Monday, 27 August 2018

Sunday 26/08/2018 - Tony Rixon's Float Only - Final Round - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell and Carey Lakes

With Bela on family duties I travelled with Two Pots Bailey. We fuelled up in Canards Well on large breakfasts - far too much for us, apparently they do a small one.

Forecast was for rain all day and they weren't wrong!

I have missed three of the six matches so not concerned about fishing for points. I was hoping to draw Carey where I thought was the best chance of a Silvers pickup. Into the draw box and out comes peg 123 on Campbell. This peg has produced more silver weights over the years than any other peg on the venue. However, it has gradually declined particularly in the summer months due I think to them preferring to me near the aerator the other end of the Lake. This wouldn't stop me initially fishing for them. For company I had Chris Fox on 124 and Leon Hubbard on 121.

A 4 x12 winter to fish banded pellet at top-set plus two out in front and a 0.3 gram SB paste rig. On the bait tray - hard 4's which was soon converted to mushy 4's by nature and in the bait tray drawer paste - simple.

I started by loose feeding six hard fours over the banded 4 pellet and had a Carp first try, which due to the light line I was using it took me an age to land. - Umm. Because the big Silvers also like paste I switched over, but started kindering in six pellets and had a good run only topping up if it slowed. Of course there is this extreme temptation to dump a big pot in with the expectation of catching more. I finally secombed and as half expected less is more as I started to foul hook - bugger. So abandoned the line and started afresh at top-set plus three round to my left at 10 - o'clock. This time having the discipline to fish for one fish at a time.  I caught steady until the last hour when the wind subsided adding only three more Carp. Close to the end there was a big crash followed by a lot of talk. I looked around and thought I could see a otter but it was far too small and I can confirm Steve has a Walrus in the Lake - pictured upper right!  I lost one hooked properly trying to get it off bottom and only four foul hookers. I always like it when you start and finish with the same rig.

I did manage four accidental Skimmers which weighed 8 lb and my Carp 182 lb 14 oz for a total of 190 lb 14 oz. This did get me the section by double defaut!! The Lakes fished really well with my weight only good enough for 8th overall. Very enjoyable days fishing and Mission accomplished. Glenn was was second in his section which put him 5th overall in the league so double bubble car again and well done to him.

The match was won by Dan "The Walrus" White (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 280 lb 1 oz from peg 112. Dan caught initially long on pellet switched over to meat short and finally paste in both margins.

The Silvers was won by Shaun Kitteridge with 43 lb from peg 88 on Carey. Shaun caught mainly hand size Skimmers fishing expander over GB laced with micro. Excellent weight on the day which also earned him the highest Silver weight of the series.

"Some say that he can speak braille and that he once stared at an orange juice box for an hour because on it was the word “concentrate”, and that he only drinks from cup holders". All I know it's The Trig again. 

The series was won by Craig Edmonds with 25 points and 1,061 lb of fish over the six matches. The top six slayers pictured below.

Thanks to Tony for running the league particularly Steve Evans - it can be easy for him. Steve Long has certainly put the pressure on the anglers with his new net limits with one disqualification today and a few of us sweating.

Result on the day:

Weigh Sheets:

Overall League Result:

Friday, 24 August 2018

Thursday 23/08/2018 - Shiplate Fishery - Cost Cutter - Main Lake

Yesterday I dropped a plastic bag behind my pellet store and over stretched to retrieve it, so this morning woke with a very painful neck. Not sure I could go fishing but after a dummy try of the Ronnie rig and feeding I decided I could, but not sure I could fish the pole for long periods. Arrived at the fishery to the usual warm welcome by the Gamekeeper and his Goldilocks. After a cup of tea and a chat about where the best place to draw for the Silvers, conclusion, the far side.However, because of the long walk and my injury I was glad to draw a short walk to peg 4.

Mike Jones and I was looking across to the Main Lake and he made the observation that we could be stood in the grounds of a stately house.

Peg 4 is an open water peg so was happy that the Silvers would be the safer bet. One of the pluses of this fishery is at Least 50% fish for Silvers and are very good at it, so very competitive. Two rigs the Ronnie and a 4x14 Winter to fish at top-set plus four sections for expander over micro/4mm mix. I fed the long line where I started with the Sonubaits 4 mm expander. Within a few minutes things didn't feel right. No indications until I caught a 4 oz Skimmer - to be my only one of the day! I was soon on the Ronnie rig with single caster over loose fed caster. I had a good three hours catching some decent Ronnie Roach until the wind picked up which was blowing straight at me making feeding and presentation very hard. I lost the fish three times during the match each time before and after hooking Carp all breaking me. It's important not to over feed the caster as it attracts the Carp.

My Silvers weighed 29 lb 4 oz for first in the Silvers so mission accomplished. Lovely net of Ronnie's all on 3/4 pint of casters. As I was last to weigh Silvers I knew I had beaten Mike Jones into second place. I met Mike walking back, he asked why I was grinning, "had I beaten him by an ounce". "Five to be precise" was my reply. Us pictured upper right. The difference being probably he had one more pee than me!

Gary Flinders was running late so Mike Owens drew peg 1 for him!! I saw Gary arriving with his tackle, but thought the slope too the peg wasn't steep enough to warrant the speed Gary came down it!! Needless to say if I can catch 160 lb in fours hours Gary could do a lot better. He did winning the match with 279 lb 4 oz (pictured right). Gary started by fishing shallow with pellet then the Method to the island and later the margin - all on banded pellet.


1. Gary Flinders 279-04-0 peg 1
2. Merv Clark 116-10-0 peg 14B
3. Tom Light 108-06-0 peg 3


1. Mike Nicholls 29-05-0 peg 4
2. Mike Jones 29-0-0 peg 15
3. Ron Stark 26-04-0 peg 5

Weigh Sheet:

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Thursday 16/08/2018 - Bathampton AA - Over 55's - Bridge Pool

Forgot the kids were home from school so could have left later; it's lonesome in the car park on your own. Dave Gillard arrived soon after so sat in his van until the rain stopped. We discussed pegs, Dave was hoping for peg 18 and me 24. Into the draw bag and Dave gets his wish with peg 18. I was close enough with peg 21.

It was nice to see a old fishing buddy Tony Harding  back from Cape Town (pictured right). Can't understand giving up catching 2 oz Ronnie Roach for 200 kg Hammerhead Sharks! A great bloke to be with, hope to see him more in the coming years.

For company I had  Pete "UTG" Greenslade on peg 20 and Steve "The Enigma" Dawson on peg 24.

After doing a bit of marginal swim clearing and hooking up some of the overhanging brambles on the island  which really needs a boat to trim it back properly because they kept blowing back down.

I set up far too many rigs, primarily because I had plenty of time. The usual plan of Silvers first half and Carp second. Totally opposite approach to the Enigma.

I started at top-set plus one  with a 4x14 F1, just up the inside shelf with Sonubaits 4mm expander over micro and hard 4's. I had a good run of various species with the two  decent Tench being the icing. The swim was bothered with F1's which maybe why the Enigma goes for the Silvers later? Come half time I reckon I had 15 lb of Silvers and my f1's were weighed in at 12 lb. Time to switch to Carp over to the island. I know there are a few Chub over there so started on a yoof with triple maggot over cupped maggot and micro. This worked for two Chub which were very small. The F1's moved in which I started to foul. The  Enigma only had 4 lb first half and was now catching Skimmers one a bung I thought I would focus on the Carp. I needed some of the munters that still reside in the area so switched to a SB 0.2 gram paste float fished in 3 foot of water again over to the island I would have preferred to have fished closer but there were too many brambles. This had the opposite effect with the F1's ripping the elastic out. The wind and the brambles were a nightmare, but managed somehow to keep the float attached to the line! I did have a 7 lb Carp which I had to reverse into the landing net.

My Silvers weighed in at 17 lb 2 oz and my F1's/Carp 46 lb 12 oz for a total of 63 lb 12 oz for Silvers fifth and second overall.

The match was won by Tony Rixon (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 81 lb 5 oz rom peg 26. Tony caught on... see his blog for details.

The Silvers was won by Enigma with 29 lb 5 oz from peg 24. Steve caught all his fish in the first two hours after the break. Steve caught on maggot the rest remains a mystery.


1. Tony Rixon 81-05-0 peg 26
2. Mike Nicholls 63-12-0 peg 21
3. Paul Barnfield 63-02-0 peg 14
4. Martin McMahon 52-09-0 peg 32


1. Steve Dawson 29-05-0 peg 24
2. Paul Barnfield 26-10-0 peg 14
3. John Fry 21-05-0 peg 7
4. Hugie Evans 19-0-0 peg 15

Weigh Sheets:

Monday, 13 August 2018

Sunday 12/08/2018 - Tony Rixon's Short Pole Series - Round Three - Todber Manor - Hillview Lake

Bela and I stopped in the old Little Chef hoping for one of their breakfasts. We were disappointed to find that they were closing down that night and reopening as Greggs, and were only offering breakfast sandwiches. We both had two sandwiches and a cup of tea/coffee. The sandwiches were nice until I got the bill £24.84!! Needless to say it would be our last visit here. The McMahons bill came to £50, they did have two big scoffers with them!

After a look around Jon's fully stocked tackle shop it was into the draw box with peg 60 selected I was hoping it would have some wind on it and luckily it did, but only just as the wind was blowing right to left into peg 54 where Two Pots was pegged. For company I had grinner Gordon Cannings on end section peg 61 and match organiser Tony Rixon on 59. So what was the best way to recoup the cost of breakfast? Two choices Carp with paste or Silvers with caster and GB. Set up a 6 x 11 shot Stu Barnett paste float to fish top-set plus one at 11 o'clock in three foot of water. The Ronnie rig and a 4x12 winter in case the wind was too difficult for the Ronnie rig. Bait table hard 4's, paste, GB, casters, micro and live maggots.

Tony and I thought the Carp would have a go today, so I decided initially to "test pot" the paste and hard fours it I caught Carp I would stay with, but if the paste was Silvered out I would switch to the Silvers. First put in the float shot under due to a liner that wasn't a Silver. With the toss pot recharged, in again and this time I caught a 3 lb Mirror. Next put-in repeat. However, the small amount of feed brought the Carp up in the water, which resulted in lots of liners. It was obvious that there were loads of feeding Carp in the swim. The Silvers wouldn't get a serious look in today. I decided to come shorter in shallower water by going to top-set only allowing me to take 6 inches off the depth. This helped but wasn't the whole story as I was still getting frustrated by liners and foulers. So decided to put big pots of caster/maggot/micro mix in. This again wasn't the whole story but it was the best I could come up with, but did improve things immensely. I caught the fishery stamp fish of around 3 lb regularly. I started to loose feed the margin with caster  to see if I could attract Carp in the very shallow water. Within minutes there were very large tails waving catch me if you can. I quickly Set up a 0.2 SB paste float set at 6 inches, which was even so over depth. First try I had a 10 lb Carp followed by two smaller ones before I started foul hooking them. The bigger Carp are certainly crafty in the margins by keeping their heads against the bank whist the circle the feed. As Tony pointed out I was catching more out on the top-set so switched back and caught Carp to the end regularly and as the end came nearer the fish got bigger. I can say the Carp here really like the caster.

My fish weighed in at 197 lb 1 oz for a section win and fourth overall. A great venue however, fish racing doesn't appeal to me, much prefer the winter Carp fishing on such venues like it's name's sake in Tewkesbury. Bela and I are fishing the winter series pairs at Todber again this year - can't wait. The lowest weight in my section was 107 lb!

The match was won by "Stretch" Joe Mcmahon (pictured right collecting just enough to pay for the breakfast from hold your breath in - Tony Rixon) with 268 lb 10 oz from inform peg 43. Joe fished down his RH edge for most of the match at top-set plus one in 10 inches of water on corn. Joe fed four tins and 2 kg of GB.

The Silvers was won by Ryan Shipp (pictured right with silvers runner up young Freddie Wojtyla) with 26 lb 8 oz from peg 37. Ryan caught mostly on caster. And a big well done to Freddie for his first pick-up of many I hope.

Twenty seven fished today and there was twenty ton weights?

At last the first double bubble for Bela's new van as bela picked up second in section by double defaut!!


Weigh Sheets:


Friday, 10 August 2018

Thursday 09/08/2018 - Shiplate Fishery Cost Cutter - Main Lake

After a decent breakfast in Lilliput Cafe Geoff and I arrived at the fishery in plenty of time. I was looking forward to catching some Skimmers today as I had my appetite wetted with Alan Jones catching 57 lb of them from peg 15 on Sunday using corn.

So into the draw tub and out comes peg 1. One of the top two sought after pegs on the Lake - for Carp! Umm, my plans scuppered? I wasn't going to give up the Silvers that easy, so set a plan of the first two hours on the Silvers and then decided the plan for the next four.

For the Silvers - this end of the Lake is shallow a 4x12 Winter was more than enough for the four foot of water, the deepest I could find at top-set plus three, and the Ronnie Roach rig. For the Carp a 3x11 shotted PC paste float for the RH margin at top-set plus a bit of the three. As corn appears to be the in bait for Silvers at the moment I thought I would give it a try to start with. So fed a line at two o'clock with some micro and corn. This brought plenty of interest from small Skimmers to about one pound. I was foul hooking some on the drop, so was expecting a decent day. I then hooked a small carp about 3 lb which slowed the swim somewhat subsequently getting pestered by Ronnies. So refed and tried the Ronnie rig with caster over caster out in front. Found plenty willing to feed, but they were on the small side but thought I could do a high twenty of them. This slowed so put the paste over the caster and had two quick Carp before the Ronnies reappeared. I decided to switch to the 4 mm Sonubait expander over micro replacing the corn. I had three quick Tench and a decent Skimmer again thinking of a good Silvers day lay ahead. I then foul hooked a Carp which put an end of the swim.

Two hours up and with 13 lb in the Silvers net  I could have carried on catching the willing Ronnies or go into the margin for the Carp. To aid the decision I would try the margin and see how willing the Carp were. I got out a Malteser and placed it on the bit tray. With a piece of paste in the kinder pot with some hard fours in it went into "Catastrophe corner" - pictured right. The float sailed away and was soon running down the bank chasing the Carp along the bank as they disappeared around the corner. I like this sort of fishing with my Drennan margin pole and their 25 hollow elastic. I finally retrieve this fish but it was a lucky one off!. This decided me to reluctantly give up on the Silvers and concentrate on the margin Carp. The trick was to make sure the line from the float is ALL behind the float which prevented the Carp dashing for the corner. However, easier said than done it only took a bit of wind and bang off I was on my run. The problem is you can't see where the fish have gone as it's a blind corner. I lost a few here but in my defence some were foul hooked!! All good fun if a bit of a bum squeaker!! I hooked a very long Common Carp which after a lengthy battle and four attempts to net it I was glad to see the hook pull  - fair play to it. I managed to land 18 decent Carp with one a near twenty before the all out.

My Silvers weighed in at 13 lb 6 oz and my Carp 143 lb 6 oz for a second overall of 156 lb 12 oz. This peg is definitelt a double bubble as I could have added another 8 lb of Ronnie's and still would have had time for Catastrophe corner. The best part was beating Tony Rixon by 1 lb AGAIN!! It's not about the money.

The match was won by Tich Williams (pictured right with the also rans) with 195 lb 8 oz from peg 3. Tich caught mostly on a short chuck method feeder fished to the end of the opposite island.

The Silvers was won my Ron Stark from peg 14B with 29 lb 12 oz of decent Skimmers. Ron had to get away quickly so not sure what baits he used but all caught on the pole at 11.5 metres. Well done to him.

Geoff Francis drew peg 9 which isn't the best. Geoff just can't draw on this Lake, but what goes round comes round. However, on the way home we stopped in our local curry house to round off another day of living.


1. Tich Williams 195-8-0 peg 3
2. Mike Nicholls 156-12-0 peg 1
3. Tony Rixon 155-10-0 peg 11


1. Ron Stark 29-12-0 peg 14B
2. Dave Wride 22-08-0 peg 6
3. Lee Waller 21-06-0 peg 12

Weigh Sheet:

Monday, 6 August 2018

Sunday 05/08/2018 - Windmill Fishery - South Gloucester Show Open Match - Match Lake

Due to a change in the fishery management. Dave Haines was running today's match (pictured right)  Apparently Brad is taking over the management. I think Dave runs a decent match, so hopefully Brad will let him get on with it. However, Dave announced recently on Facebook that he was in a "Relationship", none that know Dave was surprised to find out it was a beef steak!! Mind boggles.

Twenty three fishing today so only two pegs empty - 5 and 13. Brad kindly waived today's peg fee and also treated us to a mid match cold cider. Dave ran it 50/50 Carp and Silvers with both up for grabs, which I agree with - if you win both you should pick up both. He also ran blind pairs and the heaviest fish - again no defaults.

I drew birthday boy Chris Davis in the pairs, so I might have to try for some Carp. Into the draw box and out comes peg 2. Wrong side, wrong end. The peg is hidden amongst high sedges with the left side unfishable as they are so close to the platform. Apparently Brad is planning to remove some of them. There were signs of Carp in the margin, but by the time is was nets in they had gone. For company I had Magician Dave Willmott on peg 1, so good company that I couldn't see only hear.

I set up allsorts today, which proved sensible because I could switch around with some anticipation and while away the time.

I thought I would initially try for Carp upto the Sedges with the float set at four foot (It's about 8 foot deep at the bottom of the shelf, shelving off quickly). First try with 6mm meat over potted micro and meat I hooked a Carp and as half anticipated I ended up playing Sedges.I did have a few Ronnies and a couple of small Skimmers on this before it died. It was clear it was going to be a hard match for most. The only rig I hadn't set up was the Ronnies rig so decided to set it up try and catch anything that swam with live reds. Again it was proving hard to catch even on this bait. I added a few Ronnies and small Perch. I upped the maggot feed and had a welcombe Crucian and some more Perch, I then hooked a Carp of about 3 lb which I just about managed to get out of the reeds. Followed soon after a large Carp which I thought had snagged me in open water so I was pulling for a break when I relised it was still hooked. It decided to go into the reeds to my left where I thought I had lost it so again pulling for a break and to my surprise it came out. It tried the reeds trick a few more times before I netted it. I thought it might have got me the biggest fish judging by the size of it's tail and head, but unfortunately it only weighed 11 lb 4 oz so a few pounds light. The last three hours was purgatory for most with the heat not helping matters. I plugged away for the odd small Ronnies and Perch to the welcombe all out. I hooked another Carp which might have been fouled with the rig coming back and twanging on the bib and brace - not having time to sink the pole tip!

My Silvers weighed 4 lb 12 oz for a joint third in the Silvers pick-up. My total weight was 19 lb which was only good enough for Chris and I to finish fourth in the pairs. I now wish I had fished the latter part of the match in the deep water with GB and maggot, I wasn't thinking straight after the free cider!

The match was won by Paul Elmes (pictured upper right with the Silvers winner) with 112 lb 6 oz from peg 15. Paul caught at 16 metres over to the island using banded pellet over kindered 6's.

The silvers was won by John Fuidge with a lowly 8 lb 1 oz from peg 12. John struggled like most for most of the match catching a few Skimmers late on using double maggot over GB.

Paul's weight was well ahead of second place so with pairs partner Gerry Welsh's 45 lb 10 oz they were well out in front with 158 lb (both pictured right).

The biggest fish was 14 lb 8 oz caught by Shaun Townsend from end bank peg 11.

A great day out with friends in the sunshine. Beer on the way home finished it all off nicely.



Weigh Sheets:

Friday, 3 August 2018

Thursday 02/08/2018 - Harescombe Affordable Open - Match Lake

With the kids home from school it was an easy drive to and from today - back in the local by 16-45.

Into Andy's Cafe for breakfast which to be fair was good - except no butter for the toast. A quick look around the bring and buy tackle shop, then into the book shop where I picked up the book pictured opposite. I had the usual comments  "your going to need that today", etc... How true these comments were to be, I wish I hadn't left it in the car!

Geoff and I had a walk round the Match Lake and were subsequently hoping to draw on the far side. Back for the draw and out comes peg 3. Not very enamoured with this one wrong side wrong end, but a peg for winter. For company I had Roy "Jock" Liddell on peg 5. I like a shelf to pull the bait up and it's difficult on this peg because the margin is flat out to about 1 1/2 metres. However, there is some cover from rushes, sorry was some cover, as for some inexplicable reason I decided to chop some of it back looking for something that wasn't there. I set up two 4 x 10 Speedy's one with a 16 Tubertini 808 and the other a banded Drennan pre-tied. I like these hooks because they have a double twisseled line to the band which keeps the hair rig straight for much longer than a single piece of line. Bait table - corn, meat, pellet 4' and 6's. I started on the left side with corn and caught reasonably well for the first hour. I subsequently hooked a Skimmer which flew landing on the rushes and dropping through them which meant I had to go down the bank to get the rig back, which included some poking about with the landing net. The fishing subsequently became very hard. I tried the RH side with banded 6's over loose fed 4's but only got indications from small fish. I switched back to LH side changing to meat to try and catch some Skimmers, which I did for a while during which I had my usual one Barbel. I then hooked a better Barbel which went like hell snagging me on peg 2 - another walk then. I lost another two barbel in similar circumstances. I switched back to corn upping the corn feed only to make things worse finding I only managed to bring them up into fouling territory. I like five hours matches!

My Skimmers weighed 9 lb and my F1's and one small Carp 23 lb 7 oz for a last but two total of 32 lb 7 oz.

Whilst weighing in we had a visit from Paul Dicks whom we agreed hadn't met for some three years. Paul had been fishing the top Lake and now lives near the Gloucester Canal.

The match was won by Rob Turley (pictured right) with 82 lb 2 oz from peg 9. Rob caught on the method with banded pellet over micro pellet. Well done to him.


1. Rob Turley 82-02-0 peg 9
2. Brian Dix 66-0-0 peg 19
3. Terry Girdlestone 60-02-0 peg 11
4. Phil Auger 51-01-0 peg 15

Weigh Sheet: