Monday, 27 November 2017

Sunday 26/11/2017 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round Five - Campbell, Carey and Lodge

Canards Well where a large breakfast was devoured by Two Chews before I could eat half a small one!

Chris Davis was quiet today – no new jokes – apparently not, Chris had bit off more that he could chew at MacDonald’s - from the end of his tongue and now talking like a Gimp.

I had a walk round the Lakes and with the wind direction where it was I fancied peg 70 on Lodge. Failing that any peg I could fish a waggler, it’s now that time of year. In to the draw bag an out comes peg 132 on Campbell. Well will suit the waggler as its well sheltered, but wasn’t on my wanted list. For company I had affable Bob Gullick on peg 131. I like fishing next to Bob he’s always happy to explain how he’s fishing – rigs GB etc… But mostly because you don’t have to worry about estimating your catch, Bob keeps a section running commentary. He’s not usually far out either – “Just ask Bob”. There was some persuasion for me to join the section sweep, just another attempt to mug the Pensioner from an unfancied peg I think. Joe McMahon came along who had fished the peg for Silvers four weeks ago and had a chat pointing out he had caught Perch down the right had side up to the end bank which was well out of my reach, but I knew you don’t really need to fish that far. Plenty of signs of fish down in the corner though which I hoped wasn’t carp.

Because I was really expecting a right struggle I set-up loads to help while away the hours – RH margin rig, The Ronnie rig, a 4 metre whip, a 4x12 for the top-set plus 4 long line and the waggler which gave perfect visibility and presentation.

I potted some casters down the edge at top-set plus three. Loose fed some casters on the waggler line, but started on the Ronnie rig with Pinkie over loose fed Pinkie. I wasn’t that surprised not to see the float move, one rig up the bank. So on to rig two the margin caster rig with single on the hook with some kindered caster. It took less than ten seconds for the float to disappear and for my light Drennan F1 elastic to be left in the end bank. Just the hook gone. Repeat - ten seconds in the water another Carp didn’t even see where this ended up but came back tangled in a branch. Just the hook gone. Third time lucky – not. Another ten seconds and I was playing another Carp this time in open water a mirror of about 7lb. Pulled for the break – blimey 0.1 GLine is robust. With carp still topping in the corner it was with some disappointment that I decided enough was enough. Waggler it was then with single caster on a 20 - 808 and first chuck a small Ronnie. It appeared to be fishing really hard, so stuck with it and was rewarded with 1lb Skimmer, followed by another of 2lb. I hadn’t fed anything on the long pole line so knocked up some GB and laced it up with Pinkie – lots of Pinkie and fed the lot and left it. Back on the waggler and had a couple of decent Perch to 2 ½ lb. I think I had over fed the caster because I started to hook Carp, so decided to give it a rest and try single maggot over the GB and found I could catch a small Ronnie fairly quickly but to stick with these they need to come to hand but were out of reach of the Whip which I tried but found the presentation poor. Two more rigs abandoned choosing to fish the match out on the waggler. I ended he match with five Perch, four decent Skimmers and about 4lb of Ronnie’s. The Carp tally for the day was ten – hook lengths. A slight regret that didn’t try the right hand margin again once the Carp came on the waggler line. I did keep thinking I ought to.

I put 15lb 2oz on the scales which was good enough for fifth overall and a section second (defaulted to first, the section won by Gary Webber on peg 29 coming third overall). I also hung on to my £1 coin. A very enjoyable day on the waggler.

The match was won by Gary O’Shea (pictured right) with 20lb from my fancied peg 70. Gary also caught on the waggler and caster.

So some money in the van to stoke up on the Pinky Ponk Juice.

Full Result:

  1. Gary O’Shea 20-0-0 peg 70
  2. Craig Edmonds 18-12-0 peg 59
  3. Gary Webber 17-14-0 peg 129
  4. Martin Rayet 16-0-0 peg 99
  5. Mike Nicholls 15-02-0 peg 132
  6. John Fuidge 13-10-0 peg 110
Weigh Sheets:

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