Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Tuesday 01/01/2019 - Acorn Open - Paddocks

With the weather on the turn to cold and with today looking comfortable I decided to book into the Acorn open with Ray Bazeley who himself couldn't fish as he had no transport so I picked him up.

I had promised myself that I would fish for Silvers back to front with Carp blinkers on. I only took maggots GB and Pinkies. However, Ray gave me two slices of bread, which I hid from Bob Price.

Nineteen booked in and fourteen didn't!

I had a walk around the paddocks and fancied pegs 1, 33 and 34. Went and had a look at the top canal which has been drained to facilitate a stock pond - pictured

Into the ping pong ball bag with 33 balls and out comes ball 19. This peg won the last match with Carp!!

Got to the peg which was flat calm and with some sunshine expected it was going to be  tough match. Peg 19 and 18 are very close. I initially set up a 4x14 Winter F1 to fish at top-set plus three. However, the depth was much shallower that I remember so was able to swap to a 4x12 especially as there was little to no wind. I went down two pegs to Joe McMahon (DNW) on peg 17 and took some advise on rigs for Dobbing bread. A 4x10 yoof was agreed on and with the far bank less than 11.5 metres it would be easy for me.

I fed the midline at 11 0'clock with GB laced with a few Pinkies and neat Pinkies again at midline at 2 o'clock. I started over the GB with double Pinkie and started to get indications which proved to be a decent Carp but was fouled and came off. This affair made me break the promise to myself to stick with Silvers as I picked up the Dobbing rig and with a 6mm punch on the hook  soon foul hooked four Carp all being lost, I did land the next foul hooker and lost a properly hooked Carp near the net - so evans. This all in a matter of 30 minutes. I then started to miss bites which proved to be Roach. So I set up a lighter 4x10 Winter rig to fish for them over. So fed some GB laced with Pinkie and went back to try both mid-lines again and caught a few Ronnies and 3 oz Skimmers. I found the GB line most productive so focussed on it. After topping up went over and started to catch more tiny Skimmers - at least it was bites with the possibility of the odd Carp. I switched between the two lines to keep the odd Silver coming, but it was very very slow, plus I was losing a few of them on ship-back - very frustrating. No more Carp though. I must have pissed them right off earlier.

My one Carp weighed 6 lb and my Silvers 4 lb 13 oz for 5 th in the Silvers and one out of the money. I must say I learnt a fair bit today which I would like to try out sometime. Nice day out with great company.

The Match was won by Martin McMahon (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 40 lb 4 oz from peg 5. Martin caught initially on Dobbed brean over then later catching a few down his margin on maggot over maggot. Martin must have remembered to bring his new pole instructions.

The Silvers was won accidentally by Martyn Rayet with 7 lb from peg 36. Martyn also caught Carp late down the middle on maggot and over loose fed maggot taking his weight to 39 lb 5 oz for also second overall.

Have a thought for Joe McMahon (DNW) who had to drive both of them home!!

As we know Scaffolder's tend to Carry their brains in their muscles, so was I surprised when Ricky Mills tried to put his new van in his peg - nope! Luckily Mark came to his rescue - pictured upper right.  


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