Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thursday 29/04/2010 - Bathampton AA Over 55's - Bridge Pool

I had a walked around Bridge Pool with Martin McMahon before the draw and decided that pegs 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and perhaps 17 and 18 would be the pegs to draw as there were signs of Carp in all the margins. This was primarily down to the wind direction making these pegs favourite. Well I was delighted to draw peg 24 as it not only has lots of Silvers potential but Carp too. However, after yesterday’s workout on the Ronnie’s I was hoping for a steady day on the Skimmers. So I set up a 4x16 Jolly to fish at 5 metres down the near shelf with pellet or maggot for the Skimmers, a Ronnie rig with the caster and of course the paste rig for the LH margin. The water colour looked a bit strange – it looked clear but with solids appearing to come out of suspension. I started by feeding a pot of wetted micros at 5 metres and the same into the LH margin. I started by loose feeding casters on the Ronnie line and second cast I foul hook a Carp – new hook later and next cast another foul hooked Carp – new hook later and a 7lb Carp in the keep net. Bugger this, lets get on the Skimmer line. Out with pellet and – nothing, so I decided to put a big pot of maggot over this line as I was fancying this bait for the Skimmers. Back on the Ronnie’s (sorry Carp) and an 8lb Carp in the net. Out on to the Skimmers and I had a run of them on double red maggot until I hooked another Carp – thank heavens for the pull-a-bung. Back out on the Skimmer line and – nothing. Sod it Carp day it was going to be and on to the paste in the RH margin. I started by loose feeding caster over the paste and had a couple of Carp. I then decided (because it was on my tray) to loose feed some micro – mistake. The micro was so wet it was braking up as it fell through the water – very slowly at that. This brought the Carp up in the water and I had a bad run of foul hooked Carp. Realising what had happened I switched to loose feeding wetted 4 mm pellet. I then didn’t look back I had Carp up 18lb until the end. My 22 carp weighed in at 201lb 10 oz and my meagre Silvers weight of 4lb 2oz taking my total weight to 205lb 12oz for first overall and a pick up of £25.

The upshot of today was that the Ronnie’s I think are spawning and the Carp feeding up ready to spawn hence, the differential in today’s results.

The Silvers was won by Terry Bruton with 15lb 15oz. Terry fished white maggot short at full depth from peg 22. Runner up was Mike (peter pan of angling) Jones (pictured right with the overall winner) with 15lb 10oz from peg 14. Mike fish waggler and top and bottom whip using maggot over maggot. A good weight from this peg when all considered.

Once again this lake has fished very well and I had a great day’s fishing, but unfortunately I will remember it for the brutal murder of two Mallard ducklings. I witnessed a Canadian goose kill two ducklings whilst the mother Mallard fought like hell to stop it. Once they were dead the goose just kept tossing them about because being a grass eaters it wouldn’t be interested in them for food. What a nasty bird. BAA - the Canadian goose is not a protective a species – so do the honourable thing and shot the fxxking lot. The anglers and the Huntstrete residents will also get some peace and quiet.

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 205-12-0 peg 24
2. Terry Bruton 112-11-0 peg 22
3. Martin McMahon 95-7-0 peg 26
4. Pete Phillips 44-09-0 peg 23
5. Bob Warren 32-05-0 peg 17
6. Bill Ferris 32-05-0 peg 28

Top Silvers:

1. Terry Bruton 15-15-0 peg 22
2. Mike Jones 15-10-0 peg 14
3. Bob Warren 15-05-0 peg 17
4. Bill Ferris 12-05-0 peg 28

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wednesday 07/04/2010 - Carps AC - Cider Farm - Yarlington Mill

After reading Tony Rixon’s blog from last Sunday’s match at CF it was a bit Déjà vu. I drew peg 40 (Rip off’s peg from Sunday) and Chris Davis was on his same peg 37! Peg 40 has many options (I counted six) for the Carp Slayer. However, knowing that the Silvers wouldn’t have seen a keep net I decided it was out and out Silvers on the maggot. That is unless it got difficult or the Carp came looking for me. I set up an elasticated 3.5 metre whip (just in case a Carp hooked itself). A 4x16 Jolly for over the same line set at full depth for the Skimmers. I also set up my Ronnie rig.

Having set up I went for a walk down to see Mark Tanner who had drawn peg 46. Mark had just got off the phone to Tim Ford for information about the peg and was told to fish long under the Aerator rope. The picture right shows Mark's first attempt at plumbing up!! I suggested to Mark he fish short in to open water – at least he might get to find out how deep his swim is!

