Monday, 31 August 2009

Wednesday 02/09/2009 - Carps AC - Huntstrete - Withy Pool

It's now official the River Chew Dace caught by Paul Randell highlighted in my blog

has been confirmed by the Environment Agency as a Chub hybrid. Unlucky Paul - good fish though.

Any one fed up of hearing about the Lockerbie bomber release yet - I am!!

Well done to "Woody" Woodington for his first double ton this weekend - for details see comments today.

My first expander, like most anglers was the Ringer, however, the quality dropped with additives such as hemp adding to the breaking up of the pellet and attracting Ronnie's. I swapped to the GOT pellet (Ton up), which, for some time was OK. As with the Ringers they now seemed to have lost quality with the pellets being inconsistent in size. So I have now switched to Halibait pellets (can be purchased from Avon Angling). I use both the 4mm and 6mm, but when ready for use the are more like 6mm and 8mm!! They do keep their shape and can be squeezed to perfectly shot the float.

Isn't it amazing how Autumn is a sudden step change where as Spring never seems to happen! Torrential rain today - AND I STAYED DRY - not a drop on me - unfortunately this was the highlight of my day! I wore my Halkon Hunt Gortex for the first time today. You only get what you pay for in this world. My Preston 1000 crap is now hung in the kitchen for washing up!!

I was hoping for peg 41 again as I didn't do the peg justice on the last match (so I thought). I was the last to draw and pulled out peg - 41. Lucky Halkon Hunt! I was a little apprehensive as to whether the Silvers would feed - particularly the Ronnie's after my experiences at Viaduct Sunday. This peg is Ronnie's or nothing with huge Carp later in the match. So I set up two Ronnie rigs, one on the 3 metre whip and one paste rig both these rigs were at top set distance. I started on the caster and second put in I latched in to something that fought very strange - after 10 minutes I was starting to think really big Eel. Then I saw a fixed in line method feeder attached to my hook. I then saw a huge tail of a Carp - I estimated it at 16lb. What had happened was, my hook had caught in the method feeder which was attached to the Carps tail by a 6 inch piece of heavy line. I was determined to get the Carp out for two reasons - one no one was catching and more important to me was to untangle the Carp. So I played it very carefully, but after 45 minutes I realised that I wasn't going to get it out, mainly because of the method feeder attachment. Suddenly my hook pulled free from the feeder. Why is it that this fishery is one of the only of the few in the country that allows fixed method feeders - this superb fish will probably be dead by tomorrow. Who ever used this rig shame on you - Bathampton AA BAN THESE RIGS NOW. This all episode really upset me. After this I struggled for any sort of fish. I half heartily picked off the odd Ronnie on caster for a weight of 5lb 8oz for fourth in the Silvers. The lowest weight this year.

The match and Silvers was won by Terry Bruton (pictured right) from peg 43 with 16lb 14 oz of Bream and 43lb 4oz of Carp for a total weight of 60lb 2oz. Terry caught at 8 metres on paste. Well done matey - I am expecting a phone call. It's all Bob Warren' s fault for coaching Terry on the paste!

Full Result:

1. Terry Bruton 60-04-0 peg 43
2. Bob Warren 37-02-0 peg 48
3. Steve Jefferies 32-08-0 peg 53
4. Dave Bacon 30-0-0 peg 47
5. Bill Ferris 23-08-0 peg 50

Top Silvers:

1. Terry Bruton 16-14-0 peg 43
2. Bill Ferris 11-04 - 0 peg 50

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday 31/08/2009 - Tony Rixon Float Only Individual League - Round Six - Viaduct Fishery

Today was the last of Rip Off’s Float Only League. Having missed one match (holiday) and had two bad results at Landsend I was well out of the running for the League. However, there is always some coin to fish for. Viaduct is a venue that you need to draw before you can prepare your mind as pegs widely vary, you often see after the draw anglers running to the shop for casters, ground bait. pellet, etc... and some selling casters – I was offered two pints for £5 by Joe Thompson who had drawn peg 66 on Lodge!

Tim Clark had drawn opposite me on peg 72. Tim slipped again on the pallet landing head first on his top sets smashing the lot, including his chin, (Tim fell in Campbell on the first league match and broke his pole). Tim weighed 90lb 6oz, but still had to hand over £1 to Rip Off. If only Tim could keep his balance and fish the whole six hours I am sure he could cancel his direct debit!!

I drew peg 60 on Lodge. After a quick chat with Paul Greenwood and Paul Garrett I decided my best option for coin would be the Silvers pool. It was unlikely that I could win the match, the heaviest fish (probably Cary - and it was a 21lb 4oz Carp caught by Bryan Shanks) or win my section as Gary Wall had drawn corner peg 53 in my section. So the plan was to start after the Ronnie’s on the 3.5 metre whip with caster, then Skimmers with expander pellet over ground bait (laced with half a pint of micro) at 10 metre with the option of Paste and a right hand margin rig with paste for Carp later. I Potted 250 ml of micro in to the RH margin, I followed that up with three balls of GB at 10 metre, but started on the whip with caster. I knew within one minute that the Ronnie’s weren’t going to feed, which also meant the Skimmers probably wouldn’t either, but it did mean that I could fish soft expanders without them getting chewed by Ronnie’s. So out to 10 metre and first put in I lost a foul hooked Carp. I then had a good run of Skimmers/Bream to 3lb on both 4 and 6mm expander, within 15 minutes I reckoned I had 10lb – looking good! The swim then died, so in went another four balls. I picked off the odd Skimmer but it became very hard. I then had a 9lb Carp, which completely killed off the Skimmers. I noticed that Gary Wall was catching well; I am now thinking Silvers wasn't going to get that coin, but perhaps a section by default? So a change of tactics and with an hour or so to go in to the RH margin with paste, which resulted in another four decent Carp to 12lb, plus I pulled out of one and another broke me (might have been foul hooked). My five Carp weighed 46lb 3oz and the Silvers went 16lb 1oz for a total of 62lb 4oz. This put me seventh in the Silvers (no coin), but landed me the section by default to Gary Wall (pictured top right with his fourth place weight of 130lb) and a pick up of £35.

I had better mention that the Gimp was technically next to me on peg 62 and was quick to let me know that he had beaten me in the Silvers by 7oz!

The match was won by Dick Bull (pictured right) from Campbell peg 115 with 160lb 1oz. Dick fished 8mm banded hard pellet at 14.5 metres, catching 50/50 on the deck and up in the water. Dick loose fed three pints of 8mm pellet over the top.

The Silvers was won by Jerry Pocock (pictured bottom right) with 34lb 9oz of Skimmers and Bream from Carey peg 103. Jerry caught on the messy business (CW&C) at 13 metres. Apparently Jerry fed 3/4 kilo of Worm, 3 pints of casters and 2 kilo of GB - £28 of bait - thanks to Martyn Rayett!!

Full Result:

1. Dick Bull 160-01-0 peg 115
2. Ryan Jordan 147-13-0 peg 116
3. Anton Page 130-09-0 peg 134
4. Gary Wall 130-07-0 peg 53
5. Neil Mercer 119-05-0 peg 64
6. Gary Etheridge 115-0-0 peg 129

Top Silvers:

1. Jerry Pocock 34-09-0 peg 103
2. Fred Roberts 33-13-0 peg 132
3. Tony Rixon 28-08-0 peg 125

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sunday 23/08/2009 - Cider Farm Open - Yarlington Mill

A good turn out with 29 fishing, plus a waiting list for this popular Brean venue. Some moan about the Sedges growth, but me, I like the environment. However, I couldn’t help noticing that we are now coming into the apple skating season! There was a strong South Westerly blowing, but still reasonably warm, enough so, for Glenn Bailey to be wearing shorts, with whom I was travelling with today.

I didn’t mind where I drew as long as I wasn’t facing in to the wind. I pulled out peg 4 – facing directly South West!! I was well pleased with the draw and was expecting a good weight – perhaps even a ton. I decided that I would target the Right Hand margin with paste in about three foot of water. Within a few minutes I had a couple of small Carp, realising at this point that the fishing was going to be harder than expected. The swim progressively got harder and after nine small Carp I decided it was a day of trying some experiments. After trying the 3 metre whip at all depths with 4mm banded pellet and a paste rig up in the water I went out to 5 metres full depth with paste and experimented with various feeding patterns. It seemed to me that the fish weren’t prepared to feed on the bottom, preferring instead to feed off bottom. The Carp wouldn’t follow the feed to the bottom neither but mooched about up in the water for the next feed. I did try fishing shallow, lifting and dropping, but due to the gusting winds the presentation wasn’t good enough to get a bite (or I wasn't doing it right). I did manage to put six of the Lakes bigger Carp in the net during this time and weighed 38lb 5oz for section win (by default - thanks Rod) and a pick up of £30.

The match was won by Rod Wootton (pictured right) from peg 10 with 79lb 8oz. Rod caught on the deck both over and down the track using 6mm hard pellet hook bait. Rod fed two generous pouches of 4mm pellet for every fish landed.

Glenn Bailey weighed 46lb 5oz from peg 55, who nearly won his five peg section by treble default!!

Full Result:

1. Rod Wootton 79-08-0 peg 10
2. Brett Holly 69-08-0 peg 58
3. Paul Locke 68-04-0 peg 17
4. Adrian Jefferies 67-07-0 peg 25
5. Steve Tanner 59-15-0 peg 51
6. Dave Roper 56-09-0 peg 41

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Thursday 20/08/2009 - Bathampton AA Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Weather wise it was a grey and drizzly, but calm start, which quickly turned in to bright sunlight with high gusting winds. During the usual walk round the lake I fancied peg 32 as it looked as if most of the fish were at this end – so I trod the grass – be warned it doesn’t always work. I drew peg 26 – pleased with this, as I have won both the Silvers and overall from this peg. However, today due to the high gusting winds I couldn’t fish the peg in the same way. I had a big bay to my right and by sitting side saddle on my box I was able to get the wind off my back and fish in to some calm waters. I started on the usual caster and caught a number of small Ronnie’s and small Perch. I then foul hooked a Carp which bust my rig; this happened four times before I dropped the paste in and caught a ten pounder. Back on the caster and another run of Ronnie’s and Perch with the odd Skimmer. I could see Terry Bruton catching but everyone seemed to be struggling, so with two and half hours to go I walked the bank and Dave Bacon had four Carp, Terry seven plus playing one, Mike Jones owning up to 8lb of Silvers. So back to the peg where I decided my best option to getting some coin was to continue fishing for Silvers. However, the Carp where bullying the Silvers out, so with three quarters of an hour to go I switched to paste and landed another five Carp to ten pounds. I weighed exactly 16lb of Silvers and 48lb 12oz of Carp for a total weight of 64lb 12oz. This put me both second in the Silvers and in the match and a pick up of £20.

The match was won by Terry Bruton (pictured right with today’s Silvers winner) from peg 30 with 94lb 11oz. Terry caught 50% on the paste and pole at 10 metres and the other 50% on the shallow pellet waggler.

The Silvers was won by Mike Jones from peg 31 with 18lb 8oz (which not only included a Tench but also 1lb 8oz of pellet!!). Mike caught on the conventional waggler at full depth using caster and subsequently maggot.

New boy Steve Jefferies drew peg 16 and at the start was taking the pee out of Tom Coulston’s pole/whip. Tom had drawn peg 15. Tom “whipped” the new boy, coming third in the Silvers with 10lb 13oz – Steve Jefferies – “it isn’t going to be easy to beat some of these old boys – even from a flyer peg”!! Take the pee at your peril.

Full Result:

1. Terry Bruton 94-11-0 peg 30
2. Mike Nicholls 64-12-0 peg 26
3. Geoff Stones 51-13-0 peg 10
4. Chris Snow 36-04-0 peg 32
5. Dave Bacon 32-15-0 peg 29
6. Pete “The Real” Phillips 26-10-0 peg 13

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Jones 18-08-0 peg 31
2. Mike Nicholls 16-0-0 peg 26
3. Tom Coulston 10-13-0 peg 15

For the Juniors, new comers and the uninformed I thought I would add the following two cuttings from the ANGLERS MAIL dated Thursday 14th August 1969 (40 years ago). The first cutting is Mike Jones winning the Sunday Bristol and West Teams of Four match on the crane with Terry Bruton coming second. The second cutting is the Adults AA match fished the previous day on Fry’s AA waters with Terry coming first and Mike Jones joint third.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Wednesday 19/08/2009 - Carps AC - Cider Farm - Yarlington Mill

After a long weekend away to visit son Mark in Brighton I was up for another angling fix. Our visits to Brighton have usually been limited to a one day flying visit – either picking up, taking down or moving house. However, this time we booked into a hotel and had a really good time – walking, drinking, eating (all at Marks legacy expense) and people watching – amazing place for this hobby of mine (see picture top right of the Brides Car – taking note Darren). The Seven Sisters Country Park (picture lower right with Mark and Partner Inger) is particularly beautiful and well worth the visit. You need to be fit for these walks – Brenda is currently sat with an ice pack on her knee!!

Firstly I must introduce the engine room at Cider Farm. The breakfast and tea maker – Brenda Gibson and Husband Ian the Cider maker (both pictured lower right – ready for their next customer – me – one pint of dry cider please).

I drew peg 14 – great - always wanted this peg. On arrival at the peg I wasn’t sure which to go for – Silvers or Carp. I decided to try to win both in this peg. I set a target of 10lb (based on that being second to my weight on the last match) for the Silvers, then on to the Carp. After the first hour I had about 10lb all caught on the humble red maggot. So on the second hour I went in to the margins where I had previously fed 250ml of micro and I was straight in to Carp on the paste. There is a seventy pound net limit so I reckoned on 35 fish - two to the pound would be about right – however, the fish can be a bit bigger fishing paste so decided on thirty Carp per net. I kept the carp coming on the paste by lightly feeding 4mm pellet over the top. I ended with two nets with thirty Carp in each (with a bit of was that number twenty or twenty one). I weighed 10lb 15oz of Silvers and 116lb 14oz of Carp for a total of 127lb 13oz. This put me first overall and also first in the Silvers and a pick up of £30. Peg 14 is a great peg with many options.

Andy Gard ran me close on the Silvers with 10lb 3oz from peg 19
Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 127-13-0 peg 14
2. John Thompson 99-14-0 peg 25 (nearly a ton John)
3. Steve Jefferies 81-05-0 peg 56
4. Bob ”The Bread” Price 63-06-0 peg 36
5. Rich Coles 57-15-0 peg 54
6. Colin Golding 46-14-0 peg 4
Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 10-15-0 peg 14
2. Andy Gard 10-03-0 peg 19

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesday 12/08/2009 - Carps AC - Cider Farm Yarlington Mill

We all had the usual warm welcome at Cider Farm from Mark Gibson and his Mum and Dad. Mark was telling me that he had noticed a lot of small Roach in Yarlington Mill and was thinking of trying a Silvers pool on one of his open matches to see what sort of weights could be had – interesting I thought!! It's generally accepted that there aren't many Silvers in this Snake Lake.

John Bennett confirmed that there would be a Silvers pool payout today, so having threw away my caster before I left home I bought half a pint of mixed maggots from the Farm Shop (the problem with buying maggots from a Licensee is that you only get exactly - half a pint!!). I drew peg 19. I was pleased with this as it has produced a number of back up weights and section wins, but doesn’t seem to be quite good enough for a win. On plumbing up I had nine foot at top set distance, which only varied by six inches over to within one metre of the far bank (mixing my units of measurement again). However, there was a gap in the far bank sedges (it’s a pity there aren’t more thatch roofers that go fishing – John Page why not start thatching instead of tarring), so I set up a paste rig for over at 10 metres with the float set at three foot deep for pulling up the 4 in 1 hill. I also set up three Ronnie whips (my intentions made clear). I decided that the peg would not produce enough Carp to be in the top two; however, I was confident that I could take the first in the Silvers.

On the whistle – head down - on to the 3 metre whip, maggot, and half ounce Ronnie after half ounce Ronnie (actually most of them appeared to be Roach/Bream hybrids). As the match progressed they were getting bigger and bigger, I even had a 2lb Skimmer – blimey, I didn’t expect that. Luckily Mark arrived to see how things were going and I was able to buy another half pint of maggots from him as I was running low. I did have the odd interruption from Carp, five to be precise. Well after six hours and approximately five hundred Silvers later the scales arrived. My five Carp weighed 10lb and my Silvers went 35lb 8oz (me pictured right). As expected this put me first in the Silvers and a pick up of £35. What a brilliant days fishing.

The match was won by Dave Roper (pictured right) from peg 40 with 152lb 11oz. Dave started on paste then switched to hard pellet up in the water in both Left and Right hand sides of his swim.

Runner up was Chris Davis on peg 14 - only 2lb 7oz behind Dave – however, Chris threw back 5lb of Silvers to use the net for Carp (70lb net rule) – buy another net mate!!

Full Result:

1. Dave Roper 152-11-0 peg 40
2. Chris Davis 150-04-0 peg 14
3. Steve Jefferies 103-11-0 peg 46
4. Colin Golding 95-12-0 peg 54
5. Pete Sivell 94-14-0 peg 4
6. Mike Owens 87-15-0 peg 28

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 34-08-0 peg 19
2. Colin Golding 10-03-0 peg 54

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday 09/08/2009 - Carps AC - Rood Ashton

At last the Bristol Balloon Fiesta had a sunny, dry weekend – must be the first for many years. As I write I can see Balloons galore from my office window heading my way.

I like Rood Ashton, the only downer – no cafĂ©. One other issue I have is the up keep of the fishery. The access drive is in a terrible state, with only 4x4’s now able to drive to pegs. Luckily I was with Mark Tanner and his Jeep thing. It was disappointing to hear that Charlie Barnes decided not to fish after drawing peg 19 due to the walk (second longest walk – second best peg)! Anyway, I hope Carps AC kept his pools money!!

Gordon “Corner” Cannings drew corner peg 1 again! John Baker said that if the Lake was perfectly round Gordon would still manage draw a corner!!

I drew peg 15 which is on the top bank, just before the corner – opposite the “Jungle” Island. Rood is one venue where I do enjoy catching the Carp equally as much as the Silvers. However, compared with many of the swims I had seen there weren’t many Carp showing. Hence I made the decision to start after the Ronnie’s on a 3 metre whip and maggot (the Ronnie’s are a good stamp at Rood so caster not essential). I caught Ronnie’s steady for about two hours, I then foul hooked a Carp, for the next half hour it was hard – picking off the odd Ronnie. I then hooked a Carp which broke me, so on to the paste and pellet for the Carp. I had fed both margins – one heavier than the other. I started at 8 metres with 6mm expander over 4mm hard pellet and had a run of four Carp. I then ventured in to the margins. It’s strange how one side produces and the other not. In this case it was the RH side where I caught (lightly fed). I had nine good Carp to 10lb on paste. The swim improved steady over the last two hours until the whistle – another hour would have been good – should have gone in sooner – perhaps! I weighed 6lb 8oz of Silvers and my thirteen Carp went 61lb 12oz. This put me second in the Silvers and a pick up of £30 with my total weight of 68lb 4oz putting sixth overall.
I was drawn next to Mark Bird - What a noisy beggar!! However he does have a sense of humour.

The match was won by Rod Wotton from peg 2 with 122lb 15oz and Jamie Dyte was runner up from peg 10 with another ton of 104lb 4oz (pictured together right).

The Silvers was won by John “The Gimp” Bradford from peg 7 with 15lb all Roach on caster.

Full Result:

1. Rod Wotton 122-15-0 peg 2
2. Jamie Dyte 104-04-0 peg 10
3. Martin Mahon 81-15-0 peg 3
4. Scott Lovell 74-10-0 peg 20
5. John Baker 68-07-0 peg 18
6. Mike Nicholls 69-04-0 peg 15

Top Silvers:

1. John Bradford 15-0-0 peg 7
2. Mike Nicholls 6-08-0 peg 15

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bathampton AA - Veterans Match - Huntstrete - Bridge and Withy Pool

As it was a glorious day I decided to pick up my camera and have a walk around the Bathampton Veterans match being fished at Hunstrete. Walking around the Lakes I immediately noticed that the fish had resumed their summer margin haunts with pegs 1, 34, 35, 51 and 53 packed with them ( none of these pegs were being fished - why not?) I decided to go to Withy pool first and the first two anglers I met that were “still moving” was Topper Haskins and Mike Jones – pegged next to each other, Mike on 66, Topper on 67 (both pictured top right). These two anglers were in my opinion the best river angler in the country during the seventies and early eighties. I am sure if the match was held at Newbridge it would have been a question of who came first or second (not that I am suggesting the match is held on the river you understand - I need a chance of winning). Topper had landed a couple of Carp and a few decent Bream on the waggler at all depths using banded pellet. Mike on the other hand was struggling from what I consider a "dead of winter peg" and shouldn't have been pegged this time of year. Mike owned up to 5lb of Silvers.
Terry Bruton had drawn peg 60 on Withy which suited his stile of fishing – waggler up and down and the straight lead. Terry had netted seven Carp by the time I had walked past.

Colin Golding had drawn well on peg 44, I immediately new he wasn’t catching, as on approaching him, he moaned “ucking Ronnie’s”.

On to Bridge Pool and “Bob the Price of Bread is Right” was catching well on peg 28 using Baste hook bait (can’t say paste as it would tarnish “Bob the Bread” image). Bob had 12 Carp to 13 lb on both the lead out to the end on the island and pole fished in the margin at 7 metres. His biggest fish weighed 13lb 14oz (pictured right with Bob - Thats Bob wearing his thermal fleece - The temperature was only in the mid twenties). As you will hear in the short video below, showing Bob being weigh in, Bob was unable say the word paste - "and I caught a couple on ..." (bit like Rip Off). Come on Bob you are nearly out of the closet on paste. However, I do understand that Bob “The Paste” Price, doesn’t have quite the same ring, but close enough!

The Silvers was won by Bill “The Maggot Man” Ferris” (pictured right) with 22lb from peg 24. Good one Bill.

For full Result go to:
During my walk I was asked many times why I wasn't fishing - Can't you tell I am not old enough - the next bloke that ask's this will get a punch on the nose!!

Friday, 7 August 2009


Following my record match weight on Bridge Pool a couple of weeks ago I had a text message from Glenn Bailey suggesting my back must be hurting. Well my back was fine, but my legs were in agony!! Let me explain, peg 16 which I fished that day is classed as a disabled peg (see photograph top right). Whenever I fish these pegs I find it difficult to fish the margins each side of the platforms. I also have to elevate my seat box to get my nets over the front wooden bar. This limits my ability to move my legs for six hours the match lasts and also puts me four foot above the water! Hence my legs are in agony after the match. However, I believed that this was a small price to pay to enable the disabled to fish safely.

That was until I fished a subsequent match at Hillview. A disabled angler (wheel chair bound) was fishing a club match on Moorhen Lake directly behind me and was perched on what is no more than a piece of small (very slippery) decking. His name was Derek Hall and lives in Driotwich – West Midlands (see photograph right). I thought I would enquire whether he felt secure on his peg. Well I was amazed at his reply, he said “as far as he was concerned the peg was fine, better than most he fishes”, adding “that he was close to the water and could fish his entire peg including both margins”. I then described the disabled platforms in the above photograph. His reply was “he believed that this sort of platform was specifically required if you were promoting the catering for the disabled angler”. However, Derek also found them very difficult to match fish. His final comment was – “these platforms were designed by the able - non angler for the disabled angler”! I am sure these platforms will change, but not in the near future.

Derek came second in his match with 65lb of Carp – well done mate.

PS: Derek what a great use of your wheel spokes - brilliant pole roost!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Thursday 06/08/2009 - Bathampton Over 55's - Main Lake

Considering we were on the main lake today I was surprised to see such a good turn out. It was helped with two new attendees in Steve “The Scud” Jefferies (I’m surprised Steve’s waited ten years to fish these matches) and Chris Rolfe, Bathampton stalwart in many ways. Also back fishing was Pete Bryer, forget the angling, great humorist, wish he would come to every match. I am not going to discuss the weather and forecasting anymore – what happens, happens. In fact why don’t we close all the meteorological offices in the UK and save billions of pounds!

I drew peg 35 – I would like to say it is the worse peg on the lake, but it probably isn’t – but very close to it. Once again I am next to Mr Pastry who drew peg 36 (lets hope he doesn’t try learning to swim again today). Lucky enough I was opposite Rich Coles so able to hold some sensible conversation during the match! The RH margin looked like it might produce a Carp (who was I kidding), so set up a margin paste rig. I knew the Ronnie’s were going to be prime target in this swim and I didn’t expect anything bigger than 2oz – and I wasn’t disappointed. I set up three Ronnie rigs (how sad is that Rip off). All differing lengths to chase the Ronnie’s further out as the match progressed. For some reason I also set up a paste rig for the big Bream at 8 metres. On the whistle I potted in 250ml of wetted micro at 8 metres and the same in to the RH margin. I picked up the short whip and started after the Ronnie’s with caster. I caught micro to 2 oz Ronnie’s for the first hour, then they got jittery due to the high number of predators in my swim. At one stage the Pike were attacking my keepnet. Rich Coles hooked and landed a 8 pound Pike, only to have to throw it back as they don’t count in Bathampton matches (why on earth not). I must say it was fun watching him play it; everything was either too short or too long to land it. I chased the small Ronnie’s all match, gradually going out to 9 metres on my 4.5 metre whip. With two hours to go it was pointless feeding as the fish wouldn't come anywhere near it. It was a question of casting around away from any feed to pick off the odd fish. As expected I caught naught on either of my paste rigs (except one small skimmer in the eye ball). With an hour to go I had lost the will to live and had completely ran out of ideas. With five minutes to go I threw in the towel with the rest of my bait. I weighed 9lb 12oz of “Whitebait” for fifth overall and a pick up of £20.

The match was won by “The Real” Pete Phillips (pictured right – scary isn’t it – I strongly recommend that you don’t enlarge it) with 28lb of Bream from peg 13 (I think BAA should re-peg it 12A as it certainly isn’t unlucky). Pete caught on the pole at 10 metres using corn hook bait.

It was good to see Chris Rolfe take second place with 25lb 10 oz from peg 11. Let’s hope Chris fishes more of these Matches as we could do with more good anglers (and we want our money back).

Full Result:

1. Pete Phillips 28-0-0 peg 13
2. Chris Rolfe 25-10-0 peg 11 (practice makes perfect)
3. John Wild 17-04-0 peg 12
4. Rich Coles 9-15-0 peg 38
5. Mike Nicholls 9-12-0 peg 36
6. Mike Jones 9-04-0 peg 6 (this is called "ounced out")

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wednesday 05/08/2009 - Carps AC - Tockenham Reservior

Although Tockenham Reservoir is reasonably close to home I have never fished it. This is probably because there are few matches held there, tending to be a Pleasure anglers venue. The venue doesn't have any permanent pegs, so a need to peg. All the pegs were down the left hand bank, with peg 1 starting just out of the leg. John Bennett announced at the draw that there wouldn’t be separate pools payout for the Silvers, justified by “there wouldn't be any Carp caught”!! The reason I and many others fish Carps matches is because of the Silvers pool. If there are going to be changes to the rules it should be made clear when you book in for the match.

As always I had a plan of either long pole or feeder, but which ever I started on I had planned to fish it through (one of my cardinal rules). I drew peg 2 which had high Sedges each side, making the swim very narrow, so although I set up the feeder I was concerned about losing fish in them. I set up one rig at 11.5 metres where I had about eight foot of water which could be used for both 6mm pellet and caster/maggot.

On peg 3 was Colin Golding who was complaining about his peg, he asked me to help him with his box – I must agree with him the decking gang plank and platform was very narrow and slippery. I suggested he take the wheels off his box, however, no, no, no it will be all right!! Back to my swim to sort out the bait and then one hell of a Splash – was it a Hercules crashing in to the Lake or was it Colin. I ran round as fast as I could to find Colin completely submerged – then his head pop up. I caught hold of his Harris Tweed jacket until he found terra firma. Once he got his breath back he was able to walk up the bank side. There were many offers for a change of clothing which Colin accepted - (picture right shows Colin drying off – not for the faint hearted - what on earth is Tom Thick doing!). It's a well known fact that Colin can't swim!!

I started on the pole with 6mm expander and had a few small Skimmers. The swim then slowed. As I had made up a big mix of GB for the feeder I decided to add one pint of casters and ball the lot in – about eight pints. I then switched to caster hook bait and caught Ronnie’s and the odd Skimmer to the end. I did have one scare – Colin hooked a Carp and I was worried that he might get pulled in – so some coaching from me until he landed it. I weighed 21lb 10 oz of mainly Ronnie’s, but got beaten all round by mainly Carp! So much for “No Carp today”.

The match was won by Paul Barnfield (pictured lower right) from peg 8 with 64lb 8oz. Paul caught quality Carp and Bream on the feeder at twenty metres with a small white boily (not sure I have spelt this right) as hook bait.

Full Result (No Silvers):

1. Paul Barnfield 64-08-0 peg 8 ( 5 Carp + Bream)
2. Tom Thick 43-02-0 peg 7 (3 Carp)
3. Charlie Barnes 38-14-0 peg 9 (All Skimmers/Bream)
4. Steve Jefferies 36- 01- 0 peg 10 (2 Carp)
5. Colin Golding 33-08-0 peg 3 (1 Carp)
6. Gordon Cannings 29-08-0 peg 6 (3 Carp)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Avon Angling "WhiteBait" Award 2009

Tony Rixon ask me to present this years "Whitebait - Rip Off"" award to Darren Gillman for his catch at Sedges Tile Lake on 28/06/2009. So last night I present Darren (pictured left - receiving his prize - not looking to pleased if you ask me) with a new Sensas landing net. Tony made the following comment (in his own words):

“I have just worked out how he manages to catch all those blips, they must have an excess of energy cos they ain't getting none at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” PS: – Real men use these as pole pots!

On a sadder note anglers are mourning the death of Britain's biggest common carp after the famous fish was found poisoned in a lake.The 25-year-old, dubbed Benson, weighed a staggering 64lb (29kg) - and was worth £20,000.But the carp was found floating on the surface of Kingfisher Lake in the Bluebell Lakes complex near Tansor in Peterborough last Wednesday.A quantity of uncooked nuts, which are toxic to fish that swell up because they cannot process them, were found nearby on the bank.Tony Bridgefoot, 53, the owner of BluebellLakes, said that the angling community was stunned by Benson's death. He said: "This looks like the work of some very irresponsible anglers. We are all rocked by Benson's death. He was an iconic carp. "Large quantities of nuts have been found on the bank and in the margins, empty bags have also been found in the skips."It seems his demise was caused by the introduction of foods that are harmful to fish." Tony described Benson as a "stunning" fish who would leave a long legacy behind. "Benson was the biggest common carp in the country and I certainly believe him to be the most famous," he continued. Now you see why nuts are banned on most waters.

But more worrying still is the spin that the BBC have put on the death of Benson, see article link :

I have made a comment to the BBC - which I think is unlikely to get published. "If 45% of all fish hooked die the there would be very few fish left in UK commercial fisheries - and Benson should have died before or on her third capture!"

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sunday 02/08/2009 - Carps AC - Bullocks Farm - Match Lake

Colin “Mr Pastry” Golding (pictured right with his quick release net) had his new Colmic pole ran over and completely written off in Withy Pool car park after last Wednesday’s Carps match (it’s the only way you can break these poles). Apparently, I was the prime suspect. However, I did have a good alibi; I didn’t drive that day as I had a lift from Mark Tanner! Apparently Bob “The Sleuth” Price has taken car tyre prints from Colin’s Preston Hard Case (told you Preston kit is crap they should be able to withstand a 4x4 running over them) and has been comparing it with other suspect’s tyres. Apparently Bob now has enough evidence to stand up in court.

What a change in weather – bright sun all day with light to no wind. After the usual Bullocks Farm breakfast the draw was held and I pulled peg 22 – again. I like this peg and I have not failed to win some coin from it – that is until today. Before setting up I needed to clear loads of rubbish from my peg left by anglers from the previous day. I set up for the Crucians – 4mm pellet over micro pellet – my prime target. I also set a caster rig for the inside as well as the usual margin paste rig. I started after the Crucians at 7 metres and immediately hooked and landed a 4lb Mirror. I soon followed this with two Crucians – so far so good, me thinks. I then struggled on the pellet and swapped to the caster on the same line – a couple more Crucians followed, but it was very slow. I then tried caster in the margin and had a 3lb Common. On to the paste in the RH margin and a 5 lb Mirror found itself in the net. It was very slow. Back on the caster and a huge Eel bite me off! I basically kept catching the odd fish by rotating the swims until the end. I weighed 9lb of Crucians and eight Carp for 19lb 15oz for a total of 28lb 15oz. At least I beat the Gimp off next peg 21, but only just - phew!

The match was won by Tom Thick (pictured right with a slippery Carp – I try to get Tom to look at the camera – but I have just realised he doesn’t know what a camera is) with 69lb 8oz. Tom caught on maggot over potted maggot from the opposite weed bed. Tom fed about three pints of red maggot
In third place was Keith Firks (pictured lower right) with 44lb 12oz from un fancied peg 12. Keith caught mostly Carp from both his RH and LH margins on corn over corn.

The Silvers was won by the "Archangel" Charlie Barnes from peg 25 with 22lb 4oz. Charlie caught on his usual caster bait fished out in front at 6 metres.

Full Result:

1. Tom Thick 69-08-0 peg 18
2. Gordon Cannings 47-0-0 peg 24
3. Keith Firks 44-12-0 peg 12
4. Shane Caswell 40 -10-0 peg 6
5. Tony Thick 39-12-0 peg 28
6. Steve Jefferies 35-06-0 peg 26

Top Silvers:

1. Charlie Barnes 22-04-0 peg 25
2. Shane Caswell 17-02-0 peg 6