Monday, 30 July 2018

Sunday 29/07/201 - Shiplate Fishery - Wallace and Gromit - Grand Appeal Charity Match - Hawthornes, Westpool and Main Lake

Todays match was for an important charity close the family's heart - Bristol Children's Hospital - Oncology. All the money raised is to go to making the poorly children lifes more bearable. Having spent some time in this environment you really have to be a special person to work as a Children's nurse. It was Donna Taylor an Oncology Nurse organising today's event along with partner Mark Jones. Any charity that involves Children's hospitals I'm there if possible.

The match format of one payout per sections of 5 or 6 would not suit me, but it was about the Children today. However, at the last moment Gordon's Garden Services sponsored the Silvers winner to the tune of £50. 

A break in the hot weather today with high winds and rain all day forecasted. Fortunately we only had a couple of light showers that didn't wet the ground, the wind wasn't too bad either, the fishery appears to be sheltered from southerly winds. After breakfast at Lillypool with Geoff Francis it was on to the fishery where The Gamekeeper had planned on 50 entrants, but was let down by some, reducing the attendance to 38. It's not wise to frustrate a Gamekeeper. After paying the pools to Goldilocks and purchasing some raffle tickets it was time to hopefully draw the Main Lake because it was in my opinion sure to win the one off Silvers prize. Alas not, ended up on peg 11 Hawthornes (my second choice of Lakes) so Carp it would be then.

Two paste rigs one for the margins and the other for top-set plus two and as back-up a 4x10 for the margin for maggot over maggot. Started on the paste long over a mix of micro and hard 4's for the float to sit there until the paste melted off the hook. Paste is usually an instant bait so after 45 minutes of too much perseverance with it I binned it. I decided to set up a 4x14 Winter to fish the same length but down the peg to the Left with corn over corn and Micro. One Roach resulted from this. I was struggling. Switched to catch anything than swims, setting up the Ronnie rig. A few Rudd, Roach, a Skimmer, four bootlace Eels and a 4 lb Carp came from this. Tom Thick came down from end peg 15 who was yet to catch, Tom had a walk around and everywhere appeared to be fishing hard - probably due the the sudden drop of the air pressure. Switched to the shallow margin rig with single maggot over loose fed maggot. However, realising that I was fishing in a submerged jungle I had to accept the odd snag-ups but caught four small Chub, three Crucians, another Eel and a few Ronnies. During this period I hooked and landed 8 small Carp and 2 better ones but lost too many to record - some were foul hooked whilst others it was a case of jungle warfare at its fearces. I must say I did enjoy the challenge today.

My managery of Silvers weighed 8 lb 8 oz and my Carp 39 lb 2 oz for a second in section by a long way weight of 47 lb 10 oz . Unbelievably this weight put me third on Hawthornes!!

The match was won by Kurtis Pinkett (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with his PB weight of 176 lb 14 oz from Main Lake peg 15. Kurtis caught on the Method with Micro and 8 mm banded on the hook casting down to the Lawns. Well done to him.

The Silver prize was won by Glenn Bailey with 25 lb 2 oz of accidental Skimmers from peg 14. Glenn caught - well on the paste at 13 metres fished over wetted 4's.

The section winners today are pictured below centre with Donna the real winner today.

Back for the raffle with plenty of prizes up for grabs (pictured lower right). Unfortunately none went home in Geoff's car.

A big thank you to Steve and Carol for their organisation and providing the great fishing.


1. Kurtis Pinkett 176-14-0 peg 15 ML
2. Dave Romaine 105-14-0 peg 3 ML
3. Steve Howell 101-15-0 peg 15 WP


Glenn Bailey 25-02-0 peg 14 ML

Weigh Sheets: You will notice an angler with a FOE by his name - meaning F-Off-Early 

Friday, 27 July 2018

Thursday 26/07/2018 - Shiplate Fishery - Cost Cutter - Westpool and Hawthornes

With the schools now on summer holidays the twin Granddaughters wanted to go fishing again, so with a picnic packed it was off to Boyd Valley Lake where we set up camp (pictured right) to keep the "Special One" out of the sun. It was very hot but the Girls stuck at it all day catching Roach regularly on Ronnie rigs. The Ronnies were very obliging with no need to feed the caster, if they did chances were they would hook a very angry Carp. This fishery is stuffed with fish. The next day I decided to get out Dads old pole; a Maver Abyss and relasticate it for the Girls use. I inspected the pole for damage - there was none. I did notice it was dirty so decided to give it a clean. During this I noticed some of Dads hand prints on it and got emotional, questioning if I might be wiping some of him away.

With Geoff working today I travelled with Two Pots Glenn Bailey. Luckily he has got his Aircon working. The match was switched from the Main Lake to Hawthornes and Westpool. The forecast was for the hottest day of the year at 30 plus, so was hoping to draw a short walk, so peg 1 on Hawthorne's would do nicely. Into the draw tub and out comes the furthest walk Westpool 15 - bugger. Arriving at peg 1 looking down the Canal I could see a build up of surface sludge - Umm. Arriving at the peg I found 15 Canadian Geese sat on my platform, which I soon persuaded to move on (pictured right). Indeed there was a build up of sludge covering most of my peg. I was
hoping for some wind, but it was to remain flat calm all day. Tony Rixon had drawn it Sunday so had a quick chat with him to discover he doesn't know the difference between 13 metres and 15 metres! He persuaded me to fish for Silvers! Which was the right decision as most of the fish are on the far bank and with plenty of Methodists about I couldn't compete with Carp. However, the sludge would prove difficult to get through with a light hook bait (pictured right).

Just two rigs a 4 x 12 F1 and the Ronnie rig. I started on the F1 with 4 mm expander hook bait over wetted micro and with little choice on where to fish choosing top-set plus one to my right where the sludge was the thinnest. Missed a bite first try followed by a 1 lb Skimmer followed quickly by two small Tench and a Ronnie. I then hooked a 3 lb Carp which appeared to kill the swim. I tried re-feeding but most probably wasn't patient enough to stick with it. So armed with the Ronnie rig and red live maggot started over the same swim and catch a few Ronnies before that died. I switched to fishing along the LH margin and managed to keep the ronnie coming to the end, interrupted occasionally by the odd Carp, two found the keep net whilst others were quitely poked away with the cupping set. With 30 minutes to go I was aware of things crawling up my leg. On inspection I realised I was sat on a flying Ant's nest, the air around me was full of flying Ants for about 10 minutes. Packing up I noticed a large group of Ants carrying a dead Maggot away.

My three Carp weighed 7 lb 2 oz and my Silvers 18 lb which gave me second Silvers pick up. Mission accomplished.

The match was won Two Pots Bailey (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 206 lb 6 oz from Hawthorns peg 9. Glenn fished top-set plus two using paste over wetted 4's. Glenn did struggle with presentation due to the aerator running all match, a double edge sword.

The Silvers was won by Nigel Wickham with 28 lb from Westpool peg 6. Nigel caught maily Skimmers using worm heads or corn over chopped worm feed.

All I can say it was bloody hot in this peg with no escape from the sun. I nearly packed up early. However, I did challenge myself to walk back without stopping.

Although a very very hot day it was very memorable and another double bubble for the Renault.


1. Glenn Bailey 206 -06 -0 peg 6 (HT)
2. Gary "Methodist" Flinders 164-04-0 peg 12 (WP) - New Lake Record
3. Steve "Happy Birthday" Segar 153-14-0 peg 2 (WP)
4. Andy Fry 146-11-0 peg 2 (HT)


1. Nigel Wickham 28-0-0 peg 6 (WP)
2. Mike Nicholls 18-0-0 peg 15 (WP)
3. Ray Wickham 16-0-0 peg 14 (HT)
4. Glenn Bailey 14-04-0 peg 6 (HT) Accidental Skimmers

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 20 July 2018

Thursday 19/07/2018 - Harescombe Cosy Cutter - Match Lake

Back to Harecombe with Geoff Francis and one of Andy,s Breakfast. Not sure whether it's a Cafe, a tackle shop, a bring and buy shop, Charity shop, book shop, but settled on Steptoes shed. I helped Andy out buying a book. I did enjoy the breakfast.

The talk was to be on the far side, I've not been over there for a while and it wasn't to be today, drawing instead in my usual area peg 13. As can be seen from the picture the far bank piles are collapsing, so no far bank shallows for me.

Only two rigs - a 4x12 Winter and a 4x10 Speedy. Bait tray - Micro, 6mm meat and corn. I Plumbed the Speedy rig at top-set to my left margin and the same rig at same depth at top-set plus two and a bit to the right. The left for meat and the right for corn. Started on the Winter at top-set plus two out in front with meat over meat and micro. As per usual I catch an F1 first drop in followed by a few flying Skimmers. Again as usual the swim died. After a big feed it was into the LH margin with meat after a couple of Skimmers Roach and F1's I was absolutely pestered by Gudgeon. So out again on the Winter which produced some flying Skimmers and one more F1 on the meat. Swapped to the RH with corn and after a slow start I caught F1's and the odd Skimmer steady to the end. However, The last twenty minutes was a tad frustrating due to losing a few foul hookers due to more F1's arriving. Each time the result was a rig tangled which happened three times slowing things down.

My Skimmers weighed 11 lb 1 oz and mt F1's 49 lb for fourth overall 60 lb 1 oz and last in the coin.

My Bib and Brace has suffered a slime out over the last few matches - see picture upper right. Time to throw out and buy new me thinks.

The match was won by Ian Sutton (pictured right) with 72 lb 5 oz from peg 23. Ian caught mostly in his margins using banded 6 mm pellet over lose fed hard 4's. Nice to see he caught conventionally on the pole - no Methodist.

As can be seen it was again a close match.

Geoff Francis drew peg 1 and spent most of the day on the phone to his estate agent fingers crossed he has sold his house. So a better excuse for a beer on the way back home.


1. Ian Sutton 72-05-0 peg 23
2. Brian Dix 70-07-0 peg 15
3. Phil Auger 61-03-0 peg 19
4. Mike Nicholls 60-01-0 peg 13

Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sunday 15/07/2018 - Tony Rixon's Short Pole League - Round Two - Chiltern Trinity - Woodlands

Bela chose to have breakfast at Shipham, which was OK. Arrived at the fishery and had a look around the Lake which showed plenty signs of feeding Carp especially at the near end. At the moment I am going through a run of drawing at the far end. I was hoping this would end. Alas not, drew peg 19 again. Found myself sandwiched between Philanderer  Mike West and Lucky to be married Gordon Cannings. Both their pegs not as good as mine, but not by much. At least I should know what to do on this peg, plus I would be in the very welcome shade for most of the match.

What wind there was was blowing into this end and was to get stronger as the day progressed. For these pegs to fish for Carp the wind needs to be the other way, unusual I know but that's my experience. From my peg I could more or less see everyone - my view pictured top right.

I knew pegs 17 and 15 would be favourite to win the section so the only way to pick up coin would be the Silvers. So the Ronnie rig was set-up as was a paste rig as standby in case of unwanted intruders. So it was caster over caster for the whole match catching Ronnies and small Hybrids. Only once did the swim go quiet which was soon sorted first put in with paste and a very angry 7 lb Carp went in the net. Then back on the Silvers. It would have been the same hook all day had it not for a stealth Carp taking a single caster and breaking the hook length.

My one Carp weighed 7 lb 1 oz and my 400 odd of Silvers 28 lb 7 oz for that important Silvers win. But only just, beating Vic Bush's Skimmers catch by 1 lb 4 oz. my net of fish pictured upper right. I hope the Hybrids keep growing as the Carp have.

Mike Wst had a Carp first put in then struggled for the rest of the match. Gordon took three hours to get his first fish, adding only one more!

The match was won by Glenn "Two Pots" Bailey (pictured right with his catch and below us together) with 116 lb 9 oz from peg 31. Glenn caught at the full permitted length using Paste over soaked 4's. Glenn fed about two pints throughout the match.

Finally Bela has put a one Metre exclusion zone around his van - you have been warned!

Full Result:

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 9 July 2018

Sunday 08/07/2018 - Ivy House Open - Willow Lake

Bela still suffering from standing on hot tin roofs, so travelled with Geoff Francis. With three club bookings us regulars were put on Willow Lake which is the first half of what was the Match Lake - now rejoined. Andy has been using it as a Carp Lake so he had to convert it back to a Match Lake with the aid of some correction fluid - Pictured right. After one of Karen's breakfast Geoff and I had a walk round Willow Lake and witnessed some large Carp sunbathing.

Thirteen fishing today. Into the draw tin and out comes white ball number 29 which was one away from a corner which was occupied by Allan Oram. Geoff drew peg 26. I have fished the peg before and had a few decent Ronnies. I thought the waggler rod would be good today fished on the drop with maggot. Whilst setting up I tripped and it was a question of saving myself landing on my face or standing on the Daiwa rod - Rod now history. I borrowed one from Geoff but made a right mess of trying to set it up. When I did I didn't get to use it. Now all a fluster. I set up the Ronnie rig, a 4x14 Malman F1 - I love these float - indestructible. I started on the Ronnie rig set 3 foot deep with caster over caster and caught quick for the first hour, it then slowed so introduced some Hemp seed and started to catch some better Ronnies albeit needing a bit of a wait, again with caster hook bait. I upped the Hemp feed which was to prove a big mistake  managing to attract Carp catching and landing an 8lb Common on the Ronnie rig. After this I spent and hour trying allsorts to catch Silvers even trying CW&C which resulted in one bootlace. It was obvious the Carp were doing their best to piss me off, so I set up a paste rig for the LH margin - now clear of reeds and in the last 90 minutes caught another four Carp losing one foul hooker. The Carp appeared to love the Hemp because the more I fed the better the fishing got and at the end they were lining up, but playing it crafty by coming up along the inside and turning out at the point of feed  and re-circulating.

My Silvers weighed 15 lb 8 oz which fell 1 lb short for the Silvers win. It wasn't only the Hemp and Carp that cost me but the Ronnie escape hole for those dropped fish in the front of the platform (pictured upper right). My five Carp weighed 44 lb 8 oz for a total of 60 lb. Now if only - I didn't do this and did that earlier...

The match was won by Allan Oram (pictured right) with 96 lb 8 oz from corner peg 28. Allan caught most of his Carp fishing long shallow with banded pellet over loose fed pellet. He did have a couple down his edge but was also finding the Carp playing crafty. Hopefully Allan will be joining the Bathampton AA over 55's soon. A great bloke and a very experienced match angler.

The Silvers was won by Glynn with 16 lb 8 oz from peg 43. I'm not sure how he caught but will ask him next time I see him.

Andy Lloyd wanted me to take a picture of him drinking a cider I bought for him - cheeky bugger.

Thank goodness I took my Drennan umbrella which did a grand job keeping me ut of the sun for most of the match. It was so hot Geoff and I had to stop in the pub to get out of the sun on the way home!! 


1. Allan Oram 96-08-0 peg 28
2. Chris Timms 80-02-0 peg 41
3. Paul 72-08-0 peg 40


1. Glynn 16-08-0 peg 43
2. Mike Nicholls 15-08-0 peg 29

Weigh Sheet:

Friday, 6 July 2018

Thursday 05/07/2018 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

It was Hungry Horace's for breakfast with Geoff going for the big one which I thought he couldn't eat because he tried to off-load chips onto my plate. He did and started to regret it on the way to the fishery.

I had a walk round the pool and as per usual the fish appeared to be around pegs 14, 10, 26 and 16 with hardly any fish showing down the bottom end except for a few munters swimming around on the top. So I was hoping for a peg without it beginning with a 3. Into the draw bag and counter number 31 staring at me, it's the third time I have drawn down this end the two previous times missing out on a Silvers payout by ounces. Geoff draw peg 21.

For company I had Tony Rixon on peg 30, next peg was Martin McMahon on end peg 33 and would be in the shade all day - luckily, as it was bloody hot.

I knew Tony would fish 17.5 metres over underneath the tree on the opposite island.  I would have needed 15 metres to reach the island from my peg which I don't own. In any case I wanted to fish for the Silvers. So set up the waggler which was over gunned for the short distance which made casting accurately difficult. A 4x16 Malman 4x16 F1 to fish chopped worm and caster at top-set plus four. I chose CW&C only because I had some left over and wouldn't last another week in this weather. Finally the Ronnie rig.

Whilst setting up there was a commotion on the end of the first island with a Carp being chased by something. Some thought it was a Otter, I wasn't sure and thought it might be a Mink. Later during the match another Carp attack and some anglers seen it clearer and was confident that in fact it was an Otter.

I fed some CW&C but started on the Ronnie rig with caster whilst this settled. I was disappointed that I remained bitless for 15 minutes and it wasn't until I switched to maggot that I caught some small Perch, but no Ronnies! Onto the worm where there was some bubbling. Missed first bite which was probably a liner. I then had a 1 1/2 lb Skimmer followed by more Perch. Re-fed and tried the waggler and had two Skimmers on maggot over loose fed maggot - again followed by more small Perch. The upshot was the worm line had completely died - for some reason you can't catch on the bottom at the moment with all the fish up in the water. I caught three Skimmers on the waggler, one on the Ronnie rig whilst trying boost my weight with Perch on the Ronnie rig and 3 more on the pole at thirteen metres with maggot. I did have one small F1 and lost two foul hooked Carp on the waggler.

I heard a commotion from the other side of the island and saw Harry Muir doing a very good impression of Usain Bolt chasing his top five (pictured right) being towed by a foul hooked Carp.

My one F1 weighed 1 lb 4 oz and my Silvers weighed in at 11 lb 8 oz for last pick-up in the Silvers. Welcome after a couple of near misses. Looking forward to fishing one of the pegs at the other end on the Pool sometime.

The match was as expected won by the only angler (pictured right with his half time catch) fishing who can wield 17.5 metres of pole with a hill behind him with 77 lb 14 oz from peg 30. Tony caught on...see his blog for details.

The Silvers was won by Steve Dawson (pictured right with the match winner) with 24 lb 12 oz from peg 26. Steve caught all his Skimmers during the second half fishing at 5 metres shallow at 3 foot using maggot over loose fed maggot. An excellent weight considering the conditions.

Back to the pub with Geoff where a cold pint was never so welcome.


1. Tony Rixon 77-14-0 peg 30
2. Paul Haines 59-08-0 peg 15
3. Dave Wride 48-02-0 peg 24
4. Martin McMahon 47-14-0 peg 33


1. Steve Dawson 24-12-0 peg 26
2. Paul Barnfield 15-13-0 peg 11
3. Mike Nicholls 11-08-0 peg 31

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 2 July 2018

Thursday 01/07/2018 - Tony Rixon's Float Only - Todber Manor - Hillview and Homeground

The third round of the float only saw a change of venue this year from Landsend to Todber Manor, which was a popular move; with 15 pegs on Homeground and 30 pegs on Hillview. I was hoping to be on Homeground as it has more catchable Silvers. However, first stop the EG Diner (was Little Chef). Bela obviously enjoyed his "Mighty" breakfast.

It was possible we could have some lightning and heavy downpours. I must admit the skies looked a bit troubled but with some wind blowing it did feel comfortable even though very muggy.

Into the draw box and out comes peg 42 on Hillview - one from where I was in the short pole, so not that enthused. I did win the Silvers from peg 41 but Homeground wasn't in. However, that wouldn't stop me having a looksee.

For company I had Chris Ship on corner peg 43 and Jack "The Cat" Billet on peg 41. I set up the Ronnie rig, a 4x10 Malman Yoof for the very very shallow margin finding 18 inches 1 metre from the bank, a 4x14 Malman Winter Titan to fish at top-set plus three - the long line, a 0.3 gram paste float, finally a 9 inch waggler - which wasn't used but fed the waggler line some maggot anyway.

I fed the long line with some corn and micro, but started on the Ronnie rig. It took a while to catch a Ronnie. In the meantime everyone I could see were catching Carp regularly. The upshot was after 45 minutes the Ronnie rig was abandoned as I was being pestered by small Perch. So out on the long line with single kernel of corn hoping for some of the better Bream, but had a few small Carp. I then potted some casters in the LH downwind edge and tried the caster a couple of small Tench and and a multitude of tiny Perch followed. Jack Billet had caught a 11 lb Catfish which count as Silvers at the venue ("Jack the Cat" pictured right with his pussy). The writing was on the wall not going to beat Homeground on the Silvers. So paste it would be for the remainder of the match. I had plumbed up on the top-set straight in front in about 3 foot of water. I started by feeding hard 4's. It started slow but once the wind changed direction slightly blowing straight at me I started to catch well and better fish than the stamp. Once the wind dropped things slowed and the bites became iffy, I think the fish came up in the water. It wasn't until I decided to put 1 pint of casters in on the paste line that things hotted up again catching Carp to 6lb. I have to confess I did have some accidental Skimmers and Tench, with three decent Bream flying off the hook due to having upped the elastic to keep pace in the fish race. I fed one tin of corn, 1 pint of casters and 1/2 pint of 4's.

My Silvers weighed in at 14 lb 4 oz and my Carp 135 lb 14 oz for a section win and a sixth over placing. Now if I hadn't bothered with the Silvers then .....that's now history. Unfortunately I have to miss the next two matches so that's my league over with - good luck to my subs.

The match was won by Craig Edmonds (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 179 lb 11 oz from corner peg 81 on Homeground. Craig caught on pellet at either 13 metres, 5 metres and later from his margin.

"Some say he has won the lottery without buying a ticket, and that he can win a marathon … while walking". All I know it's The Trig again.

The Silvers was won by Steve Nadin with 41 lb 12 oz from end peg 90 on Homeground. Steve caught three of the big Bream with most of his weight made up of 12 oz to 1 lb Skimmers. He fished meat over meat and GB combo. The question hanging - were the accidentals?

With a late finish and with only two sets of scales and with about 4,000 of Carp to weigh in I didn't get home until 21:00!! Need to rethink scales and starting time for this venue.

Finally who wears trainers like these?

1. Craig Edmonds 179-11-0 peg 81 HG
2. Steve Nadin 172-04-0 peg 90 HG
3. Ryan Ship 162-14-0 peg 53 HV
4. Dan White 162-07-0 peg 82 HG
5. Gary O'Shea 156-09-0 peg 54 HV
6. Mike Nicholls 150-12-0 peg 42 HV


1. Steve Nadin 41-12-0 peg 90 HV
2. Nick Brown 24-08-0 peg 84 HV
3. Lee Williams 20-10-0 peg 79 HV

Weigh Sheets: