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Sunday 02/09/2016 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round One - Campbell Carey and Lodge Lakes

I’ve had a tooth playing me up over the last month which has gradually gotten worse with hot and cold touches being very painful. So first stop in Shipham CafĂ© which we were joined by Mr & Mrs. It took me an age to nibble through my breakfast trying to avoid touching the tooth. I had a hot curry last night and the breakfast kicked off the after burn. It was jus in time reaching the fishery.

The weather was warm and bright with little wind so not conducive for Skimmers I was thinking.

I was hoping to be on Carey or Lodge, but dug too deep in the coffee tin and came out with Campbell peg 111 so in the shade all day which required a fleece whilst others were in T Shirts. Nigel Bartlett had 40lb off it on Thursday so some Skimmers about, but the results were going to be different when everyone else is keeping the Carp fed. For company I had Gabe on peg 112 and Vinny on 110. Looking across to the 120ies I could see the usual suspects the only draw bag missing was the Trig – “some say he was once bitten by a Rat and it took 3 days for the Rat to die”.

Set up a very short Ronnie rig, a Sensas 0.12 Pencil Float and one of my favourite floats a Malman - 4x12 F1 both for Skimmers, finally a 4x10 Yoof for the RH margin up to the tree stump - Tench and Perch hopefully.

I fed the messy business (CW&C) down to the tree stump and fed one small ball of the Gabe GB at top-set plus two sections and started to loose feed some hemp and caster on the Ronnie line. I started on the Sensas float with soft 4mm pellet and was getting tiny indications but nothing to strike at. I then had a couple of small Skimmers, but it was slow. So decided to put three big balls in and go on the Ronnie rig with single caster. I had a run of 1-2oz Ronnie’s but found it more productive to stop feeding the Hemp. It went iffy so went back out on the skimmer line with a piece of worm with the F1 float and had a 1 ½ lb Tench and three Skimmers, so things looking up, then a large raft of weed came down through my swim and with little wind it would take an age to go through (I assume some Twat had cut it out at the top some where), so had a go with worm down to the tree and had a small Perch then a Tench all of 6oz! I then pulled out of a bigger Tench as I reached for the landing net – bugger. I then hooked the first of my many Carp. Back out on the Ronnie rig to find Carp swirling everywhere even with minimalist feeding. I had one take the caster as soon as it hit the water nice to witness but not nice trashing the Ronnie rig in the process, so I had to rest the line as it would have been carnage. At last I could fish the Skimmers line again, only to find Carp blowing over the GB. What ever I put on the hook resulted in a Carp. So I wetted up some micro and fed a pint out to my left at top-set plus three to hopefully entice the Carp away. I fed a caster line same distance but to my left. Now all I could see was three black areas over each swim – wonder what that could that be – I was now surrounded.

It was interesting to see the Carp totally confused by the sudden appearance of anglers but no pellet feed coming forth, the Carp were searching everywhere they heard any sound. I had one Carp going mental in my swim so started to tap it on the head with the cupping kit only for it frenzy in the splashing I was making all to Vinny’s amusement. Both Me, Vinny and Gabe had totally under estimated how many hook lengths we needed to day I was on the 0.14 hook lengths by the end of play today and three trashed rigs. I was amazed how quickly I was landing 5lb Common Carp on 0.1 GLine.

I decided to spend the last hour on the Ronnie rig but this time not feeding anything which worked to a fashion provided I put the rig in without making any sound; if I did it would result in another Common Carp.

I weighed 15lb 6oz just 3oz ahead of Gabe, for a section third but picked up second as Sam Powell framed. I think it was touch and go between Vinny and Gabe who caught the most Carp.

The match was won by Bob Gullick (pictured right) with 40lb 14oz from peg 124. Bob caught short using worm heads over GB laced with caster etc… Well done matey hope the family life soon gets back to normal.

And finally Monday morning at the Dentist to find I had an infection in a Molar. I was given the choice of antibiotics or extraction. So it was goodbye to my long time friend and £54 (pictured right). I didn’t keep it for the tooth fairy, but in case it was my lucky tooth which will be in my tackle box until I am sure it’s not.

Full Result

  1. Bob Gullick 40-14-0 peg 124
  2. Dan Squires 38-14-0 peg 118
  3. Sam Powell 36-10-0 peg 115
  4. Mark Saunders 36-09-0 peg 60
  5. Craig Edmonds 36-04-0 peg 97
  6. Matt Tomes 32-10-0 peg 73
Weigh Sheets:

Top Three:

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