Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday 30/04/2009 - Bathampton Over 55's - Bridge Pool

As soon as I got home I had to change my trousers. Not because of the diarrhoea I have been suffering from due to the antibiotics I’ve been taking! But because I got soaking wet. PRESTON INNOVATION your DRIFISH 1000 doesn’t do what it say’s on the tin. It‘s going in the bin tomorrow and I will buy some proper Gortex clothing.

I came away today with the impression that the Huntstrete complex is turning in to a bird sanctuary. I was pestered all day by various species of wild foul and sea birds. Won’t be long before “Twichers” will be joining Bathampton AA!

I drew peg 6, another virgin peg for me. The peg doesn’t have much form, but happy with it nonetheless. I set up a “messy business rig” (cw&c), a Ronnie rig and a paste rig for the left hand margin. I started on the messy business, potting in 250 ml of cw&c at 6 metres. After half an hour, the result, one micro Perch and a small hybrid; umm. I switched to the Ronnie caster rig at 5 metres; but nothing, until I shallowed up. This resulted in a run of 12oz Skimmers, Hybrid’s and 4oz Ronnie’s. However, it was very difficult to keep them coming. It was all to do with the feeding pattern. The quantity of feed had to be just right, but seemed to vary; if that makes sense (you needed to be there). Now and again I did try the paste in the margin, but to not avail. I could see at least half the other competitors and none appeared to be catching Silvers, so I decided to stay with the caster to the end. I weighed 13lb 15oz of Silvers and as suspected this was good enough for first in the Silvers and a pick up of £25.

John Bennett (pictured right) won the match from peg 28 with 63lb 2oz of Carp. John caught his Carp on paste over 4mm pellet at 6 metres. 
Runner up was Bob Warren with 61lb 10oz from peg 7 (next to me). Bob caught most of his fish on paste fished at 9 metres. Bob lost a large Carp (and top-set) when the Carp pulled the top-set free. This cost Bob the match. However, the two Terry’s retrieved the top-set for him from the opposite bank – of course, less the Carp! This happened to me once at Viaduct and since then I have got in to the habit of checking all the pole joints are tight as I ship out. The joints can come loose due to the pole vibrating in the wind on the pole roller. I have missed two "coffin dodgers" matches where Bob has won the match and I haven’t been there to record it.

Full Result:

1.      John Bennett 63-02-0 peg 28
2.      Bob Warren 61-10-0 peg 7
3.      Dave Bacon 47-01-0 peg 11
4.      Bob Price 36-07-0 peg 18
5.      Paul Poole 34-02-0 peg 3
6.      Martin Alexander 31-15-0 peg 16
Last: Terry Bruton 0-0-0 peg 23 (blank)

Top Silvers:

1.      Mike Nicholls 13-15-0 peg 6
2.      Ian Sheppard 8-04-0 peg 10

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday 25/04/2009 - Carps AC - Rood Ashton

John Bennet announced at the draw that John (The Gimp) Bradford (owner of Avon Angling) has taken over running the Carps AC matches and is officially the now the new Chairman. The first thing John has done is remove the £1 club match day fee. The club matches fees will now be “all paid out” after peg fees subtracted. Tony Rixon won't have anything to moan about with Carps AC now (some say he’ll find something)!!

I know a lot of anglers haven’t fished Rood Ashton so I took a very short video (top left) from the hill above the Lake to impress the size and maturity of the lake. I have written about the Lake on a previous blog.

I walked the pegs before the draw and I didn’t want peg 3 or 8. So when peg 3 was pulled by John Bradford I was expecting a good draw. Not to be, I drew peg 8! This peg is cut right back from adjacent pegs. The peg is at least 11 metre further back than peg 7, with the inside being ten inches deep and stony. However, I did have Son Steve as company on peg 9. I started at 11.5 metres where I had a good depth of two foot! I started on the caster rig at 10 metres and did not have any indications at all. There was a huge hatch of buzzers and noticed small fish taking the shucks. I put this down as the reason why the Ronnie’s wouldn’t take a caster. I noticed Steve catching Carp so quickly switched to paste at 13 metres, over kinder potted 4mm/micro. I had a line bite straight away, then a 3 pounder. I then struggled for five Carp, persevering with paste until that last half hour. During which, I landed four decent Carp, losing a five pounder on the whistle (I knew there was a wind knot in the hook length – line always breaks on these knots – doesn’t it). This fish would have put me third overall, however, I had to settle for joint fifth, weighing 31lb 8oz. It is a lot less tiring fishing for Carp than it is Silvers.

The match was won by son Steve (picture right) from peg 9 with twenty three Carp for 63lb 5oz. Steve fished paste over 4mm pellet at 11 metes. Steve caught steady all day with a slight lull mid match. Steve picked up £60 winners purse.

Runner up was Darren Gillman (pictured bottom right with his best Carp of 9lb 8oz, which was landed five minutes after the whistle) from peg 14 with sixteen Carp for 50lb 3oz. Darren used both pole and straight lead.

The Silvers pool was won by John Bradford with a mere 1lb 12oz!
With Steve Jefferies picking up 2nd in the Silvers with 2oz!!!

Full Result:

1. Steve Nicholls 63-05-0 peg 9

2. Darren Gillman 50-03-0 peg 14
3. Shane Caswell 33-08-0 peg 6
4. Terry Bruton 31-10-0 peg 12
5. Mike Nicholls 31-08-0 peg 85.
5. John Baker 31-08-0 peg 13

Top Silvers:

1. John Bradford 1-12-0 peg 3

2. Steve Jefferies 0-2-0 peg 7

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunday 19/04/2009 - Cider Farm Open - Yarlington Mill and Dabinett

Brenda and I both had stomach bugs over the past three days and I was still feeling a bit weak, but as I had a lift with matey Glenn Bailey I decided to go. On arrival Mark Gibson explained that he would try a payout based on three sections, paying the top three in each section, with a “John (rip-off) Page” optional super pool. I thought this a good idea as it gives some of the less fancied pegs a chance of some coin.

I drew peg 41 on Yarlington Mill. A good peg, I was certainly happy with this one. Glenn drew peg 16 on Dabinett (a little moan followed, as he didn’t have either 7,8,21 or 22). I did explain to Glenn that with the wind blowing in to his end bank and with plenty of room I thought it good for a section position. I had only brought paste hook bait, so it didn’t take long to set up my three chosen paste rigs – open water, far side and inside margin (suitable for both left and right). The water was coloured, which I suspected was due to fish feeding earlier (probably overnight). I started in open water over micro pellet – not a bite. Tried the far bank and after two lost foul hookers I landed one, thought this swim to be too slow. So I tried the right hand margin, one liner, then nothing. Everyone else appeared to be struggling – Lance Tucker was catching the odd Carp on maggot right up the far shelf. So in to the right hand margin (hopefully saving the best for last). I started by not feeding and had a couple of the better stamp fish. I started feeding small amounts of hard 4mm pellet which increased my catch rate. So I increased the feed, only managing to bring the fish up in the water (the margin here is 3 foot). So decided to feed about twenty 4mm whilst playing the Carp, this appeared about right for the conditions. I ended with 19 Carp for 40lb 4oz and 8th in the match and 2nd in my section for a pick up of £50 – not bad.

The match was won by Shaun Ketteridge (pictured right with his catch) with 71lb 5oz from peg 46. Shaun caught on expander pellet fishing over to the far bank in three foot of water. Shaun said he had only fed a hand full of bait all day. I thought this interesting as when Glenn Bailey drew the peg last week for a second placing he had fed six pints, “Feed for thought”!!!

Glenn (pictured right with his catch and pictured below right sat next to the apple press drinking a celebratory pint of medium “Pinky Ponk Juice”) finished first in his section and second overall with 60lb 13oz, with only one fish separating the frame; it was a tight match.

Jim Baines gave some of his floats he has specifically designed for the venue. I thought it was interesting that he recognised the importance of wire stems. Thanks Jim I will give them a try.

Well my blog was late being published this weekend as Glenn and I got stuck on the motorway going home. However, it did give a chance to plan our trip to Whiteacres.

Full Result:

1. Shaun Ketteridge 71-05-0 peg Yar46
2. Glenn Bailey 60-13-0 peg Dab16
3. Steve Kedge 59-11-0 peg Dab20
4. Lance Tucker 58-15-0 peg Yar15
5. Mark Broomsgrove 51-12-0 peg Dab22
6. Tony Goodland 45-12-0 peg Yar26

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday 15/04/2009 - Carps AC - Tan House Farm

There is normally a closed season on this water but Carps managed to book it, so it hadn’t been fished since the 15 March. I thought the water looked more coloured than usual. I drew peg 6 which was the last peg in the first field before the woods. I thought it to be a reasonable draw. I set up a 4x16 rig that was plumbed to eleven feet at both 11.5 metres and 10 metres. I decided to use a 14 hook as I planned to use either 6mm expander or chopped worm hook bait. I also set up a 4metre whip for the Ronnies. I cupped in 250ml of micro pellet on the 11.5 metre line and the same quantity of CW&C (a messy business) on the 10 metre line. I started on the whip and caster, but didn’t have a bite and as Tom Thick on the next peg was catching 3oz Skimmers on double maggot, so I went out on the worm. This resulted in about 6 lb of decent Skimmers and Hybrids. This dried up and I did my usual CW&C feed it to death trick. Out on the pellet and a steady flow of Skimmers over the next 2 hours resulted. I then had a Bream and then the swim started to slowly die. Should I re-feed or not? Of course I re-fed the same amount, which brought the Skimmers back for another hour, after which the peg slowed right up and I was left catching the odd 3oz Skimmer. With one hour to go I tried the caster and whip and managed about 3lb of quality Ronnies. I weighed 26lb 1oz of Silvers for third overall and first in the Silvers and a pick up of £45.

The match was won by Chris Davis (pictured right) on peg 13 with 13 Carp I'm not superstitious, but this may be why Chris broke a number 6 section) for 76lb 10oz. Chris caught at full depth (11 foot) at seventeen metres, Chris used 10mm hard pellet hook bait fished over 8mm hard pellet feed.

Full Result:

1. Chris Davis 76-10-0 peg 13

2. Steve Jefferies 30-09-0 peg 9
3. Mike Nicholls 26-01-0 peg 6
4. Pete Sivell 25-0-0 peg 7
5. Tom Thick 19-0-0 peg 5
6. Andy Curry 14-01-0 peg 2

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 26-01-0 peg 6

2. Pete Sivell 25-0-0 peg 7 (all quality Roach)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Sunday 12/04/2009 - Cider Farm Open - Yarlington Mill

I am sure a number of anglers wonder why the match lake is named Yarlington Mill. So er tis:

Yarlington Mill (Malus domestica):
"A common sight in large scale cider orchards, Yarlington Mill is a very desirable cider apple. The medium sized, pale yellow fruit have firm flesh, which is best for juicing, and a medium bittersweet flavour that manages to really express both the sweet and astringent elements - it has a great aroma too. It is classed as a vintage cider apple, so you don't need to combine it with any other fruit to make a full bodied, lip-smacking beverage. The tree grows at a fair pace and while it may take a year or two longer to start bearing fruit than most other varieties, once it gets into its stride it will bear really heavy crops. It does have a biennial tendency, however, producing bumper crops one year and less impressive amounts the next. The fruit drop from the tree readily when they are ripe, so you may want to put a net under the tree in October, when they are starting to ripen. Yarlington Mill was a seedling from unknown parents found in the village of Yarlington".

So there you go, you now know the name of the trees you beat with your poles and the apples you skate on in October!!

Nearly an overnight frost. With clear blue skies welcoming us and stayed all day, which wasn't conducive for fishing. It was good to hear the match a sell out and to see Terry King down from Brum for his first visit.

Steve came along again today. I drew peg 7 and Steve 32. I had fished peg 32 before and caught 31lb for nowhere; but I hadn’t fished peg 7 before, however, I have fished peg 8 and weighed 85lb for fourth. Luckily peg 8 wasn’t in so I had some room. I went to Steve’s peg and explained how I had previously fished it. There were plenty of fish moving in the margins in most pegs – not usually a good sign. I set up both paste and pellet rigs for the open water and a shallow rig for in the various margin options. I left quite a long line on this rig due to the bright conditions. I started on the 6mm expander and have some swirly line bites, so I switched to the paste on the same line and had a couple of 2lb Carp (the fish at Cider Farm fight 30% over their weight). The swim went dead so tried further down the peg and had four more Carp. It seemed that if you fed the fish would back off. I had a go with the maggot and had 2lb of Rudd and Ronnie’s, and likewise, feed and the fish did a disappearing act; frustrating. I decided to set up a shallow paste rig for tight in to the far margins where the fish were moving, but this time no feeding. This worked well and in the last ¾ hour I doubled my weight. Hindsight is wonderful – NOT. I weighed 34lb 4oz for eighth in the match plus a section win and a pick up of £25. Steve weighed 38lb 14oz for fifth in the match and a section win also.

The match was won by Mark Radford (pictured right) with 61lb 9oz from peg 41. Mark caught the majority of his fish on paste from the near side margins; fished over 8mm loose fed pellet.

Full Result:

1. Mark Radford 61-09-0 peg 41
2. Glenn Bailey 57-02-0 peg 46
3. Craig Tucker 52-09-0 peg 58
4. Tim Ford 39-10-0 peg 25
5. Steve Nicholls 38-14-0 peg 32
6. Adam Caswell 37-07-0 peg 36

Saturday, 11 April 2009

An Irish Match Remembered

In my blog - reference "The Early Years" - "Sunday 28/09/1969 - Angling Times South West Winter League - Limpley Stoke to Barton Farm". I published the photograph of the City of Bristol Team (published again beneath for reference - also suggest revisiting the above blog for more details) that had won through to the Angling Times Winter League Final in Ireland I posed the question "Can you recognise them today"? In response I received the following letter from one of the team members - Malcolm Murfet (single click each page in turn to make them readable):

I thoroughly enjoyed the letter, as I too have many fond memories of the team fishing. For me it is about "sharing" with each team member come success or failure.

Malcolm Murfet is pictured left (left smiling) presenting a Silstar rod to a junior angler who was seriously injured by high voltage electricity discharged through his Carbon Pole.

Malcolm also mentions Charlie Jones (pictured left - the caption on the back of the photograph reads "Our Charlie in action"), Charlie was one of the unsung greats of river float fishing.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thursday 09/04/2009 - Bathampton Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Today saw the 40th anniversary of the first flight of Concorde. I couldn’t let this pass without including the following two photographs. The first one shows her first flight lift-off at Filton. The second is of me on Concorde at MACH 2.00 at 55500 feet.

Back to the fishing. Mike Jones and I whilst walking around Withy Pool noticed two dead Carp, both around the 7lb mark in the margins of peg 52. I believe their demise was probably due to bad angling (or novice anglers). I explained to Mike that last year I hooked a Carp on Bridge Pool which had a treble hook in its back. I also explained that on the same day I was asked for my Bathampton licence three times. However, I wasn’t once asked to show the hook I was using. Anyway Mike and I arrived at next peg 51 where Mike found some 30lb line and attached was a number eight barbed hook! Every time I fish Morgan Porth, Cider Farm, Bitterwell, etc … I have to show all the hooks on my rigs before fishing.

The weather was against us again today with the wind gusting up from the South. There was some light rain, but nowhere near the amount forecast. The temperature had also dropped overnight, in the early hours. Bob Warren must have been freezing, having just come back from balmy Tenerife. It was good to see Rich Coles fishing today.

I drew peg 11, with the wind, once again, blowing at me, this time from 11 o clock. I set up one rig which I plumbed at 6 metres out in front for the pellet and Skimmers and the same depth at 2 o clock at 7 metres for CW&C. I also set up a light Ronnie rig and a paste rig to the distance and depth. I cupped in 125 ml of CW&C and a similar amount of micro and 4mm pellet on the other line. I started on the worm and caught well with the bites being "sail-away’s". I had about 5lb of Skimmers in the net when I decide to re-feed and try the pellet line. I had a couple of small Skimmers but the pellet was very slow. Colin Golding was struggling with his usual pellet on next peg 10. As we all know you need to fish out the CW&C before re-feeding, otherwise you can kill the swim – and I did – not another bite on this line. Back on the pellet and still slow. So on to the Ronnie rig and straight away I started catching quality Ronnies. I decide to stay with this to the end and finished the match with 21lb 9oz of Silvers (by the way my weight also included two Greens). This put me first in the Silvers and 8th overall and a pick up of £25.

The match was won by Geoff Stones (pictured right) with 55lb 14oz of Carp from peg 3. Geoff fished the pole (his new Colmic X5000) at 10 metres with 6mm expander on the hook, over micro pellet.

John Wild (pictured bottom right) fishing peg 9 and landed a Common Carp in pristine condition which weighed in at 14lb 2oz.

Full Result:

1. Geoff Stones 55-14-0 peg 3
2. Martin Alexander 45-12-0 peg 26
3. Terry Bruton 43-04-0 peg 29
4. Ton Coulston 41-0-0 peg 16
5. Dave Bacon 31-04-0 peg 17
6. Ian Sheppard 31-0-0 peg 28

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 21-09-0 peg 11
2. Chris Snow 19-04-0 peg 14
3. Mike Jones 17-10-0 peg 7
4. Rich Coles 17-08-0 peg 31

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday 28/09/1969 - Angling Times South West Winter League - Limpley Stoke to Barton Farm

My first ATSWWL match for Ridgeway AA was fished on the River Avon from Limpley Stoke through Avoncliff to Barton Farm (Tithe Barn as it was know back then). The venue was needed to accommodate 120 pegs for the ten teams of twelve anglers competing. The league was contested by the following local clubs:

King William IV
Swindon Talisman
Silver Dace
Golden Carp
Flower Pot
City of Bristol
Ridgeway AA
Bath AA

The match is still clear in my memory. I dropped Dad off on the roadside of Barton Farm (Avoncliff Holt). I drew the opposite side just below the life belt. When I finally got to my peg (this must be one of the longest walks on the River) to my amazement, across the river exactly opposite me was Dad! What are the chances of that?

Barton Farm was pegged both banks back then. We had drawn next to City of Bristol and Chris Rolfe (pictured right with 6lb River Axe Bream caught Dec 2008) arrived at the next peg upstream of me, opposite his team mate and close friend Mike Jones (pictured lower right fishing a Huntstrete evening match in 1972). What are the chances of that?

At this time Mike Jones was without doubt the best river float angler in the South West; I personally would say Southern England. I must confess I was in admiration of Mike – he was awesome. But, I took this as an opportunity to watch and learn.

I have found writing what happened next between Mike and Chris difficult without all the expletives (after all it’s a family blog). But here goes.

Mike set up a waggler and cast his float within two feet of our bank, right next to Chris’s keep net. Mike followed this up with a cry of “that’s half way”. Likewise Chris had set up a waggler and as Mike was finding depth down the middle Chris cast across his line to within 4 foot of Mike’s bank. The inevitable happened and they got in a tangle and after a few minutes of tug of war and cussing, they both had to re-tackle. Mike wasn’t happy.

Mike always advised to fish the river line with the greatest flow. We all caught Roach with Dad having 2lb, I had 3lb 8oz, Chris had 5lb. Mike Jones did his usual framing act with 10lb of caster caught Roach.

I can’t remember the team result other than Ridgeway were no match for the likes of City of Bristol and Swindon Talisman, both were the top teams contending for the top spot and a final in Ireland.

After this series Dad decided to retire from winter league fishing. I was asked to fish for the Golden Carp Team - Captained by Colin Golding.

The City of Bristol Team did qualify for the final in 1971. It was fished on Saturday 22 May on the River Shannon near Limerick (City of Bristol winning Team pictured below - middle - can you recognise them today?). 

The team finished second overall losing out to the great Cofton Hackett Team.Cofton Hackett team weighed a total of 276lb 131/2 oz. Bathampton weighed 210lb 91/2oz. Both were new team records for the event. Austin Clissett making the difference with the first ever TON with 101lb 6oz. Mike Jones for Bathampton was second in the match with 70lb 121/2 oz which also became the second highest match weight. Bathampton team full result follows:

Topper Haskins 1-09-12
Mike Jones 70-12-8
Gordon Jones 12-10-12
Bernard Jones 6-11-0
Nicky Iles 28-07-0
Graham England Nil
Dave Taylor 15-14-0
Henry Gonsalves 51-05-0
Pete Carpenter 1-10-0
Malcolm Murfett 2-15-0
Les Evans 0-1-4
Gordon Stones 9-09-0

Total 201-09-08

So much different from the finals now on the Nene – absolute disgrace as a premier match venue, what river needs Bloodworm and Joker to get a bite!!

Sunday 28/06/1959 - Maxwell's Farm - River Chew

My first recollection of going fishing was with Dad when I was aged about ten. Dad would take me with him to the River Chew. To a place called Maxwell’s Farm, which is located in the village of Woollard, just a few miles South West of Keynsham. Many years later Mum told me that Dad would try and get up without waking me, but I would be waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs!

The only transport available to us was cycling. Dad would cycle the ten miles round trip from Withywood with me on a seat he had made at work, which was bolted to his bikes cross bar. Still lucid was the return journey and of Dad pushing me, tackle and his bike up the steep hill which leads out of Woollard Village and stopping in Whitchurch Village sweet shop (which is still there today).

Maxwell’s Farm was a place that all of Dad’s family fished. In the photograph (right – trust me they are there) on top the Weir are Granfer, Uncle George (Dad’s brother) and Uncle Ron (Dad’s brother-in-law). Dad would have taken the photographs.

On these fishing trips Dad would tie a rope around my waist and tie the other end to a tree, so that if I fell in I could easily be retrieved, preventing me from drowning! I know I often went home will no socks! I remember Dad carrying me over his shoulders up a steep wooded bank, complete with tackle, slipping and sliding as he went.

This is the venue where I started to learn the importance of getting the feeding and presentation right and identifying the best location for the Dace and Roach. For floats we used Porcupine Quills with a shotting of 3BB. These floats would often be sucked under in the whirl pool of the weir.

Dad and Granfer would stand on top of the weir fishing down into the weir pool using silk weed on the hook to catch Dace and Roach. The photograph (right) shows Granfer landing a typical River Chew Dace.

My Uncle Doug (another of Dad’s Brothers) worked for a building company and had access to a large Van, and was able to use it on weekends. This enabled us to travel further a field – typically River Avon at Limpley Stoke and the River Huntspill. The picture below shows us on a family fishing outing (pictured left - clockwise; is Uncle Doug, Granfer with Dog, me and Cousin Doug).

April 2009 I returned to Maxwell’s Farm and walked the swims we fished back then. This left me feeling emotional. I took a few photographs’ (which follow). You will notice that the main weir middle portion has now been blocked by “time and man”. I also discovered that Maxwell's Farm no longer exists as such, as the Farm has now been divided in to five separate dwellings.

I believe this weir to be the highest weir-fall on the River Chew.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Wednesday 01/04/2009 - Carps AC - Cider Farm - Sheppard's Lake

“All fools day” and they were out in force on the bank today! I wasn’t sure whether to go or not as I have a stinking cold; but go I did. I really like this little Lake – I now think it is better than Burley Fields. There are plenty if Golden Rudd, Roach, Skimmers, Chub and Bream. The difference is there are also plenty of catchable Carp from 2lb to 5lb – so a venue that suits all.

I didn’t mind where I drew, pulling peg 12. However, on arrival I was a little disappointed to have a cold North Easterly blowing in to my bank. I was pleased, however, to find had drawn next to fellow Silvers angler and mate Bill Ferris who was on peg 10 – that makes it two matches on the bounce. Last year Bill Ferris (pictured right with 34lb of Silvers - still no smile) had 34lb of Golden Rudd from peg 9, so I needed to keep an eye on him!

The skimming wind made it difficult for both of us, whilst on the opposite bank one angler was fishing with his shirt off!

I had a brilliant start with 10lb in the first hour – of course you start thinking 6 x 10 lb equals!!! Never works that way, does it. Of course, it slowed, finishing with six Carp for 13lb 7oz and 25lb 13 oz of Silvers for sixth overall and first in the Silvers and a pick up of £35. Bill weighed 18lb 8oz for second in the Silvers.

The match overall was quite close with Martin Lenaghan (pictured right with the Silvers winner) taking the honours with 91lb 10oz from corner peg 13. Martin caught most of his fish early, whilst Tom Thick had a late spurt, almost catching Martin at the whistle. Martin caught Carp to 5lb on hard pellet and paste out in front – up and down and from both margins. I thought he fished a tidy match.

Full Result:

1. Martin Lenaghan 91-10-0 peg 13

2. Tom Thick 78-15-0 peg 17
3. John Thompson 72-05-0 peg 9
4. Colin Golding 67-03-0 peg 18
5. Steve Jefferies 51-11-0 peg 15
6. Mike Nicholls 39-04-0 peg 12

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 25-13-0 peg 12

2. Bill Ferris 18-08-0 peg10

A photograph by fishery owner Mark Gibson follows his comments!

Of course he is right. It's the hat.

I can also report that it's a particularly good year for the Farms draught dry cider.