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Sunday 20/11/2017 - Todber Manor Pairs - Round Four - Hillview, Ash and Home Ground Lakes

Last trip down south for Bela and me for the last round of the Todber pairs and this time found the Frome Little Chef open. Nice breakfast if not a little cold, but definitely too expensive.

The weather for Gillingham was predicted to be reasonably mild and NO WIND!! I really didn’t believe this but took the waggler rod in case. I have been hoping to use the waggler more this winter but the draws and wind has prevented it. Bela and I were languishing down the table on the same points and “The Nicks Chewers” so made it our target today to beat them.

Section B for me which is the high numbers on Hillview. Bela was on Ash. I didn’t mind where I drew but would like to avoid pegs 54 and 55. I did pulling peg 50 which is out on the leg. I found myself in great company when Nick Ewers of the Chewers arrived on next peg 49. His partners Nick Chedzoy was on the next peg 48 – start and end of sections!

Yippee the water was flat calm – eerie. Set up one rig a 4x14 that would more or less do everything which was primarily to fish top-set plus four straight out in front with 4mm Baitec expander (these expand when pumped in water to about 6-7mm) over wetted micro. I also set up the waggler. I hate the sound of swishing rods when anglers are waggler fishing, comes from back when Dad would clout me round the ear if I made any sound when casting, hence I always select a size of waggler that is easily cast. If you’re swishing you are using the wrong size waggler. The waggler was initially set by comparison with my pole rig depth – wag and mag.

I started by feeding a kinder pot of micro and sat on the expander I started to catch small stock Carp around 1 ½ to 2lb. After 2 or 3 of these I would catch small Tench 2 to 8oz. However, topping up left me biteless for sometime where the fishing pattern would repeat it’s self. I decided to feed the micro after the catching three Tench. However, I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t right. Nick hooked a small Carp but his line caught over his Toss pot, just managing to land it. Shortly after I did the same but I had my “self release” kinder pot on which just slid down the line to the float - and landed the Carp with no stress. With two hours to go after feeding a big pot of micro on the pole line picked up the waggler. I had two catapults on the tray one grouped the feed well but only up to 20 metres the other was for longer distances however, the feed would be well advertised all over the place which on hind sight was the right initial choice. After spreading three pouch full’s I caught three small Carp in three casts. I then fed again which I now realise was a big mistake as all I could subsequently catch was small Tench – one a cast. I did have one 8lb Carp in the eye ball which fought like hell; this always leaves me wondering why the eye doesn’t pull out of the socket. A lot left for me to think about regarding the feeding. For the last 15 minutes went back on the pole and caught two more small Carp by the all out.

I finished with 37lb 8oz for section fourth and the second time being one out of picking up. At least I beat Nick – just. Unfortunately Bela had another bad draw so we missed out beating the Chewers. Bela and I finished on 49 points. I had reasonable draws all league managing 15 points with Bela managing the rest of the points from some poor pegs. There are definitely pegs you need to avoid to have any chance of winning this league.

The match was won by Jon Gray (pictured right) from Hillview peg 43 with 84lb 2oz. Not sure how Jon caught.

The pairs were won by Tony Rixon and Ken Rayner (pictured upper right) with 24 points, averaging 3 points each per match – well done to them and the other framers.

I enjoyed the league as I have learnt a lot fishing this new venue for me as has Bela, so we will be back to take the “Chewers” on again.

Full Result:

  1. Jon Gray 84-02-0 peg 43 HV
  2. Alan Oram 75-13-0 peg 86 HG
  3. Gary O’Shea 66-14-0 peg 62 Ash
  4. Tony Rixon 63-02-0 peg 41 HV
  5. Phil Cardwell 62-14-0 peg 71 Ash
  6. Ken Rayner 62-10-0 peg 90 HG

Pairs Overall Result:

  1. Tony Rixon/Ken Rayner 24
  2. Alan Oram/Andy Lloyd 27
  3. Mark Poppleton/Mark Wynne 29
15. Mike Nicholls/Bela Bakos 49

Weigh Sheets:

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