Thursday, 23 February 2017

Wednesday 22/02/2017 - Viaduct Silver Match - Spring, Middle and Lodge Lakes

I had been looking at the progress of storm Doris and it looked if my Thursday match would be a no go with wind speeds up to 60 mph. So was delighted when I received a text from Bela on Tuesday asking if I wanted to fish Viaduct Silvers match on the Wednesday, The weather was to be reasonable so went for it. We left early but still found plenty of traffic about. Breakfasted in Cannards Well – was OK once they put on the lights!

A good turn out with 20 Skivers and 2 Pensioners. Steve spread us over Lodge, Spring and Middle. The wind wasn’t too bad but preferred it off my back as I wanted to fish the waggler. I got my wish pulling peg 25, first time on this peg. I have always wanted to draw peg 24 especially when it was a noted Silvers peg, but as time has gone by things have changed in this respect. For company I had the affable Alex Murry who had drawn 24. Directly behind me was the Lodge we will be occupying in June. Bela drew his normal crap peg 38 on Middle, Christ he can draw crap.

I set up the Ronnie rig, a on the drop 4x12 F1 Winter to fish at 10 metres, the waggler and a GB feeder to cast over the caster in the latter part of the match. On the all-in I fed some caster out as far as I could, letting the wind decide where they would fish as it was gusting all over the place. I fed a tester knub of very light GB laced with Pinkie at 10 metres for the F1 rig. I decided to start on the Ronnie rig with caster over caster to catch any “low hanging fruit”. So after catching about 1lb of small Ronnie’s it died. So went out on the pole and had a few hand size Skimmers, most on the drop, so didn’t leave it in long before another put-in. The tow was right to left and at times quite fast, strange really as the wind was over my right shoulder. Re-fed and tried my banker – the waggler. With single caster I started to catch Ronnie’s which was OK as I initially expected this. These soon tailed off expecting to start catching some quality Skimmers. Unfortunately after a couple of hours trying I had only the one 2lb Hybrid. Alex was also struggling on 24. I couldn’t see pegs 19 and 18 (the other pegs in our section) due to the bush on the right, but Alex could and said they were bagging on the feeder. So I chucked it out with double dead reds. All I could get was small Ronnie’s ragging it on the drop. Until they got fed up with me bombarding them with it. Subsequently sat there motionless. Andy Power then started to bag on quality fish on peg 3 both the long pole and waggler fishing shallow. No chance of coin today, so I decided to sit the rest of the match out at 10 metre this after toying with going longer but decided to preserve my aching back. I caught small fish regularly mostly Skimmers and Hybrids until the end with double Pinkie over light GB.

I weighed 13lb 8oz which was a tad disappointing Alex just piping me with 14lb 10oz. Still a very enjoyable match.

The venue fished exceptionally well with 25lb plus to win a section. Brilliant Silvers venue.

The match was won by Andy Power (pictured right) with 56lb 14oz from peg 3. Andy had a very slow start and it wasn’t until he started to heavily loose feed casters over both his pole line and waggler line that he started to catch. Andy came shallow on the pole and caught about 10lb of Roach, a Tench and a decent Perch. He switched to the waggler again with caster hook catching decent Skimmers off bottom. Andy kept the fish coming until the end switching between the pole and waggler. Andy impressed me today which left me wondering why he’s not in the Team England set-up.

It was a perfect end to a perfect day for Bela and I because we had a great fish supper in Winstones on the way home, plus a few beers in Bar-gar-age.

I went to go in the back door and found a Frog staring up at me on the door step. Not the Special One I hope. Luckily not, but Bela kissed it in case!!

Full Result:

  1. Andy Power 56-14-0 peg 3
  2. Rich Aherne 54-06-0 peg 19
  3. Tom Thick 46-03-0 peg 56
  4. Scott Russell 33-11-0 peg 1
  5. Ben Hagg 33-05-0 peg 18
  6. Steve Kedge 25-14-0 peg 33
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday - 19/02/2017 - Windmill Open - Match Lake

Geoff Francis and I thought we would try Wetherspoons for breakfast, but concerned that we wouldn’t make the 09:00 draw because they don’t open until 08:00. It wasn’t a problem they opened spot on time with the breakfast arriving ten minutes later so we arrived at the draw in plenty of time. I must say I was impressed with the breakfast especially for the price, regular Sunday for now on.

With the weather mildish I expected a decent turn out, which we got with 17 fishing. This is one of the most difficult fisheries to peg I fish. Des Shipp and I had a go at pegging it, with Dave Haines having the last say. I was surprised Dave took out peg 13 on the end bank.

I was hoping to draw between peg 3 counting backwards to peg 22. Early into the draw and out comes peg 9. I still had in my recent memory of the 23lb of Skimmer I had off peg 8 so I thought I would target the Silvers. So the one rig that does all for me on this fishery at the moments – a 4x14 Malman F1 winter. The bottom is fairly flat from 6 metres to 11.5 metres but does slope off to the right into deeper water. Unfortunately there was some decent tow against the wind to the right so I plumb to the right where I estimated would be the end of the swim, which meant starting over depth. On the bait tray I had wetted micro, Dead Reds, Pinkies and GB. I started longer than usual because the water looked clear at top-set plus three. The plan was to feed two lines at the same distance but 2 metres apart. The first swim I fed a smidgen of micro and DR’s and on the down wind swim GB laced with Pinkie. With double DR on a no 20 – 808 I started to get some indications from Carp. Now you have to strike at everything don’t you. Well the first three strikes resulted in three lost foul hook Carp. I topped up after every bite/liner. Once again I was towing into the fish. I tried my best to hold back, but the wind wasn’t helpful pulling the float away from me. I did hook the next Carp in the mouth. I topped up and tried running over the GB line only to get two indications which I thought was tugs from small Perch. The upshot was I kept on the Micro line until two hours from the end where I caught another three decent Carp before adding the 11.5 metre section and starting again, where first try I had a dumpy Carp. Over the match I landed five losing five foulers, so enough on the hook for second!! Thats easier said than done.

My five Carp went 30lb 11oz for fifth overall. No Silvers, the word is that the fishery is suffering from Cormorant predation. Hope this doesn’t last long as I might be looking for somewhere else to fish.
The match was won by Matty Tainton (pictured upper right with some of his catch) with a decent catch of 95lb 15oz from peg 25. Matty caught at 13 metres using maggot over micro pellet feed.

The Silvers was won by Alan Jones (pictured right) with a lowly 3lb 5oz from peg 26. Alan broke his pole so was forced to fish at 5 metres with single maggot over micro, which paid off for him.

And finally well done to Dave Britton for coming second today, I won't tell the Missis about the pick-up!!

Full Result:

  1. Matty Tainton 95-15-0 peg 25
  2. Dave Britton 52-05-0 peg 18
  3. Luke Pester 44-08-0 peg 22
  4. Chris Davis 35-04-0 peg 7 or was it 6
  5. Mike Nicholls 30-11-0 peg 9
  6. Des Shipp 28-0-0 peg 20
Top Silvers:

  1. Alan Jones 3-05-0 peg 26
  2. Dave Britton 2-12-0 peg 18
Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Thursday 16/02/2017 - Bathampton AA - Silver League - Round Four - Dave Crookes Fishery - Bridge pool

I had a reasonable breakfast with good company, John Smith and Pete Greenslade in Hanham, arriving at the draw in plenty of time to find out that Callum Dicks couldn’t make it today so sent stand-in Des Shipp.

Before the draw Mike Jones apparently tried to have a pee but found an obstacle in the way. He said he had put his trousers on back to front; however, some say it was left over’s from Valentines Day and still had his wives knickers on!!

I was in Section D today which was peg 21 to 30. I didn’t mind where I was so when I drew peg 26 again there was no emotion. It was good to see Rich Coles back fishing, but sorry Jim Norris wouldn’t be standing in for him. Apparently Jim has replaced the three sections of pole blown in last match.

I set up two 4x16 F1 winter floats, one yellow top and the other black to fish the latter at top-set plus three and the yellow as it happened all over the swim! The word was that it would fish very hard, which I had no reason to doubt especially as the water was extremely clear. I started by feeding a knub of my GB laced with a few frozen Pinkies and with double on the hook on the black top float I was amazed to catch a 12oz Skimmer first try. For the next 1 hour and 45 minutes I caught well putting 11lb in the net which included a 2 ½ lb Tench. Subsequently the swim completely died. Over the next 3 ¾ hours all I could add was another 14 ounces. I tried all sorts, but the swim doesn’t have a decent up the shelf swim that I could reach, so couldn’t get the caster going. However, I was winning the section until the last five minutes when Chris Rolfe on peg 28 landed a 1 ½ lb Skimmer. No comment on the early whistle.

I finished the match with 11lb 14oz for section second and 7th overall. The upside to my frustrating 3 ¾ hours is that I am 90% certain I know why it happened.

The match was won by John Fuidge (pictured right) with 22lb 7oz from peg 8. John caught switching between 13 and 14.5 metres using dead red hook bait over small balls of micro. His catch included some decent Skimmers to 4lb.

A nice finish to the day with a pint of Doombar in the Compton Dando Arms with the usual suspects.

Full Result:

A Section: Steve Dawson 18-0-0 peg 32
A Section: Dave Wride 15-15-0 peg 3
B Section: John Fuidge 22-07-0 peg 8
B Section: Des Shipp 13-05-0 peg 10
C Section: Tony Rixon 14-0-0 peg 15
C Section: Steve Tanner 4-0-0 peg 16
D Section: Chris Rolfe 12-14-0 peg 28
D Section: Mike Nicholls 11-14-0 peg 26

Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Thursday 09/02/2017 - Rays Rip Off - Windmill Fishery - Match Lake

The President of Carps AC – John Bennett passed away this week. All of the South West match anglers will know John from the matches he ran over many years. John accommodated all match anglers, bringing some innovation to match fishing, and in doing so, contributed a lot towards commercial match fishing. Rest in Peace matey.

On a lighter note, it’s a happy birthday to Bela today, the “Special Ones” favourite.

Arriving at the “The CafĂ©” in Hanham Road it was 2 degrees when I came out it was 1 degree. The forecast was for the “Beast from the East”. It was a beast of a wind, but came in from the North East. Seventeen hardy soles started the match including two from Wales, so we left the roof open. Unfortunately only eight finished it!  With my preferred pegging coming up trumps, in winter need to peg where the fish are rather than give “room”.

There were a couple of events involving me today. Ray Bazeley had transferred the pegs from the draw box in to his hat I thought I was first in and whilst putting my disc back in to the draw box noticed two pegs remaining which I quickly transferred to Rays hat before I realised I was third into the draw! Ray soon had it sorted in his normal style.

My peg for the day was 24, same as last Rays Rip Off match when I caught about 130 tiny silver fish for near 5lb but no Carp. For company on the Left was Lee Waller, I recommended he sit back on the back platform so if he fell forward he land on the front platform instead on going for a swim. On the other side on peg 23 was Bob “The Bread” Price who last week had his tackle stolen from his garage, obviously not a match angler – watch out for anyone selling a full set of tackle for £10!!

So it was a question of starting where I finished the last match which was on the Ronnie rig. I caught two Ronnie’s and two Rudd straight off on Pinkie, it then died. In the meantime Lee was caching small Skimmers regularly at 13 metres over GB. So for any chance of coin today it would have to target the Carp. I had fed a maggot line at top-set plus four for the Carp switching to a black topped 4x16 F1 winter it took a while to catch my first Carp a 4lb Common. I kept the odd Carp coming on the maggot until the tow against the wind picked up and I had three 3oz Skimmers very quickly. I then hooked a 2lbish Skimmer which snagged me close in – unusual I’m thinking, I believe the Skimmer came off and soon discovered the snag was a top-set with a 2lb Carp attached to the rig. I found this hilarious playing a fish on two top-sets, landing both, the Carp went in my net, the float went in my box, I tried the top-set on my pole but it didn’t fit. Apparently the top-set belonged to Dave Willmott who was fishing 70 metres away on peg 10. It looked like a cheap top-set so sold it back to Dave for the price of a pint not realising it cost £80! The upshot was I stayed on this line for the remainder of the match landing seven Carp to 5lb losing two foulers in the process.

My Silvers weighed 2lb and my Carp (and Dave’s) weighed 33lb 10oz this put me third overall.

Even though we left the roof open the match was won by Steve Shaw (pictured right) with 63lb 4oz from peg 1. Steve caught the majority of his fish on 8mm hard pellet on the lead fished five foot from the far bank feeding hard 8’s over the top. Well done Boyo.

The Silvers was won by Steve Dawson (pictured right with his catch with a near 2lb Perch) with 6lb 3oz from peg 27. Steve caught on triple red Pinkie over expander pellet fed using a bait dropper.

I enjoyed the day but it would have been much better if it wasn’t for the beast from the North east.

Back to the pub where there was some Mickey taking. I am now looking at pictures of Wayne Sleep on the internet. Umm.

Full Result:

  1. Steve Shaw 63-04-0 peg 1
  2. John Osborne 47-13-0 peg 28
  3. Mike Nicholls 35-10-0 peg 2

  1. Steve Dawson 6-03-0 peg 27
  2. Andy Gard 5-09-0 peg 32
  3. Lee Waller 4-12-0 peg 25
Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday 02/02/2017 - Bathampton AA - Silvers League - Round Three - Bridge Pool

Third round of the Bathampton AA Silvers League, however, first stop Hungry Horace’s for an OK Speedwell breakfast.

The weather forecast was for heavy rain and high gusting winds. The latter was right with I reckon 50 mph gusts, thankfully with the rain holding off.

Our turn in C section, I didn’t mind which peg as long as it wasn’t peg 13. Are you reading this Bela!

First into the draw and out comes peg 19 – a sigh of relief. Peg 13 was reserved for the organiser Chris Rolfe. I was happy with my peg, especially as I was 30 feet from the car and relatively out of the wind which nonetheless was to be a bloody nuisance. As I was section end peg I was next to Glenn “Gas Lottery Winner” Bailey who was on peg 17, with Pete Greenslade on peg 16 and John Smith on 15, can only be "Gas Head" corner.

Luckily my favourite peg 18 has been left out of the league so I had plenty of room. I set up the Ronnie rig which had a 2 minute run out before being retired into the stands. Two other rigs a 4x16 Malman F1 and a 4x10 Malman F1 winter for down the LH margin. For some unknown reason I was fancying the caster today, perhaps it was the colour of the Lake. I started at top-set plus three out in front with double DR’s hook bait over a nugget of GB. I also started to loose feed some caster down the margin, but because of the unpredictable wind direction soon stopped because none of the feed was landing where I wanted, most landing on the bank! I started really slow  - caching nothing for 30 minutes whilst Glenn and others were catching small Skimmers. I Start to think the worse, the first match three small Roach, second match a DNW from the peg. After which I then decided to feed some caster at top-set plus four at 2-o-clock, a good decision as it proved. Over the GB I started to get what I believed to be liners. So I took 6 inches off and fishing on the drop and a 2lb Skimmer, dead handy. Next put-in a 3lb Tench. I was right the fish were up in the water. The swim slowed so tried the caster rig and first try another 3lb Tench – happy days. By feeding and switching between the two swims I kept a few small fish coming on the GB line and quality Skimmers, Tench and Roach on the caster line. The GB line died so added another section just in time for the wind to pick up – bugger. So time to try the margin where I had switched to cupping caster and caught more quality Perch, Roach and another Tench. Surprisingly I also had five 3oz Chub but no Carp.

I finished the match with four Tench to 4lb, five decent Perch to 1lb, Skimmers to 2lb and quality Roach to 1lb all adding up to a great days fishing, weighing 28lb 4oz for a section and match win. The caster did it for me once again. My catch pictured right.

Full Result:

A Section: Callum Dicks 6-04-0 peg 3
A Section: Dave Willmott 4-02-0 peg 4
B Section: Shaun Tanner 11-07-0 peg 8
B Section: Tony Rixon 10-10-0 peg 5
C Section: Mike Nicholls 28-04-0 peg 19
C Section: John Smith 10-02-0 peg 15
D Section: Steve Dawson 10-12-0 peg 26
D Section: Dave Wride 9-01-0 peg 29

Weigh Sheets: