Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sunday 03/02/2019 - Windmill Open

Snow is now ice. After arriving at Wetherspoons the temperature had dropped significantly as shown right.

I met with Geoff for breakfast. Amazingly the food was hot - a new microwaver?

Arrived at the fishery and we were the only two there. Brad arrived and we persuaded him to help break the ice on peg 22 for us. Another angler arrived and decided to go back home. The ice was 30 mm thick and took some breaking. Geoff did  great job, such that I let him fish the one and only swim. However, he did invite me to fish next to him. After two bite less hours it was off to the pub.

Thanks to Brad for clearing the swim "For one bloody Skimmer".

Video of Ice Breakers Geoff and Brad:

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