Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thursday 28/10/2009 - Bathampton AA Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Again the weather was very mild with temperatures rising to 17 degrees, this helping towards another good turn out. For some strange reason Colin actually took some advise from Steve Jefferies and put in peg 2. From my knowledge this would be the first time in the draw bag. Also it was a first to see the aerator running in peg 1; luckily it stopped just prior to the draw. The fish on both Bridge and Withy Pools tend to follow the wind. However, the light breeze was coming up from the South (bringing us the mild weather) and into the far end peg 1 and 34. As it happens I pulled out peg 2!! Some anglers thought that the aerator might have affected the peg, but my experience told me not – the wind direction being much more important. I set up a 4x16 Jolly for 3mm pellet, caster, corn and maggot at five metres where I had 9 foot of water. I set up my usual paste rig for the RH margin and a Ronnie rig for caster. I started by cupping in a few micro’s in to the margin and at 5 metres. I started on the 3 mm expander and there were no bites. I switched to the maggot and had a couple of decent Perch to 1lb. I then hooked a 10lb Carp and as I netted it the hooked pulled because it had straightened (it’s amazing how much pressure you can put on with a pull-a- bung). I then had a run of Ronnie’s on maggot, but as they didn’t want the caster I couldn’t get anything decent. I then had a decent Skimmer followed by a lost Carp which broke me. I had already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to leave fishing for the Carp too late (as I had done recently on two matches, which cost me dearly). I had been steadily building my margin swim with 4mm pellet. I think it’s important not to go in to the margin too early as I have found that you catch a couple early then nothing for the rest of the match. So it was on the three hour mark that I went in on the paste and caught straight away. The up shot was that I landed eight Carp to 17lb 9oz for a Carp weight of 98lb 4oz. This combined with my Silvers weight of 8lb 2oz gave me a total of 106lb 6oz. This put me first in the match by a significant margin and 6th in the silvers and a pick up of £25.

The Silvers was won by Rich Coles (pictured right with Tom Coulston – the overall runner up – incidentally it’s not camera flash “red eye” but Guinness red eye) with 11lb 12oz from peg 24. Rich caught a few small Perch on worm and Skimmers on expander pellet, keeping the fish coming by rotating three lines. Colin Golding was runner up in the Silvers, just 4oz behind – unlucky matey.

Overall runner up was Tom “The Bomb” Coulston with 40lb 6oz from peg 7. Tom caught one Carp on maggot and the rest on Prawns (I must find out more about this bait)!!!

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 106-06-0 peg 2
2. Tom Coulston 40-06-0 peg 7
3. Terry Bruton 40-04-0 peg 25 (Another Ronnie needed)
4. Dave Bacon 36-0-0 peg 28
5. Bob Price 33-02-0 peg 30
6. Chris Snow 30-0-0 peg 29

Top Silvers:

1. Rich Coles 11-12-0 peg 24
2. Colin Golding 11-08-0 peg 17
3. Bill Ferris 10-12-0 peg 32

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wednesday 28/10/2009 - Carps AC - Tan House Farm

The gout was a lot better even though I had a bad night. So I decided to fish the local Carps AC match at Tan House Farm especially as the weather was absolutely perfect (19 degrees today). Steve Jefferies and I rescued Colin from the pegging as he is having problems walking; he is now using a walking stick. I drew peg 1. I was a bit disappointed especially when I got there and found that the little wind had started to blow in to my end. This can be good for the fishing, however, there were a lot of thick green algae and leaves covering most of my swim (it wasn’t like that when we pegged it). This caused me problems all through the match (see picture above). I set up one rig that would cover all of my chosen options. I decide on a CW&C line at 10 metres at 10 o clock and a pellet rig at the same distance at 2 o clock. There was only three inches difference in the depth. I marked the difference in depth with a black marker pen on the rig line sighted against the top float rubber – this is very precise and prevents having loads of white tippex marks on the top set. I started on the worm expecting a bite straight away – nothing. Over the same line with double red maggot – nothing. After 30 biteless minutes I switched to the 3mm expander pellet. On the hour mark I had a bite which I missed. I then had a 4oz Skimmer. The word on the bank was only a couple of small fished had been caught, which was enough to keep me going. Over the second hour I had five more fish. Then the fishing improved catching the odd 4oz Skimmer very steadily. The dilemma was whether to re-fed or not. I chose to feed, and potted the same amount as the initial feed - 125 ml of micro. It went quite for half an hour I then started to catch at the same rate as previous. I ended the match with 25 Skimmers for 6lb 12oz which was enough for second overall and a pick up of £30.

The match was won by Mike Snudden (pictured right) with 19lb 2oz of Skimmers from peg 4. Mike alternated between Maggot and worm hook bait fished over chopped worm. Mike fed ½ Kilo of worm. Mike said once he had run out of worm he stopped catching.

Full Result:

1. Mike Snudden 19-02-0 peg 4
2. Mike Nicholls 6-12-0 peg 1
3. Chris Gay 6-06-0 peg 9
4. Bill Ferris 6-01-0 peg 6
5. John Bennett 3-09-0 peg 10
6. The rest of the field DNW

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday 25/10/2009 - Carps AC - Sedges - Brick Lake

I watched the BBC Panorama programme on Monday night “Hate on the Doorstep” - topic being Racial Abuse in Bristol. The producer sent two young Asian Journalists acting as husband a wife to live on the Southmead estate to test for racial abuse. Well I thought the programme was once again one sided and typical of the BBC – journalism at it’s worse (they have the same one sided view on angling – the BBC is very anti). What I saw was nothing to do with colour or race. I am absolutely sure if a white couple dressed differently (than the casual manner of the local Tykes) – say in a suit and tie and searched out the hot areas (with obvious help from local Police) in any council estate for anti social behaviour and started to act vulnerable and ignorant then they would have had the similar treatment (just the name calling being different). Who on earth would hang about outside one of the toughest pubs in Bristol day after day dressed as they were, acting vulnerable and ignorant without expecting trouble of some sort? What I really detested was the reporters stating that being called a Paki was racial abuse – well is not – it’s how we shorten the name Pakistanis in the UK, we call the Australians’ Ozzy’s, the Irish Paddy’s, the Scots Jock’s, the Welsh Taffy’s and I am a Brit and take no offence to being called one. I also don’t take offence at being called Mike instead of Michael. So I think the issue is with the Asian reporters rather than us Brits. It is very important that we do not confuse Racial Abuse with Anti social behaviour the resolution for both are very different!!! I would be very upset if I was Paul Dicks as the area around his tackle shop was described as one of the worse places for racial abuse (someone got beaten up there once). When in Rome do as the Romans do! It doesn’t seem many years ago when the BBC referred to the Pakistani cricket team as the Paki’s and still today refer to the Afghanistan’s as Afghan’s! – Not an issue then!

I also watched BBC’s Question Time with Nick Griffin (BNP). The BBC really stitched him up, but the viewers would have known this immediately the programme started – all staged managed. That said I didn’t think Nick came out of it the worse that was left to Jack Straw, who couldn’t tell the truth (very few Politian’s do) about Labours failed immigration policies which has opened the door to the BNP. The truth is: (the following extract from the Daily Mail 24/10/09 and confirmed by others in Whitehall
“Huge increases in immigration over the past decade were a deliberate attempt to engineer a more multicultural Britain, a former Government adviser said yesterday. Andrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said Labour's relaxation of controls was a plan to 'open up the UK to mass migration'. As well as bringing in hundreds of thousands to plug labour market gaps, there was also a 'driving political purpose' behind immigration policy, he claimed”.

One thing I did agree with Nick on was Homosexuals. Nick stated that “seeing two men kissing in public “Freaked” him out”. When I have witnessed men kissing in public the first emotion is shock – then disgust. We also had Holly Johnson on this week’s BBC One Show stating that Homosexuality “is the most “Natural” thing in the world”. It shocks and disgusts me for the opposite reason – It is the most UNNATURAL” act. As soon as they are all back in the closet with Cliff Richard's (who I think manages his sexuality very well) the better!!

Yes I am bored and watching too much TV!!

Back to the fishing. I have not completely got rid of the gout, but could’nt face another day watching TV and was desperate for some fresh air. So I chose to fish the Carps AC match at The Sedges – Brick Lake. I know the fishing can go off a bit at this venue during the winter, but as it was so mild (16 degrees) I thought we might get another good days fishing. I usually try and draw as early as possible – because the winning peg is more likely to still be in the hat. However, today I decided to wait to last in the hope that pegs 1 and 2 would be drawn and they were. I am not doing this again as I drew peg 3!! I didn’t expect to do very well from this peg as the wind was blowing in to the far end with a bias in to peg 11. I set up the maggot feeder (which can work very well when it’s hard), a 4x16 Jolly for the maggot/4mm expander. I started by cupping in one ball of GB laced with maggot and a few casters at 9 metres at 2 clock and one 250ml pot on wetted micro at 10 metres straight out in front. I started with double red maggot over the GB – after half an hour with no bites I went out on the maggot feeder with again double red on the hook, after half an hour, nothing. Back on the pole with 4mm expander over the micro, after half an hour, nothing!! I decide to drizzle a bit of chop worm over the GB line and fish worm on the hook – nothing. Back on the maggot and my first bite an Eel. Next put in I missed a bite – what a turn round – NOT! Although I kept swapping around the three lines I didn’t have another bite. With an hour or so to go I decide to called it a day. As the scales were close by I weighed my one Eel which went 8oz. This was 8oz more than The Gimp who had drawn peg 2 and blanked! I was half expecting to pack up early because of my gout but never once considered it would be because of the poor fishing.

Both the match and the Silvers was won by Rich Coles (pictured right with one of his Carp) with 35lb 11oz which included 18lb 9oz of Silvers from peg 6. Rich caught his fish on red maggot fished at 11.5 metres.

Full Result:

1. Rich Coles 35-11-0 peg 6
2. Barry Fitchew 35-01-0 peg 10
3. John Dursley 25-08-0 peg 4
4. Colin Golding 16-13-0 peg 7
5. John Green 14-11-0 peg 9
6. Steve Evans 14-10-0 peg 13

Top Silvers:

1. Rich Coles 18-09-0 peg 6
2. Steve Evans 14-10-0 peg 13

3. Matt Tomes 10-10-0 peg 8

Finally; Mike Jones and Chris Rolfe are running a Silvers Championship on the Bathampton Huntstrete complex. Dates and contact details shown right – Further details to follow.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday 08/10/2009 to 20/10/2009 - Up to my neck in it

It all started back on the 15 September when my Granddaughter twin came back from holiday with Salmonella which is a type of bacteria and is usually found in poultry, eggs, unprocessed milk and in meat and water. It may also be carried by pets like turtles and birds. The diagnosis was confirmed by sampling her poo. However, the particular bacterium was “unclassified” which meant the doctors couldn’t confirm the origin. One Doctor suggested it might have come from Rabbit or Duck droppings from the holiday site. After seven days she improved, but then struck down with a complication which affected her urine – I spent four hours at the Children’s Hospital A&E (Heart Break Hotel) with her. It was obvious she was in a lot of pain. The Doctor needed a sample of her wee so I was following her around for an hour with a plastic tub (I was not alone with this one as many of the parents were doing the same – not easy). Once we got a sample it was quickly analysis and the correct antibiotic given. Two days later she was fine, then the other twin contracted the same Salmonella – seven days later and after the same complication antibiotics were given and she was up and running about again. Then their Farther Steve went down with the same Salmonella. He was really bad with it for seven days and still needed antibiotics to help him recover.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I had a phone call to take the first twin back to Heart Break Hotel as she was in terrible distress due to not having poo’d for two weeks! Another four hours in the A&E, medication was prescribed (did you know that a hospital doctors prescriptions can only be dispensed from a hospital pharmacy). Four days later and we are up to our necks in poo – but what a relief!!

I always believed that you could only contract Salmonella directly from the original source, but apparently not as I was next to get it. I have been to the toilet well over a hundred times and flushed at least 200 gallons of water in the seven days. I also lost 8lbs in weight. Still I didn’t have it as sever as my son Steve. I think this was because I had some immunity from a similar illness when working in Port SaidEgypt (contracted from drinking water (or non drinking water). It started during the drive from Port Said to Cairo at night. I just managed to make it back to the Sheraton Hotel where I spent one on the most miserable nights ever, drinking seven litres of water in six hours). Seven days later I had complications; the Salmonella had affected the protein in my body (the body being a complex chemistry set) and subsequently produced vast quantities of Uric acid. For all those who have suffered chronic gout will immediately recognise this acid and will loathe it. For three days I have been crawling around on my hands and knees as I could not even bear to stand on my feet! I have not slept for three nights. Apparently the pain is comparable with that of child birth – why do Women have kids I am wondering. In any case I feel as if I am now in a special club. The tablets I have been prescribed are very difficult to use as they cause sever indigestion if not taken correctly (I know, it happened to me).

As I write this I am on the mend and hoping to get out fishing this week – subject to permission from “The Special One”.

I do like to add a photo with each of my blogs and thought of using a picture of my burning red feet – but who wants to see them plus I like to keep to the subject matter, however, I found something just as scary!! Has anyone seen him recently?

Finally; I do like to use fellow anglers for jobs that are too big for me. I needed a new garage side door and used Paul Haines (pictured bottom right fishing Newbridge 2005) as he did a really great job on my Porch. One again he did not disappoint with a great price and excellent quality door and workmanship. Paul can be contacted on 07711363859.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thursday 08/10/2009 - Bathampton AA Over 55's - Bridge Pool

What a difference a day makes - today flat calm and bright sunshine greeted us today. At least I won't have the wind in my face today. With the weather being so good we had a turn out of 24 anglers.

True to his word Terry Bruton brought along some of his paste for me. But unknown to me Terry had read my Blog and had put a gallon of water with it!!

I don't mind which peg I draw at Huntstrete, so long that it's not one of the disable design. Well I drew peg 11 which is one of these pegs and I would also have to contend with the sun in my face. I also think these pegs have been ruined now that parking is allowed in the Withy Pool car park, it seems that any size of vehicle can now drive behind these pegs. Any way I have never really done any good of this peg (moan). I decided to start just down the shelf at 5 metres for the Skimmers. I fished red maggot over micro and had one tiny Ronnie to show for it. I switched to soft 4mm pellet and had two small Skimmers, but it was far too slow. I changed on to the Ronnie and caster rig and started to catch more regularly, but the swim kept dying on me, which I wrongly thought was Pike trouble - I didn't read my swim correctly for the second time in two days. I could keep a few Ronnie's coming by fishing away from the feed. The upshot was that I kept after the Silvers far far too long, not adhering to my usual plan of 3 hours Silvers/Carp. With three quarters of an hour to good I went on the paste in the margin and had a foul hooked Carp first put. I quickly tied on a new hook and was in to another straight away. I was really lucky because as I netted it the hook came untied (don't rush tying hooks and make sure that any fish slime is cleaned off!). I retied the hook (properly this time) and first put in hooked another Carp which pulled free at the net. I had another foul hooker then with five minutes to go the phone rang - Brenda wanted me home to take one of my Granddaughters up the BRI, as I was talking to her the float went under and I played a twelve ponder until just after the whistle. I had to quickly pack up and shoot off, luckily the scales were on my peg and my two Carp weighed 19lb 2oz of Carp and 7lb of Ronnie's for a total weight of 26lb 20z. This put me 5th overall needing only one more fish to win the match. Another lost opportunity this week to pick up some coin. As usual after fishing for six hours on the platform I could hardly walk after the match with cramp in both my legs - you just can't move them around on these platforms whilst fishing.

The match was won by John Bradford (pictured right) with 32lb 4oz from peg 28. John caught four Carp three on corn and one a a whole Dendrabena. John told be after that this is the first match he has won for ten years!! However, don't get feeling too sorry for him as John picks up coin regularly fishing for the Silvers Pool.

The Silvers was won by Rich Coles from peg 31 with 18lb of Skimmers. Rich fished CW&C at 8 metres. I did predict Rich would win from this peg as the peg is sheltered from the sun from the hill behind, so doesn't see the sun this time of year all day. I noticed whilst us on the opposite bank were in short sleeves and sweltering Rich and his neighbouring anglers had their coats on and hoods up.

Full Result:

1. John Bradford 32-04-0 peg 28
2. Mike Jones 31-11-0 peg 8
3. Bob Feltham 28-04-0 peg 13
4. Bob Price 27-09-0 peg 30
5. Mike Nicholls 26-02-0 peg 11
6. Pete Phillips 22-05-0 peg 23

Top Silvers:

1. Rich Coles 18-04-0 peg 32
2. Chris Snow 10-15-0 peg 10
3. Bill Ferris 10-02-0 peg 24

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wednesday - 07/10/2009 - Avon Angling Open - Cider Farm - Yarlington Mill

What a drop in temperature from yesterday which was 17 degrees overnight and today barely making 10 degrees – can only happen in the UK. Then there was the persistent rain from twelve onwards. However, can report the Halkon Hunt clothing does what it says on the tin!! By the end of the match those of us that had the North Westerly blowing in to us were bloody frozen.

I really didn’t mine which peg I drew pulling out peg 36. This is a corner peg full of sedges. Mark did his usual rounds and informed me that he hadn't seen any Skimmers come off the peg, but it was a good Carp peg winning the weekend match with 100lb. So what do I do – fish for Silvers for most of the match and got it wrong - duh! I fished red maggot at five metres under a 4x16 Jolly and managed a lowly 5lb 10 oz of Silvers and 40lb 6oz of Carp. This wasn't good enough for any coin – seventh overall and third in the Silvers. Had I done the right thing and fished for Carp all match, I am sure I would have framed sufficiently to pick up at least some "day out money".

The match was won by Tony Rixon (pictured right with some of his catch) from peg 25 with 159lb 9oz. As this wasn’t a left hander's peg I think he should have redrawn – peg 36 would have been more suitable. Tony caught shallow on banded hard 6mm pellet at both 11.5 metres (to the left) and 13 metres out to the right of his peg.

The Silvers was won by Matt Tomes from peg 19 fishing maggot in the margin catching a few Roach and Skimmers.
Full Result:

  1. Tony Rixon 159-09-0 peg 25
  2. Rod Wootton 93-03-0 peg 46
  3. Derek Cullip 90-06-0 peg 11
  4. Chris Davis 71-10-0 peg 41
  5. Edie Wynne 57-04-0 peg 54
  6. John Dursley 52 07-0 peg 22
Top Silvers:

  1. Matt Tomes 7-05-0 peg 19
  2. Martin Alexander 6-0-0 peg 49
Finally - Bad news about the River Trent with massive pollution from cyanide and sewage. So far it has effected 13 miles of the river with a heavy fish kill. The pollution if moving down to Burton Joyce and the Golden Mile. - lets hope they find and prosecute the people behind this.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

04/10/2009 - Avon Angling Open - Bullocks Farm

I worked for BAe Systems and was glad to do so – why shouldn’t they grease a few palms to get the work back to the UK. In the Middle East his is an expected and normal part of business – we have obviously out palmed the Yanks and pissed them off – bloody good job if you ask me! Gordon Brown stop this ridiculous threat of prosecution!

I drew peg 8 on Match Lake. Luckily Tony Rixon had bought a pair of loppers. He apparently paid £12.50 for them – you wouldn’t have guessed! He leant me them to clear some of the over hanging tree branches. I had found a brown plastic cup on my pallet (along with a load of other rubbish). I could see Phil walking round collecting peg fees from the pleasure anglers. So as an experiment I put the cup upside down in the middle of the path – you guessed it - Phil walked straight passed it!! I was left to put the rubbish in the bin - once again!

I set up four rigs: 1- paste rig for the RH margin (4 metres): 1 - 4x12 Jolly for 4mm pellet (11 metres @ 10 clock): 1 - 4x10 PB14 for 2mm pellet and maggot (as per Jolly) and 1 – 4x10 Drennen Chop (wire stem ones) for maggot in the margin and over to a weed bank (again 11 metres). I started on the 4mm pellet kinder potting 8 pieces of micro pellet. I caught a few small Crucians and Fantails and a small Mirror Carp. However, as I slowly built the swim the fish started moving up in the water, which resulted in four foul hooked Carp. There was a small blow over by the weed bank so rested the pellet line and tried the maggot over. This resulted in another lost foul hooked Carp. I was then getting bites from small Ronnie’s. I decided to give the 2mm pellet a try over the micro. This resulted in three hooked Carp – all on the drop. I then had another run of foul hookers. The fish were coming up in the water – quite near the surface taking the micro, but would not follow them down. After three hours the swim died. So margin and paste time. Unfortunately I couldn’t fish too far up the margin to the corner because of the leaves gathering there. For the last three hours I had a frustrating time catching the odd small Carp and loosing an equal amount of foul hookers on paste (not as many as Gary Wall who lost 17 Carp on peg 21). I finished the match with 6lb of Silvers (Crucians) and the eight Carp went 22lb 1oz for a total of 28lb 1oz for sixth overall and a pick up of £25, which paid for the day.

Bela Bakos (pictured right with half his catch) had his turn on peg 17 and won the match with 66lb 13oz. Bela caught all his fish at 16 metres out to the weed bed fishing paste. He fed one pint of dead maggot and quarter of a pint of micro.
The Silvers was won by Lewis Jones with 16lb 13oz from peg 24
I have to give “Lottery Ticket” Rixon a mention as he was second overall with 52lb and second in the Silvers with 16lb 8oz. He caught on sweet corn over ground bait – remarkably from peg 2. I am now convinced there is an advantage being left handed – he is able to fish corners that right handed anglers can’t fish!!

Full Result:

1. Bela Bakos 66-13-0 peg 17
2. Tony Rixon 52-0-0 peg 2
3. Lewis Jones 39-11-0 peg 24
4. Tom Thick 32-02-0 peg 26
5. Gary Wall 28-10-0 peg 21
6. Mike Nicholls 28-01-0 peg 8

Top Silvers:

1. Lewis Jones 16-13-0 peg 24
2. Tony Rixon 16-08-0 peg 2
3. John Bradford 12-06-0 peg 22 (again)

And finally - what on earth was Deano doing between pegs 25 and 26 which now has a 1 metre wide canal between the two swims. Perhaps he's after the gardeners job, which is still vacant.