Thursday, 24 January 2019

Thursday 24/01/2019 - Bathampton AA - Club Match - Sections Only - Bridge Pool

Geoff and I had our usual decent breakfast at Hungry Horace's. iIn arrival I had my usual walk around the Lake. There were some signs of fish on peg 7, otherwise it look a bit dower.

This series got even more complex today with another knockout for the losers from the first knockout, of which I was one. Draw done and I am to fish against Enigma (Steve Dawson).

So into the draw bag hoping to draw 7. Well not far away with peg 5 you think. Alas not as this peg is narrow due to the opposite island. Peg 7 is in open water. What was good I could keep an eye on Enigma who was on peg 4. The other side on peg 6 was mumbler Paul Haines.

I initially set up the usual rig for the typical depth, a 4x16 rig. However, this peg must be the shallowest on the pool so was able to use a yellow tipped 4x14 F1 Winter. I plumbed up in the deepest part which was at 10 metres into dark water. I didn't bother over as the pool is so clear I thought it would be unproductive, so the one rig fished in the same spot all match was the plan - there was not really anywhere else to go. Geoff Francis had drawn peg 24 so I walked around to him and gave him a couple of pointers.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from the swim and anticipated coming last in section if not last in the match. Last match one Roach was caught from it. So I fed a small ball of GB laced with some Pinkies and with double on the hook sat there for an hour without any indication. Meanwhile Enigma was catch 1 - 2 ounce Roach regularly. Ray Bazeley had also started well on peg 7 catching some decent Skimmers. The writing was on the wall. I then broke the blank with a small Ronnie. Approaching the end of the second hour I had a decent Skimmer followed quickly by another. It then died again. I decided to feed the Pinkie and GB loose which seem to switch the peg on providing a few more bites than I had been getting. Another two Skimmers and some Ronnies before it died again, this time for a very long hour. With 45 minutes to go I had another two Skimmers before the all out.

I was happy with how I fished the peg with it due to my tenacity than anything else. I weighed 8 lb 14 oz for second in section and third overall in the Silvers! More importantly I beat Enigma in the all-so-ran knock out cup. However, Enigma did go home with a smile as he won the Keynsham Angling donated £20 voucher raffle for those that don't pick up on the day.

My section and the match Silvers was won by Ray Bazeley (pictured upper right) with 12 lb 15 oz from my fancied peg 7. Ray caught on maggot over GB fished at mainly 11 metres.

The overall weight was caught by Geoff Francis from peg 24 with 17 lb 13 oz (pictured right - happiness is with a cider in the hand)


A Section 1st Ray Bazeley 12-15-0 peg 7
A Section 2nd Mike Nicholls 8-14-0 peg 5

B Section 1st Chris Ollis 8-04-0 peg 15
B Section 2nd Alan Oram 9-11-0 peg 8

C Section 1st Tony Rixon 11-06-0 peg 16
C Section 2nd Geoff Francis 17-13-0 peg 24

D Section 1st Paul Barnfield 6-12-0 peg 29
D Section 2nd Dave Gillard 7-7-0 peg 27

Weigh Sheets:

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