I won’t bore you with a fish by fish narrative as I had approaching 300 of the little blighters. I caught Silvers from fry to 2lb – Skimmers, Hybrids, Rudd but mostly Ronnie’s up to 6oz. My match was interrupted eight times by Carp due to over feeding the maggot. These "accidental" Carp weighed in at 17lb 10oz and my Silvers went 26lb 5oz for first in the Silvers and a pick up of £40. My total of 43lb 15oz put me sixth overall. Pictured right is my net of Silvers – very wide ranging size of fish. I think there is a great future for the Silver fishing at this venue, and they don't hide in the reeds. I fed one pint of mixed coloured maggot over the six hours.

First in the match was John Thompson (pictured bottom right with the Silvers winner) with 81lb 7oz of Carp from peg 14. John caught at 11 o clock at 17 metres against the corner of the far island. John fished hard banded pellet over loose fed 4mm pellet.

Chris Davis was runner up with 75lb 4oz and similarly I could hear Chris Davis all day splashing his carp across the surface interrupted by the occasional THWACK.

Full Result:

1. John Thompson 81-07-0 peg 14
2. Chris Davis 75-04-0 peg 37
3. Martin Rayet 74-11-0 peg 17 (couldn’t get 10 more oz then)
4. Dave Wride 67-0-0 peg 11
5. John Paige 51-12-0 peg 4
6. Mike Nicholls 43-15-0 peg 40

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 26-05-0 peg 40
2. Dave Wride 15-14-0 peg 11

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sunday 24/04/2010 - Kev Perry Series - Bullocks Farm - Round Three

As explained in my previous blog I broke my 7th section on my Colmic 707 at the Plantation Fishery during a Carps AC Wednesday match. So first thing Thursday morning I was down to see Mr Rixon at Avon Angling. Tony got on the phone straight away to Nick the Colmic UK Representative. As the pole was less than two years old they agreed a free replacement was in order. However, a replacement would need to come from Italy and would take two weeks. Because the broken section would not pull through it meant I would have to use my old Preston (that swear word again) 8151. Not so, Nick knowing the urgency kindly agreed to drop off a loan section from a Colmic 307. This he did Friday – even better he has loaned me a complete 13 metre 307 – all the sections interchange with mine, albeit the pole being heavier, it will certainly suffice for a couple of weeks. – That’s what you call service, thank you Tony and Nick. If you are looking for a new pole I am sure you won’t go wrong with Colmic irrespective of your budget and fishing preference, there will be a pole that will suit. The Avon Angling shop run by the man pictured right (making tea, he's not bad at that either), might appear to be a tad untidy (expect some comments on this statement), but it’s the best match fishing shop in the South West whether it be tackle or advice your after – “if you can’t get it here you don’t need it”!!

When I was very small my Dad had two fish ponds in his garden. On the very rare occasion Dad would allow me to fish these ponds. He would give me a short piece of bamboo, a short length of line, a gold Mustad crystal bend hook with the barb crushed down and a "live" red topped match stick with two rubbers attached. I would fish for the Gold fish with either pieces of worm or maggots if Dad had any. I thought of this and Dad for throughout most of this match.

It was decided by Paul and Chris to drop North pool for the next two matches and use Rushcombe instead. It was a free draw for the four sections of seven – two on Match Lake and two on Rushcombe. If Match Lake is the best Crucian fishery in the South West Rushcombe is without doubt the best Goldfish fishery!! Dave Wride, Mark Bromsgrove and I had a walk around Rushcombe before the draw all agreeing that pegs C1 and D7 would be a good draw. Whilst standing on these pegs Mark got out one of his lucky coin and gave it a rub, he kindly let me have a rub too (not that I am superstitious). We agreed we wouldn't let Dave have a rub. I drew peg D3 on Rushcombe Lake, Mark C3 and Dave Wride C1! I assembled three rigs; 1 – 4x14 pb14 for fishing to hand for the GF’s on 3mm soft pellet; 1 – TBF that takes 4xno12’s shot far bank for again for the GB’s and anything else that swims, again with 3mm pellet; plus the usual paste pellet rig for the LH margin. The RH margin was a no-no due to the small trees growing out on the bank (get ‘em out Phil). I started on the “to hand” rig and caught straight off small Carp to 1lb 8oz over hand fed wetted micro. I bumped three in a row and then had a few GF’s before it went dead. Umm. Over to the far bank, where I stayed for most of the match catch GB’s and BG’s (Brown Goldfish) with the occasional small Carp. I did keep trying the LH margin with paste without much joy, that was until the last 30 minutes when I had a run of 2lb Carp, but it slowed towards the end because the sun decided to make an appearance. My GB’s and BG’s weighed in at 4.1 Kg (9lb ½ oz) ad the Carp 8.2 Kg (18lb 1oz) for a total of 27lb 1 ½ oz. This put me fourth in the section (4 points). The pegs to draw in both sections are the two each side of the foot bridge leading over to the island where both sections were pegged, these pegs were first and second in each section. On the whole Rushcombe fished reasonably well with around 10 Kg's being the average.

The match was won by Glen Calvert (pictured right with the worthy Silvers winner) for the second time running with 31.95 Kg (70lb 7oz) from Match peg 22. Glen caught the majority of his fish from the LH margin on paste. Glen fed approximately 1 pint of wetted micro.

The Silvers (sorry Gold’s) was won by Dave Wride from end peg C1 on Rushcombe with 27lb 3oz. Like most of us Dave was forced to fish long/over for his fish and caught GB’s and BG’s steady all day using soft pellet hookers over kinder potted micro pellet. I must say putting a draw to the side this was an excellent catch considering the size of his fish - averaging 4oz. Well done matey.

Full Result:

1. Glen Calvert 31-95 Kg peg Match 22
2. Lewis Jones 27.5 Kg peg Match 10
3. Clive Petitt 25.1 Kg peg Match 26
4. Dave Roper 19.61 Kg peg Match 8
5. Shaun Ketteridge 18.07 Kg peh Rush D6
6. Dave Wride 17.98 Kg peg Rush C1

Top Silvers:

1. Dave Wride 12.32 Kg peg Rush C1
2. Lewis Jones 11 Kg Peg Match 10
3. Dave Roper 10.95 Kg peg match 8

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wednesday 21/04/2010 - Carps AC - Plantation - Main Lake

What a fantastic match, with the venue fishing its head off. I drew peg 10 on the day which was permanent peg 23. The peg is just off the top right hand corner, without a Carp Slayers island chuck. In any case I had decided to fish for the Silvers. Targeting initially the Skimmers, with the Ronnie’s as back up. I also thought the RH margin might produce a few Carp, but would leave this to much later in the match. I set up 1- 4x14 Jolly at 10 metres for the Skimmers. One swim out in front over GB and another at 2-o-clock over micro pellet - same rig did both. I also set up a 3.5 metre whip for the Ronnie’s for the caster, to be fish down wind at 2/3-o-clock which was gusting a bit too hard I thought for the whip. Plus I set up the paste rig for the margin. I potted both lines for the Skimmers and started to feed 6mm in to the margin. I also started to loose feed caster for the whip. Straight away I was getting a lot of fizzing interest in the GB. Unfortunately not the 3mm expander hook bait. I did have one 12 oz Skimmer. So I tried over the micro which resulted in two 3 oz Skimmers and a tiny Ronnie. I then decided to try a paste rig out over the GB line as this sometimes works over a fizz, but on having an indication struck and the 7th section snapped in my hand – bugger. Down to see Mr Rixon ("long time acquaintance") tomorrow he will sort it all out for me - lucky enough the Colmic pole comes with a 2 year guarantee. On to the whip with caster it was to be then. I didn’t look back I had either a Rudd or Ronnie every put in ranging from 2oz to 1lb. Although at the half way stage I had noticed visitors in my margin, however, I stuck with the whip until the last 20 minutes where in the margin on paste I hooked five Carp landing three – losing two through rushing them. The three Carp weighed in at 21lb 9oz and my Silvers went 44lb 10oz - not bad for half pint casters (my net of Silvers are pictured right) for a total of 66lb 3oz. This put me first in the Silvers and fourth in the match and a pick up of £35. Other than the pole incident it was a very enjoyable and memorable match. Incidentally as I was packing up the fish were still fizzing over the one ball of GB I fed – what on earth was this all about – anyone know?

It wasn’t only the Silvers that fed well but also the Carp. The match was won by today’s travelling partner Martin Rayet (pictured right with some of his catch) with a fantastic 228lb 4oz - all Carp net from peg 27. Martin caught shallow on the pellet waggler at distance on 8mm banded pellet over loose fed 8mm pellet. Martin rotated three swims – open water, near the island and up close to the island. Martin fed 4 pints of 8mm pellet throughout the match.

Full Result:

1. Martin Rayet 228-04-0 peg 27
2. Leyton Palmer 123-02-0 peg 26
3. John Thompson 91-14-0 peg 24
4. Mike Nicholls 66-03-0 peg 23
5. Dave Bacon 47-03-0 peg 19
5. Steve Dawson 47-03-0 peg 30

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 44-10-0 peg 23
2. Mike Owens 31-05-0 peg 18
3. Steve Dawson 30-12-0 peg 30

Finally the picture above right shows poor old Steve Dawson landing the job of scalesman for the winning catch!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday 17/04/2010 - Carps AC - Chilton Trinity - Woodlands

I was spoilt for choice of matches to fish this week end – Sedges; Tile Lake with Sensas Veal’s – Acorn; with Rixon’s Rip-off – decided against this as the venue doesn’t have any pubic hairs yet – mind you as Charlie Barns said it won’t bother Tom Thick hasn’t seen any yet!!! I decided on Carps AC as I felt I had a score to settle with this venue. This was my second time at Trinity – Woodlands and having learnt a bit from the first visit I was keen to get back. I had a walk round the venue before the draw and noticed a lot of Carp in the corner margins of the furthest end bank pegs 16 to 20. I half expected this, as the wind had been blowing in to the end all week. I fancied all of these pegs.

I drew peg 7 which was at the opposite end of the Lake – becalmed. I set up a Skimmer rig – a 4x18 Jolly to be fished at 10 metres; a Ronnie 3.5 metre elasticated whip to be used with caster and a 0.4 gram paste rig set to 4 foot which suited both RH and LH margins. I started by feeding a 125 ml pot of Micro and 4 mm pellet on the Skimmer line. I followed this up with half a pot of micro and 4mm pellet in to the RH margin. I started on the whip, loose feeding caster. I also started regularly loose feeding 4mm pellet in to the LH margin. I had a run of small Rudd, but was pestered by the Motherless Minnows. My rig was such that I was fishing on the drop, but before the bait got to the better fish it was intercepted by the Motherless (after all they are surface feeders). I messed around with the shotting and feeding which did improve things but the fish were tiny. Rich Coles on next peg 8 was catching decent Skimmer on his chopped worm and had over taken me. So, after two hours I decided to have a look in the LH margin with paste. All I had to show for this was half a tree branch. Out again after the Ronnie’s and I hooked a 4 lb Carp on the whip which fought like crazy. Next cast I foul hooked another Carp. Bugger lets fish for them then!! In to the RH margin and first put in I hook and lost a decent Tench in the marginal brambles – bugger. Back out with a new hook (when fishing straight through as I was today I always leave a little extra line between the top-set and float so I can retie direct again). Back out again with paste and this time a small Carp. I decided to stay with this for the last 2 and half hours adding a 5lb bream and a 1lb F1 to my Silvers in addition to 19 more Carp up to 4lb. My Silvers weighed in at 14lb 12 oz for fourth in the Silvers – much more than I thought I had and the twenty or so Carp weighed in at 74lb 6oz for a total of 89lb 2oz for second overall and a pick up of £55.

The match was won as expected from peg 16 by Bob Sheppard (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 102lb 10oz. Bob Caught all his fish shallow on banded 8 mm pellet fish over loose fed 6mm pellet. Bob reckons he fed 8 pints of pellet – we all know Bob, so the gallon must have had a large pinch of salt in it!

The Silvers was won by Rich Coles form peg 8 with 24lb of Skimmers. Rich caught on worm fished over GB laced with chopped worm and caster, fished at 11.5 metres.

Full Result:

1. Bob Sheppard 102-10-0 peg 16
2. Mike Nicholls 89-02-0 peg 7
3. Leyton Palmer 86-10-0 peg 11
4. Martin Rayet 62-06-0 peg 28
5. Dave Evans 55-05-0 peg 20
6. Nigel Milkins 40-04-0 peg 13

Top Silvers:

1. Rich Coles 24-0-0 peg 8
2. Dave Tippett 20-10-0 peg 14
3. Darren Gillman 16-08-0 peg 24

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wednesday 14/04/2010 - Carps AC - Tockenham Reservior

Headache? Sore back? What you need is a wad of cash. Research suggests handling money can be an effective way of relieving pain, or even preventing it in the first place. Researchers found people who counted money before taking part in an experiment where they were subjected to low levels of pain felt less discomfort than those who did not. It is thought that fondling notes and coins helps ward off pain by boosting feelings of self-worth and self-sufficiency.
Read more:
Fondling works for me!!

Congratulations to Ray Hayward (pictured right) for winning the Fish O Mania qualifier at Viaduct Fishery. This is by my reckoning the tenth angler from the South West to qualify for the final – not a bad record especially as they only tend to fish the one qualifier. Speaks loads for the quality of the angling in the South West – best of luck in the final matey, we will all be supporting you.

Bloody freezing cold with an Easterly wind blowing in at me all day, it was the coldest I felt all winter! As Colin was away I was entrusted with the pegging out. I fancied the early numbered pegs because I had to put the last two pegs in the start of the leg. So I was disappointed when I pulled peg 14. Even though it was an end peg I didn’t fancy it for the Bream, perhaps some Ronnie’s again as I drew the peg next door last year and had 22lb of Ronnie’s on the pole with caster. I had previously set up my 11ft Normark no1 Feeder rod (the blanks being whipped up by a young Tony Rixon in 1983 his first year in Avon Angling) with 3lb Preston direct mono (a great line for Skimmer fishing once you get use to the directness). On setting up I cast out a bomb to set the line clip and spot on my target distance I had a clip-up, well so I thought. On inspection I was down to the spool knot!! So my preparation was in vain and had to get out a new spool and re-set up. I also set up a Ronnie rig – a 1 gram Jolly (the wind was really gusting so I needed a heavier than normal float). For some strange reason I also set up a paste rig. Both rigs to be fished out in front at 9 metres. I fed a 125ml of wetted micro and 4mm on this line before setting about the feeder. I had added a mixture of caster and wetted micro in my GB (some green stuff I scrounged from Nick Collins on Sunday). I also had a bag of Sensas River to add to the mix if I needed to put it in at distance with the GB catty (I have always found it enjoyable using this catty). However, as the water was so clear I decided to take it steady and put the GB in by the cage feeder only. After about four chucks on the feeder with triple red maggot - not a bite - so on to the 6 mm soft pellet on the pole. Again - nothing. I decided to put a pot of casters over this line for the Ronnie’s. I think this was a mistake and should have moved further out on a different line because I didn’t have a bite on caster either. However, I think I had now made up my mind to stay with the feeder for the rest of the match. Out again on the feeder and had a couple of small Skimmers. It then went quiet then another couple of 1lb Skimmers. I tried corn and soft pellet; neither was productive so stuck with the triple maggot. And that is how my match went catch a couple straight off then long spells without a bite. What I thought was happening was the Skimmers were coming up in the water to feeding off particles falling from the feeder as it descended. So I increased the tail to 3ft and thought I had sorted it out as I had a Bream on the drop first cast. Alas not, I did have more bites on this but I didn't see the bites. It left wondering whether I should have filled it in at the start on the catty and fish the lead over it - we will never know now! I weighed 17lb 8oz of all Skimmers for sixth overall. I am surprised I have written so much about fishing the feeder – Ian Spriggs would have been proud of me today – my casting was fairly accurate - for a change.

The match was won by Steve Dawson (pictured right with a lovely net of Skimmers) from peg 3. Steve caught at 9 metres on the pole using 6 mm expander over micro pellet. Steve caught steady all day and had some shelter from the bitter East wind.

Full Result (All Silvers):

1. Steve Dawson 41-11-0 peg 3
2. Mark Tanner 24-08-0 peg 10
3. Dave Wride 23-13-0 peg 6
4. Tom Thick 20-08-0 peg 5
5. Charlie Barns 19-05-0 peg 4
6. Mike Nicholls 17-08-0 peg 14

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday 11/04/2010 - Kev Perry Series - Bullocks Farm - Round Two

Two prominent Councillors from Peterborough wrote to the three leaders of the three main parties outlining the sever issues they have in this town with immigrants. Apparently as of yesterday none of the leaders have replied. All we are getting from this band of incompetents is “National Insurance job losses” and “£3 per week incentive if you are married”. The full story can be found on:

The Councillors should have included the Politician (Nick Collins mate) in the picture on the right. He would have replied and most importantly with the correct answer.

I missed the first round of the KP (Kev Perry) League due to ambitions of picking up £200 in the final round of the Landsend League – however, unlike the Landsend league you can drop one result in the KP league – which I have already done! After breakfast (good job I like beans) I had a little walk round the Match Lake as it was my turn to fish it. The wind direction is very important this time of year, which was blowing from peg 8 to peg 19. I think this was a North Westerly, it was a cold one. Pre-draw my choice was peg 19 as there seemed to be plenty of indications that the fish were in the margin by the Aerator. Walking past peg 17 I could still see the Carp in the distant weed bed – when will they come out?

I drew peg 8. A reasonable draw I thought. Although it was becalmed I was hoping some of the resident carp would still be their. I had Lancer Tucker to my left on peg 9 and Nick Collins on peg 10. As I was tackling up who was to appear but Phil the fishery owner (pictured right chatting to Lance complete with waste bin and tweezers). What I couldn’t understand was how Phil managed to get to peg 9 without picking up a single item! Knowing that corner peg 7 isn’t usually pegged I was expecting to catch a few Carp down that way, however, I was forced to go shorter because of a pleasure angler who persisted in walking up to peg 7 and watching me. I set up a 0.3 Paste float for this margin at 5 metres. I also set up a 4x12 Jolly for over to the “Clump”. In addition I set up a Ronnie rig for the LH margin down the shelf to fish over loose fed caster. After feeding the RH margin with a few wetted 4mm pellets I set about the Crucians on the Jolly with 4mm expander over a few wetted micro. I had a really productive first hour catching most of my Silvers in this time. However, I did lose a 2 lb Bream foul hooked. I then had a run of small Carp on this line before it went quite. It didn’t help when two pesky Canadian Geese decided to sit on the “Clump”. I chased them off with my pole cup – I wish I could have done it with a shot gun. I then had a look on the caster line and had one Crucian and one lost 4oz Ronnie. This line wasn’t going to work. I then fed the “Clump” with wetted 4 mm pellet and set about the RH margin. I had a little run of small Carp on paste until I noticed a blow on the “Clump”. Reset the depth on the paste rig and first put in 3lb Carp. For the rest of the match I kept fishing one line until I saw a blow on the other, which kept the Carp coming to the end. I weighed (this is approximate as KP weighs in Kilogram’s) 15lb 4oz of Silvers and 34lb 3oz of Carp for a total weight of 49lb 7oz. This put me second overall and second in my section for a pick up of £80. I was eighth in the Silvers.

My section and the match was won by Glen Calvert (pictured right with the Silvers winner Mark Broomsgrove) from peg 19 (I told you) with 24.58Kg (54lb 3oz). Glen caught mostly Carp out in front to the weed bed and later in to the LH margin. Glen caught all his fish on 4 mm expander over wetted micro.

The Silver was won by Mark Broomsgrove from peg 22 with a credible 14.35 Kg (31lb 10oz). Mark caught short with caster and longer with 4 mm soft pellet.

Full Result:
1. Glen Calvert 24.580 kg peg 19
2. Mike Nicholls 22.400 kg peg 8
3. Nick Collins 22.070 Kg peg 10
4. Mike Owens 18-410 Kg peg 24
5. Paul Faiers 17.550 Kg peg 14
6. Mark Broomsgrove 15.050 peg 22

Top Silvers:

1. Mark Broomsgrove 14.350 Kg peg 22
2. Nick Collins 9.650 Kg Peg 19
3. Mike Owens 8.560 Kg Peg 24

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday 08/04/2010 - Bathampton AA Over 55's - Bridge Pool

The day started us with a light over night frost, clear skies and a light South Westerly wind. Not really the recipe this time of year for catching huge weights of fish.

Unusually I was beaten in to second place at the draw by Dave Bacon, who pull the peg card I was going for, however, I picked the one next to it and out came peg 30. Dave was on 29!! I didn’t expect Bridge Pool to fish very well today because of the weather conditions. So I set up my usual Ronnie rig for the caster and a paste rig at 5 metres (for nearly down the inside shelf). I thought I would start on the paste looking for that early “Mug” Carp, whilst I fed the Ronnie line. I cupped in the paste along with a bit of micro and some 4mm pellet. Straight away I was pestered by small Skimmers in the 2 to 3oz bracket spearing them on my 12 hook. After 15 minutes I gave up on this and set about the Ronnie’s. Looking around the pegs at my end of the Lake no one seemed to have caught much, if anything at all. I could already hear Colin moaning on peg 2. I found the Ronnie’s very difficult to pin down – catch a few then nothing. It’s all in the feeding. I found by feeding heavy then leaving it and coming back over kept the Ronnie’s coming steady, which needed two swims, one in close the other out at 5 metres. I could see Bill Ferris opposite on peg 4 struggling for the Silvers, so decided to forget the Carp entirely and focus on the Ronnie’s. That is unless they came looking for me – which they didn’t. The bright conditions weren’t conducive for Ronnie fishing; however, I weighed in exactly 16 lb of all Ronnie’s with a smattering of small hybrids. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it especially when you really have to work hard for your fish. This put me third in the Silvers and a pick up of – you guessed it £25 (see last match video). The only Carp weighed at my end of the Lake was by John Wild (pictured right playing his thirteen pounder on his Silvers rig - a good bit of angling if you ask me).

The match was a tight a fair all round, with, as I expected most of the Carp coming from the end the wind had been blowing in to. The top six anglers were being separated by the one “stamp” Carp. Similarly the top three Silvers were separated by just 1lb.

The match was won by Rich Coles with 27lb 13oz from peg 18. Rich had a few decent Skimmers and three Carp.

In third place was Bob Feltham (pictured right with his Carp) who weighed 25lb dead from peg 23. Bobs catch included three Carp and a Roach weighed in at 1lb 6oz.

Mike Jones won the Silvers from in form Silvers peg 24 with 17lb. Mike caught on maggot shallow, adding some decent Skimmers to his net in the last half hour.

Full Result:

1. Rich Coles 27-13-0 peg 18
2. Bob Warren 25-13-0 peg 15
3. Bob Feltham 25-0-0 peg 23
4. Mike Jones 23-04-0 peg 24
5. Pete Phillips 21-02-0 peg 26
6. Terry Bruton 18-0-0 peg 19

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Jones 17-0-0 peg 24
2. Bob Warren 16-04-0 peg 15
3. Mike Nicholls 16-0-0 peg 30

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday 07/04/2010 - Carps AC - Bullocks Farm - Match Lake

It wasn’t clear today whether the café would be open, so to be sure I had breakfast at home. However, the café did open, but very late, which delayed the draw a tad.

A quick walk round and I noticed that there is a new bridge and a few new platforms, replacing some that were in disrepair (but not all). However, still no sign of the gardener – still a shit hole. That said, I love the fishing here.

I drew peg 17 another good-un. I spoke to Dave Wride after the draw as he fished it two weeks ago. He said he had won the Silvers (Crucians) fishing at 14.5 metres. As many know I am not known for fishing long especially with the Chicken sheds behind this peg, which would mean un-shipping (I hate doing this). So 10 metres it was to be, which was just clear of the shed. I set up a yellow topped 4x12 Jolly on this line directly out in front. I also set up a paste rig for the RH margin. I started by kinder potting in few wetted micro at 10 metres and started by sparingly loose feeding the margin with wetted 4mm pellet – about 4 at a time. First put in I had a Crucian of about 1lb 8oz. Next put in I had a 2lb carp followed by a small Crucian. At this point something happened to my swim. Looking round, no one was catching. I decided to switch to maggot over some kinder potted dry GB. This sparked the swim and I had a run of Crucians. Then for some reason I started to foul hook Crucians. This frustrated me some what. I decided to put in a big cup of GB with a good helping of red maggot. I noticed a little blow in my margin swim which I had been religiously dripping in 4 mm pellet. First put in and a positive bite on paste resulted in a 2lb Skimmer – not what I was expecting. Next put in and after a short wait I speared a 4 oz Ronnie. Whilst fishing this line I thought the water still looked a bit clear, so I decided to dump this swim. Back out a 10 metres and I had a 1lb Carp. Once again I started to foul hook fish. I tried paste over the line – same again foul hooking fish and plenty of missed bites. Dave Tippett (pictured right with his catch) on next peg 19 was fishing a tidy match catching a Carp regularly, long on pellet. So with an hour to go I knew that I had to catch some Carp to get in to the coin. So out came the 14.5 metres and first put in I had a 3lb Carp. Over the next hour I had eight Carp – loosing eight in the weed bed, plus two rigs – bloody frustrating. The Carp are obviously still hiding in the reeds, probably because the water is still a bit clear. My Silvers weighed in at 13lb 13oz and the carp 28lb 15oz for a total of 42lb 12oz for second overall and a pick up of £30.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured right with the Silvers winner - yes that is Dave smiling) with 48lb from peg 26. Dave caught on pellet. Dave said after that he had a long period where he was foul hooking fish and loosing them.

The Silvers was won by Tom Thick with 33lb 2oz from peg 25. Tom caught Crucians where ever he fished using either pellet or maggot over GB.

Full Result:

1. Dave Wride 48-0-0 peg 26
2. Mike Nicholls 42-12-0 peg 17
3. Tom Thick 36-10-0 peg 25
4. Mike Owen 36-03-0 peg 6
5. Dave Tippett 31-12-0 peg 18
6. Martin Rayett 24-12-0 peg 29

Top Silvers:

1. Tom Thick 33-02-0 peg 25
2. Bill Ferris 22-14-0 peg 22

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Friday 02/04/2010 - Viaduct Pole Only Open - All Lakes

My son mark was planning to go camping in the Lake District over the Easter weekend, but because of the atrocious weather he decided to visit home instead. So I cancelled my Sunday Match. But knowing I would need a “fix” before the weekend I booked in to fish the Viaduct Pole only on Good Friday. Well it was my Birthday.

I wasn’t surprised that this match was well attended, with nearly 70 fishing. I believe this was only partly due to it being a bank holiday but primarily because it was pole only – which was the reason I booked in. I know Steve and Paul mix and match a variety of formats on their Lakes – pairs, silvers, etc…but for me today’s format and payouts were spot on.

Bela and I started the morning with a breakfast in the public toilets on the A38. Well it use to be public toilets, now converted in to a small café (12 seats) – It’s been named the Airport Café. We rated the breakfast - below average.

The matches are; draw 10 am fish 11-30 to 17-30. I much rather see a 9 am draw, especially today as my son’s were taking me out for a curry. So it was to be a rush to get home – thanks to Bela I arrived home spot on the planned time of 19-45.

I drew peg 98 on Carey. I wasn’t unhappy about the draw but would have preferred one of the Silvers (Greens) swims on Campbell. At least I had the wind off my back. Peg 98 has some Silvers form – mainly Skimmers/Bream. However, it tends to be a lead/waggler peg for the Carp. On the other hand peg 96 is a very good Skimmer peg, so not far way then. I wanted a Carp slayer to be on the peg really – but that was buggered when Nick Collier arrived and put his kit on it, at least he wasn’t in my section. Two pegs the other way on peg 100 Des Shipp arrives, which was in my section. I set up three rigs; 1 – Ronnie rig for four metres with caster, I thought the water to be a bit clear for this and I was right; 1 – 4x14 Jolly to be fished at 13 metres at 1-o-clock where I had a slim chance of seeing my red topped float in all the changing, reflected background colours. I also set up a paste float to fish over the same line. I started by cupping in 125ml of wetted micro at 13 metres and started loose feed caster at 4 metres by hand. I started on 3 mm expander and started to catch small 3 oz Skimmers – as did most around me. I then caught a “double” Carp, followed quickly by a 3 lb Tench. I had started kinder potting in some wetted 4mm pellet and subsequently foul hooked a Carp which straightened my hook. My swim died for a while, but having stopped feeding I had another run of 3 – 6oz Skimmers. As expected I could see Nick catching bigger Skimmers up to 1lb and so was Des. Both I and Gary O’Shea on next peg 99 had similar weights of Silvers. However my swim had died again. As I didn’t think I would catch Nicky or Des on the Silvers I made the decision to fish paste for Carp and go for a section win or outside chance of a frame, especially as the angler on peg 97 had caught a couple of Carp and no Silvers. The wind made it difficult to present the paste, particularly when the lake towed. However, I soon had a 2lb Skimmer and hooked another Carp which I played for some while, only for the hook to pull free with the landing net in my hand. The fish in Carey are renowned for being big as my next Carp proved; it was getting close to 20lb if not over. I do get bored whilst playing Carp of this size, but I was really careful with this one, having learnt the lesson with the previous one. With half hour to go the Carp had moved over my 4 mm wetted pellet and I landed another two decent Carp, one on the whistle. My four Carp weighed in at 41lb 3oz and the Silvers 13lb 4oz for a total weight of 54lb 7oz. This put me 10th in the match and a section win and a pick up of £50. The Carp I lost cost me a framing position. The lesson on Carey is to take your time with these fish as you don’t need many to frame – lesson learnt.

The match was won by Clint Wojtyla (pictured right) with 118lb 3oz from peg 127. Clint caught initially at 5 metres with soft pellet over loose fed 6mm pellet then later switching to 14 metres where caught the loins share, fishing banded 6mm, again fished over 6mm pellet. Clint fed about 2 pints throughout the match.

The Silver weights surprised me as the Greens on Campbell Lake didn’t really feed. It only took 38lb 14 oz to win the Silvers, which was again surprising to find it came from peg 70 on Lodge by Dave Campbell (pictured right). Dave fished hard banded pellet for a good net of sizable Skimmers.

Full Result:

1. Clint Wojtyla 118-03-0 peg 127
2. Jamie Smith 98-12-0 peg 126
3. Dan Williams 86-5-0 peg 94
4. Phil Cardwell 83-0-0 peg 85
5. Matt Parsons 74-02-0 peg 77
6. Dave Campbell 64-06-0 peg 70

Top Silvers:

1. Dave Campbell 38-14-0 peg 70
2. Nick Collier 33-02-0 peg 96
3. Des Shipp 31-02-0 peg 100
4. Paul Homewell 28-09-0 peg 119