Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday 24/04/2011 - Carps AC - Chilton Trinity - Woodlands

Stop Press:

The Coffin Dodger matches have been cancelled until further notice – see BAA website for details.

Today Anton Page fishing Landsend broke the venue record by a significant margin. Anton weighed 342lb 8oz (45 fish) from peg 31 fishing shallow with 8mm banded pellet feeding nothing, just slapping his hook bait (fed less than me then). Anton used six keep nets and threw back 10lb of Silvers to make a net available for Carp – shame on you.

Tom Mangnall broke the Viaduct record yesterday with 319lb 5oz (25 fish) from peg 94. Tom caught on banded 8mm catching a few on the waggler with the lions share falling to the pole shallow dapping around. Tom did feed 4 pints of a combination of 6’s and 8’s. His catch included two twenties. Not the only record broken by Tom this weekend.

Today I was back at Chilton Trinity and Woodlands Lake. It’s amazing that we have temperatures in the high twenties and there are still Bluebells in full bloom (see picture right). The last time we had temoeratures higher than this week was in the April the year I was born - 1949.

In to the draw box and out comes peg 16. Apparently a right Carp peg but I remember Nicky Collins catching some Skimmers using CW&C from this peg last year. So I set up two rigs one for the CW&C to be fished at 13 metres using a 4x16 Jolly and a paste rig for the snag pit margin (they have removed the tree to the left) set to four feet deep. On the whistle I fed a pot of CW&C at 13 metres and started to feed a few 4’s in to the RH margin, where there were a lot of small fish spawning. Starting on the worm produce bugger all, not quite true I had one 4oz Eel. I then had a period of Silvers mania and set up another four various Ronnie rigs, all to no avail as the Motherless Minnows gets to the bait before anything else (except Carp). After two hours I had about 2lb of Silverfish fish in the net. I had a call of nature and a drink and decided to swap to Carp even though I could hear Tom Mangnall bagging on peg 20. So into the RH margin with paste and first put in - cripes a 3lb Skimmer –change that back on the Silvers then! I had six more and a Tench before the Carp decided to intervene. It was then a question of getting the Carp out as quick as possible to get back for a Skimmer, but the Carp were winning this one. It was then a question of keeping the Carp from going under my platform and in snags which accounted for six lost Carp. My Silver weighed in at 23lb 15oz (accidental Silver I suppose) and my Carp weighed 66lb 14oz for a total of 90lb 13oz. This left me 2nd  in the Silvers and 3rd overall –no mans land.

The match as expected was won by Tom Mangnall (pictured right with the Silvers Winner) from peg 20 with a new venue record of 205lb 90z. Tom alternated between his margins and shallow with either meat or 8mm banded hook bait. Well done matey two records in two days.

I carried Tom's rod bag back to his car and I can confirm thta it is heavier than all my tackle combined!

The Silvers was won by the legend Colin Golding from peg 10 with 30lb 12oz. Colin fished his usual plop-plop method (6mm expander fished over loose fed 6mm expander) at 5 metres. An excellent weight of Silvers on the day. Colin lost two of his pole sections in the lake, but as usual, he didn’t let it spoil his day.

Full Result:

1. Tom Mangnall 205-09-0 peg 20
2. Chris Davis 107-09-0 peg 6
3. Mike Nicholls 90-13-0 peg 16
4. John Page 77-02-0 peg 13
5. John Bennett 71-08-0 peg 22
6. Shane Casswell 65-05-0 peg 14

Top Silvers:

1. Colin Golding 30-12-0 peg 10
2. Mike Nicholls 23-15-0 peg

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