Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26/02/2012 - Viaduct Teams of Five Winter League - Round Four - All Lakes.

Nice to have Gary Etheridge back fishing the Viaduct League. Apparently Gary has saved up his winnings from Ivy House and purchase a “newer” Boss Box (Gary is pictured lower right showing off his bespoked “nine” draw box). Gary said it took a lot of hard work to convert the double draw to two singles, also note the two brackets on the front to attach his pinkie bait box.

Tom Mangnall came back with the team draw – it couldn’t have been worse. Bela on peg 81, Anton peg 75, Tom peg 10 and Fabio peg 1. I had the best draw peg by far - 115.

Peg 115 is a good draw but I was apprehensive and more importantly indecisive. Travelling down with Bela we discussed how we might fish and I was focussed on fishing the waggler - maggot over caster as this is a catch all method. However, Anton talked me into fishing meat, either on the waggler and the lead. Phil Cardwell’s thinking was similar. So with two wagglers set up, the straight lead and the pole to be fished at 11.5 metres (peg 115 is a “pier” peg so I was really fishing 14.5 metres compared with neighbouring Anglers – makes a change). Persuaded to fish the straight lead for the first half hour resulted in one 2lb Carp on the meat, however, their were enough liners to keep me fishing the lead for 45 minutes. Nick Collins was doing well landing and losing foul hooked Carp, one a bung on peg 127. So time to try the meat on the waggler with meat again, which I started to “pinging” a few pieces of meat over and had two foul Carp come off, one breaking me. I did have one in the mouth before the swim stopped responding – was it the feed? So I stopped feeding switching to the pole with double caster where I had fed half a pot of Caster and some dryish GB – nothing not even a small Ronnie. I kept persevering with the meat on both the lead and waggler fishing it up and down in the water. With only a few liners to show and with an hour to go I decided to switch to me original plan and fish triple maggot over caster which resulted in three quick decent Carp and a few missed bites – all on the drop – bugger got it wrong through my indecision.  I couldn’t believe I didn’t have one Silver fish. My five Carp weighed in at 27lb 15oz for 12 team points out of 19. With me laying 4th overall individual in the League before the start this result wasn’t what I wanted and it was all down to me not fishing well enough

With TM blanking and as expected the team could only manage 16th overall, demoting the team to a lowly 10th overall, with little, to no chance of a team framing position.

I must mention John Dewsbury fishing on next peg 116 weighing in a remarkable 53lb 8oz, as he caught them all on the pole with meat hook bait fishing either in his RH margin or to his right at 14.5 metres - well done matey.

The match was won by Andy Power (pictured right with part of his catch of nine Carp to 18lb) with 109lb 1oz. Andy caught on the waggler fished at 25 metres past the spit using meat fished 18 inches off bottom. I don’t know anyone who would have fancied his peg to win today – including Andy.

The Silvers was won by Richard Ahearn (pictured right) with 23lb 6oz from Spring Lake peg 18. Richard caught on and off on the pole at 14.5 metres using red maggot over neat GB. Richard fed 2 Kgs of his mix of GB throughout.

Full Result:

1. Andy Power 109-01-0 peg 80
2. Chris Sandford 72-08-0 peg 119
3. Nicky Collins 62-08-0 peg 127
4. John Dewsbury 53-08-0 peg 116
5. Tom Thick 52-08-0 peg 128
6. Tim Pallant 51-01-0 peg 66

Top Silvers:

1. Richard Ahearn 23-06-0 peg 18
2. Mark Harper  20-09-0 peg
3. Wayne Buckingham 15-10-0 peg
4. John Bradford 13-14-0 peg

Top Teams on the Day:

1. Thatcher’s Youth 80 Points
2. Moaning Maggots 77
3. Amigos 65
4. Maver Veals Red 59
5. Somerset Angling 57
6. Jinx 55

16. Silverfox TM 29

Top Teams Overall:

1. Thatcher’s Youth 265
2. Moaning Maggots 242
3. Somerset Angling 239
4. Amigos 227
5. Viaduct Select 220
6. Toss Pots 216

10. Silverfox TM 195

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday 19/02/2012 - Landsend Individual League - Specimen, Match and John Walter Lakes

With a full house in the Fountain Café plenty of banter was on the menu. Trigger took his life in his hands when he took the urine out of Deano, luckily Trigger has longer legs, but only just!!

Bela and I were guesting once again for Avon Angling – Landsend Individual league and found ourselves on the not so popular (by the majority of anglers – not me though) - John Walters Lake. Because of the cold NNW wind and predicted sunshine I was hoping for any peg on the far bank, pegs 68, 66 or 58 would do. In to a proper draw bucket with proper draw tickets that can be properly rummaged (take note Mr. Mike Jones), and out comes peg 41. A peg with plenty of history for Carp and Silvers, so wasn’t disappointed. Arriving at the peg I found the sun behind me and a cold strongish wind blowing at me at 11-o clock. It was strange because in the café I sat next to Eddie Wynne with Bela sat opposite Eddie, and that was how we ended up on the Lake with Eddie on next peg 42 and Bela on opposite peg 68. The probability of this is of the order of 1,331:1 (winning the lottery is 14, 000,000:1)!!

It’s a strange designed peg as it has an end peg island (you need to see the peg to understand). The end bank margin has plenty of cover with dense immature trees – a no, no for me as it looked “suicidal rig”. I decided that with the bright sunlight that the fish would want some cover so set up a 4x14 margin rig to be fished at 4 metres tight up to the inside bank just pass a clump of small weed cover. I was surprised to find 4 feet here. The final rig was also a 4x14 Jolly to be fished out in front at 7 metres. After feeding the margin with ¼ pot of casters, I started on the soft pellet over micro. First put-in I had a small Crucian. The next two put-ins resulted in me I pulling out of two more. I then had a strange period (far too long as it happens) where I was missing bites landing the odd Crucian. This kept me distracted for three hours (half the match), before I decided to switch to double caster over caster and “hey presto” a 9lb Mirror in the net. I then started to put a few F1’s and Crucian’s in the net before the wind took it’s toll on me, so I rested my hands in the RH margin where I could lay the top four on the bank. Kinder potting in a few casters with double on the hook I had a run of Ronnie’s and Rudd, followed by four decent Perch which I estimated to be 3lb. I then had two more 6lb Carp before trying the 7 metre line again which had slowed considerably only resulting in one F1. With half hour to go, and because by now I was freezing cold I decided to put the wind on my back and go back in to the margin and with two minutes to go I missed a bite losing my double caster to a crafty fish who was hell bent on making sure I didn’t win the Lake!! On the weigh in I put 15lb 10oz of Silvers on the scales which was enough for a Lake Silvers win adding my three Carp weight of 21lb 8oz which totalled 37lb 2oz which was enough for a Lake second and surprisingly a fifth match overall.

I must say that Tom Thick’s angling has come on leaps and bounds over the last year, as his results show. But what has impressed me most, is how he is prepared to take the initiative when it comes to weighing in – nice to see. I can see another Tony Rixon in the making – yes Tony was only a lad when he joined our City of Bristol Team.

The match was won by Dell Housen (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 63lb from peg 21 (next peg to Tony Rixon). I am not sure how Dell caught but suspect in was long pole and pellet.

The Silvers was won by Tony Rixon with 21lb 10oz from peg 19. Tony caught on … see his blog for details.

Full Result:

1.      Dell Housen 63-0-0 peg 21
2.      Phil “Fabio” Harding 58-14-0 peg 1
3.      Ken Rayner 40-03-0 peg 70
4.      Tony Rixon 39-04-0 peg 19
5.      Mike Nicholls 37-02-0 peg 41
6.      Clint Wojtyle 36-04-0 peg 31

Top Silvers:

1.      Tony Rixon 21-08-0 peg 19
2.      Martin Pettifer 19-09-0 peg 11
3.      Fabio 18-14-0 peg 1

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday 16/02/2012 - Bathampton AA Silvers Championship - Withy Pool - Round 4

What other country does the temperature change by 26 degrees in one week? What a lovely spring like day with the Roe Deer (Capreolus Capreolus) out in force on the Withy pool hillsides. However, we are told to expect a cold snap over the weekend.

On Withy Pool today, arriving early I had a walk round the Lake and quickly came to the conclusion that you needed a peg beginning with a 7, 6 or a 4, definitely not a peg beginning with a 5. But before all that Mike Jones did the draw for the knockout and I was drew with Alan Jones. In to the draw proper, but hang on where’s the usual plastic draw box, instead we were offered a smelly hat full instead of oversized draw tickets. This obviously was a conspiracy, as I pulled peg 54, behind the Island – bugger. The way the section runs, there are three pegs behind the Island and three pegs around the point, 47, 48 and 49, these three pegs are in the top six best Lake Silvers pegs, so  I wasn’t expecting to beat any of them from one of the Lakes three worse pegs, 4 points was the best I was hoping for. On peg 53 I had the Kingswood champion moaner – Paul Haines – he has some mitigation as he has drawn round the back of the Island three times in the last three matches – great moaner though. In peg 56 was Dave Poole (pictured right landing a Carp, his second bite after three hours!)

It was an easy choice of rigs – 1 - 4x16 Jolly to be fished at 7 metres, not the deepest peg on the Lake for sure. On the whistle in went a small ball of Skimmer GB with a few grains of micro and Pinkie. It took 45 minutes before I had my first bite, a ½ oz Ronnie. I then had a run of them, but wasn’t really building any sort of weight. It was strange that I would have bite less spells then a run of fish. I did have a 6oz Perch and a few bottle top Skimmers before I had a couple of decent Skimmers. This decided me to sit it out for the Skimmers over the last hour, increasing the feed, adding some micro. Although I felt there were some more Skimmers to be caught they didn’t agree with me, adding only another two Ronnie’s during this late spell. My mixed net weighed in at 8lb 12oz and as predicted left me with four section points, but only 6oz from gaining another point. I was satisfied to have beaten everyone else in the 50’s, plus beating Alan Jones in the knockout, who I thought would win through being pegged in the 70’s.

My pairs partner held up the team with a section second, cursing his bad luck pulling out of three Skimmers.

The match was won by Harry Muir (pictured right with his catch) with 23lb 3oz from peg 66. Harry caught eight Bream early in to the match using double red hook bait fished over red maggot and micro.

It was that nice man and Harry’s travelling partner Andy Shields (pictured right) who took the Accidental Carp pool with 23lb 5oz. Andy was also runner up in the match with 18lb 10oz of Bream. Andy fished similarly to his mate Harry.

Full Result:

1.      Harry Muir 23-05-0 peg 66
2.      Andy Shields 18-10-0 peg 72
3.      Rich Coles 16-09-0 peg 68
4.      John Smith 15-04-0 peg 49
5.      Paul Barnfield 15-02-0 peg 67
6.      Ray Bazeley 13-0-0 peg 62

Accidental Carp:

1.      Andy Shields 21-04-0 peg 72
2.      Mike Key 10-04-0 peg 47

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday 12/02/2012 - Viaduct Teams of Five Winter League - Round Three - All Lakes

The decision to fish this match was taken on the Friday and I personally questioned whether it should be fished. As it happened it was the right decision, even though there were a few blanks, the venue fished far better than I anticipated. So it was the second day of the year for me breaking the ice, well for Bela, pictured right with our WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction). However, the ice breaker of the day went to Fred Roberts fishing peg 8 on Spring Lake (pictured right) – who on earth carries a ten foot ladder in his holdall!! It worked for Fred finishing second on the Lake, landing 2 Carp losing 4!!

My turn on Spring Lake and Captain Tom came back with a decent team draw, with me on peg 19. This peg has until recently has great Skimmer form so I was happy with the draw and after a bit of ice crunching by Bela I was able to fish out to the island. Whilst setting up there was plenty of Skimmers rising in pegs 24, 25 and 26. Having set up the pole to be fished at 13 metres and the straight lead for Carp, I subsequently set up my preferred waggler to be fished out to the edge of the opposite tree. On the whistle I fed two lines on the 13 metre pole – 10 o clock and 1 o clock, which was 8 inch deeper. I started on the waggler with treble dead red. Straight away there were some bubbles around the float which I initially thought was from the splash on the waggler, but no it was a Carp responding to the splash and searching for some food. The float soon dipped and I was in to a Carp – happy days – not! I dipped the rod under the water to keep contact with the fish under the ice a only to be broke – bugger. A few casts later I had a similar experience with the Carp taking under the tree – bugger. That was it for Carp. I half heartily tried the straight lead with bread, corn and maggot to no avail. On to the pole but, nothing – it was not to be tried again. After trying the waggler and missing two bites which I was sure was Skimmers a blank looked on the cards as the anglers each side were also blanking.

I have to thank Stu Foal’s for what happen next. On the last league match Stu explained how he fished the two day post Christmas Silvers league. Stu drew behind the island peg 18 I think and didn’t have a bite and it wasn’t until late in to the match that he switched to the feeder fished over to the island when he put a few Skimmers together. So similarly with only 90 minutes of the match I converted the straight lead rig to a very small feeder rig plugging the feeder with mostly Pinkie casting it as far as I could to the island, which was enough to be just holding on the ledge. I then poured a coffee and a I brought it too my lips the tip dropped back as I struck the coffee ended up all over me, but more importantly a 2 lb Skimmer ended up in the net – blanked saved. I followed this up with six more before the wind picked up and blew ice in to my peg making it difficult to fish the same line. Like Stu I wished I had fished this method early, which would have been difficult because on the ice floes. My seven Skimmers weighed in at 13lb 5oz which was good enough for joint third on the Lake and 17 points and joint second in the section with matey Nick Collins who was drawn on peg 25 – who better to draw with on Silvers.

The team did really well with 73 points – second on the day lifting us up to 6th overall in the league. Fabio was second on the Lodge Lake Monk swim and second overall in the match. Lodge Lake was definitely the Lake to draw today with all the top framing weights both Silvers and Carp coming from it.

The match and Silvers was won by Tony Rixon (pictured right with half his catch of Skimmers) from Lodge disable peg 72 with 72lb 14oz. Tony’s catch included an impressive Skimmer haul of 62lb 2oz – well done matey. Back at the pub for the results Tony also a bought a round of drinks in the old traditional AA style.

Full Result:

1.      Tony Rixon 72-14-0 peg 72
2.      Phil (Fabio) Harding 68-04-0 peg 64
3.      Mash 52-0-0 peg 66
4.      Alex Murray 47-15-0 peg 70
5.      Mark Harper 44-11-0 peg 59
6.      Mark Brennan 29-15-0 peg 15

Top Silvers:

1.      Tony Rixon 62-02-0 peg 57
2.      W Buckingham 22-13-0 peg 56
3.      Alex Murray 21-15-0 peg 70
4.      Andy Lloyd 17-13-0 peg 125
5.      Steve Jackson 16-12-0 peg 116

Top Teams on the Day:

1.      Thatcher’s Youth 78 points
2.      Silverfox TM 72
3.      Maver Red 63
4.      Avon Angling 62
5.      Somerset Angling 58
6.      Moaning Maggots 58

Top Teams Overall:

1.      Somerset Angling 192 points
2.      Thatcher Youth 185
3.      Avon Angling 171
4.      Viaduct Select 169
5.      Toss Potts 168
6.      Silverfox TM 166

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday 02/02/2012 - Bathampton AA Silvers Championship - Bridge Pool - Round 3

With the temperature at -4 degrees, a freezing cold NW light wind and a bright sunny day promised I was hoping for a peg between 15 and 3. All these peg will have the sun in the face all match, plus the wind would be off the right shoulder. I couldn’t believe my luck when I pulled out peg 8. Out of all the pegs, it would have been my choice; it has plenty of Silvers form!

When the weather gets cold and dry, it always seems to bring out the Robins as it did today. I shared my bait for most of the day with the cheeky fellow pictured right.

My New Year’s resolution – “I will not go fishing and break ice” - lasted all of January up to today. I was told it was only Cat Ice!! I needed the breaker as it was in fact 10mm thick. Lucky enough I had Harry Muir on peg 5 on hand, who swung the lead for me, I think he could easily qualify for the Olympic Irish Shot-put. On next peg 7 I had that nice man Andy Shields - again (pictured lower right with Dave Gillard hand lining for mackerel – I thought the line thickness was a bit optimistic).

With the ice cut out to 6.2 metres in line with the sun (11 to 12 o clock) with the plan that I would only suffer the suns reflection for the first hour or so. I set up the one rig a 4x16 Jolly to be fished in seven foot of water. With the Orvis Bifocal Polaroid glasses on I started by feeding a walnut ball size of my Skimmer GB combined with six loose pinkies. With double Pinkie on the hook I was soon in to a 3oz Skimmer. I followed this with a few 2oz Ronnie’s before feeding a few more Pinkies with the same amount of micro. I kept a few small Skimmers and Ronnie’s coming but noticed that after feeding I was getting liners. So I was thinking I needed to feed another ball of GB but was apprehensive as no one was catching and I suspect they had fed GB. Instead, after feeding I would change the depth and adjust it down after every fish. After 2 ½ hours I decided to feed another ball of GB and luckily enough it didn’t kill the swim, however, the fish were still coming up to intercept the feed, following it down. I also switched from Pinkie to big dead maggot trying all the colours, but still the Lion's share falling to my favourite red. I think I wore out the top 2ft of my rig through moving the float up and down. That said I did manage to keep the fish coming, one a bung. I did have a “senior moment” when I landed a 4oz Skimmer and a slice of ice, putting the slice in the net and the Skimmer back in the Lake – duh. The upshot was I had a lovely day’s fishing whilst remaining relatively warm. I was surprised to keep the fish coming all match and to weigh in 17lb 4oz which was well good enough for first overall, thoroughly thrashing Mike Jones (pictured lower right with his runner up catch) off the next occupied peg.

My pairs partner put in a great performance also winning his sections, it looks like the Mike's are on the march.

The Carp was won by Bob “The Bread” Price with luckily one of the smaller of the species weighing 8lb 8oz. Bob caught all his fish on bread fished at 5 metres. As Bob was the only one to catch an “Accidental” he picked up all the pools money.

Full Result:

1.      Mike Nicholls 17-04-0 peg 7
2.      Mike Jones 8-12-0 peg 11
3.      Bob Price 7-04-0 peg 30
4.      John Smith 5-04-0 peg 14
5.      Dave Wride 5-02-0 peg 28
6.      Andy Shields 3-06-0 peg 8

Accidental Carp Pool:

1.      Bob Price 8-08-0 peg 30
2.      No one