Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday 29/08/2011 - Gary Wall Memorial - Landsend Fishery - Specimen, Match and John Walters Lake

I decided to miss the last of the Avon Angling Float Only at Viaduct to spend Sunday with the whole family (which is ever increasing)! I chose instead to fish the Gary Wall Memorial Match at Landsend today - Our 41st anniversary! It was good to see the South West Legend still turning out (pictured right eating his pasty breakfast).

I was hoping for one of the Silvers pegs on Specimen, but instead I pulled the best Carp peg on Match Lake peg 19. Nonetheless I decided to start for the Silvers with the expectancy that the Carp would terminate this. I wasn’t disappointed. Starting on the 4x14 Jolly at 11.5 metres fishing 3mm expander over a tiny amount of wetted micro and straight into a foul hooked Carp which soon came adrift. The same thing happened next cast. I then had an 8oz Skimmer and a small Tench. That was the end of the Silver rig as it got trashed next cast on another foul hooked Carp. All this after feeding 10 micros!! Out went the paste and it was the same again more foul hooked Carp and putting nothing in the sack. I decided to put a lot of feed over this line and try in the margin, so in went two big pots of micro and 4’s. Down the margin with paste over kindered hard 4’s and I had a good run of nine Carp before I started foul hooking again – bugger. So back out on the long line and I was soon up to 25 lost foul hooked Carp, it was about now that the depression set in – I hate foul hooking Carp I rather not have a bite. I didn’t feed again and did manage five more Carp in the last half hour all in the mouth – well nearly. My few Silvers went 3lb and the fourteen Carp 74lb 6oz giving a total of 77lb 6oz. I was surprised to find that the put me forth overall, with one more fish would have hiked me up to second spot – alas not. I made a few mistakes today the biggest was putting all that feed in, rather than use the paste as the feed. I also should have moved up the far shelf by another section and start again, but my arthritis was playing me up a bit.

And of course there was also fishing shallow, but it was the Gary Wall Memorial and fitting to use paste I think!!

The match was won by Tony Rixon with 154lb 11oz from peg 31. See his blog for details, but I think he might have beaten me on the number of lost fouler’s!

The Silvers was won by Alan Oram (pictured right with the match winner) from peg 36 with 33lb 10oz. Alan caught over to the far bank using CW&C, catching mostly Chub boosted by some big Skimmers.

Full Result:

1. Tony Rixon 154-11-0 peg 31
2. Anton Page 80-09-0 peg 7
3. Bob Gullick 79-02-0 peg 39
4. Mike Nicholls 77-06-0 peg 19
5. Tom Mangnall 63-07-0 peg 24
6. Andy Bryant 58-0-0 peg 32

Top Silvers:

1. Alan Oram 33-10-0 peg 36
2. Tom Thick 23-15-0 peg 28
3. Nigel Bartlett 23-06-0 peg 21

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