Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thursday 27/08/2015 - Harescombe Fishery - Cost Cutter - Open - Match Lake

A new venue for me today, Harescombe Fishery which is locate just off Junction 12 on the M5 so not far for me to travel, a bit further for driving travelling partner Tony Rixon. We met Ray Cooper at Junction 1 on the M32 who followed us to the venue – not sure about Tony’s Sat-Nav – bit of a bitch. Its amazing how drivers their complete sense of direction although it might be age related.

I really get exited fishing new venues even though it was a cost cutter with 16 fishing; I put just as much efforts in to the match as I am sure it’s the same for all the other competitors.

We finally arrived at the fishery in plenty of time to have breakfast which was very acceptable and a walk part way around Match Lake, we couldn’t walk all around due to a land slip. Back to the draw and almost last in to the draw bag and out comes aluminium disk with 30 stamped on it, near side end corner peg. As usually happens with travelling partners they draw next to each other so wasn’t surprised when Ray Cooper drove to next peg 29 (Lake pictured right with Rays peg out of shot to the left).

Arriving at the peg and because it was a bright clear day I had a wonderful view if the Malvern Hills in the far distance which got obliterated from time to time by heavy rain storms. Looking at the peg I didn’t really fancy fishing to my right as compared with other swims I could see it looked baron of fish.

I set up three rigs – The usual Ronnie rig but didn’t really expect to use it because the rules are that every fish has to be netted. A 4x12 Jolly to fish at 5 metres into 5 foot of water at 10 o clock and finally a 4x8 Drennan wire stem Chop for the margins in 30 inches. I started by feeding a small pot of micro with a dash of hard 4’s at 5 metres, starting with a semi-hard 4 pellet on the hook I was soon into small Carp to 3lb. I started to loose feed a few hard 4’s over the top which brought a few F1’s to the net I then lost them so re-potted a similar amount and switched to 6mm meat on the hook again loose feeding pellet over the top this feeding pattern kept the Small Carp and F1’s coming with the meat being more productive missing less bites. I started to loose feed the LH margin at a distance of the top one. At halfway through the match I decided to try the margin with meat on the hook and had a nice half hour catching 11 Barbel to 1lb and a 1lb Chub. I abandoned the 5 metre line in favour of the margin as I started to catch F1’s to 2lb. I caught steady to the end. It was strange fishing just the five hours as I was still catching when the all out was called so wanted more (some of my fish pictured upper right).

I weighed 69lb 9oz for third overall which consisted of eleven different species of Silver Fish in addition to F1’s and Carp. A really great days fishing with loads of bites, with plenty missed!

The match was won by Andy T (pictured right still packing up) with 109lb 10oz from peg 23. Andy caught on pellet using the Rattler method shaking hard 4’s over the top from a kinder pot. The Rattler relies on the fish hooking themselves pulling the elastic out making the float superfluous.

I really enjoyed fishing this well stocked mixed fishery I can’t wait to get back.

Full Result:

  1. Andy T 109-10-0 peg 23
  2. Terry Gridlestone 86-05-0 peg 7
  3. Mike Nicholls 69-09-0 peg 30
  4. Tony Rixon 67-10-0 peg 17
  5. Ray Cooper 61-11-0 peg 29
  6. Steve Brown 43-07-0 peg 13
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 24 August 2015

Sunday 23/08/2015 - Viaduct Open - Carey Lake

The four guys that overpowered the terrorist on a French train this week are to be awarded the Legion of Honour by the French President, good and deserved news. Luckily for them it wasn’t a British train otherwise they may have been arrested for using unreasonable force! Another one for BANKSEY’S exhibition of satire at W-S-M – aptly named - Dismaland. I wonder if W-S-M council realise that the choice of venue (The old Tropicana) is a satirical send up of their extremely bad management of this facility and the resort in general over the past twenty years.

Bela back in the mix today, so early breakfast in the Highwayman in Shepton (next door to Canards Well). The weather was bloody awful raining cats and dogs, typical August weather now days. After breakfast Bela was showing signs of cold feet.

A few months back a Carey only match would not have appealed to me one bit as it’s a Carp Slayer, lead chucker’s paradise. However, since the loss of most of the big “Accidental Silvers” the Lake has become a proper Silvers venue with only those anglers specifically targeting them winning the Silvers coin. And that’s how it should be - fairish. I don’t like to see fish die but a thinning out of Accidentals on Campbell and Lodge wouldn’t go a miss!

Checking the booking in sheet it was disappointing to see only 11 booked in I really expected to see more of the local Slayers here.

I planned to fish for Silvers and practice catching the small Skimmers. In to the draw tin and out comes peg 80. One of the few pegs I didn’t want, my expectation weren’t high. I had offers of loans of various slaying equipment but stayed with my plan. I don’t have time for practicing so decided this as an opportunity. Arriving at the peg I noticed some fizzing at 11.5 metres along the spit which I thought might be Carp so I set up a 0.15 gram PC paste float, followed by the  Ronnie rig. Wherever I plumbed the depth it was near enough the same at 2 foot above the silt. I mixed up some GB mainly comprising Sensas Magic which is a great GB for tiny Skimmers.

I put in a few hard 4’s (was soon to become slush due to the rain) over to the Hazel bush at 11.5 metres (first time this pole sections been used). In went a pot of looseish GB with a few loose casters over at 2 o clock at 4 metres (to build any sort of weight with these small skimmers you need to get them feeding short). I also started to loose feed some casters out I front again at just over 4.3 metres.

I started with a small piece of paste over near the fizz and I immediately knew it wasn’t Carp fizzing because the Silvers were dining out on the paste, they wouldn’t be there if a Carp was in the vicinity. This rig was abandoned. I  followed up by half a cup of caster over the few pellets. On to the Ronnie rig which I could readily switch between caster and GB swims with single caster hook baits (I didn’t take maggot wish I did to give them a try). I caught a few Ronnie’s small Hybrids and Skimmers to 8oz. I then had a Tench over the GB which herald the time to set up a caster rig to fish at 11.5 metres where fizzing was still apparent. So on went a 4x10 Drennan wire stem chop (can’t get these now days) attached to a single caster in went another half pot of casters and I caught a couple of Hybrids and Skimmers to1lb plus the usual Ronnie’s. I then had a run of Perch to 1lb losing one about 2lb due to the hook pulling out. It was then a Ronnie each put in and the fizz was still there!! So on went a piece of worm which snared another four decent Tench to 3lb. It went quite but the fizz was still there which told me there was at least another Tench to be had. I rested the swim and went back out on the Ronnie rig loose feeding the caster swim and the GB swim. I was getting plenty of fizz from the GB line which pre accidentals you might had thought was big fish. The fizz is being caused by tiny Skimmers 1 to 2oz which are difficult to catch on caster; I was getting loads of lift bites from the blighters, some maggot would have help. I kept a few skimmers and Ronnie’s coming adding small amounts to my weight. Back out long with single caster and more Ronnie’s. The fizz had stopped back on the worm and I hooked a Carp which I think was foul hooked breaking the hook length. Back on the caster and no Ronnie’s which told me Carp were about although there was no signs of them. Another spell on the Ronnie rig then for the last 15 minutes long on the worm where my match finished early due to another foul hook Carp breaking the hook length and my float tip – bugger.

I weighed 25lb 5oz which from this swim on the day was satisfying, putting me second in the Silvers, being beaten by a Silvers angler and not Carp slaying accidentals.

The match was won by rested angler Bela Bakos (pictured above centre with a typical stamp of Carey Carp). Bela caught mainly on the lead using various size and colour of pellet attached to his pre-tied Guru hair rigged hooks. Bela switched his Shimano reel to bait running mode and sat back and waited, but not for long.

Runner up was Two Pots 2lb 9oz behind Bela. Now Two Pots made a grave mistake for which he should know better, he threw back four Skimmers to use the net for more Carp. Madness, especially as I had three spare nets on he bank not more than 40 metres from him, plus there was still room for more in three of his nets in use – lesson learnt me thinks.

The Silvers was won by Nigel Bartlett (pictured right with the match winner) with 35lb 5oz from peg 85. Nigel caught mainly Ronnie’s and Skimmers again on caster and GB.

Bela, Glenn and me stopped in Shepton for our regular Fish and Chip supper – probably the best Chip shop in the world.

Full Result:

  1. Bela Bakos 193-03-0 peg 100
  2. Glenn Bailey 190-10-0 peg 77
  3. Lee Werrett 156-0-0 peg 98
  4. Glen Powell 126-07-0 peg 86
  5. Ian Willilsts 100-09-0 peg 102
  6. Ben Ludwell 99-10-0 peg 96
Top Silvers:

  1. Nigel Bartlett 35-05-0 peg 85
  2. Mike Nicholls 25-05-0 peg 80
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thursday 20/08/2015 - Tony Rixon's Cost Cutter - Avalon Fishery - Match Lake

I love the smell of damp fishing tackle and clothing in the morning. Luckily it was two Pots Baileys car today.

After a stop at Shipham Café we were on to Avalon Fishery. This fishery has become one of the top fisheries in the south west, primarily due to the efforts and management of Vic Bush, but don’t expect the well stocked fishery to yield the full potential as the fish have been well trained especially the pristine Common Carp, even if you don’t catch its still an excellent place to spend the day among the varied wildlife.

In to the draw bag and out comes peg 33 three quarters down the east bank, where I found myself pegged next to Alan Oram – good company. No emotion as I didn’t know any better. Judging from yesterdays match the Ronnie’s were unlikely to feed. However, I still set up the Ronnie rig. Followed by two paste rigs because Two Pots won the match and the Silvers fishing paste last match and I thought this might be a way of keeping both options open. The first paste rig was to be fished at 10 metres out in front and the other a top-set distance down the RH margin into the tree roots!!

John Bradford came by so passed on the remains of the worms given to me by Chris Davis – recycling is good.

On the all-in I put a full pot of soaked 4’s in on the 10 metre line, but started on the Ronnie rig with single caster, it didn’t take long to confirm my suspicions the Ronnie’s weren’t playing and who can blame them with this terrible weather which is up and down like a yoyo. So it would be a paste day.

Out on the paste and after 30 minutes my head was done in due to six consecutive foul hookers none getting captured. I re-fed and had two Carp on the bounce thinking I had settled them – not. After a few Skimmers, a Hybrid and a Golden Tench I spent the next two hours just feeding the fish either through the pot or hook.

I tried the margin where I had fed some week old casters and had a bite on paste and after one nanosecond I found the hook cast off into the tree roots, lost hook and the rig was rested until next match.

The upshot was that I persevered for three hours with the paste and after a good few walks I managed to increase my Carp catch to seven before the all out.

I lost eight foul hookers and the seven Carp kind enough to have it in the mouth which weighed 40lb and with my 10lb 8oz of Silvers took my weight to 50lb 9oz – not anywhere good enough. I think my struggled was due to the wind tow for two reasons. The first because the distance I fished out (nearer the bank the greater the tow). The other was because the opposite island was closest to my bank thus causing a funnelling of the water hence more tow.

The match was won by Paul Elmes (pictured upper right with some of his catch) with 109lb 10oz from peg 44. Paul caught on paste at 16 metres.

The Silvers was won by Tony Rixon (pictured right with his catch of Skimmers) with 39lb 8oz from peg 40. Tony caught on worm fished …see his blog for the bow by blow account.

Full Result:

  1. Paul Elmes 109-10-0 peg 44
  2. Mike West 99-04-0 peg 29
  3. Glenn Bailey 97-05-0 peg 30
  4. Alan Oram 88-04-0 peg 32
  5. Ray Cooper 84-14-0 peg 24
  6. Vic Bush 84-13-0 peg 37
Top Silvers:

  1. Tony Rixon 39-08-0 peg 40
  2. Vic Bush 32-12-0 peg 37
  3. Ziggy 27-12-0 peg 28
Weigh Sheet:

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday 19/08/2015 - Amalgamation Summer League - Round Five - Sedges Fishery - Canal

Glenn Two Pots wanted to fish today’s match so a quick call to organiser Andy Smith and he was booked in because Dave Bacon was absent, off to Ireland again!! My turn to pick up Two Pots and it was off to Hill Tops café where half the anglers fishing today had gathered. Apparently Glenn spotted misery guts smiling.

There were a few anglers in shorts today, what were they thinking wearing them in August! Temperatures were in the low teens and rain on and off all day with 20 mph winds. I got home at 19-15 and had to put the lights on in the garage!! What’s going on, I feel sorry for the families on their annual holidays with the kids.

We walked around the Canal and fancied end peg 64 or next peg 63 which has been the winning peg so far this summer. In to the post box draw tin and out comes ping pong ball 57. And Glenn peg 64 – Umm, followed by a head shake by me.

Once again I was drawn next to Steve Jefferies on peg 56, who only asked the time once.

There wasn’t much sign of fish which with the current weather conditions wasn’t surprising. Plumbing around with a 4x12 Jolly I found a strange topography. On the 1 meter I had full depth of 4 foot which was level until 5 metres where is gradually shallowed up to 4 inches over to the far bank at 10 metres. I set up a 2x10 TBFB float for caster over in 10 inches of water, and a 0.15 gram paste float set just off the far bank set at 12 inches deep.

