Saturday, 15 June 2019

Saturday 08/06/2019 - Thursday 14/06/2019 - Viaduct, Landsend and Avalon Fisheries

Time for our annual pilgrimage to Viaduct. This year ten of us shared two 6 berth lodges, myself, Son Steve, Geoff Francis, Mark Tanner Martyn Woodington, Glenn Bailey, Tim Ford, Martin Rayet, Gordon Cannings and Chris Ollis. Six matches in six days. If the fishing doesn't kill you the terrible diet and lots of alcohol might. Not one vegetable or piece of fruit all week! I had a take-away call a Kebab which ended up in the bin after two mouthfuls. The weather wasn't set for the sun worshipper and those that like wearing Budgie smugglers whist fishing - rain all week and torrential at times, BUT very little wind, which would be great conditions for the fishing. Pictured "The Inbetweeners" outside one of the Lodges.

Saturday 08/06/2019 - Viaduct - Silverfox 13 metre Pole only - Campbell

Twenty fishing the max for this match. It doesn't matter which peg I drew as I had intended to fish for the Silvers. Into the coffee tin and pulled peg 121 on the end bank. Umm, the last time I fished this peg I framed with Carp, so felt I had to abandon the thoughts of Silvers. So set-up two paste rigs - one 0.3 gram to fish top-set plus three and a 0.2 gram to fish the left and right hand margins. Started on the long line in front with paste and a few hard 4's in the kinder cup and hooked a Carp within seconds which came off (not fouled). Out again and within seconds I landed an 8 lb Carp. Next put in a fouler. No more Carp for a while instead started to catch decent Skimmers. After I had about 10 lb of Skimmers and with no Carp interested in my paste I thought I should change to fishing for them and nearly got up off the box but decided to stay with the paste anticipating catching late. I carried on catching the odd Skimmer. I tried down both margins and had one small Tench. I did have another three Carp. Unfortunately the decision to stay with the paste and Carp was the wrong wishing I had changed.

My four Carp weighed 35 lb and my Silver 21 lb 4 oz just 3 lb out of the Silvers coin. My total of 56 lb 4 oz was only good enough for midway.

The match was won by Phil Hardwick (pictured right) with 176 lb 1 oz from peg 111. Phil caught some shallow but primarily on 8 mm pellet on the deck.

The Silvers was won by Tim Ford (pictured) with 33 lb 2 oz from peg 116. Tim caught on hard pellet - see his blog for further details. Nice to see Tim qualify for the Silvers final.

Son Steve drew peg 119 and struggled but did manage to land a decent Carp - pictured right. 

No doubt there are lots of fish around the Aerator.


1. Phil Hardwick 176-10-0 peg 111
2. Bob Gullick 119-02-0 peg 112
3. Tim Ford 104-0-0 peg 116


1. Tim Ford 33-02-0 peg 116
2. Gordon Cannings 24-07-0 peg 125
3. Chris Ollis 24-01-0 peg 126

Weigh Sheet:

Sunday 09/06/2019 - Tony Rixon Float Only - Round Two - Landsend - Specimen, Match and Walters Lakes:

With Landsend stopping breakfast we stopped at the Bear Hotel in Street for a continental breakfast - all feeling a bit bloated after a night out at the Unicorn Hotel the food I gave a 3 out of ten and not to return.

Forty fishing over the three Lakes. One ticket left in the tin when I got there so broke a golden rule and let Tony draw for me - peg 21 on Match Lake. Arriving at my peg I found Martin Rayet on end peg 24, Clint Wojtyle (and Son) peg 23, Gary O'Shea peg 19 and Joe McMahon peg 17 I wasn't thinking a section win nor a framing then, so the only way to coin was Silvers my peg can throw up some decent Skimmers.

So set up a 4 x12 Winter Titan to fish top-set plus four which is just about half way across. I also set up a 0.2 margin paste rig for the LH side for later in the match when the Silvers tend to fade.

