Monday, 22 May 2017

Sunday 21/-5/2017 - Ivy House Open - Kingfisher Canal

The day didn’t start too well as four miles into our journey I remembered I left the Bib and Brace home. So we went back. Bela wanted to know which part of the Bib and Brace I had left home, yep both legs! However, the day was to get a lot, lot worse. We arrived at the fishery and I thought Bela’s engine smelt funny so looked under the bonnet and his coolant tank was empty. We decided to fish and call his Green Flag company after the match. Simon and his recovery van came with 70 minutes but couldn’t do a repair as the heater hose housing had broken off. So we were towed back by Simon (pictured right). First time in a pickup truck I didn’t realise that they didn’t have suspension or shock absorbers, plus the wheels felt as if there square! Both Bela and I had back ache by time we got home. Never again, I hope.

However, the interim period - the fishing was very enjoyable. I drew ball 12 which as my neighbour Alan “Salvador” Oram (pictured right) on peg 11 said we were “in the Middle of the wrong end”!

I put Thursday’s learning into play setting up just a yellow topped 4x14 F1 Winter to fish top set plus one and later top-set plus two, which only needed 3 inches adding to the depth. Started with 4mm expander over GB short and caught small Carp from the off and thereafter every put in for 4 hours. The problem is they only weigh between 2oz of 6oz which felt as if I was adding fresh air to the net. It wouldn’t take many of the bigger fish which seem to hug the far bank which are well out of my reach to overwhelm my efforts. At the beginning of the remaining two hours with the short line all but dead I added another pole section switching to feeding micro with the same hook bait and carried on catching small Carp desperately hoping for one of the better Carp to make the difference, alas not just adding two welcome decent Skimmers late on.

By the end I reckon I had about 150 fish so plenty of bites which is the sort of fishing I like. My Carp weighed 39lb 10 oz and my Skimmers 7lb 8oz for a total of 47lb 2oz and “One Out Of” again needing another four Carp for the 1lb 2oz I was short! All wasn’t lost as Bela did the long pole business sneaking in second again.

The match was won by Andy Lord (pictured right) with 61lb 10oz from peg 7. Andy’s weight was made up of mainly 8 Carp caught long over initially hard pellet and later upped his catch by switching to maggot.

The Silvers was won by Matt Vater (pictured right) with 22lb 2oz from peg 4 Andy caught late on using worm hook bait over CW&C, getting through ½ kilo of worm.

I think we need some warm weather now to get the fish spawning and back feeding sensibly.

Full Result:

  1. Andy Lord 61-10-0 peg 7
  2. Bela Bakos 53-08-0 peg 6
  3. Mike Etherigde 48-04-0 peg 2
  4. Mike Nicholls 47-02-0 peg 12
Top Silvers:

  1. Matt Vater 22-02-0 peg 4
Weigh Sheet:

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