Monday, 29 July 2019

Sunday 28/07/2019 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

On my own today so beans and porridge. Second to arrive to John Fuidge so we had a lengthy walk around analysing all the pegs.

I had drawn the flyer peg 14 last Thursday which fishes itself, so wanted to be somewhere else for practice with the paste for next Saturday's all in match. Into the draw box and out comes peg 22. I draw this one a lot and recently only picked up with Silvers, but today it was to be out and out paste. The wind was forecast to be in the West, strengthening as the day progressed, which would be straight into this peg. I could only see one angler Dave Willmott on end bank peg 24 - apparently he has taught himself to levitate using YouTube. I wonder if he would use banded caster today?

This peg is deep close in at top-set plus two puts you in 8-9 foot of water. I set up a 0.4 gram MH paste float to fish the top-set up the shelf, which was still 5 foot deep. I do like to loose feed by hand which can be a problem in this depth. The other paste rig a 0.3 gram for the margin set at 30 inches. Similar to the other paste rig the shelf is quite steep so the paste has a tendency to roll down which can attractive to the Carp, more so a nuisance.

Having fed both paste lines with hard 4 's I started on the deep rig and was soon playing one of the newbie Commons - they fight like hell for 3 pounds they will be very difficult to get out once they become doubles. I had about 15 lb when I started to lose fish. OK some might have been fouled but not many of them. Lightly hook me thinks. Dave was having similar problems. I started to play the fish more carefully which helped. After an hour or so the line dried up with the tell-tell nibblers arrival. So early try in the margin and caught a 8 lb Mirror. There has been an explosion of 1 oz Ronnies - millions of the blighters and they like the margins. A Carp would come to the margin and chase them, I had a feeling they were actually feeding on them. I was anticipating that the margin would get better as the day went on. With about an hour or so to go I reckon I had 80 lb and was holding my own with Dave. However, the wind pickup and as expected was blowing directly at me making presentation difficult. The upshot was I only caught one small Cap during this time.

My fish weighed in at 84 lb 12 oz which included an accidental 9 oz Skimmer. I was glad to get out of the wind which was strangely cold.

The match was won by John Fuidge (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with a personal best of 229 lb 14 oz from in form peg 14. John initially caught shallow/slapping and later down his margin all with banded 6mm pellet fished over 4's.

The Silvers was won by Dave Haines pictured with the match winner with 11 lb 5 oz from peg 11. Dave caught on maggot on his top-set over loose fed maggot.

Shame about the turnouts for the commercial matches. The problem is that there are too many 20 peg venues. We do need bigger venues to attract a bigger turn out. There are plenty of quality matchmen in the South West to fill a 60 peg Sunday venue.


1. John Fuidge 229-14-0 peg 14
2. Gerry Welsh 129-08-0 peg 2
3. Dave Willmott 126-01-0 peg 24


1. Dave Haines 11-05-0 peg 11
2. john Fuidge 9-09-0 peg 14
Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Thursday 25/07/2019 - Windmill Fishery - Costcutter - Match Lake

Geoff and I had booked into Shiplate, unfortunately Geoff had to get home early so Windmill fishery it was. But first breakfast at Hungry Horaces - ummy.

Arrived at the fishery and according to the BBC it was likely to be the hottest day since the beginning of time - twats. So suncream on - check, plenty of water - check, umbrella - check, light clothing - check. One good thing about Windmill it's always windy and although it wasn't it's usual force 9 it was giving a nice welcome breeze down to the far end. I said to Geoff the turn out will be low if anyone watch the BBC - luckily they don't.

Mark Haskins was fishing today so had the next float delivery - a man can't have enough floats - can he? Worth a look at his floats especially as he can use the same materials as Malman but cheaper.

Two milk tops left in the draw bag it was a fight with Martyn McMahon who had the last one - he won. I had peg 14 and he peg 6. Geoff drew peg 4. Happy with mine it's had plenty of form over the last couple of months. Even The Trig won off it last night.

Arrived at the peg and plenty of signs of Carp down the far end I was hoping they would join in the fun later down the edge. discounted the Silvers today so paste and pellet it was to be.

I set up two paste rigs - one 0.4 gram for down the track at top set plus three. And a 0.3 gram for all the margins and across to the far bank if absolutely necessary!

I was ready to go when a fish swirled in the LH margin - up wind where I didn't intend to fish. I fed the three lines - track, top-set down wind and long margin to the edge of the Sedges with hard 4's. Then dropped the paste over the swirl and caught a 7 lb Carp with no tail first try. I tried a few more times but got nibbled out - end of. So out on the deep rig and caught a few small Carp before that dried up. There were plenty of fish on the opposite island so got all the tubes out and fished 13 metres with the margin rig with no feed with the paste and had one 3 lb fish first try - got it sorted - not - another three small Carp to 1 1/2 lb before I got frustrated missing bites. 

Matey Bob Warren who was on the next peg came down with blood dripping down his face. He pinged out of Carp and the float came back just missing his eye. At last I was able to put my Duke of Edinburgh's first aid award into practice from when I was 15 and put a plaster on him - actually two but Bob took one off - Pictured right - apparently he's a bleeder.

So time to try the long edge and first try a 8 lb Carp which took some hauling out of the sedges. Just after I had a visit from Tim Ford and had a couple of small Carp whilst he was there once Tim travelled on I reckon I had 35 lb. I had a few more long but was getting frustrated again with identifying liners from bites. With two hours to go I switched to the top-set and caught well. I was catching three decent Carp every 15 minutes when I had another visitor - Gary Bowden who sat too close for comfort - did he learn too much? Had two whilst he was there. I then remembered I had some old maggots in the bag so puts some in - mistake - caught three accidental decent Skimmers over them on paste. Back to loose feeding hard 4s regained the feeding Carp.

My three accidental Skimmers added 5 lb 4oz to my overall weight of 156 lb which was enough to win the match. This peg is an absolute flyer - at the moment.

The Silvers was won by the Enigma (pictured right with the overall winner) with 18 lb 6 oz from peg 18. No point in describing how he caught because no one can mimic him!! Well done matey.

Well we all survived the weather today - including Bob.


1. Mike Nicholls 156-0-0 peg 14
2. Martyn McMahon 84-03-0 peg 6 (long over to island - slapping)
3. Dave Haines 62-01-0 peg 20
4. Matt Drinkwater 61-14-0 peg 10


1. Steve Dawson 18-06-0 peg 18
2. Martin McMahon 10-0-0 peg 6
3. Ken Morgan 9-09-0 peg 8

Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 22 July 2019

Sunday 21/07/2019 - Tony Rixon Float Only - Round Five - Shiplate Farm - All Lakes

Really looking forward to today's match as it's a great venue with plenty of fish in all Lakes. I travelled with NOT BELLA and had breakfast with Geoff in Shipham. Mr and Mrs came in and unfortunately Mrs ended up in hospital after the match with Shingles. Glad I choose to have the vaccine last week. Get well soon I'm sure Mr will wait on you hand FOOT and finger.

Arrived at the fishery and had a quick look around. All the Lakes were a different colour due to differing Algae I guess. Nice to catch up with the Gamekeeper and Goldilocks. This fishery is a credit to them.

I was asked what peg I would prefer, with four Lakes in I said any peg 1. So into the draw tub and out comes peg 1 Westpool. Very happy with this, a peg I have always wanted to fish. Arrived at the peg and found a vagrant in the form of Dave Lewis setting up in in it! I explained that he was most probably on the wrong peg. He showed me his draw card (upside down) and could have read W1, so he shouted out "redraw" to half the participants glee. Glenn Bailey who was on peg 3 showed him his draw card (I had binned mine) and had West 3 on it. So mystery solved rotating his card it now read M1 (Main Lake). I helped Dave load his trolley and Dave gleefully went off on a long walk back (Dave pictured right).

There was plenty of fish showing so expected a good day, especially late on in the margins. I set up two paste rigs a 0.3 gram that would suit both left and right hand margins. The right looked the most promising with regard to being 18 inches deep. The other a 0.4 gram to fish top-set plus two down the track. I started by feeding the three lines with a pot of micro. I find micro a good kick starter for the paste. It wasn't long before the long line was fizzing so expected a Carp soon. First bite on paste was a Chub!! It wasn't long after this that I was tearing what hair I have left out. The only Carp I could hook was fouled. I lost all eight. I noticed that the margins were showing signs of Carp. They would come along close to the the bank and soon as they got to the feed would make a huge swirl and rush off without feeding!! Strange, but explains the foul hooking. I tried the margins and had two small Carp and five more Chub and a 2 lb Skimmer, later I had a near 2 lb Perch - all on paste. What was also interesting none of the many small silvers were feeding I didn't have one nibbler all day. However, I was struggling so got our the Ronnie rig and caster to fish around the peg shallow - Chub like caster don't they - apparently not. I swept the entire swim around and up and down with caster and didn't have a bite on the single caster - unbelievable. I tried all sorts including fishing over the far bank only to foul hook more Carp. I was banking on the Carp feeding late on and so I wouldn't miss out it stayed in both margins which I had stopped feeding with paste for the rest of the match adding six more Carp. I did lose one about 6 lb in the reeds to my left - bugger in the mouth too.

Due to the trees etc; I couldn't see anyone one else but was told everyone in the section was owning up to 35 lb so I'm thinking not a complete disaster. The section was very tight my Silvers weighed 9 lb 14 oz and the Carp 29 lb 1 oz for second in the section weight of 38 lb 15 oz to Glenn Bailey who had 42 lb 6 oz. Only one or two fish separating the section which proved competitive - i like these sort of matched but would have been better I could see what was going on.

I believe the end I fished has more fish than the other. However, the other end caught more fish? Work that one out. 

Glenn had a surprise when Bob Gullick fishing the main lake peg 11 waggler got accidentally back casted into his peg. Wouldn't have been a hoot if a Carp took his banded pellet. Glenn couldn't say much as he was doing his fair share of Squirrel fishing.

The match was won by Ryan Shipp (pictured right with the another Shipp) with 196 lb 9 oz from Hawthorns peg 1 (another peg 1). Ryan caught at 5 metres down his edge using caster over caster in his margin catching both up and down.
The Silver was won by Chris Davis (pictured above with the match winner) and was the man of the match for me catching 72 lb 11 oz of Skimmers to 2 lb. Chris caught at 11 metres using corn hook bait over potted corn. Chris fed six tins of corn throughout the match. Just the one Carp for him but won his section with just Silvers - remarkable. Well done to both.

And ... Bela did well once again on Hawthorne's 4 coming second overall with 156 lb 5 oz so beers on him. And ... Geoff won his section from Main 15 with 135 lb 2 oz. Another memorable day out.


Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 19 July 2019

Thursday 18/07/2019 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool

After a week away with the Special One it was back in the saddle at Hunstrete with Geoff Francis. Arrived at the fishery in plenty of time after our breakfast at Hungry Horace's to have a walk around the pool. I was surprised how coloured the pool was. I thought of all sorts that might have caused this but couldn't really say for sure. There was plenty of signs of feeding fish at one end of the pool, however, the far end again look dower with hardly any signs. We concluded that the pool does need restocking and is now probably missing "year fish" that were netted out in previous years. Peg 19 or 21 would have been my choice.

Two pegs left in the draw bag Ken Morgan went in first and pulled peg 19!! Last peg it was then - peg 18!! Happy with this one of which I have lots of pleasant memories. It's also the shortest walk. Peg 17 is not usually in but can be OK, and was in today and found myself facing Geoff (pictured right praying to his God of fish).

Having missed a weeks fishing I was a bit rusty and didn't have a plan. Finally decided to fish the Ronnie rig for starters whilst the Skimmer line settled on the GB feed. I had two shotted paste rigs readied, one deep over the Skimmers line at top-set plus two and one for the margin both left and right.

I started on the Ronnie rig over GB laced with maggot and loose fed LR's over the top. I had a few nice Ronnies and Rudd and an F1. The small Perch soon found the feed and I was getting pestered but felt I was doing OK and expected them to disappear soon enough. However, I had some indications of feeding fish over the GB and micro Skimmers line. So with half hour gone I needed to have a check on the species so switched to the 4x16 Winter Titan with double LR's  and had three small Tench, but these weren't the reason for the blow. So switched to the deep paste rig and had a run of 20 F1's. However, they were a bugger to catch and had to dot the float down and strike at any indication. I think expander's might have been a better choice. I then hooked a decent Carp which was too quick for me and left me climbing a tree to get my rig back! by now the sun had appeared and slowed everything down leaving me just picking off the odd F1. So tried the LH margin with paste and had a couple more F1's. I now converted both sides to Carp by loose feeding hard 4's and started to catch better Carp from both margins, landing seven losing another trying to stop it going into the tree.

My few Silvers weighed 6 lb 8 oz and my F1's 26 lb 6 oz and my Carp 60 lb 1 oz for a match winning total of 92 lb 15 oz. Looking at the Silvers result I felt I could have picked up in the Silvers pool had I concentrated more on them with the Ronnie rig. Another memorable days fishing with great company.

The Silvers was won by Dave Haines (pictured right asleep after a hard day on the whip with the match winner) with 17 lb 9 oz from peg 15. Dave caught on caster or maggot over loose fed caster and maggot fishing short - as he does. Dave bought a Daiwa pole two years ago and hasn't used more than the top-sets so far.

Geoff sneaked in the Silvers pool so a double bubble car off to the pub with more than the usual suspects.

Off to Tony's float only Sunday at Shiplate Farm - can't wait a great fishery.


1. Mike Nicholls 92-15-0 peg 18
2. Gary Bowden 61-09-0 peg 11
3. Ray Bazeley 58-13-0 peg 27
4. Pete Greenslade 44-02-0 peg 21


1. Dave Haines 17-09-0 peg 15
2. Steve Dawson 15-08-0 peg 29
3. Pete Greenslade 14-04-0 peg 21
4. Geoff Francis 13-08-0 peg 17

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 8 July 2019

Sunday 08/07/2019 - Tony Rixon's Float Only - Round Three - Sedges - Brick and Tile Lakes

Travelled with Two Pots today, so breakfast at home,more beans and porridge. Podge is still on page one of his new car sat nav manual so had to follow us down. Didn't need us on the way home though.

Two Pots was telling everyone that this venue was the best paste venue in the South West - Umm.

I really to be wanted to draw on Tile Lake, simply because the Silvers could be won off any of the middle pegs. Whereas on Brick the favourite areas are pegs 5 to 8. There are pegs to avoid at the moment - Brick pegs 2,3 20, 19,18 and 17. So into the draw tube and out comes peg 3. Noooo. No chance of beating peg 1 especially with Meat Head on it and with little hope of Silvers it was going to be a philosophical day. For company on peg 2 was the affable Nick Brown and Phil Hardwick on peg 4. Phil fetched the item pictured right from his car. I wasn't sure what it was - a sewing machine, Gramophone? I was hoping it was a picnic to share.

Being an out and out paste venue!!! I set up two paste rigs one o fish at top-set plus three out in front and one for the RH margin which was just the right topography for presenting the paste. In case I set up a 4x16 Winter Titan for Silvers at top set plus four at 11 o'clock. I started on the long paste rig after feeding a big pot of micro/4's mix. The expectation was to immediately have some fizzing, I was amazed and worried this didn't happen. I expected in this case to have some nibblers - more concern when this didn't happen the paste just sat there. I had a go on the Titan with expander's of micro and again no sign of feeding fish not even a Ronnie intercepting the bait on the drop. Nick hadn't had a bite either whilst Phil was catching the odd Carp on the pellet waggler - releasing as many as he was landing! The penny dropped all the fish were up in the water and really didn't want to feed. I thought about setting up the waggler but knew I couldn't possible catch meat head. At sometime the fish would go down on the bottom to feed, but was a question of when? So rather than sit there bite less I thought I would socialise and have a walk around the Lakes having a chat with at least 75% of the anglers. I did this twice! It was obvious that the venue had converted from a paste venue to Slappers paradise. Arrived at Two Pots corner peg 31 and found he was struggling with the paste and was practising his slapping. Back to my peg and so to while away the time I set up the Ronnie rig and caught an assortment of small fish - nothing manic ob caster over GB and caster. With an hour to go Nick had his first Carp so time to go back on the long paste line. I fed some more hard 4's and had the elusive fizz right away. During the last hour I had three Carp losing one fouler and three decent Skimmers. Come the all out the peg was alive with feeding fish giving me liners!! This has happened before and will happen again. At least I saved face with my total weight of 32 lb being halfway up the Lake beating two in the section!!

The match once again was won by Neil Mercer (pictured right) with 258 lb 14 oz from Tile corner peg 40. Neil caught on banded pellet fished over pinged 6's fished at 14.5 to his end bank. His catch also included an Eel of 3 lb 4 oz - nice to see. three matches in the three, I don't think The Trig is that happy about sharing his flyer's around - even though Neil is his boss.

The Silvers was won by Chris Fox (pictured right with a nice net of assorted size of Skimmers) with 44 lb 2 oz from Tile peg 38. Chris caught mainly on expander's over micro and hard 4's. However, see his blog for more details.


1. Neil Mercer 258-14-0 peg 40
2. Tony Rixon 184-0-0 peg 37
3. Paul Elmes 156-08-0 peg 21
4. Vince Shipp 126-05-0 peg 24


1. Chris Fox 44-02-0 peg 38
2. Paul Faiers 32-04-0 peg 27

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 5 July 2019

Thursday 05/07/2019 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Short Walks - Bridge Pool

Geoff and I went to Hungry Horaces again for another great breakfast. One guy had just finished large breakfast and then ordered another large!

Arrived in time to have another walk around with Geoff. What a beautiful morning, but going to get very hot. No wind.

 Eighteen fishing today. Last peg in the draw bag saw me on peg 16. Happy with this as I intended to fish for Carp today and it's only 12 metres to the opposite island. The downside to this peg is that it's 90 degrees to next peg 15, so unless you're left handed it can be a pole fencing match. Luckily Geoff Grant arrived on the peg with the shortest legged pole roller I've seen - but only one! To me the water looked clear, I could see small F1's tight into the undercut, so might make them difficult to catch especially with the overhanging trees and the dreaded brambles.

I set up two paste rigs one for the inside line and the other over where the bottom was very irregular. I also set up the Ronnie rig incase the paste rig got Ronnied out. Getting the bait out I noticed that the paste had gone very hard so added some water but overdid it and ended up with mush. So I wetted up some more 4's which would take some time to be ready. I did try the mush but it was unsuitable for fishing over, but did have a couple of F1's and brambles. So I fed some GB and casters on the Ronnie line and caught a few silvers including some small Tench on single caster, but no Skimmers, plenty of nuisance Perch willing to feed though. I decided to try a banded hard 6 pellet rig over where I had been feeding 4's with the catty.  I was getting plenty of indications which were from small silvers. The new paste was ready so tried that and caught some more F1's until I lost a rig in the tree which I did managed to get back. However, instead of getting a new rig out I "made do and mended" the rig by tying some more line to it. In the rush to do this I unknowingly tied the knot incorrectly. I then hook a big fish which broke the line or the knot slipped - bugger - why did I do this? A new rig connected and I had a stockie Carp and one beautiful marked common Carp. I started to get liners, but couldn't get in close enough the F1's had backed off into the undercut. Time for the inside line with the paste where I had been feeding hard 4's. It wasn't long before I had a decent Carp and thought I might get a few more in the last 45 minutes. I did hook another shortly after which really fought hard. I had it beat on the surface ready for an easy netting but I fumbled the landing net which gave the Carp time to drive down to my right and went round the leg of the platform and broke me - bugger - first time on this pool that this has happened to me - probably because the peg is on the corner.

My few Silvers weigh 5 lb and my Carp 35 lb 2 oz for a fourth overall weight of 40 lb 3 oz. Some bad angling on my part cost me today - bad paste, bad knot and bad fumbling

The match was won by Paul Haines (pictured right with the other moaner) with 55 lb 4 oz from peg 11. Paul caught all his fish on the method feeder with either pellet (Carp) or maggot (Silvers) on the hook. Well done to him.

The Silvers was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured right with the match winner) with 28 lb 10 oz from unfancied peg 19. Not sure what Paul caught on probably worm and GB. Excellent weight from here today.

We were all baking hot by the end especially Geoff Grant and me as we had to weigh in, so it was a mad rush to the pub with the usual suspects (some pictured right - Ray looks a bit "thoughtful" probably because it was his round next).


1. Paul Haines 55-04-0 peg 11
2. Tony Rixon 52-0-0 peg 14
3. john Fry 43-12-0 peg 4
4. Mike Nicholls 40-02-0 peg 16


1. Paul Barnfield 28-10-0 peg 19
2. Dave Haines 22-12-0 peg 28
3. Mike Jones 14-0-0 peg 31

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 1 July 2019

Sunday 31/06/2019 - Tony Rixon's Float Only - Round Three - Todber manor - Hillview and Homeground

Breakfast with Bela and others in the "Nine Items" Cafe aka The Riverside Cafe. The place has new management and has improved considerably. The litmus with any cafe is whether Bela approved - he did.

Tony does a great job ensuring he has the full complement of forty. I didn't mind where I drew. Finally into the draw bowl and out came peg 59 on Hillview. I was happy with this as I came fourth off peg 60 last year.

For company I had local expert Gary O'Shea on peg 60 and expert everywhere else The Trig on peg 58.

So using the learning from last year it would be paste short on the top-set and paste in the LH margin again on the top-set - who needs a pole barrels these days?. The wind was right for the Ronnie rig so set it up for Silvers.

I fished a 0.3 gram MH paste float on top-set where I found a good 4 foot of water, I had it in mind it might be a tad too deep. All in I fed some 4's on this line a some smelly DR's in the margin. First put in I had a 2 lb Carp next put in I foul hooked on in the tail which was a bugger to net. I had started to loose feed 4's over the top and had a couple more Carp before the foul hooking started which I hate. If I dump potted I could only get nibbles from small Skimmers. However, as soon I started loose feeding I instantly caught a couple of Carp before the fouling hooking recommenced. This was frustrating me and with Gary and Glyn Calvert catching well I thought I would have a go for the Silvers with the Ronnie rig with caster and GB. A complete back to front fishing I couldn't get a bite from Silvers the float just sat there. I did have an occasional Carp!! I wasted an hour on this. Back on the short paste line and the same pastern loose feed catch three then foul hook, rest it nibblers then loose feed - catch some more Carp - repeat. With two hours to go I went in the margin with a 0.2 MH paste float and I must say this peg has one of the better margins for depth. I had a great run catching some better Carp to 6 lb. In such shallow water with a few Carp about foul hooking was inevitable. I lost two one smashing my float in half. The margin dried up so the last hour was spent on the short rig and had a good run before the foul hooking started. I reckon I have lost 40 lb of foulers - frustrating.

My few Silvers weighed 9 lb 10 oz and my Carp 122 lb 2 oz for a nowhere total of 131 lb 12 oz. The peg was worth much more than this - next time think I will fish further up the shelf and regulate the feeding - can't help myself. One advantage of being next to The Trig is you get a running commentary on who's fishing what and their running weights. Including Ken Rayner fishing the Rattler - which I don't believe will compete on this venue.

The venue fished exceptionally well - 6000 lb of fish caught by 40 anglers - average per angler 150 lb. So my weight was below par!!

The match was won by Neil Mercer (pictured right with some of his catch) with 294 lb 4 oz from Homeground corner peg 89. Neil caught most of his fish down his LH edge using 6 mm banded over loose fed 4's. He fed about 2 1/2 pints throughout. Well done matey, you need to talk The Trig through your match on Monday.

The Silvers was won once again by Ryan Shipp (pictured right with the match winner) with 69 lb 12 oz from leg peg 50. Ryan caught on various baits with the four pints of caster being the main attraction. Well done again matey. Most if the Silvers are coming to the meat at the moment.

Brilliant day out but more scales needed on this venue - It was two hours from all out before I was weighed in!


1. Neil Mercer 294-05-0 peg 89
2. Shaun Townsend 276-14-0 peg 52
3. Martin Rayet 258-04-0 peg 86
4. Joe McMahon 235-08-0 peg 54
5. Ryan Shipp 230-10-0 peg 50
6. Chris Davis 227-04-0 peg 85
27. Vince Shipp 100-08-0 peg 35


1. Ryan Shipp 69-12-0 peg 50
2. Dave Lewis 43-10-0 peg 82 

Weigh Sheets: