Monday, 30 May 2016

Sunday 29/05/2016 - Tony Rixon's Float Only League - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell and Carey

Bela and I stopped at Cannards Well for breakfast, after which we decided to give it a wide berth in future – enough said.

It’s a nightmare running these leagues with anglers dropping in and out. That said Tony “Two Nets” had planned on equal 8 section of 5 anglers but miss counted once again and we ended up with 41! If Tony was a bit more organised and tidy with his match register (pictured right) like his results secretary Steve Evans with his results pages – then?

The first round of any league is always full of anticipation as everyone wants to get off to a good start. For me my aim is to try if possible to pick up every round rather than worry too much about point scoring. I think most anglers were hoping to be pegged on Campbell as it has been fishing best of late and there was less spawning activity compared with Carey. In to the coffee tin and out comes peg Campbell 111. First objective achieved, I would rate this peg in the top 30% over the two Lakes so a days fishing should ensue. However, in terms of my five peg section I would rate it last as I fishing against in form pegs 115, 114, 112 and 110. For company I had Dave Evans on 112 whose back I would see for most of the day and Blakey on peg 110.

I set up three rigs: a 0.4 Paste rig to fish long at 10 metres (the wind was a skimmer hampering presentation) in the shallowest water I could find which was at 11-o- clock. A 4x12 Roob for meat at 4 metres, finally a 0.2 corn/paste float to fish behind me to the right up to a small stump with either paste or meat.

I fed the 4 metre line with ¼ pot of 6mm meat which I would subsequently loose feed the occasional 8mm over. Fed the behind margin peg with a full pot of hard 4’s. I started on the long paste line feeding hard 4’s through the kinder pot and I was soon playing a 10 lb Common, followed by three more Carp soon after. Every time I would feed the paste and 4’s together through the kinder pot which wasn’t right as I soon found out, foul hooking the next four Carp. So leave it alone for a while then. So on the meat line and had another Carp first try on 8mm meat hook bait. I then had three Skimmers two of them weighers and a 3lb Tench. The swim slowed so out on the paste with similar feeding pattern and another run of Carp, buggers came up again but if you don’t feed it completely dies so the pattern was set by switching between the two lines I kept the odd Carp coming. Time to try the margin initially with meat which was getting hammered by tiny fish until I had three Tench two 4oz one’s stocked last April and another 3 pounder. Come the last hour I was holding my own in the section but as expected I then had to suffer watching both Dave and Blakey bag up whilst I slowed. I tried the meat rig long over the pellet/paste line to no avail. Then switched the paste over the meat and hey-presto I started to catch Carp and Skimmers quite quickly. Unfortunately I left it too late so one to try earlier next time.

My Carp weighed 91lb 2oz and my accidental Silvers 12lb 8oz for a total of 103lb 10oz for section third but an all important second in Silvers pick-up, my apologies to those that were targeting Silvers. Interestingly my weight was 15th in the match – top 30%.

The match was won by Dave White form Carey peg 109 with 25 Carp for 204lb. Dave explains how he caught in the short video below.

The Silvers (and my section) was won by Blakey with 25lb of Tench and Skimmers. Paul also explains below how he caught today.

Full Result:

Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday 26/05/2016 - Harescombe Fishery - Cost Cutter - Match Lake

I had planned to go for a pint with the lads after last night match but because I was so cold I decided to get home to bed as I had to be up early for today’s match. Luckily I didn’t pick-up as I would have be obliged to go.

Last night it was six degrees and come weigh in today it was twenty degrees!! What’s that all about.

I love this fishery as everything is about right from an on-site breakfast, the lads that fish are all very amicable and then there’s the great fishing, loads of bites – for those that fish for bites1! Well to done Andrew Price.

The turn out was down a bit today for some unknown reason with twelve fishing. After the usual natter it was into the draw bag and out comes peg 4. I found myself sandwiched between Stuart Graham (who’s been getting fishing lessons on how to catch 20lb of Barbel form his Fiancée) and Rob Turley on Chubber peg 2. For me no emotion over the peg as I have been here before I don’t seem to be able to get to the far bank pegs these days – it will happen.

The Lake colour was spot on with plenty of fish topping – especially in Stuarts peg! I was expecting it to fish well.

The usual two rigs was set-up. I started on the F1 float close in with semi-hard pellet hook bait over potted pellet, this usually produces some quick F1’s and Skimmers, but not today. After fifteen minutes I only had two Skimmers. So over to the far bank with meat over pellet where I was pestered by small Skimmers, far too slow, so the pole was broken down – not to be fished again. For 80% of the remaining match I spent in the Left hand margin catching Skimmers and F1’s averaging 2lb steady with 6mm meat hook bait over pellet.

Alan Oram had been catching well on peg 29 but struggled seeing his float due to the white foam that could not be dispersed by he light winds. I thought he had beaten me but on inspection at the weigh-in his fish were smaller than mine.

The match was won by Terry Girdlestone (pictured upper right with his catch) with 88lb 13oz from the same peg as he won it from last week – end peg 14. Terry caught on ….the same as last week.

His fellow “Bell Ringer” Roy Liddell (both pictured right) came third with 69lb 1oz from peg 22.

Nice warm day (in many ways)  .

Full Result:

  1. Terry Girdlestone 88-13-0 peg 14 (again)
  2. Mike Nicholls 76-06-0 peg 4
  3. Roy Liddell 69-01-0 peg 22
  4. Alan Oram 58-11-0 peg 29
  5. Stuart Graham 50-02-0 peg 6
  6. Ralph Hillier 48-04-0 peg 8
Weigh Sheet:

Wednesday 25/05/2016 - Windmill Fishery - Evening open - Match Lake

With the Special One out with her “Girls” I had to fend for myself for food, so I planned to go to The Folly, so why not fish the Windmill evening match. So after a Chicken, Gammon and Mustard Pie, chips and peas it was early to fishery to either have a nap or a walk round the fishery. I chose the latter. Plenty of action with regards to the forth coming Scouts weekend at the venue where they expect 4,500 Scouts. Dave Haines will be there organising the fishing activities – God help them!!

Eleven booked in which was a good turnout considering the weather conditions. In to the draw box and out comes peg 28.I was happy with this because it was the shortest walk plus a good margin peg, which I was hoping for as I planned to fish paste front to back. With the draw at 17:10 we only had twenty minutes to get to the peg and set up. So the one 0.3 Gram paste rig erected.

The bitter wind was blowing into my bank albeit slightly off my right shoulder, from the NE wind I think. So I elected to fish the Left hand margin. A few Sedges to the left was subsequently treated to a hair cut.

Started on the paste and within ten minutes I was playing the first fish of the match an 8lb Mirror. A good match was on the cards – NOT. That was it except two small 4oz Carp. Both Steve Jefferies and I was bloody freezing cold due to the wind I reckoned it was about six degrees – as Steve said it was like a February day at the end of May!

With half hour to go I decided to pack up as I was freezing cold and had no more clothes to put on. I went and watch John Fuidge on peg 26 who I thought was winning the match and I was right.

I weighed 8lb 8oz for nowhere; at least I could look forward to getting some bites tomorrow at Harescombe Fishery.

As predicted John Fuidge (pictured right landing one of his Carp) won the match with 50lb 10oz from peg 26. John caught on 8mm meat fished over 6 mm potted pellet fished at 14.5 metres just up the far shelf. I Thought John fished a tidy tight match, well done matey.

I won’t be back on an evening match until the weather warms up.

Full Result:

  1. John Fuidge 50-10-0 peg 26
  2. Neil Mercer 42-04-0 peg 2
  3. Dave Willmott 37-04-0 peg 24
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday - 22/05/2016 - Windmill Fishery Open - Match Lake

It was another local match for Bela and me at the Windmill Fishery, with seven of the twenty anglers breakfasting in the Beefeater. Nice and leisurely.

The car park has been enlarged and rolled flat so a lot more space out of the mud.

In to the draw box and out comes peg 1. I was happy with the location until I got to the peg to find that the Bankside sedges have really grown which limits visibility down each side of the peg . Terry needs to get these out quick as they will soon take over the fishery. The nearest you can get to the margin is now 1 ½ metres where there is 4 foot of water – not ideal. There was plenty of colour in the water so I was expecting a good day nonetheless, surprisingly for this fishery – no wind. I suspected that this might be detrimental to the fishing – I was right.

Unusually for me I set up four rigs with only the Ronnie rig catching today as the Carp and Skimmers failed to show. I ended up fishing caster over GB which resulted in a good first hour catching three Crucian’s, one Tench and a 1lb Perch. It then went tits-up for the next three hours and forty minutes just adding the odd Ronnie and Rudd, until I added one decent Skimmer. To say it fished hard is an understatement with four DNW’s at my end of the Lake.

No sign of any Carp my Silvers weighed 14lb 8oz for second in the Silvers by 2oz!

The match was won by Luke Pester (pictured right) with 65lb 7oz from end peg 11. Luke initially caught shallow at 14.5 metres shallow with 6mm banded over loose fed 4’s. However, most of his fish came to the straight lead down to his end bank catching on banded 8’s over minimal feeding of 6’s.

The Silvers was won by Dave “The Magician” Willmott with 14lb 10oz from peg 8. Dave caught mainly Rudd short on maggot over loos fed maggot.

The pictured on the right is of Welshman Neil Morgan landing a one of his Carp that helped him in to third place and last on the pools.

Full Result:

  1. Luke Pester 65-07-0 peg 11
  2. Martin Rayett 50-12-0 peg 20
  3. Neil Morgan 44-07-0 peg 27
  4. Stuart Barnett 34-12-0 peg 23
  5. Jon Clark 26-05-0 peg 22
  6. Geoff Francis 22-02 0 peg 10
Top Silvers:

  1. Dave Willmott 14-10-0 peg 8
  2. Mike Nicholls 14-08-0 peg 1
Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday 19/05/2016 - Harescombe Fishery - Cost Cutter - Match lake

It was back to Harescombe with my Apprentice Pensioner Geoff Francis. It was another reasonable turnout today with 18 entrants. After the usual breakfast it was into the draw bag and out comes “unlucky for some” peg 13 – which was to leave me out of pocket. Second time this term I have drawn the peg and it is looking even worse for wear with the far bank wooden piling collapsing and each side margins similarly collapsing leaving no bank side cover or an even bottom (pictured below). Nonetheless I was optimistic until Mr. Jinx - Terry Girdlestone arrived on peg 14. Matey Geoff was on next peg 11.
I set up the usual two rigs with the 4x10 Yoof being suitable for both the RH margin and over (after adding 6 inches) to the tilting piles.

I started shirt on he F1 rig with 4mm semi-hards over pellet and had a good first 30 minutes catching six Skimmers and five decent f1’s and as per usual the swim died. Not to worry keep loose feeding the margin and try over with meat over 2mm pellet. Plenty of bites ensued but very few fish graced the net, but plenty of missing meat. The bites were from Silvers I did have a couple of Skimmers and F1’s. In the meantime Terry had caught very little fishing conventionally so he switched to the mechanical method namely the “Jig-rig” and Terry started to catch an F1 every few minutes. I tried the F1 rig a few times I even opened another line at top-set plus two to no avail. So back out over to the piles and whilst shipping out and for no apparent reason my number 4 snapped clean in half – bugger. I did have a spare and reluctantly put it on but this only produced one more F1 and another load of missed bites. I decided to bin the long line and sulk in the margin. The upshot was that in between catching Skimmers I added some decent F1’s to 3lb. Terry had bagged throughout the match so we were all fishing for the remaining two coined places.

I finished the match with 17lb 13oz of Skimmers and my Carp weighed 43lb 14oz for a total of 61lb 11oz to scrape in to third spot. I was delighted with this from this peg.

As stated Terry Girdlestone (pictured right with his third weigh) won the match from peg 14 with 102lb 14oz mostly caught at 12 metres. Terry explains how he fished the Jig-rig in the video below. I personally couldn’t fish this method as you don’t strike at bites with the method being much mechanised! It won’t be long before there are control wires running up the pole to operated the pre-programmed feed pot and to automatically strike at any movement probably control by a smart phone App! I wonder what Max Winters would make of these types of fishing. That said I am happy to compete with it using traditional methods.

Full Result:

  1. Terry Girdlestone 102-14-0 peg 14
  2. Jason Powell 67-06-0 peg 21
  3. Mike Nicholls 61-11-0 peg 13
  4. Stuart Graham 61- 03-0 peg 23
  5. John Smith 60-07-0 peg 18
  6. John Wood 50-12-0 peg 7
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunday 15/05/2016 - Tony Rixon's Short Pole Match - Chiltern Trinity - Woodland Match Lake

Bela and I started in Hillview café which is closing in October 2016. Shame, there is chance that they may open another café closer to Bridgwater.

First match in Tony’s short pole match (top-set plus three). Twenty five fishing today, one more the usual. Into the draw box and out comes peg 17. This peg is probably the deepest on the Lake. I was initially happy with this I have won the section from the peg in a previous match. You need to catch Carp to stand any chance of winning this league of which I was hoping to improve on my second overall last year, especially as Trigger wasn’t fishing this year! Arriving at the peg where the chilly wind was blowing into I noticed that the RH margin where I had caught previously had overgrown too much for me to clear plumbing up I had five foot in the margin so I decided to ignore this side, instead to concentrate on the LH side, which still needed some clearing to get closer to the bank, that said there was loads of snags from the bank side shrubs and trees, which was to trash four rigs!

I set up the usual Ronnie rig – caster over caster and a 0.4 paste float over hard 4’s both for the LH margin. Starting on the Ronnie rig I caught small versions from the off – Skimmers, Ronnie’s, Rudd, Hybrids. I decided to stay on this until either neighbour – Martyn Rayett or Adrian Jeffery’s started to catch Carp, which in Adrian’s case wasn’t too long. So in I went with the paste only for it to get nibbled to death in quick time. It took a while to hook and land two decent Carp; meanwhile the four pegs to my right were bagging on Carp and with the Skimmers not showing I decided to go back after the Ronnie’s. However, they were very small. I decide to put one more section on the pole where I found a ledge that was six inches shallower than the top-set line. First put in with the paste and I landed another decent Carp – got it sorted then – not - as I only had one more Carp from this line on paste. I was miles behind for any Carp coin so decided to fish the last two hours for some Silvers coin. Luckily I did have a 2lb Tench and two 8oz Perch to help things along.

I finished the match with the four Carp weighing 22lb 4oz and my Silvers weighed in at 13lb 12oz for a second in the Silvers pick-up and a total of 36lb. Not what I was anticipating.

The match was won by Joe McMahon (pictured upper right with some of his catch) with 145lb 11oz from peg 33. Joe explains how he caught in the short video below.

The Silvers was won by Joe’s Dad Martin (pictured lower right with son Joe – double first for the family today) with 16lb 8oz from peg 24. Martin caught short on caster.

Tony Rixon had an off day having forty six pound in one net and a disqualifying net of 95lb in the other. I think there must have been some distraction close by!!

Full Result:

Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday 12/05/2016 - Harescombe Fishery - Coast Cutter - Match Lake

Back to Harescombe and after yesterdays walk where I got absolutely soaked I was looking forward to a dry day, which is what we got, albeit the nippy wind has returned from the North West.

After the usual breakfast and natter, first in to the draw bag and out come peg 30. Without doubt there are worse pegs but with all the rain over the past two days and the weir was running harder than usual which isn’t a good sign. The NW wind was also blowing hard in to me. For company on peg 29 was Roy Morley and on peg 3 was Stuart Graham. I set up the usual 4x12 F1 float to fish short and the 4x10 Yoof for both margins. Whilst checking the F1 float is was clear the presentation would be difficult with the water from the weir running to my left back towards the weir, plus the wind was blowing it towards me. The Yoof wasn’t much better so a hard anticipated. Plenty of colour though!

I started short on the F1 float with 4mm semi-hards on the hook. However, the decision was where to feed which I don’t think I got the first pot right because I started to catch two metres from the feed. I had a good first twenty minutes catching six F1’s and six Skimmers.

A noise similar to a dull bell ringing was coming from Roy on peg 29. Roy had a hard plastic pot on the end of his top set and was tapping out hard fours through drilled holes in the pot using a float called a Rattler (I think). I found it most distracting. This is no way to fish.

Then for some unknown reason (at the time) I couldn’t get a bite. I tried both margins where I had been loose feed a small amount of pellet with the semi-hards on the hook and struggled to catch the odd F1. It appeared to be fishing hard all round the Lake probably due to the influx of the cold rain water. Because of the awful presentation on the F1 Float I decided to stay in the relative calm of both margins. It wasn’t until the last forty five minute that the fish decided to feed in numbers. Was it time of day? The wind had dropped? The weir had slowed allowing the float to change direction? Who knows except that I doubled my weight during this time, adding two nice Barbel.

I finished the match with 46lb for third overall which on hindsight I was pleased with.

The match was won by Terry Girdlestone with 62lb 12oz from peg 21. Terry explains how he caught in the video below.

A first for John Wood (pictured right picking up his winnings from fishery manager Andrew Price) gaining his first pick-up at the venue with 40lb 10oz which included 20lb of Chub all caught on maggot from three quarters. Well done matey.

Full Result:

  1. Terry Girdlestone 62-12-0 peg 21
  2. Tony Rixon 61-14-0 peg 24
  3. Mike Nicholls 46-0-0 peg 30
  4. John Wood 40-10-0 peg 6
  5. Stuart Graham 33-14-0 peg 3
  6. Terry Jones 31-02-0 peg 23
Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunday 08/05/2016 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

Bela, Geoff and me back to Windmill expecting 24 degrees, but arriving it was raining! It didn’t last long though but you can always count on the wind at this venue to keep you cool!

Twenty one in the draw bag, I was first in and pulls peg 3. By all accounts not a Carp peg, so Silvers it was to be. On peg 2 was Gerry Walsh and next peg 5 to the left was Simon Belcham. Opposite me I had a Silverback Gorilla (pictured right thrashing around at 17 metres – its amazing what the sun brings out).

The wind was blowing left to right which would have been difficult to fish the longer Ronnie rig so set up 4x10 fish on a double top-two but with one of the top two’s removed, to fish maggot over neat GB. I also set up a 4x16 Jolly to fish just up the inside shelf in 6 foot of water this was for the 4mm semi-hards over 2mm pellet and my banker. Just for insurance I set up a paste rig for over the Ronnie line in case the Carp arrived later in the match.

I fed the jolly line and the Ronnie line, starting on the Jolly and in five put-ins I had five small Skimmers on the drop, then it went quiet – a Carp in the swim somewhere me thinks. On to the Ronnie rig with live red maggot hook bait which is where I stayed for the remainder of the match catching small Skimmers and Rudd. The Ronnie’s weren’t in attendance today in any numbers. I hooked five Carp landing just the one 3lb 12oz Common. The wind here is amazing, it switched around 180 degrees about four times and 90 degrees about the same number of times making presentation difficult.

My Silvers weighed 17lb 10oz (pictured upper right) for first in the Silvers with Billy Ferris coming the closest with 14lb.

The match was won by Craig Challings (pictured right with some of his catch) with 95lb 14oz from peg 6. Craig caught at 16 metres in 12 inches of water using 7mm banded Pellet over loose fed pellet. Craig fed about one pint through out the match.

The Silverback Gorilla came second, so a double pick-up in the van which was celebrated with a few Pinky Ponks in Bar-gar-age.

Credit where credit is due Terry looks after his fish and is always there with his doctor stick (pictured lower right with Matt Tainton treating a Carp). However, Terry needs some new scales especially if he is going to loose feed them into the Lake regularly!!

Full Result:

  1. Craig Challings 95-14-0 peg 6
  2. Bela Bakos 75-0-0 peg 25
  3. Stuart Barnett 68-1-0 peg 8
  4. Martyn Rayett 68-03-0 peg 7
  5. Matt Tainton 67-09-0 peg 30
  6. Dave Haines 65-02-0 peg 28
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 17-10-0 peg 3
  2. Bill Ferris 14-0-0 peg 32
  3. Simon Belcham 12-06-0 peg 5
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thursday 05/05/2016 - Harescombe Cost Cutter - Match Lake

I was out on the garden yesterday planting out some begonias. The weather forecast was for it to be sunny with temperatures in the low twenties. After a very, very, very long winter I was really looking forward to shedding some layers. However, when I left home it was four degrees, by the time I got to the fishery it was ten degrees, but the wind was initially a tad sharp.

Nineteen booked in and after breakfast it was time to find out which parcel of land I would rent for the next five hours. With the wind blowing to the far end I was hoping for either peg 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18. In to the draw bag and out come counter 5, oh well still great to be out fishing on such a lovely day. For company today on peg 6 was Lee Waller and on peg 3 Dave Cook.

I noticed hat the water was clearer than my last visit on Monday, which doesn’t bode well on this venue.

The same two rigs set up interestingly the margin depth were exactly the same as tight over to the far bank – where I was hoping not to venture. I wanted to plunder the LH margin but the wind was blowing the rig toward me at some knots, the RH margin was better but was very open and slightly shallower due to a land slip.

I started on the usual short rig with semi-hard pellet over pellet and I had a good twenty minutes catching the odd F1 and Skimmers. Subsequently the swim completely died with not even any indications. Into the LH margin where I had one quick F1, and then into the RH margin and another F1. That was the margins plundered!!

Looking around it appeared to be fishing hard. So needs must it was out on the back crunching 13 metres where I had potted some pellet. I started to catch the odd F1. By switching between meat and semi-hard pellet I managed to snare the odd F1 I then had a blow and immediately caught a 3lb Mirror Carp. I then foul hooked a Mirror in the tail and through impatient angling I pulled out (rushing on a hard day isn’t wise). I’m buggered if I didn’t do another similarly but in the mouth. It got worse because I landed a Carp only for it to slip out on my hand back into the drink.

The upshot was that by fishing over to the piles I kept the odd Carp and F1 coming until the end including three decent Chub. I weighed a total of 53lb for fourth overall which I was happy with from this peg. Another tight enjoyable match.

The match was won by Roy “Scotty” Liddell (pictured right with some of his catch) with 59lb 10oz from peg 16, just 2oz more than his neighbour Roy Morley. In the video below Scotty humorously explains in the video below how he caught today.

Full Result:

  1. Roy Liddell 59-10-0 peg 16
  2. Roy Morley 59-08-0 peg 15
  3. Ralph Hillier 56-12-0 peg 18
  4. Mike Nicholls 53-0-0 peg 5
  5. John Skelton 50-10-0 peg 29
  6. Steve Rich 47-08-0 peg 2
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday 02/05/2016 - Harescombe Open - Match Lake

Rumor has it that the weather is due for a change to the better this week, lets hope so as it's been a long winter.

Travelled to Harescombe with matey pictured right. Because it was bank holiday we travelled via the Bristol Ring Road, M32, M4 and M5 which took 40 minutes so plenty of time for a large breakfast and a chat.

Andy Price had limited the match to twenty with nine on the waiting list, which shows how popular this venue is. I wish we had two similar Lakes in the Bristol area.

Peg 25 and 24 was in the bag and who ever drew peg 25 would only have half a peg, luckily this peg was picked by Ralph Hilliar who did well off it considering. In to the draw bag and out comes peg 8 (peg wished on me by Ralph), which is in the middle of the car park bank. No emotions. For company I had float entrepreneur Stewart Graham on peg 6 and Mark Thorne on peg 9. Unfortunately Mark wasn’t well and had to leave with an hour or so to go – hope you got home OK matey.

I set up the two rigs a 4x12 Malman F1 float to fish short out in front and a Malman 4x10 Yoof for the margin and over at 13 metres. All with semi-hard hook pellet over 2mm feed pellets.