The Jolly was to be fished out at 1 metre and 4 metres down the peg with caster and at 5 metres out in front with semi-hard 4mm pellet fished over wetted micro. After feeding the two caster lines with a kinder pot full I started on the semis. First put in I had a 2oz Skimmer followed by a 2 pounder. I then had about six more Skimmers up to 8oz! I was get indications from tiny Skimmers which heralded the time to switch to double caster over. With a few more kindered caster I had another two pound Skimmer followed by a run of smaller ones to 1 pound. I then hooked a Carp which shed the hook playing it under the top-set – bugger. I then switch to pieces of worm over the caster and had three Perch to 12oz. The swim then died so put two big pots of micro in, to keep an eye open for any fizzing so to introduce the paste. Now down the near side with double caster expecting some more silvers only to catch a 4lb Common Carp. Fed some more casters and hooked another Carp which did me in the Bull Rushes which needed another 4x12 Jolly only for the same to happen again – double bugger. I then had four more small Skimmers before spying a fizz over the far bank so a switch to the paste and a 4 lb Common was soon in the keepnet. That was it the swim completely died.

My Silvers weighed 10lb 9oz for a Silvers win and my two Common Carp helped me to 5th overall with 18lb 9oz.

The match was won by Glenn Bailey – Umm (Selfie pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 66lb 2oz from end peg 64. Glenn initially caught over to the point of the island under the overhanging tree using hair rigged banded 6mm pellet fished over pellet, later switching to paste in to the end bank, which coincided with a few Carp doing him in the Bull Rushes. The Carp in this lake are all in pristine condition as shown in the pictured right of some of Two Pots net.

Another car double bubble.

Full Result:

  1. Glenn Bailey 66-02-0 peg 64
  2. Norman Huggett 26-02-0m peg 44
  3. John Smith 22-13-0 peg 47
  4. Mark Bellringer 22-09-0 peg 63
  5. Mike Nicholls 18-09-0 peg 57
  6. Pete turner 17-02-0 peg 60
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 10-09-0 peg 57
  2. Andy Smith 9-05-0 peg 42
  3. Mark Bellringer 6-05-0 peg 4
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday 16/08/2015 - Landsend Open - Match and Walters Lakes

Bela having issues with his back cried off and took the time to get his feet further under the table of his new girl friend. With Tim Ford on the river I travelled down with Two Pots Bailey.

First stop Shipham Café where most of the anglers feasting were off to a venue called Cheddar Clay Pits. According to Andy France I wouldn’t like it there as it’s full of Skimmers – even so it would be nice to get an invite!

We arrived at the fishery in plenty of time. With the match spread over Match and Walters Lake where I was hoping to be on. I was near first in to the draw tin and out comes Carp Slayers peg 7 on Match Lake. Not where I wished to be. Rod Wotton who had drawn peg 5 came down and gave some sound advice, explaining that the RH margin was best fished at 5 metres, also confirming it was a Carp peg with little to no Silvers to fish for. The peg was also the shallowest on the Lake, with the deepest part being three foot at 7 metres. The Lake’s water level was well down which didn’t help the cause.

Even though I couldn’t expect many Silvers I still set up a 4x12 Jolly to fish at 7 metres with semi-hard pellets. Then a 0.3 gram PC paste float to fish over the same line, finally a 0.15 PC paste float to fish down the margin at 5 metres in 18 inches of water.

I had the intention to keep the feed down such that I didn’t cause any fizzing. First put in over a few micros I foul hooked a decent Carp. I then had a run of five F1 – Silvers which were giving some strange bites. I then had a couple of Skimmers. That was it, now into the third hour and with only14lb of Silvers in the net and three more foul hooked Carp. I had to make a decision – carrying on with the Silvers by getting the casters and Ronnie rig out or carry in trying to get the Carp to take it in the mouth!! Tony and Andy on opposite pegs were bagging with Carp, but with plenty of Carp on show in my peg and still the margin to have a go at I left the Ronnie rig on the winder. In to the margin with paste over hard 4’s and I had four Carp in four puts-ins, I then another foul hooked another Carp which heralded the end of the margin even though I kept feeding it there wasn’t any more sign of Carp. I went back out with paste on the 7 metre line and after a frustrating run of foul hooked Carp it wasn’t until the last hour that they started to have it in the mouth.

I finished the match with 14lb of Silvers 11 lost foul hookers (not proud of this) and 16 in the mouth for 90lb 4oz for a 7th overall total weight of 104lb 4oz.

The match was won by Trigger (pictured below centre with both the Silvers winners from both Lakes) with 254lb 4oz from Walters’ peg 50. Craig caught on 8mm hair rigged banded pellet over loose fed pellet with most of his fish from his margin. Craig fed about a pint of pellet throughout the match.

The Silvers were spread over the two Lake with Rod Wotton winning Match Lake with 26lb 2oz from peg 5. Rod caught on various hook baits – Meat and Pellet over Micro/GB and over neat micro. John Bradford won the Silvers on Walter’s Lake with 20lb 8oz from peg 42. John caught on soft pellet over micro.

Full Result:

  1. Craig Edmonds 254-04-0 peg 50
  2. Tony Rixon 188-15-0 peg 17
  3. Andy Hembrow 179-01-0 peg 19
  4. Paul Elmes 147-02-0 peg 13
  5. Dave Roper 143-07-0 peg 55
  6. Glenn Bailey 141-04-0 peg 46
  7. Mike Nicholls 104-04-0 peg 7
Top Silvers:

  1. Rod Wotton 26-02-0 peg 5 (match Lake Winner)
  2. Gordon Canings 24-02-0 peg3
  3. John Bradford 20-08-0 peg 42 (Third Lake Winner)
Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunday 09/08/2015 - Tony Rixon's Short Pole Match - Final Round - Chiltern Trinity - Woddlands

Today was the final match in Tony Rixon’s short pole match for which I was winning the league with three section wins, two match wins and a third, so all I had to do was win my section again to win the league! I did have Trigger who has been winning everything this term right up my ass just one point behind so wanted to avoid his section. I was also in the final four in the knockout.

Bela and I stopped in the usual Hilltops café where half the anglers fishing had gathered.

When we arrived at the fishery we couldn’t park in our usual space, so parked as close as we could – Umm would this be a bad omen? I had a walk around Woodlands Lake there was plenty of pegs I wouldn’t mind drawing; however, most of the fish appeared to be feeding in the middle pegs. In to the draw coffee tin and out came peg 22. I was happy with this as I have won the section and coming third overall from the peg. Peg 22 is a corners peg and end of section peg so some room even though peg 21 no longer exists. Trigger drew peg 14 which was the first peg in my section. For close company I had Tony Rixon on peg 23 and Jason Radford peg 20.

Since the first match I have been fishing the venue differently in that I have focussed solely on Carp which was the plan again today. I set up two 0.4 gram paste rigs identical except the lines were 0.18 and 0.2 straight through. The first time I fished the peg I tried to catch at the full match limit and caught just fresh fizzing air!! So I concentrated on the RH margin which needed clearing out so I could see further down the peg. The margins are quite deep on the peg so set both rigs at 3 ½ foot, which was OK because the water looked very clear in comparison to previous matches. It was always going to be a paste and pellet attack, but had the usual caster back up. 

I started initially on the top-set loose feeding a few hard 4’s where the hook bait was piranhaed by Ronnie’s. They soon went quiet indicating a Carp wasn’t far away which I was soon playing and a decent one at that. Now last visit to the peg I lost my first Carp in a snag, will I ever learn as I did exactly the same again. The snag is near peg centre and about 4 metres out – bugger. The Piranhas were back and it took a while for a Carp to return a fouler which was soon waving its tail goodbye. I now was struggling with every one in the section having at least one Carp and Trigger seven! No panic this is a late peg and would again today - hopefully.

After two hours I decided to set up the Ronnie rig to add some weight to the weightless four keepnets. This required more adjustments to the RH tree. I caught Ronnie’s, Hybrids ad Skimmers to 4oz. This lasted about ¾ hour when the bites got iffy so time to plop the paste in and a bite straight off. Lesson learnt so I shipped on full permitted pole and played it out away from the snag and top-setted it on the right of the peg where it was netted, a 10 lb Mirror. The next two put-ins brought two more big Carp played out in the same fashion avoiding the snag. I was just thinking I might catch Trigger and Kevin Moulton also bagging in my section, the struggle recommenced until ¾ hour to go I landed my fourth and last Carp. If I had known it was to be my last I would have gone back on the Ronnie rig to get the extra 1lb I needed to win the section by double default, because Trigger had easily won the match and section overhauling my weight near 100lb weight advantage and Kev Moulton coming second.

I finished up the bridesmaid coming second in the knockout and second in the league whilst Trigger won the League, knockout, heaviest weight. I don’t know why he didn’t try and win the highest silvers weight because he had the match sown up halfway through.

Trigger (pictured upper right with some quality Carp) caught 135lb 4oz from peg 14 on 8mm hard hair-rigged banded pellet from both margins and some thrashing around shallow out in front. Trigger fed 8mmm pellets four or so at a time.

The Silvers was won by Paul Faiers (pictured right - has he fallen a sleep!) with 22lb 10oz from peg 12. Paul caught on caster at full length who also won the leagues highest Silvers weight.

The top three league winners Trigger, Me and Paul Elms pictured below centre.

Bela had a surprise as he came in 5th in the overall league picking up last in the money so the van went home more the richer. However, due to the motorway being closed due to an accident and the A38 being jammed we went on the scenic route – Glastonbury Tor, Wells Cathedral arriving in Bar- Gar-Age at 19-45 for a few Pinky Ponks.Another memorial day.

Full Results on the Day:

League Results (started to rain):

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday 08/08/2015 - Bathampton AA - Charity Open - Bridge Pool - Slivers Only

After a busy fishing week I hadn’t planned to fish today, however, Son Steve wanted to fish but didn’t have his car so I elected to take him to the Bathampton Charity Open Match (see web site for details) which was on Bridge Pool.

After breakfast in Hungry Horace’s we arrived at the fishery in plenty of time to have a walk around the Pool. I must say I didn’t fancy fishing the bottom end.

Les “Chub” Williams was in the car park but decided not to fish because he understood it to be both a Carp and Silver Match and as he didn’t have the necessary bait went home. Fair play to Les he did put in his tenner for the Charity. No fault of Les as the match as advertised wasn’t specific in terms of Silvers only, I only found out by accident.

First into the draw bag and out comes peg 2, hang on this was left out of the draw, the draw continued and more pegs that were left out started to appear. The draw was stopped and a re-draw followed. I don’t think it was entirely Mike Jones fault, but I blamed him anyway. First in again and out comes peg 27. That’s better. Steve drew peg 18 a pity Carp didn’t count!!

It was easy setting up just the one 4x16 Jolly which suited the depth of both swims I elected to fish at 9 metres. The 11 o clock swim was for CW&C and the 1 o clock swim for semi-hard 4’s over wetted micro.

I fed half a cup of CW&C followed by half a cup of micros into the other swim. I started on the worm and had two 8oz Skimmers’ straight away. It then went quiet so I re-fed a similar amount and went on the pellet line which now was fizzing. I had a run of Skimmers to 1lb after which I foul hooked a Carp which gave the elastic a fair stretch, luckily the hook pulled and after a hook inspection I went back on the pellet line but couldn’t get a bite and after 1 ½ hours I was wondering what was going on as I was still getting fizzing over the now kindered micro.

A school boy error – no I rephrase this as this expression belongs to Tony Rixon – A Pensioners error had occurred. When I lost the Carp the float must have been pushed down the line by the hydraulics reaction by 6 inch which I discovered after re-plumbing – bugger – I missed a purple patch because as soon as I went back in with pellet I started catching again. Subsequently I started to hook Carp which buggered the swim up for the remaining 2 hours of the match. I did set up the Ronnie rig to try and get some bites on caster which again after just a few decent Ronnie’s ended in hooking Carp.

I finished the match with 17lb 2oz for 8th and a set of Guru DVD’s. I managed to pip Steve again who weighed 15lb 3oz. Anyway I got his Christmas Present sorted.

The Match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured below centre with the biggest Tench and Bream winners) with 50lb 6oz from peg 8. Paul caught on corn over corn.

Well done and thanks to Bailiff Mike Turner for running the match. 

Full Result:

  1. Paul Barnfield 50-06-0 peg 8
  2. Mike Turner 46-10-0 peg 10
  3. John Fuidge 40-09-0 peg 6
  4. John Ryder 34-06-0 peg 11
  5. Arron Britnell 28-05-0 peg 16
  6. John fry 19-07-0 peg 21
  7. Mike Keys 17-06-0 peg 24
  8. Mike Nicholls 17-02-0 peg 27

Biggest Bream: 5lb 7oz Mile Turner
Biggest Tench: 4lb 13oz Mike keys

Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thursday 06/08/2015 - Tony Rixon Cost Cutter - Avalon

With “Two Pots” Bailey today who arrived early. Apparently Glenn had run out of 4mm pellet and needed to buy his fourth sack this year so wanted two pints from me to see him through the day, isn’t seven pints enough!! It was breakfast in Shipham then on to the venue.

Initially the weather was a chilly mizzle, however, the sun soon came out and the wind dropped warming us up.

A better turn out for Tony with 15 booked in so we were on the west bank. In to the draw bag and out comes disc 5, happy with this one as I drew it first match and won the Silvers with Skimmers using semi - hards over kindered micros.

I have now been prescribed glasses at the age of 66 for both long and short sightedness. I must say it makes fishing long much better, but won’t be fishing over 13 metres anytime soon.

After yesterday’s match where I thrashed about for tiny Ronnie for most of the day I was knackered and therefore didn’t fancy a repeat. So I thought I would fish for the big Skimmers with CW&C for which I set up a 4x16 Jolly. I did sneak up the Ronnie rig just in case!!

I started by feeding the 7 metre line with CW&C and went over it with a piece of worm, nothing. I decided to pick up the Ronnie rig and the Ronnie thrashing started until I spied some fizzing, which didn’t take long so back out on the worm and I had two 8oz Skimmers and a tiny Perch before the fizzing stopped. I re-fed and went back Ronnie trashing. Soon another fizz and back out on the worm and one more 8oz Skimmer and a Rudd. Bugger this for expense even though I am still fishing with the worms kindly donated by Chris Davis.

I decided to do a Two Pots and fed the rest of my bait table (excluding caster) on the 7 metre line. A humongous fizz started so I went over it with double worm – Nothing! In case the fizz was Skimmers I set up a paste rig and first try had a 5lb 12oz common Carp. I abandoned this line, so back on the Ronnie thrashing for the rest of the match. I was really tired and I slowed quicker than the Ronnie’s.

I finished the match with 22lb 1oz of Ronnie’s and Rudd for 5th in the Silvers plus the Common Carp for a total 27lb 13oz. Why didn’t I fish semi-hard pellets over kindered micro – I don’t know!! It might have been better today as the Skimmers seem to back off heavy feed.

The match and the Silvers were won by “Two Pots” (pictured lower centre with some of his catch) with a total of 153lb 8oz from unfancied peg 22. Glenn caught on his favoured paste at 13 metres and later short at 7 metres. His accidental Silvers of 26lb 4oz were also caught on paste with a good few falling to the paste on the drop. Glenn used all of his feed bait!!

Full Result:

  1. Glenn Bailey 153-08-0 peg 22
  2. Mike West 85-03-0 peg 9
  3. Adrian Jeffery 72-10-0 peg 16
  4. Gary Flinders 72-05-0 peg 19
  5. Tony Rixon 69-10-0 peg 1
  6. Ray White 66-09-0 peg 6
Top Silvers:

  1. Glenn Bailey 26-04-0 peg 22
  2. Ziggy 25-08-0 peg 12
  3. Mike Jones 25-0-0 peg 20
  4. Tony Rixon 22-02-0 peg 1
  5. Mike Nicholls 22-01-0 peg 5
Weigh Sheet:

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday 05/08/2015 - Amalgamation Summer League - Round Four - Tile Lake

I was on my lonesome today for the trip to Sedges. First stop Hilltops Café where half the anglers fishing today had mustered.

The BBC weather App said no rain however, the morning forecast told a different story, and luckily the phone App was right. That said there was a right blow on the Lake from the car park and.

In to the draw bag and out comes ping-pong 32 which put me one from the far end – near bank, right in the blast of the wind. For company on peg 33 was Dave Bacon who I know would be on the method feeder. And on end peg 31 was Steve Jefferies, who I know would give a running commentary all through the match – Steve still hasn’t bought a time piece. Good job I had a watch!!

I had previously decided that I would fish for Silvers simply because I thought I would struggle to pick up coin fishing against the Method Feeder boys. So I set up the Ronnie rig and a 4x16 Jolly to fish at 7 metres out in front with worm hook bait over a mix of worm, caster, micro and some dead reds.

I started by feeding a pot of my W,C,M&M then started to feed caster short for the Ronnie’s. First put in with a piece of worm I hooked a 1lb Skimmer which came off after trying to fly. I then started to get unhittable sail away bites which I knew were Eel’s. I then hooked a monster Eel from the bite I had I knew it was in the mouth so a bite off wasn’t my concern. I had a right old tussle with it trying to get it off the bottom. Because of the depth of water I had to wind in a fair amount of elastic. Unfortunately, due partly to my bad angling and trying to rush the fish I bottomed the elastic and it broke 4lb 9oz bottom. I did just see a babies arm appear on the surface before I lost it. I am sure it was a PB, 3lb plus so I will dwell on my loss for a few days.

After this episode I couldn’t get a bite from this line so I re-fed and went on the Ronnie’s with single caster. However, they were very small averaging 11/2 oz! I was now faced with a dilemma as to whether continue catching Ronnie or try again fro the Skimmers, which I decided on and was rewarded with three 4oz Skimmers before I landed two small Carp followed by a tiny Perch. As very few Skimmers were being caught I abandoned this line and concentrated on the Ronnie’s to the end of the match.

My two Carp weighed 5lb 3oz and my Ronnie’s 16lb 5oz for a total of 21lb 8oz and Silvers win (Silvers winner pictured right with the match winner).

The match was won by Dave Bacon (pictured right with some of his catch) with 96lb 12oz from peg 33. Dave caught most of his fish on the method feeder fished well short of the opposite island using some perfumed smelling GB with 8mm jzp’s on the hook. In the latter stages Dave added addition Carp from his RH margin using worm hook bait fished over perfume GB.

Full Result:

  1. Dave Bacon 96-12-0 peg 33
  2. M Bellringer 81-13-0 peg 24
  3. Phil Coulam 79-15-0 peg 26
  4. John Osborne 78-06-0 peg 21
  5. John Smith 69-04-0 peg 40
  6. Ray Bazeley 66-02-0 peg 28
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 16-05-0 peg 32
  2. John Barker 13-13-0 peg 37
  3. Bill Ferris 13-09-0 peg 39
Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday 02/08/2015 - Tony Rixon's Float Only League - Round Five - Sedges Fishery - Brick and Tile Lakes

Once Chris Davis arrived at the Hill Tops café we all were in for a right laugh, Chris told the story about the “Mic Night” he was invited too by Mike Etheridge and Dave Downton. You may forgive Chris in thinking it was a right piss-up followed by a turn on the Mic. Alas not, arriving at the lodge where a few other anglers had gathered, Chris was faced with a stack of various fishing lines, a spread sheet and a Micrometer. Not for Chris Shipp I think. Plenty of other banter from Chris in the café pursued.

Arrived at the fishery in plenty of time for a walk around the Lakes with the main focus on Tile Lake (the one with the three Tits), which was the Lake I was hoping to draw pegs 40 and 21caught my eye.

In to the draw bag hoping not to draw peg 20 again and out comes peg 19, can’t come closer to peg 20 than this. The peg was reserved for Steve Segar, who I passed on my experience from Thursday suggesting he fished 16 metres pass the tree to the end bank and use the waggler. It is a difficult peg, Steve took it in good spirit which to me shows the quality of angler – anyone can catch them when they are there and some moan when there not – not Steve he got on with it.

I set up a paste rig for 5 metres in 9 foot of water. The Ronnie Rig and a 4x 16 Jolly I used Thursday to be fished at 9 metres also in 9 foot. I started by feeding the 5 metre paste line with a kinder full on soften fours. I then feed two balls GB laced with maggot, micro, caster and a smidgen of chop worm. I also started to loose feed the Ronnie rig with caster. I started on the paste hoping for and early Carp whist the GB settled. I wasn’t disappointed as second put-in I had a five pound Carp. I then foul hooked a Carp. The Nibblers then became a nuisance, so I put on the double maggot on the 4x 16 Jolly and I had a run of Skimmers and a one pound Eel, unfortunately the swim soon died.

I had a go for the Ronnie but after 3lb they disappeared, primarily due to the sun and the becalming on the peg. The next three hours were difficult to say the least just adding a few small Skimmers, even though I kept topping the 9 metres line with the laced GB. Most anglers were now struggling. I had a walk and Clayton Hudson was probably winning the section with 18lb, just piping me.

I had now given up winning the section because Clayton had started catching Carp short, so I focussed on the Silvers. After continually feeding the laced GB it wasn’t until the last 45 minutes that I hooked what I thought was a huge Eel (more hope than judgement) which turned out to be a 10lb Carp with the line wrapped around it’s pectoral fin confusing it and me.

I then had a rush of Skimmers not being able to fish fast enough, wanting another 15 minutes or so to fish them out – bugger I hate leaving fish in the swim.

I packed up and left both nets well up the bank, I then did the photograph walk to peg 11. On returning my Carp net was missing. I wasn’t too worried about losing the Carp but would have liked to know what the biggy weighed. With the aid of soon to become Plummer Leon Hubbard I did manage to get the net out which was my biggest worry. Leon did hand me the bottom of the keep net so they were well gone. It didn’t matter as I came second in the section with my two Carp not improving my placing.

My Silver luckily was still in the net which weighed 30lb 5oz for a Silvers second pick-up. Mission accomplished – nearly.

The match was won by Mike Walker (pictured right with some of his catch) with 187lb 4oz from in form peg 11. Mike caught in to his end margin at 14.5 metres using 8mm hair rigged banded pellet in four foot of water. Mike initially started feeding 8’s but caught much better feeding 4’s.

I was piped in the Silvers by matey Vic Bush (no shame here - pictured right with his catch) with 33lb 5oz from peg 14. Vic caught on CWM&C with worm on the hook.

Arriving home the "Special One" was suspicious about my behavior, Bela came to the rescue explaining I was suffering from sun stroke - not sure that explanation worked but a good try matey.

Full Result:

  1. Mike Walker 187-04-0 peg 11
  2. Nick Chedzoy 146-11-0 peg 10
  3. Gary O’Shea 133-01-0 peg 31
  4. Chris Davis  119-11-0 peg 34
  5. Tony Rixon 114-09-0 peg 12
  6. Tim Ford 88-03-0 peg 40
Top Silvers:

  1. Vic Bush 33-05 -0 peg 14
  2. Mike Nicholls 30-06-0 peg 19
  3. Leon Hubbard 19-02-0 peg 15
Weigh Sheets: