Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday 15/02/2009 - Viaduct Winter League Teams of Five - Round Three

During dinner this evening I had a phone call from Darren Gillman who had been “practicing” for the forth coming Angling Times Winter League Semi-final on the Kennet and Avon Canal - Bathampton. He told me he had also been battered both sides: unlike me had finished fifth overall with 10lb and a pick up of (undisclosed for tax reasons). Well done Dar. May the drawbag stay with you up to the big day.

I was all set for a peg on Match Lake – I have fished this lake four times over the years, the worse result being second overall, but still managed first in the silvers. Blimey, I wasn’t prepared for peg 4 on Spring Lake – the Match Lake section includes the first six pegs on Spring to make up the twenty peg section. If I had planned properly I would have taken a few slices of bread. Captain George as usual had it spot on: Carp over to island on the lead: plus “plenty of Roach”. Say no more!

I set up all sorts – 3AA waggler. Straight lead (please note George), 4 metre whip, Ronnie rig at 13 metres and Skimmer rig at the same distance. I Started on the straight lead with double hair rigged corn, which resulted in a drop back bite; struck nothing – wind-in quick – in contact. After 2 minutes I lost the fish. On retrieval I had some terminal tackle attached to my line – snap swivel, hair rig etc… I think the Carp had been previously foul hooked and was carrying around with it the residual terminal tackle. I decided to try the whip and caster, only to find the peg solid with Ronnies: four to the ounce!! Steve Mayo on next peg 3 was catching Carp on popped up bread. I scrounged some bread off Bob Gullick, however, by the time I tried it Steve had nine Carp in his net and a dying swim. See what I mean about being prepared!! Steve fished three piece of 10 mm punched bread on a two inch long hair rig. This apparently is buoyant enough to pop on the bread six inches or so, with any further buoyancy aids. I am not convinced that the bread would stay up on it's own for more than say 45 seconds.

I finished the match with 3lb 15oz of Ronnies. This put me well down: again – but not last. I was heart warming: but disappointing that the Steve Skelton had blanked on the Monk swim – at least I managed two “Sundace”! If Steve and Paul read this, I suggest you try and spread some of the small Ronnies around.

The match was won by Simon Jones on peg 131 with 108lb 5oz. Simon caught on the straight lead with corn hook bait.

The Silvers was won with 29lb by Trevor Senior (Years back I fished matches with Trevor's Dad) from peg 111. This was a notable catch as Trevor doubled the weight of the Silvers runner up. Trevor caught at 7 metres using caster over loose fed caster, feeding about one and half pints through out. Trevor caught Perch, Skimmers and Tench, with nothing under 2lb!

My travelling partner and team mate Bela Bakos had an interesting day fishing peg 60 on Lodge lake. Bela weighed 18lb 6oz with only 4lb caught I the mouth!! I took the attached video (bottom centre) of him weighing in – note the some of the comments from adjacent Anglers. Bela foul hooked two Bream and one Carp - "fin perfect" Bakos (sorry about the sound, but the sound team had an off day).

Team wise the All Stars slipped to 16th on the day with 44 points. This now puts us 12th overall with 155 points. But can we catch Avon Angling, who have 163 points?

Full Result:
1. Simon Jones 108-05-0 peg 86
2. Jamie Smith 93-12-0 peg 131
3. Steve Mayo 77-10-0 peg 3
4. Fred Roberts 76-10-0 peg 2
5. Paul Garrett 56-10-0 peg 98
6. Rowland Lucas 53-04-0 peg

Top Silvers:
1. Trevor Senior 29-0-0 peg 111
2. Mark Broomsgrove 14-13-0 peg 70
3. Eric Fouracres 14-02-0 peg 115
4. Brian Shanks 12-05-0 peg 95

Top six teams on the day:
1. Maver Veals Blue 71
2. Avon Angling 66
3. Enterprise Angling 65
4. Westerleigh Blue 64
5. Sensas Thyers 62
6. Haines AC
16. Viaduct All Stars 44

Teams Overall:
1. Somerset Angling 207
2. Westerleigh Blue 187
3. Team Viaduct 184
4. Sensas Thyers 181
5. Viaduct Select 176
6. Maver Veals Red 173
12. Viaduct All Stars 155

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