Thursday, 24 May 2018

Thursday 24/05/2018 - Harescombe Cost Cutter - Match Lake

Out on the garden yesterday which was a bit nippy to start with but I was soon sweating. Today I wish I had put on the thermal underwear!

Nice breakfast cooked by no other than Andrew Price. I pinched Geoff’s black pudding off his large breakfast to boost my small.

It was nice to catch up with the venue regulars especially Terry Girdlestone. I was hoping not draw next to him because he’s a jinx.

Into the draw bag and out comes peg 14. I was reasonably happy with this even though peg 15 was in on the end bank; but was slightly worried when Terry arrived on peg 12! Geoff had drawn opposite on peg 18. I thought I had an end peg that was until 20 minutes to the start the owner of peg 15 rolls up Duh. I think he’s a plumber as he spent 25% the match on the mobile discussing boiler power requirements with anon.

You have got to be quick setting up as it’s only an hour from the hut to the second duck call. Two rigs a 4 x12 winter for top-set plus two in a lot deeper water than I remember; for 4mm expander over micro; next a 4x10 Speedy for the RH margin in three foot of water.

I fed the margin with a smidgen of 4mm meat and the long line with a pot of micro. First put in on the expander I hooked and landed a F1, subsequently nothing only indications from tiny Silvers. I had previously decided that the peg would produce most from the margin so spent the rest of the match there with kindered meat over meat. I must admit I had a great first two hours catching very well; both Skimmers and F1’s. It slowed but at 13:00 the swim completely died for 50 minutes, during which I noticed the colour had dropped out if the water. The swim really didn’t recover as I expected in the latter parts of the match. I did have a few but nowhere nearly enough. I thought I had around 60lb, but those around me thought I had 100 lb only because they thought my 20 Skimmers were 2lb F1’s!

My Skimmers weighed 11 lb 14 oz and my F1’s 51 lb 4 oz for a forth overall total of 63 lb 2 oz.

The match was won by Stuart Graham (pictured right) with 80 lb 8 oz from fancied peg 22. Stuart caught short on maggot over maggot.

Back to the pub for a beer and debrief with Geoff and an excellent end to another perfect day.

I must fish here more often a great bunch of lads.


  1. Stuart Graham 80-08-0 peg 22
  2. Brain Dix 78-10-0 peg 6
  3. Rich Powell 74-10-0 peg 24
  4. Mike Nicholls 63-02-0 peg 14
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 21 May 2018

Terry Bruton 1936 - 2018

I first got to know Terry at the end of the 60's during South West Angling Times Winter League matches his Dad Sid and I were in the same team. Terry was a Systems Engineer working on Concorde and was Team Leader of one of the systems teams - Hydraulics I think. Terry had to interface quite a lot with the French so he was sent on French lessons I don't think the language stuck. Later he started his own business servicing Quarry equipment. 

I am not sure what year it was but Terry won every single section in the SWWL which was amazing considering there were 14 teams. After this he was referred to as the "One man Band". Never to be repeated.

I remember drawing next to Terry in an open match on the Fry's section of the Bristol Avon and could only watch in amazement him fishing the far bank in 13 foot of water (where the flow was) using bread over home made bread groundbait, he easily won the match that day with 21 lb of Skimmers, Roach and Hybrids. No crow Quills for Terry he used a homemade float which I copied - all balsa  with a wooden antenna. The interesting aspect of these floats was they could be used top and bottom or waggler - crafty.

Through us both having Sons of similar age, all keen to learn match fishing we became good friends. We supported the lads in the various leagues. I remember Dave winning a Junior match on the Crane with 18lb of Chub from the New Fence Swim, Terry was over the moon about this. later we fish the Dads and Lads matches. Terry and Dave won it at Huntstre pushing Steve and me into second place with a late 6 lb Tench, Pictured.

Both our sons fished the Junior national on the Bristol Avon, we both had great expectation only for the lads to get beaten by a poor draw.