Started on 4 mm expander over a few kindered micro and started to catch small Ronnie's - missing a few bites, as you do on expander's. I had a Skimmer of about 1 1/2 lb then one of 3 oz before the line appeared to die. I upped the feed and got some fizz from presumably Carp  but couldn't catch anything - meanwhile all the other section members were catching Carp. The rain started and was torrential and over the course of the match raised the water level by an inch!  Well behind and with the Silvers being figment of imagination I switched to the margin with paste at top-set plus one (margin pole) and  the Drennan 25 elastic (I love using this stuff). I had been feeding the odd hard 4 but now switch to kindering them over the paste. I had a Carp first put-in. Subsequently I caught some better Carp steady over the rest of the match, losing only one in a snag, not sure how it managed to stretch my elastic that far. I must say the Carp are in good condition.

My disappointing Silvers weighed 2 lb 9 oz and my Carp 116 lb 7 oz and to my surprise my total of 119 lb was enough to win the section got me fourth overall.

The match was won by Neil Mercer (pictured upper right with the Silvers winner) with 159 lb 10 oz from fancied peg Specimen peg.

The Silvers was won by Clayton Hudson with 16 lb 15 oz from Specimen peg 33. I understand that they were mainly accidental!!

Definitely no where near as many Silvers in Match Lake and no signs of any follow-on small Skimmers.


Weigh Sheets:

Monday 10/06/2019 - Viaduct Residents Match - Lodge Lake:

We arrange with Mandy at M&M's cafe in the precinct to open early every morning for breakfast which she is very happy to do which is served in double quick time very useful. 

Twelve of us fishing and I was left with peg 62. Not a Carp flyer so chose to fish for Silvers. So set up the Ronnie rig and a 4x12 Winter Titan which could be fished anywhere. Bait wise it was GB and caster with single on the hook. Started on the Ronnie rig by feeding lose GB with loose casters. The upshot was I caught Skimmers and Ronnie steady all match - perfect plus only three accidental Carp.

My Silvers weighed 28 lb 13 oz for the Silvers win the Carp took my total to 67 lb 5 oz.

The match was won by Martin Rayet (pictured right)  with 117 lb 12 oz from peg 60. Martin fished meat short for most of the match and qualified for the all winner final.

Son Steve had drawn peg 66 and had a torrid time losing Carp in a snag fishing long down his LH margin towards the tree branch, it wasn't until he switched to his top-set down under the recently trimmed bush to his right that he started to catch and land Carp.

However, the highlight of the day was Geoff Francis, who provided great entertainment. A Carp pulled out his top five and the only option was to strip off and go in after it. He did get it back and land the fish. Apparently we discovered that Helen Long keeps a pair of binoculars in the office and intently observed Geoff stripping off to dry himself. I'm blowed if Geoff didn't lose a top-set this time by a Skimmer pulling it off! Geoff pictured right swimming out and in. Couldn't help noticing that Chris Ollis didn't flinch from his concentration. No one caught after this escapade for at least 30 minutes.


1. Martin Rayet 117-12-0 peg 69
2. Tim Ford 115-0-0 peg 53


1. Mike Nicholls 28-13-0 peg 62
2. Glenn Bailey 15-08-0 peg 59

Weigh Sheet:

Tuesday 11/06/2019 - Avalon Fishery - Silverfox Float Only:

Breakfast at M&M's before our trip to Avalon Fishery. When we had all gathered I could tell to a man that there was little enthusiasm. It was cold, wet and windy blowing straight down the Lake. Vic Bush had arranged weigh sheets and pegs for us and would weigh in after.

Into the draw bag and pulled peg 19. Didn't mean a lot as the conditions were such that the waggler was a no-no, didn't stop Mark Tanner thrashing it about though. Son Steve was on the next peg 17- (pictured right hiding in the reeds playing a Carp that ended up under his platform). I fancied Glenn Bailey would win today from end peg 22 where he was sheltered from the worse of the wind.

I decided to fish for Silvers with a 4x16 Winter Titan and 4 mm expander on the hook over GB laced with micro. The tow was against the wind which would be favourable for presenting dead depth. I started well catch five bream in five put-ins - happy days. Just thinking of a big weight when the peg completely died. I went for a Banana walk and as expected Glenn was in the lead but close behind was Tim, Martin and Gordon. Chris Ollis had about 15 lb of Silvers which was probably the most I could scrape up. Back in the saddle and switched to paste, but for the rest of the match could only add four Carp.

My Silvers weighed 14 lb 8 oz with my total weight initially 47 lb 8 oz which meant I was beat off the next peg by Mark Tanner. However, my magic keep net came to the rescue providing two more Ronnies increasing my weight to 47 lb 10 oz making it a draw with Mark - Phew that was a close call.

As expected the match was won by Glenn Bailey (pictured right) with 170 lb 4 oz from peg 22. Glenn caught on paste over wetted 4's at 13 metres from three different lines.

The Silvers was won by Chris Ollis (pictured right) with a tremendous weight of 41 lb. Chris caught on worm over GB laced with caster, chopped worm and DR's. Well done to him.

Geoff Francis had some big Bream with the one pictured right weighing over 5 lb.

The Lake fished really well. A pity there's not more Sunday Opens here I'm sure they would soon become very popular.


1. Glenn Bailey 170-04-0 peg 22
2. Gordon Cannings 151-02-0 peg 9


1. Chris Ollis 41-0-0 peg 13

Weigh Sheet:

Some of the team are starting to wane with Mark Tanner (upper centre) collapsing on his bed at 6 pm for a power nap!! Woke up at 11 pm and watch TV until 1 am!! 

Wednesday 12/06/2019 - Silverfox Short pole Match - Campbell Lake:

We stopped in the Bear Hotel on the way back from Avalon for a meal which was OK and not too pricey.

We've had a lot of conversation with Martyn Woodington about his new Space bar. Which is apparently  6 foot long plus or minus 10 thou. Glenn Bailey soon re-named it Woody' outer space bar - pictured right.

The match is limited to top-set plus three sections of pole, with the rig line no longer than the top-set. We were oversubscribed and had to turn anglers away so not happy to have a no-show, "No-show" need not apply next year. Thanks to all those that did call to cancel. Sorry to hear Lee Werrett was in hospital hope it's not serious, get well soon matey.

Last in the draw and found myself at the opposite end to the last match on peg 135. Again I had drawn it twice before and had framed with Carp, but wasn't going to make the same mistake and risk missing out on the Silvers which are feeding well all round the fishery at the moment. So I set up the Ronnie rig and two paste rigs.

Started on the caster over GB laced with caster and basically caught all the species in the Lake. I had about 10 lb of Perch mostly 4 ouncers so swingable and 20 lb of Skimmers. I had two Tench and lost two in the marginal rubbish - they fight like the Chub on the River Avon. Late on I had a go in the margin with paste to only catch a Ronnie! I did have my usual three accidental Carp on the caster. A lovely days fishing.

I weighed 37 lb 7 oz of Silvers which was enough to win the Silvers by 1 lb 6 oz (sorry Chris - not). My total weight was 60 lb 8 oz. Last year I tried hard to qualify for the all winners silvers final and failed but within two weeks qualified three times!!

The match was won by Glenn Bailey (pictured right) with 167 lb 5 oz from peg 112. Glenn caught at the full permitted length using paste over soaked 4's. And qualified for the all winners final.

Son Steve went over in his net - 85 lb so was disqualified. He would have weigh just over the ton with his 20 + lb of Silvers!! lesson learnt.


1. Glenn Bailey 167-5-0 peg 112
2. Martyn McMahon 154-04-0 peg 130 ("I hate this peg")
3. Tim Ford 153-09-0 peg 121


1. Mike Nicholls 37-07-0 peg 135
2. Chris Rolfe 36-10-0 peg 116

Weigh Sheet:

Curry night at last and what a night. It is now BYO drinks and we thought one would be sufficient but there is always one that goes one large better. The food was excellent, the best at this house yet.

Thursday 13/06/2019 - Viaduct Costcutter - Campbell and Carey Lakes:

Nice to meet up with the usual suspects plus old teammate George Perkins back from sitting in a Bivvy.

Into the draw coffee tin and out comes peg 99 on Carey. One of my pegs of choice! Silvers it is then. For company I had everydayer Colin Dyer, the other side Wally. Nige Easton drew another flyer who was opposite on peg 78.

The set up was the Ronnie rig and a 4x14 Winter Titan to fish at top-set plus 3 and 4. What caught me out was the amount of tow (flow) right to left and slightly out caused by the Aerator. The hydraulics is now different all around the Lake. Dependent on where you are two pegs either way and it flows differently. I fed the long line with GB laced with caster and the Ronnie rig with the same. I struggled presenting with the Ronnie rig. The side effects of the flow from the aerator is to push the debris into the bank which fishing short meant hooking twigs and branches. So with about 10 lb of Perch and Skimmers in the net I switched to the long line but found holding back caster difficult. I also began to think my fine GB might have washed away. So I had a rethink deciding a heavier bait was required plus drag a couple of 11 shot. So switched to corn over corn. This worked well producing positive bites from decent Skimmers. I had a good second half match and learnt a lot today about this peg. At Carp - o'clock I had four Carp losing four foulers. It did affect the Silvers but nonetheless it was fun landing these big fish on my Silver kit.

My Silvers weighed 40 lb 13 oz and my Carp 44 lb 9 oz for a total of 85 lb 6 oz. This was second silvers and fourth overall on the Lake. The match payout was split over Campbell and Carey to picked up second Silvers - Carey. Well done Nige.

The Match was won by Paul Morris (pictured upper right) with 212 lb 5 oz from Campbell peg 129. Paul caught on the lead with banded pellet.

The Silvers was won by Shaun Wilson (pictured right) with 55 lb 3 oz from Campbell peg 114. Shaun caught mainly on expander pellet over pellet/micro.

Once again the venue fished very well indeed especially for the Silvers.


1. Paul Morris 212-05-0 peg 129
2. George Perkins 200-05-0 peg 128
3. Glenn Bailey 180-01-0 peg 135
4. Alex Nadin 173-02-0 peg 131


1. Shaun Wilson 55-03-0 peg 114
2. Nigel Easton 46-13-0 peg 78
3. Pete 43-05-0 peg 115
4. Mike Nicholls 40-13-0 peg 99

Weigh Sheet:

Our last night was spent in the Globe Inn which has just reopened. A young couple has taken it over and have a lot to learn I think. That said the food was OK but portions small.

Martin Rayet was well ahead on the Natch front downed 44 cans in six days not including all the "Inbetweeners".

A great week. The weather could have been kinder. God must have thought it was Glasto week.

Booked again for next year - the countdown begins. thanks to Helen, Steve and Matt Long for putting up with us for a whole week. And a special thanks goes to my Drennan Umbrella.

Finally: How pictures might deceive, is it tea he's drinking out of Natch Cup?

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Wednesday 05/06/2019 - Sedges Fishery - Cost Cutter - Tile and Brick Lakes

Glenn (with two nn's or Two Pots) and me decided to fish Wednesday this week, so choose Sedges which is one of my favourite fisheries. I've not been there for some time so was looking forward to it.

Arrived at the fishery to the usual warm welcome and with some nostalgia. Matey Merv "Topper" Haskins in the early days use to arrive at matches on his motorbike, which you think impossible nowadays - apparently not - see pictured right.

A good turn out with 22 fishing so match split over three banks. Into the draw bag and out comes peg 40 on Tile Lake - a very sought after peg. After seeking recent form I found that the Monday Silvers pegs 40, 39 and 38 had the top three 40 lb weights. So my plan was to initially fish for Silvers and switch to Carp if they showed up. To these ends I set up a 4x16 Winter Titan to fish for Skimmers at top-set plus two and a 0.3 gram paste float to fish top-set plus one down the LH edge. Simple. Whilst setting up I got a dusting down from the industrial plant next door to the fishery - couldn't stop coughing. Luckily it didn't last too long, covering Two Pots new luggage with a fine dust!

I started by feeding the margin with hard 4's which I would continue to loose feed over the top whilst fishing for the Skimmers. I fed the Skimmer line with GB laced with micro and with 4 mm expander on the hook initially caught small 4 - 6 oz Skimmers regularly. In Between these I would get the occasional 1 - 1 1/2 pound fish. I was surprised how many of these Skimmers take to flight - it may well be due to the Lake being deep. I hooked one Skimmer of about 12 oz which ran straight to the bank jumped out and landed in my empty Carp net - Result. I carried on fishing then decided I should remove the Skimmer incase I caught a Carp so took out the net and fish and during transfer to the Silvers net dropped it back - Bugger. By regularly topping up I kept them coming for about 4 hours when I foul hooked four Carp in quick succession. Tile Lake wasn't fishing to it's usual high standards for Carp but noticed a few anglers also stating to catch them. So reckoning I had about 40 lb of Silvers switched to paste down the margin with plan to cover some other winning options. First put in I had a 6 lb Carp followed quickly by three more I then had a spell of foul hooking. Because of the Reeds it's impossible to get out of the deep margin which was about 3 1/2 foot, which is too deep for this type of fishing. However, I did put about 60 lb in the Carp net loosing five foul hookers.

My Silvers weighed 39 lb 11 oz just one ounce behind first place!! My Carp weighed 63 lb 12 oz for a sixth overall weight of 103 lb 7 oz and second in the section. A very minor bit of bad judgement - perhaps.

The match was won by Two Pots (pictured right) with 177 lb 2 oz from brick Lake peg 3. Pots caught on .....well ... paste at 13 metres from two lines - left and right.

The Silvers was won by Phil Clapp (pictured right with the match winner) with 39 lb 12 oz from Tile peg 35. Phil caught on 7 mm meat fished over meat.

So what's changed since my last visit: Not too much as it is a very well managed venue. Certainly lots more Skimmers in Tile - very good news, improving what was already a superb Silvers venue. I thought the Carp mouths were a bit battered. Not sure why this should be, but noticed there were some anglers using very large wagglers (if that is what they are called) with tops as big as ping pong balls. For some reason fisheries limit the size of wagglers to 5/8 " diameter or size of the middle finger. Can't wait to get back again only wished it was closer to home.


1. Glenn Bailey 177-02-0 peg 3 Brick (Paste)
2. Bill Hopping 138-10-0 peg 9 Brick (Paste)
3. Mark Bellringer 121-10-0 peg 33 Tile


1. Phil Clapp 39-12-0 peg 35 Tile (Meat)
2. Mike Nicholls 39-11-0 peg 40 (Expander)
3. Jess 38-04-0 peg 22 (Meat)

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 3 June 2019

Sunday 02/06/2019 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

Wetherspoons for Geoff and me which was OK. I was out in Bath on Saturday the temperature was nearing 28 degrees I was particularly hot. Today what a change rain most of the day and with the wind hacking into my peg I was freezing!
I was wondering what happened to the rest of the chair I found in the bin  (pictured right). Mystery solved - pictured below right. Well whittled Shaun Townend!!

Thirteen fishing today I was last but one into the drawbox and peg 23 for me for the next 6 1/4 hours. Can be OK but a bit of a feast or famine peg and a very deep. The payout for Silvers isn't that good on these matches with most of the money going to the three top weights. So I thought I would fish for Carp today with expanders and paste.

For company I had match organiser Dave Haines on peg 22. I initially set-up a 4x14 Winter Titan set to 5 foot - 4 foot up the shelf at top-set plus one and a 0.3 gram paste float set to 3 foot to fish the LH margin up to the sedges. I didn't set up the waggler because the wind forecast was against it.

Started on the 4 mm expander over hard 4's and had an early small Carp. I had been feeding the margin and noticed the sedges moving so dropped the paste in and had an 8 lb Mirror. Other than a speared Ronnie I couldn't get bites on either line. The wind hadn't yet materialised so set up the wagger to fish banded 6's over loose fed 4's. First cast a small Carp - looking good? Not - that was it and was soon abandoned once the wind picked up. Time for the banana walk. Dave Haines was struggling to catch his whitebait, Dave Willmott was catching well on peg 20 on 6mm meat as was John Fuidge on 16. They were also catching opposite on peg 6 so game over for me for Carp then. So back in the saddle and started on double DR's over GB laced with DR's to catch Silvers, low and behold started to catch small Carp. In between I caught the odd Skimmer and after topping up the GB I would try the paste in the margin catching the odd better Carp, but I was only nicking one at a time. At least I had made something work and would have enjoyed it if it wasn't for the rain and wind.

My Silver's weighed 9 lb 1 oz for first in the Silvers defaulted so not all lost. My total weight was 53 b 10 oz was acceptable for the area. The fish appear to have moved down the Lake into the middle pegs on both sides.

As expected Dave Willmott won the match and the Silvers (pictured right with the runner up john Fuidge) with 118 lb 5 oz from peg 20. Dave caught on 6 mm meat fished part way up the shelf down his RH side. His meat feed was introduced via a clip on Kinder pot.

It fished well considering the awful conditions with most catching a few.

1. Dave Willmott 118-05-0 peg 20 (Meat)
2. John Fuidge 96-07-0 peg 16 (Meat)
3. Mark Summerhayes 89-06-0 peg 6 (Paste)


1. Dave Willmott 18-03-0 peg 20
2. Mike Nicholls 9-01-0 peg 23

Weigh Sheet:

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Bank Holiday Monday - Shiplate Fishery - Pairs Match - Hawthornes and Westpool

Had an early night and woke early to finish sorting kit out to find a text from Glenn Bailey my partner for today's match. He confirmed the time and reminded my to not fish for the Silvers as it was to be a combined overall weight match. OK then. On the way down he said Ha, there might be a Silvers payout - Umm too late for me. Indeed the payout was for the top Silvers pair and top two overall pairs.

We would draw a peg and fish that numbered peg on both Canals. We could choose who fished which Canal, Glenn had on a few previous occasions hinted he wanted Hawthorns. So he had his way. Glenn asked what peg I wanted, silly really which pair wouldn't want peg 1. He comes back with peg 3. I was happy with this on Westpool because I could reach the far bank at 12.5 metres, plus I have fished it before. Experience is half the battle. For company I had Matt Shepherd on peg 1.

I set up two paste rigs (both shotted) one for top-set plus two at full depth out in front and the other for both margins. I also set up 13 metres where the margin rig was also suitable. However, the 13 metres was to be left sunbathing for the rest of the day.

Started by kindering some hard 4's with a lump of paste (more like a home made 16 mm expander). Signs of feeding fish within seconds. I had eight small Carp and five Skimmers before the swim faded. Two more before I had to either go large over or go marginal. I choose the latter. Loose feeding hard 4's down both sides. I could see Carp sneaking tight to the LH bank and waiting for some free offerings before swimming out for them. This lead to only one thing, foul hooking and I had my share. A differing approach needed. Luckily with two margins I could experiment. So (don't tell Genn) I had some DR's in the bag so put big pots of these in to the RH margin,and potted micro into the LH margin. Just after I did this Matt came down and asked if he was doing something wrong because he had lost 10 foul hooked Carp. I told him no because I was suffering just as badly. In with the past over the DR's and first try an 8 lb fish followed by another. Re-fed and tried the LH side which also worked, but still a few foulers. This form of pellet feeding really confused the Carp by their behaviour on the surface. Carp were still going past with their shoulders hard against the bank. The maggot swim gradually died whilst the micro margin got better, near the end I couldn't get in quick enough.

After the match I went and explained to Matt how I had fed to stop the foul hooking.

I weighed 112 lb 6 oz for third on Westpool. Got back to Glenn's peg and he had weighed 113 lb 4 oz which was top weight on Hawthorne's so we had a total of 225 lb 10 oz. Although Tom Thick had 170 lb his Dad who partnered him had struggled. So Glenn and me had won the day and a decent pick up - us pictured upper right.

The Silvers pairs went to the Wickhams Glynn and Nigel with a total of 37 lb 7 oz from pegs 12. Worn was sure to be involved on the hook at some time. However, it didn't end there for the Wickhams because young Mackenzie who partnered Grandad Ray won the top Junior Prize. Well done to them - pictured right.

If your not knackered after two days match fishing your not doing it right!!

A well thought out and run match especially the junior prize, We need more kids out fishing - half trm a great time to try it. I am taking my twin Granddaughters out this week.


1. Mike Nicholls + Glenn Bailey 225-10-0 pegs 3
2. Tom and Antony Thick 206-11-0 peg 9
3. Lewis Jones + Steve Howell 202-06-0 peg 11


1. Glyn and Nigel Wickham 37-07-0 peg 12

Sunday 26/05/2019 - Viaduct - Tony Rixon Float Only - Round One - Campbell and Carey

For a few years now I have had to miss one or three of these matches so good news my calender is telling me for once that I will be able to fish all of them this year - so far!!

First stop Cannards Well for Bela and me. Again a good breakfast. I had a quick look around the two Lake we were to fish and there were some Carp still spawning. I had decided that if I drew on Carey or pegs 112, 124,125 and 126 on Campbell  would fish for Silvers. However, if the Carp became a nuisance I would quickly switch to them.

So into the draw coffee tin and out comes peg 85 on Carey. Happy with this for Silvers as I have alway done reasonably well off it. For company I had the Happy Scaffolder - Ricky Mills on peg 86 and technical next to me Two Pots on peg 81. Couldn't help noticing how many Carp were in and around his peg. Hope he kept them there.

I set up two paste rigs - not used. Initially two Silver rigs - the faithful Ronnie rig and a 4x12 Winter Titan to fish top-set plus one. I had a bit of a surprise by how deep this peg had become. I think it may have been scoured out by the recent aerator installed on the end of the spit. So incase also set up a 4x14 to fish at two carbon tubes more. The wind was blowing debris into my peg mainly Willow Herb - bloody stuff so expected this to impact on the Ronnie rig. So simple caster and GB with some LR's incase.

Started short with the one ball of GB with some loose casters in the pot and started to loose feed casters over the top. I had a good start catching some decent Skimmers on the Ronnie rig with single caster on the hook and topping up if if faded. Whats was good no signs of a Carp whilst Two Pots was getting battered by them on paste with most ending up in his keep net - section winner already I thought. I then had a funny spell after losing a Flyer Skimmer I foul hooked four losing all of them - emotional, which I think was down to towing into them. So switched to the Titan over the same line and because I could hold against the tow (due to the aerator) I had a few 1 lb Skimmers. Once again the Roach still aren't feeding so couldn't top-up with them in between slow periods. The inside line had now died so went out longer with the same feed but with double caster and had a few more better Skimmers and foul hooked a small Carp which came off near the net, the nearest I came to touching a Carp today. With an hour to go the debris had been blown away and my bites slowed up adding only a couple of pound during this time. I tried a maggot on the hook, however, there has been an explosion of 1 oz Skimmers (good news) which would rag the maggot before it got to bottom, just too small to target at the moment.

My Silvers weighed in at 34 lb 14 oz for second in the Silvers. So mission accomplished. Plus I wasn't last in the section even though I fished for Silvers!

As I suspected the match was won by Glenn Bailey (pictured upper right with three of his Carp that weighed 51 lb) with 228 lb 14 oz from peg 81. Glenn caught out in front using paste over pellet feed on the listing lighthouse float method. Well done to him.

The Silvers was once again won by Ryan Shipp (pictured right with the match winner) with 37 lb 3 oz from Campbell peg 114. Ryan caught on corn or worm hook bait. I'm getting closer to him!

Nice day out and after a drink in Bar-Gar- Age with Bela I had to get my kit ready for next day's pairs match at Shiplate, so early to bed for me.


Weigh Sheets: