Monday, 29 August 2016

Sunday 28/08/2016 - Tony Rixon Flaot Only League - Final Round - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell and Carey

I checked the BBC weather forecast before selecting the appropriate fishing clothes choosing a light weight Gortex as only some light rain predicted – Umm.

I knew Bela was hungry because he started to count road kill, so first stop Shipham café, Bela likes the breakie here and I must say it’s also to my liking.

Checking the league Bela and I were in 8th and 9th place on equal points with Bela having a higher weight.

Everyone wanted to be on Campbell for obvious reasons. I told Bela on the drive down that for some strange reason had peg 109 on Carey in my head, a peg I have never fished. In to the draw coffee tin and out comes peg 103, same section as 109! Arriving at the peg I was surprised to find peg 109 vacant and myself in a three man section, not fair for some anglers who were in a six peg section. For company in the next section I had Two Pots Bailey on peg 102 and on my Left on peg 105 Tom Mangnelllll. Angling is about decisions and for me how best to secure some coin. I couldn’t win the match from the peg at the moment so framing was out, a section win would also be difficult as Tom was in for a placing in the overall league and hard to beat on Carp. So thought I would fish or Silvers in the hope that the Silvers on Campbell shut up shop. It wouldn’t be out of the question to be beaten on Campbell by accidental silvers, OR should I have a paste off with Two Pots. I elected to fish for Silvers and see what developed.

I set up a Ronnie rig caster and caster, a 4x12 Jolly for expander over hard 4’s and perhaps a Gabe line. A 0.15 PC paste float for under the tree to my left. I must say neither Two Pots nor me had a proper margin not being able reach empty pallets we had each side of us because of trees. We felt a bit cramped. I started on the expander over kindered hard 4’s at 10 metres and caught small Skimmers to 1lb regularly, however, because I had a compromised rig in the hope of getting a Carey Carp to the net I was bumping off a few of the smaller Skimmers so switched to a lighter elastic. It was definitely go easy with the feed as it wasn’t long before a maraudering Carp arrived which disrupts the Skimmers for a while so opened a 9 metres line with the Gabe mix GB and by switching between the two lines kept a few Skimmers coming. I was relying on the Ronnie rig for perhaps 10lb of back up Ronnie’s but having tried for them on caster but unfortunately they had shut up shop. In the meantime Two Pots was snaring the occasional Carp on paste at 13 metres. The heavens then opened up and for an hour or so I couldn’t see my float because it was so heavy. So decide to take up the Chris Davis challenge, he had seen me plumping up the paste float on my top-set and challenged that if I caught a Carp on it he would run naked around the car park. Well I did and he didn’t. After everyone getting a surprise soaking it was back out on the Skimmers but as expected late in the match the Carp become a nuisance losing three on the Silvers rig. I then hooked my  pole number 3 under the stepped platform and broke it and went into a sulk until I thought I heard a jet go through the sound barrier, but no it was Two Pots doing a Paste strike and breaking his butt section. He had already broken a number 4 so my sulk disappeared, being taken up by Two pots who subsequently threw the towel in – no waterproofs with him. So technically with a DNW I won the paste off with the single Chris Davis Carp.

I finished with the one 9lb 7oz Carp and 20lb 6oz of Silvers which wasn’t enough for a Silvers pick up. However, except for the breakage and heavy rain I really enjoyed it and it was nice to see the Carey Skimmers putting on weight with a few pounders taking over from the “Bottle Tops”.

I’m not sure where Bela and I finished in the league but ended on equal points with Bela weighing another ton plus keeping his weight advantage.

Of the winner today some say his trolley has no wheels as it’s able to levitate to his peg, anyway it’s the man again - The Trig. Trig (pictured below centre with the Silvers winner) had already won the league and pulled peg 128 one above the spit and with Tony Rixon on one below peg 129 Trig wasn’t going to be denied another match win with 230lb 6oz. Trig caught short out in front and down his edge using 8mm meat hook and feed.
 The Silvers went to Paul Faiers with 34lb 2oz (highest overall league Silvers weight) from peg 111. Paul caught at 10 metres fishing hard banded 6mm pellet fished over hard 4’s, taking a mixture of Skimmers and Tench.

