Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday 30/06/2011 - Viaduct Cost Cutter - Campbell and Carey

Thank heavens for Margaret Thatcher who prevented the UK from being dragged in to the Euro zone. All we need now is another like Leader to extract the UK out of the EU; the “Wishy Washy Brigade” currently in power won’t have the balls to do it, that’s for sure. So much for the cheap wine we were all promised when we joined the European Union back in 1973. If we hadn’t joined we would now be a position to buy Greece and perhaps next year Portugal!!

It was a relative clear drive down to the Skivers match at Viaduct Fishery with only a bit of mopping up going on at Pilton (rumour has it that Beyonce stayed with Charlie Barns) and the school run drastically reduced due to the Civil Servant strike.

Another good turn out. I was expecting to see a few School Teachers, but didn’t see any. I was in the front of the draw queue until Steve long decided to draw in the shop and I was relegated to last (well nearly). In to the bucket and out comes peg 110. I couldn’t believe it 110 without 2 inches of ice on it. The last two times I have blanked on this peg! I had John Green on peg 111 and Charlie Barns on peg 112 it was going to be Silvers corner then - I hope. The small amount of wind was blowing in to peg 118 leaving my peg becalmed so not helpful.

There are both Silvers and as of late plenty of Carp in this peg so I decided to keep my options open with the Silvers given priority. I set up three rigs a 4x14 Jolly to fish at 6 metres out in front with meat for the Skimmers. A margin paste rig and a meat margin rig. On the start I fed a full pot of hard 4’s down to the tree stump. I started fishing with the 4x14 and meat kindering five cubes of 8mm with 8mm on the 14 hook. I had about 5lb of Skimmers and one Carp before I was pestered by small fish. So in to the margin and I had a good run of Tench and Perch on either, paste, worm or meat. I lost a couple of rigs on the Tench which meant a couple of walks down to the stump to recover my elastic and remnants of the rigs. So I decided to make up two more rigs both with 0.22 straight through. I still managed to lose two more Tench but managed to keep the rigs. I kept topping up the swim with 25% meat and 75% hard 4 mm pellet. Up to this point the swim started to see the bright sunlight which coincided with the Silvers switching off ably assisted by me jumping up and down on the stump. I did have a run of six Carp on the paste to add to the few I had caught in between the Silvers. My ten carp weighed in at 51lb 3oz and my Silvers 33lb 2oz. This put me fifth in the Silvers and fifth overall sneaking in the coin through a Colin Dyer default.

The match was won by Matt Tomes (pictured right) from peg 132 (apparently the same peg he drew the day before where he managed a second overall) with 134llb 4oz. Matt caught on the pole down to the end margin, short out in front and in his LH margin using meat hook bait.

The Silvers was won my Colin Dyer (pictured lower right in his plastic pig) from peg 119 with twenty five Tench for 54lb 7oz. Colin caught down his RH margin at 9 metres using corn over corn.

Full Result:

1. Matt Tomes 134-04-0 peg 132
2. Colin Dyer 111-08-0 peg 119
3. Chris (My First Ton) Rolfe 104-07-0 peg 130
4. Brian Chivers 103-07-0 peg 123
5. Mike Nicholls 84-05-0 peg 110
6. Scott Russell 83-13-0 peg 129

Top Silvers:

1. Colin Dyer 54-07-0 peg 119
2. Dave Wride 45-02-0 peg 100
3. Brian Preston 36-10-0 peg 94
4. Scott Russell 35-05-0 peg 123
5. Mike Nicholls 33-02-0 peg 110

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday 26/06/2011 - Carps AC Summer League - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell and Carey

We were promised a heat wave to start on Saturday which didn’t happen so I was sceptical whether it would happen today. But yes it did. But I don’t think it was as hot as forecast.

I decided to stay back a few in the draw queue as I always seem to draw Carey if I am in front. So I was delighted when I drew one of my favourite pegs - now a regular- peg 116 on Campbell. The Welsh boyos drew well with Andy Neal in one corner, peg 132 and Lee Werrett the corner peg 123 (I have been fishing Viaduct on and off since they change from Trout to coarse and I am yet to draw 123).

I set up the usual 4x14 Boy Jolly for the meat at 7 metres out in front., and a paste rig suitable for both RH and LH margins. That will do for starters. On the whistle I put 8mm meat of the size 14 hook and kindered in a pot of 6mm meat. Happy days (perhaps) as I had a Tench first put in. That was it for this line because the small Skimmers and Ronnie’s moved in – not a good sign. I had been lightly feeding both margins with hard 4’s but was forced in to them far too early. However, I was having problems wit the small fish  gnawing away at the paste so I mixed a 1kg of Gimps Gold and fed it at 4 metres out in front laced with 1 pint of caster. This solved the problem for about one hour!! During this time I had a run of two Tench from each margin with paste before swapping to the other margin. With one hour to go I decided to feed the LH margin with two pints of caster (thanks Captain Tom) in the anticipation of catching some of the big Perch that inhabit this peg. I did have three decent ones on whole Dendrabena until the big Carp moved in I had three bigun’s and a couple of smaller one’s before the end of the match which wasn’t what I wanted. I did have a couple of decent Skimmers on the paste down the RH margin. My Carp weighed 33lb and my silvers 29lb 3oz. This put me second overall in the 5 peg section and first in the Silvers 10 peg section for a £50 pick up. I was a couple of fish short in winning the overall Silvers; I won’t talk about the ones I lost as I suspect everyone had the same experience.

The match was won by Andy Neal (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 214lb 7oz from peg 132. Andy caught on both pole and shallow waggler fishing meat over loose fed meat. Andy fed about six big tins, with a tin or two being wasted down the margin end bank.

The Silvers winner was Paul Faiers (again) from peg 81. Paul caught some sizable Tench and Perch down to the Monk using Worm over caster. However, most of his fish fell to his favourite light Skimmers feeder fished at 25 metres using double red maggot over laced GB.

The man (well boy) of the match for me (well Bela who was drawn next him thought he fished very well), was Lewis Greenwood (pictured right) from peg 112 with a second overall weight of 206lb 7oz. Well done lad.

I say this without fear of contradiction - "Viaduct is the best fishery in the South West turning in great results week in and week out". This is down to excellent fishery Management from Steve Long and Paul Greenwood who are both great anglers. Many other fisheries could take good advise from them.

Full Result:

1. Andy Neal 214-07-0 peg 132
2. Lewis Greenwood 206-07-0 peg 112
3. Dick Bull 180-02-0 peg 110
4. Phil Cardwell 146-12-0 peg 115
5. Alan Oram 124-07-0 peg 128
6. Steve Jackson 110-09-0 peg 98

Top Silvers:

1. Paul Faiers 32-09-0 peg 81
2. Lee Werrett 32-06-0 peg 123
3. Bob Gullick 32-02- 0 peg 131

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday 23/06/2011 - Bathampton AA Over 55's And Disabled - Withy Pool

I was planning on going to the Viaduct “Skivers” match, but because of the likely heavy traffic around Glastonbury due to the festival I decided on the Coffin Dodgers on Withy Pool instead.

It was a good turn out of 24 mostly due to the hard work of organiser Mike Jones ringing around and rallying the Dodgers.

Ray Bazeley was in attendance and presented me with his Leicester County emblem The “Silverfox” - stick pin - pictured top right. Something I will treasure, making it a memorable day for me in more ways than one.

In to the draw bucket and out comes peg 50. This is usually the Carp flyer, but on arrival I was surprised to see … (see photo right). BAA has roped off each end of the gully between the bank and island, and then filled it with tree branches! The sign on the rope explains some of the reasoning. Has Withy Lake really been suffering from illegal immigration? Because of this the usual way of fishing the peg wasn’t an option – long over to the point of the island as it would only end in tears for both the angler and fish. So I set up a paste rig for the LH margin, a 4x16 Jolly to be fished over GB at 9 metres at 2 o clock (farthest from the island). I then set up the usual Ronnie rig for caster. I only had three small Ronnie’s on this rig so no more about that. On the whistle I put in ten balls of Gimps Gold and Sensas Magic combination. It took a few minutes before I started to catch small Skimmers on 6 mm expander. This lasted about an hour by which time I had 10lb 6oz - the Carp had decided to play. So I turned around 90 degrees and dropped the paste in at 4 metres over the 4mm hard pellet I had been lightly feeding since the start. The float went away and I lost a “refugee” leaving my rig waving in the submerged tree branches. I lost another three even on 22 elastic. So I fished shorter using just the top set having a good few hours landing 14 Carp from 8lb to 20lb. I was thankful for my “No Limit” Colmic top set which didn’t let me down as I could not add any sections otherwise it was another one for the refuge! My Carp (pictured right with two of them weighing 35lb – courtesy of Ray Bazeley) weighed in a 151lb 2oz giving me a total of 161lb 8oz for first overall.

Whilst I was fishing for the Silvers Terry Bruton hooked a Carp (which proved to be foul hooked) and unknowing to me swam in to my rig giving a false bite. It was soon apparent to both of us that we were playing the same fish from opposite sides of the Lake! As soon as I realised I put on some extra sections to enable terry to land the fish. Soon after his hook pulled free as as often happens were left hook to kook across the lake which was locked firm by the stretched elastic. Terry had more sections available to him so he shipped out allowing be to grab the line and disconnect us - good job we both were using soft elastic.

Perhaps BAA should fill in all the gaps around all the Islands! Or even better just leave things as they are.

The Silvers was won by Rich Coles (pictured right with his nice bag of Skimmers) with 32lb 12oz of Bream and Skimmers from peg 43. Rich fed two lines at 11.5 metres. One line GB and casters the other line pellet. Rich caught about 50/50 pellet over pellet and triple dead red maggot over the GB.

Overall the lake fished very well considering the weather which seems to be effecting most fisheries at the moment.

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 161-08-0 peg 50
2. Terry Bruton 68-01-0 peg 59
3. Ian Sheppard 57-02-0 peg 66
4. Rich Coles 48-12-0 peg 43
5. Bob Warren 45-04-0 peg 47
6. Terry Church 41-02-0 peg 54
7. Dave Poole 32-04-0 peg 46

Top Silvers:

1. Rich Coles 32-12-0 peg 43
2. Bob Warren 25-04-0 peg 47
3. Terry Bruton 19-08-0 peg 59

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday 19/06/2011 - Avon Angling Float Only Open - Chiltern Trinity - Wildmarsh - Round Three

Father’s day – My card started with – “May Fathers Day hold the happy events that set the day apart...” Not quite. I think I am safe speaking for many Dads in this respect today. The fishing just didn’t live up to expectations with a few Blanks and even more DNW’s. Hey, it’s a day out with your friends and long time acquaintances’.

It looks as if someone is trying to organise Tony Rixon (don’t even think about it) – see picture right, I initially thought Steve Evans was organising a-bring-and-buy sell with his chair and wall paper table – guaranteed that it’s never seen any paste.

I was hoping for one of the pegs in the legs but no, out popped end peg 67 on the road bank. I had drawn the best Auto Electrician in the county in the knockout – Tim Clark. I was delighted to see him walk past me to be also on the road bank – I had a chance.

The peg is a in a bit of a corner and very shallow out to 13 meters, so I thought the waggler would be the banker. So I spent 20 minutes getting it just right holding it on station fairly easily. I also set a 4x14 Boy Jolly to be fished out in front with CW&C and at the same depth at 13 metres at 11o clock over neat GB.

On the whistle I threw in ten balls of GB laced with micro and caster at 25 metres, only to hear a cry from Clayton Hudson on the next peg that I was balling his peg! Not the case, but understood what Clayton was saying as his peg was looking towards mine. Clayton was still setting up his waggler after the whistle so I had no idea that he was planning to fish my peg! I followed this up with a pot of CWC at 13 metres. I started on a piece of worm and had five Ronnie’s straight off before it died – Eels moved in I suspect. So time for my waggler banker. On went double red maggot and I was soon expecting a bite as there was plenty of signs of feeding fish. I spent the next hour with only some Skimmer slime from a liner to show for it – that wasn’t quite true as I had a visit from Capitan Tom Mangnall who left me with three pints of caster –thanks matey. Time to open a 13 metre GB line. I started by fishing single caster over it and had a run of Ronnie’s, however, there was a bit of shelling going on so switched to single or double maggot, this accounted for the odd small Ronnie until the last hour when I set up a paste rig over the GB line converting to pellet feed, however, nothing to show for this tactical move. Come the end (thank you) I weighed 4lb 4oz for 3 points beating the two anglers to my left. However, the cloud had a bit of a silver lining as Tim Clark weighed 1lb 8oz so I managed to scrape thorough the knockout.

The match was won by Chris Davis (pictured right with the smiling Silvers winner) from fancied peg 40 with 53lb 9oz.Chris caught at both 5 and 13 metres down his RH margin. Losing quite a few Carp I understand.

The Silvers was won by Dick Bull from peg 21 with 23lb. Dick caught on CW&C at 13 metres.

Full Result:

1. Chris Davis 53-09-0 peg 40
2. Steve Segar 51-05-0 peg 9
3. Gary Etheridge 28-01-0 peg Island 11
4. Matt Tomes 27-14-0 peg 11
5. Tony Rixon 25-14-0 peg 22 (again)
6. Dick Bull 23-0-0 peg 21

Top Silvers:

1. Dick Bull 23-0-0 peg 21
2. Tony Rixon 22-08-0 peg 22
3. Bob Gullick 20-04-0 peg 20

So this is where the Skimmers were!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday 12/06/2011 - Carps AC - Summer League - Round Two - Campbell and Carey

The weather forecasters promised a soaking and that’s exactly what we got – torrential rain all day – draught worries are now forgotten.

I was hoping for any peg on Campbell, there are worse pegs. In to the draw box and out comes peg 94 on Carey. The peg has some Silvers and Carp form so hopefully I had both to go at. I was surprised to see peg 95 in the hat which the occupant Lee Werret wasn’t happy with either. That said we were both sheltered to some extent from the wind by the trees on Lodge Lake as it was more of less off our backs.

I set up a paste and corn rig for the margin to the start of the trees and a 4x14 blue Jolt for out in front at 6 metres. We can forget the margin as I didn’t have a bite all day down there. So my main hope was the Silvers. I started by feeding some wetted micro and hard 4’s at 6 metres and started on the 3mm soft pellet, which resulted in one lost foul Carp and I tint skimmer. I persevered with the soft pellet trying 6’s whilst keeping a few 4’s and micro going in through the kinder pot. After two hours (having messed about in the margin) I could only add another blade. The swim appeared to be completely void of fish. So I decided to mix up 2kg of Gimps Gold and put the feed it in one go – 16 balls! After which I decided to go for a walk to warm up.

This was when Lee Werret (pictured right with his specimen) was trying to get a 23lb Carp in his landing net; luckily Paul Faiers came to Lee’s rescue changing his landing net head for a larger one.

After a chat with John Green who was also struggling on peg 109, I went back to my swim with great anticipation, which lasted for one more blade on the soft pellet. With two hours to go I decide to feed the three pints of caster in my bait bag. So I put two pints straight in. The swim came alive with feeding Bream. All I now had to do was get them in the keep net – easier said than done. I tried all the hook baits I had and managed to land five – four on 3mm pellet and one on 8mm meat. All the bites were very fast which caused me to miss two. Very frustrating match, as I knew the fish were there grazing over the caster but they wouldn’t take any hook bait. I must say that it left me thinking about feeding casters in this way. My five Bream weighed in at 21lb 6oz which was 5th overall in the Silvers and another section second.

I think this swim has the potential to have a massive weight of Silvers, if and when they start taking the hook baits. PS: I didn't try red maggot - next time though!

The match was won by the Dude (pictured right) from peg 114 with 188lb 2oz. Dude caught down the LH margin (113 was not drawn) on meat and on the long pole shallow with pellet. The following shortcut takes you to his swim!!

The Silvers was won by Paul Faiers (pictured bottom right with half his catch of Skimmers) on peg 96 with 59lb 13oz. Paul caught on the GB feeder fished at 25 metres. Paul fed ¾ Kg of worm in F1 GB with a smidgen of caster and red maggot. Double red maggot hook bait accounted for the vast majority of his catch.

Full Result:

1. Dan “Dude” Squires 188-02-0 peg 114
2. Ray Hayward 133-0-0 peg 128
3. Steve Skelton 114-15-0 peg 97
4. Steve Jackson 103-11-0 peg 132
5. Andy Neal 98-05-0 peg 100
6. Larry Burns 96-05-0 peg 135

Top Silvers:

1. Paul Faiers 59-13-0 peg 96
2. Bob Gullick 52-05-0 peg 121
3. Tim Pallant 34-08-0 peg 103

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Saturday 11/06/2011 - Hillview Open

After a visit to Hillview and whilst having a pinky ponk with Bela in my garage I had a very upsetting call from Tony Rixon who advised me that Eddie Perkins had passed away an hour earlier after a long illness. I have known Eddie all my fishing life and we sparred many a time on and off the bank. Eddie always got the better of me off the bank with his extremely sharp wit – dam it. He didn’t always get his way on the bank however, but when he did he always explained how he fished which usually left me guessing. I will miss you. What I must say is that if we had the Health and Safety in place in Eddie’s prime as they do today he would still be with us….Rest in peace mate.

As Dad always told me - "life continues". So back to today’s fishing. Keith was away today with his skittle team so the breakfast wasn’t quite as good – well quite as much! However, the organisation was a bit up market with Neville Groves standing in, he even sorted the payout in to envelopes before the draw as the pictures right proves (whilst the Cat's away....).

With another good turn out both lakes and the first canal was in the draw woolly hat. Having rubbed against Terry King and pulled peg 36 on Heron whilst Bela drew peg 52 on the canal. I fancied mine but not Bela’s.

The last time I drew this peg I just managed to scrape in second overall, so I decided to fish it the same, soft pellet over micro at 5 metres then in to the margins with paste. However, it didn’t quite work out that way today. I started on the 4x14 boy jolly and during the first hour I had a run of the new f1’s (which apparently have been conspicuous by their absence). They soon switched off so I converted the line to 8mm meat (some I had left over from Thursday’s match which wasn’t smelling wonderful and had gone white). I started to catch some good Skimmers with the odd small Carp. Up to now I had been kinder potting but decide to feed a big pot full whilst I changed to the LH margin with paste where I had been loose feeding micro. I had one Tench, one Skimmer and three f1’s one’s. The big Carp didn’t make appearance. So I finished the match on the meat at 5 metres. I weighed 19lb 6oz of Carp and my “Silvers” weighed in at 40lb for a total of 59lb 6oz. This left me 9th overall and a narrow section win. No Silvers pool on this venue.

The match was won by Steve Ford (pictured right) with 144lb 4oz from peg 17, most of his fish coming from his margins. Steve fished double whole worm on a 12 hook fished over maggot. Steve fed 8 pints of maggot in the last half of the match.

Runner up was his team mate Chris Cameron (pictured lower right with a bucket full) with 125lb 6oz from peg 26. Chris caught a bit more conventionally using 6 mm soft pellet fished over kinder potted hard 4’s, feeding 2 pints throughout the match.

Full Result:

1. Steve Ford 144-04-0 peg 17
2. Chris Cameron 121-06-0 peg 26
3. Shaun Wilson 106-12-0 peg 19
4. Neville Groves 96-12-0 peg 44
5. Richard Ahern 95-12-0 peg 15
6. Martin Howard 76-06-0 peg 46
9. Mike Nicholls 59-06-0 peg 36

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday 09/06/2011 - Viaduct Cost Cutter - Campbell and Carey

After another decent breakfast at the cafĂ© shown right Bela and I were off to the “Skivers” match at Viaduct.

I was expecting to draw peg 88 on Carey as I seem to be working my way clockwise around this Lake. However, I was delighted when I pulled peg 116 again. Matey Bela pulled opposite peg 126 (Bela pictured right plumbing up his full depth waggler).

I had the Dude to my left on peg 115 and Dave Wride to my right on peg 118. I set up three rigs; 1 x 4x14 blue Jolly to be fished at 7 metres with peppered Spam, a 4x10 Drennen Chop for margin meat and my usual paste rig for both margins.

I have this theory that right handed (the vast majority) anglers throw there left over bait in to the right hand margin and the scrammy handed angler e.g Tony Rixon would throw theirs to the left. So today I would favour the RH.

I started as usual on the 8mm meat fished over peppered 6mm. It wasn’t long before I realised that this wasn’t going to work today, because after I landed one small Carp and one Tench I was pestered by small Skimmers and Ronnie’s. I decided to convert the swim to corn over corn with the same rig. Similarly I was pestered by small fish. I decided to close the line down after feeding an enormous pot of corn and meat.

By now the Dude (pictured right landing one of his thirty small Carp) on peg 115 was bagging at 16 metres with 6mm pellet fished shallow – not seeing one bite!! He’s going to bugger is back up by time he’s my age.

I had been feeding both margins with hard 4’s since the start and by now had fed ¼ pint. Into the RH margin with the meat rig and I had one small Tench then nothing. I could see big Perch in the swim and thought at first that they might have been spawning, but Steve Long put me right saying they don’t spawn until February (the weather was appropriate though). I wondered if they were putting off the fish so I started to poke them with my top set. It didn’t make any difference, in fact they seemed to like it. I did foul hook six landing three to 3 lb. I decided that to avoid them (why oh why?) I switched to the other margin and guess what the Perch followed me round. I then realised what was going on, the Perch were swimming around the surface (very much like a snorkeler) and after loose feeding some 4;s the perch would dive down followed after by small fish jumping out the water. The Perch were hunting fish fry! In hind sight I should have tried the whole worm over the top as I lost six foul hiked Perch up to 4lb!!

In between the Perch saga I did land twenty Decent Tench and five Bream all on paste. My Silvers weighed a lot more than I estimated at 54lb. This added to my seven accidental Carp gave me 82lb 5oz.This put me second in the Silvers and fifth overall.

The match was won by Mash (pictured right) fishing peg 132 with 178lb. Mash after failing to catch on the pole with meat switched to the waggler fished to the end margin with meat hook bait fished over loose fed hard 8 pellet.

The Silvers was won by John Green (pictured bottom right with his bag) from peg 78 on Carey with 61lb 13oz of mainly small Skimmers. John fished his normal “to hand” method, fishing over Gimps Gold GB laced with corn and micro pellet with soft pellet hook bait.

I wished I lived closer to this venue as I would love to get fully to grips with it.

Full Result:

1. Mash 178-0-0 peg 132
2. Dan “Dude” Squires 160-10-0 peg 115
3. Terry Bruton 91-15-0 peg 96
4. Pierce Furlong 85-04-0 peg 98
5. Mike Nicholls 82-05-0 peg 116
6. Dave Wride 80-0-0 peg 118

Top Silvers:

1. John Green 61-13-0 peg 78
2. Mike Nicholls 54-0-0 peg 116
3. Terry Bruton 48-06-0 peg 96

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunday 05/06/2011 - Avon Angling Float Only Open - Landsend - All Lakes - Round Two

I hadn’t been to Landsend for many months and suddenly find myself fishing three matches in last month at the venue. So early in to the draw queue where I found Ron Hardiman trying to push in. Ron said he reads my blog every week but never sees his name. I explained that the precursor was for him to catch some fish first, so there you go a mention in case you don’t.

In to the draw box and out comes peg 22 for the second time in a week. I fished the peg on Bank Holiday Monday and had a great day’s fishing for Silvers. However, my experience was telling me not to expect it to fish the same – I was right. This Lake has a real hammering over the past month. Arriving at the peg there appeared to be less fish activity, however, I decided to fish it similarly for the first four hours with the Wire stem Jolly leaving the last two hours to fish the margins.

Starting on the soft pellet is was immediately apparent it wasn’t going to be as good for the Silvers as the previous match even though the weather conditions were identical (to a human anyway), as I had four quick 3lb Carp. I did manage three Crucian’s and a Skimmer before I converted my swim from pellet to 6mm meat by feeding some wetted micro with a dozen pieces of meat. Whilst this was fizzing away I decided to try the margins with one of my “Special Occasion” floats. This is a float of which I have only one left and are now obsolete. In this case a 4x10 Drennen Wire stem chop. These floats are ideal for caster in shallow water. I had previously potted feed with some 6mm meat in with the caster and first put in had a 8oz Perch. For the next half hour I had a Perch a bung anywhere from 2oz to 8oz. I did enjoy this whilst it lasted as it had gone quite for most anglers I could see adding 5lb to the Silvers net. The swim went quite so I tried the meat over the pellet and had another two Carp. So after feeding the swim heavy I went back in to the margin and had a hefty Tench. This made up my mind to forget the Carp and focus the rest of the match on Silvers as I had heard from Leon Hubbard that the match was fishing hard for Silvers. I tried for the Ronnie’s on the usual rig but they were conspicuous by their absence. I decided to see if there was any Chub over on the island, so using my margin rig again with caster I squeaked (pole was in the drying out mode) out 14.5 metres of pole I immediately had a foul hooked a spawning Carp which nearly ended up in peg 1! Another hook was soon attached and out again and a Carp in the mouth – Umm. I fed some caster attracting the Ronnie’s which were welcome but not at 14.5 metres! I squeaked out again with meat on the hook and had an F1 looking type fish. As the Chub weren’t out plying I decided to go back in the margin and kept a few Perch and Ronnie’s coming until the last ten minutes when I hooked an 8lb Carp which I nearly got in the Lnet but it made a dash for the platform and broke me on the metal tubes. I was despondent not because I lost the Carp but because I had lost a “Special Occasion” floats. With only minutes left packed up early – not like me. However, Nick Collins cheered me up as he might have a source for these floats – hope so. My Seven Carp weighed in at 28lb 12oz and surprisingly the Silvers went 21lb 12oz for fifth in the Silvers and an overall weight of 50lb 8oz which was enough to put upstart Tom Thick out of the knockout. I was 3rd in section with 5 points.

I must mention Mike Baber (pictured right with some of his catch) fishing next peg 21 who after a slow start until he also switched to caster catching Carp at 13 metres about one foot deep. Well done matey. A section win and 5th overall.

The match was won by Ray Hayward (pictured right with the Silvers winner) from peg 51 with 91lb 14oz. Ray caught over to the opposite island close to the overhanging tree using meat over meat.

The Silvers was won by Steve Segar with 28lb 8oz from peg 9. Steve caught on caster over caster.

I was going to mention what a prat Tony Rixon is for once again having too many fish in one keep net - but I won’t, instead I will remind him that there are 14lb and not 10lb in a stone and you are 18 stones.

Full Result:

1. Ray Hayward 91-14-0 peg 51
2. Chris Davis 82-15-0 peg 42
3. Tony Rixon 81-06-0 peg 78
4. Tim Clark 74-10-0 peg 58
5. Mike Baber 68-06-0 peg 21
6. Andy Lloyd 66-10-0 peg 41

Top Silvers:

1. Steve Segar 28-08-0 peg 9
2. Tom Thick 26-08-0 peg 40
3. Matt Tomes 24-04-0 peg 36

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday 02/06/2011 - Viaduct Cost Cutter - Campbell and Carey

I now understand why the country is in such financial difficulties. It’s because all the workers are skiving off on a Thursday and going to the Viaduct cost cutter. Another excellent turn out today, far more than most fisheries get on a Wednesday and some Sunday’s!

In to the draw bag and out comes peg 86. I wasn’t that happy with the draw as it was a bright day with the little amount of wind off my right shoulder blowing in the diagonal bank, so my swim was flat calm. I was undecided whether or not to fish the GB feeder from front to back. I did set it up and decided to fish the 6mm meat and mess around with paste long and short in the LH margin for the first hour and if it didn’t work out sit out the feeder for Skimmers. As it happened I messed around for the whole six hours and not once picking up the GB feeder.

The meat feed through the kinder pot produced one 8lb 10oz Carp first put in followed by two lost foul hookers. I then had a run of small Skimmers, but it wasn’t long before the Ronnie’s moved in. I tried the paste long again feeding hard 4’s through the kinder pot, this produced nothing. In to the margin and I did have a couple of Skimmers and a Perch on the paste, all the time being Ronnied out. As the Ronnie’s were having a peck on all the baits I tried I jumped up and set up a Ronnie rig with caster over caster at 4 metres and caught Ronnie’s steady throughout the last two hours. I knew I wasn’t going to pick up in the Silvers as the diagonal bank was catching Skimmers regularly with the ripple helping their cause. My Silvers weighed in at 26lb 2oz for eighth in the Silver. My total weight was 34-12-0 for nowhere overall. Nonetheless it was very enjoyable catching 26lb of Silvers.

The match was won by Ryan Jordan (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 148lb 4oz from peg 132. Ryan caught on pellet down to the end bank. Ryan was also caught - with over the 70lb baggage allowance.

I was hoping and expecting John Green to take the overall Silvers giving me a chance on the two lake Silvers positions. However, believe it or not his 64lb fell short. With the Skimmers having a real go today.The Silvers was won by Dave Wride from peg 130 with 70lb exactly – well not exactly, Dave was another angler over the baggage allowance. Dave caught down his RH margin towards the margin tree catching on mainly corn feeding corn, pellet, GB and anything else in his bait bag – it appears than Dave chucked everything at them. Well done Davey a great weight on the day especially beating form Silvers peg 123.

Full Result:

1. Ryan Jordan 148-04-0 peg 132
2. Roland 146-09-0 peg 127
3. Andy Power 140-10-0 peg 105
4. Terry Bruton 124-02-0 peg 110
5. John Page 120-03-0 peg 131
6. P Homewood 114-04-0 peg 113

Top Silvers:

1. Dave Wride 70-0-0 peg 130
2. Kev Newman 67-13-0 peg 123
3. John Green 64-0-0 peg 96