Terry loved his Carp fishing, but was equally at home catching Silvers. Terry pictured right with a match winning net of Silvers from Bridge Pool. However, he mostly loved his Carp fishing in traditional ways.

Terry loved the Hunstrete fishery more than any other and was the record holder until one day I drew peg 16 and Terry was on next peg 15. Terry weigh 120 lb but I was to take his record with 201 lb. Terry was the first to congratulate me. Pictured.

Terry won more matches than most matchmen have had hot dinners. Any venue and method he did them all. Later in life he focussed on local venues - Hunstrete and Viaduct.

He use to call me regularly especially when "My Dave" did well in a match. He was so proud when this happened.

Terry lived for fishing and fishing lived for him. he was the most focussed angler I know. RIP matey will be sorely missed by me and  many others. Especially the Coffin Dodgers pictured below:

And finally Terry having a swim at Viaduct on peg 118. borrowed my smelly fleece and carried on - whats else from Terry.

Sunday 20/05/2018 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

I’ve made it no secret that I ‘m not a fan of past fishery management at Hunstrete, particularly the continued Siltexing, fish transfers and culling. However, I do support the closing of the Pools whilst the fish are spawning. Unlike Rivers it’s easy enough to tell when the fish are spawning, so a couple of weeks of closer are a good thing. I would go further and support closing fisheries once the water temperature rose above 15 degrees (measured at full depth). I do believe high water temperature is one of the biggest initiators of KHV.

Well Done Dave Willmott for smashing the Todber Manor Silvers record with over a ton and nearly wining the match to boot. And that’s Magic.

First stop today was Wetherspoons, Staple Hill and was relived to find the breakfast menu hasn’t changed. Plus it was hot!!

Only 11 of us today which is a shame as it fished really well. Into the draw box and out comes peg 6. Happy with this as there are some Silvers to be caught here. I was in a rank of Carp slayers – Martin Rayet, Bela and Joe McMahon so Silvers it would be.

I set up a number of rigs but it was the Ronnie rig and a 4x 10 Yoof that caught the lion share of the fish. Started on the Ronnie rig with maggot and first cast over the loose feed I foul hooked a munter Carp so on goes another hook. Next cast I hooked a decent Skimmer about 2lb which appeared to shed the hook but actually I lost it due to some poor hook tying – curly werly’s. I did have a few Ronnie’s, Perch and Rudd but it was slow. Halfway into the match I saw a Skimmer top on the far bank so set up 13 metres of pole which caused a stir from the neighbouring Slayers, but only managed to annoy the resident Carp further. So decided to go back to the van and get the waggler rod. With this set up and with loose fed maggot and single on the hook I managed to annoy more Carp but managed to land two. I did finally catch two Skimmers and a few more Ronnie before I went in the margin in search of more Silvers where I had potted some L and DR’s. First put in missed a bite next put in a nice Crucian was netted, what lovely fish. I then had a run of four decent Skimmers before I unfortunately fed some more maggots which resulted in Carp carnage, landing another four munters.

My six Carp weighed 35 lb 7 oz and my Silvers 12 lb 1 oz this put me halfway overall with 47 lb 8 oz and second Silvers pick up.

The match was won by Martin “One Chew” Rayet (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with a weight of 157 lb 13 oz from peg 10. Martin caught 50% of his Carp stood up waving his long pole about; with the other 50% caught sat down fishing his margin with meat over meat.

The Silvers was won by Magician Dave Willmott with 13 lb 8 oz from peg 6. Dave caught mainly big Skimmers down his edges using meat over loose fed meat. Fishing for Carp methinks!

It was back to the pub with the usual suspects. It’s amazing what sunshine does to the appearance of ladies.


  1. Martin Rayet 157-13-0 peg 10
  2. Joe McMahon 152-01-0 peg 5
  3. Shaun Townsend 143-13-0 peg 22

  1. Dave Willmott 13-08-0 peg 18
  2. Mike Nicholls 12-01-0 peg 6
Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 18 May 2018

Thursday 17/05/2018 - Shiplate Fishery - Cost Cutter - Main Lake

With the Ring Road to and from Hicks Gate down to single lane and Traffic lights at County Bridge in Keynsham we East of Bristol have to expect a miserable time getting across the river Avon. BNES council must be bonkers allowing both these works to be implemented simultaneously. So Geoff choose to drive via Chew Magna where it was a tight squeeze loosing a coat of paint.

Breakfast El fresco at the fishery cooked by Mark Jones complete with real plates and knives and forks. Because Marks food is so scrummy I went for the large breakfast and ate too much – excellent.

In to the Game Keepers lodge to pay my pools to Goldie Locks who had just finished a small bowl of porridge, whilst the game Keeper was eating a large sausage roll.

Bright sunshine but was a bit nipply due to the NE wind. I was hoping to be on the near bank to avoid both wind and sun. In to the draw tub and out comes peg 6, happy with that. The pegs are so far apart you don’t really have company on next pegs, but thought peg 7 was empty, which it was until 15 minutes to all in when Gary Flinders arrived.

Not sure what to expect because the fishing has slowed on most fisheries. Thought the Ronnie rig might work so that was set up, then a 4x14 F1 a 4x12 would have been more suitable if it wasn’t for the wind. I Set the depth at top-set plus three and found this depth the same from top-set out. Luckily the float was going against the wind. I had a feel around the margin and found stones out to full depth so didn’t bother with a specific margin rig as I could use the 4x14.

Time to use up some GB I have frozen four times now or waste it. Caster, DR’s, 4 and 6mm Sonubaits expander, wetted micro and hard 4’s on the table. Fed a ball of GB laced with DR’s on the top-set line, some micro and hard 4’s out at top-set plus three and started to loose fed caster on the Ronnie rig. Started on the Ronnie with caster and had a 12 oz Skimmer first thrash and that was it, no Ronnie’s. There was a huge Buzzer hatch going on so thought caster wouldn’t compete with theses for the Ronnie’s so abandon the rig. Tried the 4x14 on the top-set and had a 1 ½ lb Perch and a beautiful Crucian about 1 lb. Again that was it for this line. I spent the rest of the match on the long line with either 4 or 6 mm expander on the hook and during the first 30 minutes put about 8lb of Skimmers in the keep net. I thought I was going to empty it. My experience from fishing next peg 7 told me to expect some serious Carp disruption and that’s what subsequently happened with the swim completely dying. It wasn’t long before the beast arrived. The Carp were fooling me into thinking they were initially decent Skimmers only to go mental on the top-set. One Carp was so big I couldn’t get it to move off bottom that was until the hook straightened! I did eventually get three Carp in the Keep net loosing five. Surely some must have been foul hooked?

My Silvers weighed 17 lb 14 oz and my three Carp 28 lb 10 oz for a total of 46 lb 8 oz for third Silvers and third overall – no double bubble payout though.

The match was won by Mark Jones (pictured upper right with some munter) from peg 1 with 100 lb 4 oz. Mark caught on various methods to keep the carp coming in pairs from all over the peg.

The Silver was won by Dave Wride with 28 lb 4 oz from peg 10.

We stopped on the way back for a pint and dinner in the New Inn – Expensive and the food not that great.


  1. Mark Jones 100-04-0 peg 1
  2. Ash Saunders 87-0-0 peg 15
  3. Mike Nicholls 46-08-0 peg 6

  1. Dave Wride 28-04-0 peg 10
  2. Nigel Wickham 18-02-0 peg 8
  3. Mike Nicholls 17-14-0 peg 6
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 14 May 2018

Sunday 13/05/2018 - Tony Rixon's Short Pole Series - Round One - Todber Manor - Hillview

Apparently the Cannings and McMahon’s travelling partnership got off to a difficult start. Gordon came home in the early hours to find the door key wasn’t letting him in, only to find the door locked, it was then opened for Gordon to receive a right cross. Gordon’s wife decided because he was obviously the worse for wear to hide his car keys, which Gordon found for only to be threatened with the Police if he drove. Luckily Martin McMahon spoke to Gordon’s wife bringing some calm mainly because Martin said he would drive.

With Bay-la today who had spent another £450 on his once trusted steed. If Trigger was to have a Van to go with his broom this would be it. Got to the Little Chef which has been renamed EG Diner (same pricey menu) where Bela went to close his driver door window only for it to come off the drive rack.

Twenty seven fishing this popular league so a decent sized three sections of nine. A bit disappointed we couldn’t get a cuppa at the fishery, probably because John was on holiday. Tony introduced a new no standing whilst fishing rule – good for him I say. I also understand John Candy is to introduce this plus 16 metre limit – good for him as well, would have preferred the CIPS 13 metre though.

In to the draw box and out comes peg 41. Arriving at he peg I found myself sandwich between Adrian Jeffery peg 42 and Ryan Shipp peg 40. I did like the fact there was some wind cover so expected a good days fishing. My section ran from peg 35 to 43. Most of the marginal rushes had been battered down by recent spawning with a few usual casualties this activity brings – mostly small Tench. So thought the section would be won from either end where they had plenty of room, plus I didn’t expect the winner to come from this section, so only way to coin was to fish for the Silvers. But first I needed to confirm my thinking.

I set up a 4x10 Yoof for the shallow margin, a 4x12 for halfway up the inside shelf, a 4x14 to fish down the shelf in 6 foot of water, finally the old faithful Ronnie rig. I started on the top-set plus three as did most everyone as this was the pole limit with 4mm expander over hard 4’s. It wasn’t long before we were all playing a small Tench! I did have three Carp and some small Skimmers before I re-fed with some micro and hard 4’s only to seemingly kill the swim entirely. So no bigger excuse to pick up the Ronnie rig. I had tried casters for the Silvers in the 3 dayer which didn’t work as well as maggot so this was my chosen bait today. Loose feeding maggots against the wind wasn’t quite doing it so I mixed up some loose GB to aid distance. This worked OK but did attract loads of small Perch. All the decent fish were up in the water, however, shallowing up didn’t help as the Skimmers would only take moving bait. So tried the 4x12 up the shelf and caught some better Skimmers and a decent Tench before the Perch rallied. So by switching between the two lines I managed to avoid the Perch. What was slightly disappointing was the absence of feeding Ronnie’s. I then had a senior moment I always put my Silvers in the Left hand keepnet and Carp in the right simply because that’s the hand the Silvers are held in, I’m suddenly aware in the back of my mind I might had mixed the two, and I had! My decision to fish for Silvers was vindicated when the two end pegs started to catch well whilst the rest of the section could only watch.

Because I had put two small Carp accidently in the Silvers I put these back without weighing so my remaining five Carp weighed in 5 lb 12 oz and my Silvers weigh in at 24 lb 10 oz for that important Silvers win – but what comes with this is last in the section and out of the knock out – I’ll take the coin.

The match was won by Bob Gullick (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 108 lb 13 oz from end peg 53. Bob caught initially at top-set plus three on the fishery black hard pellet feeding about half a pint of the same and later on 8mm meat fishing up the shelf feeding about one tin of meat. Well done to Bob on a difficult day.

Gordon Cannings was runner up with 99 lb 15 oz. someone suggested he buy his Wife some flowers, but Martin McMahon thought that flowers would fall well short with a Cruise being the minimum offering. Some say Gordon would have won the match had it not been for all the visits to the toilet!!

It was good to see the “Real” Dave Lewis fishing the league again, another great day out.


  1. Bob Gullick 108-13-0 peg 53
  2. Gordon Cannings 99-15-0 peg 59
  3. Joe McMahon 88-15-0 peg 45
  4. Dave Lewis 80-11-0 peg 44
  5. Dean Malin 78-01-0 peg 57
  6. Mark Jefferies 77-11-0 peg 60

  1. Mike Nicholls 24-10-0 peg 41
  2. lee Williams 22-10-0 peg 51
  3. Ryan Shipp 19-13-0 peg 40
Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Thursday 11/05/2018 - Bathampton Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Another decent bright day albeit a chilly westerly wind blowing. However, the day started by sitting in traffic at Keynsham temporary traffic lights. I sat wondering at the cost to car drivers and the environment. I’m sure the contractor could reduce the impact by managing better. I think the council should be more proactive in ensuring minimum impact.

