Friday, 26 October 2018

Thursday 25/10/2018 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Yet more Siltex going into Bridge Pool. So anglers can expect the fish to be sickened off from feeding on the bottom. What a waste of club finances especially as there is little to no silt in Bridge pool in comparison to all the other still water fisheries I fish. The Pool use to have a lovey ochre colour which has significantly changed, becoming much clearer.

Pete Turner gave me some of his Mumbles beers to try, first one up looks interesting.

I am still having problems sleeping because of my damaged shoulder, so wasn't sure I should go today. The problem is exacerbated by being still so thought I would be better off moving the shoulders so after some pain killers went anyway. 

I thought of going for a disabled draw today, but hate fishing these platforms, makes me feel caged. So into the open draw bag and out comes disabled peg 8 in any case. For company I had my Doombar partner Dave "Shithead" Gillard on peg 10 and Mike Taylor on peg 7.

I had already decided wherever I draw I would limit myself to top-set plus two. So set up a 4x16 F1 Titan to fish at this length and by moving the float down by two inches it suited my close line with one barrel removed, also set up the Ronnie rig and a margin paste float which only had a short excursion - paste may be over! I started long with 4mm Sonubaits expander over wetted micro and started catching hand size Skimmers which lasted about an hour. So I fed the short line with GB and had a go on the Ronnie rig with LRM's over loose fed same and had about 2 lb of small Perch before I had to retire it due loose feeding aggravating the shoulder. So came short over the GB and could hook a small Ronnie every put in, with most falling off ( I thought I was going to get some micro barbed hooks?). At half time I reckon I had a bout 10 lb of Silvers which from what I could tell was as good as anyone else. So change of plan this week deciding to stay with the Silvers. I had fed all the lines prior to half time and had switched the short line to a "to hand" rig to reduce Ronnie losses. Back out on the expander and had some better Skimmers and a couple of F1's. Re-fed and went on the short to hand rig and had a more productive run of Ronnies. The upshot was by switching between these two lines I kept the Silvers coming plus two decent Carp on the expander.

My Carp weighed 14 lb 15 oz and my Silvers 22 lb 14 oz for a total of 37 lb 13 oz for second Silvers and third overall, so mission accomplished. Glad I came fishing.

The match was won by Dave Wride with 67 lb 5 oz from peg 28. Dave caught in the water on the pole.

The runner up was newbie Allan Oram (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 52 lb 15 oz from peg 21. Allan caught in the open water using expanders over micro. His catch mainly made up of F1's.

The Silvers was won once again by Paul Barnfield with 30 lb 14 oz from peg 14. One thing with Paul is that I know exactly how he catches because we all get his running commentary. Paul started on worm hook bait and later switched to maggot all over micro feed. Paul caught in spell, after 2/3 Skimmers he had a long wait for the next bus load.


1. Dave Wride 67-05-0 peg 28
2. Allan Oram 52-25-0 peg 21
3. Mike Nicholls 37-13-0 peg 8


1. Paul Barnfield 30-14-0 peg 14
2. Mike Nicholls 22-14-0 peg 8
3. Dave Wride 14-08-0 peg 28

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 22 October 2018

Sunday 21/10/2018 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round Two - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

I woke this morning feeling physical good. Bela picked me up at 07;00 and breakfasted in Cannards Well. The food wasn't as good as last time, plus I didn't have a hash brown. I complained and was assured that she had cooked three, Bela was looking like the Cat that got the cream. We were joined by Stu White who seems at the moment to have the Silvers sorted at Viaduct, so had a chat. On our way to the fishery Bela and I mentioned peg 132 again, and were subsequently worried one of us would draw it - or perhaps both of us! Not to worry the peg isn't in this year. Bela got close though with peg 130!

Late into the draw coffee tin and out comes peg 60 on Lodge. Umm, not what I needed. Last league match 3 lb 9 oz come from it! The peg is in front of the old stock pond that is now emitting hydrogen sulfide - I have now named peg 60 the "Stink Hole" - no smoking area I think. For company I had Steve Tucker on peg 59 and Jack "The Cat" Billet on 61.

I set up the waggler but the light was awful so could only fish it at 13 metres. I would definitely need the Ronnie rig if it was going to be a hard match. Finally a 4x12 Winter Titan to fish at 11.5 metres and 10 metres. I decided on a positive approach on the longer line feeding four balls of GB laced with DR's and caster and the 10 metre line off to the right with wetted micro for 4mm expander hook bait, which is where I started and sat there for 15 minutes without any indication, not even the usual early Ronnie. Not looking good. So onto the Ronnies rig with caster over caster and had a couple of Ronnie's, but it was slow. So I switch to maggot or loose fed maggot which helped. However, I needed more bites so another change to laced up GB. Whilst that settled I went out long over the GB with double DR's and caught tiny Ronnies, which was a pain fishing that far out.with most falling off. I decided to try and feed them off by pilling in the casters this worked in this respect but rendered the line dead except for a small Hybrid. During potting I did something to my shoulder making it painful to ship in. So decided to try the waggler with caster over caster. I really upped the loose fed caster in the hope of attracting Carp and hence Skimmers. No sign of Carp but had two 3 oz Ronnies. Subsequently decision made to fish the Ronnie rig for the rest of the match, which as it happen was the best I could have done. I caught Ronnies steady and added three bonus Skimmers to boost the weight. One of the Skimmers came right after hooking my only Carp.

I weighed 12 lb 1 oz for a second time section 5th only beating the two each side. I'm out of the league now after two indifferent draws. Interestingly my weight would have picked up coin on Campbell today with the Lake Silvers completely switching off.

The match was won again by Craig Edmonds from peg Carey peg 78 (pictured right with runner up John Fuidge - Trig pointing out he was beaten by 4 oz) with 40 lb 14 oz. Trig caught at 14.5 metres and 11 metres fishing caster or maggot over GB laced with the same. Mid match he switched to wagger and corn landing a few better Skimmers.
As can be from the results Carey was the Lake to draw!

Bela was second in the section so we had some coin for the Pinky Ponk.


1. Craig Edmonds 40-14-0 peg 78
2. John Fuidge 40-10-0 peg 97
3. Bob Gullick 30-10-0 peg 87
4. Gary O'Shea 29-14-0 peg 81
5. Alvin ? 28-08-0 peg 102
6. Gary Webber 27-0-0 peg 100

Weigh Sheets:

Saturday 20/10/2018 - Todber Manor Pairs League - Round Two - Hillview, Ash and Homeground

I woke up one hour before the alarm and had look out the window to see fog, so I got up and left earlier. However, it was only patchy and arrived in plenty of time to stop in Subway for a cup of tea. Walking in the place it smelled of something I didn't recognised! I bought a cup of tea in a 2go cup and on first sip could taste the same horrid smell which was on the cup rim. Tea binned. Fast food at its worse.

My turn on Homeground with Martyn on Ash. I had a walk around before the draw and saw plenty of fish on pegs 70 to 73 on Ash. However, Homeground was very quiet. Pictured right of a beautiful autumn morning looking over Hillview.

In to the draw bucket and out came peg 85. Fished this lake five times now and drawn here three times now. However, this time I had plenty of room as the next peg was occupied by match organiser Mark Poppleton on end peg 82 and next to me was Liverpudlian Dave Hodgson on peg 86. Scott Puddy arrived on the "Boys Hole" peg 90 so that's the lake winner then!

There was sufficient fog to give cover to the fish which was essential as there was little to no wind. I hoped it would stay like it all day, but that was very wishful.

I had allsorts of baits but only put 4mm hard pellet, wetted micro, Sonubaits 4mm expander and paste on the bait table. If the paste didn't work immediately it would be a quick switch to meat. So one paste rig a 0.3 gram Stu Barnett fully shotted with number 11's and a 4x14 Winter Titan. Because the water level was down and a bit and clearish I wasn't going to bother with the margin - until a Carp came in feeding right at my feet. I started on the paste rig at top-set plus two barrels at 2 o'clock kindering some 4's and micro with the paste and had a bite on the drop which I missed. Out again and a 2 - 3 lb fish was in the net. For the next 1 hour and 45 minutes I had a fish nearly every put in (some missed bite or liners) I recond I had 70 lb in the net. The dreaded sun came out and instantly killed everyone's peg. I went long with the expander at 10 metres with the F1 rig and did catch a few more over micro and had a few Skimmers, which were not unwelcome. I had been feeding the paste line through the kinder pot which wasn't working. I had been watching the Carp in the margin feeding on and off so fed some maggot down the edge. I was expecting it to go straight over them, but not, it disappeared for about 15 minutes before returning for a munch. The penny dropped now the sun was blazing the fish were shying away from the feed. So I dumped fed the paste line with 50/50 micro and hard 4's and left it whilst I fished out the lonely 8 lb Carp from the margin. The dumping worked and after fishing it out and re-dumping I went long with the expander where I had also been dump feeding with micro. By switching between the two lines the fishing gradually got better and didn't want the match to end.

I finished with 129 lb for a section third and sixth overall. I was a bit critical of my feeding today with it taking so long to sort it out. I must say the fish are in excellent condition and look as if they have never been caught and growing fast. What a great venue.

My partner came last in section again with 62 lb 7 oz. It looks like we will have to leave winning the league to his son Joe and the Bristol Carp Slayer, who also today qualified for the Silver final with 24 lb.

The Lake and the match was won by Scott Puddy (pictured right) with 183 lb 8 oz from peg 90. Boys Hole or not you still have to catch them. So well done to a very good young angler - good sport. Scott caught on pellet both short and long. Scott also suffered for a while once the sun appeared. The Pensioner had him worried during the first hour!!

The weigh in was much quicker today with Jon providing four sets of scales.


1. Scott Puddy 183-08-0 peg 90
2. Jack Stamp 160-14-0 peg 75
3. Bob Gullick 151-04-0 peg 44
4. Martin Rayet 136-14-0 peg 80
5. Joe McMahon 131-08-0 peg 71
6. Mike Nicholls 129-0-0 peg 85


Joint top is Steve Tucker and Gary O'Shea and Joe McMahon and Martin Rayet both on 9 points with Steve and Gary a head on weight.

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 19 October 2018

Thursday 18/10/2018 - Windmill Open - Cost Cutter

On my own again due to Geoff still settling in to knob hill. I must say I feel sorry for those that have to commute to work by car, the roads are at saturation point. Is there no plan to limit the number of cars per mile of road?

It was good to see nineteen fishing today, plus the weather forecast was reasonable with light winds. The only downside the fish tend to switch off at this venue without the wind creating the tow they love to feed in.

Into the draw bag and out comes bottle top 4. Now this peg has a history of being blackballed and not usually pegged hence the first time I have drawn it. I was willing to give the peg the benefit of the doubt. For company I had mumbler Paul Haines (apparently it's singing) on peg 3 and deaf aid Martin Alexander on peg 5. No point in talking to Martin as his response is always the same "The time is...".

Vince and Bullseye Shipp (pictured right) drew fyler peg 22. I think it's nearing the time for Vince to ride on the trolley and Bullseye to fish!!

A Indian guy fished today and drew peg 2. I went and had a chat with him and noticed he didn't have any keepnets. However, he was still happy to fish even though I would get his money back. One I should beat then!

The Carp on this peg tend to hug the far bank. So I decided to fish for Silvers. However, when the Cormorants return the Silvers disappear and there were three sitting on the transmission towers. I set up the Ronnie rig, a 4x14 F1 Titan and optimistically a margin paste rig. I started with putting a ball of GB laced with some DR's over the Ronnie rig line and was disappointed that after 15 minutes I hadnt had a bite except for one very tiny lonely Perch. Umm. So out at top-set plus two with the 4x14 in 5 foot of water. This time kindering small amount of GB with some loose LRM's. I started to get the odd Ronnie on the drop. I did lose a decent Skimmer which i think I foul hooked on the drop. However, I was dropping too many Ronnies so switched to a very light elastic and as fate would have it I hooked a Carp luckily it was one of the new 3 lb Arrivals. The upshot was I kept on this line until the last 45 minutes adding the occasional small Carp and Small Ronnie's, switching to the margin with triple maggot over maggot and caught a 8 lb Carp. Tried the paste and hooked a right bottom hugger. I couldn't get it up and once again right on the death of the match lost a fish that would cost be coin.

My six Carp weighed exactly 23 lb which matched my estimate and my Silvers weighed a megre 4 lb 14 oz for a total of 27 lb 14 oz. For no coin today. Except for two weights it was a tight match, a Carp or two helping most to coin. So my current thinking is that peg 4 can compete with Carp but not sure about the Silvers though with the near bank still being best place to be pegged.

The match was won by Dave Willmott (pictured upper right) with 57 lb from peg 9. Dave caught on 6mm meat over meat. Dave fed about 1 1/2 tins.

The Silvers was won by Pete Turner (pictured right with his decent Skimmer catch) with 13 lb 9 oz from peg 20. Pete caught on maggot over GB laced with caster fished at 10 metres. Pete fed about 1 kg of GB. This was a remarkable catch considering Pete spends at least two hours on the phone running Mumbles Brewery. Great beers I hear.

Back to the Ring-o- Bells with the usual suspects to round off another great day out in the fresh air.


1. Dave Willmott 57-0-0 peg 9
2. Glenn Bailey 44- 08-0 peg 17
3. Martyn Rayet 34-12-0 peg 16


1. Pete Turner 13-09-0 peg 20
2. Steve Dawson 8-08-0 peg 8
3. Ken Morgan 6-09-0 peg 19

Weigh Sheet:

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Saturday 13/10/2018 - Avalon Silvers League - Match Lake

Firstly well done to Craig Edmonds for winning the Parkdean Masters and picking up £25,000 - well deserved. This proves how strong the angling is in the South West with seven local anglers making it to the final.

Martyn Rayet asked me to stand in for him in the Avalon Saturday Silvers League. I agreed as I was free. I have had some great weights of Ronnie Roach at this venue, but we all know how finicky theses fish can be.

The night before I was advised that the road I usually use to access the fishery was closed, so I planned another route which added another four miles. I went passed the road closed sign and wished I had tested it as I found out later that it was passable - bugger. I was hoping that the horrendous weather forecast was also passable. The temperature was 20 degrees - Weather Weirdness.

Breakfast in Shipham and met two anglers off to Stafford Moor for a weeks holiday.

Arriving at the fishery I was surprised to find only 16 fishing. For some reason I had expected 30+ as it's a great venue. this probably due to being on Saturdays which can be difficult for many. Nice to see Paul Locke fishing.

The wind was horrendous so the pegging was changed to 8 per side and all in a row - no empty pegs creating 4 end pegs. Into the draw tub and out comes disc 43. This was the right side for some shelter from the wind and I could park behind my peg. However, it's not the best side for the Ronnies. For company I had the two Dodds.

I set up a short Ronnie rig, a 4x12 Roob both for the LH margin where I had 4 foot of water right up to the bank. I then got out the heaviest float in the box a 4 x16 which was totally out gunned by the depth and tow against the wind. I tried it at top-set plus 1 and at 10 metres, but with all the shot on the bottom it would not hold. I did spend some time on this holding back which resulted in one Ronnie and a tiny Skimmer fishing DR's over DR laced GB. In the meantime I kept thinking about the 4 gram floats I had home which would be about right today. I had a feeder rod in the Car but didn't set it up those that did didn't catch on it.

The league is decided on overall weight which after one match Martyn was winning. So I thought it important to get as many ounces in the net as possible rather than risk sitting it out for a Bream or two. So I spent 90 % of the match in the margin. I started on the Ronnie rig with single caster over caster and was getting indications from Ronnies so went shallow with maggot and had a run of Ronnie's with one around 12 oz. This died so tried the Roob tight to the bank and caught the odd Ronnie. One thing I discovered is that Oak leaves are attracted to yellow topped floats! between switching between the two rigs up and down I kept the odd fish coming. I did lose a Tench (thick slime) which caught me by surprise diving behind my keep net - bugger. I managed to avoid most of the Carp hooking three landing two for an estimated 20 lb.

The wind was absolutely horrendous. The wind affects the hydrodynamics in many ways which I find fascinating. It certainly affects where the fish are prepared to sit and where they feed.

I weighed a meagre 5 lb 6 oz for halfway! Still it kept Martyn in the running now in second place.

The match was won by Joe McMahon (pictured right) with 26 lb 3 oz from peg 7. Joe caught two early Bream at 10 metres, then switched to top-set plus one to his left to land more Bream to 4 lb. Joe fished DR's over DR laced GB. What was interesting re hydraulics although Joe was on the more wind affected side his rig was going with the wind? I think the islands affect the the tow (funneling) and with Joe in open water may have been responsible. One thing I am sure of Joe will soon be another Parkdean masters qualifier.

Incidentally Avalon and Todber Manor are exactly the same distance from home at 66 miles return and both taking 1 hour 11 minutes one way.


1. Joe McMahon 26-03-0 peg 7
2. Gabe 19-01-0 peg 39 End peg
3. Alan Parsons 12-04-0 peg 47 End peg

Weigh Sheet:

League to Date:

Friday, 12 October 2018

Thursday 12/10/2018 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Arrived at the fishery in plenty of time to have a walk around the pool with Dave Gillard and Steve Dawson. The water was too clear for my liking especially down the far end - didn't want to draw down here. With Chris Rolfe away the morning assembly was held by Mike Jones - subjects today - No swearing and no abusing car drivers by leaving poles behind you on the road side.

In to the ASDA "bag for life" (no draw bag) and out comes the last disc I would have chosen - peg 31. I always seem to struggle on this peg but have managed to scrap last in the silvers money or onced out. I should have taken this experience of the peg more seriously. for company I had Hughies Evans and Rob Duffety who was end peg 32.

I set up two paste floats one for just up the inside shelf and the other for a deep margin (water clarity). Setting up these rigs was a mistake and proved to be no more than a distraction for what I should have done all match. The Silvers rigs were the Ronnie rig and a 4x16 f1 to fish top-set plus one Barrel which was 4 inches up the inside shelf.

I started on the 4mm expander over micro on the F1 and caught two decent Skimmers in the first two put-ins, both on the drop, going to empty it then. That was it except for one Ronnie. Did the right thing and fed some GB on the same line and switched to maggot and got a bite every put-in with only 50 % resulted in adding ounces to the net due to them either dropping off or missed bites. I think I might have to succumb to micro barbed hooks (they are permitted). I persevered with this to half time. I had to assist weigh in again today and it was clear the pool was fishing hard for silvers. I estimated I had 8 lb which was as good as anyone. The biggest Carp weight was 35 lb which also could be easily over hauled if I could get the margin munters. My tactics have been to fish for Carp second half, but today it was a dilemma. The upshot was I made the wrong choice by trying the paste in the margin for far too long which resulted in two lost Carp followed by some nibbling. I went back to the Silvers but was getting frustrated by flying Ronnies (the increase force between fish and hook from them being in water and suddenly not was the main culprit). I hadn't fished the Ronnie rig because I thought the water was too clear, but now gave it a go and relised that if I had started and finished on this rig I would have had a lot more Ronnies in the net I also had two more decent Skimmers.

I had one F1 and my Silvers weighed 15 lb which was 2 ounces from a pick-up. Will I never learn. Still I did enjoy it.

The match was won by Dave Wride with 71 lb 4 oz from peg 21.

The runner up today was Tony Rixon (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with... see his blog for details. It involved catching mainly F1's fishing long everywhere.

The Silvers was won by Paul Barnfield with 24 lb from peg 28 (why was pegs 27 and 29 not fished?). Paul caught long ising worm hook about over chopped worm and micro. Paul "only" used 1/4 kilo of worm and 4 pints of micro!!!  I noticed that he had at least a gallon of wetted micro on his bait tray!

We finally got back to the pub after negotiating lots of traffic on a rat run around the road works on the junction of the A39 and A368. One frustrated tosser asked Dave Gillard "Where he thought he was going travelling down the lanes" - Dave replied in his usual dry way "The pub, where are you going?".


1. Dave Wride 71-04-0 peg 21
2. Tony Rixon 67-0-0 peg 4
3. Paul Barnfield 59-06-0 peg 28
4. John Smith 41-03-0 peg 6


1. Paul Barnfield 24-0-0 peg 28
2. Mike Jones 18-0-0 peg 7
3. Steve Dawson 15-02-0 peg 24
4. Mike nicholls 15-0-0 peg 31

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 8 October 2018

Sunday 07/10/2018 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round One - Campbell, Carey and Lodge lakes

Because Bela was fishing the Stafford Moor Autumn festival he missed the first match so I travelled with Gordon Cannings. We stopped at Canards Well for breakfast, which I must say was enjoyable.

What a difference a day makes, first frost of the Autumn, with sunshine for most of the day with little to no wind. However, this would no doubt affect the fishing. Opposite to yesterday I gradually took lavers off instead of adding them. lovely and warm.

This league is as strong as it gets with no easy sections, so a good draw important. Into the draw bag and out comes peg 73 on Lodge Lake. Umm, right Lake, wrong peg I'm thinking. for company I had blogger Chris Fox on peg 74. Neither of us expected much.

I thought if the Roach fed and the Skimmers shied away I might have a chance against the rope pegs, ever the optimist. So first up was the Ronnie rig to fish short to the right towards the tree, a 4 x12 Winter to fish top-set plus three barrels out in front and a 4x10 Roob to fish caster under the brambles to my left. Whilst checking the shotting on this one a Perch took the bare hook. Promising?

I started by feeding a small amount of micro on the long line to fish 4mm expander over, but started on the Ronnie rig with caster over caster. After 15 minutes and no bites I knew I was going to struggle - bugger the Roach weren't feeding. So I dropped a single caster in under the brambles and had a 12 oz Perch first try. This was my only fish here as it wasn't long before the Carp arrived which I could see mopping up the caster. My last hope was the expander which I tried and stayed there for 15 minutes before catching a small hybrid, followed by a 1 lb Skimmer and few smaller ones. I had only been dripping in a few micros which was enough for the Carp to take a liking to. I foul hooked one - no lost hook. I decided to switch to DR's over GB, so opened another line and fed it quite heavy whilst I switch the Ronnie rig to single Pinkie which sort of worked until I foul hooked another Carp - no lost hook. Then again on a single Pinkie I thought I had foul hooked another Carp in the tail this time. I suddenly relised that it hadn't ripped the light elastic out so was thinking it must be a small one - but needed to check before pulling for a break. I was delighted to see the head of a decent Eel surface, only for the hook to pull - was it fouled hooked? Who knows. Spent the rest of the match feeding GB and catching next to nothing just the odd Skimmer and Ronnie.

I finished with a lowly 11 lb 6 oz only beating two in my section of seven, at least I wasn't last. I was certainly at the wrong end for the Silvers. Considering peg 73 is a noted Carp peg I was surprised to only lose one hook to one of the four Carp I hooked.

"Some say that he punched anglers in the soul, and that he’s confused by stairs. All I know is he’s The Trig.”

The match was by Craig Edmonds (pictured right) with 50 lb 3 oz from Carey peg 99. Craig initially caught on expander over micro and later went longer on DR's over GB laced with caster.


1. Craig Edmonds 50-03-0 peg 99
2. Dick Bull 38-03-0 peg 103
3. Ricky Mills 30-03-0 peg 85
4. Bob Gullick 30-01-0 peg 98

Weigh Sheets:

Saturday 06/10/2018 - Todber Manor Pairs - Hillview, Ash and Homeground

I had planned to fish this league with Bela but for various reasons ended up substituting himself for Martin McMahon. So two Coffin Dodgers go South.

I can say without contradiction that to a man we were unprepared for the weather that was to face us. This venue is affected by the wind, so higher it is the more we catch. Sit out of the wind and there is a good possibility that you would struggle. The weather conditions were horrendous fierce NW wind which was icy cold and horizontal rain.  

The pools payout is based on four sections of nine anglers with section payouts only - £100 first and £60 second. No overall payouts, which I like. Two sections on Hillview, one on Ash and the other on Homeground. First match we got to chose of either Hillview or Ash/Homeground. I let Martin choose deciding on Hillview and drew peg 52 up the leg, which was OK but would be facing the wind. I go in and draw peg 64 on Ash, which is three pegs up from the shop end. I couldn't comment on whether is was a good draw or not. For company I had the affable Ashley on peg 65 and on end peg 62 Pete. I stood on the platform and with the wind blowing down this end of the Lake I watched the 4 inch high waves battering through and wanted to go straight back home - it was bloody freezing.

I only had maggot, expanders and paste hookbaits so thought the paste would be unusable in such conditions. Nonetheless, I only put 4 mm expanders, paste, micros and hard 4's on the bait table. Three rigs two paste floats one for the margin the other up the shelf at top-set plus one barrel, a 4x16 winter to fish top-set plus three barrels for the expander, which was far too ambitious in such conditions.

Before the all in I still wanted to go home! I kindered some hard 4's followed by my paste mix on the long paste line. It just hit bottom when the float went under from a liner. The tow was very strong into the wind. In again and I caught a 2 lb Carp. Paste vindicated which was a relief. I kept on this line for most of the match because I found the down wind margin was towing so hard my feed ended up by my keepnet! There was no way I was going to face the wind and rain especially with glasses on.I experimented with feeding a mix of 4's and micro and found the Skimmers appeared so stayed with the 4's - for another day! Halfway through my hands were so cold they stopped working. However, I had a good days fishing but did get frustrated with the tow. It was so difficult to hold the paste back, hence I was towing into fish causing at least 20 foulers today. All my Carp were between 1 lb and 3 lb with only one 8 lb. All I knew I had beaten the only angler I could see which was Pete on the end peg.

I finished the match with 142 lb 2 oz for second in the section and 7th overall. Second seems habitual at the moment, but would settle for this every time. I got beat by matey Martyn Rayet who weighed 177 lb. It was noticeable how much bigger his fish was to mine - us pictured upper right - who's the Silverfox?

Sorry Ash a Bristol chip shop sandwich for you today.

Martyn's partner Joe McMahon did well his catch included a PB Carp of 19 lb 14 oz - pictured upper  right.

Although my partner weighed a 100 lb it was only worth 7 points! The venue fished it's head off.

The match was won by Steve Tucker (pictured right with his partner whom also won his section and came second overall - the pair to beat I think) with 201 lb 7 oz from Hillview peg 49, renamed "Tuck's corner" because he draws it so often! Steve caught on maggot over GB both from his margins and short out in front.

What a great fishery but be aware ij owner Jon Candy say's dip your nets best dip them!


1. Steve Tucker 201-07-0 peg 49 HV
2. Gary O'Shea 184-10-0 peg 80 HG
3. Martyn Rayett 177-0-0 peg 67 Ash
4. Vince Brown 173-09-0 peg 50 HV
5. Dave Romaine 152-14-0 peg 86 HG
6. Matt 146-10-0 peg 85

Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 5 October 2018

Thursday 04/10/2018 - Windmill Cost Cutter Open - Match Lake

Hungry Horaces for breakfast with Geoff Francis. A reasonable turn out of 14 for a mid-weeker, which included late comer Steve Jefferies. After paying the £12 and having the usual walk round the fishery it was into the draw bag to determine which milk bottle top fate would deal me. Out comes peg 8. I have only picked up once on this peg which was a double winning bubble. I didn't fancy it much, but the weather was perfect to be outside in the country for 10 hours. The wind was ideal, a light Southwesterly blowing down the far end which nearly included my peg. Geoff was on peg 14, a peg he wished for himself.

For company I had Dave Poole on peg 7 and "Standing Man" John Osbourne on peg 10. Whilst draw bag John "Boy" Smith (does he never age) was on the end bank peg 11.

Peg 8 doesn't have any bankside cover and with the water clear and the level down 18 inches or more I wasn't sure my margin was going to fish. Nonetheless I set up a margin paste float to fish out 1 metre from the bank in deeper water. The peg is a reasonable Silvers peg so set up the Ronnie rig and a 4x14 F1 winter to fish top-set plus four barrels in 5 foot of water for 4mm expander over micro, where I started the match. First kinder pot certainly got the fish interested with loads of indications however, it was Carp. During the first hour I had two Skimmers and four Carp for 25 lb before the swim completely died - apparently. Looking round it seemed everyone had gone quite, except John Boy who was catching down both his edges. So I decided to get my head down with the Ronnie rig with maggot over loose fed maggot. It was a tiny Ronnie a put-in. I thought I would try some GB which worked well as I started to catch better fish with the odd Skimmer.

Halfway through there was some commotion from the pegs opposite. Pete Greenslade had foul hooked a munter in the tail on his Silvers rig which had gone into Bob Prices peg. Bob could see it in the reeds so netted it out for Pete. For the sake of fairness Bob agreed to release it with the hook still in it for Pete to have another attempt to land it - which he did. You can't write this stuff.

With two hours to go and the small Silvers still hungry John Osbourne started to catch down his edge. decisions to be made and elected to try my margin with paste over hard 4's. First try a 8 lb fish was soon in the net. So I decided to stick with this until the end landing Carp to 14 lb. However, I did have a frustrating time foul hooking five Carp in a row. The crafty buggers were coming from the bank down the shelf hitting my line before getting to the hook bait. I fished in closer but still fed in the same place which improved things. I shouted "fish on" on the all out whistle and lost it five minutes over time with the hook pulling out and was lucky I had a hat on otherwise I would have looked like a Unicorn with a float in my head!! It being about 8 lb it wouldn't have been quite enough to beat John Boy though.

My Silvers weighed 12 lb 9 oz for second Silvers and my overall weight 104 lb 1 oz for second overall - mission accomplished.

As expected John Boy (pictured upper right with my munters) won the match with 114 lb 1 oz from peg 11. John took small Carp from each margin using double corn over corn and micro mix.

The Silvers was won by "Enigma" (pictured right rolling back) with 25 lb 4 oz from peg 16. Steve caught on allsorts.

I must say the Match Lake is fishing very well helped by the influx of 500 lb of 2 to 4 lb Carp transferred from the Carp Lake - a good move. Expect more fish to be transferred in the coming weeks. The winter fishing will also improve this year. Lets hope the Cormorants don't show as much this winter.

It was back to the pun with the usual suspects. it was good to see Dave Gillard fishing today.


1. John Smith 114-01-0 peg 11
2. Mike Nicholls 104-01-0 peg 8
3. Dave Haines 98-10-0 peg 2


1. Steve Dawson 25-04-0 peg 16
2. Mike Nicholls 12-09-0 peg 8
3. Dave Poole 9-04-0 peg 7
3. Martin Alexander 9-04-0 peg 6

Weigh Sheet: