Friday, 29 September 2017

Thursday 28/09/2017 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Whilst walking around the pool with Hughie I had a phone call from Chris Rolfe who lives in Portishead explaining that he was running late due having to patch up bullets holes in his car.

Whilst walking around there were plenty of signs of feeding silt pigs, but was apprehensive whether the Skimmers would feed because the pool was flat calm and that combined with the predicted bright sunshine would not be conducive for catching Skimmers.

In to the draw bag and out come plastic counter number 18. This is one of my favourite pegs especially when Carp count because I could spend have the match on the Silvers then switch to the Carp because this is an area the munters live. For company I had “Calamity James” Norris on peg 19 who wasn’t feeling that positive about our pegs as he was on 18 last match and didn’t fair that well. I have found if the wind is blowing into this end the Silvers don’t respond, but with no wind I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case.

Steve Dawson had drawn peg 3 again the peg he won from last match however, this week he had two empty pegs each side so game over for the match win.

I set up a 4x10 Speedy for the LH margin a metre from the overhanging tree. A 4x16 to fish top-set plus three out in front in 8 foot of water, finally a 4x14 to fish in 6 foot on the top-set. Simple.

One large ball of GB laced with DR’s and caster was potted on both long and short lines and twenty casters down the margin. Starting on the short line I started to catch small Perch on single DR. Theses small fish weren’t going to get any coin however, everyone else was struggling for a bite, so ounces makes pounds and pounds make…. I did expect to catch some Ronnie’s and a Skimmer or two on this line but it wasn’t happening. So my predictions wrt the conditions was proving right, to check the Skimmers weren’t having it I went on the long line where there was no indications of feeding fish. First try and a 4oz Skimmer on double DR, alas that was it, only catching small perch. Time to try the trusted caster down the LH side and I had a few better Perch to 8oz and some 8oz Hybrids. I then hooked a Tench which broke the surface before going under the tree which I retrieved and was about to net it when the hooked pulled probably due to the earlier bullying from under the tree. Going to cost me today? After pulling myself together it was back in again and straight away the float buried and another Tench which after a tussle in the weeded margin it was netted along with a lot of weed. Phew. I then had a run of big Perch to 1 ½ lb but managed to lose four with one blunting the hook point. It didn’t end there as later I was to lose two more Tench and I don’t know why both times the hook pulling. To add to these woes I hooked and landed a 15lb Mirror Carp which more or less left me struggling for a bites for the remainder.

I finished with 13lb 13oz for sixth overall and a free days fishing. Those lost fish cost me third place I think.

Bridge Pool is definitely lacking of Roach which is probably due to the netting of the smaller fish a couple of years back. Shame, hope this doesn’t happen again.

As predicted the match was won by Steve Dawson (pictured right) with 32lb 4oz from peg 3. Steve initially caught about 18lb of hand size Skimmers at 10 metres using expanders on the hook fished over GB laced with micro. Half way the swim died so he switched to his margins with maggot hook bait where Steve had been loose feeding maggot and caught 8 bream. Well done matey.

Full Result:

  1. Steve Dawson 32-04-0 peg 3
  2. Alan Jones 24-11-0 peg 11
  3. John Fry 16-0-0 peg 10
  4. Paul Barnfield 14-10-0 peg 14
  5. John Smith 13-15-0 peg 26
  6. Mike Nicholls 13-13-0 peg 18
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Thursday 21/09/2017 - Shiplate Fishery - Cost Cutter - Main Lake

Thought I would try Shiplate Fishery today as I have heard good reports about the Silver fishing in particular the Roach and Skimmers. I travelled there via Chew Magna and found it relatively easy, so I arrived in plenty of time thinking I would be first there, but not Mike Owens was already sat in the office as was Jim Thomas and Our Mark all sipping tea.

I got Mike Owens to walk around the fishery to refresh my recollections. The wind was blowing into pegs 13-15 so I didn’t fancy them. In to the draw bag and out comes peg 5 happy with this as it was wind free. To be fair you can’t be unhappy with any peg on this great well kept fishery – manicured jumps to mind.

I set up the Ronnie rig where I found 4 foot. I then set up a 4x14, plumbing up I found that the shelf dropped off into 7 foot at top-set plus four sections. Due to the wind blowing down the Lake was towing against at a rate of knots so switched to a 4x16 which presented much better.

I fed the long line with two big balls of GB laced with caster, micro and DR’s. Starting on the Ronnie rig with single caster over loose feed I caught straight away Ronnie’s from 2oz to 4oz – happy days. After a good first hour during which I added a large Perch the bloody wind completely changed and was now blowing in at me at 11-o-clock – bugger. Presentation was severely effected by this but slowing the catch rate but not by much the main problem was loose feeding the peg rather than the keep net! At half way I hooked my first Carp which broke me. So decided to give the Ronnie line a rest and try the longer line with double DR’s. I had a couple of 1lb Skimmers but found it slower weight wise than the Ronnie’s, so switched back. I stayed with this for the rest of the match landing one 6lb Carp losing another five, which caused the catch rate to slow. The wind buggered it up for me a bit today.

My one Carp weighed 6lb 14oz and my Ronnie’s 30lb 9oz. Beaten into third in the Silvers by Dave Wride on end peg 6 by 1oz!! Thinking of all those Ronnie’s I dropped.

The match was won my Mike Owens (pictured upper right with some of his catch) with 98lb 7oz from peg 1. Mike caught most of his fish on the GB method feeder with 8mm banded pellet. Mike later caught a few from his RH margin.

The Silvers was won by one of the three Wickham’s pictured right with 41lb of Skimmers to 3lb. Nigel caught at 13 metres using worm over worm and corn fed in GB.

It was another great day out fishing. I love Ronnie’s.

Full Result:

  1. Mike Owens 98-07-0 peg 1
  2. Tich Williams 90-08-0 peg 13
  3. Mark Jones 87-14-0 peg 11
Top Silvers:

  1. Nigel Wickham 41-0-0 peg 14
  2. Dave Wride 30-10-0 peg 6
  3. Mike Nicholls 30-09-0 peg 5
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Saturday 17/09/2017 - Ivy House Open - Match Lake and Kingfisher Canal

Another day out with son Steve this time we decided on a closer venue – Ivy House. The match was scheduled for the Match Lake but with 18 fishing today it was decided to split into three sections – two on Match Lake and the third on Kingfisher Canal. Both Steve and I were hoping for the canal, alas not I pull wooden ball 13 – unlucky for some and Steve wooden ball 17 – even unluckier. Sandwiched between us was Andy “Just in Time” Gard on peg 15.

Most anglers wanted peg 10 if not peg 11 on Match Lake. Well the results certainly contradict this.

Start as you finished the last match and the last time I fished Match Lake was 02 Jan 17 when I weighed 8oz for third in the Silvers!! So set up a 4x 14 to fish in the deepest part of the peg at top-set plus three, the Ronnie rig and a paste rig for the margin at top-set plus 2 ½. Bait tray – casters, maggot, micro and 4mm expenders and some GB.

I potted the margin with a big pot of a mix of DR’s and micro, the long line with a smidgen of micro and started to loose feed caster over the Ronnie line. Starting on the long line with 4mm expander I was soon loosing small foul hooked Skimmers. I was getting plenty of indications landing three very small Skimmers (last years spawn I think).  I then had a 5lb Common Carp. That was it on this line even though I tried forcing with some extra feed. I’m a busy angler and can’t sit there and wait for a bite, sometimes I wish I were, which was probably what was needed today – perhaps sit on corn? Knowing that at the moment it is a tall task to compete with Kingfisher for the Silvers, I had to get bites so on came the Ronnie rig. With single caster over the loose feed I caught Ronnie’s for the remaining five hours. They were averaging 3oz so 5 -6 to the pound. With an hour to go I was certainly winning the Silvers on the Match Lake and began to think “what if the Canal Skimmers didn’t feed either”.

Wishful thinking my single Carp weighed 5lb 2oz and the Ronnie’s 24lb 8oz for a total of 29lb 8oz for double second! The section lost by 2lb and the Silvers by much much more. The Match Lake fished hard with my total weight coming third! Steve was just behind me with 25lb 4oz who is the patient one sitting on paste for the last hour.

“If you chase two Rabbits, you will not catch either one”

The match and the Silvers was won by Jason Gooch (pictured below) with 45lb 6oz of Skimmers and a total of 102lb 14oz from Kingfisher peg 4. Jason caught over, down his left and right margins primarily using corn hook bait over corn.

 As can be seen from the weigh sheet Kingfisher fished really well – as can expected with six anglers spread over the 15 pegs. On hindsight it may have been a better if the numbers been reversed between the Match Lake and Kingfisher.

A great day Ronnie fishing and my fishing appetite full and was my stomach after Steve and I dined in Eastern Spice - Curry and Kingfisher - nothing better to end a perfect day.

Full Result:

  1. Jason Gooch 102-14-0 peg 4 Kingfisher
  2. Jason Robinson 81-04-0 peg 8 Kingfisher
  3. Frank 79-12-0 peg 2 Match

  1. Jason Gooch 45-06-0 peg 4 Kingfisher
  2. Mike Nicholls 24-08-0 peg 13 Match
Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 15 September 2017

Thursday 15/09/2017 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

I had breakfast at Hungry Horace’s, another good one nice and hot. Fishing around the region has generally been poor of late especially the Silvers, so expectations were low, lets blame the weather and change of seasons. I had a walk around the Pool where there were little signs of feeding fish. However, the bottom end seemed to have more signs.

It was a good turn out today with 23 fishing. I know pegging this venue is difficult, but there are pegs to avoid – peg 20 (peg 19 is better) peg 25 (peg 22 is better).

In to the draw bag and out comes counter 10, very happy with this one. For company I had Dave Wride on peg 11 and Mike Taylor on peg 8. With Mike being partially deaf and Dave being well – uncommunicative, it was going to be a quiet match, Barny had different idea because he wasn’t catching today moaned for the next five hours everyone could here him from peg 32, Steve Dawson who was opposite was lucky he had some ear plugs with him.

Due to the variation of lighting on the water I was forced to fish either long or short so easy set-up - one, 4x16 to fish at top-set plus three, (long) a 4x14 to fish top-set plus the Ronnie rig. As expected the fish weren’t bait chasing so the Ronnie rig was to only add 3oz to the net and spent the match being blown about on the roost. Starting short with GB and DR’s I caught small Skimmers (4oz), Perch and Ronnie’s for about an hour when the swim died except for the odd micro Perch. I would have liked to have stayed close for at least half the match, but decided to go on the longer line earlier, still not sure this was the right thing to do because I found it just as slow. Again with GB and DR’s I kept plugging away trying to get the rig working properly in the skimming wind and the ever changing light. It wasn’t until the wind dropped and veered a bit that I got it right and started to add the Skimmers in quick pairs. I slowed again due to disruptive Carp, one 3lb and the other 4lb were both were landed, cripes these Stockies have really grown on. The Skimmers returned and I had a 20 minutes purple patch catching some better Skimmers. I had a 2lb Skimmer fly off due to the way the fish came out of the water catching the connector over the pole negating the elastic. The last 30 minutes was painful only adding one more 4oz Skimmer.

I finished with a dead 18lb for second overall.

The match was won by Steve Dawson (pictured right) with 25lb 14oz from peg 3. Steve fished maggot over kindered/bait dropped maggot.

It was back to the pub with the usual suspects including Banana Head.

I often see the younger angler trying to fish fast “Fast is fine, accuracy is everything”

Full Result:

  1. Steve Dawson 25-14-0 peg 3
  2. Mike Nicholls 18-0-0 peg 10
  3. Alan Jones 15-06-0 peg 21
  4. Ken Morgan 14-08-0 peg 30
  5. Huge Evans 13-14-0 peg 6
  6. Dave Gillard  13-02-0 peg 7
Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 11 September 2017

Sunday - 10/09/2017 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

Bela and I originally booked into Ivy House but Bela picked up Easy Jet Flu from a Pensioner he knows well, so the lightweight cancelled. With the crappy weather lately I thought I might also give fishing a miss, but with conflicting weather forecast I chose to fish Windmill and met up with Geoff Francis for a cold breakfast at Wetherspoons – Kingswood.

Fourteen of us fishing today which was reasonable considering the promised weather. Terry Smith looked shattered having just driven back from France coming straight to run the match. He’s away again next week taking the England and Wales kit to the world championships in Hungary – only a ten hour drive. I must admit I was tempted to tag along with him.

Into the draw box and outcomes wooden counter with number 2 on it. I would normally be happy with the peg but not today the wind (and rain) was favouring my bank blowing into my left shoulder. I’m sure somewhere near by this venue there is a wind amplifier. A least my car wasn’t far away behind me. Geoff drew his usual area peg 24.

I set up a very short Ronnie rig to fish caster to my right into the wind but was somewhat sheltered by the ever increasing Sedges growth. I decided to give paste a rest as I thought the water temperature had dropped. So set up a 4x14 winter to fish in five foot of water on the top-set out in front t for anything that swam. Then a margin 4x12 winter rig, well margin is a misnomer as it was 3 ½ foot as close as I could get to the sedges this my comfort rig as I could sit with the wind almost off my back to my left, to fish top-set plus one – nice clean bottom.

I fed a small amount of 6mm meat with a mix of micro down the left margin, some loose casters down the right and some micro out in front. I started out in front and could pick up a bit of the trip against and with 4mm expander on the hook. A couple of small Skimmers later I foul hooked and lost my first Carp. Next try I had my first one in the mouth and in the keep net. I then tried the Ronnie rig with caster and after fifteen minutes had one tiny fish. So the Ronnie’s weren’t out to play then. I made the decision to forget the Silvers and focus on the Carp. So I concentrated the rest of the match on the right hand margin with meat – due mainly to my survival instincts as the wind had picked up. The upshot was I had a spell stringing a few carp together, but was pestered by foul hookers which were certainly due to the combination of depth I was fishing, presentation and tow. The scores were 9-1 to the foul hookers. I did legally land eight small Carp and a few more Skimmers and one fin perfect 1 ½ lb Crucian. With 45 minutes to go the wind veered and my swim when flat calm very eerie but  which assisted my catch rate.

My Silvers weighed 6lb 9oz and my Carp 35lb 15oz for 42lb 8oz for halfway. Apparently the pools payout has changed now for the fifth time and today paid 2 overall and 2 in the Silvers. I wish I knew this before hand.

Do the simple things well.

The match was won by Geoff Francis (pictured right with some of his fin perfect Carp – must say the Carp are in excellent condition - the picture Dave Haines didn't want to see) with a PB weight of 121lb from peg 24. Geoff caught on paste over micro fished at top-set plus two. Geoff also had problems with foul hookers as did many others today.

The Silvers was won by Dave Willmott who magic 11lb 1oz of Skimmers and Roach using maggot and caster. Dave will be please to hear that next Sunday's match is on the Carp Lake - will he be there?

Full Result:

  1. Geoff Francis 121-10-0 peg 24
  2. Mark Summerhayes 93-04-0 peg 13
  3. Joe McMahon 80-12-0 peg 28

  1. Dave Willmott 11-01-0 peg 21
  2. Dave Haines 8-02-0 peg 22
Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 8 September 2017

Thursday 07/09/2017 - Ivy House - Cost Cutter - Kingfisher

According to the BBC Bela’s work would be rained off, so fishing it is then. I tried to book into the Viaduct cost cutter but left it too late due to the limited number of pegs available on Lodge and Match the match was full. So I booked us into Ivy House - Kingfisher Canal. Bela usually does well on this Canal so far drawing the same three pegs 5, 6 & 7.

The turnout was a bit disappointing, but I guess this is due to the general decline in match fishing, but more so to do with small clubs forming with limited membership fragmenting the potential larger matches. Into the draw coffee tin and out comes end peg 15. I was told it was an out and out Carp peg. In support of this I have seen some better Carp caught from the peg, so was hoping I could catch a few. I was expecting a good result. Bela’s drawing arm didn’t let him down pulling peg 7 - again, a good Silvers peg, we wanted to swap.

What I like about this Canal is the way Andy has pegged it with the prevailing winds off your back and the sun behind lends it’s self to comfortable fishing. It’s hard enough as it is in these recent times with the rain and wind battering us.

I didn’t have any company today as Val was too far away on peg 13 to have any form of conversation. I set up a Speedy to fish the margins with maggot, a 4x14 Winter (extra two foot of water had been delivered) to fish the 4mm expander at top-set plus one, the final rig a 0.3g paste float to fish at various lengths along the end bank where I expected to catch some lumps. Meanwhile Val had to return home to get his top-sets, good job he lives close by and not in Bristol.

I fed two places along the margin with a pot of hard 4’s and started to loose feed reds down the RH margin. Starting on the 4mm expander over micro resulted in a couple of small carp but found I had to re-bait four times due to missed bites before actually hooking one – very frustrating. I’ve not had this before and was eager to find out what was causing this – liners, Ronnie’s, Perch I couldn’t come to any conclusion that was until we were driving back and now believe it was the small carp taking the drop shot mistaking it for micro. Next math I will test this by pumping up some 2mm expander. To end the frustration I switched to paste and caught on the top-set to the end bank and had about 20 small Carp. My calculation was I could put 60 of these Carp to be safely under the fishery limit of 50lb. I thought I needed to catch some of the bigger Carp so went top-set plus three along the end bank but could only catch similar small Carp. Fishing paste this long for small Carp isn’t sensible if you can catch then shorter. So tried the maggot rig and was surprised to start catching Silvers in a peg I was assured there wasn’t any! In 20 minutes I had a bout 15lb including four Tench and two decent Skimmers and a host of Perch. I had been having problems with the elastic in one of my top-sets and should have changed it but, you know how it is. I lost the lost on another Tench. Luckily Adrian on peg 6 retrieved the float for me. The upshot was I messed about with paste and maggot until the end catching only one decent Carp on maggot.

I weighed 22lb 2oz of Silvers (where there are none, should have fished for them all match, but wouldn’t have beaten the Silvers winner). My 40 Carp weighed 29lb 8oz for a total of 51lb 10 oz, a decent days fishing with plenty of bites and action.

The match was won by Bela (pictured below with the Silvers winner) from peg 7 with 71lb 8oz. Most of his larger Carp coming from his LH margin using triple maggot (two side by side an upside one) fished over DR’s.

The Silvers was won by Andy Gard with a decent weight of 41lb 8oz from end peg 3. Andy caught on worm over GB laced with chopped worm. Well done matey. I thick Andy regrets not spending some time fishing for Carp as he was on for a double bubble pick-up.

With a bit of drizzle on the way to the fishery and some on the way home seem to nullify Bela’s guilt for not working today. The Pinky Ponk also helped in Bar-Gar-Age I think – another memorable day out. The van now has four double bubbles and a single with me dipping out today.

Finally, I hear that Martin Rayett whilst fishing peg 17 at Acorn Fishery on the Tuesday cost cutter that whilst shipping back over the fence behind him had the end of his MAP 901 pole bitten off by the resident horse. The funnier part was he expected the owner to compensate him!

Result Overall:

  1. Bela Bakos 71-08-0 peg 7

  1. Andy Gard 41-08-0 peg 3
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 4 September 2017

Sunday 03/07/2017 - Tony Rixon's Short Pole League - Final Round - Woodlands

I now know why I was feeling tired at Thursday match – I now have come down with Easyjet flu. The Special One will not fly with this carrier again, too many poor people on them. I can’t stop coughing at the moment, so it was touch and go whether I stayed home and lazed about or go fishing. Fishing won out as I don’t like letting organisers down especially at the last moment, where would we be without them.

We were promised rain and wind all day and we got it. From the moment I stepped out of the door until I got home it rained, it was bloody cold to boot.

Anyway the day started well with a Jumbo breakfast at the usual café in Burnham, very nice too. Bela reckoned he saw Terry smile, probably wind!

The wind was blowing more or less up the lake slightly into peg 4 (not pegged in the league). So for the Ronnie rig to work I would need to draw down the far end, so put the kit in the place where I have drawn down there. In to the draw box and out comes peg 7. From my point of view this peg has both Silvers and section coin possibilities.  Was amazed when Bela arrived on flyer peg 2 – Again!

A set one margin paste rig which I initially plumbed around down wind to my right, but found the Plummet was catching up marginal depths I forcing me to nearly full depth. So Ronnie rig would be staying dry. I plumbed around into the wind to my left and found I could hang up the plummet in about 2 ½ foot water – OK.  I set up a 4x16 Winter to fish top-set plus two out in front for Skimmers, the presentation was crap as the rig was going with the wind so some hanging on needed. I also set up my new Drennan umbrella which I must say did the job in the strong wind, but was careful to take it down before I got off the box.

I fed the margin with soaked 4’s – no choice here. I fed the Skimmers line with GB laced with maggot, caster and some chopped worm. First put in with worm the float buried and a 2lb Bream was seen flying across the lake, I’m sure it wasn’t even hooked, both fish and angler scaring each other. It took a while to catch a Skimmer; it was quite obvious that my side of the lake was fishing really hard with the angers each side of me having not caught. The upshot was I stayed coughing under the umbrella nicking the odd Skimmer plus a Tench, and only hooking and landing one 5lb Carp. I looked like from some of bubbles coming up that I had an Eel in the peg which was proved right as the float started to move with the wind an Eel then, which felt big but unfortunately the hook pulled, would liked to have seen it though, I like Eel fishing and hope they one day make a return. The upshot was I caught for three hours and practiced catching for the remaining time. The margin was just full of nibblers whom I could have sorted with the Ronnie rig but it just wasn’t right for it today.

I weighed one 5lb 2oz Carp and my Silvers12lb 6oz which was enough for second in the silver AGAIN pick up and wasn’t far off a default section win which I could have achieved if I fished longer in the margin. That’s four pick-ups in the four league matches which paid for my series, which is all I aim to achieve.

The match was won by Two Pots (pictured below with the runner up) by the narrowest margins with 71lb 6oz from peg 11. Glenn caught on… know the rest.

The Silvers was won once again by Dave Lewis with 20lb 13oz from peg 24. Dave caught on his usual CW over GB. Dave won the Silvers every league match with me runner up each time. Dave had to leave early so left me to take his keep net and winnings home for him – He’s not getting his net back then we will see how he gets on!

Thanks to Tony for running the league once again.

Now sat eating Ferrero Rocher.

Full Result:

Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 1 September 2017

Thursday 31/08/2017 - Chris Ollis Knock-Up - Farleigh Woods.

I hadn’t had a decent breakfast for ten days so was eager to get to the Café in Bath with Geoff Francis. A great breakfast it was too, but left me very tired combined with travel lag and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t have time to get to the tackle shop so went armed with expenders and paste. And as Chris Ollis had pegged the woods I was hoping to target the Carp with paste. With a few on holiday we were down to eight anglers so a day out with friends for a knock up. This venue can easily take 18 anglers so come on get down to this tranquil fishery and put the world to rights with owner John.

In to the draw hat and out came pegs 1 and 8 with 1 being the fancied peg but had to leave this one to Clive Glisson for his late arrival – so choose the wrong one. Got to the peg and I was set to be in the shade all day, which I was thankful for. On my right is a tree which was mostly under water out to five metres. The other side had an accessible margin so choose this side for the margin paste rig which I really expected to catch Carp from later. I also set up a pate rig to fish at 10 metres in six foot of water. Finally a 4x12 Winter for the Skimmers. I fed the margin with GB and the long paste line with soaked 4’s. I started at top-set plus two with 4mm expander over loose fed micro and caught small Skimmers from the off. I then hooked one of the tree roots which did break off leaving the bottom bubbling for 20 minutes during which I couldn’t catch so noticing fizzing over the long paste line so went over it with the paste and got frustrated as I couldn’t get any indication whatsoever. Back on the Skimmers which had returned until I hooked a small 2lb Carp which did its bets to disrupt the peg. I tried the long paste line again whilst keeping a hopeful eye on any activity in the margin. On the RH side the submerged tree branches were moving about with that catch me if you can wave. Even with the Drennan 25 bungee it would have been impossible to get them out that said I was tempted a few times but resisted. The upshot was I mugged a decent Carp on the Skimmer rig which as I expected broke me. Two foul hookers on the Skimmer rig which needed new hook lengths. Not one Carp obliged in the LH margin and probably had their fill long after we went. I should have fished for Silvers all day.

I weighed 9lb 6oz of Silvers and the one carp of 2lb 14oz for nowhere. It was back to the Globe Inn for a few Pinky Ponks and early to bed to end a perfect but tiring day.

The knock up was won by Clive Glisson (pictured upper right) with 59lb 10oz from peg 1. Clive caught on his usual method – method with pellet.

The Silvers was won by Dave Willmott (pictured right with a net of typical venue Silvers) with 32lb 8oz from peg 6. Dave used his magic caster and maggot approach fished at 7 metres.

The venue is more of a Silvers venue that Carp. If Dave Willmott can get enough interest he will run a Silvers league here, contact Dave if interested.


  1. Clive Glisson 59-10-0 peg 1
  2. Geoff Francis 42-11-0 peg 5

  1. Dave Willmott 32-08-0 peg 6
  2. Paul Barnfield 10-06-0 peg 7
Weight Sheet: