Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday 30/04/2017 - Windmill Fishery Open - Match Lake

It was the usual wait outside the Kingswood Wetherspoons until dead on 08:00. In the meanwhile Bela managed to upset one of the Punters who was trying to get it before him, needless to say the gut went to the back of the queue. Not to worry I got to the till first and ordered Bela a Traditional breakfast which pissed him off because he didn’t feel sick afterwards. Apparently he’s on a diet. Geoff Francis managed to tip my tea up whilst I was getting some more brown sauce. In the process of clearing up Geoff lost my Camomile tea bag so I went to the fishery dry.

The weather was predicted to be windy with heavy showers. Got both wrong with the wind not that bad and the rain holding off to be replaced by two light showers. However, it was bloody freezing. No wonder the Silver fish are holding on to their spawn, which isn’t conducive to fishing. The wind was to be a nightmare for presentation gusting all over and was initially over my back only to switch later left to right.

I said to Bela I fancied peg 16 his reply was “what do you mean”. Enough said.

At the draw I mentioned that the consensus of the anglers fishing that the pools should be spread further. Dave Haines said he would discuss it later with management. Umm.

Peg 5 was first out for the golden peg; hope to miss this one then. I was chatting away so late to the draw box and out comes peg 18. I was happy with this as it has some good history of Carp which I decided to target. So I set up two rigs a 4x14 F1 winter to fish initially at top-set plus two which was the deepest part of the peg at 4 foot, and a 4x12 Winter to fish top-set plus one in 30 inches down the RH margin. The attack was meat over meat on the long line and meat over meat and micro down the margin. After setting up I went for a walk only to return and find my bait tray had been savaged by a Magpie. So I paced a cloth over the bait and walked again only to return to find the same Magpie had got into the bait bag and pierced all my plastic bags. The culprit pictured right.

I started by feeding the two lines, starting on the plus three line with 6mm meat. It was soon become clear it was going to be hard today – well in my peg. It took 15 minutes to get a bite which was a 4lb Mirror Carp. With half hour gone I had a 2oz Skimmer. Over he next 30 minutes there was no sign of any fish at all on this line. I decided to have a Banana walk and it was fishing very hard. So went back and tried the margin with 6mm meat and had a scale perfect 11lb Common. Went back out on the longer line and hooked a 10 lb Carp in the tail fin which was interesting for a good 15 minutes before we both got bored with the hook pulling out, however, with a bit more patients from both parties I would have landed it. I felt (mistakenly) I wasn’t going to get into the coin fishing for Carp so thought I would give the Silvers an opportunity so I added another section taking me to top-set plus four down at 2-o-clock switching into winter mode with DR’s over GB. The upshot was I had five decent Skimmers and after trying the RH margin on and off lost one more foul hooked Carp.

I finished with 11lb 8oz of Silver (seem familiar Dave Willmott) with the two Carp weighing in at 15lb 7oz for a fourth overall weight of 26lb 15oz. Umm that Carp did cost me.

The match was won by Chris Davis with a remarkable weight of 81lb 9oz from peg 22. Chris had buggered off to watch he football hope he isn’t a Arsenal fan. Chris caught short in four foot of water down to his Left fishing meat over meat. Chris fed a few cubes then sat over it until he caught a Carp then it was a repeat the fed.

The day was rounded off at the pub where we watched Spurs beat the Arsenal Ladies 2-0.

Full Result:

  1. Chris Davis 81-09-0 peg 22
  2. John Osborne 31-04-0 peg 20
  3. Paul Staite 30-12-0 peg 30
  4. Mike Nicholls 26-15-0 peg 18
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 11-08-0 peg 18
  2. Dave Haines 7-0-0 peg 24
Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 28 April 2017

Thursday 27/04/2017 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

It was yet another hard frost this morning, with a bitterly cold wind.

If there are any doubts about Bridge Pool having Otters then see picture right of one of three savaged Bream I seen along the car park bank by pegs 18 and 19. This one I removed from my swim.

Mike Jones has given up running these matches and has handed over to Chris Rolfe. Into the draw bag and out comes peg 19. All or nothing peg at the moment so went to the peg with fingers crossed. For company I had “Satnav Gillard” on peg 18 and “Gas Head Greenslade” on peg 21. The bloody freezing wind was blowing into the peg along with all the broken bits of straw from the hay bales placed around the fishery. I spent 15 minutes scooping as much as I could from the margin as I was expecting to catch half my weight here.

I set up three rigs two were identical 4x16 Winter F1’s but one had a black top and the other yellow to cater for the different reflecting trees. The black was for short at top-set plus three and the yellow top-set plus four. The third rig was a 4x12 Winter F1 for either Margin. The problem with this peg is the bank behind limits how far you can fish without breaking down. I tested the water temperature with my hand and it was still very cold.

I started on the short line with 4mm expander over GB only feeding the RH margin with caster leaving any other swim feeding to later one I had found out how it was to fish. I had four very quick 3 oz Skimmers so fed another line with the same GB at the same distance but to my right for once the first swim died. It went quiet but came back to life catching more small Skimmers and a couple of 12 ouncers. First swim dies so re-fed and went over the second swim which produced nothing. I can be impatient at times, not always a bad thing, but was today I think. So I went longer with wetted micro and 2mm expander feed again this produced nothing. Subsequently I tried my banker margin with caster at top-set plus three down to the tree and to my horror there were no sign of fish. The straw and wind wasn’t helping presentation but that wasn’t the reason for not catching, it was the lack of feeding fish. I tried fishing the LH margin using single maggot over maggot and was rewarded with a 3 oz Chub which thought is was 2lb and a 3lb Carp which for a moment I thought was a Tench, Silvers only match so it went back. I reckon by halfway I had 5lb and decided to go on the Banana walk. Everyone appeared to be doing better than me with Alan Jones admitting to 18lb on peg 28. Went back and decided that there wasn’t enough feeding fish for catch up so went into experimental mode fishing on the previously pellet fed lone using just 2mm and 4mm expander hookers over expander feed which as we know sink very slow so fished over them on the drop. I did have another motive which was to try and catch up with Satnav who already had 10lb as I couldn’t stand another piss take at the pub and the Satnav I beat you dance. The upshot was I caught three big Roach and some more Skimmers all on the drop missing loads of bites which may have been either liners or the cautious big Roach.

I weighed 10lb 12oz and luckily beating Satnav by 6oz, phew. Considering the conditions it fished well with 10lb being par today.

The match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured upper right) with 25lb 10oz from fancied peg 10. Paul fished at 13 metres using white maggot over GB laced with maggot and micro. His £30 winnings wont be quite enough to pay for his broken 13 metre Maver section.

Runner up and close behind was Alan Jones (pictured right with his catch) with 25lb 7oz from another fancied peg 28. Alan fish worm over CWandC. Alan fed about four pints mixed 2/3 caster to 1/3 worm.

Full Result:

  1. Paul Barnfield 25-10-0 peg10
  2. Alan Jones 25-07-0 peg 28
  3. John Smith 20-12-0 peg 29
  4. Steve Dawson 19-09-0 peg 14
  5. Joint 5: Mike Jones 15-12-0 peg 8 and Jim Norris 15-12-0 peg 32

Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday 23/04/2017 - Windmill Fishery - Match Lake

First stop breakfast at Wetherspoons in Kingswood with the usual suspects. With four of us in convoy along the bypass where there would have been a time when we would have raced to see who got to the fishery first, but not now, our ages are starting to tell, a very subdued short ride.

Fifteen booked in today so first into the draw box and out came peg 28, a good winter Silvers peg so reasonably happy with it. For company I had Two Pots Bailey on peg 30 who had the curse of the Golden Peg!

A light wind was blowing into me which might be a help as the fish here are so much use to a right old tow on, so suspect the Silvers wouldn’t be going mad.

Three rigs: A 4x16 F1 winter to fish at top-set plus one at the full depth of 9 foot. A 4x12 F1 winter to fish also at top-set plus one along the LH margin in 3 foot of water. The short Ronnie Rig.

I fed the margin rig with meat and the deep rig with micro and started on the Ronnie rig with DR’s over loose fed DR’s. I had a couple of Ronnie’s when I spied a blow in the margin so went in with meat and had a 10lb Carp straight away. Back on the Ronnie rig which was really slow so tried the deep line with 4mm expander which resulted in just one tiny Skimmer. It was fishing hard at our end of the lake. I decided to go back into winter mode and fish DR’s over GB using the 4x12 F1 rig, I had another 10lb Carp in the LH margin along with some small Silvers. The LH died so opened up in the RH side again with GB and maggot. I spotted a blow over it and soon after hooked and landed a 7lb Carp. I went into scratch mode catching small Silvers which were mainly Perch.

I finished the match with 11lb of Silvers (my catch pictured right) which unfortunately left me Solvers second, if only I hadn’t gone for my back relieving walk I might have got the extra 9 oz to win! My three Carp weighed in at 26lb 8oz for a total of 37lb 8oz.

He match was won Joe McMahon (pictured right with the before and after life) with 93lb 9oz from peg 22. Joe caught around 60lb in the first two hours before it slowed, Joe fished 14 metres to the end of the island using 8mm banded pellet over loose fed 6’s. Joe fed around 2 pints all through.

The Silvers was won by Dave Willmott from end peg 13 with a few decent skimmers for 11lb 8oz.

There was a lot of complaints about the payouts at this fishery not being spread out far enough. Note to myself to discuss with Tom.

Full Result:

  1. Joe McMahon 93-09-0 peg 22
  2. John Osborne 92-0-0 peg 18
  3. Geoff Francis 57-07-0 peg 8
  4. John Clarke 52-01-0 peg 6
Top Silvers:

  1. Dave Willmott 11-08-0 peg 13
  2. Mike Nicholls 11-0-0 peg 28
Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Thursday 21/04/2017 - Ray's Rip-Off - Farleigh Woods

After a eight day lay-off from fishing due to family commitments I was really up for todays match.

Farleigh Woods today a new venue for most of the Coffin Dodgers including me and Geoff Francis. The venue came highly recommended by Chris Ollis. Apparently a venue difficult to find so ten of us we agreed to meet Dave “Satnav” Gillard at the Red Lion Sizzler at Combe Down for breakfast. The breakfast was strange being served on a slab of ceramic but more off putting was the ingredients were piled on top one another and on the bottom was fried onion – missed that on the menu – horrible repeating on me all day. The price was good though!

We all set off behind Satnav who on reaching the difficult part got lost. Luckily Geoff Francis satnav took over. What a strange place, definitely need to draw away from the venue to prevent a car parking nightmare. The lake looked really nice and natural with loads of Bankside cover. Having walked round there were only a couple of pegs I wouldn’t want.

Ray Bazeley having finally worked out that he had Alan Jones down twice the reason he had 21 anglers on his list and I had 20 on mine. I wonder if Alan paid twice. Into the draw hat and out came peg 13 – unlucky for some. After some good car parking attending by Dave Poole we all managed to get close enough to our pegs. For company I had Dave “Just Like That” Willmott on peg 12 and Pete Greenslade on peg 12. I was a bit concerned I was close to moaning corner with Paul Haines and Paul Barnfield in the next two pegs.

We were promised loads of Skimmers and later loads of Carp from the margins. I’ve heard it all before. With pleasure catches of 20 -30lb of Skimmers and Carp catches of 50lbs in match conditions you can half these weights and possibly reduce further if nearly all the pegs were in as they were today. So the target 10 -15lb Silvers and 25lb of Carp. So set up the Ronnie rig in case some showed – they didn’t. A PC margin paste rig to fish in 30 inches of water down under the tree to my left. A 4x12 Malman F1 was also set up for the Skimmers.

I was told the Skimmers were mainly small 2 to 12oz so for speed elected to fish top-set plus one in 4 foot of water out in front with 4mm expander over loose fed wetted micro. I started on this rig whilst loose feeding hard 4’s into the margin swim. I had a good twenty minutes catching tiny Skimmers not using the landing net once. After this the peg went weird I was getting indications and quick bites I couldn’t hit. When Dave Willmott said he was catching Crayfish on maggot the penny drop “The Crays” were nicking the expander. So time to try the margin with the paste, surprisingly it just sat there with no indications from small fish or The Crays. I put on another section and tried maggot over GB to catch a couple more bottle tops. The upshot I kept the odd fish coming by carfully feeding another micro and expander line at top-set plus three, history now tells me I spent too long trying to catch Carp and should have stuck to the Silvers. The only other species I landed was a 1oz Perch. I did foul hook a colourful Carp in the margin which bounced off my 25 elastic.

My silvers weighed 9lb 2 ½ oz for last in the Silvers money.
The Match was won by John Smith (pictured upper right) with 26lb 7oz from Jungle peg 5. John caught four Carp down his RH margin using meat over meat. John lost some Carp in the obstacle course.

The Silvers was won by Dave Willmott (pictured right with his catch - looking some what surprised) with 19lb 3oz from peg 12. Dave caught long using either maggot ot meat hook bait fished over loose fed meat and caster.

Rip-off followed Colin Goldings payout method which I think is very appropriate for these types of matches.

Ended the day in perfect fashion at the Globe drinking Doombar with the usual suspects.

Full Result: (all picking up £25)

  1. John Smith 26-7-12-0 peg 5
  2. Chris Ollis 27-04-0 peg 9
  3. Dave Willmott 24-02-0 peg 14
  4. Ray Bazeley 20-12-0 peg 3

  1. Dave Willmott 19-03-0 peg 12
  2. Hughie Evans 11-15-0 peg 16
  3. Dave “Satnav” Gillard 10-15-0 peg 20
  4. Mike Nicholls 9-2-8 peg 13
Weigh Sheet:

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wednesday 12/04/2017 - Sedges Open - Brick Lake

With family commitments over the Easter I had to get a fix in before the post Easter Thursday, so called Glenn Bailey with a view of fishing Wednesday. Not to worry he was soon swayed form his gardening duties and booked us into Sedges. But first we had to find the relocated Hillview Café, which we did first attempt with directions from Clint Wojtyle. The café is smaller and right by Burnham sea wall, the menu is identical as is the quality of the excellent food. Bela will be pleased I found it.

When you haven’t been to a fishery for a while you can easily forget how good it can be. I was really looking forward to fishing it today, but was disappointed to find only nine booked in. I can’t understand why especially looking at the weigh sheet and how well it fished. First into the draw drum and out comes ping pong ball number 5. “Corner Two Pots” Bailey drew end peg 10 again!! That said I was delighted with my peg as it is one of the better Silvers pegs. The wind was blowing hard and gusting off my back and was bloody cold, and would keep veering making presentation difficult.

I came fully baited up but because of the low turn out I kept the expensive bait dry opting for the multi-buy pellet. So one 4x10 F1 Malman set up at top-set plus two to fish 4mm expander over hand fed hard fours for the Skimmers, and a PC paste float to fish over the same line later or sooner if the Carp arrived in numbers. Started on the expander and caught a couple of decent Skimmers followed quickly by a 10 lb Common. I did expect some early disruption from this species. I then had a lovely run of Skimmers and a lonely 3lb Tench. I then hooked a monster Carp which to be truthful I lost patients with, breaking my elastic instead of the 0.14 GLine! Lost the lot – my favourite float gone, we’ve been through a lot over the winter. This wasn’t expected. After re-rigging I kept on with the Skimmers until the last hour when the swim petered out. So had my first try of the new season with the paste, but because of the ever increasing wind chose to fish it at top set plus one where I still had the full depth of seven foot. Again I fished the paste over hand fed hard 4’s. I had two quick Skimmers so was just thinking why didn’t I try this earlier when the battles commenced with the margin dwellers. The up shot was I lost two munters one went behind my keepnets and the other was just wouldn’t come off bottom and with it so deep I had wound the laccy right to the top and bust the 0.18 GLine hook length!! However, I did land four up to 14lb 8oz.

My Skimmers weighed 51lb 10oz of Skimmers to 3lb for first in Silvers (pictured right) and my five Carp weighed in at 53lb 3oz for third overall. I wouldn’t like to think my impatiens costs me second – but might of!

As I expected the match was won by “Corner Two Pots” (pictured upper right with some of his catch) with 219lb 6oz from peg 10. He caught most of his Carp at 13 metres fishing paste over potted soaked 4’s. Well done matey, double car bubble and I still bought the beers!

We will be sooner rather than later.

Note to Jamie “Need to run Sunday Opens Matey”!

Full Result:

  1. Glenn Bailey 219-06-0 Peg 10
  2. Neil Adloct 133-06-0 peg 2
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 51-10-0 peg 5
  2. Paul Berry 39-12-0 peg 8
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday 09/04/2017 - Windmill Fishery Open - Match Lake

Note: Shaun Townsend is running a match at Windmill on Good Friday either call him to book in or just turn up. Draw 09:00.

Back travelling with Bela after completing his winter leagues and health spars! We had breakfast club at Wetherspoons, where we were joined by Geoff “Slayer” Francis.

There were seventeen of us fishing today, so plenty of room. With the wind blowing down the lake I suggested that peg 16 be put in the draw, leaving out peg 14. I was first in to the draw box and out comes peg 3. Umm, I have picked up coin the two previous times I had drawn it. For company on peg 1 was Lee Waller, I was hoping he wasn’t going for a swim again today. Opposite was matey Bela. Interestingly, Geoff Francis drew peg 26 again as he did last Thursday, Bob Price, Dave Willmott and Ade Crawley, also drew the same pegs, amazing.

The wind was expected to increase and so it did. Because of the wind the Ronnie rig was a no goer. So it was a 4x16 and a 4x14 F1 winter the latter to fish at top-set plus 2 using DR’s over GB down wind to my left  at 10-o-clock and the other top-set plus 3 out in front over 4mm expander over micro. After feeding both lines I started on the longer line where I found the float was going through horribly with the wind. It took a while to catch three small Carp to 1lb, plus two Skimmers. The presentation was crap. So I came in over the GB line with double DR’s. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t get a bite even though I could hold it back against the wind. I would have preferred to fish up to the Sedges to my right but the sun was too bright. After trying allsorts and only putting 2lb of silvers in the net I went for a walk around the fishery, there were a few carp coming out down the bottom end in the direction of the wind. It wasn’t until the last 90 minutes that I could fish to my right and with the wind picking up I was able to pick up a trip into the wind away from me. I soon added 12 lb of Skimmers fishing 4 mm expander over micro, when with 20 minutes to go and at the delight of the Mallards I knocked the bait box containing the expanders into the water. I couldn’t be bothered to get the pump out so switched to 6mm meat I should had known the Carp would come over it, losing one foul hooker and landing two Commons that wasted me a lot of time trying to get them in the net. I don’t think my laziness cost me anything – just.

I finished the match with seven Carp that tip the scales to 18lb 14oz and my Silvers which I thought might be enough to win weighed 14lb 8oz for a total of 33lb 6oz. Alas as I thought the fish had moved with the wind down to the far end where Dave Willmott pipped me for the Silvers weighing 18lb – well done matey. I don’t know how he fished because he left early magically disappearing, but do have my suspicions.

The match was won by Keith Builder with 87lb 3oz from peg 16 – told you!! Keith fished down to his end margin catching on 8mm meat over cupped 8mm meat. Again no pictured as he fished on.

Joint second overall was Bela and John Clarke on adjacent pegs. The video below is of Bela fishing 17 metres. A good advert for the strength of both him and his pole.

Full Result:

  1. Keith Builder 87-03-0 peg 16
  2. Bela Bakos 64-07-0 peg 25
  3. John Clarke 64-07-0 peg 24
Top Silvers:

  1. Dave Willmott 1807-0 peg 10
  2. Mike Nicholls 14-08-0 peg 3
Weigh Sheet (Nice Nails):

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Thursday 06/04/2017 - Ray's Rip-off - Windmill Fishery - Match Lake

Wetherspoons was my first stop with Geoff Francis, the temperature was four degrees on the way but on the way home it was 16 degrees, can only happen during spring in England.

Considering the spring weather I expected a good turn out, but only nine pegs were in the draw bag. In I go and regular at the moment peg 24 comes out. This peg is one of the deepest pegs at 9 foot. For company I had Andy “Park yer Bike” Gard on peg 22 and Carp Slayer Geoff Francis on peg 26. Little to no wind again so float would go with the wind, sun off my back – for a while, and ended up with a burnt left ear.

I had previously decided to try 4mm meat over micro as I was hoping to catch the bigger Skimmers because last year they seem to come to the meat. So I bought a bag of fishery micro (no discount for OAP’s). So set up 4x16 Malman F1 to fish at top-set plus three. I also set up the Ronnie rig just in case. I started by feeding 10 piece of 4mm meat and a smidgen of micro. The outcome was seven small Carp and two tiny Skimmers. Meanwhile Andy Gard and Geoff were bagging Carp from the far bank. Luckily I had the Ronnie rig to hand and start on it using single DR’s over GB. This worked reasonably well so stayed with it all match. Most of the Skimmers I caught had all been savaged by Cormorants as can be seen from the Skimmer I am holding in the picture. I did lose a 3lb Tench in the Sedges due to a bit of bad luck and bad angling.

One hour into the match we all heard a large penny drop from peg 27 which was occupied by match organiser Ray Bazeley. He was on the wrong peg. We said he could stay there’, but pride took over and he chuck back 2nd Silvers – fair play. I said I wouldn’t mention this nor change the weigh sheet to add TWAT.

My Carp weighed 12lb 10oz and the Silvers 14lb (pictured right) for a total of 26lb 10oz for a Silvers win.

Having given Geoff Francis (pictured upper right with some of his catch) some tips on pole fishing which he started on and abandoned after 30 minutes preferring to fish the lead over to the far bank using 8mm banded pellet over loose fed 6’s. This method led Geoff landing 78lb 8oz. Geoff fed two pints of 6’s throughout the match. Well done mate, best not listen to me!!

The ring road was chocker, but still we had time for a double bubble pair pint on the home.

Full Result:

  1. Geoff Francis 78-08-0 peg 26
  2. Andy Gard 59-08-0 peg 22
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 14-0-0 peg 24
  2. Alan Jones 4-14-0 peg 2
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday 02/04/2017 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

I had breakfast at Wetherspoons in Kingswood where I met up with Geoff, Tim, Gordon, Shaun and Plelms. I still don’t understand how they do the breakfast so quick, so cheap and with such good quality.

With all the winter leagues now complete I expected a reasonable turn out. And we did with 20 Anglers entering the fishery from the Westerleigh Road because the overhead pylons were being repaired. Young Tom was on top of it with a car park attendant there to keep us in control and out of the mud.

The weather was forecast to be wall to wall sunshine and little to no wind, if that’s possible at this fishery. And that’s how the day went weather wise. I was soon wishing I didn’t have the thermal on!  One look at the lake and the boding wasn’t good. The lake had really coloured up. The conclusion I came to was that the fish had been feeding hard over the previous days and nights knowing that high pressure was on the way – today! Also with the wind finally abating the Lake had no tow, so I expected the Silvers to have a rest. The bright sunshine wasn’t going to help either.

In to the draw box and out comes peg 6 again for the second consecutive match – very happy with this my favourite peg and with 23lb Silvers off it last match this would be my target species. For company I had the bird whistler – Tim Ford who on peg 7.

Whilst setting up the 4x14 Malman F1 which would suit all the swims from top-set plus 1,2 and 3 I noticed a Carp feeding under my feet which convinced me to set up a margin rig consisting a 4X10 Malman Speedy to fish on the top-set down to my right with maggot over maggot. However, this rig stayed dry.

Initially two swims, one at top-set plus one for 4mm expander over GB, and top-set plus two for maggot over maggot/expander. I started on the shortest line because I did expect to catch small Skimmers and wanted to catch them quick. After my prerequisite period and nothing in the net I switched to single maggot and after one Bumble Bee dumped the line. Out on the next line with double DR and I had two small Skimmers, then nothing it was fishing hard. Not expectantly. I started another line at top-set plus three with 4mm expander over 2mm expander. This produced some Skimmers and small Carp. I did lose a decent Carp in a snag close in which is unusual for this venue (probably Tim Ford’s umbrella). Talking about Tim Ford it was about now he hooked a Mallard on the lead which went through my Silvers line nearly into peg 5. I did the decent thing and netted the Duck for him – Tim complained that I didn’t retrieve his lead. I reckon I had 6lb of Silvers by ¾ ways through so went for a bank survey and found Joe McMahon had 8 big Carp next was 8 small Carp then 6. I ascertained that I was winning the Silvers. Back in the saddle and I couldn’t get any indications on the long line. So drastic measures and got some more tubes out including the storage tube with the writing on it. I decided to fish up the far ledge using the margin rig set to 3 foot with 4 mm expander over potted 2mm expander. The hope was for some more Skimmers. First try I hooked a decent Carp and because I had to unship and this being the first attempt I balls up and lost the fish on the way in. Lesson learnt – not, because out again and I bounce off a Skimmer due to the elastic being for the margin munters. I swapped to lighter elastic which was better landing to more 1lb Skimmers. That was it for Silvers for the rest of the match as I had a good last 90 minutes catching Carp from 1lb to 8lb losing four foul hookers. The fish just didn’t want to be on the bottom a stalkers paradise I think.

I finished the match with a Silvers winning weight of 7lb 11oz my few Carp of  44lb 10oz took my weigh to a fourth overall of 52lb 5oz.

 The match was won by Silverfox team member Joe McMahon (pictured upper centre with the Silvers winner) with an excellent weight of 112lb 10 from peg 1. Joe caught 15 Carp fishing 18 inched deep using 6mm hard banded pellet over loose fed 4’s. Well done matey, always seem to do better without Dad!

Back to the pub afterwards, where Tim Ford and Dave Haines kept us amused with the old battle-bus stories.

Full Result:

  1. Joe McMahon 112-10-0 peg 1
  2. Shaun Townsend 59-05-0 peg 25
  3. Paul Staite 56-12-0 peg 26
  4. Mike Nicholls 52-05-0 peg 6
  5. Tim Ford 51-15-0 peg 7
  6.  Dave Haines 37-05-0 peg 30
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 7-11-0 peg 6
  2. John Osborne 5-12-0 peg 21
Weigh Sheet: