Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10/08/2011 - Avon Angling Open - Landsend - Match Lake

I was undecided on whether to go on Avon Angling Open Match at Landsend because it was another midday start. What swayed me was that the Special One was off to Tyntesfield House with her friend Gill. These matches seem to me that you arrive at the venue on the 10th, Draw on the 11th and fish to the 12th – whinge over.

In to the draw bucket and out comes peg 16. In the past few months none of the regular Silver specialist has done too well off the peg, so I wasn’t expecting too much myself. I had Tony Rixon for company on peg 15. I got to the peg before he did and spied lots of mugalbes swimming about, so I started clapping my hands loud and jumping up and down on the pallet. Jim Jenner on peg 18 must have thought I was mad.

On Tony’s arrival I tackle up my usual 4x12 Jolly to fish at 7 metres with soft pellet for the Skimmers and a paste rig to fish the same swim. I also set up a paste rig for the LH margin - nothing more to discuss on this line! That was it. By this time the Mugables had return and on Tony’s first swipe and in a blink of an eye Tony was in to his first Carp. However, I was proud to say that I landed the first Carp on my Silvers rig, as Tony let his first Carp go in to the nearside vegetation (this was going to be the nearest I was going to push Tony on his favourite Carp venue). I had another quick Carp followed by a quiet period. It was soon clear it was going to fish hard for the Silvers. I then had a run of small Skimmers with two about 2lb, from then on I struggled. My inpatients got the better of me and I was too soon on the paste – struggling even more. I did have a couple of foul hook Carp before landing two in the mouth. As it appeared to be fishing hard for Silvers and with Martin Lenaghan, Tony and Stu Foal catching Carp I opened up another Silvers line well down the peg at 10 metres. This accounted for another Skimmer and a few Ronnie’s on 3mm expander pellet. It seemed very easy to over feed today and bring the Carp in to the swim and up in the water. I was soon back on the paste line and had another two Carp, one more Skimmer and a beautiful Golden Tench that had striking black spot markings – it was worth the visit just for this one fish. My six Carp weighed in at 25lb and by humble skimmers net 13lb for a total of 38lb for no where. At least I didn't DNW of which there were a good few today. Speaking to Mike Duckett put this down to the fact that his aerators had broken down and the oxygen levels were low.

The match was won by Martin Lenaghan (pictured right) 169lb 3oz. Martin fished shallow at various lengths using hair rig banded pellet.
The Silvers was won by John Bradford with 21lb 2oz from peg 1. John caught on his beloved caster fished short.

Full Result:

1.      Martin Lenaghan 169-03-0 peg 19
2.      Tony Rixon 91-11-0 peg 15
3.      Stu Foal 79-06-0 peg 24
4.      Jason Radford 63-13-0 peg 7
5.      Mike West 45-02-0 peg 5
6.      Jim Jenner 41-13-0 peg 18

Top Silvers:
1.     John Bradford 21-02-0 peg 1
2.      Nigel Bartlett 17-10-0 peg 22
3.      Mike Nicholls 13-0-0 peg 16

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