Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday 24/02/2013 - Viaduct Teams of Five Winter League - Round 3 - All lakes

It was the first time we had to queue for breakfast in Woody’s, but it didn’t take long to get served, certainly not worth the longer drive from Shipham –sorry Wendy!
It was my turn of Specimen Lake and before the great rains it would had been my choice for the Silvers (as would everyone else). That said Captain Tom has been drawing crap. Tom came back with the following draw:
Me peg 10
Jamie peg 1
Steve peg 74
Bela peg 81
Tom peg 115
Another crap draw me thinks.
Walking around the venue heading for my peg it was good to see that Fishery owner Steve had pruned the tree on peg 52 and had done further housekeeping around my peg 10 (pictured right). It’s not only my opinion that this is the best managed fishery in the South West – results speak for themselves.
No conflict between club management versus commercial interests on this venue.
Although yesterday in the tackle shop Tony Rixon was wishing me on peg 7 explaining how I would need to sit on the corn for five hours tight under the LH bush, I was relieved to draw peg 10. At least I could fish a small GB feeder and the Waggler which is all I set up neglecting the pole for the first time in seven years!
I started on the waggler with a single shocking pink dead maggot whilst feeding caster over the top. I had a Ronnie first cast – so no blank – Bela!
After about six fish for six once I foul hooked a 13lb 14oz immaculate Common Carp in the pectoral fin, which is sometimes better than in the mouth because the fish gets confused due to it being rotated as it’s played. Anyway it ended up in the net – team job done!
That was it for Carp, by feeding the peg through the feeder (which produced hardly any bites) and fishing the waggler over the top I kept a few very small Skimmers and Ronnie’s coming until the end.
My Silvers weighed in at 6lb 10 oz for a total of 20lb 8oz and a section score of 13 points which I would have settled for after the draw.
The match was won by Fred Roberts (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 196lb 1oz from peg 125. Fred started on the straight lead and was getting liners so changed to the waggler 6 inches off bottom with three dead reds on the hook landed 32 Carp. With the majority of his catch coming in the last hour or so – well done matey.
The Silvers was won by Matt Williams with 39lb 2oz from Carey peg 100. Matt caught at 13 and 14 metres with dead red maggot hook bait fished over GB laced with a few dead Pinkies.
Well s expected the team struggled resulting in:
Me 13 points
Jamie blank
Steve 6 points
Bela blank
Tom peg 18 points
We must be holding up the league!
Full Result:
1.      Fred Roberts 196-01-0 peg 125
2.      Wayne Buckingham 136-12-0 peg 64
3.      Craig Edmonds 131-12-0 peg 86
4.      Tom Mangnall 103-14-0 peg 125
5.      Phil Cardwell 98-03-0 peg 126
6.      Kev Crabbe 80-14-0 peg 116
Top Silvers:
1.      Mark Williams 39-02-0 peg 100
2.      Anton Page 32-07-0 peg 42
Full Lake Results:

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