Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thursday 21/04/2016 - Harescombe Fishery - Cost Cutter - Match Lake

Today is my first attempt at a video blog. Unfortunately, Google limits videos to 100MB so a lot of compression at the determent of quality.

The first part is me stood on the dam at the far end looking up the Lake – sound not that good.

The second part is me trying to explain how my day went – Not easy sat in front of a camera.

The third part is the winners weigh in.

The fourth part is Terry explaining how he fished the match from flyer peg 2 (no peg 1, 30 0r 29 were pegged!!).

Full Result:

  1. Terry G 70-14-0 peg 2
  2. Stewart Graham 34-09-0 peg 7
  3. Mike Nicholls 33-15-0 peg 14
  4. Steve 31-05-0 peg 6
  5. Ralph Hillier 31-04-0 peg 15
  6. Rich Powell 29-09-0 peg 22
Weigh Sheet:

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