Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sunday 31/12/2017 - Windmill Fishery Open - Match Lake

I don’t know a fishery with flood lights for tonight so that’s the end of 2017 fishing for me, today being my 101st match of the year , which Geoff Francis and me decided to spend at Windmill. We had breakfast at Staple Hill Wetherspoons, the food still not as hot as I prefer, but OK.

I wasn’t expecting a great turnout with a few of the regulars chancing their luck at Brimscombe Park. We had eight just enough for a golden peg. With no Dave Haines who was at home still trying to understand why he caught so many fish at Hillview Friday. Dave Willmott and I choose the pegs, both agreeing to keep us out of the wind favouring the top end deep water.

Into the draw box and out came peg 25. I was happy with this one. Arriving at the peg it was clear the water had affected the bank making it very slushy. However, the water had some colour so I could fish close.

Choose to fish a 4x16 to fish at top-set plus three (with a fourth as ballast) which, because of the influx of rain needed an extra 18 inches added to the rig. The only other rig was a 4 x12 to fish on the top-set down wind where I hand 4 foot of water!

I feed the close line with GB and maggot and the long line with wetted micro and DR’s. I started on the long line with double DR’s on the hook. The wind wasn’t kind with the float going with it and towards me. Soon abandoned but not before I re-fed a decent amount of the same. On to the short line and it was a very small Ronnie and Perch every put-in. I stayed on this until the wind died then back out on the long line where I had a few small Skimmers and Ronnie’s. And that’s how the match went switching in and out when the wind permitted, which kept the bites coming. In the last few remaining minutes I hooked a 2lb Carp.

My one Carp actually weighed 1lb 13oz and my Silvers 5lb 13oz for a second overall weight of 7lb 10oz.

The match was won by matey Andy Gard (pictured upper centre with the runner up) with 18lb 5oz from peg 5. Andy had one Carp on the waggler and a near double on the pole plus some decent Skimmers to make it a double Bubble. All caught on maggot.

Well Done to Chris Davis who packed up with a hour to go to play FOOTGOLF!

Full Result:

  1. Andy Gard 18-08-0 peg 5
  2. Mike Nicholls 7-10-0 peg 25
Top Silvers:

  1. Andy Gard 7-0-0 peg 5
  2. Mike Nicholls 5-13-0 peg 25
Weigh Sheet:

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Friday 29/12/2017 - Hillview Fishery - Philtone Christmas Match - Canals 2,3 And 4

Bela and I were invited to fish the Philtone Christmas match at Hillview on Canals 2, 3 and 4. Both the breakfast and peg fees kindly paid for by Philtone Boss Neil Mercer. Big thank you to him.

I paid a visit to Huggy’s on site tackle shop, must say it’s been exceptionally well stocked since my last visit (pictured right).

Eighteen fishing split into teams of six by some mystical means. I found myself in Paul Elms team. Two anglers from each team placed on one of the three Canals. The Captain’s drew for first peg then the rest of the team was allocated their pegs. I was hoping for Canal Two, but found myself on 81 which was end but one on the Third Canal. Around this time last year there were blanks on these end pegs, whereas peg 70 on the opposite end had 70lb, so not that enthusiastic. Got to the peg and my optimism grew as there was some colour to the water plus the wind was blowing down the Canal and a small Carp had a wave at me. Opposite me was Anglings answer to Charlie Chaplin – matey Dave Lewis – who had to look at me all day (Dave’s view pictured right). Behind me on flyer peg 56 was Trigger whose bag-in-a-bag-in-a-bag kept blowing into my peg.

My set-up today consisted of just two rigs 4x10 for over which was easily reached with 10.25 metres and a 4x12 for top-set plus two – simple. Started over and chose not to fish the prescribed bread but instead even more visible bait – triple Fluro Pinkie. First put in over a few Pinkies I foul hooked an F1 which didn’t quite reach the landing net. Some fish about then. Next put in another fouler but this time a 10lb Common which did get landed – a good start. I then had a run of five smaller Carp and one F1. Not long after we started the wind slowly increased and swung round 90 degrees. The long line died but I preserved with it far too long as once I retreated to the short line with again triple fluro Pinkie where I had been scattering live red maggots all over the place (not by desire but where the wind dictated) I started to catch well, small Carp and the odd F1. The wind was a problem as I only seem to catch once the water went flat calm, but as the bites were hard to see I might have missed some due to the wind picking the float up – who knows for sure.

I finished the match with 45lb 14oz which was top weight on my Canal, which was a bit of a surprise.

“Some say his eyelids are elastic and that he once shaved his legs as a right of passage into the Boy Scouts. All I know it’s the Trig again”.

Trigger won the match from peg 56 (pictured right) with 72lb. Trig spent the first half the match fishing punched bread over and the second half fishing down the track with maggot over maggot.

The “Triggers” won the team match with 225lb 8oz (The team pictured below).

A really good day's fishing with a really nice bunch of quality anglers.

Full Result:

  1. Craig Edmonds 72-0-0 peg 56
  2. Martin Rayet 63-08-0 peg 58
  3. Bela Bakos 53-0-0 peg 95
  4. Mike Nicholls 45-14-0 peg 81
  5. Joe McMahon 40-08-0 peg 60
  6. Dave Haines 38-08-0 peg 62

  1. The Triggers – 225lb 8oz
  2. The Towners – 168lb 4oz
  3. The Beavers – 149lb 12oz
Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Saturday 23/12/2017 - Viaduct Christmas Match - All Lakes

With Bela, Geoff and me booked into the Viaduct Xmas match the first stop as always, Canards Well – not a bad breakfast. Nick the Chef is back.

A nice array of prizes with one guaranteed for everyone fishing irrespective if DNW’d (pictured right). Nice to this tradition kept going.

Arrived an hour before the draw and with the usual car parking spaces occupied we parked up by the cottage. With 98 booked in there was plenty of chatting to do before the draw. I decided to wait until late hoping all the crap pegs would be gone – none of it - out comes peg 117 – which needed a second glance – not usually in. Bela drew peg 85 on Carey next to his mates Des and Ryan Shipp - The Westerleigh Crew. Geoff drew one of the two pegs everyone wanted on Campbell peg 110!

For company I had Kev Newman on peg 118 which is probably 8 metres further out that my peg, 118 usually has the benefit of fishing down to 117 but not today. Kev and I agreed fishing boundaries between us, both knowing we were fishing for a box of biscuits. I didn’t have any intention of fishing towards Kev anyway preferring to fish down to the tree to my Left which was only top-set plus one away and the furthest I could go, where I was foolish enough to think I could catch a Carp or two – too close with the water so clear. No more on this one as I spent most of the day on the waggler and caster catching small Ronnie’s, but because of the tree on my right I had to switch to left handed and forgot to switch three times so some waggler retrieval necessary. I half expected to catch a Perch or two but with the mild weather and the battering they have had recently none showed. I had a mess about short on the 4 metre whip where I did get some slightly better Ronnie’s but it was a long wait for them. The top end of Campbell fished very hard indeed.

I weighed 6lb 9oz for nowhere, but was par for the Silvers on Campbell! I did go home with 20 bottles of larger.

The match was won by Andy Cranston (pictured upper right with his spoils) from in-form peg 132 with 95lb. Andy started slowly then rang team mate Des Shipp and switched to the waggler and meat shallow down to end bank peg 133 where he caught fifteen Carp. Good to see the youngtsers coming through, well done.

The Silvers was won by Paul Greenwood from unfancied Match Lake peg 48 with 22lb 12oz. Paul caught on the pole at 14.5 metres from two swims catching Skimmers over GB and Caster.

Bela had a side bet with the Shipp’s on who could catch the first Carp and to Bela’s delighted collect the spoils. Des beat Bela by 3lb which included a 7lb Carp landed by, lets say unusual methods. Des had accidently caught some broken line which was attached to the Carp! The picture right was Des asking for bottle of red wine the second pictured is his response when I offered him a Preston Off Box Crab Line - coming to a tackle shop near you soon!
Geoff weighed 28lb 13oz for a section win.

Plenty of anglers today may have felt they had a bad day, but think on. The Welsh angler on peg 119 was up most of the night with his daughter being sick, changing bed clothes and on the drive to the fishery his Turbo broke on his van. With the van towed away he decided to fish drawing peg 119 only to fall in at the start. Now that’s a bad day.

Our day hadn’t finished as we had our Team Van Xmas Fish and Chips. However Bela went for the big Kahuna Burger and a mountain of Onion Rings (pictured lower right) – I didn’t know anyone that can eat this many and still don't!

A big thanks to the Long Family for the great fishing and match organisation they provide throughout the year – definitely second to none. It was great to see young Matt taking a big role in this over the year. Today Matt got the full results out 10 minutes after receipt of the last weigh sheet – very impressive. Hopefully next year will see Steve fishing more.

Full Overall Results – Top Ten:

Weigh Sheets (except Lodge – lost in transit):

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Thursday 21/12/2017 - Bathampton AA Over 55's - Bridge Pool

First stop with Geoff Francis – Hungry Horace’s – Excellent breakfast, cooked fresh by experienced women.

With the schools out it was a steady drive to the fishery. It wasn’t long before we were waiting for Chris Orris. We were in for a quiet day because his mate “Ear Ache” was otherwise detained by Bristol Water.

Twenty three Coffin Dodgers fishing today  all waiting to draw a flyer - pictured upper right.

Geoff went in to the draw bag before me and peg 15 stiuck to his mitts – good silvers peg. I left it late for the draw bag and out comes peg 28. Happy with this because I could fish to the end of the island where I expected to catch some Carp.

Now with Bristol City beating Manchester United in the League Cup quarter finals last night and me being a Gas Head who don’t you want to draw next to a - Shit Head – Dave Gillard who said he was going to do me today from his flyer peg 27. Never mind it only took ten minutes to shut him up!!

I set up the waggler to chuck about with single maggot over loose fed maggot as far as the wind would permit and a 4x16 to fish at an eye watering 11.5 metres. Out in front.

Fed the pole line with my winter Skimmer GB and started on the waggler and was amazed that in five casts I had landed four decent Skimmers. This is the time where you start to believe that you are going to empty it. However, we all know this isn’t going to happen on Bridge Pool. I thrashed about far too long adding only one more Skimmer on the Wag. On to the pole and I had a run of Skimmers and with 45 minutes to go decided to increase the feed in the hope of one of the few remaining Carp. As it happened this was a mistake as I only caught one fish scale during this time!

I finished the match with 14 lb 11 oz of Skimmers (pictured upper right) for second Silvers and third overall. Happy with that especially as it was a Christmas match. Under the Special One orders I choose a box of Sweets and a box of Biscuits - no booze! I left that to matey “Tea Total” Rich Coles. 

The match was won by match organiser Chris Rolfe (pictured right) with 16lb 8oz which included a 10lb 9oz Carp from peg 33. Chris caught mostly down his LH margin fishing caster over caster.

The Silver was won by Dave Wride with 14lb 14oz from fancied peg 4.

It was back to the pub with the usual suspects where the banter escalated exponentially with the amount of Doombar devoured, a great day out.

We should have been able to catch a Roach a chuck today alas not; the fishery really needs an heavy stocking of Roach

Full Result:

  1. Chris Rolfe 16-08-0 peg 33
  2. Dave Wride 14-14-0 peg 4
  3. Mike Nicholls 14-11-0 peg 28
  4. Rich Coles 11-12-0 peg 7
  5. Steve Dawson 12-12-0 peg 30
  6. Chris Orris 5-07-0 peg 8
Top Silvers:

  1. Dave Wride 14-14-0 peg 4
  2. Mike Nicholls 14-11-0 peg 28
  3. Rich Coles 11-12-0 peg 8
Weigh Sheets:

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Thursday 14/12/2017 - Viaduct Cost Cutter - Campbell Lake

A couple of month’s back I added myself and Geoff Francis onto the reserve list for the today’s’ Shiplate Xmas match being run by Chris Rolfe. I managed to get in, but unfortunately Geoff didn’t. It was Geoff’s birthday today (55) and I had promised him I would go fishing with him, so I cancelled Shiplate for me and instead booked us both into the Viaduct cost cutter. A bit disappointing as it would have been Geoff’s first visit to Shiplate. Always next Spring.

First stop Canards Well where Geoff tried to do his Two Chew imitation. Not too bad.

As I said to Geoff if you listen to the BBC weather you would end up staying home every time. Forecast high winds and heavy rain, in fact it wasn’t too bad with the wind in the West it was blowing straight down the Lakes with the odd shower.

Only Campbell in today so I was hoping for a peg on one of the near end pegs 132 to 129 being very much appreciated. In to the Coffee tin and out comes peg 123. Umm! Birthday boy drew peg spit peg 128, but found an eye had broken off his waggler rod which would limit him today.
So Ronnie’s with some Perch today then, my target weight 10lb. So set up just the waggler to fish single caster over caster. Even though the wind wasn’t that conducive the presentation wasn’t too bad. The upshot was I caught Ronnie’s to 3 oz for most of the day with a run of four perch halfway through to 1lb.

I weighed 12lb 8oz for second in the Silvers. As I won this section with 10lb last Sunday from peg 125 I was satisfied with this - plenty of bites.

The match was won by Silverfox team mate Adrian Jeffery (pictured right with his catch) from peg 118 with 45lb. Adrian caught on his favoured 1/2oz Arlesey Bomb with a large piece of coloured hair rigged meat cast just short of peg 121. Arian’s weight was made up of four decent Carp – one well into double figures. Fair play to Adrian there is no way I could wait 5 ½ hours for four bites, special skill me thinks.

The Silvers was won by Steve Jackson (pictured right holding a 3 1/2 lb Perch) from peg 112 with 21lb. Steve caught Perch and Bream to 3 ½ lb on the waggler. Well done matey.

Blime 78 booked into the Viaduct Christmas Match.

Full Result:

  1. Adrian Jeffery 45-0-0 peg 118
  2. Steve Jackson 21-0-0 peg 112
  3. Paul Dare 15-11-0 peg 110
Top Silvers:

  1. Steve Jackson 21-0-0 peg 112
  2. Mike Nicholls 12-08-0 peg 123
Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 11 December 2017

Sunday 10/12/2017 - Viaduct Individual Silvers League - Final Round Six - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

Bela’s big box of nails was becoming a bit too risky to drive long distances and has booked it in for repair next Tuesday, so my turn to drive. Heavy rain over night left plenty of surface water along the way. Breakfast at Canards well which was acceptable.

As could be anticipated a few no shows plus plenty of talk of anglers not going to certain pegs. Late into the draw coffee tin and out comes peg Campbell 125. Thank God for arranging for me to have the wind off my back. Peg 125 would normally a peg you want in a Silvers match but as recent results show the Silvers have migrated south along with the Carp. It was a hard slog walking to my peg in the high winds, blimey it was rough which made setting up all the more difficult. For company I had Colin Dyer and Glenn Calvert who had fished this section last match with 7lb winning it. We were promised high winds to 50 mph for the first part of the match and then flat calm for the remainder and that’s what we got, but needed to add continuous rain. I know if I was under a one of the big Willows I would have moved – not sure where as the section was full. One Tree did come down in the car park falling between two cars, how lucky was Steve Kedge.

I set up the waggler which once I got the hang of the back cast into the wind I found the float behaving well, gently going against the wind. I think I could have cast it to Lodge Lake. I also set up the margin pole in case it got blown in to fish a 4x14 at top-set plus three over GB laced with Pinkie. The next issue was feeding the caster. With the wind as it was I had no idea where they landed, much too far was my guess. First cast with single caster I had a 2oz Ronnie. Next cast a bonus Perch just shy of 2lb. Good start. I could get a bite from Ronnie’s every cast and decided that these along with the Perch would put me up for a section win. I did try the pole a couple of times after I had over fed the peg catching just one Ronnie which fell off. The feeding pattern was difficult but found it wasn’t a question of little and often, more fish the feed out day. I was anticipating catching some more quality late on which I might have done had I not pulled out of it – was it a big Perch or a foul hooked Carp – don’t know. I along with everyone else fishing was glad to hear the all out it, I had lost the feeling in my hands by then.

I weighed 9lb 14oz for a section win. I finished the league with 14 points and fifteenth overall which on reflection was OK. Three matches I think I got the most from the pegs with three others not so. One I should have fished soft pellet instead of meat, the second leaving it too late to fish for Ronnie’s, another I didn’t feed enough. All this learning will hopefully be taken into next year’s league, being replaced with something different I suspect.

The venue fished surprisingly well especially under such terrible conditions

Bela did a “Default Dave” also picking up, so the car was a double bubbler today. Who needs an excuse to stop for Fish and Chips and a pint?
Today’s match win was shared by Nick Ewers and Mr Pin-up Vince Brown (pictured right) both weighing 24lb 8oz. Nick was on Carey peg 77 and caught at 11.5 metres fished maggot over GB catching hand size Skimmers all through the match. Vince fished Lodge peg 59 catching decent Skimmers at 13 metres using caster hook bait tipped with a Pinkie over GB and lots of caster.

“Some say he has three GCSE’s all in domestic science, and that he’s been producing artificial sperm for years – even though some have repeatedly asked him not to. All I know it’s The Trig.”

As we expected Craig Edmonds won the over league with 7 points (dropping 3) making the most of four good draws. Well done The Trig. The top Five pictured right with their spoils.

A big thank you goes to Matt Long for running a well organised and enjoyable league. And a special thanks to Steve Long for finally working out how the kettle and microwave works.

Full Result:

  1. Nick Ewers Peg 77 and Vince Brown 24-08-0 peg 59
  1. Tony Rixon 18-0-0 peg 99 and peg 97
  2.  Joe McMahon 15-07-0 peg 78
  3. Stu White 14-11-0 peg 70
  4. John Fuidge 14-03-0 peg 55
Weigh Sheet:

Overall Final League Result:

Monday, 4 December 2017

Sunday 03/12/2017 - Ricky Mills Knock up - Westerleigh - New Canal

Ricky Mills was running a match on the “New Canal” (I suppose now the New New Canal) so I talked Geoff Francis and Bela Bakos into coming as I was interested in the changes which have been recently made. The Canal had been completely drained finding only a few small fish remaining after being devastated by Otters. The diggers moved in, making vast improvements (pictured upper right). The Canal has been dug to about six foot in the deepest part with a decent 2-3 foot shelf on both inside and over. I thought it a well designed little fishery. The Canal has been partly stocked with small Carp to 3lb and Skimmers from 4oz to 2lb. Mark Taylor (pictured right) who has leased the fishery for 20 years or more recognises more fish are needed with more Carp expected this week. Mark is also in the planning stages for that much needed Otter fence. At a friendly push it could take 15 anglers.

After breakfast in Wetherspoons, this was hot for a change, then a short drive to the fishery. With only eight fishing today we were for reasons to be come apparent were all bunched at one end. I drew peg 24 which was half way down the RH side an end peg really.

One 4x14 rig did for anywhere down the middle and a 4x10 for over at 13 metres. I fed some wetted micro at top-set plus two out in front and some GB laced with Pinkies at top-set plus three at 2-o-clock. Started on the 4mm pellet and had indications straight away catching two small pretty Carp and one Skimmer. It then died so went over the GB with double Pinkie and had another Carp and a Skimmer. With only fifteen minutes gone I was expectant of a good days fishing. Alas not because for the remaining 5 ¼ hours I didn’t have a bite!! Whilst the two end pegs 21 and 26 caught steady all day. I found it interesting that the near end peg 21 caught all Carp and the other end peg 26 caught mainly Skimmers. I’m guessing that they have come from different sources.

I weighed 1lb 15oz to coming joint last with Geoff Francis who was opposite me.

I had a few walks around taking some pictures – right Lionel Legg landing one of the better Carp, Bela fishing long as per usual – missing bites.

The match was won by Shaun Putney (pictured right with his catch) with 52lb from peg 21. Shaun caught on anything other than maggot?

The Silvers was won by Mark with 18lb 4oz from peg 26. Mark caught on Pinkie over Pinkie and GB.

It was going to be close who would pick up the Silvers pool by default, Bela, Ricky and I all had two Skimmers. Bela did have a Goldfish in with the Silvers and as scales man I did say if it didn’t have barbel’s I would count it, it didn’t, so giving Bela the edge, “nicking” the default pool with 2lb 14oz.

Full Result:

  1. Shaun Putney 52-0-0 peg 21
  2. Mark Taylor 26-04-0 peg 26

  1. Mark Taylor 18-04-0 peg 26
Weigh Book: