Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday 27/02/2011 - Viaduct Teams Of Five Winter League - All Lakes - Round Four

It was a disappointing to awake to another frost. But Bela and I were soon warmed up with another great Breakfasts in the pub, Bela needed a hand to carry his breakie back to the table (eyes bigger that his belly, I think), all for £5, add to this excellent quality, you can’t go wrong

I was really looking forward to fishing Match Lake, but hoping not to be on any of the first five pegs on Spring Lake allocated with the Match Lake section (got that one wrong – see later). However, because Match Lake is so shallow (3 feet) it is susceptible to change in temperature, which was to be the case today.

Captain Tom handed me peg 44. I was delighted; wind off my back/over my right Hand – spot on. Walking to my peg I spied a number of Skimmers rising in peg 42 at about 5 metres. Darren Baker arrived in next peg 45 and explained that he had fished peg 42 the day before catching about 20lb of big Skimmers on the pole with GB and Caster/Red Maggot, throwing in his left over bait in at 5 metres!! Darren didn’t do so well today though weighing in 2lb.

I set up a waggler to be fished ¾ over, a feeder/straight lead for tight over and a Skimmer rig to be fished at 11.5 metres. On the whistle I fed the waggler line with caster followed by four big balls of Skimmer GB laced with casters and Pinkie at 11.5 metres. As it proved it was a day when a device to remove all the GB would have been very handy. I hate hindsight.

I started on the waggler with double dead red and soon had a 12oz Skimmer in the net. It was ten minutes before I added a 12oz Perch, then a 1 ½ lb Tench – mixed bag then. I was aware that no one I could see was really catching, as it always happens at this point my swim all but died except for three quick foul hooked Skimmers to 2lb - Happy days. For the rest of the remaining three hours all I could muster was one more 2oz Perch and a 4 oz Skimmer. I weighed 8lb 12oz for 13 Points (I think). As with most anglers on the lake I didn’t have a bite on the pole line. And as for the straight lead tight over I had one small Perch, but was picking up too much rubbish on the hook to stay on it longer than 5 minutes (good excuse me thinks). As it transpired the Spring Lake Skimmers had moved from their normal haunts on peg 15 to 19 around to pegs 24 to peg 2 – Umm. And just when Fabio draws peg 17 - unlucky matey.

Unbelievably, with only one match remainig, team wise we are still in with a chance on picking up overall, scoring 58 points on the day lifting us to the dizzy heights of 2nd overall – but there is only five points separating the top five. Our good result today was primarily down to Captain Tom Mangnel with a Lake first, coming second overall (pictured right) and Bela Bakos with a Lake second.

The match was won by Steve Seagar (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 105lb 8oz from peg 99 with thirteen Carp to 18lb. Steve caught all his fish on the straight lead using either popped up bread or meat fished on various hook lengths from 1 to 5 foot.

The Silvers was won by Tony Rixon (pictured bottom right in his shop, fastidiously preparing for todays match) with 43lb from peg 26. Tony caught …. See his blog, Tony better mention his moaning about it being the worse peg on the Lake!!

Full Result:

1. Steve Seagar 105-08-0 peg 99
2. Tom Mangnel 96-07-0 peg 123
3. Paul Greenwood 87-10-0 peg 110
4. Tony Creech 77-02-0 peg 115
5. Steve Jackson 65-02-0 peg 113
6. James Knight 60-06-0 peg 128

Top Silvers:

1. Tony Rixon 43-0-0 peg 26
2. Fred Roberts 26-13-0 peg 24
3. Mark Broomsgrove 24-05-0 peg 9
4. Vince Brown 19-04-0 peg 1

Teams on the Day:

1. Viaduct 71
2. Garbolino BVMG 64
3. Silverfox TM 58
4. Somerset Magic 57
5. Maver Veals Red 52
6. Sensas Thyers 49
7. Maver Veals Blue 49
8. Somerset Angling 47
9. Avon Angling 46
10. Keyford 41
11. Westerleigh 40
12. Langport 39
13. Viaduct Allstars 36
14. Viaduct Select 35
15. Team Jinx 34
16. Amigos 29
17. Mega Baits 21

Teams Overall:

1. Garbolino BVMG 214
2. Silverfox TM 213
3. Somerset Angling 212
4. Maver Veals Red 209
5. Viaduct 209
6. Westerleigh 181
7. Team Jinx 176
8. Viaduct Allstars 172
9. Avon Angling 171
10. Maver Veals Blue 170
11. Keyford 157
12. Somerset Magic 146
13. Sensas Thyers 138
14. Amigos 121
15. Langport 109
16. Mega Baits 102
17. Viaduct Select 101

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday 23/02/2011 - Carps AC Plantation Winter League - Round Two

I travelled with Leyton Palmer today and I can confirm that he is a much better angler than he is a driver. I was amazed we got to the draw at all especially after nearly getting totalled by a lorry. After my car sickness had subsided I had a Plantation breakfast sandwich for the first and last time I was left with heart burn all day. Not a good start which surely can only get better. It was extremely mild with the temperature in low double figures, the penalty of this was that it rained on and off all match.

Colin Golding doesn’t miss many matches but did today, because he was off to the hospital for a check up.

With twenty one pegs in I didn’t mind where I drew. Third in to the draw bucket and out comes peg 25. Interestingly it stated on the top of the draw card “Island chuck”. That wasn’t going to happen, but I was pleased because the anglers around me who also had an island chuck might leave the Silvers alone and keep the Carp well away from me.

I set up one Skimmer rig (a 4x14 - PB14 body with a heavier wire stem and plastic bristle taking 4x12’s) to be fished at 11.5 metres and three Ronnie rigs; one for shallow at 6 meters, one for 7 metres at depth and one for the top set. The latter didn’t get used because the Ronnie’s weren’t keen to come that close, probably because the colour had fallen out somewhat since last match. The shallow rig was a nightmare because it was nearly impossible to hit the bites. So I was down to the two rigs. I started by feeding three balls of Skimmer based GB at 11.5 metres. Starting on the 7 metre rig and caught Ronnie’s to 12 oz on the caster over loose fed caster. However, they weren’t exactly throwing themselves on the hook, appearing to be shying away from the feed. So after an hour I went out on the Skimmer line with 3mm expander pellet and before the float cooked properly it started to move through the water on the strike I had foul hooked a 3lb Skimmer which came off at the net. Next put in the same again – bugger 6lb down the drain. The swim then settled and I had a Skimmer a bung to 1lb most being in the 4 to 6 oz band. I re-fed and back on the Ronnie’s for another hour then back out for the Skimmers again. I repeated this one more time and kept the Silvers coming to the end. With no Carp – yippee – I weighed 31lb 12oz of Silvers which put me 7th overall and first in the Silvers.

With only one set of scales it took Ray “Brother” Bazeley and Paul Haines (pictured above weighing in peg 8) some time – well done lads at least I could read the result sheet this time.

The match was won by venue expert Darren Vowles (pictured right) with 103lb 10 oz from peg 27. Darren caught 25 Carp and one Chub employing the GB method feeder with banded pellet fished to the end of the second island. Darren used the new Japanese GB - Marakyn – very expensive apparently so I won’t be buying any!!

With Cider Farm closing Carps AC are now fishing their Autumns Wednesday League at Plantation – good choice.

Full Result:

1. Darren Vowles 103-10-0 peg 27
2. Chris Davis 45-12-0 peg 8
3. Dave Wride 33-08-0 peg 5
4. Leyton Palmer 33-08-0 peg 31
5. John Dursley 32-13-0 peg 28
6. Steve Dawson 32-11-0 peg 39

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 31-12-0 peg 25
2. Chris Davis 22-06-0 peg 8
3. Steve Kedge 21-12-0 peg 11
4. Mike Jones 21-0-0 peg 1

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday 20/02/2011 - Boyd Valley Open

I was first to arrive not surprising as I live the closest. The weather was overcast and would stay like it all day, however, there was a slight breeze blowing from the South East and it was surprisingly cold.

Leyton Palmer decided to pay two in the Silvers, so that was good for me as I had come expecting to catch Carp to get in the coin. Last match at this venue I drew peg 8 and would settle for that one again. So having drawn for two late comers I pulled out peg 8 – that a do then. Same again I’m thinking. I set up the one Ronnie rig to fish with caster – that’s it.

I started fishing in to the wind, which was blowing primarily in to my left side face, loose feeding caster with single caster on the hook. After a good 15 minutes catching Ronnie’s up to 12oz the swim dwindled. It was soon apparent the fish were shying a way from the feed, so I opened up two more swims one in front at 12 o clock and another to my right, down wind. It was then a question of feeding the other two swims whilst fishing the third, rotating accordingly. I fished this way for the entire match adding only three small Carp to my bag of Ronnie’s. The Carp weighed 4lb 5oz and for the third time this year I weighed 29lb 5oz of Silvers for sixth overall and first in the Silvers. What a lovely days fishing a bite a bung, pity about the cold biting wind.

The match was won by Shaun Townsend (pictured top right) from peg 11 with 67lb 5oz. Shaun fished two lines. One long with expander hook bait fished over potted micro with loose feeding 4’s over the top. On this line Shaun caught half his Carp and 10 lb of Skimmers. The other line was fished in to his RH margin where Shaun caught a couple of decent Chub and the remainder of his Carp using double white maggot over loose fed micro combined with caster.

Runner up was John Clark (pictured right with a 9lb Common Carp) from peg 3 with 59lb 8oz. John caught both in his RH margin and out in front long using pellet.

Full Result:

1. Shaun Townsend 67-05-0 peg 11
2. John Clark 59-08-0 peg 3
3. Leyton Palmer 51-0-0 peg 5
4. Richard Lacey 47-04-0 peg 9
5. Martin Rayett 47-03-0 peg 7
6. Mike Nicholls 33-10-0 peg 6

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 29-05-0 peg 8
2. Darren Gillman 18-07-0 peg 4

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday 17/02/2011 - Bathampton AA Silvers Championship - Huntstrete - Round Four - Withy Pool

It’s with great sorrow that I record the passing away of Paul Garrett. Paul passed away last night quietly in his sleep, aged just 52. Paul was very much a family man and always put them first. Secondary he was a highly respected match angler who although very competitive, was friendly, helpful and above all supportive. These characteristic are only found in great anglers. Paul was the first angler I made a beeline to when fishing Viaduct Fishery to get the low down on my peg. Rest in peace mate, but oh too much early – you must be very special indeed. Paul leaves his wife and nine children. I hope son Joss carries on match fishing in his Dads name.

On a happier note we were today graced with the attendance of The BAA Secretary Dave Crookes (in a none fishing role you understand). Believe it or not Dave has been on the committee for 31 years. I dread to think of the number of hours he has given up over these years so we can go fishing. Dave and the BAA Committee need our respect and support for what they do especially at this time.

Back to the fishing, we were on Withy today and Mike Jones in his usual efficient manner had his results board hanging from a tree ready for our arrival (pictured right). With twenty fishing Mike had the option to take out two pegs, I recommended pegs 74 and 41. However, Mike decided to keep all the pegs in the draw. Guess what, my pairs partner Paul Barnfield drew peg 41 and I drew peg 74, what’s the chances of that? Whilst tackling up we were bombarded by two flocks of Canadian Geese with the usual squabbling and horrendous noise (all in French). Let’s get a shooting party up together and shoot the fecking lot.

I know it’s a Carp peg but that couldn’t enter the equation today as they don’t count in the league, knockout or pairs. I was also told that there were no Skimmers in the area either but plenty of small Ronnie’s. So it was an out and out attack for the Ronnie’s then (well nearly). I set up a two rigs one to be fished at 12 o clock at 7 metres which gave me about five foot at the deepest. The other rig was to be fished at 2 o clock to my left towards the aerator in two and half foot. I started by feeding four big balls of my Ronnie mix of GB at 7 metres and one ball on the inside line where I would loose feed a few grains of hemp over the top. I started on the long line and caught small Ronnie’s straight off. It was a 1oz fish, one a bung, when it slowed I changed to the short line and caught a similar stamp of fish. It was bloody hard work. I basically carried on with this, topping up with two more balls of GB at7 metres at half time until the last half hour when I had a 1 ½ lb Skimmer. The last twenty minutes I spent with bigger baits hoping for another, but it didn’t happen. I weighed 9lb 12oz for second overall. My partner came third with 8lb 12oz also helped with a 2 ½ Skimmer. Jonesey I was right you should have left these two pegs out!! My weight was enough to get me through the knockout and kept Paul and I in the lead in the pairs.

The match was won by that man again Bob Price (pictured right) with 18lb 4oz of Expat Bream from peg 45. Bob caught on soft expander pellet over micro pellet landing fish to 3lb. With two match wins in consecutive days Bob put his success down to his new pole. However, I think the draw might have helped a bit Bob!

Mike Jones (pictured bottom right with his catch) was fourth and last in the money with 8lb 12oz from his favourite peg number 69.

Full result:

1. Bob Price 18-04-0 peg 45
2. Mike Nicholls 9lb 12oz peg 74
3. Paul Barnfield 8-12-0 peg 41
4. Mike Jones 8-10-0 peg 69
5. Terry Bruton 8-03-0 peg 61
6. Harry Muir 5-12-0 peg 46

Top Carp:

No Carp caught so a pools roll over to next match - Is Martin Alexander now taking the Silvers serious?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesday 16/02/2011 - Carps AC - Bitterwell Lake

I had an issue with my reversing light and Auto Electrician Tim Clark came to my assistance and diagnosed it as a faulty reversing switch. Tim later purchased a new switch and fitted it within minutes. Thanks mate you’re a quality Engineer and come with my recommendations any time. However, watching you work I can now understand why you keep falling in the water - hilarious!!

Apparently sex offenders (including Paedophiles) are to have their names removed from the sex register after 15 years because it contravenes their human rights. Doesn’t the ruling Judge realise that these people are not human so don’t have any rights!!

Back to Bitterwell Lake after what seems a long time, but it’s only since last October. With an early morning frost and a chilly start my expectations were low. I pulled peg 8 which is between the diving boards and the concrete. Once I realised that I had plenty of room I was well pleased. I set up a Ronnie rig for the caster and a 4x14 Jolly for the Skimmers to be fished at 11.5 metres. I started by feeding "too much" of the fisheries “Cats and Dogs” 2mm green pellet. Starting on double dead red I didn’t have a bite, but foul hooked a Skimmer which fell off. To cut a long story short I didn’t have any fish on this line even though I kept trying on and off throughout the match with all sorts of baits and feeding. I jumped off the box and set up a 5 metres whip (which was about as far as I could feed casters by hand) with a small waggler attached. After trying caster and maggot I had to result to single pinkie to catch small Ronnie’s, at least I was now getting a few bites. This set up was the only way I could catch. I did manage two decent Ronnie’s up to 12oz by feeding three casters after every fish. If I fed more the fish seemed to disappear - where I don't know. My Ronnie’s weighed in at 9lb 14oz for third overall. All the fish seemed to be further down towards the changing rooms. I could see Bob Price and Steve Dawson catching regularly, whilst the road side bank was also struggling.

As I suspected Bob Price (pictured right with his skimmer catch) won the match with 19lb 15oz from peg 13 which included two small Carp and two decent Bream. Bob caught at 9 metres with 6mm expander over micro pellet.

The Silvers was won by Steve Dawson with 15lb 1oz of small Skimmers and Roach from end peg 14. Steve caught on the pole with pellet and maggot on the waggler.

Full Result:

1. Bob Price 19-15-0 peg 13
2. Steve Dawson 15-01-0 peg 14
3. Mike Nicholls 9-14-0 peg 8
4. Andy Gard 9-08-0 peg 6
5. Bill Ferris 9-05-0 peg 5
6. Steve Jefferies 4-04-0 peg 3

Top Silvers:

1. Steve Dawson 15-01-0 peg 14
2. Bob Price 10-14-0 peg 13

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday 13/02/2011 - Viaduct Teams Of Five Winter League - All Lakes - Round Three

After two consecutive memorable matches catching my favourite species I have developed "Ronnie Silver Finger" (not to be confused with Ronnie "Gold Finger"). This is caused through unhooking many times at high speed with either the spade end or the hook occasionally pricking the thumb and index finger - see picture right.

I got to see Nick Collins Hernia today, well it's bigger than a hockey ball but smaller than a net ball. I would say it's a soft ball size. Nick is in hospital next month to had it seen to, best wishes matey I hope you get a pretty nurse, who no doubt will need to rummage.

It was my turn on Lodge Lake which I like because there are plenty of small Silvers to be caught off every peg, so hard to blank on this one – isn’t it? So I wasn’t expecting to give my Silver finger a rest. That was until I was given peg 64 – The Monk. Not a peg that I have won any coin from as you need to be able to fish 17 metres or the waggler in to the ever narrowing gap between the trees. However, I did set up a 5 gram waggler to do just that, but although the wind was favourable for casting in to the gap close into the bank it didn’t allow it to stay on station long enough. I then set up a 4x14 Jolly to be fished at 13 metres down at 10 o clock for the Skimmers. I followed this with a corn rig to be fished in to the RH margins also at 13 metres plus an out of season paste rig for the same margin. Subsequent to cupping in a ball of GB laced with pinkie and caster on the Skimmer line, I the cupped in some hemp and caster in to the margin swim. I decided to leave the waggler swim alone.

Starting on the Skimmer line with double Pinkie I had an ½ Ronnie straight away followed by three more. Well 13 metres is too slow for this size if fish so off my box and I set up my Ronnie rig to fish at 7 metres and caught small fish quite fast by regularly feeding a small ball if GB. After I had about 5lb I noticed that the odd Carp was coming out. So although I was content catching these small fish for the team’s sake I went in to the margin and had a 9lb Mirror Carp fish put in. I shouldn’t have landed it as it tangled with a rig hanging from the tree which I broke free then the Carp decided to go down the inside of the Monk catching the elastic in the corner of the concrete Monk. Next put in I hooked another which swam out in to open water as planned, but unfortunately it pulled free. I stayed in the margin to the end of the match and although I had a number of liners I couldn’t add to my weight. I weighed 5lb of Silvers and a 9lb 14oz Carp for a total of 14lb 14oz for 13 points (I think). Oh yes it rained all day, but remained mild.

The team turned in a reasonable performance on the day with a total point’s tally of 52 for 7th overall, but escalating us to the dizzy heights of 3rd overall, with Phil “Fabio” Harding doing the business on Match Lake with a Lake 2nd.

The match was won by Martin Preston (pictured right) from peg 85 with 92lb 8oz. Martin fished the straight lead with various forms of popped up hair rigged baits. His catch included a 24lb 4oz Carp which fell to white Marshmallow hook bait. What ever next .

The Silvers was won by Dave Campbell (pictured right - Dave was concerned he would end up on a porn site - no chance matey) from peg 17 with 25lb 11oz of Skimmers. Dave fished the waggler with either caster of red maggot hook bait fished over loose fed caster. Dave fed around 1 1/2pints throughout the match.

Runner up was Dan Squires (pictured bottom right with his Silvers catch) from peg 52 with 24lb 9oz similarly fishing the waggler.

Full Result:

1. Martin Preston 92-08-0 peg 85
2. Dean Stacey 60-02-0 peg 128
3. Dave Roper 52-10-0 peg 110
4. Dave Campbell 44-04-0 peg 17
5. Alan Oram 43-09-0 peg 53
6. Dan Squires 41-03-0 peg 52

Top Silvers:

1. Dave Campbell 25-11-0 peg 17
2. Dan Squires 24-09-0 peg 52
3. Bob Gullick 21-01-0 peg 100
4. Nicky Collins 17-10-0 peg 42
5. George Perkins 17-03-0 peg 51

Teams on Day:

1. Viaduct All Stars 62
2. Somerset Angling 61
3. Viaduct 59
4. Somerset Magic 56
5. Maver Veals Blue 55
6. Sensas Thyers 53
7. Silverfox TM 52
8. Westerleigh 51
9. Maver Veals Red 46
10. Garbolino BVMG 45
11. Keyford 38
12. Avon Angling 36
13. Jinx 34
14. Amigos 32
15. Viaduct Select 30
16. Langport 29
17. Megabait 24

Teams Overall to Date:

1. Somerset Angling 165
2. Maver Veals Red 157
3. Silverfox TM 155
4. Garbolino BVMG 150
5. Jinx 142
6. Westerleigh 141
7. Viaduct 138
8. Viaduct All Stars 130
9. Avon Angling 125
10. Maver Veals Blue 121
11. Keyford 116
12. Amigos 9
13. Somerset Magic 89
14. Sensas Thyers 89
15. Megabait 81
16. Langport 70
17. Viaduct Select 68

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday 09/02/2011 - Carps AC Plantation Winter League - Round One

It seemed a long time since I fished Plantation Main Lake so used my blog (on line diary) to refresh how I had caught on previously matches. This aftr all was one of the main reasons for starting a blog in the first instance.

I was planning on travelling with Leyton Palmer however, I had an early phone call from Bela who had booked in as a guest, a day off as it was his 43rd birthday, so we were off early trying to find a café that was open – through Bishopsworth out to the Airport café – neither open so it was down to Budgens for my favourite breakfast baguette, plus I bought Bela a birthday cake.

Arriving at the draw there was much discussion on the numbers fishing and the merits of having guest and whether their points should count. The democratic vote was that guest points will not count. I abstained as there was a danger that all of the guest would be in one section with one league member. As far as the numbers fishing, I again personally thought that 24 anglers were about the maximum - more the merrier me thinks.

In to the draw and out comes peg 3. I have not fished this area of the Lake before, but was told it was OK for Silvers but not Carp (this was like telling Tony Rixon that his swim had no Rudd!). What was abit worrying was that I can remember Chris Fox struggling in this peg (or near by) last year and he is a bloody good Silvers Angler. Arriving at the peg I realised that I had plenty of room with a nice open peg and not an island in view, but still couldn’t set my box up on the decrepit platform! I set up three Ronnie rigs – one for short at 4 metres, one shallow at 6 metres and the last for depth at 7 metres – all set to fish caster. I also set up a Skimmer rig a 4x14 Jolly to fish 3mm expander at 11.5 metres. On the whistle I fed a six caster at 7 metres and potted in a small ball of GB laced with 6 - 2mm expander pellet. I started at 7 metres and basically stayed with it all match trying the other rigs on the odd occasion. The bigger Ronnie’s were up in the water but impossible to hook. Carp were blowing over the GB line so left that alone! The short line was too short with the fish not coming that close. I caught Ronnie’s to 1lb through out on the 7 metres line boosted by a 2lb Perch and two 1 ½ lb Skimmers. I weighed 27lb 8oz for first in the Silvers and seventh overall.

I do think the way Carps payout is spot on with equal payouts in the Carp pool and Silvers pool. This probably equates well with the numbers fishing for both species.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured right with the Silvers winner and bottom right with half his Carp catch - are there tablets to get anglers to smile - sorry this is daves smile) from peg 39 with 71lb 6oz. Dave started well, catching Skimmers to 2lb on the soft pellet over kinder potted 2mm expander at 13 metres. When this swim died Dave later switched to is LH margin at 11.5 metres with pellet and corn to land nine decent Carp.

The special one was out to lunch today with his her friend so for dinner I would have to fend for myself which would either be a take away (preferred) or beans on toast. However, as it was Bela birthday we ended up in the Cherry Tree pub – a huge mixed grill for Birthday boy and a Lasagne for me. We were joined later by Leyton Palmer, who gave us blow by blow account on how he came in third overall. As he was on the next peg I did see him trying to pull the opposite island towards him! Good company. Another memorable day out.

Full Result:

1. Dave Wride 71-06-0 peg 39
2. John Thompson 50-08-0 peg 7
3. Leyton Palmer 40-07-0 peg 4
4. Paul Haines 36-0-0 peg 25
5. Bela Bakos 33-06-0 peg 11
5. Mike Owens 33-06-0 peg 26

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 27-08-0 peg 3
2. Steve Dawson 22-07-0 peg 1
3. Steve Kedge 20-07-0 peg 15
4. Dave Wride 19-05-0 peg 39

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday 06/02/2011 - Boyd Valley Open

Both Son Steve and I were booked in to fish the match, however, Steve cried off because he had the squirts and missed a good match. It was Leyton Palmer (pictured right sorting out the pools with clip board upside down!) who organised the match on this wonderful little venue. Where else can you find a red carpet on each swim?

The water was nicely coloured to the usual bright red, so sport should be good providing you could manage the strong SW gusting winds blowing down the lake from peg 5 to peg 11.

Into the draw bag and out comes “on its own number 8”. Leyton uses Bingo balls for the draw so can run matches up to “top of the house 99”. Reasonably happy with this draw but would have preferred pegs 3 or 4. The decision was made not to have a Silvers pool, instead paying the top four overall. However, I still felt I could pick up just fishing for Silvers. So I set up two Ronnie rigs and a Skimmer rig to be fished just down the inside shelf at 6 metres, Imy thinking was because of the wind the shorter the better. I started by feeding the Skimmer line with some wetted micro, but started on the Ronnie rig with single caster to an 808 16 hook. Because of the wind I fished the swim down wind at 10 o clock and started catching straight away. I was soon catching Ronnie’s up to 1lb regularly, interrupted by the occasional accidental small Carp. I could see Leyton Palmer catching 4lb plus Carp regularly opposite me on peg 3, but I kept on with the Ronnie’s – simply because I was really enjoying it, plus its what I like doing best. I tried the Skimmer line once with 3mm expander hook bait, giving it three counts of sixty. I wasn't happy with the presentation so wrapped it in for the remainder of the match. Because of the gusting wind I did have a couple of run- ins with the bank side vegetation losing my rig on the last hour. I had another rig but for some reason they never seem to work the same. I finished the match with 13 small Carp which I estimated at 20lb and I was hoping the Silvers would give me 50lb. However, although my Carp guess was spot on I fell 1lb short on the Silvers weighing as total of 49lb, putting me third overall.
The match was won by organiser Leyton (picture right with half his catch) with 82lb 8oz from peg 3. Leyton fished 10 metres with either soft blackened expander pellet or red maggot over micro pellet feed. Leyton fed about half a pint of micro throughout.

What a difference a week can make. Change out of 50p for petrol and change out of a pint of casters – can’t be bad.

Full Result:

1. Leyton Palmer 82-08-0 peg 3
2. Lee Wallar 61-04-0 peg 4
3. Mike Nicholls 49-0-0 peg 8
4. Shaun Townsend 43-11-0 peg 7
5. Martin Rayett 20-10-0peg 12
6. Alan Jones 19-13-0 peg 5

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thursday 03/02/2011 - Bathampton AA Silvers Championship - Huntstrete - Round Three - Bridge Pool

Spoke to my good friend Andy Gifford this week who tried to persuade me back to the river, he’s been catching 2lb plus Roach on the River Chew. He said of Commercial Puddles “All you have to do is pee into them and the fish swim up the urine”! Well wasn’t like that today matey, in any case we only dribble these days.

I buggered up the draw today not grabbing into the usual area and ended up with peg 21. This is a hit or miss peg, but was reasonably happy with it until I found that the cold stiff wind was blowing in to my face.

Having played in this swim a few times before, and knowing it doesn’t have any Ronnie history I decided on the one rig, a 4x16 Jolly to be fished in to the white water at 10 metres at 2 o clock. It’s not the deepest peg but does have some flow through it due to the fact it’s very narrow. I went positive and put three tangerines in, of my Skimmer GB, which was the target species. I usually get a Skimmer first put in on single red maggot; however, I started to get concerned when after half hour I didn’t have any indication. After which I had a pair of eyes. The writing was on the wall. I switched to the 3 mm expander and had a run of three small Skimmers! I then have the best fish of the day an 8oz Ronnie. For the rest of the day by feeding a dribble of GB I kept a ½ oz Ronnie coming every 15 minutes! It was hard all round. I weighed 2lb 14oz for no where, but did help my partner Paul Barnfield who caught well on peg 25, to first in the pairs.

The match was won by Mike Keys (pictured upper right concentrating on his next fish and right smiling after his two pick ups) from peg 31 with 9lb 8oz. Mike caught at 8 metres using single maggot fished over GB laced with micro pellet. Mike fed a nugget every half hour or so, to keep the fish coming. His catch included two big Perch to 1lb 8 ½ oz.

The Carp pool was for the third time by Martin Alexander (pictured right) with one Carp for 7lb 6oz. Martin still insist that he was fishing for Silver in the margin with 6 maggots on the hook. His Silvers partner Bill Ferris is tearing his hair out (what’s left of it).

Full Result:

1. Mike Key 9-08-0 peg 31
2. Paul Staite 8-12-0 peg 262.
2. Rich Coles 8-12-0 peg 30
3. Paul Barnfield 8-04-0 peg 25
4. Bill Ferris 6-08-0 peg 29
5. Alan Jones 6-04-0 peg 28

Top Carp:

1. Martin Alexander 7-06-0 peg 17
2. No one - so mugger Martin bagged up on the pools taking both

Top Three Individuals:

1. Paul Barnfield 50 pts
2. Rich Coles 37 pts
3. Paul Staite 23 pts

Top Three Pairs:

1. Mike Nicholls/Paul Barnfield 24 pts
2. Rich Coles/Harry Muir 16 pts
3. Bob Price/Terry Bruton 14 pts