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Sunday 31/05/2015 - Tony Rixon's Float Only League - Round One - Viaduct Fishery - Campbell and Carey

Two Chews and I stopped again in Canards Well for breakfast. Although the food is good the management leaves a lot to be desired. That said Two Chews always ensures I get value for money with six sausages and six rashers plus all the other ingredients in volumes.

I was hoping for any peg on Campbell and got my wishes drawing peg 116 a peg I have fond memories of – one of my favourites. However, arriving at the peg it was getting blasted by a cold NW wind. For some reason the pegs on this bank never fish that well with a strong wind blowing into it and vis versa for the opposite bank. I think it’s because of the tow being strongest closest to the bank hence the fish back off to calmer areas especially if they aren’t willing to feed.

One bait pony today paste which on hind sight might have been a mistake, lesson learnt – I doubt it. So two paste floats set up be to be fish long at top-set plus two about as much as I could fish in the wind blowing in at me at 11 o clock. The other rig was to fish in either margin, which was to be fished at least a metre from the bank so to find two foot of water.

I started long kindering a few hard 4’s in with the paste and soon had a 10lb Carp in the net. I then got pestered by small fish but then had another 10 lb Carp. It was looking good as I then had another 8lb pounder. Then the small fish arrived again and in conjunction with the wind I was forever losing the paste and re-baiting. I had to abandon this line as the small fish got smaller and the wind got stronger. The upshot was that I spent the rest of the match with my back to the cold blasting wind fishing along the margin to my right at top-set plus two catching five small Carp and two Tench spearing a few Rudd and Ronnie’s in the process.

Occupying next peg 115 was Alan Oram who was reserving for Two Pots Bailey. Interestingly enough Alan had a similar match to me, also being pestered by small fish but fishing meat hook bait.

I weighed 5lb 11oz of Silvers and my eight Carp weighed 53lb 3oz for a last in section of 58lb 4oz.

It appeared that the fish had indeed searched out calmer waters all except the match winner swim; Tony Rixon (pictured right - Japanese springs to mind) who was on peg 114 winning with 176lb 9oz. Tony caught … see his blog -  hope he mentions slapping shallow down to peg 13’s pallet!!

The Silvers was won by Glen Calvert (pictured lower right with the match winner) with 38lb 12oz from peg 88 on Carey. Glen caught using the pole at 11 metres on either 6mm banded pellet or paste over hard 4’s. The results show that the Skimmers have gathered along the top bank.

Rich Lacey had his first ton weighing in 172lb 14oz from peg 132 (another becalmed peg). Tony Rixon, who could see Rich fishing thought he had gone over the limit on each of his Carp nets. However, Rich said he had 169lb on his clicker which proved to be just 4oz over – well done matey.

The day finished better than it started with Two Chews and me having dinner in Winstone’s.

Full Result:

  1. Tony Rixon 176-09-0 peg 114
  2. Craig Edmonds 175-15-0 peg 96
  3. Rich Lacey 172-14-0 peg 132
  4. Shaun Townsend 161-05-0 peg 125
  5. Tim Ford 135-07-0 peg 123
  6. Gary O’Shea 122-12-0 peg 90
Top Silvers:

  1. Glen Calvert 38-12-0 peg 88
  2. Kev Moulton 34-10-0 peg 86
  3. Nigel Brown 34-06-0 peg 95
Weigh Sheets:

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