Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Review of 2016

January - April: Decided to reduce the amount of compulsory matches during the winter months and sacrificed the Viaduct Winter League choosing to stay local selecting instead to fish the Windmill Fishery Thursday Silvers League run by Ray Bazeley. It was an eight match series which took me to the beginning of April. The first match I got wrong but otherwise had a good series winning the knockout and series runner up, picking up in seven of the eight matches. Tony Rixon rightly winning the series especially as for one match he had stand-in Des Shipp in his section. The only change to the series format would to have a free draw every match instead of being locked in with the same section anglers for each half the series. Only one other venue visited during this time – Harescombe a favourite of mine the fishing being particularly to my liking as is the company. This particular match was won by youngster Ryan Summerhayes, who had just passed his driving test. I experimented with videos and bought various waterproof cameras, definitely need a cameraman as it is almost impossible to film anything sensible whilst match fishing on your own, plus as was pointed out I’m not the best orator.

April – May: Up to mid-May I spent fishing either Harescombe Thursday matches or Windmill Sunday matches with satisfying results and most importantly plenty of bites. Both Fisheries suit my style of fishing catching mainly on top-set with one and two sections, no thrashing about with 16 metres of pole needed, if it is ever needed.

May: Was the start of Tony Rixon’s Short Pole match at Chiltern Trinity - Woodlands and also his popular Float Only League. Unfortunately I could only fish half the short pole matches. It was my first visit of the year to the incredible Viaduct Fishery for the first of the float only’s managing a mere 3 points with 103lb! But I did beat two from peg 111. The Shaun Townsend evening “Just Turn Up” matches started at the end of May so tried one and I was blown into submission not quite making the end of the match, lost all the feeling in my hands. I fished another two of his matches and picked up in both just missing out on £100 golden peg by 2lb weighing 120lb! The Curse of the Golden Peg.

June: Anglers favourite month, well anglers my age that can remember the excitement of June the 16th and getting out for the first match on the rivers after three months of polishing tackle. I have tried to keep the excitement going by organising our June weeks fishing holiday at Viaduct with the 16th in it. We had another great week with Tim Ford, Glenn Bailey, Martyn Woodington, Geoff Francis and Gordon Cannings all great company both on the bank ans off  – what goes on tour stays on tour! We are booked in for 2017 with Martyn Woodington counting down the days to when he can have another go at driving backwards and forwards over my five keep nets. During the week I ran two short pole (top-set plus three) matches on Campbell which proved very popular. Interestingly the weights are not affected, with less foul hooked fish. I think we should all be fishing CIPS 13 metre maximum pole rules even after BREXIT.

July: Was the start of the Amalgamation Autumn eight match series fished at Sabre Lake and Tockenham Reservoir. I really enjoyed fishing Sabre Lake as it has lots of quality Silvers, especially Roach. Unfortunately, the organisation was not to my liking – enough said. Glenn Bailey aka “Two Pots” talked me into fishing Bob Sheppard’s Three Dayer at Viaduct – Campbell Lake. Thought I might do OK with paste on the pole but got battered by the lead chucker’s, unfortunately no Silvers pool, so no coin for me. That said the standard of angling was very high, not the mugging event that Glynn promised me. We stayed at the Globe Inn which does serve great food especially the Carvery night, however, the rooms leave a lot to desire.

August: The Windmill Fishery - South Gloucester show matches were fished over a Saturday and Sunday with Silvers only on the first day and all in on the second. Luckily I drew well winning the Silvers with us all getting battered by Carp in the process. So we were expecting good weights the following day. Although I drew a reasonable peg and started
well putting 33lb in the net in the first hour – that was it, I couldn’t even catch any Silvers over the next 5 hours! Because everyone suffered a similar experience I managed to sneak in last in the big money. As I have suspected the Silvers fed well the day before and switched off which also affects the Carp feeding. Get Silvers feeding in the peg and the Carp will soon be nosing about. A profitable weekend for many of us as the matches are heavily sponsored. Tony had one of his float only’s at Shiplate Farm Fishery, it has to be said this is one of the best kept fisheries I fished. Because of the numbers fishing a section was put on a pond called “Squircle” apparent two circular stock ponds joined by a rectangle, which I drew on. As expected because it was a small pond with loads of small Carp it suited me, breaking the pond record with 71lb 12oz. The fishery usually gives £100 for Lake records during matches, but it wasn’t to be, was this because Bela broke Hawthorns record with 208lb and The Trig broke the Main Lake record with 222lb all in the same match, after all a match record is a match record! Both the Tony’s leagues came to an end with Tony winning his short pole and Trigger winning the Float Only “Some say he can’t count any higher than section first, all I know it’s The Trig who won the Float Only with a perfect score”.

September: I spent most of the month fishing Windmill Fishery. There have been plenty of negative comments about this fishery mainly from people that hasn’t fished it. Over the year I have grown to understand it and has become a favourite venue of mine. I fished it 32 times and picked up 28 times. This month the Viaduct Silvers League started with 55 quality South West anglers fishing, plenty of competition which is what we all look for.

October - November: Spent my time between, Windmill, Viaduct Silvers League and Harescombe in 15 visits this year I picked up 12 times.  I like the 5 hour matches as it gets me home early. At the end of November I took my first visit of the year to Hillview Fishery in Tewksbury, enjoying a peg to peg battle with Huggy.

December: The Dave Crookes fishery aka Huntstrete was re-opened after the dreaded KHV. I have read a few articles on this virus and concluded that high water temperatures is a key factor, might be worth trying closing Lakes when the water temperature reaches 15.5 Celsius to minimise Carp stress. I fished the Coffin Dodgers Christmas match on Bridge Pool. Also fished the one at Windmill, which was Terry’s last match before he retired. Lots of comments made about his Buffoonery, which I sometimes enjoyed. One thing I can guarantee he will be missed mainly because he did a lot for match anglers, in particular the financial sponsorships. I had a reasonable Viaduct Silvers League until I drew the dreaded 132 and next to Bela for the third time, the man is a jinx, plenty of Carp here as subsequent open matches proved. The final match I drew well peg 69 on Lodge Lake, winning the match on the waggler and caster, feeding ¼ pint all day. As with most matches I came away
thinking “what if” and this match was no exception. An hour to go I swopped to a bigger waggler at the same time the fishing tailed off, so was it the switch or did the Skimmers stop feeding, might have been the Carp becoming active, will never know. This qualified me for the all winner’s finals. All through the league I beat every angler each side of me and managed 12th overall and finished in pocket which is my primary aim. The league was won by Matt Tomes, a popular winner especially for me. 

2017: I’m not sure what will happen with Windmill Fishery at the moment rumour indicates it will let out on lease. Not necessarily a bad thing for match anglers.

Ivy House may figure more in my match calendar as Andy is restocking his Match Lakes and digging a new Lake for F1’s and Silvers.May also try the over 60's on Wednesdays which has just started.

I hope that the fishery management at The Dave Crookes Fishery leaves the Lakes alone, free from fish movement and Siltexing giving nature a chance.

I have been publishing one of our South West Legends Scrap book - Mr Colin Golding which will run into 2017. Amazing record and some interesting history.

I have been thinking on how we can get all the small 20 pegs matches together and have some bigger opens.Perhaps the larger fisheries can take a turn in running 50 + peg matches.

Back in the day when I was running the Bathampton Juniors I was getting 40  + youngsters on the banks all keen to fish matches. Then there was the Silver Dace Juniors that organised a Junior Summer League with 8 teams of six anglers. Match angling is lacking this and something needs to be done now if our sport is to be saved. The Angling Trust has started the Talent Pathway which focuses on a small number of the more talented juniors from each region which isn't nearly enough. Tackle manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers need to invest heavily in their own future. This investment could be either by providing funds to angling clubs or employment of  full time Junior organising officers in each region. 

Finally: I found this cutting right in my scrap book. Bela always managed to catch a Bream or two on the River – a confidence thing. I was also sent the picture of him with a net of Irish Bream – recognise him. Next year will be our 10th year of travelling together.

The Facts and Figures:

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Thursday 22/12/2016 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's and Disabled - Bridge Pool

The night before the match I had a call from Mike Jones explaining that a young angler aged 14 who was taking part in the Angling Trust Southern Talent Pathway had requested to fish our Coffin Dodgers Christmas Match. Of course everyone welcomed Will Bedel especially as he would reduce the average age. Will would also benefit by fishing with over a 1,000 years of experience fishing today. However, this took me way back when I was the Junior Organising Officer for BAA when another 14 year old had written to the Committee asking if he could fish Huntstrete alone because his Dad couldn’t stay with him, which at that time was a rule of the club. I proposed that he should be allowed to fish; however, the then Chairman said rules were rules not permitting a vote hence he was barred from fishing. This incensed me so I resigned there and then and walked out, never to return. How things change.

18 Dodgers and one half fishing today so we had the usual photo call (pictured centre below).

The thinking was that the road side would be the better pegs because it was believed that is where the fish have been fed during the long closure. In to the draw bag and out comes peg 26 on the far bank, one of the deepest pegs on the Lake. That said I was reasonably happy as I had an empty peg each side.

The bait tray first where I had caster, dead reds, pumped 4 and 2mm expanders, wetted micro and GB.

I set up two rigs both 4x16 Winter F1’s one with black top and the other yellow. The plan was to fish dead red over GB fished out in front at top-set plus three using the black tipped float and if the fish were responding well I would feed micro and fish pellet on the yellow tip float at 10-o-clock. I stayed on the black tip all match!! To say it was hard was an under statement. The bites were really iffy losing loads of 1oz Skimmers shipping back as they were lightly hooked (easy to blame the elastic – but not). These small Skimmers didn’t want to feed on bottom and wouldn’t take an up in the water static bait. Feeding wasn’t easy to understand either. I kept tiny Skimmers coming by swapping between the short line and another lined I opened at top-set plus four.

I finished the match with 8lb 10oz for second Silvers and third overall.

The match was won by Ken Morgan (pictured upper with his two Carp) with 11lb 5oz from peg 28. Ken caught on the pole at 10 metres fishing red maggot over GB.

The Silvers was won by Rich Coles (pictured right with his Xmas spoils) with 8lb 12oz from peg 16. Again Rich caught on maggot over GB.
Young Will Bedel lost a Carp but did land a 1lb Perch (pictured right) and a few Roach for 1lb 15oz from peg 24. Well done to him.

It was also well done to Chris Rolfe for running the match and getting the prizes (pictured back of his car).

Full Result:

  1. Ken Morgan 11-05-0 peg 28
  2. Rich Coles 8-12-0 peg 16
  3. Mike Nicholls 8-10-0 peg 26
  4. Pete Greenslade 6-12-0 peg 7
  5. Chris Rolfe 6-10-0 peg 14
  6. Pete Turner 4-14-0 peg 21
Top Silvers:

  1. Rich Coles 8-12-0 peg 26
  2. Mike Nicholls 8-10-0 peg 26
Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sunday 18/12/2016 - Windmill Christmas Match - Match Lake

Today was Windmill Christmas Match and Fishery manager Terry’s last before he retires. Have a good-un matey, you will be missed that’s for sure and of course my mate Bentley the Jack Russell. The attendance had increased from 20 to 23 for some unknown reason. However, everyone there could be classed as regulars. The word was that we had to go in through the bottom entrance because the overhead power cables were to be repaired. So it was to be Terry’s last faux pas with lots of us sliding in the mud whilst the sensible ones used the normal entrance!

The draw was brought forward to 8 am so an early start for breakfast, Geoff Francis, Bela and I stopped at the Beefeater and was surprised to find the breakfast already set out in buffet style, suit us Sir.

After a slip-slidey arrival it was time for the usual buffoonery then into the draw box and out comes peg 13 – Nooooo. It was unlucky for some, well me. That said I started to look for positives – Plenty of room down on the end bank on my own. I had won the Silvers from it back in the summer, so that’s the target. Plus the Fishery had forgone their peg fee so the prize money was hiked up with the winner getting £100 and the Silvers winner £60.

I choose a 4x14 F1 Winter to fish down the shelf in six foot of water at 1-o-clock at top-set plus four with 20 - 808 tied to 0.1 GLine. Also a heavier rig a 4x16 F1 Winter to fish top-set plus three out in front with a 16 – 808 tied to 0.14. I started by feeding the one dinner plate on the shorter line with wetted micro with 4mm expander on the hook. It took a long while to miss my first nibble, soon after I netted a ½ oz Skimmer. I was struggling as I expected with such baits, so I opened up another dinner plate with my GB laced with Pinkie on the longer line and started to string a few tiny Skimmers together when I hooked and landed a 1lb Specimen (sorry John Barker – jammy me). The swim soon died I kept topping up and at halfway hooked and landed a 10lb Mirror on the 0.1 bottom, inspecting the hook length it looked a bit worse for wear – that a do for more Silvers! Fifteen minutes later I hook another 10lb Carp and to no surprise to me it broke me – lazy bugger. Just as the temperature took a sudden drop I decided to hand tie a 20-808 to 0.14 which took a while with my cold hands. After a long struggle catching the odd small Skimmer I hooked another Carp and confidently landed it - two in the bag. Another few Silver ounces in the bag when I hook another Carp which was enormous and played it for some while and at one stage nearly got it in the net, it then slipped the hook, and a long sulk ensued. That was it for the exception of a few more tiny Skimmers.

My two Carp weighed 15lb 13oz and my silvers 3lb 8oz for a total of 19lb 5oz. This gave me first in the Silvers and fourth overall, and luckily the two lost Carp only cost be one position but more importantly no loss in coin!!

The match was won by Shaun Townsend (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 50lb 9oz from peg 8. Shaun caught most of his Carp on the waggler into open water using either Corn or maggot hook bait. Shaun fished a good match.

Finally: we still don't know who is taking over from Terry so will need to look for alternative venue until this is resoled to our satisfaction!! 

Full Result:

1. Shaun Townsend 50-09-0 peg 8
2. John Osborne 40-01-0 peg 1
3. Mark Summerhayes 23-08-0 peg 26
4. Mike Nicholls 19-05-0 peg 13
5. Gerry Walsh 17-13-0 peg 28
6. Bela Bakos 16-04-0 peg 18

Top Silvers:

1.      Mike Nicholls 3-080 peg 13
2.      John Barker 2-08-0 peg 30
3.      Shaun Townsend 2-05-0 peg 8

Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Thursday 15/12/2016 - Harescombe Fishery - Affordable - Match Lake

My Thursday match calendar is fully booked now until 6th April so today was the last chance to fish one of my Favourite venues for a while - Harescombe. Usual breakfast prepared by Chef Andy Price who had a River Frome hangover catching a mere 5oz yesterday. Talking of hangovers Roy Liddell was missing today apparently has started a three week Hogmanay.

In to the draw bag and out comes peg 8. Looking at the Lake pegging map I had plenty of room with Hookey two pegs to my right and Lee Waller two pegs to my left. Whilst tackling up Lee decided to make it five pegs to my left down to Alan Oram by doing the full Monty into the Lake complete with tackle box and all that was attached to it. In the process he broke three sections of his pole. I usually take the opportunity to take a video; however, Lee needed help so I was collecting all things that floated with my landing net. It was pack up time for him and go home as none of our clothes wouldn’t fit Lee, where was Andy Price when you needed him. Lee took it well and still had time for a smile (pictured right). Luckily his Android was still working.

The Lake has been fishing hard; however, it’s start where you finished the last match, well nearly. I set up the usual 4x12 F1 to fish full depth at top-set plus either 2 or 3 sections. I decided on a negative light rig in case, a 4x10 F1 to fish on the top-set with a long line down wind – RH side with pinkie 6 inches off bottom.

I started on top-set plus two with 4mm expander over damped micro and had an 8oz F1. I then had lots of shy bites so switched to 2mm expander and after three tugs I could catch a ½ oz bottle top every put in, a lot of effort for not much return. So after 45 minutes I switched to the top-set light right with single Pinkie over loose fed pinkie, which are a bugger to loose feed accurately. Plenty of bites from small Ronnie’s ensued. I then had a run of three decent F1’s which were soon to disappear and it was back to the Ronnie’s. As soon as the small Ronnie’s disappeared it was time to anticipate run of a couple of F1’s and that how the rest of the match panned out – Ronnie’s and F1’s.

I finished the match with 34lb to be beaten in to second place by 1lb by Derek Jarman (pictured right) who was on end peg 14 and caught over using maggot over maggot.

 Full Result:

1 Derek Jarman 35lbs 0ozs 0drams
2 Mike Nicholls34lbs 0ozs 0drams
3 Brian Duckett30lbs 0ozs 0drams
4 Alan Orum24lbs 6ozs 0drams
5 Terry Girdlestone15lbs 10ozs 0drams

Weigh Sheet:

A different weigh in today with Jemma Phillips (pictured right) assisting Andy weighing using her newly developed system match angling result service which can be logged into and shows the weigh-in live as it happens. Today I did copy and paste the result in from her website which can be found on:

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday 11/12/2016 - Viaduct Silvers League - Final Round Six - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

First stop Shipham Café where Mr and Mrs Stung-Buttocks joined us for breakfast.

Chatting with Bela on the rest of the way to the fishery included the mention of pegs 132 and 131. Bela was concerned because I had mentioned these pegs and we might draw them again, just as if! In to the draw coffee tin, not first today I was one behind Andy Power who pulled 81, one crap peg gone then. In I go and because Des Shipp wasn’t fishing today I pulled a peg he would have otherwise drawn peg 69 on Lodge, a decent peg at last.

Can you believe it Bela drew peg 131 again; there wasn’t anything I could say to him, not even there are worse pegs because there isn’t. That said Bela did well catching 6lb from it today which would have put him second in section last match!

For company on peg 68 I had league leader Matt Tomes and on peg 70 Kev Bailey. I did fancy the waggler today so that was the first thing I erected with a 3 BB insert with a no 11 and no 12 down the line to a 808 hand tied to 0.1 G Line. Next was the short Ronnie rig then the 4 metre whip and finally a 4x10 F1 float to fish at maximum length if 13 metres – hoped that if I used it the float would keep going under.

I had some GB left from Thursdays match so damped it down and fed it all at 13 metres towards opposite peg 62 laced with Pinkie and caster. I planned to leave this for at least 2 hours. I started on the short Ronnie rig with single caster over loose caster and caught about 2lb including a 1lb Hybrid before they backed off, so on to the 4 metre whip and kept a few Ronnie’s to 3oz coming – no sign of the tiny Ronnie’s today. I noticed that there were a few decent Skimmers topping over the rope toward the disabled peg – which isn’t unusual for this Lake. So was keen to try the waggler, but before I did I wasted 5 minutes over the GB line with single caster, but due to the opposite trees disrupting the reflected light I couldn’t see the float that well. So it was on to the waggler with single caster over loose fed caster. I had a great hour in the middle of the match catching seven Skimmers to 4lb a few small Hybrid and some Ronnie’s. The waggler I selected was working well, but the wind picked up and found it too light to pull the line straight to it, so I snapped on a small bodied waggler which did what I wanted but although it was right for dragging line it wasn’t as good fishing off bottom, hence the fishing slowed. I think I was too premature in changing because the wind dropped in the last hour and I couldn’t be bothered to change back (there was a time I would have set up two wagglers). I had only one more decent Skimmer and one foul hooked Carp before the all out.
I weighed 30lb 3oz for a match win (pictured right with my catch) and pleased not to have spoiled it for Matt Tomes who got his second in section to win the overall league. Well done matey a popular winner. As for my league I finished 12th the best I could hope for from some of the draws, beating each side on very match. It was an excellent league with a strong line up and well run by Matt Long. Be back next year.

Full Result (on the Day):

  1. Mike Nicholls 30-02-0 peg 69
  2. Gabe 22-0-0 peg 78
  3. Paddy 17-05-0 peg 62
  4. Bob Gullick 16-03-0 peg 128
  5. Kev Newman 16-02-0 peg 100
  6. Sam Powell 15-0-0 peg 88
Weigh Sheets:

Overall League Placings(Top three pictured below)

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Thursday 08/12/2016 - Over 55's and Disbaled - The Dave Crookes Fishery - Withy Pool

Decisions, decisions Harescombe ruled out because it has gone clear, but with the mild weather? Windmill, might be too windy, so the choice was the Dave Crookes Fishery on Withy Pool.

The weather had a complete change from minus frost to plus 13 degrees this morning, temperatures which can be expected in summer, however, it was damp.

Defra has stated that all chicken, turkey and duck owners must keep them indoors for 30 days from yesterday and take steps to separate them from wild birds. So I was surprised for the first time to see four chickens on the banks of Withy, I was also surprised that the head count remained the same when I left!! Well Christmas is around the corner (pictured right - that's the Dawson picking up his dipped nets).

It was nice to see Terry Bruton here today especially as he was 80 years old last month. Unfortunately, Terry was taken ill during the match and was picked up by son Dave. Dave has subsequently confirmed Terry is now home and is as good as it gets at 80.

It was a too good a turn out for this pool with 22 fishing, a venue very difficult to peg.

In to the draw bag and out comes peg 61. Happy with this as the Carp can haunt this area during the winter. The problem it would necessitate to fish at 11.5 metres minimum. The wind wouldn’t hinder as it was blowing in at me, which I was hoping would reduce throughout the match – it did. For company I had Steve Dawson on our bank end peg 62 and on the other side Glynn Sage on peg 60 – if you’re hungry this is the man to be next too – sacks full of food on offer all day.

One rig a 4x16 Winter F1 a tad heavier for the five foot depth I found at 11.5 metres. I tied a 20 – 808 to 0.14 (I did expect a Carp or two) with a 12 inch hook length. The peg gets deeper the further out you fish so I set the depth so that it was just touching bottom at full length but allowing the wind to blow the long hook length up the slope by about 12 inches. Steve and I agreed that 5lb would be a good Silver weight from these pegs. So a negative start with a small knub of sieved Sensas Magic and single just wriggling red maggot on the hook and I had a great start with the dragging up the shelf working well catching small Skimmers to 4oz regularly. I then hooked a 10 lb Carp which gave a slight tightening of the bum before I netted it. I kept topping up with the GB catching small fish regularly, I did foul hook a Carp and I also lost a 3lb foul hooked skimmer close in, until 90 minutes to go and decided to kindering dead reds and micro pellet – a mistake as during the next 30 minutes I didn’t have a bite. The blackened float was very difficult to see and the headache started. I mixed up so more Magic and whitened the float tip and started a new line to my right in dark water. Amazingly first try I hooked and landed an 8lb Carp. The remainder of the match was slow adding only a few ounces to the net.

My two Carp weighed 18lb 2oz and my Silver 12lb for first overall and third in the Silvers.

The Silvers was won by Paul “Barny” Barnfield (pictured right with the match winner) with 18lb 10oz of waggler caught Roach with maggot hook bait fished over small catapult fed GB and maggot fished over to the old peg 50.

Full Result:

  1. Mike Nicholls 30-02-0 peg 61
  2. Paul Barnfield 26-01-0 peg 58
  3. Brian Ashford 23-05-0 peg 42
  4. Ken Morgan  23-0-0 peg 67
  5. Rich Coles 20-03-0 peg 70
  6. Dave Gillard 19-04-0 peg 57
Top Silvers:

  1. Paul Barnfield 18-10-0 peg 58
  2. Steve Dawson 12-07-0 peg 62
  3. Mike Nicholls 12-0-0 peg 61
Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday 04/12/2016 - Hillview Open

I travelled with Geoff Francis today, his first time at Hillview and a baptism of fire from Keith Hill. Keith has just spend £300 on a new sign (pictured right) and  was watching everyone via his CCTV and because Geoff and I didn’t put our nets straight out he pounced on us, I said it was too small and we didn’t see it, he wasn’t amused as it’s 8 foot high! Nonetheless, we had a decent breakfast.

Huggy was in his new tackle shop dragging in customers (pictured lower right).

Twenty two booked in so Keith put in the two Lakes and two Canals numbers 2 and 3. Canal 3 was fished the day before and there were a number of DNW’s, so didn’t want to draw here.

In to the Woolley hat and out came peg 79 – Canal 3! Wrong Canal, wrong end, I was sandwiched between young Josh Clarke and Shaun Bruton who was on the end peg and the only peg that was frozen. The upshot was Shaun and I didn’t have a bite on anything we tried with Josh caught ten Rudd for 8oz. No more about today.

The match was won by Griff (pictured lower right with half his catch) with 93lb from Heron peg 32. Half of Griff’s weight was made up with Carp with the remainder F1’s. Griff caught at either 9 metres or 11 metres using maggot over maggot, an excellent weight on the day.

Full Result:

  1. Griff 93-0-0 peg 32
  2. Shaun Gould 46-0-0 peg 59
  3. Lee Seward 45-08-0 peg 35
  4. Lee Payne 45-0-0 peg 70
  5. Kevin 44-04-0 peg 62
  6. Derek Young 40-0-0 peg 29
Weigh Sheets: