Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday 19/01/2012 - Bathampton AA Silvers Championship - Withy Pool - Round 2

The temperature and air pressure is swinging wildly, not only day by day but hour by hour, very strange. The wind can’t make up its mind either.

Paying my pools to Mike Jones I couldn’t help noticing that he was stowing the folding stuff in an “ass wipe” container. Apparently, his wife’s doesn’t allow him to use them – he’s left with the rough stuff! At least it stops the money blowing off!

Today was the draw for the pairs and I was lucky enough to be paired with Mike Owens. At least he’s one of the few anglers that I don’t have to strain my neck to talk to. I think we have an outside chance of framing.

In to the draw container and out comes disabled peg 72. Initially I wasn’t that happy even though it was only twenty metres from my car. However, once everyone had settled in their respective swims I realised I had plenty of room, with two pegs each side empty, plus the opposite bank free of anglers – trying to tell me something? I was happy with this as there are plenty of small Ronnie’s in this area, but usually short of Skimmers. So I thought I would focus on Ronnie’s. Plumbing around the swim the best depth I could find was at 10 metres with some 5ft 7inches (just my height). The depth was on the boarder line between a 4x14 and a 4x16 Jolly, but as I had a 4x16 on the top set I decided to keep with this even though I had to loose 1 ½  metres of 0.18 line – bugger, another rig to retie for next match. I decide to start vary cautiously as this area of the lake froze last weekend. So in went a small ball of my Skimmer GB with a few loose Pinkies. With double Pinkie on the hook I had a bite first cast a 6 oz Ronnie. Next cast I had its twin. I then had a run of small Ronnie’s 1 – 2oz. I decided to up the feed by, not only feeding a small ball of GB, but also kindering a few Pinkies and wetted micro. After a few more Ronnie’s I latched in to a decent Skimmer of about 2 ½ lb. It was then a Ronnie a chuck until the swim died, even though I had been topping up regularly with GB and loose feed. I decided to switch to triple putrid dead red maggot hook bait and amazingly enough I caught six more Skimmers to 4lb 2oz in consecutive casts. The last Skimmer (no eight) I hooked was unfortunately fouled which put the lid on any more Skimmers. The last 1 ½ hours was spent gradually increasing the feed whilst catching small Ronnie’s hoping for an accidental Carp. With no Carp netted, my Silvers weighed in at 27lb 12oz for a section win and second overall.

The match was won by Dave Wride (pictured right with the runner up – again) with an incredible weight of 54lb 6oz from point peg 48. Dave caught Skimmers throughout the match fishing white maggot over small balls of GB. After the match Dave was asking me about the qualification to fish the over 55’s – We have until June 2012 before he starts fishing them,  so best make the most of it between March and his Birthday!

The Accidental Carp was won by Chris Rolfe from peg 43; with a 17lb 2oz Common Carp (pictured right with the biggest Silver fish of the day winner, Paul Haines with a 4lb 4oz Bream).

Full Result:

1. Dave Wride 54-06-0 peg 48
2. Mike Nicholls 27-12-0 peg 27-12-0 peg 72
3. Alan Jones 23-14-0 peg 47
4. Paul Barnfield 18-14-0 peg 62
5. Rich Coles 10-10-0 peg 45
6. Chris Rolfe 9-0-0 peg 43

Accidental Carp:

1. Chris Rolfe 17-02-0 peg 43
2. Bob Price 6-13-0 peg 63

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