Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursdays 24/07/08 Bathampton AA Over 55's and Disabled - Withy Pool

I had planned to take Brenda (the much better other half) out yesterday, but she had made other plans with her friend Gill. I took the opportunity to have a sneak practice for today's match. I needed some answers for the Silver fish:
  • What if I sat on corn over corn?
  • What if I fished corn over 6mm hard pellet?
  • What if I fished caster, could I tell when the Carp had moved in to switch to paste?
My answers:
  • Corn over corn resulted in one Ronnie Roach and one small Carp
  • Corn over 6mm hard pellet was much better and resulted in 10lb of quality Skimmers in an hour
  • Fished caster and caught Ronnies to 4oz every put in. Went quite - out with the paste - and bang a 10lb Carp - back on the caster more Ronnies - quite - out with the Paste - bang another 10lb Carp

  • SORTED!!!
There was some sad news today fromk Colin Golding that regular John Tilley had passed away. Likewise, John also focused on the Silvers, I will always remember John beating me from un-fancied peg 3 on Bridge pool with 15lb of waggler caught Skimmers - quietly and unassumingly done - rest on peace matey.
Weather wise the best day this year. I drew peg 45. I was pleased with this, but wasn't that bothered either way. With a plan in place started on the caster at 2 metres and had three quick Ronnies. Then latched in to a 1o lb Carp on single caster. Tried caster again and the bites had gone finicky, so out went the paste rig and land another two doubles. Back on the caster - no bites - back on the paste and another smaller carp. Tried corn over the 6mm hard pellet which resulted in one Ronnie - Skimmers weren't having it today (as per Monday - what about the weekend!). The wind kept veering from the South East to South. It was noticeable that the fish were following the cover the wind was giving from the bright sunlight. When the wind was in SE I caught well, when in the S Bob Warren caught well. I had almost given up with the Silvers until I landed a 4lb Tench on paste. I weighed a total of 77lb 3oz which included 10lb 2oz of Silvers (one Green!) and nine Carp. This gave me first in the match and third in the Silvers and a pick up of £25.
My good friend Bob Warren (pictured top right) was second with 64lb 1oz. Bob drew un-fancied peg 60. Bob alternated between Pellet waggler, straight lead and pole for ten Carp and a couple of decent Bream.

The Silvers was officially a dead heat between Bill Ferris (pictured above right) on peg 50 and Colin Golding (pictured bottom right) on peg 69. I say officially, as Bill lost a 1oz Ronnie at the weigh in - we left Bob Price still looking for it in the grass - I think he's still there!

Full Result:

1. Mike Nicholls 77-03-0 peg 45
2. Bob Warren 64-01-0 peg 60
3. Terry Bruton 55-02-0 peg 5
4. Tom Coulston 41-08-0 peg 47
5. Chris Snow 35-14-0 peg 54
6. Dave Bacon 33-08-0 peg 53

Top Silvers:

1. Bill Ferris 11-12-0 peg 50 (plus 1oz!)
2. Colin Golding 11-12-0 peg 69
3. Mike Nicholls 10-02-0 peg 45

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