Still arrived in plenty of time for the usual roam this time with Hughie Evans. Twenty Coffin Dodgers for the draw. Back for a draw and out came peg 3. Noooo, this end of the pool hasn’t fished consistently for years, but it’s an end peg. I was lucky to have John Fry next to me who thought I needed a complete rundown of my peg over the next hour! Opposite were James Norris and Dave Wride.

Change of plan today Silvers all day as I didn’t expect Carp in any numbers at this end as its open water and the Carp appear to be hugging island and features. It did cross my mind to fish the waggler down to the aerator which would have meant fishing past two empty pegs. However, I settled on a 4x16 to fish top-set plus three in 8 foot of water, a 4x14 to fish top-set up the shelf and a 4x12 to fish the margins.

I fed some caster and worm on the short line, some micro and hard 4’s down the margin and the same on the long line where I started using 4mm Sonubait expander. Immediately there was some fizzing over it followed by some missed bites. I then had three very small F1’s subsequently the fizz stopped. Fed again a bit more fizz catching four small Skimmers before the swim completely died. Everyone our end was struggling. I tried the other rigs with the worm line catching a small Perch who wasn’t hooked but stupidly hung on to the worm. The half time whistle was welcome. John Fry caught a Skimmer after the whistle but did put it back!!

I had to weigh in and I was winning on our board with Carp with 2lb 2oz!! I still had enough time to switch tactics setting up a full depth waggler to fish in the middle with maggot over maggot and a chat with matey Dave Gillard. I had to go easy with the feed as I only had half a pint of reds. The waggler was working reasonably well even though there was a nasty skimming wind blowing. Plus I didn’t have to keep moving the pole in and out due to car traffic. The upshot I caught eight big Skimmers two on the drop. I did miss one bite which was to cost me coin.

No more F1’s. The Skimmers weighed 15lb 4oz only 4oz from a default pick up!

The match was won by Dave Gillard (pictured upper right with the Silvers winner) with 60lb 14oz from his permanent home peg 16. Dave caught over at 13 metres to the island using either expander or maggot catching a good few F1’s and a couple of big Carp.

The Silvers was won Paul Barnfield with 21lb 12oz from peg 14. Paul caught most of his fish on the waggler and maggot.

Hughie Evans (pictured right with his catch) was close Silvers runner up with 21lb 6oz from peg 7. Hughie caught on the pole up and down using maggot over maggot.

I'm beginning to like the 30 minute Carp weigh in period.

It was the first time for what seems like years that the usual suspects were able to enjoy a pint in the garden.


  1. Dave Gillard 60-14-0 peg 16
  2. Tony Rixon 59-02-0 peg 18
  3. Paul Barnfield 42-0-0 peg 14

  1. Paul Barnfield 21-12-0 peg 14
  2. Hughie Evans 21-06-0 peg 7
  3. Tony Rixon 19-06-0 peg 18
Weigh Sheets:

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Saturday, Sunday, Monday 05/06/07 May 2018 - Todber Manor 3 Dayer - Whitepost, Hillview, Ash and Homeground Lakes

I booked into the Todber 3 dayer some weeks back when the weather was cool; to say the least and did not anticipate the significant change that was to occur. It was wall to wall sunshine over the three days reaching 28+ degrees. I certainly didn’t predict the effect this would have on my fishing.

I had left it late to book accommodation but found an apartment in a place called Buckhorn Weston some 5 miles from Todber at £35 per night, so was cost effective to stay rather than drive each day – pictured right. Very quiet and clean.

The series was fully booked with 72 fishing. The draw for the Chancy pairs had been done the night before. I was paired with Mark Wynne a better draw for me than him I think.

Day One:

I had a steady drive down with little to no traffic, which was a surprise considering it was a bank holiday weekend.

Into the draw bag and out comes peg 23 on Whitepost Bottom Lake. I had not seen the Lake before so followed Stu White who was on the Top Lake. The parking was a bit manic – no one was going home early that was for sure. My section ran from end peg 27 to peg 22; and was told these pegs would be first and second in the section. I got to my peg which was disappointing to say the least. More disappointment when I found I had drawn next to my partner (pictured right) so share and share alike! My peg was set back in a bay (pictured right) with dense trees behind limiting me to top-set plus four unless I unshipped. The far side was about 25 metres away with 2 metres of lily pads. Looking for positives the margins looked good for fish later on the paste. Told there were no Silvers in these Lakes. I set up three rigs two for the margin – one for paste and the other for pellet/meat/anything else. The Lake is shallow at four feet so only needed a 4x12 to fish top-set plus four with expander over hard 4’s. I didn’t think fishing any further out would be any great benefit, anyway I hate unshipping large sections. Even though I was in a Parrots cage I set up a waggler to cast under arm to fish maggot over – no Silvers remember! Mark could reach the far bank with 14.5 metres which he was able to ship over and through the trees, but hinder him significantly, losing some fish because of this.

After feeding one margin with micro and 4’s for the paste and the other meat I started on the 4/6mm expander over some micro and hard 4’s. Mark and I were soon playing Curissio Carp. We kept catching these regularly for about half an hour when my swim completely died, Mark carried on catching Carp. I didn’t think it was my feeding. I noticed the angler next to me who had been struggling had started to catch. The penny dropped; the Lake had been restocked recently I concluded that hey were unsettled following the shoal around. I tried both margins and didn’t have any indication whatsoever. Tried the wag and maggot and found the Lake stuffed with two inch long Rudd. Wag abandoned. Back on the expander and I started to catch again and really well only for it to die again. Tried the margin again and had a 5lb Carp, that was it no further indications here. No one had caught from their margins. For the rest of the match I stayed on the expander catching on and off. I did catch an 8oz Ronnie which I put back rather than put it in with the Carp.

I finished with 73lb 6oz for 4 points – not a good start. Mark (pictured right) won the section with 142lb 2oz. Credit when it’s due; I found Mark a calm, skilful and thinking angler no edginess here. Our combined weight of 212lb was a good start to the pairs. As predicted pegs 27 and 22 were first and second in section. I really enjoyed the day it suited my way of fishing, just couldn’t hold the fish long enough. A note to Jon Candy please cut the grass a week before the match!

I went to a pub near the apartment called The Stapleton Arms. Food was OK but expensive. The pub lacked atmosphere and hospitality.

Day Two:

My turn on Hillview drawing peg 61; with Mark drawing peg 37 game over we thought for the pairs. Neither pegs not the best of draws. I had good company drawing next to matey the effervescent Nigel Saunders (pictured right) who had pulled peg 61. The list of kit I set-up chasing Carp is endless. I did catch a few Silvers at top-set plus three but due to the flat calm conditions they weren’t really interested – not one Ronnie! I caught most of my fish halfway up the inside shelf using meat over meat. I was hoping the fishing would improve as the match went on, alas not, it was a right struggle. Craig Welsby on next peg 34 had 10lb with an hour to go adding 56lb short on meat nearly catching Mark who hung on to win his section again.

I weighed 31lb 4oz comprising half Silver half Carp for last in the section. I did lose one munter. My section was won by Pete Neate. The fishing was alien to me it was either a question of being a Thrasher, Mugger or a Methodist to catch, with most of the weights coming from either side of the spit. Oh yes Nigel beat me.

The day improved when firstly Valerie brought me a cold beer to my peg – fantastic. I was then invited by Nigel and Valerie to the Crown Inn for a Carvery with Pete Neate. The food was excellent. I couldn’t even carry what Pete had on his plate let alone eat it.

Day 3:

It was my turn on Ash or Homeground (my favourite). Into the draw box and out comes peg 84 on Homeground. From previous results you needed to be a corner peg (the end bank pegs were left out) I thought I was on one if these. Unfortunately, not I was one in from the far bank/end. Mark had drawn opposite not where he wanted to be. We realised that our chances of the pairs were over. Walking to my peg the margin from peg 81 around to 83 was very coloured with Carp crashing around. I didn’t think they were spawning, more like spawn feasting. For company on end peg 53 was young Andrew Cranston. The question for Andrew would fishing the margin result in a frustrating foul hooking session or a bagging session. This was soon answered with a fish in the net before I even fed my lines. Andrew caught a fish every put in all thought the match.

I had decided to try CW&C on one line and micros/4’s on another line with a 4x14 set at the same depth which would serve both lines. From yesterday’s learning I set up a 4x12 for half way up the inside shelf for the meat. The only other rig was a 4x10 Yoof for the very shallow margin. I fed all the lines and started on the expander and caught three small Carp and some Skimmers. As Andrew was catching in his margin I gave it a try with meat which resulted in a 2 oz Perch! For two hours I caught Silvers over both long lines with whole worm being best hook bait. I did have one of my usual munter Bream. I came short on meat and caught more Skimmers and loads of tiny Tench and the occasional small Carp. I spotted 2 Rudd up on the surface and tried to mug them with a piece of meat but ended up hooking a 10 lb Common – that’s my story. For the last half hour I sat in the margin where I had more tiny Tench, a decent Skimmer and one Carp but fouled hooked three. It was bloody hot.

I finished again with 33lb of Silvers and 37lb of Carp for a level 70lb for joint last in the section. I really enjoyed the day especially when Valerie came around with another cold beer. I got my revenge on Nigel who was on the opposite bank to me

Felt for Mark Wynne who was one out of the coin overall; one more point needed two pegs the other side of him would have done it. That’s fishing a good angler.

My section and the match was won as expected by Andrew with 237lb 3oz. Andrew fished the same rig at five metres down his edge all day catching a fish every put in using 8mm pellet over kinder pellet he fed less than a pint all match. He fished a good match and what impressed me he was only 2lb under his clicker weight and that’s some doing with the mix of fish size in this Lake. A day he will never forget. Some pictures right.

I finished a lowly 56th with 15 points and 174lb 10oz overall weight. Well done to Allan Oram for winning the over sixties. I think had the weather not changed so significantly I would have fared better. The series was won by Des Shipp pictured below with the runner ups.

Overall Result:

1st Overall: Des Shipp 4pts  (524lb 7oz)
2nd: Ash Tomkins 4pts  (476lb 14oz)
3rd: Scott Puddy 4 pts  (375lb 12oz)
4th: Ben Hagg 5pts  (420lb 15oz)
5th: Tucks 5pts  (414lb 0oz)
6th: James Parkhouse 5pts  (394lb 2oz)

Chance Pairs.

1st: Ash Tomkins/Dwayne Seed 814lb 2oz
2nd: Ben Hagg/Jack Stamp 761lb 11oz

Highest scoring senior (Over 60) Allan Oram 5pts 282lb 12oz

Biggest fish: Nigel Hiscock/Martin Rogers 17lb 12oz.

Mystery weight 111lb: Ray Webster closest with 106lb

Finally a note to league organisers sections of 6 is too small inevitably ending in a weight count back to decide winners; which in effect makes it an overall weigh league. Much better I think to have a minimum of 12 peg sections.

There was some who thought the series should have included Silvers. However, I perfectly understand why this wasn’t the case as it leads to more admin for the organisers. There are more than enough different payouts as is.

I’m not for bans of any sort. However, I think I would have a NO standing whilst fishing rule in consideration to anglers on next pegs trying to fish margins.

Thanks to Jon Candy for running a well organised series. I would highly recommend this series to everyone - guaranteed 3 days of good fishing.