Monday, 30 October 2017

Sunday 29/10/2017 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round Three - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

Bit of road rage this morning from Bela. Some kids in their 1000 cc lawn mover tail gating him. We caught up with them at the traffic lights in Shepton Mallet and when they saw Bela they did the sensible thing and drove off through the red lights. Canards breakfast wasn’t that good today. RIP the poor lad that got kill by hit and run driver this morning at Canards Well.

Hung back in the draw queue hoping for a peg on Carey and got my wish with peg 87. Happy with this as there are usually a few Ronnie’s to be caught; however, the water did look a tad clear. For company I had Nigel Bartlett on peg 88 and Geraint Powell on peg 86.

I set up a 4x16 to fish at 10 metres each side of the dark patch where the depth was near enough to need a tiny adjustment, a 4x10 for the RH margin I had cleared of a young Willow and others stuff, next the Ronnie rig and finally the GB feeder in case. I fed the two long lines one with neat GB and the other caster and DR’s, some casters were potted in the margin. I started on the Ronnie rig and caught reasonable well. Geraint was catching small Skimmers so I tested my Skimmers lines and also could catch small Skimmers (hope they grow on) but decided that the Ronnie’s could produce the same weight as I could catch them quicker so fed the Skimmers again and went back on the Ronnie’s. What is it with Carp and casters they definitely prefer them than pellet. The Ronnie’s wanted to feed but they were continually disrupted by Carp. Getting the feed rate right was very difficult. I think tt’s the sound of the casters hitting the water that initially attracts the Carp especially with no Carp slayers feeding pellet. So it was a question of catching a few Ronnie’s until they were backed off and switching to the tiny Skimmers. I did set up the 4 metre whip but after just a couple of fish I would hook a Carp which on a flick-tip can be fun! I think I was holding my own along the end bank until the last hour when the Carp pissed the Ronnie’s right off and Geraint had a great last hour adding about 15lb of decent Skimmers on expander over GB to his catch (pictured right). Another good young angler.

I weighed 17lb 9oz for section 4th. And for the tenth time this year being ounced out of some coin this time by 2oz! My fault this time because there was a few fish I should have netted but choose to nearly swing. Perhaps I should be more patient with the Skimmers.

 “Some say that his first name really is “The”, and that if he went on Celebrity Love Island they’d all be pregnant, including the camera men. All I know its  The Trig.”

Craig Edmonds won the match with 32lb 14oz from fancied peg 78. Trig caught small Skimmers on pole and some better Skimmers on the waggler on banded hard pellet.

Considering the conditions the venue fished well for Silvers with most anglers catching double figures.

Full Result:

  1. Craig Edmonds 32-14-0 peg 78
  2. Vince Brown 31-0-0 peg 77
  3. Stu White 30-09-0 peg 96
  4. Paul Faiers 30-06-0 peg 123
  5. Geraint Powell 29-02-0 peg 86
  6. Gary O’Shea 28-02-0 peg 56
Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Sunday 22/10/2017 - Todber Manor Autumn Pairs - Round Two - Ash, Home Ground and Hillview Lakes

Donald T is correct when he says that the UN is nothing more than a talking shop.

First stop for Bela and me was Cannards Well where we met up with Ken Rayner and Mr and Mrs for breakfast (pictured right). I thought the breakfast was a tad cold which is they way Bela likes it otherwise, due to his two chewing burns his throat.

I was really looking forward to fishing Ash Lake for the first time as it holds some big Bream. I know there’s no Silvers pool, but can't help myself. I was reliably told that the two end pegs were the best bets or the middle. I don’t know about this as predicting fish has long passed for me. Into the draw box and out comes peg 74, one off the far end peg, close but not close enough? Arriving at the peg the Lake was flat calm, which fooled us all I think. For company I had Anton Page and Callum Craig who had drawn the favoured end peg.

I set up the Ronnie rig I don’t know why as all it did was get wet and blown around my peg.  I set up two 4x14 rigs one to fish at top-set plus one just up the inside shelf and the other two more sections at full depth. I still had loads of casters left from last weeks donations so they would be my favoured bait today. Well no sooner had the “all in” been shouted the ferrous winds arrived definitely some “Brian” about it, followed by heavy rain. The wind was blowing in at me at 1-o-clock. I started by feeding the long line with caster and micro and the inside line with just caster. Started on the longer line with 4mm expander and caught two tiny Skimmers and one tiny Tench. At his point I noticed I was the only angler on the Lake fishing the pole and within15 minutes the wind became impossible on the pole not from holding it but the float had no choice but to travel at the same speed as the wind. I came on the short line which didn’t give me much better presentation but did add some Ronnie’s and another Tench.  The weather got worse and Anton left his peg and sat in his van. I swivelled around trying to get the rain and wind off my back, I shallowed up the 4x14 close rig and started a margin line in about 3 foot of water 4 foot from the bank and laid this on with double caster and let the wind drag it the margin slope. During Anton’s absence I added two 2lb Skimmers, some more Ronnie’s and the only Ruffe in Dorset. Meanwhile Craig was starting to catch tight into his end margin using the lee of his end bank for float shelter with corn hook bait. I was struggling with the conditions glad I didn’t bring a lead rod as I might have set it up! I like trying to make the float work and whilst sheltering in my margin I put on a worm and let that drag up the margin and it worked better. So I changed the shotting on the long 4x14 (should have gone to a 4x16) putting three number elevens to drag the bottom. The expander wasn’t going to survive long with being dragged along the bottom so on went double caster and even though the wind wasn’t going to give up ruining our day I started to catch some small Carp whose parentage could be debated. I needed to slow it down more so tried the worm trick I tried in the margin and found this presented better and continued to catch small Carp in pairs after each pair I topped the feed with caster and micro combo. My efforts were rewarded with a lovely 3lb Tench. Presentation was still near impossible especially as I didn’t had sufficient line left above the float due to my messing with the depth and couldn’t be bothered to add some more, so tried fishing with a snotty nose but the elastic being hollow floated and was worse in the wind. The wind ruin most anglers’ day hardly anyone could shelter from it. I was very disappointed due to the conditions that I was unable to use the expanders properly.

I finished with 56lb 14oz for fourth in section. Callum Craig fished a tidy match, mostly concentrating on his margin and just sneaking the section and coming second overall. Well done matey.

Some say that he knows two facts about Ducks – both are wrong! He also has invented a waterproof keepnet. All I know its The Trig again winning the match from peg 45 Hillview with 104lb 4oz. Trig caught initially on the feeder and later on the long and short pole. Well done matey.

Full Result:

  1. Craig Edmonds 104-04-0 peg 45 HV
  2. Callum Craig 89-10-0 peg 75 Ash
  3. Steve Tucker 87-06-0 peg 53 HV
  4. Scott Russell 81-08-0 peg 69 Ash
  5. Alan Oram 81-02-0 peg 48 HV
  6. Mark Poppleton 80-12-0 peg 65
Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Thursday 20/10/2017 - Shiplate Farm Fishery - Cost Cutter - Main Lake

The biggest threat to this world isn’t Kim and Donald but the reducing amount of insect life. It’s been years since I had to scrap dead insects from the windscreen. Many of these insects are pollinators. We need to stop the man made cause sooner rather than later.

My Son has started taking his twin Granddaughters fishing and relieved that he has started them right fishing for Ronnie’s. Both pictured right with a nice net of Roach, naturally all caught on caster. Wish I was there. Half term coming up!

It was back to Shiplate where the weather by the BBC was forecast to be dry until 17:00. I don’t know why they spend so much money on their forecasts, better off with a fir cone! It rained all day start to finish!

A quick walk around and found a lot of Carp around pegs 1 and 2. As with most fisheries at the moment there is a lack of oxygen. Into the daw bag and out comes peg 11 for the second time, drew this peg last match. Happy enough but was hoping to fish a different peg, for a new challenge, however, I was to find this on peg 11. For company on peg 12 was Mike Laird. Dave Wride walked pass with a smile he was on peg 15 again.

Ronnie rig, 4x14 rigs set up and later a 4x10 for the margin. Started on the Ronnie and caster expecting to have some low hanging fruits in the net but after 15 minutes only had the one. Blimey Ronnie’s not feeding what was I going to do? Set up the 4x10 Speedy thinking they might be in the margin. I did have a couple and a welcomed 2lb Hybrid. Not good. So Went on the caster long with the 4x14 and caught some small Skimmers and a Tench. I had a 2lb Carp which I inspected in case it could be re-classed. I kept switching around with the three rigs losing three foul hooked carp in the process, by half way I went on the Banana walk to have a chat with next door neighbour, Mike who reckoned he had over 20lb of Skimmers fishing corn. Back in the saddle where I decided to try for Carp as they seemed to be active, so in went a couple of big pots of casters. With double caster on the hook I had a Tench followed quickly with 9 more from 1 lb to 3lb – happy days. As I had a big donation of casters at the Silvers league I was able to keep them going in, in abundance. I did have five Carp losing four foul hookers with one diving in the bushes trashing my float with me ending up with “elastic knuckle” pulling it free. This pulling in combination of the wet locked the joint on the top-set and number three. I decided to and try and fish with the sections locked because with an hour left and the Skimmers arrived and was catching quickly, but after some frustration got a new top-set and number three out. Unfortunately the wind picked up which made presentation difficult.

It was another great day out at this fishery with my Silvers weighing in at 24lb 10z (No Ronnie’s) and my Carp 34lb 12oz for a total of 59lb 6oz. Sneaking in on a default Silvers.

The match was won by Mark Jones (pictured upper right) with 124lb 6oz from peg 7. Mark caught on pellet.

Another great Silvers weight off pee 15 by Dave Wride (pictured right practicing being tea boy - with one cup – I got a picture of him smiling but saving that one) with 55lb 2oz. Dave caught on pellet catching Skimmers regularly at 10 metres until the last hour when the wind picked up switching his attentions to Carp in his margin taking seven decent Carp again on pellet. Well done Dave.


  1. Mark Jones 124-06-0 peg 7
  2. Dave Wride 91-05-0 peg 15
  3. Tom Light 88-04-0 peg 1

  1. Dave Wride 55-02-0 peg 15
  2. Mike Laird 29-06-0 peg 12
  3. Mike Nicholls 24-10-0 peg 11
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 16 October 2017

Sunday 15/10/2017 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round Two - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

After spending most of last night fitting new elastics and tying hook lengths I got up early to tie some rigs for today’s Silvers League. Bela and I had breakfast in Canards Well – not too bad.

Driving down Bela was worried he might have to sell his fishing tackle because it was rumoured that Dave Downton had beaten him in the Stafford Moor Autumn Festival. I can confirm that he in fact Bela did beat Dave Downton by 2 points – too close for comfort, got my name down for Bela’s pole in case he goes next year! "It is what it is"

After yesterday I just couldn’t face drawing peg 112 again so left it late to go in to the coffee tin. Phew peg 98 on Carey. But have often found myself beaten by the long pole 14/16 metres. I did bring my waggler rod but left it in the van as I thought it might lead to more Carp hooking – this might have been a mistake. For company I had Colin Dyer again on peg 99 who was still visibly shaken from yesterdays Carp carnage – as was I. On peg 97 was young Ricky Mills good angler in the making.

I spoke to Clint Wojtyle who had fished peg 99 the day before and said he did catch some Skimmers at 10 metres but caught most at 14.5. Peg 98 wasn’t in yesterday. Set up 10 metres of pole which was as long as I felt comfortable with for the Skimmers, but planned to start one section less. I set up a red tip 4x12 to fish long (not the same one as yesterday as I left it attached to a Carp) the Ronnie rig which was my banker if they fed and a 4x10 Speedy (again not the same one as yesterday). I fed two lines at 9 metres with GB and DR’s but started on the Ronnie’s rig with casters and caught a few, but seemed too slow. In the meantime Colin was catching Skimmers well. So I went out and found plenty of indications but it was from tiny 3oz Skimmers. I caught quickly but suddenly nothing, so would re-fed and go on the other line where it was more of the same. Was the sudden stop due to not enough feed or a Carp. Because they stopped so abruptly I put it down to Carp rather than feed. Meanwhile Colin had stopped catching, Ricky started catching similar size fish as me but now found some better Skimmers had moved in. John Fuidge on peg 96 had switched to the waggler with corn as was really catching the better Skimmer well – almost instant. I was tempted to and get my waggler but Colin was trying it without success. I now spent too much time chasing small Skimmers around the peg with four swims now operating at 9 and 10 metres instead of fishing to my strength with the Ronnie rig with an hour to go I did switch and caught really well some decent Roach, my biggest Skimmer and on the death a decent Hybrid. I did have to contest the swim with three Carp, they don’t say on long when hooked close in.

I weighed 18lb 11oz for a disappointing 4th in section. Two mistakes; should have set up the waggler and fished to my strengths with the Ronnie rig earlier I could have at least got another point and a default pick –up.

I felt foe matey Gordon Cannings who drew peg 112 which fished similar to yesterday, you just can't compete for Silvers on those pegs at the moment. 

The match was won by John Fuidge (pictured upper right with his catch of Skimmers) with 34lb 8oz from peg 96. It was a question of the right man on the right peg with the right method. John caught most of his big Skimmers on the waggler and corn. It was nice to see well done matey. However, you need to sort out your reel line.

It was nice to see peg 74 is now fishing well for both carp and Silvers.

After the match Bela purchased a pasty from Steve Long to eat on the drive home. Steve said Bela would have crumbs over him doing this. Little does Steve know that Bela is also known as Steven Seagull (not to be confused with Steven Segal). Bela started on the Pasty at the start of the Fisheries lane and had eaten it by half way down - no crumbs – three bites I think.

And finally I had to say a sad goodbye to my Nikon Camera which has unfortunately jammed on zoom. 

Full Result:

  1. John Fuidge 34-08-0 peg 96
  2. Ricky Mills 31-13-0 peg 97
  3. Martyn Rayet 30-03-0 peg 74
  4. Bob Gullick 28-01-0 peg 100
  5. Gabriel Skarba 25-07-0 peg 77
  6. Sam Powell 24-10-0 peg 110
Weigh Sheets:

Saturday 14/10/2017 - Viaduct All Winners Silvers Final - Campbell, Carey and Spring Lakes

It was my double weekend at the Viaduct Fishery. Today was the All Winners Silvers final on Campbell, Carey and Spring Lakes. Arrived early enough to have a walk around the lakes and decided that Spring Lake anywhere around the aerator pegs 1 to 5, 26, 25 or 24 would be my favoured draws. The usual Silvers pegs behind the island pegs 15, 17, 18 and 19 would be OK but didn’t look at fishy as the other pegs mentioned. Most pegs on Carey would be OK with pegs 77 and 78 favourite but I do like peg 85. Campbell is a little unpredictable but can easily throw up the winning peg.

In to the draw coffee tin and out comes peg 112 on Campbell. The peg has previously won this final and has some Silvers form. So arriving at the peg I found the Aerator running and would run all day. Most fisheries are having oxygen issues at the moment. For company I had Paul Greenwood on peg 111 and Colin Dyer on peg 114.

My shoulder was playing up this morning probably due to how I slept so would be able to fish more then 10 metres. I set up a 4x12 to fish the long lines for Skimmer over two lines one with maggot and GB the other 2 and 4mm expander over micro (LOL). Plenty of margins to have a go at on both sides so set up a 4x10 Speedy. Finally he Ronnie rig in case. Whist plumbing up I found the tow from either the light wind or Aerator or combo of both was running back towards me. I fed both long lines at 9 metres and the left hand margin with half a pot of caster. Thought I would try long with 4mm expander and within 10 seconds I was playing a Carp. Switched to 2mm expander and had a small Skimmer then another Carp and another and another….. Carp Slayer please note this after feeding 10 micro pellet and 4 2mm expanders! Tried over the GB line and had a Ronnie and another small Skimmer, then a Carp then another and another …Carp Slayers please note this was after feeding a walnut sized ball of GB laced with 6 maggots! So into my margin swim and first try with a single caster I bumped a Perch. Next put in I landed a welcome one pound Perch. In again and I’m playing another Perch and because I had to play it around the side of the platform it came off. In again and after four Ronnie’s I hooked yet another Carp and another and another…I didn’t even consider fishing the RH margin as even though I hadn’t fed it the bottom was coloured up and occasional the Carp would bump the legs of the platform leaving me to think someone was walking behind me. I got the landing net handle and started poking them which had no impression what’s so ever. Out came the Ronnie rig and with single caster and without feeding I had a few. If I fed I would hook a Carp. I was just about to throw the towel in when I hooked a 3lb Perch on the Ronnie rig followed by a 2 lb Tench so with the section of four fishing hard and with £50 up for grabs I stuck with the Ronnie Rig until 15 minutes to go when I lost my last hook length to a Carp.

I weigh 9lb 9oz for third in the section! I beginning to think my 0.1 GLine is far too strong for fishing Carp infested pegs as during the match I broke two elastics going for a break. The bigger Carp were the worse culprits for staying on long as the just sit in front probably still feeding. I think the Aerator and wind played a significant role in pushing the Carp into my peg. The pegs opposite fished well for Silvers.

Why didn't I draw this in the Carp All Winners? I just hoped I didn’t draw the peg the next day.

The match was won by Richard A’Herne (pictured right with a great net of Skimmers) with 53lb 2oz from peg 2 Spring Lake (thought so). Richard caught at 14 metres using the double bulk method fishing worm heads over caster after initially feeding the line with GB. Well done matey.

 Full Result:

  1. Richard A’Herne 53-02-0 peg 2
  2. Gabriel Skarba 36-10-0 peg 26
  3. Nigel Easton 32-01-0 peg 17
  4. Shawn Wilson 31-050 peg 77
  5. Steve Kedge 31-0-0 peg 131
  6. Craig Edmunds 30-12-0 peg 129
Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 13 October 2017

Thursday 13/10/2017 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

I had a walk around Withy Pool to see if the bridge had been installed. The picture right is looking at what was peg 46; the peg in the picture is peg 47. Bridge work in progress.

It was nice to see two new anglers today.

I selected the pegs today and with 21 fishing the last peg is always difficult to select, so decided on peg 27.

I like to be first into the draw bag but unfortunately I got left holding the draw bag and when I drew there was only three left and I pulled peg 27!! It is a great peg but you are pole fencing with peg 26 which can be OK if one of the anglers is left handed. I soon found my fencing partner – Mike Keys which was nice to see him back fishing these matches again, but both right handers and I must say Mike is a super guy to fish with, but blimey he is untidy with tackle strewn everywhere. Mike was using a 15 foot Drennan Waggler rod which apparently there was only four made, very handy for the river I thought.

Peg 27 doesn’t suit my style because it has a strange topography it is shallow out to 4 metres then drops off suddenly, which if there had been some colour in the water might had been OK for the Ronnie rig, which I set up in case. My main attack was a 4x16 in 7 foot of water at initially top-set plus three then later to add one or two sections.

I fed the Ronnie line with GB and DR’s and the long line with micro and 4mm expanders where I started with 4mm expander on the hook. I had an amazing start and in the first hour put 10 lb in the net which included a Carp the turned into a very welcome Tench whilst everyone else appeared to be struggling. I then hooked a Carp which took an age to break me and no doubt causing some disruption to the Silvers in the process. My struggle then started not adding another Silver fish for three hours, I did have four more Carp, however, as I never pleasure fish this dwell did give me an opportunity to try something’s out I have had on my mind. I then realised I could fish left handed and changed  the pole roller around and was able to put on two more sections without it hanging over Mike’s swim. In the final twenty minutes I had three big Skimmers.

The Ronnie rig produced one tiny fish.

I weighed 16lb 12oz for third overall. Wasn’t happy with the result as the peg was worth more than this but have learnt some more about the fishery.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured right with the runner-up) with 18lb 9oz from peg 28. Dave fished his favourite pellet over pellet. His feed was potted and a few pinged over the top.

It was back to the pub with the usual suspects. Busy weekend for me - Saturday "all Winners Silvers final" Sunday Silvers league both at the fabulous Viaduct Fishery.

Full Result:

  1. Dave Wide 18-09-0 peg 28
  2. Paul Barnfield 18-0-0 peg 6
  3. Mike Nicholls 16-12-0 peg 27
  4. John Smith 10-11-0 peg 24
  5. Mike Keys 8-08-0 peg 26
  6. Steve Dawson 8-07-0 peg 21
Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 9 October 2017

Sunday 08/10/2017 - Todber Manor Autumn Pairs - Hill View, Ash And Home Ground Lakes

With my partner away at the Stafford Moor Festival we roped in Martyn Rayett to stand in. We met up with Tony Rixon and Ken Rayner at Canards Well for breakfast and for them to navigate to the fishery.

I put Martyn on Hillview Lake putting me on either Ash on Home Ground. In to the landing draw net and out comes peg 85 on HG. Arriving at the peg I found myself sandwiched between two great guys, Scott Russell and Nick Ewers. The Lake was more or less flat calm with any wind blowing into the near end bank peg 90. The sun also came out and was to stay with us all day and in our eyes. Poor Scott was suffering with man flu coughing and spluttering most of the day. I didn’t know that you can buy Lemsip in pull cans!!

Whilst setting up Scott was swishing his light waggler, I was pumping pellet, Nick was chopping worms and Freddy Roberts on the wrong end bank peg was adding a noise that sounded like pumping pellet but wasn’t.

I was told we were at the wrong end and wrong side of the Lake, add the weather conditions I expected a struggle and thought that the Silvers may play their part. I set up thee rigs a 4x14 that would serve anywhere from top-set plus 2 to top-set plus 4. This rig was for anything that would eat 4 or 6mm expanders. Next was the Ronnie rig for the caster and finally a 4x10 to fish over the Ronnie rig later, again with caster at top-set plus 1, this line was also to be my margin line. The margins here are so shallow no self respecting carp would come in to 12 inches of water considering the prevailing conditions, choosing instead of fish up the shelf in 3 foot of water.

Plenty of Method feeders set up and to be soon to be abandoned. I didn’t see a fish our side caught on it.

I started on the long line, top-set plus three where I fed some 2mm expander pellet which I would keep topping up through the Kinder cup and with 4mm on the hook I started to catch small Skimmers 2 to 4oz. I then had a pair of small Carp. Our pegs were fishing really hard. So tried the Ronnie rig where I had been losing feeding casters from the off and caught well for a while so during these quite periods I would go long on the expander adding some more small Skimmers and a pair of small Carp. Then it would be back on the Ronnie’s. At least I was adding to the net. With two hours to go I fed the long line with two big pots of micro whilst that settled brought  the 4x10 in play this time upping the caster feed through the Kinder and soon lost a foul hooked Carp but did land two better ones. Unfortunately I did lose two big Bream the first I think was fouled the other the hook pulled – bugger. Same format out long and another pair of Carp.

Both Scott and Nick were also struggling however; Nick had four “Moan-ons”. The most productive moan being “I hate fishing, I can’t get a bite” I don’t think he even needed to strike!

I finished with 19lb 9oz of Ronnie’s and my eight Carp taking the tally up to 48lb 1oz for 6 section points. Martyn weighed 47lb 7oz from peg 34 for 9 points. Two indifferent draws I think. However, with 10 point sections all is not lost – yet!

The match was won by Gabe (pictured above) with 175lb 8oz from end corner peg 53. Gabe caught out in front and down to his end margin in 3 foot of water using corn and meat. Gabe got through three tins of each throughout the match. Well done matey.

Full Result:

  1. Gabriel Skarba 175-08-0 peg 53 HV
  2. Bob Gullick 173-06-0 peg 43 HV
  3. Tom Mangnel 131-04-0 peg 75 Ash
  4. Ash Tompkins 116-10-0 peg 55 HV
  5. Matt Tomes 112-14-0 peg 48 HV
  6. Tony Rixon 112-12-0 peg 60 HV
Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 6 October 2017

Thursday 06/10/2017 - Shiplate Farm Fishery - Cost Cutter - Main Lake

Back to Shiplate Farm Fishery and as always a warm welcome from fishery owners Steve and Carol. Usual suspects already there supping tea putting the world to rights.

Son Steve took my Twin Granddaughters here last Saturday and fished Squircle Pond for their first fishing outing I just wished I could have been there - enough then for a match. This pond is perfect for Kids. It was a good start for both of them catching a range of small Carp and Skimmers on soft pellet.

This is an amazing Silver fish venue and if I fished regularly for Carp I would be saying something similar about Pigs. It was good to see Tom Thick there today; we can’t afford to lose these young anglers from our sport.

After some tactical chit- chat with like minded Ray Wickham it was into the plastic draw carton and out comes peg 11 which I was told is a good Carp peg. Umm. I knew there was company on one side which was my old GB supplier Keith Fisher, but you can only see anglers opposite so no conversing.

I knew the lake would be towing hard into the wind which was initially quite strong. So abandon my usual Skimmer rig which is designed to pick up tow and made up one that would slow the tow, which was a 4x14 to fish at top-set plus two in 5 foot of water, which I was hoping wouldn’t get used. The favoured Ronnie was set up and a 4x10 to fish the LH margin on the top-set.

Started on the Ronnie rig with single caster over loose feed and after three Ronnie’s snagged up losing a hook. This was repeated two more times before I decided to switch lines preferring to fish down the left side in shallower water. This worked better plus the tow was a lot less in fact I could get it to run a bit the other way. I caught well in spurts including a Tench, a decent Hybrid and a Perch. The spurts I discovered were due to Carp disruptions some were coming up for the caster. At half way I had struggled to 10lb but could tell from the pegs opposite it was fish very hard. So went for the Banana walk and found my side was fishing just as hard. Back in the saddle and decided that the humongous amount of caster I had wasn’t getting a ride home so put four big pots on the Skimmer line (might now be a Carp line). Left it for a while catching a few more Ronnie’s in close, until I spotted a blow over the caster so went our with the 4x14 and was soon playing a Carp which bored me to death trying to get it out and judging by its tail it was huge, we finally ended our relationship and parted company. Two more lost Carp followed then I landed a small 6lb version. Then the Skimmers rolled up leaving me with a great last hour adding 20lb of big Skimmers all on double caster. I kept on thinking I needed to feed again but refrained as I like Carp but prefer Skimmers.

My Silvers weighed 30lb 5oz – 4oz less than last match for first in the silvers the one Carp weighed 6lb14oz. A very enjoyable days fishing.

The match was won by Tom thick (pictured right with the Silvers winner) on fancied peg 15 with 75lb. Tom initially caught a couple of Carp down his margin fishing double worm over GB, Tom then switched to paste over the GB and caught well for the remainder of the match, however, he did tell me he had quite a lot of lost foul hookers. Tom’s GB range is worth a try. Well done matey. Oh yes the scarf - Man flu!

Full Result:

  1. Tom Thick 75-10-0 peg 15
  2. Tom Light 71-02-0 peg 1
  3. Mike Owens 68-14-0 peg 14
Top Silvers:

  1. Mike Nicholls 30-05-0 peg 11
  2. Dave Wride 22-0-0 peg 8
  3. Ray Wickham 18-04-0 peg 9A
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 2 October 2017

Sunday 01/10/2017 - Viaduct Silvers League - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

Today saw the start of the Viaduct Silvers League which is one of mine and Bela’s favourite. Again it was an indifferent Breakfast at Cannards where we sat with a few other travelling Bristol anglers including Tony Rixon but without the Missus.

I was hoping for a draw on Carey but not peg 74! Into the draw Coffee tin and out comes peg 118 on Campbell. Reasonably happy with this one, but it does have better Silvers pegs in the section 123, 125,126, but expected a good days fishing. Bela drew peg 56 on Lodge in front of the shop. I had good company with Joe “Stretch” McMahon on corner peg 119.

Peg 118 platform stands well out in to the lake compared with 119, so won’t have to fish to long. Plenty of options on the peg the trouble most if them mean fishing behind you which is very uncomfortable twisting body and neck.

During yesterdays match I had formulated a plan, which I decided to try. So I set up a 4x12 to fish top set plus four with the fourth section behind me to make reaching the pole roller quicker. Dry running the float I found the tow was significant which puzzled me because there was little to no wind. I should have gone up to 4x14 but didn’t - mistake to fish 6mm meat over loose 4mm meat but because of the tow decided to put the feed meat in some GB to get it to bottom somewhere close to my peg. The next rig was the old faithful Ronnie rig which would serve my well if the Skimmers didn’t feed and they didn’t yesterday. Lastly the rig I was to use most of all a 4x10 Speedy to fish the LH margin in a number of places with caster over caster where I expected to catch some decent Perch. Nick Chedzoy told me to expect a snag down this side which I suspected was under water bramble tails. I fed a small ball of GB laced with mini meat squares and with the 6mm meat on the hook and caught a 6oz Skimmer first try, followed by some small ones, the problem was I was missing lots of bites from them which lead to re-baiting which was too slow for the size of the fish. I decided to switch to a more robust bait and fed some caster which I rested to try the Ronnie rig which was working well catching fish averaging 2-3oz up in the water on single caster. I was happy doing this as all my section was struggling, until Joe starting catching 6oz Skimmers one bung. We both had laugh when he told me how he was catching – 0.16 hook length with banded hard pellet fished over potted hard 4’s – wasn’t that yesterday’s match? Joe had pulled ahead of me so I tried the caster out long and had a 6oz Skimmers first try then pestered again with missed bites and then Carp. So another go on the Ronnie rig which still produced fish plus a bonus Bream. It was time to do the twist and fish my margin. I must say it was a good depth right up to the bank (keeping away from the brambles) and the bottom was nice and clean. The upshot was I caught three decent perch to 2lb a Tench and once the Carp found my Casters I caught three of their Groupies - three more Bream. However, I reckon I lost 10 lb of fish – One Tench which was only 2lb broke my hook length just after landing a 10lb Carp on it, three Perch, I have decided that there’s no hook that can be set in the bone of a Perch mouth and pulled out of another Bream. That’s two matches now that I have lost fish in this way – just unlucky I guess.

I weighed 22lb 11oz for fourth in the section. On reflection I should have gone up a size of float when fishing long for the Skimmers as I think the presentation in the tow wasn’t conducive to these small Skimmers, but the Carp seemed to like it! I said I was unlucky; however, both Joe and I had another laugh when we both picked up section money by double default! Bela did really well coming second on Lodge and second section it was again van double bubble. I was spotted stocking up on the Pinky Ponk.

Some say that he is planning on having a Ginger hair tattoo, all I know it’s the Trig again.

Trig (pictured right) won the match from peg 123 with 39lb 12oz, Trig caught most of his fish in the third quarter fishing 4 metres down his LH margin fishing double caster over potted caster. Most of his catch was made up of quality Skimmers and Bream. Well done matey, me and Joe had you worried for half the match.

Except for Lodge Lake I was amazed how well the venue fished for the Silvers especially after the result from yesterdays match. I guess it helps when the Carp have an off day.

The top Three pictured below.

This weeks matches: Thursday Shiplate Cost Cutter, Sunday Todber Manor Pairs

Full Result:

  1. Craig Edmonds 39-12-0 peg 123
  2. Gary Webber 39-02-0 peg 115
  3. Ziggy 39-07-0 peg 126
  4. Tony Rixon 36-03-0 peg 94
  5. Sam Powell 35-08-0 peg 98
  6. Chris Davis 35-0-02 peg 77
Weigh Sheets:

Saturday 30/09/2017 - Viaduct All Winners Final - Campbell, Carey, Lodge and Match Lakes

Two days coming up at Viaduct, today was the All Winners final and tomorrow the one I was really looking forward to, the start of the Viaduct Silvers League. I travelled with Two Pots and his balls of paste. We met up with Tim Ford at Canards Well for a mediocre breakfast. Two Pots had Man Flu and was coughing and sneezing for most of the journey.

Into the draw tin and out comes peg 74 thought it might be OK as I like fishing for the bigger Carp in margins that have plenty of escape routes! What I didn’t realise that Steve Long had started deforestation of the Willows around pegs 109 and 74 with whole trees still in the water – work in progress. The picture right is looking from peg 109 (somewhere under the branches) to my peg 74. Arriving at my peg there was no way of sensibly fishing down the RH margin and expecting to get any decent size Carp in the net – Scaffold pole and wire sprang to mind. So it was a margin rig for the LH side then a paste rig to fish again to the left at 11 o clock towards the tree at 10 metres and a meat/corn rig towards the end of the Willow tree again at 10 metres.

Fed all lines and first drop in with the paste I had a small 5lb Common. Here we go I’m thinking. That was it for an hour until I foul hooked a munter which broke me. The paste appeared not to be working and could see Two Pots on peg 130 behind me who at half way had two Carp, so I kept an eye on him in case he threw the towel in, especially with him unwell. Bob Gullick also behind me on peg 111 had only one Carp. Cripes, so switched to the corn by the end of the tree which was tentatively knocked about by small Silvers. Striking at one of these nibbles in desperation I struck into the wrong end of a Carp which ended up the other side of the tree luckily I got the rig back less the 0.16 hook length. The upshot was I started another swim straight out in front with meat and foul hooked another five Carp. I decided to have a practice for the Silvers league but couldn’t catch many of them either; meat was having the most interest but didn’t have any Caster with me to try properly. Had my second Carp with 30 minutes to go after which I threw in the towel.

Only three of us weighed in the section with me being third with 17lb 12oz!!! I can’t see this peg fishing well for sometime until the work has settled down. The work well over due I think.

Two Pots threw his catch back as he was “Over Powered” on the next peg 129. Tim Ford on peg 117 won his section with 100lb and only two of them weighed in.

The match was won by Andy “I don’t like this peg” Power (pictured right with some of his catch) with 206lb 13oz. Andy caught on various lines with the end of the Spit being the most productive. Andy fished meat hook bait over potted Hemp and a few cubes of meat feed. Later Andy ran out of Hemp and a period of serious foul hooking pursued and some scrambling for replacement pole sections. Well done matey.

The top six pictured below.

 It was back to Winston’s Fish Restaurant for a Fish and Chip supper. Two Pots looked shattered, but at least his nose had stopped running.

Full Result:

  1. Andy Power 206-13-0 peg 129
  2. Phil Harding 153-05-01 peg 77
  3. Jack Billet 148-03-0 peg 110
  4. Gary O’Shea 147-10-0 peg 94
  5. Dan White 131-04-0 peg 47
  6. Dab Squires 120-12-0 peg 49
Weigh Sheets: