Monday, 29 December 2008

Monday 29/12/2008 - Bathampton Open - Huntstrete - Bridge Pool

Well the Wallace and Grommet 30 minute film got the highest viewing figures over the Christmas (14 million - I think). Goes to show what a load of rubbish both the BBC and ITV put out - at least the WandG film was made in Bristol. It's a good job I got a hobby!

I drew peg 30 today - very pleased with this as six days ago, I pleasured fished peg 31, and had 28 lb of carp and 20 lb of Skimmers on the corn. So set up the one rig then! I hooked four Carp losing one through the hook straightening. The three landed weighed 18lb dead. In the last 40 minutes I switched to single maggot and had two Skimmers and four Ronnies for 2lb 4oz and and total weight of 20lb 4oz. This put me third overall. In hindsight I should have fish maggot throughout I am sure I would have won the Silvers which needed only 4lb!!!

Although there wasn't an overnight frost, this was the coldest I have been all year. The wind was bitterly cold.

Bob "The Bread" Price (pictured top right with his biggest fish on the day - a 13lb Mirror carp) won the match with an all Carp catch of 65lb 4oz from peg 29. Bob fished his usual straight lead in to both open water and up to the island. Bob fished hair-rigged double pieces of small luncheon meat (quarter of an inch square). Bob fed the Seagulls (which are becoming a nuisance with their aggressive squawking) pellet over his luncheon meat!!

The Silvers was won by Matthew James with 4lb (which included a out of season Tench) from peg 26.

Full Result:

1. Bob "The Bread" Price 65-04-0 peg 29
2. Terry Bruton 38-06-0 peg 17
3. Mike Nicholls 20-04-0 peg 30
4. John Darby 16-14-0 peg 31
5. Kevin Collins 12-10-0 peg 15
6. Bob Warren 12-0-0 peg 18

Top Silvers:

1. Matthew James - 4-0-0 peg 26
2. Kevin Collins 3-4-0 peg 15

Thursday, 25 December 2008

End of 2009 report and Lessons Learnt

Well that’s the end of 2008 – never to be seen again. On the whole I have had a very good year. I have caught plenty of fish and picked up in the pools regularly.

This year I have fished 108 matches (648 hours of fishing nearly one third of a year) and picked up in 75 of these matches. Included, was a run of 20 consecutive pick ups, followed by a run of 13 (unlucky).

However, I am aware that we should not stand still. Two comments made to me by anglers I highly respect have caused me to make some adjustments for 2009, and hopefully keep me in the running during 2009:

Comment one:
The first comment was made by my good friend Darren Gillman. The comment was made after the Sedges match on 9th July 2008 in which, Darren beat me in the Silvers - off the next peg by 11oz!

Darren pictured left with his ATWL 2005 Semi Final runners up catch of 37lb 7oz all Chub catch at Tunnel Barn Farm - I still haven't been paid for the loan of my catapult - £5 per hour I think we agreed!

1. Darren Gillman 48-0-0 peg 4
2. Mike Nicholls 47-05-0 peg 5

I had lost at least 5lb of Skimmers, put down by Darren as to using “too strong elastic”. I recognise that I do play the compromise dice; I like to think I can land a big double Carp as well as an 8oz Skimmer. So I have taken Darren’s comments on board and made up three top sets with lighter elastics (still dual core though!) in combination with the pull-a-bung system. I recently landed my first Carp at Stafford Moor on the pull-a-bung which weighed 7lb 4oz. I am amazed how much pressure you can put on the fish with these light elastics, I straightened the hook pulling too hard, which came detached in the landing net!! I am definitely going to go through a learning curve with this set up – one to watch for 2009.

My congratulation goes to Darren for winning the South West Angling Times Individual tile again in 2008. This makes it twice in four years. Well done matey, hope you make it two in a row.

Comment two:
The second comment was made by my long time friend (and friendly tackle dealer) Tony Rixon. He thinks I fish “too short” and miss out on additional fish (mainly Carp I think). I don’t fully agree with this as my usual comment back is “fish can swim”! However, when it comes to some corner pegs and the Landsend Fishery he is correct.

Tony pictured right with his 55lb runners up catch of Carp in the Angleloc semi final knock-out at Gold Valley between Avon Angling and Diawa Dorking, with John Raison (right) on the scales. We were beating Dorking until the last five minutes when Tommy Hillier landed a double figure Carp from the margins on a long float rod.

As my current pole, which was purchased in June 2003 was due for renewal, I decided to have a look at the current top of the range poles. After three months of testing I have just purchased a COLMIC 707 New Evolution (being superseded in 2009 by the 808, which will be made, on the same mandrel as the 707). It was a toss up between this and the COLMIC X5000. In my opinion (and many others) both these poles are better in most respects to either:

DIAWA Airity
DIAWA Professional (this pole is better than the Airity!)
SENSAS 774 (my third choice)

The X5000 will be popular by those anglers who like to pull hard – I don’t think you can break this pole on a fish!! Colin Golding bought one – so no better test!

I chose the 707 as it had better balance than the X5000 at the extreme lengths – I can fish 16 metres all day with this pole. During a trial at Huntstrete on 23 Dec 08 I landed four carp 4lb, 6lb, 8lb and 10lb with ease (incidentally I also had 20lb of quality Skimmers – never lost one).

The 707 is made from patented HM 80 super high modulus carbon with Ultra-Light Aerospace Fibres (U.L.A.F.), the 707 New Evolution has been developed from the successful Match 707 pole. The technical improvements made to the original design have enabled us to increase the pole stiffness and reliability, especially when handling big fish, while keeping an excellent balance. For winter carp fishing on commercial fisheries and for fishing tubular elastics, we recommend using the Filler tip HM60 which will make your pole stiffer and more powerful. The pole comes with two mini extensions to reach the ideal length at 13.00, 14.50 m and 16 m. The Colmic Low Tension and Colmic Joint Line patented systems complete the features of this competition pole.

The low tension vastly improves pole shipping in damp conditions – it is often referred to by Italian anglers as the “fast pole”. When I first threw the pole forward it nearly shot out of my hands!!

If you are interested in any of the COLMIC poles or products speak to Tony at Avon Angling on 0179 517250 who can supply the full range at a price as good as anyone in the UK.

Finally: I leave you with this famous saying by the great Golfer Gary Player:
"The more I practice the luckier I get"
This is also very true with Angling. So get out more often.

"Best wishes for the new year" - lets hope for a warmer summer that 2008.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sunday 21/12/2008 Carps AC - Christmas Match - Viaduct - Campbell - Cary and Spring Lakes

We now find ourselves in a mild spell, forecast up to Christmas day. Light SW winds with temperatures 11 degrees.

I criticise match organisation at much as anyone - but I always give credit where its due. Today, the match was run extremely well by Paul Garrett, ably assisted by Gordon Cannings (he's the quiet one - who just gets on with it) and Martin Preston. The pools options were spot on (£5 Section - £5 Silvers - £5 Carp - no default - excellent) as was the prizes which were purchased and made up in to seasonal hampers by Mike West. Well done Mike - Professional job. Its these touches that make matches bench mark , as was the Bathampton AA Christmas matches of years gone by.

Sorry Steve, forgot to take my camera - catch you next time).

At the draw John Bennett handed me cheques for the following:
  • £50 for the highest number of Silvers win over the year (seven wins)

  • £30 for the third lowest winning weight
I was also informed that I needed to come at least third in the Silvers to win another £50 for the four monthly Silvers aggregate - John Bradford was currently a head of me by seven points (how did get all these points!!)
I could not believe my draw today - Spring Lake peg 2 - this is the fourth time in five consecutive matches that I have drawn this peg. It surely must be a flyer!! However, experience was telling me not to expect much, I took consolation in that I could try out my new pole. I set up a 3AAA waggler, a Skimmer rig and the four metre whip. I was undecided about feeding ground bait, but none the less fed two testicle size at the start at 12 metres. I started on the whip to see if the Ronnies were having a go, whilst the Skimmers settle over the GB. Straight away I started to catch small Ronnies on caster and decided to keep them coming for the first hour - in which time I caught 75 (per hour). On the hour I tried the Skimmer line for five minutes - nothing - the GB wasn't working - I couldn't see anyone catching opposite on the Skimmer pegs either. Um! I potted another GB testicle and resumed on the Ronnies. I tried another two times for the Skimmers - however, my new pole remains a virgin (I will discuss my new pole, etc... in my "End of year report and lessons learnt" journal - watch out for it over Christmas. I carried on to the end of the match catching small Ronnies. At the weigh-in I had 15lb 14oz (I estimated this to be 375 fish). I was surprised to learn that this gave me first in the Silvers and sixth overall (plus second on the Lake) and a pick up of £60, plus a lovely hamper. This also won me the four monthly Carps AC Silvers prize of £50 (John Bennett can now put my name on the cheque).

The match was won by Steve Denmead with 88lb 8oz from Cary peg 78.

Full result:

1. Steve Denmead 88-08-0 peg 78
2. Barry Fitchew 85-08-0 peg 134
3. Tim Pallant 70-12-0 peg 110
4. Ray Hayward 27-10-0 peg 8
5. Joss Garrett 18-07-0 peg 85
6. Mike Nicholls 15-14-0 peg 2

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 15-14-0 peg 2
2. Paul Garrett 15-12-0 peg 24 (unlucky - 2oz the difference)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wednesday 17/12/2008 Carps AC - Christmas Match - Plantation Match Lake

With the weather being the coldest start to the winter for 33 years (remember the statements re-global warming - "warmer, dryer winters"!). The weather is turning a bit for the better with the temperatures today in the high fives - at least no ice to clear. All the anglers were surprised to find that the match fee today (for a Wednesday) was £25!!!! The explanation was that Carps AC had bought more prizes that budgeted for! How come the Chairman ran a raffle for the remaining prizes!!! I was assured that the Sunday Christmas match will be the usual cost of £21.

It is good to see Colin Golding back to full form - I could hear him moaning about the Ronnies taking his 6mm pellet 50 metres away - the Ronnies must hate him. I though it prudent to give the link to a video converted from super 8 - filmed in 1973. You will see/hear a number of well known names throughout - but take particular care around 7 - 8 minutes. Name the two top Bristol anglers? no prizes!

I drew peg 10 (permanent peg 12), which in the far left hand bay. I have never see any weight come from this area, although I was informed differently. There were a number of small blips from very, very small fish, so I decided to set up the 4 metre whip to fish over ground bait. I also set up w 4x14 to fish at 10 metres both at 10 o clock and 2 o clock. One to fish red maggot over GB the other 4mm pellet over micro. I started on cater over loose fed caster, which resulted in a 4oz Ronnies ans lots of un-hittable bites. These were less than 1oz Ronnies. The upshot was I struggled for anything decent and rotated the three swims for the five hours. However, I did have four small Skimmers consecutively once the sun went in for five minutes. I weighed 4lb 11 oz for 5th in the Silvers and ninth overall. I picked up 24 bottles of Stella Artios.

The match was won by Mike Owens (pictured right) from point peg 4 with six Carp for 21lb 4oz. Mike caught his fish on the straight lead to the opposite island.

The Silvers was won by Rich Coles from peg 1 with 9lb 10oz of Skimmers nad one decent Perch. Both anglers picked up identical Christmas hampers (thanks to Bill Ferris).

Full result:

1. Mike Owens 21-12-0 peg 4
2. Andy Curry 16-07-0 peg 6
3. Rich Coles 9-10-0 peg 1
4. Dave Bacon 7-12-0 peg 9
5. John Thompson 7-0-0 peg 19
6. Andrew Shearn 5-13-0 peg 5

Top Silvers:

1. Rich Coles 9-10-0 peg 1
2. John Thompson 7-0-0 peg 19

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday 14/12/2008 Carps AC - Sunday's Silversmania Final - Viaduct Fishery - Spring and Cary

Friday night we had 44 mm of rain, followed by a mild Saturday, however, it was disappointing to wake to another hard frost. But for the first time in three matches - no ice on Spring Lake and the last chance in 2008 to win another £500. However, it was not to be. As John Bradford was "on the day organiser" he had his peg drawn for him, and out came peg 1. His face said it all. However, I did notice that his peg came from the top of the draw bag, so I went deep and drew peg 2 for the third time in three matches (It must be a flyer!!). Not today. My mate Darren Gillman drew fancied peg 17, behind the island on Spring.

I fed the pole and whip line with Lake ground bait and started on the GB feeder, which resulted in one fouled hooked 1oz Ronnie. Tried the four metre whip - nothing! Tried the pole at 13 metre - nothing. At this point I decided to set up a 3AAA waggler to fish over the feeder line. I started to catch 1 to 2oz Ronnies on maggot over caster. A switch to caster on the hook brought the same size fish. I could see Skimmers coming out on pegs 19 and 24, so decided to turn today into a practice session on the waggler. I felt I got it working reasonably well and hope that it will be of benefit in the forth coming winter leagues at Viaduct. I weighed 5lb 11 oz of small Ronnies for twelfth overall.

The match was won by Steve Kedge (pictured top left - Ian Spriggs look-a-like) with 23lb 4oz of Skimmers from peg 24. Steve caught mainly Skimmers at 14.5 metres using red maggot over ground bait.

Runner up was Bob Gullick (pictured right) from peg 19 with 22lb 7oz. Again with pole caught Skimmers. I think if bob fished the match again he would win it, as he had some bad luck with duff elastics.

Third was my winter league travelling partner Bela Bakos with 22lb from Cary peg 96. I will convert him to Silverfish yet!!

Full Result:

1. Steve Kedge 23-04-0 peg 24 (£500)
2. Bob Gullick 22-07-0 peg 19 (£300)
3. Bela Bakos 22-0-0 peg 96 (£200)
4. Andy Neal 19-0-0 peg 102
5. Shawn Townsend 14-06-0 peg 98
6. Paul Greenwood 9-09-0 peg 3

Darren was very disappointed with his 3lb 10oz - at least he wasn't first out of the money for the fouth time!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thursdays 11/12/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Christmas Match - Bridge Pool

When I was at school (1960's) I got my pocket money of an half a crown (12.5 new pence) on Friday's. On the Saturday I made a beeline for Woolworths to buy an Airfix kit, which once built, I would hang from my bedroom ceiling. If someone had told me then, that in 2008, I could buy the whole Woolworths store chain for £1 I would have saved a bit harder!! Where as it all gone wrong - Mr Gordon Brown. The Labour party will go down in history as the party that introduced binge drinking (24 hour licencing) and binge spending.

Today was the last match of the year, finishing with our Christmas match. Matches don't start again now until 26 March 2009.

We were all welcomed with sub zero temperatures and 12 mm of ice. It was an amazing turn out, with twenty anglers up for it, which was surprising considering the conditions. John Bradford was the hero, who went round Bridge Pool with his ice breaker and broke the ice for all the disabled swims (some of which weren't even in the draw! - well done John mate - nice to see the tackle trade looking after it's customer).

I drew peg 11, which is one of deepest swims on Bridge. I got my ice breaker out to Finish off what John had started! I set up one rig a 4x16 Jolly. It was a toss up whether to feed some micro pellet or ground bait. I now think I made the wrong chose by feeding a small ball of ground bait. However, I did manage to put together 6lb 8oz of very small Ronnies using single red maggot. This put me fourth in the Silvers and seventh overall. I came away with a bottle of Rum, a chocolate orange and some after eights - well done Colin for the prizes.
The Silvers was won I think for the first time by Terry Bruton (pictured top right with his Silvers catch) - (I blame the ice - I'm not going to hear the last of this, and with fourteen weeks before the next match!!!) Terry weighed 13lb of quality fish - including a Bream of 3lb from peg 15. Terry fished red maggot over caster at five metres. well done matey.

The match was won by Bob Dark (pictured right with one of his three Carp) from peg 7 with 37lb, which included some good Silvers weighing 9lb 8oz. Bob fished red maggot over kinder potted micro pellet and red maggot.

Runner up was my long time friend Bob Warren (pictured bottom right) with 27lb 3oz from peg 17. Bob caught four Carp down the left hand margin on red maggot.

Full Result:

1. Bob Dark 37-0-0 peg 7
2. Bob Warren 27-3-0 peg 16
3. Bob Price 23-0-0 peg 17
4. Terry Bruton 13-0-0 peg 15
5. John Bennett 7-10-0 peg 31
6. John Wild 6-9-0 peg 18

Top Silvers:

1. Terry Bruton 13-0-0 peg 15
2. Bob Dark 9-8-0 peg 7
3. John Bennett 7-10-0 peg 31

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wednesday 10/12/2008 Carps AC - Silvers only Match - Viaduct Fishery - Spring Lake

Today was practice for Sunday's Silversmania. As expected the lake was frozen. The ice was about 12 mm thick - much thicker than Sunday - real plate glass. Steve long did his usual with his ice breaker boat. With Carps AC paying the top three I needed to draw either pegs 15, 16, 17, 18 or 19. I pulled out peg 2. I drew this peg in the same practice match last year and came second with 20lb. Not this time however, I could only manage 6lb 13oz of very small Ronnie’s plus a couple of better fish. This gave me 7th overall. Because of the bright sunlight the Skimmers have shoaled in the darker areas i.e. the pegs mentioned above. The sun hardly touches the water in this area all day.

The match was won by Steve Jackson  on peg 15 with 27lb 2oz. Steve catch consisted of all quality Skimmers.

To aid those that could not fish today I have included the full result of the match:

1. Steve Jackson 27-03-0 peg 15
2. Rich Coles 20-11-0 peg 18
3. Dave Roper 16-03-0 peg 16
4. Phil Cardwell 16-01-0 peg 19
5. Jess Jordan 7-06-0 peg 3
6. Steve Kedge 7-02-0 peg 10
7. Mike Nicholls 6-13-0 peg 28.
8. Paul Greenwood 6-11-0 peg 9
9. John Bennett 4-01-0 peg 4
10. Charlie Barnes DNW peg 25
10. Colin Golding DNW peg 24
10. Paul Blake DNW peg 17
10. Mike Owens DNW peg 11
10. Tom Thick DNW peg 5

As Charlie Barnes said after the match - "Sunday's final is going to be all about location, location, location"! He could be right.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday 07/12/08 - Veals Teams of Four Winter League Round 7 - Viaduct Fishery

With overnight temperatures plummeting to -6 degrees, and as expected all the lakes were frozen solid. On our arrival, Steve Long was out rocking his boat breaking the ice. No one wanted to draw Middle - particularly the "bowl". This area can be devoid of fish at this time of year, you are also up against some good Silvers pegs on Spring. I wanted to draw any peg on Spring. Thanks to team captain Charlie he pulled out Spring 15. I spoke to Paul Garrett, who suggested that as the peg was in the far left corner, that I would catch Carp down the right hand margin. He suggested that I drop in for the Carp every 15 minutes or so. In terms of Silver fish and section points I fancied the peg. On arrival I was greeted with a small ice free hole (bring back the boat Steve!). However, Mark Broomsgrove lent me his old pole with a weed cutter attached, which, allowed me to clear the swim of ice out to 10 metres (this, proved, not to be far enough). As the swim would not see any sun (nor me) I was concerned that it might refreeze. I set up a rig for the margin (TBF cult) with 0.18 straight through, backed up with 22 elastic. I also set up my usual modified Preston PB14 with 0.14 bottom and 16 Tubertini 808 (I chose 0.14 bottom because of the icy conditions and the expectation of one or two large Carp - always best to scale down rather than up (they go to 20lb in Spring))! For the first time I tried the Vespe yellow hollow elastic which is about a number 8, with a pull-a-bung. I was impressed with it's performance - it's got good memory. The next dilemma was what to fed (if anything) . I decided on one testicle size ball of Sensas Black Lake with four maggots. On my first put in with single red maggot I landed a 1lb Roach on my landing net - which had become an iced up tennis racket (always helps to get a good fish "on top" of the net early). I decide then to put a Clementine (it's Christmas) size ball in - without any maggot. I then had a run of decent Skimmers. I then fed again, which resulted in some more Skimmers and an out of season Tench. I kept the odd ball going in until the last hour and half when the fished back off - FRUSTRATING - as I couldn't follow them out, due to the ice. Throughout, I fed about one pint of Lake and finished with 23lb 1oz. This gave me third in section and 13 points. I was one out of the Silvers pool with fifth, but won my five peg section for a pick up of £40.
I did try down the right hand margin with treble maggot for about three minutes! Surprisingly - nothing!

Team mate Rich Coles fished the Middle "Bowl of Death" and blanked along with I think, seven others. Despite this, Charlies Angels managed to retain third spot overall. Tom Thick had good points on Campbell 123 fishing double caster on the waggler.

The match and Carp weight was won by Andy Lloyd (pictured right) with 94lb from Spring Lake peg 8. Andy landed nine Carp and lost fourteen! Andy fished treble red maggot at 14 metres down his right hand edge into the end margin. Andy did well to land nine, as he had to guide the Carp down a channel two foot wide (two foot deep) between the bank and a large weed bed of lilly's.

Runner up was Steve Mayo (pictured below right - apologies for the poor quality - my range finder condensated) from Spring peg 18. Steve was the first angler this series to pick up in both the Silvers and Carp, with second Carp 46lb and fourth Silvers weight with 28lb 8oz. Steve caught quality Carp on the straight lead using "popped-up bread.

The Silvers was won by Matt Parsons with 34lb 13oz from Spring 19

Full Result:
1. Andy Lloyd 94-0-0 Spring 8
2. Steve Mayo 46-0-0 Spring 18
3. Eric Fouracres 28-13-0 Spring 6
4. Vince Brown 17-4-0 Campbell 110
1. Matt Parsons 34-13-0 Spring 19
2. Dave Roper 34-11-0 Spring 24
3. Chris Davis 30-9-0 Spring 20
4. Steve Mayo 28-8-0 Spring 18

Top teams overall:
1. Westerleigh - 91
2. Sedges Mosella - 77.5
3. Charlies Angels - 67.5
4. Avon Angling - 67

Top Individuals:
1. Mike Nicholls Charlies Angels - 87
2. Chris Davis Westerleigh - 85
3. Ryan Shipp Westerleigh - 77
4. Vince Brown Sedges Mosella - 77

10. Tony Rixon Avon Angling 71

Monday, 1 December 2008

Friday 28/11/08, Saturday 29/11/08, Sunday 30/11/08 - Veals Teams of Four Winter League Round 5 & 6 - Stafford Moor Fishery

Friday 28 November:

As I had not fished Stafford Moor previously, Bela Bacos and I decided we would fish the Friday open. This meant getting up at 4am ready for pick up at 5am. We had a steady drive down arriving at 8am, which included a stop for a McDonald's breakfast - this is serious junk food.

Bela was staying at one of the Lodges on site and gave me a quick tour before the draw. I must admit they are really nice and spacious. Very much different than the Royal Oak where the Angels were staying.

I drew peg 25 on Tanners. Information was, that it was not that good a peg - shallow. Also, it would not be featuring in the League. I must say after all the hype with regards this fishery I was a little upset to hear that there were such poor pegs in the draw!! With a £2 Silvers pool I decided to focus most of my attention on them. The upshot was that I had 12lb 2oz of 2oz Roach and Skimmers on soft pellet - maggot - caster - etc... I came fourth in the Silvers, but with hind sight I could have came very close, by staying with the Ronnies, rather than chasing the bigger Skimmers.

The match was won by fellow Angel Rich Coles (pictured right) from peg 36 with 119lb 9oz. With the lake being flat calm all day Rich was able to fish the waggler dead depth with 10mm banded pellet. Rich fished in to open water towards peg 1. Rich red about a quarter of a pint of 8mm pellet.

Full Result:
1. Rich Coles 119-09-0 peg 36
2. John Lacey 95-0-0 peg 35
3. Adam Palmer 60-15-0 peg 30
4. Eric Fouracre 43-03-0 peg 11
5. Vince Shipp 42-03-0 peg 16
6. Ryan Shipp 39-10-0 peg 5
Top Silvers:
1. Steve Fouracres 20-13-0 peg 32
2. Vince Brown 18-08-0 peg 4

Back to the hotel - a few beers - steak and chips and early to bed.

Saturday 29 November:

The talk at the draw was that Pines Lake was fishing bad, with Tim Pallant catching only 2lb the day before - pleasure fishing! Charlie arrived at the draw dead on 8-30 and we were last to draw again. The draw was conveniently at the Royal Oak, where we were staying. Charlie, informs me that I had drawn Pines 16! After a quick chat with Tony Rixon and a few others (apparently it's Nick Collins favourite peg - good enough for me), it therefore seemed I had one of the better draws on the lake, albeit it being shallow (three foot). When I arrived at the peg I had a very cold wind blowing directly in to my right hand cheek - it was bitter cold. As I was informed that there were only a few Carp in this Lake, I decided to fish it light (0.o6 Ignesti). I plumbed around and found the deepest part at 9 metres. I decide on three lines out in front (pellet) - 2 o clock (chopped worm) and 11 o clock (maggot/caster). The pellet line was the most productive. The first eight fish were all of different species - not usually a good sign. Mel King was on adjacent peg 14 and was struggling to get bites. However, Steve Mayo was opposite to me, on peg 13 and was getting the odd fish. I could hear the odd chattering suggesting that it was fishing really hard - some confessing to ounces. I fished it hard to the end and weighed 12lb dead for a lake win and a pick up of £40. Bela also drew Pines 26 and was last on the lake with 15oz!

The overall Carp winner was Vince Shipp (pictured right) with 61lb 12oz from Woodpecker Lake peg 20. Vince's little known brother Des (I have included Des's picture underneath for those who may not have seen him before) won the Silvers from Tanners peg 30 with an impressive 36lb 11oz of Skimmers and Roach on chopped worm and caster.

Full Result:
1. Vince Shipp 61-12-0 Peg Woodpecker 20
2. Jon Green 58-02-0 peg Woodpecker 22
3. Paul Garrett 46-05-0 peg Tanners 16
4. Tim Clark 36-01-0 peg Tanners 6
1. Des Shipp 36-11-0 peg Tanners 30
2. Tony Rixon 18-0-0 peg Tanners 26 (an excellent Silvers weight from this peg)
3. Martin Pettifor 17-12-0 peg Tanners 9
4. Brian Slipper 15-04-0 peg Tanners 35

On the Team front Charlie's Angels move up one position from fifth to fourth. Charlie was well pleased - promising to be first in the draw the next day!

It was announced that with today's lake win I was now top overall league individual with 60 points.

As the result was in our hotel we had already downed a few pints. Charlie is not a great drinker and after a couple and a hearty meal Charlie (pictured right) dozed off in the corner by the fire. Apparently only to revive later and keep everyone entertained with his endless joke telling.

Sunday 30 November:

Charlie nearly lived up to his word by being third in the draw - only after Rich Coles got him out of bed!

Charlie drew peg 36 Tanners for me, an excellent peg for Carp and Silvers. When I got to the peg the wind was blowing straight in to me, so the waggler for the Carp was out, so set up the straight lead. I set up two pole rigs one for four metres and the other to serve two swims (pellet/cwc) at 10 metres for Silvers. On the whistle I fed my three swims and then chucked the lead out. I counted to 120 - no indications so up the bank it went. I decided to focus on the Silvers until the last thirty minutes (this decision was reversed later). I had a steady run of Skimmers, Crucians and Roach. I then had a 7lb 1oz Carp and one lost foul hooker on pellet. However, I could not keep the fish concentrated and didn't work out the feeding pattern until the last half hour (I suspect Des Shipp worked it out after his first fish). I weighed 17lb 3oz of Silvers and the one carp for 24lb 4oz. This gave me a lake second and fourth in the Silvers and a pick up of £60.

Vince Shipp was two pegs away and weighed 23lb 3oz of Silvers. We discussed the feeding and Vince suffered the same as me, even though he had full instructions from Des. Des even gave Vince the rig he used the previous day!!! More to this fishing than meets the eye.

Full Result:
1.Chris Davis 44-0-0 Josephs 17
2. Brian Slipper 43-12-0 Woodpecker 24
3. Rich Coles 43-02-0 Woodpecker 10
4. Bela Bakos 42-03-0 Woodpecker 20
1. Vince Shipp 23-06-0 Tanners 34
2. Steve Mayo 21-12-0 Tanners 5
3. Ryan Shipp 18-0-0 Pines 3
4. Mike Nicholls 17-04-0 Tanners 36
Top Teams:
1. Westerleigh 79
2. Sedges Mosella 62.5
3. Charlies Angels 61.5
4. Sarfix South West 57
Top Individuals:
1. Mike Nicholls 74
2. Chris Davis 73
3. Rod Wootton 64

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thursdays 27/11/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Bridge Pool

I decided not to fish today, as I had too much preparation to do for my long weekend at Stafford Moor Fishery, which begins tomorrow, with a 5 am start! I am fishing an open on Friday and a double header - Veals Teams of Four Saturday and Sunday. So no blog until Monday, when I will update on how I/we fared.

However, I did run the start of the match today and spent a bit of time walking round. I decided to have a experiment with a small video (as you will see, Film Producer Mike Nichols need not worry). The experiment was focussed on getting it on to the web, Now I can concentrate on the quality of the video! So you budding film stars watch out the Silverfox is about!!

The video is of "The Real" Pete Phillips landing a six pound Common Carp first put in on peg 26. Pete caught it on Red Luncheon meat!
I also caught Bob Dark (pictured right) landing a double figure Mirror from peg 24. Bob caught this fish on a piece of worm.

Bob Warren kindly phoned in the result which follows:

Colin Golding won the match from peg 17 with 46lb 5oz. Colin used his usual method of 6mm expander over 6mm expander fished at five metres. Colin's catch comprised of three carp for 26lb 12oz and 19lb 9oz of Silvers (mainly Skimmers to 1lb), which also gave him first in the Silvers.

I must admit, it was nice, to hear that Kevin Collins was runner up with 30lb from peg 23. Kevin caught his fish on single red maggot at seven metres (Kev, don't tell anyone about the shotting pattern and feeding) - A good result, expecially with improvements still to come, on hook lengths, elastics and pole. Keep it up matey

During my last match on Bridge Pool, fishing peg 24, I was 99% certain that a huge Pike had chased a 4oz Roach that I had hooked, resulting in an inactive Silvers peg for some while. Interestingly, today, BobFeltham, hooked a huge Pike, which he did finally lose. Bathampton AA committee put a bounty on it's head and get it back in to the Main Lake!!

Full Result:
1. Colin (Mr. Pastry) Golding 46-05-0 peg 17
2. Kevin Collins 30 0-0 peg 23
3. Bob (The Bread) Price 26-0-0 peg 16
4. Tom Coulston 24-04-0 peg 4
5. John Wild 23-03-0 peg 3
6. Dave Bacon 18-14-0 peg 9
Top Silvers:
1. Colin Golding 19-09-0 peg 17
2. Ian Sheppard 11-08-0 peg 29
3. Bob (MD) Feltham 10-0-0 peg 15

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday 23/11/2008 Carps AC - Rood Ashton

When I decided to fish Rood Ashton my mind my saying "your not going to catch in two foot of water in November, especially based on a forecast of extreme weather conditions.". However, my wallet was saying "get a few more Silver points and you will win the aggregate". My heart was pulling me to the Silvers open match at Viaduct (40 pegs).

I thought the match might be a lottery, which, it proved to be. NO ONE HAD A BITE! So I had achieved my objective and defended my postion in the Silvers. However, the match was indeed decided by lottery!

The lottery result follows:

1. Bill Ferris (£50)
2. Gordon Cannings (pictured top right) (£30 well deserved as he fished to the end)
3. Mike (new member) (£25)
4. Bob Price (pictured bottom right) (£15 well deserved as he also fished to the end)

This is the first season I have not fished the K&A canal during the winter months. I am now wondering whether the change to commercials is the right move. Lets, wait until the end of the year, and then reflect.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Thursdays 20/11/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Withy Pool

A warm winters day was ahead of us with temperatures in the high teens. It was the warmest i have been since July!! we were all anticipating a great days fishing. All forgetting that the fish are always a few days ahead of us Anglers when it comes to sever weather changes! "Blizzards and icy winds forecast for weekend as Arctic blast sweeps in from the north"

Being one of the youngest and slightly more cognisant than most anglers attending today's "Coffin Doggers" I have to be prepared for the likes of John Bradford (the boss of Avon Angling!). John started to unpack his gear to find he had left his rod holdall home, duh! I always carry two poles so loaned John my Carp pole and two top sets. As it happens, we draw next to each other, and arriving at his peg John informed me that he had broken one of the (my) top sets getting to his peg! So lent him another. Tony Rixon will enjoy this one.

I drew peg 56 in the bay behind the furthest island. I was happy with this, as last time I drew it, I had 26lb of quality Roach. There were four of us behind the island - Terry Bruton, Doug Sutton, John Bradford and me. Doug Sutton was the only one to weigh in with 2lb 8oz of Silvers. I had two Eyes, one Roach and a DNW.

HE's BACK!!! Colin Golding (pictured right landing a 14lb Common Carp - don't show the picture to Matron! You will also notice Colin using his head - as a pull-a-bung) won today's match, weighing more than the rest of us put together!! Colin drew peg 62 and landed ten Carp for 68lb 6oz. Colin fished at ten metres, using his usual 6mm
expander pellet fish over loose fed expander pellet. Watching Colin land the Carp on 14 elastic reminded me what an excellant angler he is. (Colin's 14lb Common is picture underneath). Nice to have you back.

The Silvers was won by Bob Warren (pictured bottom right with his un- seasonal 4lb 4oz Tench) from peg 69 with 8lb 2oz. His catch comprised a 4lb 4oz Tench and 3lb 14oz of Skimmers. Bob would have won the Silvers withpout the Tench as the second best Silvers weight was Bill "The Maggot Man" Ferris from next peg 68 with 3lb 12oz. Well done matey.

Full result:

1. Colin Golding 68-06-0 peg 62
2. Bob "MD" Fetham 13-07-0 peg 60
3. Martin Alexander 12-07-0 peg 67
4. John Wild 9-04-0 peg 48
5. Pete "The Real" Philips 8-08-0 peg 47
6. Bob Warren 8-02-0 peg 69
Top Silvers:
1. Bob Warren 8-02-0 peg 69
2. Bill Ferris 3-12-0 peg 68

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wednesday 19/11/08 Avon Angling Open - Landsend Fishery

I had other plans for today, well Brenda did, new Christmas lights for the tree are needed (they have been OK for the last five years). That was until John Bennett Rang, asking, if I would like to fish Rixon's rip off at Landsend and travel down with him. I couldn't help myself. Re-negotiated the shopping for Saturday with Brenda.

I have fished Landsend Match and Specimen nine times this year and have drawn corner pegs five times. This excludes pegs 25 (which I have never fished) and peg 12 (which I have drawn once, some time back)! Today, guess what drew corner peg 33 (make that six out of ten (60% cornered)). I hate corner pegs. Today especially, as a strong Westerly wind was blowing in to the corner, which made fishing the pole only possible at five metres. To cut three hundred and thirty minutes short I only managed 3lb 12oz of small Ronnies on dead maggot. I was pipped to the Silvers pool by Mike Duckett who weighed 4lb 8oz. On next peg 34 was Gary Wall. During the match Gary's top five became detached and blew in to my peg. Which I helped him recover, Gary kindly gave me the 1 oz Roach that he had on the end as a thank you! Gary did his best to fish over at sixteen metres, only to break his number six section. Again the five and half metres of pole blew in to my swim, alas no Ronnie gift this time!

The match was won by Nick Duckett (pictured right with a double common carp) from in form peg 31 with 75lb 14oz of quality Carp. Nick fished maggot at sixteen metres to the point of the island. This now gives Nick two wins on the trot.

The Silvers was won by Tony Rixon with 12lb 2oz from peg 25. Tony fished seventeen metres (must have been flat calm then!) one metre off the end margin (slightly up the shelf).

Full result:

1. Nick Duckett 75-14-0 peg 31
2. Tony Rixon 47-07-0 peg 25 (flat calm)
3. Colin Dyer 14-08-0 peg 27
4. John Bennett 11-0-0 peg 29
5. Tim Clark 9-14-0 peg 36
6. Mike Duckett 4-08-0 peg 38

Top Silvers:

1. Tony Rixon 12-02-0 peg 25 (flat calm)
2. Nick Duckett 8-12-0 peg 31
3. Mike Duckett 4-08-0 peg 38 (picked up Silvers pool - by double default)

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday 16/11/2008 Carps AC - Landsend Fishery

Colin Golding fished today. I thought he looked unwell, however, he was well enough to buy Mike Ducketts Boss box for £100, knocking Mike down from a £150! - a bargain.

The weather had turned mild, with temperatures well in to double figures, The air was damp with mizzle. Bela Bakos asked where I would like to draw -"I didn't mind as long as it wasn't a corner peg". What do I draw corner peg 1 on Match Lake! However, it does have some Silvers previous. The Saturday match was won from this peg with 35lb - all Carp catch by Rod Wotton (the venue Carp expert) - fishing long with pellet. When I got to my peg I was amazed how clear the water was. I could se at least 24 inches down. Due to the water clarity, and that peg 2 was not in, I decided to fish at 9 metres in to open water at 2 o clock towards peg 2 (I like peg 2). This proved to be very uncomfortable and come the end of the match my legs and back had stiffened up. I kicked started the peg by feeding Sensas Black Lake. I slipped on a single red maggot and had a 1oz Ronnie first put in. Out again and had a 1lb 8oz Skimmer. I fed again and had a 2lb Tench!! Um, must be going to fish well! I then had two Crucians of about 1lb 8oz. After feeding again I tried 4mm GOT expander, which resulted in a couple more Crucians and a decent Skimmer. Back on the maggot and a few more Crucians before the Carp arrived. In the last half hour I landed two Carp. I weighed 17lb 3oz of Silvers and 8lb 12oz of Carp for a total weight of 25lb 15oz. This put be first in the Silvers and 4th overall and a pick up of £40. The two Carp were landed using the pull-a-bung. Both Carp went under and through to the other side of my platform. I was able to let the elastic free and pass my top set under my keepnets arms. So pull-a-bungs do have their uses!

The match was won by Nick Duckett (pictured top right) with 92lb 11oz from Specimen Lake peg 35. Nick weighed two Carp for 36lb.

Mike Owen was runner up in the Silvers with 11lb 6oz from peg 25 and qualifies for the Sunday Carps AC Silversmania.

Full Result:

1. Nick Duckett 92-11-0 peg 35
2. Rod Wotton 48-12-0 peg 5
3. John Bennett 29-15-0 peg 27
4. Mike Nicholls 25-15-0 peg 1
5. Gordon Cannings 19-08-0 peg 17
6. Charlie Barnes 18-08-0 peg 15

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 17-03-0 peg 1
2. Mike Owen 11-06-0 peg 25

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday 09/11/2008 Carps AC - Plantation - Horseshoe Lake

After heavy overnight rain and a noticeable temperature drop and with heavy periodic showers to come, we all expected it to fish hard. We were not disappointed!
This was my first visit to Horseshoe Lake and on first viewing liked what I saw. I always look forward to fishing new venues as it adds to the challenge - you don't really know what to to expect and hence fish with much more optimism.

I drew peg 12 on the spit element of the horseshoe facing the car park. With the wind blowing hard from the South West I decided to set up one rig for the silvers, which was my usual PB14 - wire stem to help combat the wind. I must say it did pick up the tow very well. Due to the consistent depth I was able to use this float at five metres and seven metres without changing depth. I started by feeding a small amount of Sensas Black Lake with a few dead maggots at five metres, with single dead maggot on the hook. This resulted in one 1oz Ronnie. I then had a Skimmer of 3oz, but it was very slow. I then tried caster to no avail. I fed some micro pellet at seven metres and tried 4mm expander pellet on the hook, which resulted in a run of 3-4oz Skimmers. I decided to kinder pot Black Lake with a smidgen of micro in at the five metre line. I managed to keep the "pea's in a pod" Skimmers coming on and off until the last hour. The thirty odd skimmers weighed 9lb dead, which gave me first in the Silvers and a pick up of £30. My only Carp of 12 oz lifted my weight to 9lb 12oz for 6th overall!

The locals anglers took the main framing spots with Mike Owen (pictured right with his winning catch) winning the match from peg 8 with a mainly Carp catch of 33lb 3oz - an excellent weight on the day. Mike caught at 11.5 metres with 4mm soft pellet, fished over micro pellet.
Runner up was Kev Perry from peg 2 with 15lb 15oz. Kev caught five Carp on soft pellet also.

There was a draw for second in the Silvers (first of the year) with Gordon Cannings and Pete Davis both weighing 3lb 14oz. Both qualify for the Sunday Silversmania by default!

Full Result:

1. Mike Owen 33-03-0 peg 8
2. Kev Perry 15-15-0 peg 2
3. Paul Fairers 12-03-0 peg 1
4. Andy Curry 11-12-0 peg 9
5. Gordon Cannings 10-07-0 peg 5
6. Mike Nicholls 9-12-0 peg 12

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 9-0-0 peg 12
2. Gordon Cannings 3-14-0 peg 5
2. Pete Davis 3-14-0 peg 6

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Thursdays 06/11/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Withy Pool

This match was moved from Bridge Pool to Withy Pool, due to Bathampton AA treating Bridge Pool (see thier website for further details) for the Algae bloom that has appeared over resent years. Again, the forward thinking Bathampton Committee, taking the right actions. Can't wait to fish Bridge Pool again on the 27/11/08 (note there is another "Coffin Doggers" on 20/11/08 on Withy Pool). I understand that they have also treated Newton Park, with further plans for the main lake at Huntstrete.

The weather was cloudy - as usual, with little, to no wind, but very mild. The first draw put me on peg forty something! After a redraw! John Wild drew peg 47 out for me. A peg I would have chosen. Tony Rixon commented that this time of year calls for a lighter approach and I might like to consider fishing the "pull-a-bung", so I bought one and set it up with black "JRANGE Lastic" (only £9 and is very similar to the black hydro - but without the liquid).
Second put in on caster I hooked a carp and after trying to pull-a-bung the Carp back from 30 metres it broke me! So the pull-a-bung got bunged!! I have renamed it "pull-a-plunker" What a load of bo****ks.

Quickly back to my usual Middy 16-22 blue elastic. With further bad angling I manage to lose another two big carp. However, I caught some quality Ronald's to 12oz on caster, with a smidgen of small Skimmers using 6mm expander pellet. I weighed 15lb 8oz of Roach/Skimmers for first in the Silvers and fifth overall and a pick up of £20.

The match was won once again by Terry Bruton with an all Carp catch, weighing, 69lb 10oz from peg 44. Terry fished his usual method of waggler with hair rigged pellet a full depth. To attract the carp Terry lightly loose fed hard 8 mm pellet.

Runner up was Bob "The Bread" Price from peg 60 with 50lb 5oz. Bob fished the pole at 10 metres and the straight lead with pellet and you guessed it - bread.

Ian Sheppard (pictured right) Landed 45lb 1oz of quality Carp from peg 67. Ian fished both waggler 7 foot deep with pellet and the pole at 7 metres with maggot over loose fed maggot.

Full Result:

1. Terry Bruton 69-10-0 peg 44
2. Bob "The Bread" Price 50-05-0 peg 60
3. Ian Sheppard 45-01-0 peg 67
4. John Wild 15-11-0 peg 69
5. Mike Nicholls 15-08-0 peg 47
6. Bill Ferris 11-08-0 peg 50

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 15-08-0 peg 47
2. Bill "The Maggot Man" Ferris 11-08-0 peg 50
3. Martin Alexander 5-07-0 peg 41

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday 02/11/08 - Veals Teams of Four Winter League Round 4 - Landsend Fishery

With the weather turning wintry, with heavy over night rain and a stiff North Westerly blowing, the consensus was that the fishery would fish hard - as it proved to be for some anyway, with many Anglers not breaking the pound.

However, we faired better than most fishing the "Real" Winter League fished on the in flood Brsitol Avon (believed to be the oldest river in England - this is measured by the bankside tree growth). My mate Darren Gillman drew the crane section and framed with 2lb 3oz! Some sections were won with ounces. The match was won from just above the bay at Fry's by Graham Hunt with 4lb!

Charlie drew me peg 51 on John Walter (again). I was hoping for for Sidney's, but was content with my draw. We all knew that one Carp was needed for good points. So it was disappointing to lose a Carp second put in on double red maggot over a nuget of Black Lake ground bait (fits in a kinder pot). However, I then have a run of small Ronnies and Skimmers on single maggot. From what I could see the going was very hard. I kept a few Silvers going for a while at 10 metres until I landed a 8lb 9oz Carp, on single maggot. This decided me to forget the Silvers and fish 6mm expander pellet at 13 metres to the far bank bush which resulted in about ten Crucians to 4oz!! I weighed 6lb of Silvers to go with my Carp, for a total of 14lb 9oz and seventh on the lake and 9 points.

My five peg section was won by Tony Rixon on peg 54 with 17lb (which included a 3lb Bream!).
The match was won by Anton Page (pictured top right - what a lovely set of dentures)

with 115lb 12 oz of Carp from peg 31 on Specimen. Anton caught his 13 fish on the far bank, two foot deep using double red maggot.

Tim Pallant (pictured right) was runner up with 59-10-0 of Carp from peg 83 on Sidney's. Tim caught on soft pellet fishing to the far corner leg.

The Silvers was won by Vince Shipp from peg 78 with 13lb 13oz. Which included what was described as a "Golden Bream"!
Team wise Charle's Angles came joint second on the day with 40 points, which now raises us to the dizzy heights of 5th overall with 38 points!

Ful result:
1. Anton Page 115-12-0 peg 31
2. Tim Pallant 59-10-0 peg 83
3. Eric Fouracres 50-13-0 peg 15
4. Steve Kedge 44-15-0 peg 40
1. Vince Shipp 13-13-0 peg 68
2. Kev Perry 9-0-0 peg 58
3. Ryan Shipp 8-13-0 peg 25 (arrived at his peg 2 hours in to the match!)
4. John Gray 8-03-0 peg 72

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursdays 30/10/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Bridge Pool

The latest News on Colin Golding is that he is now at home and looking much better. I hope Colin takes some time off fishing during these cold winter months to get himself back to his old self . In the mean time he will be missed, especially by the Silver Anglers - Colin is always good competition in this respect - the man to beat.

After two previous consecutive days of heavy frost (the first of the year) a very cold North Easterly welcomed us. Despite this, another good turn out. All the competitors were thinking negatively in terms of winning weights, especially, as most venues have been suffering from water temperature drops and poor weights. However, we need not had worried, as the venue fished exceptionally well. I think this was primarily due to the excellent pegging by Bob Warren and Terry Bruton - these two know the venue better than anyone.

Bob Warren drew my peg and I his. Thanks Bob for the best winter peg on the venue! I drew peg 18 for Bob, which is the best Summer peg!! Terry drew peg 7 which is the peg he had practiced on the Monday and bagged up (you can see how serious these matches can be to some). I only set up one rig which was a 4x16 Jolly with a 16 Tubertini 808 hook. This rig can fish baits from 6mm expander to single maggot and any size in between. I plumbed this up at top set plus two (about five metres). I choose a top set with a soft 6-12 Maver hollow elastic (which I later changed to a stiffer 18 - 22 Middy hollow). I decided that single maggot over maggot and nuggets ground bait was a good start, which resulted in a couple of 1lb Skimmers and one lost foul hooked carp. I then got bitted out by 1oz Ronnies, so switched to 6mm expander and had a run of Skimmers from 4oz to 1lb, with the odd Ronnie. I decided to loose feed maggot to my left with the anticipation that the small Ronnies would follow the "piper", so that I could get back on to the Skimmers with double red. This worked and I netted a few more Skimmer until I latched into my first double figure Carp. I kept a few Skimmers coming in between landing four quality Carp for a Carp weight of 47lb 14oz and a Silvers weight of 13lb 8oz for a total of 61-06-0. This put me first in the Silvers and second overall for a pick up of £25.

The match was won by "the master" - Terry Bruton (practice makes perfect - picture right with part of his catch) with eight carp for 68 4oz from peg 7. Terry fished the waggler at depth - mid lake, with hair rigged hard pellet. Terry fed sparingly through out.

Full Result:

1. Terry Bruton 68-04-0 peg 7
2. Mike Nicholls 61-06-0 peg 31
3. Martin Alexander 39-03-0 peg 23 (good weight from this peg)
4. John Bradford 35-12-0 peg 24
5. Terry Church 28-13-0 peg 30
6. Bob Warren 19-05-0 peg 18

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 13-08-0 peg 31
2. Geoff Stones 12-10-0 peg 16
3. Bill Ferris 10-04-0 peg 4

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sunday 26/10/2008 Carps AC - Wednesday's Silversmania Final - Landsend Fishery

With Thirty Six Anglers qualifying there was not much scope for leaving the worse pegs out. My hope was that I did not have an end (corner) peg. My preference was a mid peg on Specimen Lake. I was delighted therefore, when I drew peg 35 on Specimen (where my good friend Darren Gillman was second from in the Wednesday practice match with 18lb 3oz). Was this my target weight? Darren and I had developed a plan based on ground bait and maggot. So I mixed one pint of Sensas Lake Black with one pint of Gimps Gold. This I fed at 11.5 metres with a little red maggot. I also fed chopped worm and caster at 4 metres for the Perch (and anything else). I also set up two whips one elasticated with a PB14 at 3 metres (caster line) and one at 4.5 metres with one of my home made wagglers. I started over the CW&C line with worm tails on the hook which resulted in two 1 oz Perch and one 4oz Roach - very slow though - so out on the 11.5 metre line over the GB which resulted in being "bitted out" by small Ronnies. So I decide to fish the caster 3 metre whip to see if I could catch quicker. This resulted in no bites! So on to the 4.5 metre whip (I am in effect fishing at 8 metres) using single maggot over loose fed maggot. This resulted in a number of quick Ronnies to 4oz, two Skimmers and one small Crucian. After re-feeding the GB line tried it again, but indications were that Carp had moved in over it (this GB mix produces a very attractive cloud just above bottom). So I spent the rest of the match on the 4.5 metre whip for a weight of 18lb 8oz for first overall and a pick up of £500.

Through the grape vine I had heard that Darren was third overall, which was pleasing news (plan worked then for someone). Alas, Darren was pushed in to fourth place and first out of the money!! Bad luck matey.

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 18-08-0 peg 35 (£500)
2. John Green 17-12-0 peg 27 (£300 - pictured top right)
3. Mike Owens 17-08-0 peg 22 (£200 - Pictured right)
4. Darren Gillman 14-13-0 peg 5
5. Bob Gullick 14-09-0 peg 17
6. Gary Wall 13-06-0 peg 5

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wednesday 22/10/2008 Carps AC - Silvers only Match - Landsend

As most of the Carps AC members know that Colin Golding has been out of sorts recently, picking up a heavy cold during his visit to Stafford Moor. Well, today Colin was emitted to hospital (Bristol - Frenchy Hospital) and is currently under going emergency treatment. Get well soon matey.

In the meantime, during Colin's absence I will run the Bathampton AA over 55's, starting with the match on Bridge Pool on the 30/10/08.

Today's match was targeted as practice for Sunday's Wednesday Carps AC Silversmania. With 25 fishing the pegs were split between Specimen and Match Lake. So it was decided to pay the top three on each lake.I drew Peg 13 (unlucky for some). Again in a corner peg on match lake. I can remember a few years back this was considered a good silvers peg, fishing in to the end margin, but of late has proved a good Carp peg. Due to the trees now in full autumn golden colours made the visibility of the float difficult to see, it was a question of fishing where you could see a particular colour. With an near frost overnight and the colour dropping out the fishing was going to be difficult - as it proved. I weighed 7lb 14oz of small Perch and Roach for fourth on the Lake - one out of the money)! I caught most of my fish on chopped worm over chopped worm and caster.

The Match lake was won by Mike Duckett (pictured right) with 14lb 8oz from peg 6. Mike caught mainly Skimmers on soft pellet. The Specimen lake was won by Tom Thick (pictured top right - less the red high-lights) with 23lb 10oz. Tom was keeping his cards close to his chest on how he caught!
Ten of the Anglers fishing "Did Not Weigh - DNW"

Full Result:

Match lake:

1. Mike Duckett 14-08-0 peg 6 (Qualifies for the Carps AC Wednesday Silversmania)
2. Rich Coles 9-06-0 peg 20
2. Pete Sivell 9-06-0 peg 22
4. Mike Nicholls 7-14-0 peg 13
5. Jess Jordan 7-02-0 peg 5
6. Paul Lock 3-15-0 peg 18
7. Phil Coulam 3-05-0 peg 11
8. Bill Ferris 2-12-0 peg 3

Specimen lake

1. Tom Thick 23 10-0 peg 27
2. Darren Gillman 18-03-0 peg 35
3. John Green 8-0-0 peg 36
4. Ian Dawe 7-10-0 peg 37
5. John Bennett 6-12-0 peg 39
6. Adrian Bishop 4-08-0 peg 40
7. Ryan Potter 3-08-0 peg 29 (Qualifies for the Carps AC Wednesday Silversmania)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday 19/10/08 - Veals Teams of Four Winter League Round 3 - Landsend Fishery

After many years of trying to develop "hind sight" I am still left lacking in this department. Today was such an example. "If only" I knew that 10lb 15 oz of would win the Silvers pool today, with 8lb 10 oz coming fourth!

The team draw put me on peg 32 on Specimen Lake (why can't I draw my own peg!). This is the car park end, far bank, corner peg, (I hate corner pegs when targeting Silvers). Tom Thick gave me a run down on the peg - "Fish sixteen metres shallow to the end margin tree". How nice it must be to be eighteen, sixteen stone and six foot two. I didn't have the heart to tell him I only take two poles both thirteen metres, because I can't see any further! Tom had drawn peg 50 on John's Water (a peg I fancied).

I set up seven rigs (don't tell Kev Dicks). I started by feeding chopped worm and a few caster at 4 metres at 2 o clock. I fed corn and caster at 13 metres into the end margin. I started on the 4mm pellet over my test pot of micro at 10 metres at 11 o clock. This resulted in one five pound Carp. No silvers! Blimey I am in trouble (as was everyone else, as it happened). On to the Ronnie caster rig - no bites - the world is about to end. On to the chopped worm rig and a few small Perch and Ronnies - one lost foul hooked carp. Out on the paste over the test pot at 10 metres - nothing. Fed a new chopped worm and caster line at 10 metres which resulted in a 15lb 8oz Common Carp (Dad was looking down on me whilst I was playing it, I gave it plenty of chances to get free).

I kept rotating all the swims until I decided to stay on 10 metre chopped worm rig to the end, which resulted in a total Silvers weight of 5lb 11oz (see what I mean, if I had stuck with the CW&C I am sure I would have framed in the Silvers. I weighed a total of 26lb 3oz for fifth in the section of fifteen and first in the section of five by double default for a pick up of £40.

Specimen lake fished hard with the likes Paul Garrett weighing 14oz on peg 25 and Bryan Slipper weighing 4oz on peg 36!!

The match was won by Brett Holly (pictured top right - it wasn't that cold) with 80lb 06 oz from peg 31. Brett landed 10 fish averaging 10lb. Runner up was Julian Heaven with 67lb 10 oz from peg 31. Julian lost at least 70lb of foul hooked Carp - how frustrating.
The Silvers was won by Mark Taylor from peg 16 with 10-15oz!!!

Charlie's Angels finished 8th overall (with Charlie getting his usual 1 point). This now puts us in joint 7th overall. I am sure once Charles gets a few points we will start moving up the table!

Westerleigh are currently topping the league table.

Full Result:


1. Brett Holly 80-06-0 peg 33
2. Julian Heaven 67-10-0 peg 31
3. Nicky Collier 51-07-0 peg 78
4. Steve Seagar 50-12-0 peg 58


1. Mark Taylor 10-15-0 peg 16
2. Vince Brown 10-04-0 peg 70
3. Vince Shipp 9-06-0 peg 42
4. Dean Malin 8-10-0 peg 21

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thursdays 16/10/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Withy Pool

Another good turn out, the weather remained fine and dry, although once the sun disappeared the North Westerly wind was cold, but seasonal.
It was "fish bank holiday Wednesday", the fish had turned completed off . I could hear all sorts of reason why echoing around the lake - temperature dropped overnight, NW wind blowing, too bright, etc... The answer for me was simple, it was a near full Moon and the fish feed at night/early morning (this also happen yesterday to some extent).
I drew peg 42 for the second time and was happy with this as I caught some good Ronnies and Skimmers on the last visit. So naturally I started after the Ronnies with caster - not a bite. On to the maggot - not a bite!! I decided to focus on the Skimmers with 6mm GOT expander. The bites were extraordinary shy, but managed to put together 4lb 8oz of Skimmers by the close. However, due to the Silvers being so slow I spent 90% of the match on paste, at five metres (this is nearly half way according to Bob Price), which accounted for five Carp in the net and five lost - four were definite foul hookers, swimming about two foot about the deck. The five Carp weighed 34lb 6oz for a total of 38lb 14oz. This put me first overall by 1oz and a pick up of £25! When the matches fish hard, as today, it is usually a close affair.
Geoff Stones was runner up with 38lb 13oz from unfancied peg 72 (let that be a lesson to you Geoff!
The Silvers was won by John Bradford with 11lb 12oz from peg 49. John caught most of his fish in the first two hours - struggling for the rest of the match for 2lb.
Full Result:
1. Mike Nicholls 38-14-0 peg 42
2. Geoff Stones 38-13-0 peg 72
3. Bob "The Bread" Price 36-08-0 peg 55 (on paste)
4. Bob Warren 33-12-0 peg 62 (excellent result form this peg)
5. Bryan Sheppard 28-05-0 peg 43 (I now know where son Bob learnt his fishing - Bryan fished a tidy match)
6. Dave Bacon 27-03-0 peg 50
Top Silvers:
1. John Bradford 11-12-0 peg 49
2. Bill Ferris 11-0-0 peg 69