Monday, 13 November 2017

Sunday 12/11/2017 - Viaduct Silvers League - Round Four - Campbell, Carey and Lodge Lakes

First stop Canards Well. They say you can tell the quality of a Restaurant/Pub by its toilets, just been refurbished umm!

Had a walk around the three Lakes in today and thought the colour was ok for some Ronnie’s. When I got to peg 113 I could hear a Woodpecker in the tree above the peg and managed to get a picture of a Great Spotted - pictured right – to be verified by Birder Timothy Ford.

A peg facing the NW wind wasn’t a preference for anyone today especially as it was to pick up considerably. In to the draw bag and out comes Carey peg 94. Normally would be happy with this one but once again I would have to contend with a freezing cold wind blowing in at me at 11-o- clock. Plus peg 96 is in this section which has won the section every time so far, framing each time. Then Des Shipp arrives on peg 87 so third place might be the best today, but all that means I will have to try a bit harder, if that’s possible.

The wind was cold and nasty so for survival I decided on fishing to my right at 2-o clock so most of the wind was on my side/back. The RH margin has plenty of depth and would provide more shelter. Two rigs a heavier than would normally be needed, 4x14 and a 4x10 for down the edge. With plenty of time before the start I set up the Normark no 1 feeder rod which never got used.

The plan was caster down the edge and DR’s and GB out at top-set plus two, I had planned to go longer later, but the ever increasing wind was to deter me. Fed negatively with caster down the edge and a small ball of GB laced with maggot went out on the long line. A Ronnie first put in followed by some more very eager Ronnie’s, I then had a 1½ lb Tench – good start. I caught Ronnie’s for the first hour topping up the GB as required. The swim then completely died, umm. I then tried the margin with caster expecting to catch more Ronnie’s and Perch. No indications of fish present. I then had a curry rush to the toilet – just made it. Everyone appeared to be struggling with 6lb being good so far which I thought I had. Back in the saddle, where I started to shiver. I messed around loose feeding etc… trying to catch Ronnie’s but it was very slow. So decided to up the feed putting in two big balls of GB laced with a lot of DR’s which had the desired result catch two big Skimmers, two Hybrids  all during the last hour. Question, was it the time of day or was I being too negative with the feed. I decided it was the latter.

I weighed 11lb 13oz for third in the section and came away wishing I could start again, this time feeding more.

“Some say that he appears on high value stamps in Thailand, and that he can catch fish with his tongue. All I know it’s The Trig.”

The match was won again by The Trig (pictured right in his peg) for the third time out of four. The Trig put 28lb of decent Skimmers on the scales from Lodge peg 59, catching most of his fish late on caster hook bait at 14 metres by upping the feed of caster laced GB. The Trig fed around 1 ½ pints of caster. Upping the feed seemed to have been the order of the day.

Full Result:

  1. Craig Edmonds 28-0-0 peg 59
  2. Stu White 23-02-0 peg 70
  3. Gary O’Shea 22-06-0 peg 73
  4. Matt Parsons 18-03-0 peg 98
  5. Nigel Easton  18-03-0 peg 100
  6. Paul Greenwood 18-02-0 peg 129
Weigh Sheets:

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