Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sunday 16/03/2008 Carps AC - Landsend Fishery

This was my first visit to Landsend since winning the Carps golden pairs with Darren Gillman on 30 April 2006. This match was a Carpsmania qualifier so cost £26 to enter. The top weight overall and top silvers weights qualify. Before this match I had never drawn Specimen Lake. Tony Wittcomb drew my peg and pulled out peg 2 so still not fished Specimen! After twenty hours of non stop rain I was not sure what to expect. However, I decided to bet on qualifying through Silvers. I made up three rigs. One for the left margin (feed caster). One the bottom of the far shelf at 11 metres. On the same line I set up a small paste rig (14 Tubertini 808).

Started with 4mm Ringer pellet over kinder potted 3mm soft pellet.  My first fish was a 1lb Crucian (this indicated that the presentation was right). I then started to catch Carp which totally buggered my silvers plan. Changed from 6-10 elastic to 16. The second fish after the change was a 16lb 14oz Mirror Carp. I knew the weight as it was weighed and returned as I only had two nets! Apparently it takes only six seconds for a fish to start feeding again after being caught so I wondered if I would catch it again! I also read that a Carp of twenty pounds eats fourteen ounces of food a day at the peak of summer.

The upshot I stayed on the one rig throughout the match and by careful feeding kept Carp coming in fits and starts throughout the first 5 hours 55 minutes after which I landed a 5 lb Bream!
I weighed 6lb 10 oz of silvers and 73lb Carp for third overall and a pick up of £40. I was impressed with the water quality and the pristine condition of the fish.

Martin Rayet won the match from peg 40 on Specimen with 158lb 05oz. Martin used soft pellet into the end margin at 16 metres, landing carp to 16lb.

The Silvers did not generally feed. However, Mike West took the silvers from Specimen Lake with 28lb 08oz of Skimmers and Bream to 6lb on soft pellet.

Full Result:

1. Martin Rayet 158-05-0 Peg 40 (Sunday Carpsmania qualifier)
2. Shaun Townsend 104-10-0 Peg 7
3. Mike Nicholls 79-08-0 Peg 2
4. Bela Bakus 71-08-0 Peg 39
5. Mike Duckett 64-12-0 Peg 30
6. Matt Dark 48-12-0 Peg 20

Top silvers:

1. Mike West 28-08-0 (Sunday Carpsmania qualifier) Peg 28
2. Darren Gillman 21-08-0 Peg 26

Tony Rixon is running a match at Landsend on Easter Bank holiday Monday ring 0117 9517250 to book in.

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