Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday 30/03/2014 - Avon Angling Float Only Open - Chiltern Trinity - Woodlands

After a heavy night at our friend Kath’s 60th party, plus losing an hour sleep due to the clocks going forward I was lucky to be picked up by matey Glenn Bailey who obviously also had a good night out. And what a beautiful warm morning that greeted us. It was down the M5 and conveniently breakfast in Hilltops cafĂ©.

We arrived at Woodlands in time for a walk along the Lake where I met up with “Little” Joe McMahon. Joe is doing a Fishery Management course at Bridgewater Technical College. Joe said there was a Cormorant on the Lake and pointed out the Bird pictured right. Either the course isn’t going too well or he hasn’t done the module on migratory Birds!! This Grebe was a bloody nuisance through out my Match continually diving over my feed coming up with the occasional small Ronnie.

Definitely the start of Spring today with light winds and temperatures reaching 17 degrees, plus Primroses (pictured right) decorating the Lakeside.

Into the draw box and out comes peg 17 which is at the far end of the Lake and in the opposite directions of the prevailing winds. After every one had settled in their swims I was gald to see I had plenty of room. I plumbed up the LH margin and found 4 foot of water as close to the bank as I could get. A tad too deep for my liking as it may be prone to fouling.

I set up three rigs the usual Ronnie rig, a Silverfox PC 0.3 paste float and a 4x16 Jolly to be fished at 5 metres out in front. However, because the Lake is carrying an extra foot or so of extra water plus the fact this peg is one of the deepest on the venue I had to at some extra line. Because of the depth I didn't think it would produce. However, I intended this swim to be my meat line and although I fed the line with 8mm meat I really didn't fish it.

I did see a couple of Carp swirling in the margin so I decided to start on the Ronnie rig with caster over lose fed caster, just off bottom and foul hooked a Carp which broke my hook length. Out again and I hook one straight off and landed a six pounder. I followed this up with another Carp and then another foul hooker ending up with just a huge scale which was big enough to go in the keepnet!! In the first three hours I landed six Carp, losing two foul hookers and pulled out of two. In between I was catching some decent Ronnie’s and Perch, but the chances of a Silvers pool pick up was gradually dissolving with Martin Rayett catching Skimmers and Phil Harding having two big Tench. However, the Carp were conspicuous by their absence, so I decided to up the feed to concentrate on the Carp and was rewarded with three more Carp. With an hour and a half of the match remaining the swim went quite (except for Mr Grebe). So I switched to feeding hard 4’s over my paste rig which resulted in hooking a big Tench which slipped the hook as I picked up the landing net. The Tench agonisingly hung on top of the water for a second or two but was out of range for a scoop – Bugger. I went in to feeling sorry for my self as I thought this fish would improve my overall and the Silvers position. I had one more Carp on the paste near the end.

My Silvers weighed 9lb 12oz and my Carp 55lb 8oz for a total of 65lb 4oz putting me in third overall position and 5th in the Silvers. As I thought the Tench did me out of second spot. Plus one more Carp and I might had won the match – then there was the damage (if any) the Grebe done.

The match was by Tom “The sty” Mangnall (pictured right giving us a wink with some of his catch) with 73lb 8oz from peg 29. Tom caught long at full depth using hard banded pellet over lose fed hard 6’s.

The Silvers was won by Martin Rayett (pictured lower right with Silvers runner up) with 18lb 14oz of Skimmers from peg 11. Martin caught on 6mm soft pellet fished over lose fed hard 6’s and 14.5 metres.

Full Result:

  1. Tom Mangnall 73-08-0 peg 29
  2. Paul Elmes  69-08-0 peg 2
  3. Mike Nicholls 65-04-0 peg 17
  4. Leon Hubbard 58-12-0 peg 6
  5. Craig Edmonds 46-09-0 peg 25
  6. Martin McMahon 46-03-0 peg 28
Top Silvers:

  1. Martin Rayett 18-14-0 peg 11
  2. Phil Harding 15-0-0 peg 20
Weigh Sheet: In Misha's fair hand:

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thursday 27/03/2014 - Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Bridge Pool

Today was the start of 2014 Coffin Dodgers series which is already a sell out. The first match saw us back on Bridge pool for the fourth consecutive week. After breakfast at ASDA with Bob Warren is was a drive through the back lanes to Huntstrete because of the traffic chaos being caused by the road closure due to road subsidence at Keston.

Bob and I arrived in plenty of time so walked around Bridge Pool, I definitely didn't want to draw down the far end as a biting easterly wind was blowing down this way. So in to the draw bag and out comes peg 14, one peg from where I was last week. I was happy with this because I had the wind on my back and shelter from the hill behind.

I decided to fish it the same as last week and hope for a repeat of the result as I technically won the match when combining Carp and Silvers. So it was 5 metres with GB laced with casters and some micro with Pinkie hook bait. I had five small Skimmers and one about 1 ½ lb before the swim went dead. So after re-feeding I came in closer on the caster over caster and had a couple of small Perch and Ronnie’s. However, the Ronnie’s weren't really feeding that well, plenty of bites though from very small fish that couldn't quite pull the float down. I then had a small 5lb Carp and lost a foul hooker. Back out on the 5 metre line and I had some tiny Skimmers and Ronnie’s, but wasn't adding significantly to my weight. I kept switching between the two lines during which I lost another foul hooker. I kept a few Ronnie’s coming on caster until 5 minutes before the end when I hooked and landed another small 5lb Carp.

My Silvers weighed 10lb 12oz (2oz less than last week!) and my two Carp 11lb 12oz for a total of 22lb 10oz for 5th overall and 6th in the Silvers.

Both the match and the Silvers was won by Mikes Jones (pictured right with Dave Bacon the match runner up) with 18lb 6oz of Silvers and 4 Carp for 34lb 13oz giving him a match total of 53lb 3oz. Mike caught his Silvers on maggot over GB laced with caster and maggot. His four Carp fell to 8 mm hard pellet fished over hard 4;s at 14.5 metres to the island bush.

Full Result:

  1. Mike Jones 53-03-0 peg 21
  2. Dave Bacon 51-12-0 peg 26
  3. Dave Gillard 25-03-0 peg 6
  4. Dave Poole 24-14-0 peg 30
  5. Mike Nicholls 22-10-0 peg 14
  6. Ray Bazeley 21-07-0 peg 31
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Jones 18-06-0 peg 21
  2. Dave Gillard 16-03-0 peg 6 (Incl; 5lb 7oz Bream)
  3. Barry Fitchew 15-0-0 peg 17
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thursday 20/03/2014 - Bathampton AA/Veals Silvers Championship - Final Round - Bridge Pool

I woke last Monday after fishing Ivy House with a pain in my shoulders and neck. I wasn’t sure whether it was due to fishing 13 metres or the fact that I had a Northerly wind blowing into my neck all day or more likely a combo of both. Nonetheless I couldn’t fish Wednesday and had doubts about today. However, I couldn’t let down my pairs partner or leaving an empty peg in a section giving someone an advantage.

Whilst packing the car once again I had the omen on the neighbour’s roof (pictured right).

In to the draw and out comes peg 13 yippee not in A section. I loaned peg 32 to Bill Ferris who weighed 1lb 8oz. I have fished peg 13 once before and won the match with 18lb of Silvers – losing a few Carp in the process.

Having done the Carp pool I decided on compromising elastics towards the heavy side. I set up two Jolly’s, a 4x14 for the Ronnie’s and a 4x16 for the Skimmers. The Skimmer line was just 5 metres down the inside shelf and the Ronnie rig for 4 metres just up the shelf.

In fed the 5 metre line with a GB laced with Pinkie and Caster, and kindered a few casters at 4 metres. Starting on the 5 metre line I missed a couple of quick bites before catching a 1oz Ronnie. I followed straight away with an 8oz Skimmer, which was a false dawn as that was it except for 1oz Ronnie’s one a bung on the drop with any hook bait I chose. I was losing 50% of these small fish because of the wind and the heavy elastic.

I decide to try the caster on the 4 metre line and had a run of 2 to 3 oz Ronnie’s before catching two decent Perch to 1lb. Then whilst attempting to net the next Perch the hook pulled out and my rig ended in the tree. Unknown to me the wind had blown one of my top sets next to my foot which ended up getting well crushed – double bugger.

After setting up a new rig I the Carp had arrived landing the first one, losing the next and another rig in a tree stump down to my left – bugger.

After putting on yet another rig I hooked another Carp which initially appeared to be a right munter as it hardly moved in fact Pete Phillip on peg 11 said I had hooked the bottom. It was very strange because the Carp was moving jerkily and couldn’t move it upwards. After playing this fish for 15 minutes I lost it but still felt something on the end for a short while, then nothing.  I thought I had broken my hook length, but not. I had hooked the loop on the hook length of some else’s rig, which was attached to the fish and the strange playing and movement of the fish was because the poor creature was towing a rod and reel around. Thank heavens I had freed it as it was near to exhaustion. Some twat must have had their rod towed-in, heaven knows how long the fish had been in distress.

I pulled out a foul hooked Carp landing another three before I had some more Ronnie’s and two more decent Perch.

My four Carp weighed 36lb 1oz for 2nd in the Accidentals and my Silver went 10lb 14oz for a section win and 4th overall (to Ray Bazeley’s joy).

I finished the league in 5th place which I was well pleased with off an overall poor draws.

Chris Rolfe and I finished 3rd in the pairs from once again both having number of indifferent draws.

Today’s match was won by Paul Dicks (pictured right with the Accidental Carp winner) from fancied peg 24 with 18lb 9oz. Paul caught on maggot and caster hook bait over GB laced with micro, caster and maggot.

The Accidentals was won by Paul Haines with 36lb 14oz from peg 8. Paul caught in his left hand margin with maggot over maggot.

The overall league was won by Paul Dicks (pictured right with the two runner ups). See final league tables below.

The man of the series was my drinking chum Dave Gillard (pictured lower right) who again framed today in second place.

Overall a very well organised league which I thoroughly enjoyed even though I had some difficult draws. Thanks to Mike Jones and Chris Rolfe.

Full Result:

  1. Paul Dicks 18-09-0 peg 24
  2. Dave Gillard 13-15-0 peg 28
  3. Paul Barnfield 11-08-0 peg 18
  4. Mike Nicholls 10-14-0 peg 13
  5. Dave Wride 9-08-0 peg 31
  6. John Smith 9-06-0 peg 27
Accidental Carp:

  1. Paul Haines 36-14-0 peg 8
  2. Mike Nicholls 36-12-0 peg 13
Weigh Sheets:

Overall Final league:

Overall Pairs:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday 16/03/2014 - Ivy House Open - Match Lake

On my own today as Bela doing some DIY on his house. It was a nice steady drive up with the round trip taking 1 hour 30 minutes and 57 miles. What a change since I was here a coupe of weeks ago. New platforms and more importantly Laird Lloyd has cut down all the trees that were closer than 15 metres to the lake. This is a sensible move with the fishing benefiting from not having the yearly down pour of leaves. I decided on the medium breakfast which was more than enough for me which I thoroughly enjoyed and was piping hot, which won’t suit Bela’s warp speed. It was a good turn out of 28. It was time to go in to the draw bag ably held by Karen. Out comes peg 46 on the spit.

It was a very bright day with wall to wall sunshine with a Northerly wind. Luckily it was off my back. However, it was flat calm in front put to 14 metres. Having plumbed around a 4x16 Jolly I found the shelf at 5 metres which only varied a couple of inches out to 10 metres. I though the shelf would give me some cover. I also depth marked the float for 10 metre. Because all the pegs were in along my bank the margin didn’t look appetising, especially when Red on next peg decided to fish the waggler standing up. Nonetheless I half heartily set up a margin float a 0.3 gram Silverfox PC. I did try it with paste but didn’t give it long enough.

I started on 3mm expander over kindered micro at 5 metres and had a good start landing four quick Stockies and a 3 lb oldie. The swim then died, so I went out on the 10 metre line again with soft pellet where I had been kindering hard fours. The presentation wasn’t good because I had to hold back the float due to the wind. I didn’t get a bite over this line. So back at 5 metres over the micro and I had two Skimmers in two put ins – happy days – not - because that was it for the Silvers. Both Red and Steve Hutter started to catch at 14. 5 metres. I felt I was being cut off and was now falling behind. So I decided to have a play with my 16mm soft pellet (aka Paste – that’s caught Glenn Bailey’s attention) at 13 metres over micro in the hope I might catch some more Skimmers. Alas not just another six Stockies. My two Skimmers weighed 4lb 11oz and my small Carp 19lb 7oz for a total of 24lb 2oz.

I couldn’t believe that Ralph on peg 13 was catching big Carp shallow at 16 metres, which Red on next peg did landing 3 decent Carp to 10lb.

The match was won by Mick Dale (pictured upper right with some of his catch) with 57lb 14oz from corner peg 31. Mick caught at 14.5 metres to his end bank using 6mm banded pellet over potted hard 4’s. Mick fed about 1 pint through out. Mick was helped by the wind blowing in to this corner.

The Silvers was won by Ralph Hillie (pictured right) with 10lb 4oz from peg 4. His catch was made up of four decent Skimmers and three small versions. Ralph caught on 3mm expander pellet over micro at 10 metres.

Full Result:

  1. Mick Dale 57-14-0 peg 31
  2. Jud 44-11-0 peg 8
  3. John Cambridge 40-15-0 peg 11
  4. Ralph Hillie 40-14-0 peg 13
  5. C Timms 39-10-0 peg 6
  6. Steve Hutter 38-02-0 peg 47
Top Silvers:

  1. Terry Rob 10-04-0 peg 4
  2. Dave Young 10-0-0 peg 36
  3. Sam 7-08-0 peg 15
Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday 13/03/2014 - Bathampton AA/Veals Silvers Championship - Round Six - Bridge Pool

What ever happened to the two week heat wave promised last weekend? The last few days have been exceptionally cold. The only difference today was we had fog until 13:00, which was suppose to clear in to a bright day, this didn’t materialise either!

My drawing skills haven’t been too good of late to the amusement of some. In to the draw bag and out comes bloody peg 32 again – to more laughter. Apparently if I draw this peg next match I will be given the peg for life – let’s hope not!!

I set up just the one usual Jolly rig, to be fished at 5 metres and 10 metres, both swims at 1 o clock. Preparing my GB I noticed I had brought the wrong mix which was a bit too light for the depth of this venue so had to over wet it. I fed both lines with GB with a mix of Pinkie and caster. However, because of the fog I had to start at 5 metres with double Pinkie on the hook. I was soon catching the small Ronnie’s that inhabit this peg. I tried single and double dead red and caster but caught the same stamp of fish, so I went back on the Pinkie because I was caching the blighters quicker. I then had a 2lb Tench.

I noticed hat the fish didn’t have any GB in their mouths so I started to kinder in Pinkie over the top and had a run of better Ronnie’s and five small Skimmers. The swim slowed so I tried the long line noticing that there was a fish blowing over it. I had another small Skimmer and a tiny Ronnie. I was half expecting to catch a Carp, alas not. There was also a Carp taking interest in my Pinkie 5 metre line, so I tried over it again but no Carp or Silvers. I struggled for the last hour just adding a few tiny Ronnie’s. If it wasn’t for these small fish many anglers would struggle for a bite.

I weighed 9lb 11oz for 5th overall and a section by double default. Matey Dave Gillard did his usual big Bream act catching one again on next peg 33 netting a 4lb 7oz darky.

Paul Barnfield put his foot in his mouth when, due to him being battered both sides announced “I feel like a rose between two thorns”. Charlie Barnes in his inevitable manner quickly retorted “No, you’re the Prick in the middle”. Quite a few of us nearly fell off our boxes with laughter. Charlie has still got it!!

Mike Keys did catch but was unwell and had to go home. Get well for the last match matey.

The match was won by Paul Dicks (pictured right with the Accidental Carp winner) on peg 28 with 19lb 12oz. Paul caught at 10 and 5 metres using maggot/caster over GB laced with caster, maggot and micro pellet.

The Accidental carp was won by Snowy Greenslade with two Carp for 28lb 8oz from peg 21. Snowy had one on maggot accidentally and the other not so accidental!

Full Result:

  1. Paul Dicks 19-12-0 peg 28
  2. Ray Bazeley 18-06-0 peg 30
  3. Dave Wride 16-13-0 peg 4
  4. Dave Gillard 11-09-0 peg 33 Incl; 4lb 7oz Bream
  5. Mike Nicholls 9-11-0 peg 32
  6. Bill Ferris 8-0-0 peg 16
Accidental Carp:

  1. Pete “ Snowy” Greenslade 28-08-0 peg 21
  2. Paul Haines 15-14-0 peg 24
Weigh Sheets:

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday 09/03/2014 - Viaduct Winter League - Round Five - Campbell, Carey, Lodge, Match and Spring Lakes

It was the last of the five winter league matches and I was hoping to get a good peg on Lodge Lake avoiding any of the five spill over pegs on Carey.

Team Captain Bela came back with the draw (pictured right). My hopes didn’t materialise as I was placed on peg 103 on Carey. We had two good draws Bela peg 37 and Gordon on 110. The rest were indifferent to be kind.

I decided it would be Silvers only match for me setting up a 4x14 Jolly to be fished at 11.5 metres (just short enough not to un-ship). Next I set up the waggler.

I started by feeding five balls of GB laced with Pinkie and Caster at 11.5 metres at 12 o clock. I followed up by loose feeding the waggler line with casters. I started on the waggler and first cast hooked a Carp on singe caster. Playing it the waggler got caught in a floating branch only for it to catch up in the tree branch over hanging in the tree to my right. I could feel the waggler grinding the line, needless to say I lost it – bugger. I think now the high winds have subsided its time to swim clear the branches from all of the swims as a number of anglers have been having difficulties in this respect.

I followed this with a few decent Ronnie until I fed them up in the water where they wouldn’t take my falling bait. So it was time to try the pole and again first cast I foul hooked a Carp which soon straightened my hook – bugger again. Bugger again because I followed this by bumping/loosing three decent Skimmers. I re-fed the laced GB and caught some more Ronnie’s and small Skimmers on the waggler. Back over the GB and a few more small Skimmers and Ronnie’s, however it soon died so I re-fed and back on to the waggler which was slow. With only 15 minutes left I tried the GB line again and was amazed the float was rising and falling with liners. I was soon n to my first of three bream. I really wanted the match to go on for another hour as the float was still indicating liners – another bugger.

I weighed 13lb 12oz of Silvers for 9 points. Bela the Perch Slayer did well picking up third in the Silvers with 26-04-0, with Gordon coming 7th overall. Other than that we didn’t fair too well with Avon Angling beating us overall with Silverfox coming plumb last!!– last bugger.

The match was won by Martin Preston (pictured right) with 110lb 10oz from peg 115. Martin caught on the waggler with hair rigged meat over loose fed meat feeding a small tin steady throughout.

The Silver was won by “The Dude” (pictured right without hid earrings) with 30lb 3oz 0s big Skimmers from peg 16. The Dude caught at 14.5 metres with caster hook bait over GB laced with caster and chopped maggot.

The overall league was won by team Frenzee SW Orange (lower centre) with a massive 318 team points. See final league positions below.

Full Result:

  1. Martin Preston 110-10-0 Peg 115
  2. Steve Nadin 104-02-0 peg 119
  3. John Moody 90-15-0 peg 42
  4. Clint Wojtyle 88-09-0 peg 116
  5. Craig Edmonds 73-14-0 peg 71
  6. Andy Pritchard 72-01-0 peg123
  7. Gordon Cannings 68-15-0 peg 110
Top Silvers:

  1. Dan Squires 30-03-0 peg 16
  2. Dom Sullivan 26-15-0 peg 3
  3. Bela Bakos 26-04-0 peg 37
Weigh Sheets:

Final League positions:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday 06/03/2014 - Bathampton AA/Veals Silvers Championship - Round Five - Bridge pool

I was feeling a bit jaded this morning after yesterdays silvers bagging match. The draw was dome for the last eight on the knockout and I drew Dave Wride which perked me up a bit. Unfortunately I pulled peg 4 which has been a struggle all year, with Dave Wride on peg 31 which Mike Jones came second on last match I was up against it. However, I’m always optimistic with the desire to get the best out of the peg.

With the weather forecast as a balmy 15 degrees with some light rain later I decided to fish at 10 metres with the usual 4x16 jolly. So it was the usual GB (with a few Pinkies and caster and double Pinkie hook bait attack. Unfortunately for me the BBC got it wrong AGAIN. The high gusting winds was cold, blowing through the gap from Withy. Although I had a few Ronnie’s and a couple of small Skimmers my presentation wasn’t that good once the fish started to graze. Unfortunately I decided to try a fight the wind until half way in to the match when I succumbed to switching lines to 8 metres down the peg so the wind was more behind me blowing down the pole. I fed the same and was able to present better holding the float back against the wind. I caught a few better Skimmers losing one about 2lb and a Perch about 1lb the wind didn’t help. I foul hooked a Carp on the drop and another in the mouth not long after which after a tussle in the wind the hooked pulled.

Dave was opposite and I thought I had given him a run for his money. I weighed 8lb 3oz which I was pleased with from the peg; however, Dave weighed 10lb 12oz, close enough for me. This put me 7th overall and a section second.

The match was by my drinking partner Dave Gillard (pictured right with the accidental Carp winners) with 13lb 12oz from un-fancied peg 19. Dave caught on double red maggot over potted micro fished at 13 metres towards peg 20. Dave fed 4 quarter pots of micro throughout. A very popular winner.

It was a draw for the Accidentals with Paul Haines and Bob Price both returning 26lb 4oz.

Unfortunately for Barry Fitchew he loose feed his treasured wrist watch in to his swim. Which reminded me of when I drew one above the fence in to the corn field on the Crane, a good draw. However, whilst shaking off the GB from my hands my wedding flew in to the river. The Special One was somewhat displeased and it wasn't until many years later after her lovely Mum passed that I got presented with a new ring, her Mums. So for penance I now wear the Mother-laws wedding ring. 

Full Result:

  1. Dave Gillard 13-12-0 peg 19
  2. Paul Dicks 13-02-0 peg 17
  3. Mike Jones 12-0-0 peg 7
  4. Ade Crawley 11-0-0 peg 24
  5. Dave Wride 10-12-0 peg 31
  6. Chris Rolfe 10-10-0 peg 18
  7. Mike Nicholls 8-03-0 peg 4
Accidental Carp:

  1. Paul Haines peg 16 & Bob Price peg 30 Both 26-04-0
 Weigh Sheets:

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wednesday 05/03/2014 - Avon Angling Silvers Only Open - Emerald Pond

Today we were having the re-run of the match abandoned on the 19/02/2014. This fishery is a jewel in the South West, an Emerald. The secret is out, a fabulous Silvers fishery. So far the record on Emerald Pond is 97lb. Today’s match was Silvers only with no Carp of any description.

As I found out on the abandoned match there are plenty of Hybrids, Skimmers, Tench and bloody big Roach to 2lb.

The previous match I drew peg 6 and was hoping for it again. So when I drew peg 4 I thought I was on a good-un. However, the pegging had changed with peg 6 now being 8. And I found myself in a bit of a back water (see pictured right) a right Carp looker!!

I set up two identical Ronnie’s rigs to fish caster over caster and GB long lined on my top set.  I started out on front with lose fed GB laced with caster. After 2 minutes without a bite I knew things weren’t going to be easy I then hooked three Carp in a row, which really was the end of my match as you can’t afford to get behind on the Silvers on this Pond. I started to feed heavily with the GB/caster combo down to the left hoping I would draw the Carp away from my in front swim which I changed to loose fed caster. The danger was I would draw more Carp up from the Sedges which were all waving about just as if the Carp were spawning (which the weren’t). This worked to an extent with the Carp catch rate falling, keeping a few Silvers coming. Over the match I landed 16 Carp to 8lb, averaging 3lb and 2 Crucian’s. My Silvers weighed 34lb 12oz.

Very enjoyable if a tad frustrating with an amazing weight sheet. I could do this twice a week.

 The match was won by Tom Thick (pictured right with one of his nets of Silvers) with 67lb 4oz from peg 9. Tom caught on soft pellet fished over GB at 10 metres.

On the way home I photographed a leafless tress with hundreds of Starlings preparing for the evening sky dance (pictured lower right).

Full Result:

  1. Tom Thick 67-04-0 peg 9
  2. Steve Tucker 53-0-0 peg 6
  3. Tim Clark 45-0-0 peg 5 (going to Belgium tomorrow)
  4. John Bradford 39-14-0 peg 1
  5. Harry Muir 39-14-0 peg 7
  6. Bob price 36-15-0 peg 15
  7. Ken Rayner 36-08-0 peg 16
 Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday 02/03/2014 - Viaduct Winter League - Round Four - Campbell, Carey, Lodge, Match and Spring Lakes

Breakfast in Canards Well was to say the least interesting this morning because the waitress as absolutely bolloxed (can you say this for a girl?). She asked Tim and Fabio five time how many eggs they wanted whilst stumbling around, she was hilarious!! Two Chews Bakos helped himself to a mammoth breakfast and still finished in half the time as me. I asked his if liked the taste of the bacon Bela confirmed my suspicions that he didn't know the difference in taste between any of the items on his plate!

My turn on Carey and I was hoping to be in open water with the forecasted strong winds behind me. Bela came back with the draw (pictured right). The first requirement was met with peg 87 but the wind was blasting in at 10 o clock. I initially just set up Drennan glow tip waggler for the Silvers, but was forced to also to set up the straight lead because of the bloody wind.

I started on the waggler with caster over caster and all though the wind wasn't conducive, the presentation was good enough to catch Ronnie’s. As expected it wasn't long before pegs 86 – Adrian Jefferies and peg 85 – Tim Clark were catching Carp on meat. After an hour and having only 2lb of Ronnie’s and the wind near impossible to feed or present I succumbed to the straight lead, but only after borrowing some meat from next peg Adrian. For once I was kept interested by liners and after an hour foul hooked a 16lb Common Carp in the pectoral, it took an age to land. I then tried the bread only to find that the small 4oz Skimmers were soon pecking at it (I know this because I came back with a few scales). Back on the meat and the last bite was an 8lb Common hooked in the mouth. My two Carp and 2lb 4oz of Ronnies gave me a grand total of 26lb 4oz for 12 points.

We were 7 points ahead of Avon Angling before today but I think they are now 14 points ahead of us with one match to go. both teams languishing at the bottom of the league table as shiwn below with one match left. 

I now understand why Carp Anglers use Bivvy’s nothing wrong with a bed, radio, portable TV and a stove whilst you’re waiting for bite in the bloody rain! I might get one if I fish next year.

Adrian Jefferies (pictured right with some of his catch and pissing with rain) weight wasn't recorded correctly. His first weight was 47lb something, next 18lb something and lastly 44lb something at least 109lb without the ounces. He was recorded at 101lb 2oz. Two lessons here, the person assisting should right down each weight and the angler should check them. Ultimately the onus is on the angler to make sure the weight is recorded correct.

The match was won by Chris Sandford (pictured right) with 166lb 8oz from peg 115. Chris caught on the straight lead with punched meat hook bait. Chris fed nothing all day.
The Silvers was won by Clint Wojtyle (pictured right) with 26lb 6oz from peg 12. Clint caught late on once the big Skimmers moved in over his GB laced with caster.

Full Result:

  1. Chris Sandford 166-08-0 peg 115
  2. Mark Williams 160 -0-0 peg 116
  3. Dave Romain 113-02-0 peg 64
  4. Tony Rixon 101-11-0 peg 56
  5. Adrian Jefferies 101-02-0 peg 86
  6. Dick Bull 93-08-0 peg 80
Top Silvers:

  1. Clint Wojtyle 25-06-0 peg 12
  2. John Harvey 24-09-0 peg 11
Weigh Sheets:

League Table (with one match to go):