Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday 25/08/2011 - Cost Cutter - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell and Carey

Back down on another Skivers Matches, which had another high turn out, probably due to this being the current best “in form” Commercial Fishery in the UK. The fishery has been producing ton weights day in and day out all through the summer and off varying pegs – Incredible.

After picking up my weekly vegetables from matey Terry Bruton (his Tomatoes are delicious) it was all most last into the draw bucket and out comes one of my favourite pegs 116 on Campbell.

I had only brought paste and expander pellet to the peg, giving a pint of casters to Rich Coles who wanted to fish for Silvers on the feeder on peg 86.

I set up two paste rigs, one 0.4 gram for fishing long at 6 metres and a 0.3 gram for both margins having plumbed both locations to the same depth. I started by feeding a pot of hard 4’s in to both margins, but started on the long line with small pieces of paste in the kinder pot and with a few hard 4’s just covering it. I had a 5lb Common Carp first put in – happy days. Feeding likewise after every fish I was catching Carp with the odd Tench steady. However, Brian Chivers on peg 118 was catching at twice my rate on either the pellet waggler or straight lead. We then had a heavy down pour which seemed to slow my swim right up. So I had a go in each margin and it was the RH the produced this time with two of the smaller Carp, two Tench and a Bream before this swim died. It was also proving quite a pull to stop the fish going in to the reeds around the corner in towards peg 117. A call of nature was required so up I got and because the platform was slippery due to the rain I slipped and it was a question of either into the Lake or step on the number two of one of my top sets – the top set got it. With two hours remaining I reckon I had about 60lb with Brian beating me hands down. So back after changing my top set it was back in the saddle at 6 metres and I noticed that some towing had started which I think was the initiator for the fish switching on. By continuing to feed in the exact same way I was getting a Carp within seconds on putting in. I reckon I caught 100lb of Carp in the last 90 minutes. I lost four by pulling too hard in the race to catch Brian (bad angling all said and done), plus I lost one of them to a snag on the one metre line (so watch out for this one). My few Silvers weighed in at 13lb 11oz and my 28 Carp weighed in at 180lb 1oz for a grand total of 193lb 12oz.

I thought Brian Chivers (pictured right with his third overall weight of 140lb 3oz) had beaten me, but alas not. I put this down to my fish being bigger than his by about 25%.

The Silver was won by John Bradford (pictured right with the overall winner) with 37lb 10oz pushing the Silvers Guru John green in to second place by 7oz! John was moaning about his draw – hard to believe that anyone should moan about drawing any peg on Campbell Lake - shame on you!! John caught on CW&C short on the pole at four metres.

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 193-12-0 peg 116
2. Lewis Greenwood 164-02-0 peg 110
3. Brian Chivers 140-03-0 peg 118
4. Martin Smith 121-12-0 peg 128
5. Terry Williams 118-12-0 peg 115
6. Dave Sperring 109-02-0 peg 132
7. Pete Shergold 108-03-0 peg 80
8. Joe McMahon 107-07-0 peg 132
9. Den A!%&*^$ 101-02-0 peg 130

Top Silvers:

1. John Bradford 37-10-0 peg 119
2. John Green 37-03-0 peg 97
3. Pete Thompson 32-04-0 peg 124

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