Full Result:

Weigh Sheets:

Overall League Top Six:

1. Craig The Trig Edmonds maximum 25 points 1,040lb
2. Steve Tucker 23 points 585lb
3. Tom Mangnel  23 points 520lb
4. Neil Mercer 22 points 599lb
5. Chris Davis 22 points 531lb
6. Dave White 431lb

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sunday 14/08/2016 - Tony Rixon's Float Only League - Round Five - Shiplate Fishery - All Lakes and Ponds

First stop Shipham for breakfast very nice too; the café is really handy to the fishery.

Arriving early at the fishery I had a walk around I must say it’s the most tidy and clean fisheries I have been to for a long time. The owners are obviously putting in lots of hard work – well done to them.

Today we were drawing to spend the day on either two Canals, a Lake or a garden pond.

In to the draw tin and out comes peg S10 – Squarcle (named apparently because it was originally a square pond then a circular part added later) peg 10 – Umm the garden pond which has ten pegs. For company in the five peg section was Ken Rayner who I couldn’t see or hear because of the aerator and foliage, opposite me matey Shaun Townsend, shrinking Martyn McMahon and ever expanding Adrian Jefferies, all of which I could see and hear. At last a peg I could reach an island at top-set plus two!! I was concerned about putting two keepnets in as I would loose half the swim! So put one in and tethered it along the bank.

I set up three rigs but only one got wet which was the 4x10 Jolly set to full depth in let’s be generous and say 4 foot of water at top-set plus nothing. The rig was 0.14 through to a 16 - 808 with a bulk of 5 no 11’s six inches from the hook with a no11 dropper half way between bulk and hook. Whilst waiting for the all in I banded up a dozen or so hard fours and pumped up some 4mm expanders. I had brought some casters which were a waste of time as all fish had to be put into one net - so no Silvers – umm.

Two swims one to my left at 10-o-clock on top-set to fish over loose fed wetted micro and the other in front on top-set to fish over loose fed hard 4’s. Started on the 10 o clock swim and caught small fish to 8oz one a bung using the expander. The species being either Gold fish, Common/Mirror Carp, Fantails, Ronnie’s and Skimmers. I switched to the hard banded thinking it might be quicker but found this slower as I had three bites before I hooked a fish. I found that when feeding a swim it slowed, so fed one and fished the other out, with the hard 4’s swim producing the slightly better fish (relatively speaking as the biggest was 1 ½ lb). At half way I had to put in another net because the fish were splashing around, but by now I had the fish concentrated so the net went down the RH side away fro the areas I was fishing. In the last hour thankfully things slowed being relieved to hear the all out.

My first net weighed 42lb and the second 29lb12oz which shows how it slowed towards the end. For a section winning total of 71lb 12oz and apparently a Pond record. Who would have thought a peg on this pond would have made it into the top 15.

I must say this pond is ideal for taking a child for there first angling experience – plenty of bites and some beautifully coloured fish. I don’t think it will be long before I’ll be badgered to take the grandchildren.

The match was won by “The Trig” (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with a new Lake and venue record of 222lb 14oz from peg 14. Trig caught at 12 metres fishing paste over pellet. Trig also won the knockout and can’t be beaten in the league. I really think it’s time for one of the major tackle manufacturers to take The Trig into a full sponsorship, he a credit to the sport and at the moment nearly unbeatable against quality South West anglers.

Today matey “Two Pots” Bailey found himself in a fish paste sandwich being beaten each side by paste. However, he still managed 4th so plenty of fish around these three pegs.

The Silvers was won by Paul Faiers with 22lb 14oz from peg 12. Paul caught mainly small Ronnie’s on maggot, GB and hemp seed fished at top-set plus three. Well done matey.

My travelling partner Bela Bakos (pictured right with his personal trainer) is at last listening to my advice and was runner up today from Hawthorne Canal with another Lake record of 208lb 12oz from peg H6. Well done matey. More Pinky Ponk in Bar Gar-age.

For unknown reasons no information available as to the overall league standings.

Full Result:

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 12 August 2016

Thursday 12/08/2016 - Amalgamation Autumn Silvers League - Round Four - Sabre Lake

First stop Miss Piggy’s in Lyneham for breakfast, yummy it was too, might go for the large next time. I arrived in plenty of time for the 10 o clock draw. I was emotional to watch two Red Kites playing and tumbling around above the Lake can’t miss their usual call.

Into the draw Sainsbury’s plastic bag and out comes peg 1 which is the furthest end peg, car park side best Carp peg on the Lake – bugger – Silvers only match. For company I had Peter Pan of angling Mike Jones on peg 2. The wind was blowing hard into my peg which was going to add to the already difficult day ahead.

I decided to fish as far out as the wind would allow hoping to avoid the Carp splashing around under the Willow on my right which was 10 metres where I found five foot of water but was still gently sloping off, nonetheless the presentation was going to be poor so used a heavier 4x16 Jolly back shotted. The feed here would be GB with a few reds and casters. The Ronnie rig would have been nice but for the wind so stayed on the winder on the tray in case. Thinking there might be a few Perch around I also set up a 4x14 Jolly to fish top-set plus one with caster over caster. No feeder today.

I started on the long line with single red on an 808 - 18 and as expected the float was going with the wind. However, that didn’t stop the sucidal Ronnie’s and small Skimmers which lasted about an hour before it went iffy. So tried the short line for a rest with caster and had a few small Perch and a bonus 2lb Hybrid, my first of 13 Carp was next which took the lot snapping the elastic. New top-set and rig erected and went short again anticipating I scared off the new arrival Carp and had a run of better Ronnie’s to 8oz. As soon as loose fed a few casters the Carp would be right on them. So loose spread casters all over the swim and went back out on the long line but only topping up sparingly with GB. A few better Skimmers to 1lb followed but the presentation and the eager Ronnie’s getting to the maggot first made stringing the Skimmers hard. The wind had subsided so erected the Ronnie rig to fish caster over the now rested scattered casters. No more feed until I got desperate (or couldn’t help myself). By casting all around the swim I caught really well for half an hour without feeding in the meantime neighbour Mr Jones was feeding quite heavy and I started to have the last laugh as he began to get battered by Carp. Couldn’t keep my and out the bait box and fed a few more casters and got battered to death by Carp to the point of not wanting to put the rig in.

The best bite came from the short line on single caster a rare species pictured upper right!

I weighed 16lb 12oz for a section win and second overall. I really enjoyed today but did get despondent to fish to avoid catching certain species of fish – don’t make sense.

Now for some serious rig replacement.

The match was won by Steve Jefferies (pictured right with his catch) with 20lb 6oz from peg 4. Steve caught of a GB cage feeder with double red maggot hook bait fished half way over in the deeper water.

Full Result:

  1. Steve Jefferies 20-06-0 peg 4
  2. Mike Nicholls 16-12-0 peg 1
  3. Bob Black 15-08-0 peg 23
  4. Mike Jones 14-12-0 peg 2
  5. Bill Ferris 12-0-0 peg 27
  6. John Osborne 11-10-0 peg 12
Weigh Sheet:

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Wednesday 10/08/2016 - Summerhayes Open - Sellicks

A change today off to Summerhayes with Two Pots Bailey, first a stop at Hillview café where we met Joe McMahon who was planning to fish the Sedges but as he hadn’t booked in change his mind and came with us.

Waiting for the draw I was surprised meet up with Gary Butler who was also fishing. I haven’t seen Gary for 30 or more years – Gary was also a member of the Bathampton AA side back then and a great river angler. He drew next to me and I couldn’t help noticing that his fishing kit was exactly the same as back then (pictured right). In fact Pete had to come down with his drill to cut out some holes for his keep net bank sticks!!

Second into the furry draw box and out comes peg 2. In the previous match it had 180lb off it so was happy with this. However, it would be difficult to fish the far bank due to the wind which was blowing round the end of the island. Two Pots drew opposite on peg 23.

Paste has been doing the business at this fishery so that was that, I set up three paste floats one far bank, one for top-set plus one and the last for the RH margin. I started over kindering some hard 4’s but was for ever changing the depth as the varied considerably; this caused a few foul hookers mainly from small Carp. I had fed the short line with hard 4’s so gave that a try with paste to no avail. So I potted in two big pots of micro in some GB and went into the RH margin where I had been loose feeding hard 4’s. This produced some better Commons and for two hours caught steady – but never to the extent Two Pots was catching and was certainly by half way through had won the match because everyone else appeared to be struggling. Come the last hour I really struggled. It wasn’t until the last ten minutes that I noticed the Carp had moved over the GB and micro where I should have spent the last dull Hour.
I weighed 52lb 3oz for fifth overall 2lb 5oz out of the coin!!

As expected the match was easily won by Two Pots (pictured right) with 157lb 12oz from peg 23, nearly 100lb a head of everyone else. Glenn caught on his favoured paste and pellet attack.

The Silvers was won by camera shy Jeff Sparks with 10lb 3oz from peg 9. Jeff caught on maggot over GB.

Full Result:

  1. Glenn Bailey 157-12-0 peg 23
  2. Mike West 67-09-0 peg 5
  3. Martin A 54-08-0 peg 11
  4. Roger B 53-10-0 peg 14
  5. Mike Nicholls 52-03-0 peg 2
  6. Bill H 42-06-0 peg 21
Top Silvers:

  1. Jeff Sparks 10-03-0 peg 9
  2. Glen Wickham 5-15-0 peg 19
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 8 August 2016

Sunday 07/07/2016 - Windmill Fishery/Office Beverages and South Gloucestershire Show Sponsored Match

Sunday morning no shorts or Roofer socks this morning, very windy which would favour my short pole tactics, but I didn’t count on the wind being so bad especially into the peg I was destined to draw.

Twenty anglers fishing for the top eight places again but this time Carp included. With the wind blowing hard I did expect some good weights today, but also that the method feeder would be difficult to beat. I don’t do this type of “Fishing” I have only a limited time left on this planet and really can’t afford to spend it with my arms folded waiting for a Carp to hook it’s self.

In to the draw box and out comes peg 26. Happyish with this one as it has won a few matches mainly to the method! For company I had Paul Elms and on next peg was Steve Jefferies. I was disappointed to find the wind blasting into me at 11-o-clock.

Simple set-up two paste floats – one for the top-set half-way up the shelf in 5 foot of water. The other rig for the RH margin (down wind) in 3 foot of water just off the bloody Sedges. Finally a 4x10 Yoof for the LH margin at top-set plus two where I had a choice of margin depths, choosing 2 foot.

I started by feeding a pot of hard 4’s out in front and with a piece of 20mm paste on the hook and hey presto a great start catching five Carp in five attempts. I then lost a 10 pounder in the sedges – Bugger. Followed by lost fouler. I was loose feeding hard 4’s over the top and when I stop catching I thought I might have brought them up in the water so went back to potting. What was surprising I didn’t have any signs of Silver fish which can be a nuisance when fishing paste. The swim had completely and utterly died. So tried the RH margin with paste expecting some nibblers – but nothing no indications at all – extraordinary. Time to try the meat and decide to go steady with the feed to kindered six pieces 8mm with 8mm on the hook and because the wind was blowing the rig around even though I was holding back hard I foul hooked a Carp, at least got some interest at last. Two Carp followed one near 10 pound. This swim followed the first swim and completely died. I thought I would heavily feed maggot to see if I could get the Silvers interested and hence the Carp. Alas not, catching just one Rudd. The upshot (as many anglers today did) I sat for the last three hours biteless.

I weighed 42lb 3oz for last in the money and considering how close the lower order results were I was happy with the pick-up.

The problem for us today was that the Silver fish fed well the day before activating the Carp; however, today unusually the Silvers didn’t feed leading to the Carp not being enticed.

The match was won by Paul (Plems) Elms (pictured right with some of his catch) with 91lb 6oz. Paul fished a GB feeder with a few hard 4’s embedded with hair rigged pellet hook bait. A question of squeeze and cast. Well done matey.

The top eight Anglers pictured below.

 Back to the Holly Bush where it was Trev's turn to buy the winners beers. An excellent weekend all round especially some decent weather at last.

Thanks to Terry and The Sponsors.

Full Result:

  1. Paul Elms 91-06-0 peg 28
  2. Craig Edmonds 65-12-0 peg 6
  3. Shaun Townsend  57-11-0 peg 8
  4. Neil Morgan 50-04-0 peg 24
  5. Bela Bakos 48-08-0 peg 13
  6. John Fuidge 45-12-0 peg 30
  7. Rich Lacey 44-06-0 peg 3
  8. Mike Nicholls 42-03-0 peg 26
Weigh Sheets:

Saturday 06/07/2016 - Windmill Fishery/Office Beverages and South Gloucestershire Show Sponsored Silvers Match

What a beautiful morning, why can’t all days be like this. Bela arrived on time as per usual sporting his shorts and “Roofer” socks (pictured right). They stayed clean all day.

Today was the first of the Windmill Fishery/Office Beverages and South Gloucestershire Show sponsored matches. Today it was Silvers only and Sunday “All In”. I was looking forward to both these matches. Ably ran by Fishery Manager Terry. He gets some stick from many anglers, including me, but that said he tries really hard and is good for the fishing.

Twenty fishing with all the usual local suspects – pictured below right.

Into the new draw box and out comes peg 10. I was happy with this because it was at the right end of the Lake for the Silvers – with very few Carp (so I thought). For company I had the best plasterer in Bristol – Rich Lacey and down on the end bank “Maggot Man” Bill Ferris (I know how Bill fishes and felt if he got his head down as he usually does he would pick up today).

The plan was to fish “The Gabe” long at top-set plus four with 4mm expander. For this I set up a 4x16 Jolly which is heavier than the water depth needed but I wanted the expander zooming past the Rudd.  I set up the reliable Ronnie rig for caster over caster. Then two Drennan whips a 4 metre (which stayed dry because I couldn’t hand loose feed far enough for it) and a 2.5 metre which in the end was to make the difference.

I started on the Gabe and first put in I hooked a Carp (you reading this Gabe) to everyone’s delight – Including Trevor – Twat. I then had a run of the 2-3oz Skimmers but I was soon playing another small Carp. Umm - not going to plan. Then I had two consecutive decent Skimmers. Then another Carp so re-fed with the Gabe apparently killing the Swim – but not - just attracting more Carp which seem to be on a feeding frenzy today. On to the Ronnie rig with single caster and started to catch the menagerie of Silvers plus more Carp on the drop. The despair was quickly gone after landing another two decent Skimmers. However, the Carp were a bloody nuisance especially hooking them with elasticated top-set because 0.1 GLine takes some breaking under this set-up, disrupting the swim. So into hand went the 2.5 metre whip and although I continued to hook Carp they weren’t disrupting for long except one 6 pounder that gave himself up quickly. Two more decent Skimmers but what made the difference today was during the last 45 minutes where I was able to speed fish a menagerie of small Silvers without further Carp invasion.

Today again proved my theory (as tomorrow would also) if you can get the Silvers feeding on the Carp aren’t far from intruding.

I hooked 17 Carp and I reckon Rich Lacy hooked over 100lb of the blighters.

My Silvers weighed in at 23lb 8oz for a match win (pictured upper right with my catch).

The top eight anglers - pictured right picked a cheque ranging from £300 down to £100. Thanks to Terry and Sponsors. It was nice to see Bill Ferris kick some of the young ass.

Me, Bela and Tim went into the Holly Bush to celebrate with a few Beers and Burgers, end of a perfect day. 

Full Result (All picked up a cheque):

  1. Mike Nicholls 23-08-0 peg 10
  2. Craig Edmonds 19-12-0 peg 18
  3. Shaun Townsend 19-04-0 peg 17
  4. Bill Ferris 19-0-0 peg 13
  5. Rich Lacey 16-14-0 peg 9
  6. Paul Elms 15-01-0 peg 14
  7. John Fuidge 14-12-0 peg 7
  8. Keith Builder 12-10-0 peg 6
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Wednesday 03/08/2016 - Shaun Townsend - "Just Turn Up" Evening Match - Windmill Fishery - Match Lake

Is it me or are the BBC putting more favourable weather conditions on their App than on TV? The weather App was for it to be dry and windy, what we actually got was gale force winds and torrential downpours.

Arrived early (that’s what pensioners do) to see the delivery of Windmills future platforms kindly donated by Neil Mercer. They were certainly robust to say the least – see video at bottom of blog - The Trig is a right wussy. Going to be interesting cutting these bad boys up.

There is a tendency for match fishing related items to get lost at Windmill so a new draw box was required which was kindly manufactured by Shaun Townsend. Terry won’t be able to get this beauty in his pocket. Let’s hope it a lucky box for me.

Into the new box and out comes peg 24 – Excellent a decent peg plus one of two of tonight’s golden peg. I had brought both meat and paste but wasn’t sure the paste would by an option because of the strong wind blowing in at 1 o –clock causing a sever under tow. However, Glen “Two Pots” Bailey had been out practicing and was just packing up when I arrived. He informed me that he had caught well on paste. So the meat stayed Dry.

Now for a little rant at the fishery which is well supported by quality local anglers, unfortunately the Management doesn’t appear to want to listen to their suggestions with regards to the Sedges which are taking over the fishery with most of the margins now gone due to this pesky reed which can grow in four foot of water and this is where the margins now begins – no good for anglers – remember Cider farm Snake Lakes!

Two rigs were set up a 0.5 gram Barnett Paste float for top-set out in front half way up the shelf in four foot of water and a 0.3 gram for the margin – umm three foot close in as I could get. Bait tray 4mm hard pellet and paste – simples.

The all in was 35 minutes after the draw. Fed both lines with the 4’s, started on the in front paste rig and had a wonderful first 90 minutes catching stamp Carp regularly. That was until it went dark and we were then hit by a horrendous storm. It put me off and I think the fish, for twenty minutes I struggled so in the meanwhile tried the margin catching one tiny Carp and a Skimmer but the margin was soon abandoned as I hooked the Sedges trying to get in tight and lost the complete rig. Back out in front and slowly built the swim back up catching better as the match progressed with it finishing in the dark 3 ½ hours after the start at 21:05.

My 23 Carp weighed 120lb 1oz only to be beaten in to second place by one Carp. Wouldn’t usually worry about this as long as I covered the cost – but it was a golden peg - bugger.

The match was won by Keith Builder (no pictured as it was pouring down and pitch black) with 122lb 12oz from peg 1. Kevin was keeping his cards close but understands he also caught on paste.

Full Result:

  1. Keith Builder 122-12-0 peg 1
  2. Mike Nicholls 120-01-0 peg 24
  3. Shaun Townsend 117-15-0 peg 28
  4. Neil Mercer 109-08-0 peg 26
Very Wet unreadable Weigh Sheet: