessary. I started by feeding a pot of CW&C at 9 metres and started feeding the Ronnie line. I started ay 9 metres on a piece of worm and had a 4oz Hybrid, followed by 4 small Perch! I decided to re-feed and try the Ronnie rig – my banker. Unfortunately I really struggled to get bites on the caster, which I took to be due to maundering Carp so tried the paste over the caster and that produced nothing. So I tried the CW&C line again only to add a few more small Perch. Back on the Ronnie rig and with a single dead red maggot and after a wait I could catch a 2oz Ronnie. With 5 hours now gone and with 3lb 4oz of Silvers in the net and with Carp - o –clock looming I decided to fish the match out with paste. I was soon hanging on to a foul hooked monster which I needed to point the pole at to prevent a breakage. This resulted in the dark red elastic pulling out of the pull-a-bung bead losing the lot and because the elastic knot pulled through it took the PTFE bush with it – a clean sweep. Bob Warren some 50 metres away spotted it going past his peg 16!
The upshot was I hooked and landed three decent Carp for 31lb 10oz for a 7th overall weight of 34lb 14oz.
I think had the aerator been left on I might have caught more Silvers as I think because of the flow created by the aerator the fish have to swim and hence feed, but as soon as it stops the fish stop feeding – my theory anyway.
The match was won by John Smith (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 133lb 14oz from peg 15. John caught at 16 metres to the opposite island using 8mm banded pellet over loose fed 6’s and 8’s feeding about one pint.
The Silvers was won by Mike Keys with 19lb from peg 26. Mike caught at 8 metres using meat over loose fed hard 4’s, landing some big Skimmers.
Full Result:
  1. John Smith 133-14-0 peg 15
  2. Dave Poole 67-11-0 peg 24
  3. Paul Haines 63-2-0 peg 14
  4. Ray Bazeley 55-15-0 peg 11
  5. Terry Bruton 45-10-0 peg 21
  6. Bob Warren 44-04-0 peg 16
  7. Mike Nicholls 34-14-0 peg 33
 Top Silvers:
  1. Mike Keys 19-0-0 peg 26
  2. Charlie Barnes 14-06-0 peg 10
  3. Mike Taylor 10-10-0 peg 7
 Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 9 September 2013

Sunday 08/09/2013 - Avon Angling Open - Sedges Fishery - Brick Lake

It was once again in to the Hilltop cafe for breakfast with Bela or as Tom Thick spelt his name on the weigh sheet “Bellend”.
We were on Brick Lake today which has a good head of big Skimmers and big Carp. However, the winning pegs can readily be predicted by the wind direction. I wanted either pegs 10 or 11 for the Carp or any peg between 4 and 8 for the Skimmers.
In to the draw tin and out comes peg 13 – unlucky for some – me. Arriving at the peg it would be necessary for me to get into the water as the level was so low that it would have been difficult to get enough keep net in to safe guard the fish well being. I soon found a comfortable place for the seat box and I was really glad I did this as its much better for fishing closer to the water surface plus you get a metre or advantage.
The wind was blowing into peg 11 so giving me some cover from the bright skies. So I set up the 0.75 gram paste float to be fished at 9 metres. After plumbing up I was very disappointed to find that the float was going through with the wind, this wasn’t going to be good for bait presentation. So I also set up a 4x16 Jolly to be fished at 5 metres in anticipation of picking up some tow. Alas not but the float did go through slower. Finally, a margin paste float for the RH margin towards Ray Bazeley who was on peg 12. Mike West was on my Left on peg 14 and had a torrid time losing fish on snags and DNW'ed.
After mixing up a Ray Bazeley bowl of GB I fed three big balls laced with dead reds at 5 metres, followed by a pot of wetted micro at 9 metres. I started at 5 metres with double dead red maggot hoping to pick up some early big Skimmers. Alas not, I was getting a fish a go but they were 2oz Skimmers which if I fished for them all day I wouldn’t get near a Silver winning target of 30lb. So it was now out on the paste which I had to hold-back to get any sort of presentation. I did have three quick good sized Carp and a Bream. But it didn’t last. I struggled for the next few hours only foul hooking two more Carp. I think the early Carp were hungry enough not to worry about presentation. After re-feeding the two lines I had another round of small fish on the maggot and the paste at 9 metres until I hooked a Carp which got snagged up losing another rig. With an hour to go I decided not to retackle for this line and spend the rest of the match in the margin, gnome like (according to Rip Off who was opposite on flyer peg 7). I managed to get the Carp swirling in the edge but they are old crafty fish and would only feed above the stones/bricks with the paste hook bait down between them. By fishing just down the edge into clear water I did land two more big Carp losing two foul hookers (the ones staying up on the stones).
My Silvers weighed a disappointing 5lb 7oz and my five Carp 45lb 9oz for a total of 51lb.
The match was won by Craig Edmonds (pictured right with some of his catch) with 123lb 7oz from peg 11. Craig caught at 14.5metres and into the end margin using meat in both swims.
The Silvers was won by Tony Rixon (pictured right with the match winner) form peg 7 with 44lb 12oz of Skimmers se his blog for details…With ”Bellend” picking up for second in the Silvers with 27lb 8oz.
Full Result:
  1. Craig Edmonds 123-07-0 peg 11
  2. Glenn Bailey 116-14-0 peg 10
  3. Tony Rixon 94-0-0 peg 7
  4. Tom Mangnel 75-02-0 peg 15
  5. Phil Harding 69-11-0 peg 16
  6. Joe McMahon 67-15-0 peg 17
Top Silvers:
  1. Tony Rixon 44-12-0 peg 7
  2. Bela Bakos 27-08-0 peg 8
  3. Craig Edmonds 18-05-0 peg 11
Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 6 September 2013

Thursday 05/09/2013 - Pleasure Day Out to Viaduct Fishery

During one of our “not regularly enough” Friday night fishing gatherings at the Cherry Tree (I am sure these are mentioned occasionally on “Face Book”) Geoff Francis and I reminisced about one of our fly fishing trips to Viaduct circa 1995, most probably in Spring time . This particular trip I fished Carey Lake and caught a few Rainbows from my favourite “Pretty Bush” swim (pictured right - taken by a box brownie). All caught on a floating line and most probably a Gold Headed Montana. Geoff fished Carey where he had caught a 10lb Rainbow. I soon joined him in his swim and we had an amusing hour losing some big fish in the dense weed.
Back to 2013 and later that night after a few pints Geoff said he wanted to get back in to course fishing and asked if I would take him to Viaduct for a pleasure session. I agreed. He later texted me asking if I could advise him on some new tackle including a new Pole. So with the date set and with his new Sensas Pole and Maver seat box (I said I wouldn’t take him if brought his Riva box) we set off at 07:00 for breakfast in Canards Well, where Bela said he would meet us, but got the time wrong and didn’t meet up with him until later - TWOT.
All the Lakes were taken except Spring with matches, with the usual Thursday cost cutter on Lodge and Match Lakes. It was going to be pegs 24 and 25 on Spring but with Bela now joining us and wanting to thrash around with a waggler we settled on peg 17, 18 and 19 with Geoff on peg 19 and me in the middle. Bela thrashed around catching a few big skimmers on 8mm banded pellet and a host of foul hooked Carp all small by Lake standards. Geoff started off on banded 6mm over hard 4’s at 7 metres and later put on another section this time introducing some Magic ground bait (purchased in 1990) which really got the hand size Skimmers going. As for me I don’t do pleasure fishing very well and tend to get very fidgety, but I decided to give hard banded pellet a good try as it’s a method I don’t use enough of. After trying various forms of feeding and shotting patterns and a couple of walks around the matches I was back playing with the Ronnie rig and various line diameters. It doesn’t appear to make any difference with my rig if you have 0.06 or 0.14 hook length only that you get the accidental Carp out.
Geoff caught around 40 lb of Skimmers to 3lb (pictured right with his catch - complete with hat line) and I was about 10 lb behind him. I think had the water quality been better he would have doubled his weight. Most of the Carp seem to be shoaled up around the aerator with Carp anglers catching them regularly from peg 1 and 2 with fish to 21lb.
As tradition has it we stopped in the Railway Tavern on the way home and had a delicious stake sandwich and a well cooling pint.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunday 01/09/2013 - Avon Angling Float Only League - Final Round - Viaduct - Campbell and Carey

Bela and I decided to stop for breakfast at Canards’ Well Hotel and at £4.25 each it was excellent value and quality.
I was standing in the league for matey Glenn Bailey who was fishing the first match of the Commercial House League on the Crane, Swineford and JW’s. Apparently he had a nightmare of a match drawing a swim 18 foot deep protected by a Parrot cage and a herd of Cows! But Glenn bagged up weighing 4lb!
I was hoping for a peg on Carey as I feel that at present I can catch 30lb of Silvers from most pegs. Alas not. Drawing today can be likened to the old adage “you wait ages for a peg and then two comes along at once”! For the second consecutive match on Campbell I drew peg 121. As I said previously it’s a good peg and one you would always settle for.
As it happened I fished it almost identically to the previous match even though I applied some previously learning. Because of the enormous amount of Ronnie’s in the margin I thought I would feed the RH margin with some of their favourite foods – Casters and Micro to try and keep them out of the LH margin where I took on board advice of the Gimp and fed meat for the bigger Silvers. Alas neither of the plans worked with my meat, worm and paste bait being obliterated by the blighters. It was the paste at 6 metres where I caught three small Skimmers and 15 Carp, for a total of 110lb 5oz for last but one in the section. Luckily for me Glenn was well out of the league running.
With hindsight I should have fished for the Ronnie’s as I think I would have picked up second in Silvers and wouldn’t have been pestered by Carp! Next time I think, if there is one as it has taken 13 years to draw this peg.

The match was won by Shaun Townsend (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 228lb 14oz from peg 111. Shaun fished two lines one at 13 ½ metres with hard banded pellet feeding about 4 pints and the other at 5 metres using 10mm  meat fished over 8mm. All feed was loose fed. Shaun kept the Carp coming by switching between the two lines. There appears to be a lot of Carp around these pegs at the moment which left me wondering if they are staying close to the aerator due to the general reduction of oxygen in the counties still waters.

The Silvers was won by “Two Fords” Etheridge with 44lb 11oz of Skimmers from Carey peg 86. Gary caught on soft 4mm pellet fished over hard 4’s fished at 11.5 metres. Nice days fishing.
Full Result:
  1. Shaun Townsend 228-14-0 peg 111
  2. Tom Thick 196-05-0 peg 112
  3. Mash 180-06-0 peg 105
  4. Mike West 172-0-0 peg 125
  5. Tony Rixon 164-08-0 peg 95
  6. Scott Puddy 161-03-0 peg 116
 Top Silvers:
  1. Gary Etheridge 44-11-0 peg 86
  2. Leon Hubbard 26-03-0 peg 99
  3. Mash 22-13-0 peg 105
 Weigh Sheets: