Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday 31/05/2009 - Tony Rixon Float Only Individual League - Round Two - Avalon

What a beautiful day, wall to wall sunshine, with shorts and tee shirts order of the day, must be the first time for well over a year. Brenda made sure I was fully lotioned up before I left home! It was good to see that Vic and Lee had sorted the access road by filling in all the pot holes. Well done mate’s. Everyone expectations were for low weights due to the conditions – particularly the Silvers. We were not disappointed in this respect, Late May/early June can be a bit iffy for fishing.

I had drawn John “The Gimp” Bradford in the knockout. Fortunately, John has his son and family over for three weeks from Canada and had to pick them up from the airport. I wonder if his son fishes? Anyway John you’re out of the knockout, I did catch a fish! However, Kevin Moulton blanked in my section, so it could have been closer!!

I walked the venue with Bela and was hoping to draw the Specimen Lake as it appears to be more consistent for the Silvers (this proved to be a correct prophesies). However, I drew peg 15 on the Match Lake. It is an open peg with an island chuck to the left (I wish I could have cast to the right as well, as the wind was blowing in to that island and was in shade all day. I wasn’t sure about the peg, but thought that with the number of anglers fishing an open peg may be beneficial (somewhere for the Carp to "back-off"). I set up 6 AAA pellet waggler, paste rig, soft pellet rig both at 13 metres, a paste rig for the Right hand margin and a Ronnie rig with caster. I fed all the lines and went out on the pellet waggler, with no feed – no result. I fed a bit of 8mm pellet but the wind conditions weren’t right. Casting to my left meant casting in to the wind. Out on the soft pellet and a lost foul hooker resulted even though I had played it to the net! I then had a run of three small skimmers!! I changed to the paste rig which resulted in a 4lb Carp straight away. Back out on the paste and latched in to a double figure Ghost Carp. With a lot of bad angling I lost it in the near side margin (I bloody well knew that the margins on this venue are a snag-pit – why did I let it go there!!). Another lost foul hooker followed, then nothing, I didn't get another bite on the paste. I then tried the left hand margin with paste, only to get nibbles from the high population of Motherless Minnows – not a good sign. Tried the Ronnie rig and caster and had one Ronnie, one Rudd, and one Chub!! Out on the waggler for the rest of the match and had another three Carp. With five minutes to go I hooked another decent Ghost Carp. I decided that this would be my final cast of the match so played the fish carefully. After the all out I was still playing the double figure Ghost Carp. For some reason I felt it necessary to shorten the 13 foot rod by moving down off the handle. Whilst going for the landing net the Ghosty made yet another run which left the hook length exposed without the action of the rod. Some rod abuse followed. Another bit of bad angling, I think. I need to look in to why I needed to shorten the rod. I weighed 22lb 8oz overall for third in section and 15oz out of the section money!! All said and done I did actually enjoy the the match today, particularly fishing the waggler - albeit with some bad fish playing.

The match was won by the venue expert Tony Rixon (pictured right with a sweat on – not often seen, let photographed) from peg 39 with 75lb 3oz. Tony fished the pellet waggler (not many people know that Tony was the first to develop this method for Carp fishing) to the opposite island. Tony fed four pints of pellet.

The runner up was Vince Brown just half a fish behind with 72lb 7oz from Specimen peg 2.

As predicted all the Silvers weights came off the Specimen Lake with Martin Pettifer taking top place with 15lb 8oz of small Roach and Rudd fishing short and shallow (head down job) from Specimen peg 6.

Full Result:

1. Tony Rixon 75-04-0 peg 39
2. Vince Brown 72-07-0 peg Specimen 2
3. John Thompson 60-04-0 peg 11
4. Clint Wojtyla (spelt correctly I’m told) 60-0-0 peg 48
5. Martin (Natch) Rayet 55-04-0 peg Specimen 23
6. Nick Collier 52-10-0 peg 6

Top Silvers:

1. Martin Pettifer 15-08-0 peg Specimen 6
2. Paul Attwood 10-08-0 peg Specimen 5
3. Stuart Foale 6-04-0 peg Specimen 20

Top six League positions (in weight order):
1. Tony Rixon 14

2. Martin Rayet 13
3. Gary Etheridge 13
4. Dick Bull 13
5. Mike Nicholls 12
6. Alan Oram 12
7. Criag Edmonds 12
8. Bryan Shanks 12

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wednesday 27/05/2009 - Carps AC - Tan House Farm

My blood boiled every time I heard the very sad story of baby Peter. The judge obviously felt differently about the thugs that murdered him than I did. A sentence of five and three years is not enough. However, let’s hope we see some natural justice whilst they are banged up. Inmates remember that the cowardly thugs pulled out Peter nails, cut off the tops of his fingers and broke his back – this for starters please. How I wish I was in the same cell as these bastards. Rest in peace Peter.

Back to one of my local venues; Tan House Farm, also known as “Yate Rocks”. The owners have been cutting the grass and generally tidying the venue up (see picture right – looking up the venue). If I was a “Shed puller” that liked a bit of fishing this would be a good quite (another place you can't hear a motorway) place to spend a few days.

The weather has decided to revert back to early spring with gusting North Westerly winds and showers. The bloody wind in my face once again.

I drew peg 8 which was the first peg in to the woods. Steep narrow bank and a bit of a Parrots cage. I set up the Ronnie rig and a soft pellet/messy business rig (getting too old for the messy business). I started on the worm at 10 metres - nothing. On to the GOT pellet – nothing – Blimey I’m in trouble!  It was the Ronnie’s that save me. I caught Ronnie’s and Hybrid’s on caster steady for the rest of the match for a weight of 25lb 8oz and first in the Silvers and a pick up of £48.

The match was won by Chris Davis from end peg 10 with 47lb 4oz. Chris caught just off bottom using worm over caster and worm (the messy business).

Full Result:

1.      Chris Davis 47-04-0 peg 10
2.      Colin Golding 30-02-0 peg 1.5 (With permission Colin moved his peg)
3.      Mike Nicholls 25-08-0 peg 8
4.      Andy Curry 12-04-0 peg 9 (broke his top five)
5.      Steve Jefferies 10-0-0 peg 7
6.      Bob “The Bread” Price 7-09-0 peg 6

Top Silvers:

1.      Mike Nicholls 25-08-0 peg 8
2.      Chris Davis 24-02-0 peg 10

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday 24/05/2009 - Carps AC - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell Lake

My travelling partner Darren Gillman walked up to me waving a Carps AC opened draw ticket with peg 123 written on it. I soon realised that it was still ten minutes before the draw. Darren then confessed, he found the ticket on the ground outside the tackle shop. I said to Darren that was his chance of drawing the peg gone, of course, you guessed it wasn’t, Darren drew peg 123!!
I drew peg 112. I was reasonable happy with this, but knew that with Darren on peg 123 and peg 121 also in the match and with only two being paid in the Silvers, Carp was to be my best chance of picking up. I started on the paste at 13 metres and caught Four Carp straight off. It then went finicky; however, I persevered at 13 metres adding another five Carp before I moved in to the margin of the bay to my left and behind me! I added one small Carp and ten Tench before the whistle. I weighed 20lb of Tench (Silvers) and 46lb 5oz of Carp for an overall weight of 66lb 5oz and seventh in the match and the first sun burnt arms this year!

The match was won by Marc Illingworth (pictured right) with 195 lb of Carp from peg 124. Marc caught most of his Carp on the shallow pellet waggler. This made the long drive from Southampton well worth while for him.

As predicted the Silvers was won from peg 121 by Shane Caswell (pictured bottom right) with 36lb 11 oz of mainly Tench. Shane fished soft pellet down to the left hand empty pallet. “Chip shop” peg 123 was a close second with 35lb
Full Result:

1. Marc Illingworth 195-0-0 peg 124
2. Ray Hayward 172-02-0 peg 116
3. Tom Thick 122-04-0 peg 115
4. Tom Magnell 115-04-0 peg 118
5. Steve Denmead 81-13-0 peg 131
6. Lewis Greenwood 66-10-0 peg 126 (Junior Carps AC member)

Top Silvers:

1. Shane Caswell 36-11-0 peg 121
2. Darren Gillman 35-0-0 peg 123

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thursday 21/05/2009 - Bathampton Over 55's - Hunstrete - Withy Pool

The MP’s expenses are a drop in the ocean compared with the banking crisis that they resided over. Is it any wonder that this Government lead us in to the abyss with excuses like “I’m not good at accounting”, “I didn’t have time to check it”, “I just passed it to the girl in the office for her to sort out”, “I made a mistake” “blah”, blah”, “blah”. In any case I am sure the Fred Goodwin would gladly pay all the “extra over” claims back for the MP’s for all his bad press to disappear!!

This week we were on Withy Pool. I drew peg 49. I consider this to be at best average – so why was I on this peg!! As with the last match on Withy it generally fished awful, especially for the Silvers. I ended the match with six different caster rigs in my attempt to catch the Ronnie’s. Alas to no avail. I did lose three carp on the caster, but with 0.1 mm bottom, no chance. I ended the match with 7lb 8oz of Hybrids, perch and Ronnie’s for second in the Silvers and a pick up of £25.

I hear that Bathampton are netting Skimmers from Newton Park and giving them away – I suggest Withy Pool could do with some of these fish; if not all of them.

The match was won by Mike Smith with 66lb (pictured right with his best Carp weighing in at 14lb) from peg 53, behind the far island. Mike caught on paste at 14.5 metres to the far bank.

The Silvers was by Terry Bruton with 9lb 7oz from peg 66. Terry caught on worm over micro pellet with a bit of ground bait. Well done Tel, I will be expecting a phone call. Andy Lloyd is telling you too much!

Full Result:
1. Mike Smith 66-0-0 peg 53
2. Mike Jones 33-04-0 peg 67
3. Pete “The Real” Phillips 22-07-0 peg 55
4. Bob “The Bread” Price 21-15-0 peg 47
5. John Bennett 20-13-0 peg 61
6. Bob Warren 14-10-0 peg 59

Top Silvers:

1. Terry Bruton 9-07-0 peg 66
2. Mike Nicholls 7-08-0 peg 49

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sunday 17/05/2009 - Tony Rixon Float Only Individual League - Round One - Viaduct Fishery

With Bela away in Spain and Gerry Pocock down at Whiteacres I shared a lift with my local pub Landlord Martin Rayett. I have been waiting some time to travel in Martin’s lucky Red banger. I remember the first day he used it and both Martin and Shaun Townsend went off with all the loot! 
Tony’s league has 56 anglers in eight sections of seven. The league is based on the highest number of sections points – so it is very doubtful that Silvers only will win this league, but may possibly win a reasonable amount of coin.

I decided to leave it late to draw today and pulled peg 66 on Lodge. I was reasonably happy with this, even though it is an out and out Carp peg. So I set up two paste rigs – one for the right hand margin – top set and the other for 12 metres to the left up to the end peg empty pallet. I fed the right hand margin very heavy from the off with pellet, corn and caster. I started on the paste to the left with kinder potted paste and a few 4mm pellet. Within 20 seconds I had my first bite and a 4lb Carp in the net. The upshot was – a flyer Carp peg, three float repairs, three replacement hooks and fifteen Carp to 10lb for a total weight of 128lb 10oz for first overall, a pick up of £110 and that valuable section win.

Runner up was Tim Clark (pictured right in some very strange over sized clothes – Tim fell in  backwards off his pallet at the start and needed to borrow some dry clothes -  what a funny stance, water must have been cold) with 125lb 4oz from peg 116. Well done matey – it must have been that heavy initial feed!! 
The Silvers was won by Andy Lloyd from peg 123 with 46lb 3oz – has Andy taken over drawing this peg from Steve Kedge? When will it be my turn?

The full result is shown on the attached video – well it would have been if TR hadn’t "Bxxxxxk’s" it up – take a look.

Full Result:

1.      Mike Nicholls 128-10-0 peg 66
2.      Tim Clark 125-04-0 peg 116
3.      Alan Oram 110-05-0 peg 115
4.      Gary Wall 105-11-0 peg 103 (nine Carp)
5.      Shane Caswell 94-14-0 peg 114
6.      Craig "Trigger" Edmonds 94-10-0 peg 79

Top Silvers:

1.      Andy Lloyd 46-03-0 peg 123
2.      Fred Roberts 38-09-0 peg 95
3.      Phil Harding 37-07-0 peg 121
4.      Nick Collier 26-08-0 peg 112

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wednesday 13/05/2009 - Carps AC - Bullocks Farm - Match Lake

As usual larger than life - Phil Simmons the fishery owner (pictured right) was there to greet us with his usual big jolly smile, which is difficult to reconcile with him being an ardent Bristol City fan and all.

After a good Bullocks Farm breakfast and a redraw, I ended up on peg 22 (my first peg was 18 - which seems to be reserved for Mike Owens). I have now drawn this peg three times, so it’s obviously a good-un. I started by fishing caster and 4mm pellet at 7 metres in to open water for the Crucians. I started well, with three straight off. Then it went iffy. I usually keep quite calm whilst fishing. However, today I got really FRUSTRATED losing six Crucians in a row. It is very difficult to know if you are foul hooking Crucians as they fight similar in either case. It took me a while to sort out what was actually going on – in fact I lost 21 before the penny dropped. My feed pattern was such that I was bringing the Crucians up in the water hence foul hooking them. So changing hooks etc… was all unnecessary. However, to keep the fish coming I was forced to keep the same feed pattern, but switched to the margin with paste during the iffy periods. I had eight small Carp from the left hand margin weighing in at 15lb 2oz and 24lb 12 oz of Crucians for a total weight of 39lb 14oz and first overall and a pick up of £40.

The Silvers was won by Dave Wride form peg 17 with 34lb 8oz. Runner up was my good friend Charlie Barnes (pictured right - the tree is holding Charlie up) with 32lb from next peg 21. Charlie caught all his fish on caster over caster.

The venue fished well once again with the top four framing positions being very close.

Full Result:

1.      Mike Nicholls 39-14-0 peg 22
2.      Dave Wride 39-12-0 peg 17
3.      Tom Thick 37-08-0 peg 8
4.      Charlie Barnes 37-04-0 peg 21
5.      Mike Owens 33-0-0 peg 18
6.      Pete Sivell 30-15-0 peg 15

Top Silvers:

1.      Dave Wride 34-08-0 peg 17
2.      Charlie Barnes 32-0-0 peg 21

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sunday 10/05/2009 - Carps AC - Sedges - Tile Lake

I have been following the MP expenses scandal with interest – we hear the main excuse is that “the system is wrong”, especially from the Ginger Gerbil. Umm, who is going to be the first MP to offer to pay their over claimed expenses back to the Treasury? No indications as of yet – but don’t hold your breath!!

It was brilliant to see Jensen Button lap Hamilton just before taking the chequered flag – four wins now.

Back to the Sedges Tile Lake for the second time this week. What a difference a few days can make. The water appeared to be clearer than Wednesday, plus the bright sunny day wasn’t going to help.

I drew peg 38. Rich Coles told me that this end of the lake hasn’t been fishing that well of late. How right he  was. The Angler on peg 39 blanked and John Bradford on peg 37 DNW’d. Although the water was clear I decided to feed some ground bait laced with casters at 8 metres. However, I started after the Ronnie’s at 4 metres with caster – no indications at all. Out on the GB line and a run of Skimmers followed on double red maggot. I had exactly 7lb of Silvers in the net when I decided to top up. I didn’t have another fish (that’s why I new I had exactly 7lb)! I pondered for a while and decided to set up the pellet waggler to fish out to one of the three big “Tits”. In no time at all I had five Carp to 3lb. I kept thrashing the waggler to the end and ended of with a total of 26lb 4oz. This put me fifth in the Silvers and fifth in the match. Dick Bull (pictured right with his 14lb 4oz Ghost Carp - yep that his smile) piped me for the section by 11oz. Where were the Ghost busters when I needed them?

The match was won by John Page (pictured right) from peg 32 with 39lb 3oz of Carp. John  fished the pellet waggler to the end of his opposite “Tit” using 10mm strawberry pellet on his haired rigged hook (it doesn't feel appropriate using the word "haired" in this instance).

The Silvers was won by Shane Caswell with 23lb 12oz from peg 36. Shane fished chopped worm over bit of potted micro pellet and chopped worm. It was notable that a number sizable Eels were caught today.

Full Result:

1.      John Page 39-03-0 peg 32
2.      Shane Caswell 37-04-0 peg 36
3.      Tom Magnell 27-12-0 peg 28
4.      Dick Bull 26-15-0 peg 40
5.      Mike Nicholls 26-04-0 peg 28
6.      Steve Jefferies 16-10-0 peg 22 

Top Silvers:

1.      Shane Caswell 23-12-0 peg 36
2.      Steve Jefferies 14-04-0 peg 22 (All Eels)
3.      Darren Gillman 14-0-0 peg 25

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Saturday 09/05/2009 - Maver Pairs - Viaduct Fishery

Steve Long and Paul Greenwood run excellent matches at this venue, it helps when the organisers know the pegs so well. A special mention today for Paul who had the task of sorting out the anomalies in the Angling Times Maver Pairs ticket letter. The letter implied that we could place our Anglers – I have never heard of this before – luckily Paul applied good common match fishing sense to it all and all went well. Well done matey. The match was split in to four sections of either nine or eight Anglers with two sections (A section) spread over Campbell/Match with two pegs on Spring and Carey and Spring (B section).

Today my partner was Bela Bacos who was elected (by me) to fish B section and I drew him peg 24 on Spring. This peg does have some Silvers form! I drew peg 124 on Campbell, which is an excellent Silvers peg. However, I agreed with Bela that we should fish for Carp to stand any chance of winning the pairs. I started on the paste at 13 metres and had eight Carp to 10lb in the first two hours. This was looking good in my section and across the whole Lake. I had been feeding corn in the right hand margin since the beginning and was itching to give it a try. However, I persevered with the paste, which on hindsight was a mistake. I should have gone in to the margin for the Silvers at this point. I stuck with the team plan until the last twenty minutes or so after adding just two more Carp. During this short time the fishing was manic landing big Tench and Bream on corn. I weighed a total of 94lb 3oz for second in the section and second overall and a pick up of £80. During the last twenty minutes I managed to put 33lb 6oz of Silvers in the net; If only, I had switched at the two hour mark!!

With out fear of contradiction I say that the Viaduct Campbell Lake is the premier Tench Match Fishery in the South West, with ton and near ton weights common this time of year.

The match and my section was won by Alex Murray (pictured right with part of his all Carp catch) with 106lb 12oz from peg 126. Alex caught on the waggler and full depth with 10mm hard pellet on the hook. Alex caught most of his fish in the last two hours of the five hour match.

The Maver pairs was won by Ian Hudson and Simon Jones (pictured bottom right – Ian left – Simon right) with two sections wins and just the two penalty points. Both drew corner pegs; Ian drew peg 41 on Match Lake and weighed 24lb 6oz (1 point) and Simon peg 109 on Carey and weighed 67lb 12oz (1 point). Well done lads. 
Oh, and my partner Bela DNW’d (I understand he did have about 5lb of Silvers).

Full Result:

1.      Alex Murray 106-12-0 peg 126
2.      Mike Nicholls 94-03-0 peg 124
3.      Martin Wright 91-04-0 peg 86
4.      Gary Wall 90-03-0 peg 111
5.      Nicky Ewers 84-14-0 peg 127
6.      Chris Davis 82-14-0 peg 85

Pairs Result:

1.      Simon Jones & Ian Hudson 2 penalty points
2.      Alex Murray & Matt Parsons 3 penalty points – overall weight of 176-04-0
3.      Paul Carpenter & Jeff Andrews 3 penalty points – overall weight 79-09-0

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday 06/05/2009 - Carps AC - Sedges - Tile Lake

For various reasons I can’t write about today's encounter with a Cormorant. I will say however, that at one point the Cormorant came up in front of me (3 foot away) scaring the living daylights out of both of us. It killed the fishing for about ten minutes. When you see me next ask about the whole episode. Photo right of "My kind of Bird".
There were only two payouts up for grabs today; one Silvers and one overall, so no room for error. I drew peg 28, which I was pleased with (not in a vermin corner). Chris Davis had drawn the end peg 21, so I knew the overall wasn’t up for grabs. So I had to fish for Silvers – for once!!!! The water was particularly clear and with reports of the Silvers spawning I decided to take it careful. I decided on four lines – Margin, 4 metres, and two seven metre swims – one with pellet and the other the messy business. Early on I had noticed Colin Golding catching well, netting good Skimmers; of course you always know how he is fishing as he only takes the one bait. The upshot was that Colin’s swim dried up at half time and I managed to catch up (but only just) over the full distance by swopping around the four lines. I weighed 6lb 2oz of small Carp and 32lb 8oz of Silvers for 1st in the Silvers and 38lb 10oz for 3rd overall and a pick up of £45.

Tom Thick drew next to me and packed up after 2 hours with only 1lb in the net. "Luck favours the prepared mind"

As expected Chris Davis (pictured right – with Charlie Barnes sticking out of his head still trying to catch a fish) won the match from peg 21 with 76lb of Carp on pellet fished in to the end margin at 16 metres. 
Full Result:

1.      Chris Davis 76-0-0 peg 21
2.      Bob “The Bread” Price 41-02-0 peg 27
3.      Mike Nicholls 38-10-0 peg 28
4.      Colin Golding 35-01-0 peg 23
5.      John Bennett 12-08-0 peg 21

Top Silvers:

1.      Mike Nicholls 32-08-0 peg 28
2.      Colin Golding 28-0-0 peg 23 

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday 03/05/2009 - Carps AC - Bullocks Farm - Match Lake

Bullocks Farm Match Lake is in my opinion the best Crucian Carp match venue in the South West. The venue never ceases to amaze me, thirty inches deep with plenty of quality Roach, Skimmers and Crucians (if you can catch them) and of course Carp to double figures.

I drew peg 15. Another venue virgin draw for me. When I arrived at the peg I was well pleased as I had plenty of room with both left and right hand pegs not in the draw bag. The swim has plenty of options for both Silvers and Carp. I set up a pellet rig, paste rig for over to the bare bank at 1 o clock (has it happens this rig wasn’t called upon) and a Ronnie caster rig. I started on the GOT pellet at 7 metres and caught Crucians straight away. I stayed on the pellet until half time, having caught steady until then. On to the caster and a run of 6oz to 12 oz Ronnie’s followed. Unlike smaller Ronnie’s it is very difficult to keep fish of this stamp feeding over the caster, you really do need to feed carefully and fish around/off the feed. Nonetheless, they are well educated fish. Back on to the pellet and a run of five Carp followed. Then the Ronnie’s decided to have a go at the pellet, this can drive you to madness - chasing ghosts - I think a lot of the missed bites ate shot bites. So I switched back on the caster. I kept switching swims until the end of the match. I finished with a Silvers net of 37lb 5oz consisting of mainly Crucians for 1st in the Silvers and five Carp for 18lb, and a combined weight of 55lb 5oz for 1st overall and a pick up of £65 - An excellent days fishing.

Runner of was Tony Thick - (Tom’s Dad - pictured right) with 44lb 10oz from peg 24.

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 55-05-0 peg 15
2. Tony Thick 44-10-0 peg 24
3. Shaun Ketteridge 4405-0 peg 6
4. Tom Thick 44-01-0 peg 19
5. Bob Gullick 39-08-0 peg 26
6. Dave Wride 38-14-0 peg 21

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 37-05-0 peg 15
2. Shaun Kitteridge 28-04-0 peg 6
3. Bob Gullick 28-04-0 peg 26