Monday, 2 January 2012

Monday 02/01/2012 - Avon Angling Open - Shiplate Fishery - Hawthornes and West pool

Today was the first match of 2012 which I usually choose to fish at Hillview Fishery, however, a change this year to Shiplate which is in some respects is similar in that we were fishing two canals – West Pool (W) and Hawthorne (H). The main difference is that Hillview is stuffed with fish and you only need to be a shrivelling pensioner to fish the far bank, opposed to Shiplate where you need to be built like a brick sh1t house.

After a breakfast at the Fountain cafĂ© where Bela was well pissed because he was last to get his grub, however, “two chews” wasn’t last to finish by a long chalk!
On arrival we were met by Steve Oliver the fishery owner and his wife Carol (pictured right), who luckily enough was acting car park attendant for the day, arranging the cars in herring bone fashion, otherwise it would have been the usual mayhem.

I was hoping to draw an end peg on either of the canals. Into the draw landing net and out comes peg 10 on Hawthorns – not an end peg, but as usual not that disappointed, its great to be out in the fresh air after being a couch potato for ten days. Arriving at the peg I had the Gimp on peg 9 and Martin Lenaghan on peg 11. I had a chat with Tony Rixon and we both agreed that Silvers would be very much accidental on this peg, so it was Carp or Carp with the hope of catching some Silvers. I got out the full 13 metres of pole and after plumbing around I settled on fishing 11.5 metres which was two inches up the far shelf with my usual 4x14 Jolly. I didn’t set up a far bank rig as it was unfortunately well out of my reach. I started out in front by kinder potting in a 50/50 mix of wetted micro and dead reds (about 15 of each). First put in with double dead red on a 16 - 808 resulted in a 4lb Common Carp – happy days. Next put in the same again. Next put in resulted in a lost foul hooker. The struggle then started with very shy bites from tiny 2oz Skimmers. I decided to focus on these for a while and knocked up some of my Skimmer GB, putting a small ball at 11.5metres at 11 o clock. I had four skimmers straight off but the swim soon died. I went back on the Carp line and had another 4 pounder, before I had a few more Skimmers. I kept switching between the two lines and kept the tiny Skimmers coming. That was until in two put ins I had two more Carp, albeit slightly small stamp. With an hour to go the Gimp packed up and Martin started to catch me up fishing the far bank as the wind had dropped. Martin did have a 3lb Bream right on the death which when added to his two Chub assisted him greatly in wining the Lake Silvers  with 4lb 10oz, beating my twenty “bottle tops” which went 2lb 12oz. My six Carp weighed in at 19lb 3oz for a grand total of 21lb 15oz, which put me about half way in the match.

The match was won by Tony Rixon from peg 6 on West Pool (old peg 1 where Dean broke the fishery match record a few weeks back). It’s the tee that appears to holding the fish – either leave the peg out or take the tree out. Tony caught on … see his blog.
The Silvers as expected was won from Westpool with 10lb 13oz by Alan Oram (pictured right with the overall winner).  Alan caught on double dead maggot over micro and dead maggot fished at 13 metres from peg 13.

Full Result:

1.      Tony Rixon 81-08-0 peg 6 W (old peg 1)
2.      Chris Fox 50-11-0 peg 2H
3.      Steve Wynne 38-0-0 peg 6H
4.      Phil Harding 36-04-0 peg 14H
5.      Martin McMahon 32-04-0 peg 5H
6.      Martin Lenaghan 30-05-0 peg 11H

 Top Silvers:

1.      Alan Oram 10-13-0 peg 13W
2.      Eddy Wynne 8-06-0 peg 15W

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