Monday, 12 February 2018

Sunday 12/02/2018 - Hillview Open - Canals 1,2 and 3

Five of us ventured north to the Hillview Fishery, one of my old stomping grounds, which makes this the eighth venue so far this year. It is great to see Podge (pictured right in his Preston kit including gloves!) getting back into the match scene and doing well.

The outside temperature was bearable, however, the North Westerly wind wasn’t. There was no way the lakes would be fishable with waves breaking into the far end bank. Keith sensibly chose the first three Canals. So my waggler rod would remain a virgin for at least another few days.

After a Keith Hill breakfast which his dogs were keen to share it was time for the dip into the smelly woolly hat and shining disc with 72 on the third Canal stuck to
my mitts (pictured right). Happy with this as it’s the best end of the Canal in winter, and the nasty wind gusting wind was off my back. I felt for those on Canal 2. For company on end peg 70 was matey Glenn Bailey. So half expecting a duffing up from him. The peg has great margins so I set up a 4x10 Speedy which would be also suitable for over if need be. However, when checked the depth over the plummet was getting knocked about by fish. I daren’t go over with a bare hook. I also set up the old faithful black top 4x12 to fish top-set plus three which is down the deepest part of the track. Because of the activity over I borrowed a slice of bread from Glenn, who also had indications over. The only other bait on the tray was maggot.

I started over on 10mm punch bread fully expecting the float to disappear. The upshot was not one indication which Glenn also found. Umm! I optimistically switched to maggot – again nothing. The wind was blowing hard into the far bank rendering presentation very difficult. Far bank now abandoned. Into the sheltered calm waters of the margin at top-set plus two along the bank towards Glenn who had already caught a few small Carp over on maggot. I was getting some indications which I took to be small Silvers. However, I now think it was liners from the two tiny Carp I caught there. Ninety minutes up so my attention switched to the down the track where I had been feeding maggot. It wasn’t long before I had my first 2lb F1. The bites were very finicky once the bait settled near bottom. However, when taken on the drop the opposite was true. So changed the shotting pattern and fished on the drop. This improved my catch rate immensely; having a great middle match spell initially F1’s then Carp, but never a mix! I would certainly have put more in the net if it wasn’t for the bloody wind which when gusting I didn’t catch, careful not to say I didn’t have bites because I wouldn’t have known!

Another lovely day’s fish at this venue which suits me once the summer Carp Slaying stops. I weighed 63lb which was good enough for the win (me pictured right with the runner up - just like that)

Keith told me he’s digging another 40 peg Lake over the back of Canal 4. Bigger Carp and Silvers are to be stocked. I suggest he also invests in a set of new scales that have divisions smaller than 8oz.

The Bristol five did well with three of us picking up coin. We will be back.

Full Result:

  1. Mike Nicholls 63-0-0 peg 72
  2. Dave Willmott 57-08-0 peg 50
  3. Lee Payne 43-08-0 peg 75
  4. Glenn Bailey 43-0-0 peg 70
Weigh Sheet:

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