Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday 30/05/2011 - Landsend Open - Match and Specimen Lakes

Yesterday Bela talked me in to going again today, to Landsend. However, I can’t go to a match without a pint of casters in the handbag, so I chanced my arm and rang Tony Rixon. Although he informed me he wasn’t going to the match today (petticoat government and all that). However, Tony contacted Fabio who lives above the shop and has recently been promoted to head night watchman and kindly brought casters to the match for me. What excellent service you get from this shop. I sometimes think Tony isn’t appreciated enough by the anglers that get similar service week in and week out. Thanks “long time acquaintance”.

Including today there have been six matches in six days on this venue. So it wasn’t unreasonable to think that the fishing would be hard. Taking everything in to account I think it fished reasonably well. What an amazing venue in this respect.

With the leader missing Mike West stood in as organiser. I must say Mike did a good job, well done matey. In to the bottomless draw bucket and out comes peg 22 on Match Lake. Ken Rayner had read my blog from yesterday and said don’t waste a good Carp peg today! OK Ken. On arriving at the peg I had the latest self promoted top South West Silvers angler on peg 21. I was relived when Fabio chose to fish for Carp, giving me half a chance.

I set up three rigs a “Boy Blue” Wire stem Jolly (rather than my normal Pink Lady) for expander pellet to be fished out in front at 9.5 metres (about down the middle) a paste rig to fish over the same line later in the match and of course my Ronnie rig to fish along the RH margin.

I started on the 3mm expander pellet with the Boy Blue (the only rig I used all match) I had decided it best to keep the feed to very little but often, so I kinder potted in a few 1mm expander pellet after every bite. I had a 3lb Carp first put in quickly followed by another. Luckily the Skimmers moved in and over the next three hours I had a wonderful days fishing catching a couple of Tench, three Crucian’s and regular Skimmers to 4lb. However, the last two hours were difficult so I up the feed utilising wetted micro and landed two more Carp. My four carp weighed in at 15lb 12oz and my Silvers 43lb 10oz. This put me fourth overall and first in the Silvers (mission accomplished in this respect).

The match was won by Craig (Trig) Edmonds (pictured right with the Silvers winner) with 75lb 9oz from peg 15. Trig caught over to the island and down his LH margin using hard 8mm pellet. Trig did try the “Mango Tree” to his right but couldn’t cope with the number of rigs he was losing.

Full Result:

1. Craig (Trigger) Edmonds 75-09-0 peg 15
2. Scott Puddy 69-10-0 peg 1
3. Dave Roper 68-15-0 peg 19
4. Mike Nicholls 59-06-0 peg 22
5. Phil (Fabio) Harding 59-01-0 peg 21
6. Andy France 52-14-0 peg 3

Top Silvers:

1. Mike Nicholls 43-10-0 peg 22
2. John (Gimp) Bradford 25-05-0 peg 13
3. Martin Pettifer 20-14-0 peg 28

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Fishingken said...

Well done for today. 1 of these days you will draw a carp (or is that crap) peg that doesnt have any silvers in it.

Then you will be stuffed - lol