Started short on the F1 rig and caught Skimmers straight away followed by some F1’s. I am very impressed with these floats, won't suit everyone but perfect for my was of fishing. I had a decent first hour, before I fed the fish up in the water resulting in liners and not much else, so decided to rest it and try over at 13 metres where I had potted some 2mm pellet. First try I hooked a Carp but because of the gusting wind I pulled out this happened to the next fish I did land the third but the wind was so bad I had to throw the towel in. To make sure I wasn’t tempted to use it again I packed it away to concentrate on the short line and margin. I kept fish coming throughout the match by switching between these two lines. I did have three proper Carp to 3lb.

My Skimmers weighed 15lb 4oz and my Carp/F1’s  weighed 70lb 9oz for a total of 85lb 13oz for second overall. After my weigh-in I found another 1lb in the Silvers net!!

The match was won by Andy Burns (pictured right) with 89lb 7oz from peg 18. Andy caught top-set plus one using meat over loose fed meat. Andy fed one small tin throughout the match with the peg dying in the last ¾ hour.

It fished really well with a tight result throughout the weigh sheet.

Full Result:

  1. Andy Burns 89-07-0 peg 18
  2. Mike Nicholls 85-13-0 peg 8
  3. Rob Kerslae 70-08-0 17
  4. Tom Driver 66-08-0 peg 15
  5. Andy Powell 64-03-0 peg 5
  6. Steve Brown 63-11-0 peg 3
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday 01/05/2016 - Landsend Fishery - Open - Walters and Match Lakes

It was good to be back travelling with Bela again. It was our first time in the Landsend café. Both of us were impressed with both the food and service. Bela didn’t notice that I sneaked two sausages on to his plate.

A good turn out with 29 fishing. However, Tony muddled the numbers and had one short in the draw so had to add peg 20 which isn’t normally pegged - Twat. I was hoping for a peg on Walters Lake rather than Match Lake.  Into the draw bag and out came peg 21, which I was reasonably happy with until Tony Rixon arrived on what I thought would be empty peg 20 – bugger. This was going to reduce both our catches. On peg 22 once again I had Bela’s Apprentice Joe Godfrey.

I decided to target the Silvers and as I had just purchased some Malman 0.12 - F1 floats I thought I would try them out with the semi-hards. So set one up initially to fish at 9 metres. As back up in case the float was too sensitive I set up a 4x14 Jolly. That was it. I started by feeding some wetted 2mm wetted pellet at 9 metres and was soon playing a Carp foul hooked in the tail, luckily it only had half a tail so it finally got in the keep net. I then had three decent Skimmers in as many put in’s, I was now expecting a good days fishing. Not. I had another foul hooked Carp which also found the keep net. I then struggled for the next hour so decided to convert the 9 metre line to meat and went out to 10 metres with the semi-hards. This worked much better adding four more big Skimmers and the odd Carp. I kept feeding the meat line which started to fizz but only managed one welcome big Skimmer. The upshot was that the 10 metre line started to produce Carp and in the last hour started to catch regularly, until a Carp bent my 16 - 808 hook which I straightened (not wise). Next put in I was playing a decent Carp for it to break the hook - now who’s the twat. New hook tied and more bad angling followed with the next Carp trashing my rig in between my keepnets. – Bugger. The Lolly was brought in to action but due to the few minutes remaining could only account for one more Carp.

My silvers weighed 12lb13oz and my Carp 47lb 7oz for a total of 60lb 4oz for just off the pace for both the Silvers and Carp pools.

The match was won by Gary O Shea (pictured right with some of his catch) from peg 16 with 103lb 4oz.

The Silvers was won by John Fuidge with 25lb 4oz from peg 8.

See the short video below where they both explain how they caught.

Full Result:

  1. Gary O Shea 103-04-0 peg 16
  2. Tom Mangnall 102-0-0 peg 61
  3. Paul Faiers 90-14-0 peg 70
  4. Bob Gullick 87-08-0 peg 41
  5. Tim Clark 85-05-0 peg 15
  6. Leon Hubbard 83-15-0 peg 13
Top Silvers:

  1. John Fuidge 25-04-0 peg 8
  2. Tony Rixon 19-12-0 peg 20
  3. Joe Mc Mahon  16-12-0 peg 41
Weigh Sheets: